Saturday, December 17, 2016

Noteban Blackhole

When God closes all the doors… 
He leaves a window open”.

All the Opposition political parties and politicians who were protesting demonetisation for over a month must feel like fools now. If anyone has the slightest feeling they were protesting over long queues or anyone suffering – then they should get rid of that notion. An entire session of parliament was wasted because of these protests. Those parties who were protesting because they thought their excess black money will go up in flames can now relax. They have been bailed out through magnificent black-holes in the demonetisation policy. Here is the essence of this:

Political parties can deposit ANY AMOUNT of cash they claim to be holding and collected prior to November 8, 2016. The “suspect” barrier of 2.5 lakhs DOES NOT apply to them as it does to other citizens and entities.

Now, that isn’t just a loop-hole. It is a massive BLACK HOLE in the demonetisation system. For those who thought some new laws were made or policy statements issued on December 16, they are wrong. Nothing new was done on December 16. The facts with respect to political party finances remain unchanged. These rules and laws are:

# Political parties are exempt from income tax.
# Political parties can collect cash donations up to 20000 without having to disclose names of donors through “coupons” or simple cash receipts.
# Political parties are liable file IT returns and returns with EC. They are also liable to be scrutinised by both these authorities in case of fraudulent donations.

Some people grandly claim on Social Media that Modi-supporters are wrongly interpreting some statements by Finance Babus as being “new laws” or “new rules”. To repeat NOTHING NEW was announced on December 16. The only hole in demonetisation that got exposed on December 16 was this:

Yes indeed. The black-hole is that political parties were assured by ModiSarkar and their Babus that their black money is safe. They can deposit any amount with them in old notes till December 30 and there is nothing to worry. So where do these political black money hoarders benefit? Here is how:

# For ordinary folks, any deposit of old notes over 2.5 lakhs that does not match with regular IT returns and pattern of income will be scrutinised and penalties levied if found to be black money.
# This condition DOES NOT apply to political parties. That being so, the scrutiny of political party deposits will be merely at the whims of GOI and the IT guys.

Now, you and I know there has hardly been a case where a political party has been raided or penalised by IT department for hoarding black money. This report by Timesnow on December 16 quoting an ADR report on Congress cash donations should tell you a story:

That pattern could be true to a large extent for most political parties even during the period 2013 to November 8, 2016. After all, political parties are the biggest beneficiaries and also the root-cause for black money and corruption in the country. This tweet by Reuters is just one piece of information that was reported meaninglessly without any chain attached to it:

Now, where is the need to even clarify that by the media or any dumb Babu? Since the notes were illegal post November 8 is it not obvious that collections only up to November 8 can be deposited or that no old notes should be accepted after November 8? But is that actual practice? NO! It is not. That’s how clever politicians are. Now, this deadline can work only and only if one question can be answered:

Have all political parties declared their stocks of cash as at midnight November 8? Was it mandatory for parties to declare their cash holdings to IT or EC by November 9 evening? NO!

That is the second escape route. First was no 2.5 lakh limit (as with ordinary people and entities) for scrutiny and second, no declaration of cash holdings as at November 8 by these parties was sought. Fantastic!

So, legally the IT will scrutinise a political party deposits on WHAT BASIS? NOTHING! Supposing a political party which had a deposit pattern of only cash collections of 10 crores per month suddenly deposits 300 crores on or before December 30, what will the IT or EC do? NOTHING! What CAN they do? NOTHING! What will GOI do? NOTHING.

Even if the November 8 deadline were to be religiously followed, remember that political parties can collect cash up to 20000 from unknown, unnamed individuals through a coupon or receipt LIMITLESSLY. In other words, I can show a collection of 200 crores from October to November 8 (or even July to November 8, if you like) through coupons and back-dated receipts showing 20K received from thousands of unknown individuals in OLD notes. And then I deposit these notes into the bank by December 30. Who will question me and why? In fact, as a political party, I can go one better. I can even LAUNDER black money for others. This is an instant rough example I gave but you and I can refine it even more but it’s not necessary. You can refine this to be flawless and so can I:

Political parties have experts in “Cooking” books. Oftentimes, even their friendly IT official will teach them (or anyone) how to treat transactions in books. Politicians and political parties are the LEAST SCRUTINISED by IT because they are exempt from tax and any govt of the day protects other political parties and politicians. There are rare cases of disproportionate assets of “individual” politicians (Mulayam, Mayawati, Late Jayalalithaa etc) but those were more politically-driven than by IT or law-driven. Thus, our courts have exonerated each of these politicians named.

So why were the political parties up in arms and ranting so much against demonetisation. Were these people seriously bothered about ordinary folks in queues or ATMs or any deaths or farmers? NO! Not at all! Because they were fooled into believing this:

That they will also be subject to the same 2.5 lakh “scrutiny” barrier as any other individual or entity. That they will also face hefty penalties like other folks. This fear led them to believe their piles of black money will simply go up in flames.

That’s the only reason they agitated. Else demonetisation doesn’t bother them in the least. Hardships of common folks don’t bother them in the least. Farmer deaths? Congi Karnataka has seen 450 plus farmer deaths since April to October deaths this year? Does Pappu give a damn? No he does not. Even the corrupt NDTV breathes a sigh of relief for political parties based on FiniMin’s assurance that deposits by political parties WILL NOT be scrutinised. They will only be gently quizzed.

Demonetisation has had some positive effects. It has blunted terror-funding a bit. It has blunted the counterfeit note business. It has exposed corruption in banks, public systems and even in the RBI. So the GOI knows corrective actions required if it is willing to take them. But demonetisation WILL NOT affect the most corrupt in this country – Politicians and Political parties. And therein lies the rub!

So, what now PM Modi?

1.    Since you so strongly endorse a Cashless and Digital economy, is it not time you outlawed cash donations to Political parties? Let there be only cheque or digital donations to the parties.
2.   Pass a law that undeclared money and black money with political parties will attract same penalties as any other individual or entity.
3.   Pass a law that late returns and fraudulent IT returns will attract the same penalties and punishments as any other entity.
4.   Bring political parties under RTI. Don’t save your party or any party. Show the people you mean business and want to see the end of corruption in politics.
5.   People trusted you with the demonetisation wholeheartedly. They proved their willingness to fight corruption in politics. It is time you kept your end of the bargain.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Why Commies Fail - 3

This is the 3rd and final part in this series. The previous parts are here – Part-1 and Part-2.

He ran away from the 2014 LS elections. His 2009 election was disputed in court and the Late Jayalalithaa called it a fraud but P Chidambaram has now made a back-door entry to the Parliament. He now lectures us on demonetisation with puerile nonsense. The media and even RW folks call him a “liberal”. There is nothing liberal about PC. He’s another Commie parading as a liberal. Some of his economic decisions are nothing but dictated by Commie doctrines. He now claimsDemonetisation is the biggest scam…. This is an absurd, thoughtless move, and no one in the world has a good word for it. Every major newspaper and economist has condemned it”. Which are these major newspapers or economists? All junk economists like MMS and Amartya Sen? The very people who were irresponsible with our economy and country. The very people who made scamming their natural birth-right. Read about PC in “How India’s intellectuals spread lies” (On the right side of the page click on “Contents” and pick the chapter on PC).  

That Amartya is even worse. He ran off from Nalanda with no financial responsibility whatsoever. Commies lie and they lie like there is no tomorrow and our media institutionalises such lies. These folks who form a little club by themselves are called “intellectuals” by our media and establishment. I call them “intellectual morons” from a book dedicated to those who poison societies with lies:

In the absence of options the lies may have a longer shelf-life but at some point, they get exposed. It’s another reason why Commies fail. They start believing their stupid lies will last eternally. Such people believe glib talking and blabbering can pass off their lies. Lamenting elsewhere, Gopal Gandhi laments the liberals are losing the battle. They live in such stupid lies themselves. There are no liberals in India. And Barkha promptly reminds us he’s MK Gandhi’s grandson:

The Commies cloak themselves as liberals and refuse to see the mirror. They fail and they are bound to fail with their stupid ideology of hatred and violence. Now what category does MK Gandhi himself belong to? MKG was neither RW nor liberal in any sense, although he didn’t preach violence. He was as much a Chrislamist as any of the present-day day Kejris. Quite correctly, a British political research-group clearly plotted MKG as a Commie:

That image is from an earlier post of mine on Commies and how they are hell-bent on destroying Hinduism and Hindus. The opponents of the collective Commie-gangs have failed in the past because of a weak will. Modi is showing no such weak will and has remained rock-solid on major reforms against the gang of Congress-CPM-BSP-TMC-AAP and others. The most vociferous Opposition voices on demonetisation appear to the ones hit most by it. The Commies still believe people can be fooled but the public at large can see them for what they are in this day age of instant communication and social media. Here’s what Delhijans think of the work-less Twitter CM who does nothing but rant and wail on everything and Modi. His life is stuck like the dog that chased the car and now doesn’t know what to do (video 3.26 mins):

Guy on the street even says Kejriwal has collected only black money in cash. I don’t think that’s a great secret with people. I have picked only one of many videos. The only place where Arvind Kejriwal can now peddle his nonsense is on TV, particularly NDTV. And the scowl and the glum look on the faces tells you a story by itself.

Those who support demonetisation are “Anti-nationals”. That comes from a guy who dances with Kanhaiya and others who shout anti-India slogans at JNU and other places. He is the guy who wants video evidence of surgical strikes on terrorists across the LOC. That is another reason why Commies fail. They shelter the corrupt and promote anti-national sentiments ridiculing a vast majority of patriots. Mamata Banerjee is cut from the same cloth as the CPM and is no less a Commie. Her rants, tantrums and excessive chest-beating over demonetisation can only mean a lot of political black-money is going up in flames. Here’s another video where she blabbers more than 1000 panchayats still don’t have banks (video 1.40 mins):

Now, these are the sins of the Congress and Commies who have ruled Bengal all along and also the country for a long time. Modi’s stinging reply to her was merited. What were these Commies doing for all these 70 years? Mamata herself is in her sixth year of power in Bengal – what was she doing for all this while when Panchayats were without banks? NOTHING! To say that these non-performing politicians were caught sleeping with demonetisation wouldn’t be far-fetched. And here’s the best part – Mamata is ranting and raving like a psycho over a routine army exercise. This is unbelievable crap coming from a CM of a large state (A past video of mindless rant: 30 secs):

It doesn’t even occur to her that her stupid rants avoidably exposed routine army exercises to the public at large and probably to the enemies across the border too. She claimed the army was attempting a coup in Bengal. Commies have a moronic lack of plain and simple logic. There are thousands of coups in the history of the world. No army has ever been known to take over a pathetic state in a coup. They usually take the Capital of the country and other important institutions and media mouthpieces. And according to Mamata our army was capturing toll-booths in Bengal? Like I said earlier… LIE, LIE and LIE some more and hope the public will consume it. Unfortunately, now the public just laughs at the Kejris and Mamatas. And the senior comedian of the lot isn’t far behind either. RahulG claims Modi is terrified of him:

These clowns really believe people will buy this nonsense. Even targeting Modi requires a certain level of mature, logical rant. These jokes and comical strips by Pappu & Co only delivers “Earthquake-like” like belly-aches after laughing a lot. Elsewhere, RahulG also claimed “PM is afraid that if he lets me speak his balloon will burst”. The only balloon that burst seems to have burst a long time ago. As if that wasn’t enough there was a sudden spate of Twitter account hackings from RahulG to Barkha and that posed a huge threat to “Digital security” and “Digital banking” in India. Such is the foolish gobbledygook peddled by Congis and Barkha Dutt and other ignorant morons in the media and politics. The only ones making hay with black money conversions were none other than politicians from these very parties it seems:

Commies from Congress, NCP, BSP, Samajwadi, JDU were all laundering black money worth crores at good commissions. This was a sting operation by the IndiaToday channel. There is no doubt some banks and even RBI officials have been involved in criminal operations helping the black money hoarders. If anything, demonetisation has also helped in exposing criminals in our banks and the very system itself. Amidst all this, certain crooks were arrested in the Agusta chopper scam forcing the Congis to scream even more. Any dramatic change will indeed involve a certain level of trauma. It will also lead to detoxification of a poisoned body – in this case the banks, corrupt politicians, political parties and officials in the Govt and elsewhere. Every time the Commies throw tantrums and rant, it would be worth remembering the words of Cicero:

The quote is attributed to Cicero from a speech in the Roman senate although the entire part cannot be confirmed as his. But the words still hold a lot of meaning. The Commie ideology, cult and practice is an enemy of progress and mankind. It has died in many parts of the world. The sooner the “Left-over” nonsense dies in India, the better for her people and the country.