Thursday, January 28, 2016

Shani Days

Old moth-eaten joke:

Guy goes to Pandit and says he has the curse of Shani on him and could the Pandit do some Puja to relieve him.
Pandit: Sure, we can do a small yagna for Rs.250
Man:     Panditji, 250 is too much, can you lower the cost?
Pandit: Okay, we cut out some rituals and frills and do it for Rs.150
Man:     Panditji, even that is too much, can you lower it a bit more?
Pandit: How much do you have my friend?
Man:     I have Rs.20
Pandit:  Go home and relax, Shani can do no damage to you.

Hindus have been taught for long that “all religions are equal”. This includes teachings to children of other religions of Indian origin too (Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains). This “equal” thing didn’t start some 3000 years ago as some of the foreign religions currently in India were not even born. This “all religions equal” thing probably gained more popularity during our Independence struggle and MK Gandhi being its most prominent promoter. This falsehood has since been perpetuated by other sick politicians, media morons, anti-Hindu crusaders and even some sick Hindu Gurus. Two religions, in particular, consider their religion superior and their God the only true God – Christianity and Islam. For centuries since the Islamic and British invasion there has been a continuous and consistent onlsaught on Hinduism by these non-Hindus.

There were many Hindu customs that were done away with by Hindu reformers. Widow remarriage, women attending funerals or lighting the pyre etc are not frowned upon anymore. However, there are millions of temples in India, thousands of them famous and pilgrimage centres. The attack on Hindu traditions and customs has now taken a different turn – It’s very organised, sponsored, orchestrated by some organisations and amplified by the anti-Hindu media. It’s also well-funded by Chrislamists. In recent times, there’s a petition demanding women be allowed at Sabarimala temple – at least that’s a civilised way of doing things. Suddenly, there’s a woman called Trupti Desai and her gang who are agitating for women to allowed to perform at a temple in Maharashtra known as Shani Shingnapur.

Regardless of the demand it doesn’t call for a violent agitation and a riot-like blockade. And the timing is great – on Republic Day to distract from other celebrations. But is it really merely about this? I don’t think so. Dadri-campaign, Award-Wapsi, Intolerance campaign, Rohith Vemulla-campaign are all part of a well-organised campaign against India and Hindus. The incidents or situations are merely camouflages or “burqas”. Take a look at the agitator-in-chief with her gang over Shani Shingnapur:

While most Indians are looking forward to growth, jobs and a better future there are some who are engaged in a “Disrupt India” movement ever since ModiSarkar came to power in May 2014. The Congis and Aaptards are the main culprits who have become partners in creating chaos and anarchy whenever and wherever they can. The Shani-agitator Trupti Desai was soon identified for her links and connections:

She’s an Aaptard? That would hardly come as a surprise to anyone. The Aaptards’ boss is all over the place or he goes for Naturopathy. He’s in Hyderabad or Ghaziabad or at TV studios or doing movie reviews. Like a self-appointed class-monitor, Arvind Kejriwal runs to every anti-Modi TV doormat to complain “Teacher, Teacher Modi is not doing this… Modi is not doing that” and other times RTs all stupid tweets. Not one media crook ever asks him: “When do you do any work as Delhi CM”? The other guy in Doomsday-India partnership, RahulG either runs abroad frequently or runs to Hyderabad to protest or to Bundelkhand. Amethi is as far from his concerns as Dindigul is from Gdansk. That’s it! Life is fun! It doesn’t bother me much right now what Hindu temple rules are. It actually doesn’t bother these fake crusaders and agitators either. Any change in practices should come through articles, petitions and not by mindless nonsense as demonstrated by Shekhar Gupta:

ShekharG has such a vast warehouse of nonsense and hypocrisy that his items of high-value stupidity can be seen even by people in far-off lands. And one Mr. Konstantinos delivered a resounding slap to Gupta. All these scumbags believe only Hinduism needs reforms not Islam or Christianity. And then they whine when their stupidity is scoffed at by even non-Hindus. There’s the other happy-tongue hypocrite from Congress called Shashi Tharoor who once did a Puja at this very Shani temple with his then girl-friend by his side in 2010:

But since this bogus agitation over Shani started and his pics started appearing all over (to reject the fakery that women are not allowed inside) Tharoor had to “clarify”. He states women are not allowed to do the rituals and that’s the problem:

Naturally, ordinary folks on Twitter see through these hypocrites very easily. Firstly, these jokers will go to Tirupati or Shani Shingnapur either for penance or to beg the Lord for special favours and then they will poke holes into the very temple they bowed to. If you’re so against their rules, why do you even go there? Pray at home – If there’s a God I am sure He can still hear you. @IndiaSpeaksPR rightly wants Tharoor to go home and demand equal rights for Muslim women. Will they? No, they will run with their tails between their legs fearing a thousand swords chasing their neck. And that is the undeniable truth. And if that’s not enough, imagine Harsha Bhogle giving a big lecture on batting skills and scoring runs to Virat Kohli. Thus, you have a mindless news channel which brings on a Muslim group that advises gender-equality for Hindu women:

Really? All the Muslim women in India have achieved such bliss in seventh heaven in their own community that they now want the same for their Hindu sisters? This downright hypocrisy of our media and Muslim groups is not worthy of comment since all of us know that status of women in their community. All the ridicule this sort of thing gets on SM is very deserving and rightly directed. All religions are NOT equal! It doesn’t take Einstein to discover that in India or anywhere in the world. Over the years political parties, especially Congress and Communists, have appeased Muslims and Christians so much and trampled on freedom of Hindu temples and and Hindu traditions that none less than the Supreme Court had this to say:

That report was in February 2011 in the TOI and SC clearly said “The govt’s attempts to reform personal laws don’t go beyond Hindus who have been tolerant of such initiatives”. Yes, the Hindus have been too tolerant of anti-nationals, anti-Hindus and Commies who eternally hate Hindus. So, to the bogus and idiot ranters and agitators who whine about rules at Hindu temples I would just say “go fly a kite”. Any reforms in Hindu temples or their practices is best left to their management and their regular devotees.

Now, here too the Times of India indulges in trickery. The current page of the above article has the title “Centre changed personal laws of only Hindus”. Who is the Centre and why did TOI change its original headline? Because in the pic is what the original headline said. So TOI replaced “Govts” with “Centre”. Why? Make a wild guess. The same article mentions SC reiterating the need for Uniform Civil Code which will help in eliminiating differences and discriminations. But tell the Muslims and Christians about UCC – You will have them and Kejriwal and Derek O’Brien and Pappu and Yechuri out on the streets as if Emergency were declared in India. I say, let the hypocrites bark over Shani because if they can agitate for stupid demands I don’t see what good Lord Shani can do them anyway. They don’t need Shani’s blessing at all. But there is something else they are agitating for.

Since ModiSarkar came to power there has been a series of high-decibel, fake campaigns in the media to raise muck on some issue or another. From the FAKE “Christians under attack” campaign to Dadri to Intolerance to AwardWapsi to RohithVemulla to Shani Shingnapur and many more, the Congress, Aaptards and Commies have been trying hard to tar the ModiSarkar. Kejriwal and RahulG are nearly like Agitators-for-rent or Rudaalis-for-rent.  All these sudden bursts of agitations are also intended to cover up bad news like Netaji files not showing Nehru in good light or retaliation for some NGOs being investigated for fraudulent funding. Each time this burst happens some important development is invariably drowned in the noise.

There’s just more bad news for them.  A recent Nielsen-ABPNews poll shows Modi remains popular and they haven’t managed to cause damage. Polls are only indicators but I would dare say the “Shani Days” for these Commie agitators aren't over yet by a long shot. Their desperate hunger to regain the poison called power may have to wait another seven and a half years at the least, if they manage to survive.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Profitable Deaths

It’s almost like 2002 again. Only, there are now more TV channels and ground reporters who scavenge on deaths and incidents. I may have to correct that a bit and say “convenient” deaths and incidents. 2002 happened in a BJP state, now there’s BJP at the Centre.  For every evil, every death, every incident the media conveniently drags in the BJP, particularly Narendra Modi. Of course, each such incident is sprinkled generously with lies and concoctions from fertile minds. It is easy to forget small details of 2002 (Many in college may not even know these details as they only remember India’s only ever communal riots happened in 2002). Sample this excerpt fromm a previous post and think about the vicious lie-mongering:

Facts? In their extraordinary rush to deliver horror and mischief who the hell gives a damn about facts? Not enough? Here’s some more horror from the same Arundhati:

It wasn’t very different at Dadri either. The death of a man at the hands of a lynch-mob was a profitable hunt or so it seemed for the media folks and politicians of the “Sickular”variety. Cause as much damage as you can and once the facts come out you can always claim “That topic is over now” it is for the investigators. Because of this, a vast majority of the country were branded “Intolerant”. Silly academics and unknown writers started returning some awards (most of us never heard of them or they had ever gotten such awards). Nobody returned the money associated with such awards. That’s tough to do. Take a look at some of the other sides to the Dadri story reported here:

A Muslim got killed in Dadri so the media and Sickular politicians went into a massive frenzy tarring Modi and the country for days on end. Muslims agitated and rioted in Malda (Bengal) and there was near black-out of the incidents. In case you forgot, there’s an infamous “Pune Muslim techie killed” – a politically profitable death for MSM. A Hindu minor boy got burned to death by 3 Muslims and there was not even a whisper on TV channels or major newspapers. Only some local newspapers and TV channels in Maharashtra covered it. If you read the link, it is not even a regular newspaper or news-channel because I could not find one.

Then there is the suicide by a student of Hyderabad named Rohit Vemulla. Whether he is Dalit or OBC is under discussion now but that hardly matters. Our media was off the block quickly with #DalitSuicide and such hashtags and again point fingers at Modi and the Centre. Another “profitable” incident for the media and some politicians. Some of them rushed to Hyderabad to scavenge on the opportunity. Our cartoonists are the only ones who recognise this shameful politicking:

The hypocrisy and opportunistic scavenging by media and some politicians can be measured by the fact there were NINE suicides at the Hyderabad Univeristy in the last decade. You never heard such outrage. Perhaps those suicides were “profitable” for political persuasions. For most of those 10 years a united Andhra had Congress at the State and at the Centre. As if all that wasn’t enough, there is a shocking story on how the Pathankot terrorist attack was helped by “insiders” in DailyO. It also recalls how a Customs officer facilitated movement of bombs and weapons for Mumbai 1993 blasts and that he was paid a huge bribe for this.

All these are not stray, unconnected incidents and events. The outrage in the media is systematic and very organised. So much so, that when someone must have made a stray comment reminding Rajdeep Sardesai about the Malda-blackout he lashes out with fake self-righteousness. In reality he does exactly what I have written:

His discomfort and anger at his hypocrisy being pointed out is palpable. After all, this is the same guy who said “Tyranny of distance” as his reason for blacking out Assam riots some years back. The collective hypocrisy of the media has now become more of a laughing stock:

From the fake “Christians under attack” campaign to GharWapasi, Award Wapasi every campaign has been cleverly organised at “critical” times (especially pre-elections in some state or other) to benefit the Sickular parties. And the moronery goes beyond Indian shores to help those wish the most harm to India.

It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out that these excessive outrages are choreographed to cause damage to India world-wide. Be it the rape of that nun in Bengal or Dadri or other such incidents the measure of coverage, fake-anger and outrage depends purely on which party will suffer the most damage. The trickery, wording and cover-up over “inconvenient” deaths does not escape the attention of people anymore:

For the media and certain politicians there are “inconvenient” deaths and some “Profitable” deaths. And the cartoonists are the ones most recognising it.

Now that 2002 cannot be easily rekindled to do any damage they have developed the art of creating many “Mini-2002s” to deliver in instalments.