Sunday, July 26, 2015

Stratfor Shekhar

Some cricketers like Sreesanth and Chandilya were arrested in the IPL betting case and were in jail for a few days before they got bail. They seem to have been recently vindicated and may return to the game. In contrast, look at how our media and courts deal with a fraud-accused like Teesta Setalvad. I did not comment on the CBI court declining her anticipatory bail because I suspected the Bombay HC will come to her rescue. But she’s a “victim”. Earlier when a court cancelled her bail a battery of lawyers held a “Dial-a-bail” video conference with the Supreme Court to get her bail in the late evening. But she’s a poor “victim”.

When the CBI court rejected her bail she claimed she was a victim of hate and vendetta. Some of her funders are convicted criminals like SantSingh Chatwal. Sant who? He’s the New York hotelier who was awarded a Padma Bhushan in January 2010 by the Congress govt. And then there is Ford Foundation and many others. All these guys were moved to tears by Teesta’s fight for justice. Let us leave it at that. That she was fraudulently funded with help by the Congress is not a big secret. The money trail also makes fantastic reading. I am not going to waste time repeating what is already in the public domain.  For Teesta when courts vindicate Modi it’s not acceptable but when courts slam her she’s being penalised for a petty crime:

Now, in my previous post (Teesta Rudalis) I mentioned all the crooks in the media gathered to mourn her tragedy and situation. Of course, the reason is simple – a conviction of Teesta is an indirect conviction of these crooks who fed on her filth to target political opponents. But it is one particular hypocritical moron who has been screaming his lungs out as if a great disaster has befallen a poor woman who has been working hard for justice. Here’s “Wheeler Dealer” Shekhar Gupta:

Not just SG but all our media crooks danced at the fake cases against Amit Shah. I don’t think people have forgotten the war-dance of Sreenivasan Jain. Never mind! I got curious on why this SG is so agitated against legal prosecution of what are evidently fraudulent financial transactions by Teesta. He calls it mere accounting issues:

So called foolish editors who claim to be experts from finance to “Bahubali” appear to have learned nothing from history. All it took to start off a serious investigation into the greatest political scandal of the 20th century was this – A donation-cheque of $25000 issued to the Republican National Committee to re-elect Nixon, instead of being deposited into the RNC bank account, was endorsed to a Watergate burglar. That was followed by the famous Deep Throat quote: “Follow the money”! Did Shekhar Gupta ever learn this? Does he remember that it was an ordinary endorsement of a cheque to a burglar that finally led to the resignation of a US president? No, obviously not. So why is this “wheeler-dealer” so vocally defending the financial crimes of some political activist like Teesta? What’s his stake? And he even goes on to say CBI is hounding Teesta for some crap like Tampons and stuff:

(By the way, this is the same hypocrite SG who ranted about Kiran Bedi fudging some travel bills to benefit her NGO rather than personal enrichment and considers Teesta’s frauds an accounting issue). And here’s the beauty about Ford Foundation:

Okay SG! Did you ever ask SoniaG how she allowed FF to operate in India then? CBI hounds people for buying tampons and silly love stories with donation money? That’s the intelligence of our so-called editors. Firstly, many disagree, but I am absolutely clear that Teesta is an anti-national and is a threat to national security. Here’s why:

Teesta took the Gujarat riots issue to politicise it internationally. She took it to the Geneva Human Rights Organisation when the matter was already in our courts. What were her motives if not to tarnish the image of India and our courts (other than her political motives for Congress against Modi)? The Supreme Court rightly warned her "You seem to have more faith in foreign organisations than this court. It seems that witnesses would be protected by these organisations," the bench remarked adding that if such letters are written then the court would pass the order without hearing the contentions of the CJP… If you send such letters then we would hear the amicus curie and pass the order (without hearing you)," the court said adding, "All the cases are being monitored by us, we don't like any correspondence of her with foreign agencies". Not an anti-national act? Not for SG, I suppose.

Next, Teesta testifies with the US Commission on religious freedoms (some US based groups against Modi organised this nonsense). You testify with a US commission for your political persuasions and motives? Who else had she talked to and is still talking to? And she LIED even that to that Commission. The fraud that she is, she claims riots happened in Gujarat only since 1998 when BJP came to power. Any idiot (even a fool like Shekhar Gupta would know) that Gujarat has a history of riots – the worst being 1969 and 1985 under Congress rule. This fraudulent liar is who our media Rudaalis claim is a poor victim?

So I had to ask myself the question – Why is SG so agitated about a petty thief like Teesta and political foot-soldier? What is his obsession in whining for her? That reminded me of an old article I had written on this blog – Commie media’s anti-Hindu poison. I recollected the name STRATFOR because I had quoted an article by that organisation in that post. Then it struck me why SG’s tampons are in a twist over this self-confessed petty offender like Teesta. So I posted this tweet asking the question:

When I first wrote about Stratfor and SG being the only contact they had in India, it was written in a different context and a different topic. Now the question that crosses my mind is in the tweet above – Does SG too have tampons to hide in his closet? He has never denied his links with Stratfor. All these agenda-morons who pass for editors often write a lot of stuff in their short resume in Opeds and articles – “Editor for IE, formerly with HT, Rhodes scholar, Eminent political observer” and so on. I have never once seen SG or any media house ever mentioning his being a worker for Stratfor. Obviously, I have to assume, SG is not a social “worker” (like Teesta?) who would do things for free for groups like Stratfor. Would he? And now that I recalled it – this Stratfor is far more sinister it appears. It has links to CIA, it spied on the Bhopal Gas activists to provide information to Dow Chemicals for protective measures. All this went on without the knowledge of SG?

Nobody in the media or the then GOI asked any questions to SG about this sinister organisation. But why would the Congress ask any questions to SG anyway? After all, this “wheeler dealer” was “Doctoring & Nursing” the Congress when it was evidently dying. There is something more alarming in the report that was based on the Wikileaks:

A mix of covert and overt informants? Makes me assume SG had to be a covert operator since he has never disclosed it anywhere (till Wikileaks blew the lid) as far as I know and I am open to correction if someone can provide me such information on his disclosure. And the operators were being paid via Swiss banks and prepaid credit cards? Interesting! So let me understand this from some expert – If I get a payment through a Swiss bank where would that be reflected? If it were me – it would be reflected in my normal Indian bank account. But here’s another thing – operators were also paid by “Prepaid credit cards” – which means it will not be reflected anywhere in any account of mine. Clever operation; eh? And SG was also ignorant of Hamid Gul of ISI being a member of Stratfor? Extraordinary! You can read the full article at Hardnews.

Like I said in my post “Teesta Rudalis”, all those whining for her appear to be worried investigating her may reveal a lot more on our media pimps who dismiss her frauds as “petty offences”. In December 2014 Caravan Magazine ran an article on the phenomenal wealth acquired by SG. Let us assume all that is legitimate – after all SG is an expert in “accounting” but there are other questions he must answer. What was his role with Stratfor? Did they pay him? And why is he called a “Wheeler Dealer” in the Capital? Maybe the GOI should look into all this with a fine tooth-comb. Deep Throat left us with his wisdom for eternity – “Follow the money”.


  1. One of the best article I have read on this website.

  2. Excellently well written article which tries untying the knots of these corrupt media and their money as well as terror trail. One of them calls bomb blast as Chota mota kaam and this man calls accounting issue. Next this SG will defend the other SG in. NH as accounting issue. These media morons are interlinked and most of them are anti nationals.

  3. Dear Ravi Sir,

    Another creation of your penmanship, another masterly beauty. Amazing lucidity of ideas, flowing like a duck in the pond.
    And yes, you are the pioneer of this new wave of journalism: Courageous, unrelenting support to the truth, and full of integrity.

    Thanks & Regards
    Vibhav Tewari

  4. It is indeed extraordinary how the usual bunch of journos, big bindis and AAPtards etc immediately come to the rescue of one of their own. The size of the crime never deters these anti-nationals from defending their coterie. Running to authorities outside India is also a common it Teesta or the 65 traitors or Saggy types appealing to Obama for freedom of press in India.

    I recently watched a Youtube discussion amongst "historians" in some American university, which has Sanjay Subramanyam and 2 women...and these shameless folks were complaining about appointments in Delhi University. They love to spread the word that India is under some kind of a monster government which has attacked all kinds of free speech. In this case, there was absolutely no connection to the topic under discussion.

    The rot must be really really deep. My only hope is that if libtards are so agitated, perhaps the government is doing something right...and quietly

    1. sir/madam, all this because, there is no fear of law.
      and this govt is doing something? anything? is it a govt, sir? i am afraid not....

  5. Sir,

    You r the best. what a nice article exposing the thug and moron journalist. Way to go

  6. No words to describe as to how powerful this
    article is..

  7. SG is vociferously fighting for 'freedom of speech' and we now know what he has been using his 'freedom of speech'! Shame on him.

  8. Very good article. Sick of watching this corrupt group giving lectures everyday on every issue.

  9. Mediacrooks your article is meticulously written and well researched, an eye opener how these presstitutes are working against the interest of country's interest for their petty self interest.

  10. The whole politically powerful class -- politicians, journalists, NGOs are deeply enmeshed with each other. Nothing will happen. How many convictions have been done in high profile cases ( barring terrorism). It would be interesting to read the statistics. High profile would be occupying senior govt position and/or bungling of more than 100crore Teesta's case is very much a power struggle.You can't deny that.
    If BJP put more effort in floor management than these cases, it would be better.

  11. About time this guy was exposed.

  12. The more I hear about north Indians, the more I respect MA Jinnah and what he did to liberate his people from these people.

    1. The more I read of your bullshit, the more obvious it becomes that you are here to cause mischief.

    2. The more I know abt the Dravider Draculas, The Xtian and French, British, Italian asslickers the more I feel we should meet them more than half way. Yes we had the balls to meet Jinnah on his own terms unlike the DDs who layed their women, begging Brits to stay 9and now do for Italians), Still white assliking is prime time for DDs. GO SUCK UP OR LET'S MEET ON STREETS. Open challange

    3. @Krispy- I am here to point out that North Indians have also much to answer for. Yes, it is not the politically correct thing to say, but we need to point it out. I don't know what exactly is your grouse, but even north Indian intellectual Jaswant Singh praised Jinnah in his book. He even went on to say that further partitions cannot be ruled out.

    4. @Indian Fascist: Meet my arguments, that is what democracy is all about not fighting in the streets. As for street fighting do that with your own politicians. Go slap Mulayam or Kejriwal like you guys slapped Pawar, if you have the guts.

    5. Spare me your bullshit, bigot. It's telling that when Hindu unity is the order of the day, and threatens to emerge, people like you are running around making snide comments and trying to put a spanner in the works, and then screeching "democracy" when called out. Your so-called "arguments" amount to nothing more than brazen bigotry against North Indians, and carry the stench of the usual South Indian Christian/Commie Aryan/Dravidian delusional bullshit. You're fooling no-one.

    6. Okay dude go dance balle balle on Indo Pak border like your people have been doing for so long. The cause of Hindu unity will be better if there is level playing field for all, not like what we have had all these years, with zero accountability for north Indians. Even the much maligned muslim community people can be brought to justice in this country to wit Yakub Memon, but the north Indians who killed 3,000 Sikhs continue to enjoy the good life. Now that is another brazen bigotry against north Indians. Hindu unity.

    7. I'm not North Indian, you f*cking imbecile. Now run along and break bread with your fellow scumbags like Karunanidhi and whine about how the "Aryans" took your land and how Jeebus is the answer. There are no takers for your tired bullshit here.

    8. Vivek... Tamilaa?
      You seem to be a periyar follower.

    9. @vivek.
      Some house rules to "arguements".
      Arguements are to be based on facts and not on somebody's book

  13. This article only reiterates what is already written by MC and others but what is the Modi govt going to do about these revelations. I presume nothing like in many other cases involving the CON party and its supporters mainly in the media. For me who supported Modi and was overjoyed when he came to power the last 6 months were pretty disappointing to say the least and this is how many 1000's are feeling. Why is the Modi govt not serious in taking action against the wrong doers of the previous regime is a baffling question to me, why are they going soft and so slow on court cases involving the Maino's and the Maran is very hard to fathom. All these exposures are not going to make an iota of change in the way this govt works unless Modi wakes up from some hypnotic trance that he has gone into. If it continues like this i wouldn't be surprised if BJP ends up with 28 - 82 seats in 2019.

  14. Marvelously written, well researched, but the powerful political-journo class has so far been left scot-free. The day we see judicial finality can we believe in our judiciary.

  15. After reading this article, a lot of things have begun to appear in a new light. For example, I was wondering why Shekhar gupta is so vociferously defending Teesta on TV and castigating the CBI for launching the investigation against TS for such petty things like tampons and hair-styling in Italy. Now at least the intelligence bureau should take a close look at how the likes of SG receive their payments.

    1. Also please add to this the article written by Indira Jaisingh in TOI print edition today [ Sunday].She too wishes to defend TS and even accuses judges of indulging in to 7 start luxuries while trying to punish TS for her "simple" luxuries brought from slush funds.
      SG and many like him belong to the same crowd funded by foreigners.This government should ensure speedy trials of all these mediacrooks.

  16. May'14:

    We believed we were at long long last, freed from foreign rule.
    We celebrated the occasion like never before.

    Our earnest wish apart from overall development was, dismantling of the all- pervasive ConG ecosystem.

    To this end, the foremost was to probe, prosecute and punish who all we perceived as traitors of this nation - primarily the family and the media houses / journos among others.

    Come Jul'16:

    Forget punishments.

    Was at least an mm of movement seen in the direction of probing the enemies of this nation?
    How can there be when there wasn't such an intent in the first place!

    Does anyone of those traitors fear the present govt. as to be restrained from continuing anti-national activities? None!

    Let me not be a hypocrite in voicing my conviction.

    The day AJ was inducted in the cabinet with all those portfolios, I instantly knew what was it to be.

    All my enthusiasm, hope and aspirations for my motherland and my offspring simply evaporated.

    After an year and half, what do we see?

    We see the same old patronage and protection to the scum - the family& media - to the extent that even a Vadra challenges the govt and a Pappu shames NaMo with cheap wit.
    What do we infer of this?

    My Qn is, what has development got to do with tackling the traitor brigade?

    And why wasn't it being attempted?

    Simple - NaMo is a thoroughly compromised man - all credit to AJ.

    Its mere stupidity of people to still criticize family/media/journos and hail NaMo.

    I don', any more.

    Why should I waste my precious breath like all these stupids?

    Nothing ever comes of it.

    Should it matter if I wwere ruled by Italian ConG or China ?

    1. I share your views and frustration 100%.

    2. I also totally agree with Mr.Rama Krishna Rao's views

    3. Every person when he becomes a ruler has two close assocites.One guides to evil and the other to good.He who is protected is indeed protected by God.Perhaps it is time for PM Modi to ascertain with IB who that evil ONE is.But the sad part is IB is under Jaitley.We know Sushma Swaraj and Jaitley are the right and left of Modi.But it is upto God to guide Modi to forgo one of them.

    4. Error on my part when I said IB is under Jaitley.But my point is PM modi should overtly or covertly seek the help of IB chief to look into the misdeeds of those who are surrounding him and especially those who are advicing him.He should tally each one's wrongs and must come to a conclusion.

    5. My hunch is saying it should not be Jaitley even though it might seem to people that it is Jaitley because of his socializing with the crooks.As Information and Broadcasting minister he has to mingle with the crooks.He cannot stay untouched in that position.Indeed , even if people are increasingly becoming suspicious of Jaitley, his reluctance to desist from defending his stance on his relations with journalists shows that he is quite unaffected by the finger pointing towards him.This must either mean that he is unconcerned as he is doing nothing wrong or he must be too shrewd so much so that he knows that the party is totally relying on him and anything he does would have to go unsupervised. But he had been instrumental in securing the BJP to victory and he was the main driving intellectual force behind Modi's ascension to power.If he was doing something anti national would he have vetoed nationalistic Modi to the throne? .Would he introduced a good budget.Would he have facilitated to repeal the dreaded section 66 A which scuttled the freedom of speech?.Would Modi himself have chosen him to be the FM?. I heard when united AP was being bifurcated through Telangana Bill during pre election days , Sushma Swaraj was the one who gave the support.Even before the bill was introduced, I heard her vehemently urging to dissect AP.The fact thay she has cooperated in this matter which is compromising the national interest as the enmity and hatred that has sprung between the Telugu people and the financial loss that has occured due to the dharnas, strikes etc etc which adversely affected the state does not compy with the spirit of nationalism. Btw also heard she was close to Gali bro who were her political bastion , and based on the promise of setting free these two, she struck a deal with SoniaG and she voted for the bill.This just doesn't seem right.She becomes the focus of attention with her misdeed of giving Lalit Modi documents while he is accused. She said she has done it on humanitarian grounds.Now she is completely denying that she has issued any docs.Either she must have lied before or she is lying now.First and foremost is Lalit Modi's wife is TRULY sick to the extent that it requires for him to urgently meet her . Could any one provide the medical documents that can confirm this.Which hospital she was kept in? From what disease was she suffering?.If LM's wife was really suffering, what was he doing running into Gandhis at a restaurant (I suppose).Sushma Swaraj says initially she complies to giving the travel docs on humanitarian grounds.If we consider this to be true, then indeed she is lying the second time when she says she DID not give any docs.If she is indeed telling the truth the second time, indeed she is LYING the first time when she said she confessed to having given docs on humanitarian grounds. Both the statements are completely incompatible with each other.One statement is the opposite of the other. What is the need for Sushma Swaraj to lie?.What is she trying to hide by these mutually exclusive statements.What is it that she is hiding?.Daal mein kuch kaala hain.:)

    6. Jaitley was instrumental in Modi's victory. This is news. The man couldn't even win his own seat.

      Sounds like you are trying to give credit where it is not due. Why?

    7. Dear Mr Ramakrisha Rao, Mr Paramsivam & S.Kumar,

      What you expected is totally your problem. I am not of the view that a system which has been set-up for more than 60 years of Congress rule can be changed by a single man in one year. You might say NAMO is been compromised, but on what basis ???

      1) Just because he has taken Jaitley & Sushma in his cabinet ? For your information, powerful politicians keep weak colleague's to protect their authority & avoid any direct challenge. Why should NAMO do anything else when he still have people like Sinha, Shantakumar & Advani who can easily wreck BJP's boat by going to Media & spilling beans to its political adversaries ??? or his Govt does not have majority in Rajya Sabha ???

      2) Do you know why Atalbehari Vajpayee lost elections in 2004 ? It was mainly because Advani did not allow him strengthening BJP & he was surrounded by wrong people. NAMO on other hand has successfully placed Amit Shah as Party president who is working overtime to ensure party's electoral success & co-ordination between party & government..

      2) NAMO has been compromised ??? On what basis sir ? Just on basis of allegations by Congress party & Media ? The bloody fact is no one wants to take-on NAMO directly because their has been no corruption allegations in past 1 year & NAMO has been successful in improving economy, providing sense of governance.

      3) You expect NAMO to bring back black money, put Media crooks & Congress leaders behind bars without proper evidence so that they walk out on bail & cry foul ??? If NAMO does anything without evidence & proper legal case, he will loose all his political goodwill.

      4) Most importantly, I really don't care if he puts crooks behind bars or not as long as he provides clean & efficient Govt, helps poor into getting better hospital infrastructure, 24/7 electricity & jobs. We may keep discussing morality & cursing NAMO while giving a political comeback entry to Congress party??? Sorry but I would rather drown with NAMO than live with the corrupt anti-hindu sikular's.

    8. Well analysed and articulated Abhijeet.

  17. Hammered a nail on SG (thick skinned, of course) and Teesta for anti-national activities. Hope is the best lamp lit - And MC is the guiding light!...Hoping NDA Govt put all these guys in right place (jail).

  18. SG is lobbyist for Monsanto and other US chemical companies who want to control world's food supply. His latest project is getting approval for GMO food in India. He interviewed Env Minister and Biocon's Kiran Majumdar Shaw on his program - Walk th Talk back to back. In both programs he pushed for GMO trials and its status in India. Once farmers use GM seeda, they have to buy seeds from Monsanto everytime. Not only that Monsanto, a US company, would control the food chain. GM crops don't produce seeds! There is a movement in US which oppposes GM food because its health implications are unknown or not yet studied. This could be a more sinister plan than just to supply seeds to whole world. Can we imagine how a corporation can control the world when it becomes sole supplier of food chain?

  19. Very well written as usual. But as expected, thick skinned Coupta ji will not react.

    On a different note - can any lawyer friend here or anyone familiar with court proceedings tell how are the judges allotted to various pleas. Who decides?

    And if there is an allocation process, then its a shame that BJP hasn't been able to control this simple game - to get the 'cases' to go to judges of their choice

  20. This SPY. sekar Gupta should be arrested immediately !!!! What A Shame !!!! The Corrupt Congress has destroyed our dear Nation with these thugs !!!!

  21. Witch hunting was first started by Europeans who even after winning World War - II, they hunted for every single individual living was hunted and jailed or killed and this went for more than 45 years, and it did not show any mercy and even old age people who crossed their 90s were detained and punished.

    People who indulge in riots and planting bombs, when caught and judgement passed, suddenly realize that death by hanging is criminal. Why do they not advice the same to Saudi, when they do there holy prayers at holy places in saudi. At least one thing is good in Saudi that fear of beheaded, keeps people away from doing any illegal activities.
    Today there is no fear of any punishment, even in middle east if a person is killed in an road accident, the judiciary gives the chance of pardoning to the victim family than taking decision on itself, if the victim family insists that is final.
    The pain of having lost family members can never be condoled
    Salman Khan having killed even a road side sleeping person by his drunken driving is scared of going to jail, how can he ever dare to preach others ?
    It is understandable that film actors are good in acting only, but not in upholding the morals in public life.
    While they kill hen (birds) in slaughter house and eat a delicious dish made of its dead body, (applicable to all non-vegetarians), is a bad karma which one day would haunt them in some form.
    Now when the same judiciary which hunted for Modi, now hunting for the so called human right activist, suddenly feel the heat and they start recalling the merits of all biblical, quran and hindu scriptures of ahimsa., pardon....etc..
    India is land of harishchandra who did not spare his own family and stuck to his principles.

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. Dear Mr. Ravi Narayan,

    I apologize for posting a comment on completely different issue (Stratfor Shekhar is hard hitting as usual) but just wanted to share this recent article in Open Magazine about Lalit Modi.

    The thrid pic when you scroll the images has a very familiar face next to Mr. Lalit Modi :)



  24. Excellent article. I always wonder that India has to be the most pathetic country in the world to allow its highest office to be controlled by a foreigner (SG). Over 60 years of Kangress rule that pretty much destroyed the fabric of India and gave it a third world status and yet It is amazing to watch sections of society still support losers like Lallu, Nitesh and RG ! What is wrong with the Indian DNA that allows a country of over 1.25 Billions people and it's media to be controlled by foreign entities like IMF, ford foundation etc and the looting of public wealth to continue.

    Finally there is a chance with PM Modi to turn things around , Hope there are more people like yourself enlightening people to realize that we need to come together to defeat these anti Indian forces and allow 10 to 15 years for Mr Modi to get us on path to prosperity that people of India rightfully deserve.

  25. Going by all the views here, i guess only a Praveen Togadia as PM will be able to solve the long standing problems, with his no nonsense approach. I wish VHP turn political and for once we can see a massive shifting of support base from BJP. With some Vajpayee era closeted seculars in the BJP ranks, there is no hope in the near future.The BJP govt priority for instant development will be a lost cause as none of these will reach a state of fruition by the next LS election and whoever ascends the throne next will bask in the glory of the fruits of all the hard work being done now. These morons have not done a thing that will ensure long term good will from their committed vote base. Freeing temple being one of them.

  26. Yday night Shekhar Gupta was quick to label the present Home Ministry the worst he has seen! Their fault ?taking action on the likes of Ford Foundation.These boot lickers need to be shut down quick.

  27. People know, probably two spies properly…James Bond and Ethan Hunt. Very professional and can do anything under the sun. But in real life ‘Gulfam Hussein’..s do the job. As long as they enjoy some sort of diplomatic immunity they perform well. With regime change they become dormant and try to overthrow 'unfriendly' regime with the help from ‘foot soldiers’.

    Daniel Pearl..a well known 'Journo'..kidnapped and killed by terrorists in Pakistan as according to them, he was a spy..I don’t support what happened to him but he was a spy.

    Few years back, a so called journalist from CNN wanted an interview with Putin..before the interview,Putin just said one thing…’I have gone through your file’..interview virtually ended there..that journo was a CIA operative. Later one top rank diplomat was caught red handed (He was using a wig even) in Russia and released after much negotiation with top level diplomats like Raymond Davis but deported permanently.

    These are enough…after politicians(especially ministers) and bureaucrats, it is journalists who can reach to the source of information in any worldwide, in MSM, journalists almost don’t exist now..

    In Kolkata, early ‘80s..we knew that with a bottle of foreign liquor, you can make any journo write for you..later woman added with wine. That time, it was hard to find any female journo. And now everyone knows what kind of journos and journalism exist. Some even in the business straightforward blackmail. And top brass..collects information and sell. SG, BD are in this business...politicians & bureaucrats, journalists & other ‘eminent persons’ and NGOs…in every sphere they work. Yes..’follow the money…’ but it’s really really tough. Because It's huge amount (really unimaginable) and as money never sleeps, it flows too fast.

    Yes TeestaS is a foot soldier but very important one as it is soldiers who win a battle..So they are all united to save her. One thing happened..those who were not so openly with such things are now showing their true face. But they have to come out in her support for many reasons. One is.. if they can't save such 'Foot Soldier' fututre it becomes difficult to get such soldier. And this is the same reason all commies and representatives of at least four nations were present during Binayak Sen's hearing in Chattisgarh.

    I want to end this one with a name of another such scoundrel like SG..hiding behind a mask but has shown his fangs manytimes and sooner or later people will come to know…what is @TheJaggi ...

  28. Congress stooges in media like Ndtv, sagarika, barkha, rana, saba naqvi have begun their dirty game of giving the impression that yakoob has been hanged becuase of his religion and that bjp is against muslims.

  29. Whole media going gaga with the supreme court decision on hanging 1993 riots accused. It is a shame that it took 20 years to punish him. Entire media run debating programs (read foot soldiers) as if sky would fall. think even that sort of flurry of activity or debates were not raged during the judgement that was given to Jesus Christ as much to this riots accused. the endless debates were indirectly intended to bring animated feelings and emotions of particular sect and agitate them against the government.
    You remove capital punishment, remove hanging or any form of killing...etc. then what punishment can you give to an accused or rioter or killer or criminal.... and serve him biryani rice every day ?
    Once, supreme court delivers judgement, in Indonesia, the criminal is taken to an unknown location, one fine morning or evening, the order is executed and no one is allowed, procedure is followed, everything happens at an undisclosed location and time.
    In india media have access to every moment live show... this should be stopped.
    Even in USA or Saudi the execution is not shown in media or not even talked about till some time is lapses.... Within Saudi there is no hue and cry on capital punishment... in fact thanks to such punishment, the fear of law is prevents people turning criminals.
    The media should be given strict rules to follow that they cannot have any arguments or debates on criminal matters unless the punishment is completed and they obtain govt permission .

  30. As tufan chaterjee said above, need to identify the foot soldiers (spies) and they need to be isoloated

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