Saturday, March 26, 2016

Psychopath Rajdeep

A small theft at a church in Delhi instantly becomes “Christians under attack” campaign. An incident of a mob lynching a Muslim at Dadri becomes a national “Intolerance” campaign. This is followed by a campaign of “Award Wapsi”.  Some anti-national jerks from JNU are arrested for anti-India slogans, the media goes hammer and tongs about FoE under threat. A coward called Rohit Vemula commits suicide at Hyderabad University and Sickular policitians and media pimps run to Hyderabad to scavenge over his dead body and engineer a national calamity by calling it “murder” and “murder of democracy”. They blamed all of this on ModiSarkar even when it all happened in non-BJP states. They foisted a life-long student at JNU called Kanhaiya as the final challenge to Narendra Modi. This Kanhaiya is the PM candidate of the Sickulars for 2019. There’s the happy-tongue hypocrite who even equated this Kanhaiya with Shaheed Bhagat Singh.

That is how far these sick people will go to magnify every individual incident as if the nation is under some great threat. The eternal “Evoluter” of nothing called Barkha Dutt even went on to call the incidents at JNU and Hyderabad University as a “national” student uprising. Not surprising, her channel NDTV, with a 3% viewership of ONLY the English-viewing audience does call itself a “national” channel. In reality, NDTV is nothing more than a Lutyens crawler. When the Dadri incident happened here is how the prejudiced Barkha tweeted:

There have been many murders, many lynchings in the past but never has “nationalism” and “cultural” values brought into question. Why? Because her darling Congress was in power then. There have been at least 9 suicides at Hyderabad University in the past but none got attention. Why? Because their darling Congress was in power. The shameless prejudice that wraps around every news item and incident reported cannot be any more stark. Their contempt for the party in power, especially PM Narendra Modi, drives them to extra-ordinary depths of despair and hatred to demonise him and Hindus in general. Take a look at this sick psycho called Ram Guha:

So the majority Hindus are a bigger threat than even Islamic terrorism. I cannot believe that people put out such lies and falsehoods unless there is a sinister conspiracy that motivates it from some corner. Cut to the present though. Late night on March 23, India beat Bangladesh on the last ball of the T20 World Cup match. It was a thriller that sent a vast country crazy (except the anti-nationals and India haters who wanted India to lose). Overjoyed, a father and son were playing cricket. The dad’s name is Dr. Pankaj Narang, a dentist. In short, here is what happened:

This happened in the Vikaspuri area of Delhi. Shiv Aroor’s tweet doesn’t say that the mob was a mixed-Muslim and others mob from a nearby Muslim slum area. The goons went to the doctor’s house and in full view of his family thrashed him with iron roads, hockey sticks and cricket bats. He’s dead! There was not even what I could call mild reporting of such a shocking incident across TV channels let alone outrage. But there is one SICK PSYCHOPATH who has taken his hatred of Hindus, cover-up of Muslim crimes to below the lowest depths possible. This pathetic lout of a human being is none other than Rajdeep Sardesai:

Social media sickos? Road rage? Where does this psycho get his news from? He could have even checked with his own colleague Shiv Aroor before tweeting. The whole of media and social media knew what happened. And the sickest man in media who has exploited every incident from 2002 to Dadri in communal hues goes on to brazenly lie. He brazenly calls SM folks sickos and goes on to brazenly tell others to go check with the cops. Such is this filth of a human being that he seriously needs medical attention. He has shown his extraordinary capability to lie in the past, be violent in public and still moralise an entire population on SM.

Sacked from CNN-IBN he was hired by the garbage-collector called India Today. Though IT has a few good journalists (like Shiv Aroor, Gaurav Sawant), the only reason to hire this sicko called Rajdeep would have to be for that very reason – His poison, his sickness and his extreme hatred of Hindus and exploting Muslim victimhood. I need not mention that his spouse matches his skills and abilities in all of this. These two sickos are the most hate-filled, abusive couple in the Indian media collectively as I wrote long time in this post.

Jaundiced and prejudiced against anything that does not suit their sick agenda, I have said many times – The degeneration of TV news owes a great debt to Barkha and Rajdeep. Naturally, these two still hold the top two positions in India’s Worst Journalists-2016 (See poll graphic on right margin of page) in the poll that concluded on March 15. This year I am not doing a separate post on IWJ as those on SM and outside know the story all too well.

India Today, that cesspool that employs some of the worst rejected scumbags in journalism has a lot to answer for. They hold stupid Conclaves, invite politicians and business leaders and lecture the world on morality and economic well being. Yet, they harbour India’s worst media-psychopath in Rajdeep. This psycho-loser seriously needs mental treatment.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

JNU Genealogy

As I look back at the last one month I am happy that the JNU incidents came out in public. These gained more attention with the arrest of a few students and perhaps one faculty member. A report by a High-level panel appointed by the VC of JNU found 21 students guilty of breaking norms and has recommended action against them. Sometimes, it is worth waiting a while for the entire series of events to unfold. Because unlike lies which can be peddled easily, truth takes a little more time to come out. After all, the truth about the Ishrat Jehan conspiracy to screw Amit Shah, Narenda Modi and others took years to come out. Didn’t it? Our silly media in search of instant-orgasms against ModiSarkar went hammer and tongs defending Kanhaiya Kumar and some others. Some even went to the extent of glorifying them. Like this one here:

That is Nayantara Sahgal whose mindless contempt for Modi goes beyond any reason. She couldn’t wait to learn a bit more of that little upstart before pronouncing him a match for Modi. She wasn’t alone, there were many media-morons who pronounced Kanhaiya the new-found weapon that will unseat Modi. When they cannot find the oasis in the desert “They drink the sand not it because it quenches their thirst but because they cannot tell the difference”. It won’t. It just makes them even more blind to realities. There’s enough written about the anti-India slogans, glorification of terrorists like Afzal Guru or Maqbool Butt and I need not repeat them here. Everything went boringly quiet after this news about Kanhaiya broke:

There have been many student agitations in India – some good, some bad. There has been the Navnirman agitation of 1974 in Gujarat over corruption and price-rise, there was that anti-Reservation agitation against the Mandal Committee. But it’s only in the Commie dens like the JNU types that we frequently see anti-India agitations and slogans. And this involves both the students and teachers at JNU. This sample called Nivedita Menon has some abominable things to say about India and Hindus. These videos are from two Youtube links – Here and here. The Zeenews video has been editited to keep it short. Watch (3.01 minutes):

It is hard to imagine someone can nurture so much hatred and contempt for her country and Hindus. Even the worst criticism of your country is normally accepted as a point of view but this goes way beyond that and is not even based on an iota of truth to the statements she peddles. Post 9/11 the pet term of terrorist-apologists was the “Root-Cause” theory. They quoted all bogus reasons for Islamic terrorism across the world and that predictably fell-flat. But we have to understand the “Genealogy” of JNU and many of its alumni to understand what makes them indulge in anti-national slogans and glorification of terrorists.

Genealogy is generally understood as: “A record or table of the descent of a person, family, or group from an ancestor or ancestors; a family tree”. In this case we will try and understand the descent of JNU into a hot-bed of Commie activists and how they have come to adopt such a vicious ideology or political system. JNU is eminently named after the person who was fascinated by the Commies; especially the Soviet October Revolution. In 1936 JL Nehru gave a speech at the Indian Congress noting how their remarkable revolution is the future of world civilisation:

The above part of Nehru’s speech deserves repeated reminder to people so that they know how our establishment is infested with Commies. Through his love for this great hope JLN glossed over the vicious violence unleashed by the Russian Commies. Though the USSR too called itself “Socialist” (like JLN does in his speech) it is never long before this Socialism transmogrifies into raw Communism – violent, repressive and suspension of all freedoms. A casual look at major Commie regimes in the world will tell you that these regimes have killed more people in peace-time than all the terrorists in the world. At some places they still continue to do so. Thus, under Nehru an entire establishment in Delhi and most states (because Congress was the dominant political power for many years) became entrenched which believed in this ideology in a not-so-subtle manner even as they constantly talked democracy. They infested our education sector, altered our history and trashed Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism. The JNU, founded a few years after Nehru died, also became the hot-bed of Commie politics but more virulent that Nehru himself never was.

Let’s take a look at the pure Commie parties – CPI, CPM, CPI (ML) etc. The CPM broke with the CPI early 1960s. All these parties have waged an underground violent battle against the State for a long time. The CPM strove to become a mainstream party but its history too is generously loaded with violence. The term “Naxals” comes from the village of Naxalbari in Bengal from a violent revolution which involved members of many Commie groups. Although it started as a fight for land it slowly morphed into a violent struggle for power. During the CPM rule in Bengal from 1977 to 2011 there have been around 55000 murders most of which have never been investigated, never reported by media and never mentioned in any Assembly or Parliament. All you have to do read a part of the mission of CPI (ML) to understand their true ideology and the political system they want in a Democracy:

The Revolutionary Course

To accomplish people’s democratic revolution in a vast and complex country like India, a communist party has to be especially skilful in mastering and combining various forms of struggle and every available avenue of work. The Party therefore strives to develop a comprehensive revolutionary practice through an organic combination of illegal and legal, secret and open and extra-parliamentary and parliamentary forms of struggle and organisation”.

In short, they wanted to wage a war in different forms against elected govts of this country. And the current day Commies wax eloquently about democracy as if they actually believe in it. On February 27 when the JNU filth was being discussed in Parliament Arun Jaitely quoted Dr. Ambedkar on why the Commies were so vehemently against our Constitution (the Constitution they quote very often now). Here’s an edited abstract:

Let us just see what Dr. Ambedkar has to say… The condemnation of the Constitution largely comes from two quarters - the Communist Party and the Socialist Party. Why do they condemn the Constitution? Is it because it is really a bad Constitution? I venture to say, 'no'. The Communist Party wants a Constitution based upon the principle of Dictatorship of the Proletariat. They condemn the Constitution because it is based upon Parliamentary democracy. The Socialists want two things. The first thing that they want is that if they come to power, the Constitution must give them the freedom to nationalize or socialize the private property without payment of compensation. The second thing that they want is that the Fundamental Rights mentioned in the Constitution -- and this is important -- must be absolute and without any limitations so that if their party fails to come to power, they would have the unfettered freedom not merely to criticize but also to overthrow the State. These are their main grounds on which the Constitution is being condemned."

Ambedkar understood the Commies and their real intentions long before anyone else. During the Congress years almost every major industry was nationalised. Indian govt organisations were manufacturing everything from bread to scooters. Nehru had little trust in the immense entrepreneurship skills of a vast number of Indians. Commie policies and Commie parties have produced nothing worthwhile. Where ever they ruled they have only ruined the economies. Economic reforms were forced on India in 1991 under PV Narasimha Rao when India was almost bankrupt. That’s history. This is largely true of JNU too - It has produced almost nothing and, for once, I tend to agree with Justice Katju:

And wherever the Commies have ruled, the state has experienced unending violence and murders. There was the CPM guy in Kerala who openly claimed political murder was an official policy of the party. But more than words cartoonists have a better way of expressing it – showing up the process of progress of the Communist – Take Left… then an Extreme Left.. and finally an aggressive Left:

Now that we understand the Genealogy of JNU a little better, their progress to “Aggressive Left” turning into anti-National slogans, calling India an “Illegal occupier” of Kashmir and so on. In the end, it is good for India that the vicious ruckus at JNU gained such public and media attention. This was going on for years at the university but more people recognise the filth some of its alumni consistently unleash – That knowledge about such people is good education for those who love this country