Sunday, September 13, 2015

Blood Lust

I sometimes do easy things. Because they are easy to do! Most people want a dream job. Most people don’t get such jobs. Most people get strutty jobs that pays for their livelihood. That’s the Mac dream. It is because the 95% are ordinary that the other 5% stand out and not the other way around. When Lee Iacocca started fixing Chrysler he found most managers in the company were prancing around with coffee cups in their hands through the corridors or loitering around gossiping at the water fountain. We just have to find these morons who loiter around the corridor who blabber, mean nothing, do nothing and create nothing to keep our emotional bankruptcy going. Make him the Boss... The Commies learned that trick long ago. Find a guy who does nothing and we can be in business and run a country (Oh the Congress found Gandhis long ago).

When an anarchist like Arvind Kejriwal won his first CMship supported by the Commie Congress the beasts in the media came up with a chant… Will Kejri stop Modi? Will Kejri become PM? There were absolute idiotic bimbos like Saba Naqvi who even said there is a last minute surge in Varanasi for AK. These are the bimbos who blabber for 5000 bucks on your TV channels. You know – Unlike YOU… They have a dream job – Mental Masturbation everly for a price. Here is what Arnab Goswami said when Kejri won some election:

You would think their mental-masturbation has been paid for. NO! They keep demanding more orgasms. So this pimp at India Today had the same question - 

Karan The Tool Thapar 31.8.2015 – Is Hardik Patel a threat to BJP and Modi… Will Patel agitation go nationwide? BURN SOMETHING – That’s the only way to show you have fire. That is what our media does and so do some of our stupid G-37 panellists.

There are two things here. Firstly, AK doesn’t want to be CM. He wants to be a vagabond , media item girl who will dance for anything. In a democracy, numbers matter. For a third rate joker party like AAP getting so much media space should tell you that the item girls pays for her own show. Secondly, those idiot Patels who participated in Hardik Patel’s rally to engineer chaos and anarchy are doing exactly what AK wants to do. You see, AK’s Muslim crap has failed, his funds have dried up and his only ploy left to create chaos and anarchy is to use morons like Hardik Patel to BURN any state that does not have Commie rule.

We are hearing about a Gas dealers’ agitation. Why do these people want to agitate? Stupid subsidies are directly passed on to customers. So they are making losses? So the only way these scumbags made profits was through corruption? The answer is absolutely YES! Then there is thing about some meat ban somewhere. So Sagarika, AK’s sub-prime promoter, says she would like her meat dripping with blood.

The answer to these bimbos is undebatable – You have eaten the flesh of Indians dripping with blood all through the last 60 years. It is not our fight anymore – The fight is between bimbos like Hardik V Sagarika (Both through AK) – You want blood…. Go get it!