Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fraudulent Akademists

Do read TheLitter Mafia & Extraneous Noise (if you haven’t already).

So a bunch of alleged writers have been returning their awards for some reason or the other. It started with Nayantara Sahgal and Shashi Deshpande returning their Sahitya awards. Many have been thankfully following in their footsteps. Apparently, the reason for disenchantment with India is that under Modi Sarkar freedom of speech is supposedly being throttled. We shall see. Other reasons cited are the murders of Kalburgi, Dhabolkar, Govind Pansare and the recent Dadri murder. Most of these murders have happened under non-BJP govts. Yet the ruling parties of the states are seen as safe while Modi is pointed at being the one not controlling the situation. Let’s bury this load of rubbish being mouthed by morons across the Litter Mafia and the media. Most of these inglorious bastards returning their petty awards are Modi-haters and his continued success and their loss of privileged crumbs is what is hurting them. Who in hell is Nayantara? If she wasn’t linked in some way to the Nehru clan nobody would have even known her. Most of these bitchers are nothing but leeches that survive on Lutyens crumbs.

Hundreds of incidents of violence, suppression of speech, wrongful imprisonment have happened under the UPA govt and even before. Nobody bothered to return any award. On the contrary, more criminals have got Padma awards than ever before.

There is no civilian award in India that is given without a good deal of lobbying or bootlicking. How do you think people like Barkha, Rajdeep, Shekhar Gupta or Teesta Setalvad get Padma awards? Their poodle-slavery of Sonia Gandhi earns them that reward. It is the bane of the Communist ideology of Congress that has created the culture of rewards for slaves. There are exceptions but those are becoming rarer. Why would govt be in the business of giving awards? The GOI even has national film awards of all the stupid things. All this started when govts from Nehru down couldn’t even handle state functions properly. Nehru believed the Indian poor and villagers could never be uplifted, so keep giving them some doles while he and his elite Lutyens gang could carry on their little lives of part British, part Stalin concoction of politics.

In the last two decades another crop of these Lutyens type worms have created another domain for themselves – LitterFests. This is meant for the same club members where ordinary writers are not allowed entry. Invitees may include some genuine writers and some criminals, rapists, India-haters and even actual enemies of India. The idea is simply to retain that cocoon while pouring a few drops in the name of India’s culture, history, diversity and all that. For instance, no major publisher in India will accept a writer unless he or she has a reference or knows someone in the media who facilitates publication through “favours”. I have written many times in the past that the publication business in India is no less a mafia than the media itself. As soon as this nonsensical charade of returning fraudulent awards started, someone pulled out an old article from Outlook which talked about this mafia - The Literary Mafia.

“…the fortune and fame of many Indian writers are determined by a well-entrenched literary mafia in Delhi. A society for mutual admiration, it is a close knit group of 'established writers' and writer-bureaucrats who lord over vast networks of patronage…. "Undoubtedly, there is a literary mafia at work," says Hindi writer Krishna Sobti, author of Mitro Marjani. "There is always a silent decision to promote someone or the other. It's a circuit game barred to outsiders. Only a few have access to the India International Centre bar where so many things are decided." Khushwant Singh recalls his decision to quit the Sahitya Akademi's award panel after a writer, whom he had reported for lobbying for her book, not only got the award but even declared her husband would get one the following year. Says Singh: "The kind of lobbying that goes on is shocking”.

That’s just a small excerpt from the article and I recommend you read the full article to understand the nonsense that is Sahitya Akademi and other literary organisations and publishers. Lutyens scroungers like Nayantara are long-time termites that have eaten up such organsations. Their awards are worthless because they carry less money and not much exposure in terms of sales. The Sahitya Akademi is an autonomous organisation funded by GOI but GOI hardly has any interest in such redundant outlets. That is why there is every good reason govt must now completely get out of such fraudulent outfits and also discontinue all political-crap awards like the Padmas and also the nonsense of film awards. This requires courage which is what ModiSarkar lacks currently. India has matured enough for every industry to have its own award and honour systems. Even dumb news channels have awards for politicians. It’s like the dogs giving honours to their masters.

Now, where these nonsensical complaints about FoE are concerned it is dramatically opposite to what these fraudulent writers and some in media have been claiming.  66A is gone – the vicious Act brought in by Congress to protect the Chinese Gandhis from being lampooned. Cartoonists were arrested and one critic of Karti Chidambaram landed in jail overnight. Congress even blocked Twitter handles to suppress criticism. And where Modi is concerned, his haters continue to write more vicious articles than before. The name-calling hasn’t stopped either. All the fraudulent writers watched all the atrocities under Congress and kept their mouth shut. The other phenomenon in media and politics is to blame every silly thing happening anywhere on Modi as if he is a GloboCop who monitors every street in India. In the Dadri incident, not one political party or media house questioned the responsibility of the CM from a party known to run a GoondaRaj in UP.

The other day Sudheen Kulkarni hosted a former Pak minister Kasuri for his book launch. Kulkarni’s face was blackened with paint and rightly so. Such scumbags who believe hosting criminals who waged war against India have to be allowed FoE must be lampooned severely. And what is this stupid obsession of a stupid group of people with Pakistan? Especially after India said no talks till terrorism attended to scumbaginis like Barkha Dutt went on a rant. She even got that stupid Sartaj Aziz for an interview. The bimbo even linked the Dadri incident to India’s UNSC seat as if all those occupying that body are squeaky clean idiots from her Pakistan. She rushes to stupid Rushdie and both iRudaalis whine over ModiSarkar. The Dadri family member was used as tool for another round of her stupid histrionics on TV and she came up with this classic nonsense:

Some people are permanently negatively disposed to the well-being of India and are in passionate love with her enemies who have sworn to destroy India. I wonder any country produces so many traitors. And this too is a matter of FoE for them and nothing more. Some even claim communal violence has gone up since ModiSarkar was formed though they have absolutely no evidence to show for it.

The fraudulent Sahitya writers aren’t acting out of any call of conscience or concern for anything. That Nayantara even mentioned she is returning the award only now because it’s a Hindutva govt at the Centre. This is the dumb logic of these fraudulent Akademists. Their relevance is reducing, they see no hope of more Lutyens crumbs and their little world of elite pimps seems to be crumbling. It is funny to even listen to the people returning the awards on TV. They either parrot each other or have no clue what they are returning the award for, although I am all for returning these fake awards and the cash that went with it. Hope they continue to do so. India has better things to do than worry about these sick individuals who don’t really live in India. Finally, all these scumbags get into some orchestrated hysteria when an election looms. These sickos will lose Bihar and again go into hibernation for some months.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Beef Wars

What’s your beef?” is a common American phrase. It’s a question a person asks someone who talks or acts without reason or goes off on a rant with no purpose other than creating a confrontational situation. This is the question to ask many media and political ranters who have been trying hard to link every incident to Modi.  "If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian” said ex-Beatle Paul McCartney who turned vegan long ago. Since they don’t, people put up such pics on SM so others can see:

I have kept the pic small so it doesn’t offend too much. Five years ago, a café owner was ordered to remove an extractor fan because the resident next to the café was offended by the fumes of bacon. This was in England where bacon is a routine food item. For those who are not familiar, bacon is made from pork – from pigs. Do you want me to tell you the Faith of the complaining neighbour? I don’t think so; it doesn’t take Einstein to figure that out. Now, bacon is common food in almost all western countries and for a Muslim to complain about the smell of bacon from a café (where even Muslims were patrons) should be considered absurd. But such is the stupidity of councils and govts that they will pander to the nonsensical victimhood of minorities (read the full story here).

Cow-slaughter ban has existed in many states in India for ages. Some states have adopted that policy in the last few decades. For centuries the cow has been a sacred symbol in India, particularly for the Hindus. Recently, the Maharashtra govt extended the ban to bulls and buffaloes too. The Maharashtra ban on cow-slaughter has been in place since the 1970s but govts never enforced it strictly. There is nothing wrong in respecting the sentiments of Hindus. Consider this – Every hotel, airline and food stalls at airports now put up a sign saying they use only “Halal meat”. Surely, that is not to respect the sentiments of Christians or Jews, is it? It is highly unlikely you will find hotels and restaurants that routinely offer pigs (pork) as food. Will you? Why is it that only Muslim sentiments must be respected over what food is offered and how the animal is slaughtered?

Once the Maharashtra government slapped a ban on sale or possession of beef there were responses from all the Sickular scoundrels. Bollywood reacted (slide show). The usual Sickos in MSM reacted. Others from political parties reacted. That’s how this new beef war started. Earlier, to defy the cow-slaughter ban some morons held a “Beef eating festival” at Osmania University in 2012 which led to violence. Do note, there has been a cow slaughter ban (in then what was united Andhra) since 1977. So why would the authorities allow an activity that brazenly breaks the law? If it offends Hindus, no law is important, one can break it – that’s a social law in India in most states. If these people had eaten beef privately in stealth it wouldn’t have mattered but they wanted to make a public statement. Criminal media passes this and the bigger jokers will even celebrate it like the Monk and the Moron:

The StreetThug wants to eat steak immediately after the beef-festival debate and the Category5Moron wants to eat meat dripping with blood. I doubt anyone cares what morons like these eat – they can eat rats, dogs, insects, bats, snakes. And if they want to break the law and express their defiance even more strongly - they can even eat dead human-beings. These Anti-Hindu thugs just want to keep offending Hindu sentiments and that is all. Govt should usually not make laws over social issues and food habits. After all, I doubt there’s any law that says only “Halal meat” should be sold but everyone is offering that. Isn’t it?  The respect for Hindu sentiments on cows should have come naturally. But most of these people in media and politics who want to kill cows don’t want it to end there – they want Hindus to disappear so that a Chrislamic State can become a reality. You just have to give 15 minutes to Akbar Owaisi (family friend of the Monk and the Moron).

They want Hindu traditions and customs to disappear. They want Hindus to stop celebrating Holi. They ridicule and condemn even Raksha Bandhan. They want kite-flying to stop because the string sometimes slashes some birds. But they want to kill cows. Someone put it nicely when he showed that these same morons have extraordinary sympathy for stray dogs that are becoming a menace in many cities:

So, the latest round of outrage is over a 50-year old man, Akhlaq, who was lynched by a mob because there was a rumour he and his family consumed beef. The family denies it and claims it was mutton and that was what was stored in their fridge too. Given the consistent pattern of our media getting news wrong I would naturally be sceptical about the reason for the attack. However, let us assume he was lynched for the reason the reports say. Now, nobody… nobody has to die for eating something. Even if that offends anyone or breaks the law, nobody needs to die. But this culture of madness and killing in UP happens for many other reasons too. But the outrage and the attempt to link it to Modi and Hindus wanting to kill a Muslim is the kind of stupidity that is criminal by our MSM and many politicians. Fortunately, such media-scams aren’t passing anymore, thanks to SM.  

How brazen and stupid can it get? Well, there is Akhilesh Yadav – CM of UP who, instead of assuring strong action against the killers, asks the PM to ban the export of beef. And the entire media carried his ignorant crap like a box of parrots. All it took was for someone to educate this beef-challenged kid:

The beef-export ban is already in place for some time but our UP CM wants to pin the nonsense in UP on Modi. That is the whole game of politicians and media – as if Modi is policing every nook and corner of this country. It is true that there are a lot of social issues that Modi is failing to address but he certainly can’t be a cop monitoring every corner. What are CMs and local police meant for? To talk nonsense when crimes happen in their region? But the overall trick is to bring up some issue to outrage on before every election. Remember the “attack on Christians” fraudulent campaign before Maharashtra and Haryana elections? Well there is Bihar around the corner. So, the already prosecuted Beef-war in progress now becomes a Muslim killed over beef. Hope for the losers is eternal. I am not sure this will work either. What’s their beef