Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tolerance Is Over-Rated - Part 2

The spiritual roads to God or the “Power” that runs the universe are many. This is what Hindus believe and are taught. Hindus are also taught that all religions are the same. Many Hindus still chant this nonsense despite an abundance of evidence of it not being true. If all religions are the same, then followers of all religions must believe that. They don’t! The spirit of tolerance should be extended only when there is mutual respect between all religions. The time for mouthing such invalid, false philosophies like “all religions are the same” must be ended by Hindus.

There is a Mohammad Ali Road in Mumbai. It’s famous for its eateries and a delight for gluttony fans. There is one for him in Delhi too. During Eid this road in Mumbai also becomes an open Masjid where Muslims offer mass Namaz on the streets. It’s a phenomenon over the last two decades. Along with MK Gandhi he led the Khilafat movement in India. There are lots of things written about him but here is something he said about Gandhiji that you can ponder over: "However pure Gandhi's character may be, he must appear to me from the point of view of religion inferior to any Mussalman, even though he be without character. He repeated it later, saying, 'Yes, according to my religion and creed, I hold an adulterous and a fallen Muslim to be better than a Mr. Gandhi." Just imagine if a Hindu leader had said this about a Muslim leader. I can imagine your imagination running riot. And this was said about Gandhi who was far more sympathetic to Muslims than to Hindus.

The Sickulars are still reeling under the aftermath of the CharlieHebdo killings. They are at pains to find excuses to justify the actions of terrorists. From NDTV to The Hindu to a whole lot of Commie media the latest one to join the ranks is Outlook. Here’s an excerpt:

While I am all for free speech and all for satire, it must be said that Charlie Hebdo had it coming. That sounds crude and cruel, but Muslims would treat the cartoons as crude and deliberately provocative. And it won’t cut much ice with them if you tell them that the cartoons on the Pope were equally bad. You can lampoon Islam and its followers, as you can lampoon any other religion. You can even make fun of the Caliphs (arguably) but don’t touch the Prophet. Muhammad is no go area. His name is prefaced with ‘Prophet’ or with the appellation “peace be upon him” by his billion followers. You can’t paint him, sculpt him, or build a musical around him a la ‘Jesus Christ—Superstar.’ All that these caricaturists and satirists have to do is to leave one man alone. Not too much of a price to pay for peace, is it?”

Fantastic, isn’t it? It is one thing to argue that the Prophet is a “no go area” but a totally different thing to reiterate “Charlie Hebdo had it coming”. There are many ways to protest strongly but killing isn’t one of them. Had it coming, he says! There are other “no go areas” too and we will get into it shortly. All these scumbags who argue that CharlieHebdo had it coming are at a loss to answer a simple question. 59 people were roasted alive in a coach on a train in Gujarat in 2002. Did these people draw any cartoons? Did they even shout any anti-Muslim or anti-Islam slogans? But when the Hindus retaliated violently these very people claimed genocide, pogrom, state-sponsored violence etc. Seriously, did they expect that Hindus should simply continue to tolerate such unprovoked and unwarranted attacks? Since 2002 Gujarat has seen relative peace where communal relations are concerned. There have been stray incidents here and there but no major communal riots.

The man who wrote the Outlook article (Keki Daruwalla – is not a regular journo, but another Arundhati Roy types that infest Outlook) argues that not drawing the cartoons is a small price to pay for peace. 2002 happened before all these cartoons. And is the writer suggesting that prior to these cartoons the Islamists were peaceful and there was no terrorism? Did 9/11 happen because of cartoons? Did 26/11 happen because of cartoons? Did Madrid or London underground happen due to cartoons? Saif Rahman is an ex-Muslim of Pakistani origin in the UK. Here’s what he tweeted January 26:

It is an unfortunate but inevitable truth – Tolerance of intolerance doesn’t buy peace. It never has. Increasingly, we have only seen that retaliation (and often disproportionate retaliation) stands a better chance of buying peace. Ask the Japanese. Rahman has also written a book “The Islamist Delusion”. Do read the summary on the page I have linked. Rahman has drawn no cartoons of the Prophet but merely written a book criticising the practices of Muslims. He claims to have received 139 death-threats so far. What he summarises in his tweet as the 10 Islamist commandments is for our Sickulars to think about. Playing victim will not help anymore. What should now be clear is that after the Paris incident there are many who are making this absolutely clear to the extremists.

Bobby Jindal, the governor in an American state, was a darling for our media for quite a while as they claimed he was an Indian-American. He disappointed them recently by stating that he is only “American” and that his forefathers came to America to be Americans and not Indian-Americans. More stunningly, Jindal became the first politician to boldly state what many politicians were unwilling to say. Excerpts:

"Let's be honest here. Islam has a problem… Muslim leaders need to condemn anyone who commits these acts of violence and clearly state that these people are evil and are enemies of Islam. It's not enough to simply condemn violence, they must stand up and loudly proclaim that these people are not martyrs who will receive a reward in the afterlife, and rather they are murderers who are going to hell. If they refuse to do that, then they're part of the problem. There is no middle ground here”.

Jindal went on to add in his speech in the UK that some countries have allowed Muslims to establish autonomous neighbourhoods in cities where they govern by a harsh version of Islamic law. Yes indeed, UK is facing this problem and so are many other non-Islamic countries in the world. There are over 700 no go zones created by Muslims in France and though it is not authorised in any form, the police and other services dread to go to these zones. Norway has expelled over 5000 foreigners, mostly Muslims, as action for reducing crime in the country. In a rare departure, British PM David Cameron has finally issued a warning to mosques in Britain to rein in extremists:

Belgians in the Congo. France invaded Algeria for no genuine reason except greed and now Algerians are in large number in France. The Dutch were in South Africa and some other places to subdue the original inhabitants. The Portuguese were in Bombay, Goa and Diu. And there is hardly a country left that Britain had not invaded and colonised. It is very tempting to say “they had it coming”. But it’s not revenge that the Islamists are seeking. If that was the case they could have declared formal wars. But it is intolerance of the culture and systems of the host country while enjoying all its privileges that is causing the problems. This is true in India too. “No go area” said that dumb Outlook writer and that avoiding cartoons will buy peace. I have written before that there are many towns in India that are completely Islamised and are somewhat of a no go zone for non-Muslims. This has happened even in places considered particularly holy pilgrimage locations by Hindus. It is hard to believe this has happened in Rameshwaram:

It is understandable if one makes the mistake of thinking these no go zones are stray cases across the world, although increasingly common. It would help to pause for a minute and think that an entire community was thrown out Kashmir which is now a no go zone for India’s non-Muslims. Can any no go zone be worse than that? Had the authorities acted then or even a few months later the KPs could have returned to Kashmir. They are never going to return – no go zones are forever. No politician is going to be courageous enough to alter the situation. The challenge is to avert creating some more and for that unlimited tolerance has to disappear.

To be concluded

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tolerance Is Over-Rated - Part 1

Stories of Prithviraj Chauhan’s bravery and valour fill many books in India. He was the king of Delhi. Also famous is the story of his elopement with Samyukta who would become his wife. The barbarian invader Mohammad Ghori was defeated by Chauhan and his army in 1191 as history tells us. A year later Ghori returned and defeated Chauhan and took over his kingdom. Chauhan was later killed by Ghori & Co under captivity. Soldiers’ code of honour often requires they treat their fallen enemy with honour. Prithviraj Chauhan let Ghori get away and did not pursue or kill him. If Ghori had been killed a good chunk of history may have been different. An army declaring war for some dispute or other is understandable. Ghori had no such known dispute except to invade, loot, rape and force Islam in Chauhan’s kingdom. There is a price to pay when you let barbarians get away. They don’t deserve honour, they don’t deserve a pardon. Even Jesus who preached kindness, peace and turning the other cheek ended up on the Cross.

Before and after Chauhan there were waves and waves of Islamic attacks on Indian provinces. Some were repelled, some conquered and some Hindu rulers also made peace with the invaders. Islamic warriors had butchered many and many other countries were fully turned Islamic – Persia, countries in Africa, Syria, the current state of Israel, Egypt, even Spain and parts of Europe and so on. Despite the invasion in India being the bloodiest the Hindus somehow refused to be totally conquered. Akbar’s general at Haldi Ghati was Rana Pratap’s relative. He refused to be conquered. Today, the Muslims in India, Pakistan and elsewhere claim they are the victims. The generally peaceful race of Indians, consisting of Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs, came to be known as tolerant because they withstood the barbarism of the invaders. Maybe they set a wrong precedence.

Cut to 20th century, Reginald Dyer, aka The Butcher of Jallianwallah Bagh, killed hundreds of innocent people. He wasn’t punished. He was celebrated as a hero in Britain. A classic appeasement of the Nazis was the 1938 agreement between British PM Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler, which allowed Germany to occupy Czechoslovakia. As Winston Churchill put it – that was hoping the crocodile would eat its appeaser the last. MK Gandhi wasn’t so much against violence as he was in support of non-violence, especially when it came to his own life. But MKG is commonly cited as the apostle of non-violence for only the Hindus to practically follow. This balderdash needs to be dispelled.  


Charlie Hebdo is now more known across the world that it was ever before, for obvious reasons. Following the terror attack and killing of a dozen people the Sickulars across the world have been groping for excuses to condone the attack. They suggest that religion must not be mocked and anyone who does will have to pay a price for it. Typically, the Indian media blacked out the CH images that caused offence. A couple of papers who reproduced the images willingly or accidentally had this to offer:

The cowards at “The Hindu” and “Mint” who brag about freedom of speech and all that suddenly got cold feet when it comes to Islamic cartoons. Everyone has learned by now that the Indian media’s idea of free speech is to abuse Hindus and Hinduism. Why? Because this lot is tolerant! The Hindus have historically given these Commies the idea that they will tolerate any crap thrown at them and have emboldened them to all kinds of nonsense. In the case of MF Hussain’s nude paintings of Hindu Goddesses all these Commies defended his right to freedom of expression. Many papers and magazines reproduced his porn. None withdrew or apologised. The Hindus didn’t kill Hussain. They just filed cases against him and even that is considered an attack on him by the Commies. The same Commies whined when Wendy Doniger’s anti-Hindu book was pulped by her publisher. The Hindus posed no physical or death-threat to her. It was some guy who filed a case and when it was certain that court would find Doniger’s book to be abusing Hinduism the publishers decided to dump it. What would it take for these wimps to acknowledge the truth? Here’s Malini P of The Hindu applauding the Pope for his stupid statement:

Richard Dawkins is a prominent atheist but even religious people who are sensible would find the Pope’s statement absurd. The Pope said “One cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people’s faith, one cannot make fun of faith” and that those who did “can expect a punch”. He jokingly added "If my good friend Dr. Gasbarri says a curse word against my mother, he can expect a punch”. That is as dumb as it can get and our media idiots are thrilled about it. Malini P, of the anti-Hindu paper, claims the Pope understands a “multicultural” world.  Really? Left to the Pope’s whims he would like the whole of India (and world) turn Catholic. Someone cursing a mother getting punched in return is the same as murdering a dozen people? We have a street-thug like Rajdeep Sardesai who roughed up a man for heckling him in retaliation to Rajdeep’s abuse. I have stated in “War on Hindus-3” that many towns in India have been completely Islamised. They are “no go” zones. In major cities we have Muslim ghettos which are avoided by others. Some Europeans and Americans are waking up to this reality in their own towns and cities. We shall see


We have now experienced how our media lies about events and stories. These Commie pimps are scared of Islamic terror as much as the Pope is. Fear is not unnatural but the media shows that they will trample upon you when they know will know you won’t hit back with violence and murder. English Defence League was formed in England to counter the Islamisation and the attacks by Muslim gangs on their soldiers, Jews and other random attacks. One of their founders was Tommy Robinson. He and his colleagues were on a charity march and here is the Channel4 report on an incident that happened during this walk in East London (0.42 mins):

The guy in the black T-shirt and dark glasses is Kevin Carroll of the EDL. The report mentions a clash with the guys in blue and red shirts and the image shows Kevin as the one who is offensive. Is that what really happened? People are now video-taping such events knowing what to expect of the media (and the impotent, cowardly Police). Here’s the part that Channel4 did not show its viewers (3.28 mins):

As the video shows, the guy in the blue shirt attacks Kevin who retaliates. The Police let the two guys walk away. They don’t arrest the attackers but instead arrest Robinson and Carroll. That’s Dhimmitude for you. Is it any different in India? Clearly, there is hardly any doubt that the two guys (in blue and red shirts) were planted by the police to provoke a conflict and create a “public disturbance” situation for which they can then arrest the EDL guys. And because the EDL guys protest the Islamic terror in their towns they are labelled Nazis, fascists and racists. Typical nonsense by “Sickular” thugs who label anyone who protests their crimes, with despicable names (full Robinson video on Youtube).

There have been thousands of terror attacks by Islamic forces over the years. Political and media cowards tried their best to wash the sins. It took the slaughter of cartoonists to wake up politicians to finally realise tolerance doesn’t pay. In this day and age, tolerance is increasingly the attribute of wimps and cowards. Tolerance is over-rated. More in the next part.

Friday, January 16, 2015

The War On Hindus - Part 4 #PopulationExplosion

At the recent Vibrant Gujarat meet, Narendra Modi reiterated his 3Ds statement: "India offers you 3Ds - democracy, demography and demand and it will not be found anywhere else in the world. We have large number of hands to work. And, we have even larger number of dreams to be realised”. Over thirty years ago a political satire reflected the brilliance behind terminologies. LDC (Less developed country), UDC (Under-developed country) and then we moved to “Developing country” and then to HRRC (Video 2.10 mins):

As Humphrey explains HRRC is “Human resource rich country” – Countries that are grossly over-populated and begging for money. India isn’t exactly holding out a begging bowl now but everyone seems to like the HRRC concept. Population controls don’t seem to work so let’s rejoice being over-populated. Every part of Modi’s statement is true but he appears to be left with no option but to see a problem as an opportunity – Population. A majority of our metros and other major cities have become too crowded and threaten a lot of social issues. Take a look at the unemployment statistics on this page. The percentage goes up and down but the absolute number of unemployed people keeps going up.

There is another chart at LiveMint which shows the socio-religious break of employment (you will need to zoom into the chart). It’s not hard to escape the fact that Muslims are among the lowest employed in the formal sector. This contrasts with the fact that their population keeps showing a positive growth rate. 2013-14 unemployment had gone up in rural areas despite the massive spend on MNREGA. Here’s what the population growth looks like over 60 years:

The figures till 2001 census are available but the 2011 figures appear to be estimates. The Hindu population has been steadily declining while the Muslim population has been growing. In some states like Bengal or Kerala the Muslim growth might be more pronounced but the latest data isn’t available. So what was all the fuss about Sakshi Maharaj advocating Hindu women to have more children (or 4 as he suggested)? Whether one likes the statement or not there is nothing criminal about it and it is just another opinion that has come from an individual. The media jerks kept asking the PM to condemn the Maharaj’s statement. I wonder why. After all, it is Modi who touched upon the growing Muslim population in 2002 with the phrase “Hum paanch, hamare pachees”. And because Sakshi Maharaj made that statement some media crooks exploit it by making silly statements like this one:

Epitome of a good Hindu? Choose a convenient equation and then claim because of the “good Hindu” conversion seems a good option. I wonder what Tavleen Singh thinks is a good Muslim – that guy Qureshi of BSP who announced a reward of 51 crores to the Charlie Hebdo killers? Ironically, Tavleen Singh’s partner was the late (Pakistani) Salman Taseer who, between two women, had seven children. So it is indeed surprising that she is so annoyed with someone suggesting 4 kids. Is the Maharaj the first? Not at all, here are two reports from Kerala (here and here):

Not only does the Church encourage having more kids but also offers cash incentives. Where were all these media morons and Opposition whiners when these incidents were happening? Obviously, all these happened while the glorious lady from Italy was in the saddle which allowed anything Christian to pass. There isn’t the slightest doubt that many parts in NE (in states like Nagaland or Mizoram) there has been near total Christianisation of the population. These states are far removed from the media glare on anything so the activities of the Conversion Mafia too pass without notice. There are parts of metros like Mumbai (Bandra, Andheri etc) which have become Muslim ghettos with migrants from various places. And nobody has their numbers and they probably don’t figure in any census reports either. Here’s what I had quoted in a previous post:

Mumbai population explosion (India Online): 29 lakhs (1901), 12.5 Million (1991), 18 Million (2006) and 21 Million (2011)
(Rediff on Bangladeshis): In terms of illegal immigrants in Mumbai, Bangladeshis alone account for between 3.5 lakhs according to a minister and 16.0 lakhs according to Kirit Somaya, a former MP.  What would you say about a government that can’t even get its numbers right on such matters? This is in no way to suggest that any of this population is involved in crimes but the possibilities that some may be cannot be discounted. But it sure is a matter of serious concern.

At a hotel in Chennai recently, I was surprised to find the room-boys speaking Hindi quite comfortably. They told me they had come from Assam but I have a feeling they are from Bangladesh. Many taxi drivers, domestics, maids in Delhi are reported to be from Bangladesh. Narendra Modi dared to promise during the LS campaign that illegals will be packed and sent back. Forget that, our cowardly govts don’t even dare to release the census figures of 2011 with the demographics. As much as there is a growth in Muslim population there is also a large Muslim population that is unaccounted. The Wall Street Journal in an article reflects how Muslim growth rate is outdoing Hindu growth rate. Actually, that’s not a correct statement. Hindus are registering a negative growth; a decline in population.

The excuse offered by the census official, in the WSJ article, for not releasing the 2011 figures is “too many elections” around. This is India, every six months there is some election around the corner. So, to counter this unchecked growth of Muslim population and the steady rise in absolute numbers of Christian conversions, if the Hindus talk about a “Ghar Wapsi” or more children the Sickulars are immediately up in arms. The anti-GharWapsi argument is even more deadly. The Muslims and Christians want the rights to convert others but anyone returning to Hinduism is objectionable and our politicians and idiotic media stand in support of this hypocrisy. What about the growth of Muslim population in the West? Here’s a chart that shows why Europe is in strife with Islamists:

France clearly has the highest Muslim population in Europe. The Charlie Hebdo attack was a bloody one but there have been frequent attacks on Jews and Jewish establishments in France by violent Muslims. Other countries with lesser Muslim population are also facing social strife even though the percentages appear small. The population invasion is not one to be taken lightly. The late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi summed up future plans quite cleverly:

We have 50 million Muslims in Europe,” Gadhafi said. “There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe – without swords, without guns, without conquests. The 50 million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.”

In Europe the Christians are facing a negative population-growth while the Muslim population is increasing steadily. It’s not very different for Hindus in India who are facing a negative population-growth although they are still a huge number. Therefore, an anti-conversion bill is a must and is inevitable. The Chrislamist war on Hindus is fought on many fronts – Population is an important strategy and tactic. Imagine when they collectively reach 35-40% And that is not very unimaginable if the current situation continues.