Monday, June 29, 2015


Conning The Nation

A couple of nights ago, continuing the agenda-driven debate on Lalit Modi - Vasundhara Raje  (or Lalitgate as Timesnow calls it) there were four panellists plus Arnab Goswami thrashing the lone representative of BJP, GVNL Narasimha Rao.  It’s a typical scenario on TimeNow - 5 or 6 hyenas jumping on a lone panellist from BJP. Rhetoric and nonsensical moralising flow from these five without allowing the defendant to speak. It came to a point where GVNL had to tell Arnab that he was crossing certain limits. To this, the self-righteous Arnab responds claiming “the Constitution sets my limits”. I suppose Constitution also allows peddling of fraudulent agenda under the guise of journalism and asking bogus questions. And with such grand pompous statements our little Arnab tells the nation who the Big Boss is. Let’s look at some of Arnab’s (and other scumbag channels too) on certain misinformation being handed out as if Moses comes in their dreams every night.

Sushma Swaraj episode on LM - So they scream it was not a humanitarian act but had some ulterior motive. Okay. That helping an Indian, who is evading the ED, meet his ailing wife was improper at the very least. There is something neither the media nor the BJP wants to talk about.  Here’s what Subramanian Swamy wrote about the episode:
That incident is shrouded in secrecy. The Hindu wrote about it too. That RahulG had a Colombian girl-friend is also no secret and there have been pics in the public. Why should ABV or BJP have saved a juvenile Rahul? After all, had he been prosecuted in the US he would have rotted away for years. And if there was excess cash and some “white powder” as Swamy says it would have been a major crime in the US. If that hadn’t happened SoniaG would have been wiping her tears for years instead of managing the Congress. And RahulG still holds an Italian passport as far as I know. You decide if this joker should have been saved. And if he should, why not LM be helped?

LM is a Fugitive - This is what they scream. Conveniently so! Some comments on my previous post also ignorantly claim this. Fact is, to be designated a fugitive some arrest warrant has to be there or some court summon. No such thing exists against LM and the ED is not a court. Despite the GOI and many legal experts clearly stating LM is not a fugitive because his alleged FEMA violations do not warrant an arrest or custodial interrogation our media keeps peddling this garbage. To use the term fugitive as a layman is all very fine but using it as a legal term to imply legal consequences is another thing. Anyone who does not understand this difference is truly a moron. Arnab and his gang have been promoting this falsehood to suit his agenda. Let’s move to another of Arnab’s fraudulent nonsense.

Dushyant Singh (son of VR) case is the same as Robert Vadra - Like I said only uneducated idiots like Arnab will peddle such an equivalence. Vadra has many dealings which involve govt clearances where land is concerned. Here’s what the much-harassed whistle-blower Ashok Khemka had to say:

The Vadra-DLF combine had land dealings which had participation by Congress govts in Haryana and Rajasthan. It is alleged to have caused loss to the treasury of the state, it is alleged to have looted public wealth. Is that the case with Dushyant? (Read this DNA report). Regardlesss of how you view the transactions between Dushyant and Lalit Modi they have not involved any govt or any public wealth. How then is Arnab equating it with Vadra? Because he too knows that Vadra is the biggest abusive word where loot of public wealth is concerned owing to political influence. And whether he likes it or not Dushyant-Lalit did not loot public wealth or assets. But keep chanting Vadra Vadra Vadra like a little boy and hope to fool people into thinking Dushyant-Lalit have looted public wealth. Conman excellence!

The critical issue in allegations of corruption (as experts like Congress know very well) is to establish and document or offer evidence that can stand up in a court of law. Some law has to be broken. In case of, say, Pawan Bansal there was clear case of bribery and money being paid - that is breaking the law. The kind of transactions that involve Raje, Dushyant and Modi are transactions that are everyday deal in businesses. I call Arnab uneducated because he cannot tell the difference between a clever financial deal and corruption. What exactly is the TOI group? Sant Sameer or Sant Vineet? The Medianet deals of TOI can also be called corruption but that TOI’s CLEVER arrangement. There are companies and Bollywood actors that TOI will NEVER write negatively about. You wonder why? So Arnab can try to kick and scream but not once has he told us of which law Dushyant, Lalit or VR have broken in these transactions. Such is the wretched hate-mongering at Timesnow that they even concocted a FAKE resolution over Gadkari giving clean chits to VR (Does any State pass such resolutions except the mentally ill state of Timesnow in their office?):

Uneducated moron Arnab gave an analogy of an Orange to GVNL the other day. He tells us he purchases an orange for some 10 rupees and sells it for a million bucks. I can laugh but technically what is the problem? It is my blessed Orange - I can sell it, I can give it free or I can eat it too. Who the hell are you to decide on what I should do with my Orange? And Arnab sarcastically tells GVNL he learned this in Class-6 and is poor in Maths. No moron, it’s about common sense and how businessmen do deals and you’re close to Dalal Street and many big companies. Go have a chat with some people and all deals do not automatically translate to corruption or crime. They have to be unlawful or illegal first.

Unable to get results from his fraudulent campaign Arnab constantly sets his dogs at his targets. Aditya Kaul pickets VR’s residence or office gates and complains he’s not being allowed in. Who are you? And what makes these little dogs of Arnab think they are entitled to enter premises of just about anybody. I have written about this hounding before too. They did so in case of Gadkari, in case of Bansal but cowards stay clear from Vadra or Sonia. Not only these dogs picket and chase VR, when she was in Delhi it seems some media car crashed her convoy car.

I suspect it could be a TNow car. Remember? These same TNow criminals chased Meiyappan of IPL scam from Mumbai airport to a police station posing a threat to everyone on the roads. The media has fallen so low that it wants to pose physical danger to its targets?

              “If I don’t get my chocolate - I will screw you”

That is what TOI and Arnab tell us. They will go any length to even pose physical danger to public figures and others. But they go beyond that. This little boy Arnab who pretends to be a patriot by chastising some worthless jokers from Pakistan often carried a vicious campaign against CWG in tandem with his mother-rag TOI. Why? Because the CWG media contract went to HT and CNN-IBN. Do you know the level these scumbags stooped to? Hitjob after hitjob after hitjob to tarnish the image of India. Nation wants to know? In a one month period from August 1 to September 2, 2010, this TOI combine put out 101 Dalmatians (Yes one hundred one) to tar the CWG effort. That is an average of 3 hitjobs per day. Does that even sound reasonable reporting or journalism? I call it criminal hit jobs. The CWG scam is not really a part of these hitjobs because it came later.

Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein unearthed the greatest political scandal in history - Watergate. They didn’t have spycams and morons picketing houses or blocking or chasing politicians. They, and their editor Ben Bradley, did not wave their reports and paper at Nixon DEMANDING his resignation. They just reported and let the political class do what they have to do. It’s the US Congress, Senate and Supreme Court that finally forced Nixon to resign. Journalists have a job to do to report facts (even LIES like our media does if they want) but arrogant, nonsensical behaviour in demanding resignations of elected officials is not your job Arnab. Learn that quick. And don’t kid yourself in thinking you speak for the nation or nation wants to know through your nonsense. The nation can do without con-men and fraudulent journalism. Nobody has given you that power. Don’t BS the nation about Constitution giving you the limits. The Constitution allows you to report and comment and if you want to be a professional journalist, stick to that.

As for your stupid hashtag journalism, that is no different from 2-minute Maggi which is now banned. Kicking and screaming and threatening panellists cannot pass for journalism. ArnabGate should provide you abundant help in remembering that.

Friday, June 26, 2015


The Lalit Modi-Sushma Swaraj-Vasundhara Raje Episode

All these little boys and girls who claim to have studied at grand Oxbridge or Columbia colleges and pass for editors on TV channels consistently demonstrate how uneducated and brainless they really are. On the night of June 25 Arnab Goswami, in his usual outrage, screamed at a BJP spokie (Shrikant Sharma) that if Lalit Modi (LM) can be helped on humanitarian grounds then possibly BJP might tomorrow help Dawood as well. There’s a problem here that the new Category4Moron Arnab refuses to see. Dawood is wanted for mass-murder, declared a terrorist and is a fugitive whereas none of that applies to LM.

You have the moronery to equate a wanted terrorist to someone who is on political asylum in the UK because of death threats that he fears in India. I am no fan of LM and I am not convinced he’s an angel in all this muck flying around. But to equate LM with Dawood to merely outrage over wanting the scalp of a minister is the kind of criminal journalism that passes in our media. AG is an ignoramus who cannot distinguish between two cases and will talk all kinds of nonsense like a little child who wants his chocolate. They may wear all the suits and lipstick but still remain uneducated. So what’s the case? Let’s see.

In the first one Sushma Swaraj, the EAM, is reported to have recommended travel documents for LM so that he can visit his ailing wife outside UK. This was on LM’s request. The UK govt considered LM’s request on recommendation of one of their MPs. Now, AG first LIED that his passport is revoked and therefore this was to circumvent LM’s need for a travel document. This lie fell flat on its face. GOI (UPA) had revoked his passport as he was wanted for questioning by the ED (though it baffles me why they didn’t revoke it before he went to the UK). Delhi HC restored his passport and told ED that questioning can also be done by video-conferencing. Yes (for the benefit of Congi idiots) and Arnab, in this day and age, if our SC can grant bail on mobile calls and video conferencing, then ED can also undertake questioning through video conference. No court, police or legal body has designated LM as a fugitive.

That India now has a policy of helping Indians when they are in trouble is a policy I applaud. We have seen that in Yemen, we have seen extraordinary effort to save one missionary from Afghanistan. What SS did was the right thing and should be done for any Indian as long as he is not a WANTED criminal. Arnab must attend classes with his friend AM Singhvi in his chambers to understand the distinction. However, SS shouldn’t have surrounded it with such secrecy which made it look like a clandestine act although no crime was committed.

How criminal is the agenda of the media and Congress? These folks compared SS' act with those of scamsters like A. Raja, Suresh Kalmadi and so on as if she had looted the nation's wealth like these and other politicians are accused of. They cannot tell the difference and that is why they are uneducated and can be purchased to push an agenda beyond reasonable sense.

The second issue is that of Vasundhara Raje, CM of Rajasthan, giving a clean bill of character to LM to secure some immigration or asylum rights. In that note she wants it not to be disclosed to Indian authorities and also mentions LM was being politically hounded and faced threats. A letter from a legislator helps get political asylum faster. This was done in 2011 when Raje was not the CM. Here too, there is no doubt about Raje having doled out a favour to LM and in secrecy. That’s the only problem – the secrecy. Indian politicians seem to be unable to put their political conflicts aside and boldly do what their conscience permits. If Raje had issued that certificate and informed GOI at that time of having issued it then it would have been perfectly alright. She might have been criticised strongly then instead of the flak she faces now. She richly deserves all the flak and brickbats she is getting. But she has broken no law.

The trashing that SS got in the media was excessive and in the case of VR it has gone on too long and can rightly be called a witch-hunt. All other channels criticised them too but it is Arnab whose moronery exceeded even his peanut–size legal knowledge and he started demanding resignations of these two ministers. Remember, the job of a journalist to report, present facts and let the political class demand or agitate for resignations. At best this C4M can say both ministers should resign. The GOI is not AG’s private backyard that he can scream “SACK VASUNDHARA NOW”. Who the hell are you? That’s exceeding your brief. And claiming that he’s a journo he has never learned that if you hound your targets beyond a point then the public develops sympathy for them. All these media morons have not learned anything from hounding Modi excessively for 12 years.

The other thing is that there is no corruption involved in these episodes and no money was given or taken. Also, which law have these ladies broken? If there was some law that they had broken then our media would have quoted Section 666 or Section 786 or something. I have not heard of anyone in the media or in the Opposition claiming they broke laws. So both SS and VR do deserve a severe reprimand and caution but the demand for their resignation for so many days goes beyond mere principles. It unquestionably suggests and indicates an agenda.

Arnab has a history of hounding people with an agenda of seeking scalps. There was the Nitin Gadkari hounding which lasted for a month. There was this N Sreenivasan hounding which lasted 21 days. There have been others too. In the case of Gadkari all of it turned out to be nothing but a “Supari” hit job. In case of Sreenivasan, many indicated the agenda was because of conflict between TOI and BCCI. Sreenivasan continues to be in some position or the other in Indian cricket. After the world cup he wanted to hound MS Dhoni out and got severely trashed on Twitter. Whether SS or VR stay or go is none of my concern. But the media and Congress claiming “moral” grounds is like Al Capone preaching Prohibition.

All of Arnab’s mindless bitching has gotten nowhere. I am sure Arnab knows this and therefore he pounces on any and every little firecracker and screams “It’s a bomb, it’s a bomb”. People don’t find it funny anymore and none of his silly hashtags trend on Twitter either. At the end of it all, maybe in a year, when we thoroughly scrutinise every witch-hunt (going beyond news reporting) Arnab has carried out we will find most of them were damp squibs and the only real scandal would be ArnabGate.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Muslim-Periyar Farce

One boy…  boy for sale… He’s going cheap” … Thus sang Harry Secombe in the Charles Dickens classic ‘Oliver Twist’. Class, caste, gender, power discrimination has been with us for ages. England had it, so did America, the West and the whole wide world. The US had slavery despite proclaiming all men equal under the eyes of God. Former President of US John Quincy Adams quoted a Southern racist “Even in Eden, where only two were created – one was created subordinate to the other”. Yes, Eve was supposedly created subordinate to Adam. The Islamic world had slaves, harems, Jizia and murdered ‘Kafirs’. So what’s new?

The real idea of Independent India was “One nation, One people… under one roof”. Let bygones be bygones and move on. But no! The Congress nonsense, right down from Nehru to the latest Pappu, has spared no effort to divide Indians along caste lines. The Gandhi-Nehru tag-team nurtured unjustified hatred for Hindus; especially the upper castes. The Congress dumped and sidelined heroes like Sardar Patel, LB Shastri, Maulana Azad and even Dr. BR Ambedkar and promoted their own silly clan as the fake saviors of India. Two incidents in recent days amplify this nonsense. One by a Muslim woman called Misbah Qadri from Mumbai, who (unfortunately) claims to be a journalist and the other by a hate-mongering group called ‘Ambedkar-Periyar Study Circle’ (APSC) at the IIT Madras. Who is Periyar? He is the biggest Dravidian champion hate-monger not just against Hindus but against India. He ran a rag called Dravidian which once had this cover:

What does it say? It says “August 15th is a Black Day for us” – that “us” means Dravidians; signed Thanthai Periyar – Thantai means the Head! And this is the India-hating man that the IIT-M study circle claims to represent. 

We should have been way past our caste divides post-Independence. Let bygones be bygones. But Congress and anti-Hindu-abusive Periyar type idiots perpetuated it

And the hate-mongers of APSC know well that Periyar was a hate-monger and will not sell. So they coupled the noble name of Dr. Ambedkar as “Lipstick” for their pigs to look good. Remember, Periyar was a hater who hated everyone – all Hindus including Dalits. So to even link Ambedkar (an icon for Dalits) can tell you the kind of mischief the APSC were up to. So in the last few days an anonymous letter to the ministry of HRD about hate-mongering by the APSC triggered an action by the management by IIT-M in de-recognising APSC. Promptly, the media morons started off a campaign claiming MHRD is choking FoE by banning this APSC. For what reason? That the APSC was dissenting and criticizing PM Narendra Modi. And that Smriti Irani, Modi Sarkar and IITM were punishing the pigs of APSC for criticizing ModiSarkar.

Really? The filthy Commie-Chrislamist bigots of our media criticized (mostly with fake stuff) and even abused Modi for 13 years and still do. Not one has ever been punished. Not one has ever been banned (except me). And ModiSarkar or Smriti Irani would ban some piddly idiots called APSC? That’s the game of fakery that the MSM played starting with TOI and the usual bigot called Arnab Goswami followed by the three little piglets… NDTV, IndiaToday group and CNN-IBN. So what really happened? Here’s what:

The above was a leaflet distributed by the APSC at IITM. There is really nothing that seriously criticizes ModiSarkar or the GOI. But there is something more sinister. It quotes Ambedkar as saying “You must destroy the religion of Shrutis and Smritis… Hinduism is a chamber of horrors”. I’m not sure if Ambedkar said that but that is not material for me. Even Chrislamist criminals have sought and wanted to destroy Hinduism. But in this day and age this abuse of Hindus and Hinduism is unacceptable and clearly a violation of Indian law. And the morons of APSC constitute a “Study circle” of such extreme hatred?

In response to the complaint to MHRD by some anonymous students the IITM management rightly derecognized this criminal APSC. They did so rightly. The APSC issued this hate-mongering nonsense under the title of IIT Madras which they are not entitled to do. All student organisations under an institute are subject to codes and guidelines of the institute. Clearly, the hate-mongering APSC not only violated the institute codes for which they were derecognized but they have violated Indian laws on hate speech against any community. And as usual our media LIED about the whole episode. A group of IITM students emailed me on how the criminal TOI group and Arnab Goswami used fake pics to portray the protests of the APSC pigs. Here’s what I tweeted:

The above mail was sent to me through the contact link on this site. The criminal TOI pigs not only used fake pics to create a fake controversy about Smriti Irani and ModiSarkar, they even deleted their fraudulent article with fraudulent pics from their web pages. But the morons at TOI still don’t know that the Internet has an elephant’s memory. This is the crime the TOI committed:

Based on this a criminal campaign against Smriti Irani and ModiSarkar was carried out by Arnab Goswami at Timesnow, TOI and all other media crooks from IndiaToday group, NDTV (as usual) and CNN-IBN and others. That the APSC is nothing but a hate-mongering group is beyond doubt and freedom of speech is not something you exercise to spread hatred under the banner of a national institute. If these pigs have any guts, they should have gone to Marina Beach or Pondy Bazar and screamed their heart out against Hindus with as many abuses as they wanted. Using the banner of a national institute to spew hatred against Hindus is neither acceptable nor should be tolerated. We have already have a Commie “Slaughter-all-Hindus house called JNU (named after the very man who divided India on caste lines) which has become a den for anti-Hindu Commie pigs. Any more attempts to build such Commie Slaughter-Hindu dens should be dealt with instantly and nipped in the bud. I applaud IITM for their action for derecognizing this APSC. No compromise, no condoning!

These anti-Hindu APSC follow no legacy of Ambedkar whatsoever like I stated earlier. They just coupled his name to the evil hate-monger and India-hater called Periyar to find some legitimacy against their evil Periyar crap. And the APSC morons are not Hindus either. They are Chrislamist Commie pigs claiming to be a harassed section while lullabying their lives at one of the most premium institutes of India. They are not Dalits either because Periyar hated Dalits.  Under such Periyar banners many unidentified groups in TN trash and violently attack Hindus almost every day. That such hate-mongers get into premium institutes and try to turn it into a political playground is condemnable. Such groups are nothing but puppets of Commies and Chrislamists who are sworn to destroy Hindus and Hinduism. I am under no doubt about this and neither should they.

And what about castes? It’s a social mechanism of association across the world. Hindus have various castes, Christians have Lutherans, Methodists or Mormons and so on. Muslims have Shias, Sunnis, Ahmedias or Bohras. Brahmins marry Brahmins, Banias marry Banias and so on. The important issue is – Is there DISCRIMINATION based on religion or caste? I don’t think the pigs of APSC have been discriminated against for their religion or their caste and therefore their anti-Hindu campaign is nothing but criminal. The media stokes this communal flame for no other reason but to tar ModiSarkar. And this corrupt, criminal media is a protector of FoE? They are the biggest abusers of FoE as can be seen by TOI’s fraudulent articles and pics and all others have done such criminal acts too.

In the next part of this post we will discuss the criminal nonsense perpetrated by MSM over the fake Misbah Qadri housing issue. And we will see how the fake Muslim victimhood is actually built on extreme intolerance by their own community. That ModiSarkar blocks criticism is true because @PMOIndia blocked me and then unblocked. But in the case of APSC or Misbah or the Periyar crappers, the media is an eternal liar.