Friday, May 8, 2015

Losing The Plot

From what we had during the 10 years of corrupt Congress-UPA govt, the current one has come a long way in restoring governance at the Centre. It is nearly a year of ModiSarkar and one hasn't heard of corruption or scandals. The dramatic decline in corruption has also been acknowledged by big industries. The govt has done many significant things right and there has really been nothing to seriously criticise. What is being passed as criticism is the demand for more, greater speed in action in some areas and avoiding doing stupid things like the ITR form goof-up. Yes, govts must be strongly criticised and frequently too but what we are seeing is "orchestrated criticism". 

People like SoniaG and RahulG have suddenly discovered their voices in the parliament. The comedy king first went on a spree even mouthing absolute nonsense on the Net Neutrality issue. Then the queen went on a round of hypocritical blabber about govt throttling information and RTI being blocked. This is the same woman whose govt refused to divulge even details of her many travels abroad as also that of her son. She even wants the corrupt to be punished urgently - that is like seeking a self-goal. In reality, the Opposition doesn't really have valid criticism but will keep shouting in the parliament to make sure the govt doesn't pass any bills at all. 

When the "Christians under attack" fraud was being perpetrated by the Opposition and media they got hold of any Christian celebrity who was willing to attack the GOI and play victim. It's a simple trick by the media - quote only those willing to criticise and play victim and black out those saying the opposite. They seek out persons who will go with their agenda. Shahid Siddiqui once tweeted he was dropped from a debate on TimesNow because his vieews did not match that of Arnab’s agenda, which was to tar Modi on the Moradabad riots. He was told the programme was cancelled when it wasn’t. They even got Julius Ribeiro to write a “Meena Kumar oped” where he claimed he felt like a stranger in India now and was on hit list. There have been a couple of church related incidents since then but since the media-fraud got exposed they have been more circumspect. I am sure Headlines Today got Arun Shourie (AS) in the same fashion. I doubt HT even wanted to interview Shourie. It is possible that he may have volunteered to slam ModiSarkar and HT's delight must have gone through the roof.

AS is a much respected journalist, writer and politician but he is downright ordinary when it comes to diplomacy. It is something expected of a mature politician like him. And it is seriously unbecoming of him to trash his own party (Although I wonder if he is still in BJP) when a guy like him does have access to those in power. There is absolutely nothing in criticising ModiSarkar and he can do so as much as he wants. And it's also not that all of his criticism was invalid. The problem is doing an interview with a known Modi-hater like Karan The Tool (Who wanted a sudden removal of Modi so Congress could regain power in Gujarat) and even using lies to garnish the criticism. You cannot use the lies of Ribeiro and the fake minorities-under-attack nonsense and claim good intentions. It makes it abundantly evident that AS's crticism was motivated and probably comes out of a sense of frustration of being sidelined from any ministerial position. 

If you look at the laundry list of his complaints there isn't really much substance except on a few issues. Much of it is mere personal opinion - Saying the govt lacks clear thinking is a very general statement. Then statements like Modi's economy policy is directionless is another mother-hood statement. If it was so, AS could have criticised the Union budget when people all around were praising it. He says Modi's foreign policy is a success but must follow up on MOUs. Does he have any evidence there is no follow up? This whole point quoted by HToday reads quite silly:

"Modi's foreign policy is a success but India has to follow up on the MoUs. Modi needs to execute policies quickly. China is a principal challenge for India. India's foreign policy is getting reoriented. Modi has to move much faster. Nobody is waiting for us. The US is already feeling impatient. Keeping Sushma Swaraj on the margins is wrong".

What exactly do these disoriented statements mean at all? If anything, the whole country acknowledges if there is one thing Modi has moved fast on it is Foreign relations. What is the US feeling impatient about? And our govt must work to satisfy their impatience? That’s a stupid statement one can expect from the C5M not someone like AS. And AS adds the govt must have clarity on Pakistan. Now what clarity does AS want? Years of attempts with Pak hasn't got India anywhere so Modi focusing on other countries of opportunity makes a lot of sense. I have found only one important message from the entire thing that TheJaggi points out: 

"Modi's discomfort with empowering competent people beyond a chosen few is worrying...  Sushma Swaraj, Rajnath Singh and Nitin Gadkari have strong credentials, and are competent administrators. Modi has to allow them to grow further and cultivate a higher profile in the interests of the nation".

In fact, GOI often gives an impression it's being run by a small coterie of Modi-Jaitley-Amit Shah. Modi has also given the impression of being excessively flamboyant which is not the image he had earlier - that of a tough-working, result-oriented CM. And as Jaggi says at the end of his article: "For example, why not propose an amendment to Article 30 – which guarantees minorities the right to run their own institutions – to give the exact same rights to majority-run institutions? Who can oppose this right to equal treatment under the law? Being intelligently pro-majority is better than being dragged into the usual tokenisms like offering chadders at Ajmer". Special helplines for Christians, Chaddars at Ajmer all seem to follow the same appeasement nonsense of earlier govts. ABV with a coalition govt managed social issues quite well. Modi, with a brute majority in current times, seems unwilling to address social issues, especially where Hindus are concerned. Having promised Kashmiri Pandits a return to their home-state why would we see such an agitation which wasn’t seen so often in the past? 

I have written before there are two kinds of development that affect people - One that is visible and one that is experienced. Good foreign relations, terminating antiquated laws are all good things but do not directly affect people.  For instance a BJP MP complained roads in his UP town are not built despite PM Sadak Yojana funds made available. That is really a State problem but the GOI has to pressurise the state to execute too.  ModiSarkar is failing in communicating those achievements that are not visible but are being experienced. Even good achievements like reduction of power supply deficit aren’t being communicated all too well. We haven’t seen agitations in Delhi like before and even UP reportedly is experiencing better power supply:

Modi increasingly gives an impression he doesn’t listen anymore to anyone other than his small coterie. And his Delhi-Durbari Arun Jaitley organises secret dinners for media editors who have indulged in concocting fake reports against his govt and his party. From Rambo to 10-lakh suit to Luis Vuitton shawl to a documentary on his community being the latest fraud. Here’s the latest fraud by Indian Express:

Jaitley organised this secret meet and also wanted no one report it. Why? The PM also dropped in briefly at this party. These attempts to convert the anti-BJP MSM crooks to being “faithful” slaves is the most stupid thing yet by the GOI (Or Jaitley in particular, if you like). A report on this secret dinner really makes BJP and GOI look foolish. There are hundreds of fraudulent articles written with malicious intent by many media houses. Either bring a strong autonomous watch-dog or prosecute every criminal media house indulging in wanton, willful slander. No, instead the Delhi-Durbari wants to groom media editors as has been his passion through his entire career. What is the message being sent out? That there are no sane voices to listen to? People like Jaggi are strong supporters of Modi and offer very valid criticism. He also wrote a piece “Modi doesn’t need a Palanniappan Jaitely” and that should tell the PM a lot. A good cleaning up of fraudulent NGOs gets this response from the US Ambassador who exceeds his brief with such comments:

GOI must clearly assert that it will not tolerate interference in our internal affairs and not receive sermons from US Diplomats. This obviously comes over the Ford Foundation being put under scrutiny. And the Ambassador’s nonsense confirms that many criminal NGOs are indeed poodles of the US govt (in case of FF, there are many reports of CIA links). According to MHA this TOI report indicates FF has illegally funded profiteers and political parties too. If there is wrong-doing GOI should damn well kick out FF the way it has dealt with Greenpeace. Ditto for thousands of other NGOs too. Modi became PM under the weight of excessive expectations (part of it created by himself) and therefore he gets measured by those expectations. It is not as if the govt is doing badly or has not done good things. It is just that criticism is for demanding more and there is nothing wrong in that. But motivated criticism from people like Arun Shourie need not weigh heavily. But ModiSarkar is giving the impression they don’t give a damn for any voice even from those who support him. 

It is important to win private victories before public victories as Stephen Covey puts in 7 Habits. I could even ask if Modi wants to be the next model for Mayur suitings like Virender Sehwag or a PM. It is disgusting; the kind of promotions being undertaken. Who is doing all this for you? Your jokers at PMO or Arun Jaitley’s durbar? Modi needs to win at home before seeking foolish victories abroad. I would rather Modi gave an interview to Dinamalar or Chitralekha or some such media in India than India-haters like TIME. The silly obsession of seeking laurels from Western-trash (from the same morons who trash Hindus and Hindu culture for no reason) is the first sign of a silly govt that has forgotten who got them there in the first place:

Also, the belief in incrementalism in many areas by the govt is also surprising; like income tax rules. There are many areas where incrementalism will not produce any great results. There is a distinct lack of courage in taking bold decisions. The media went gaga over Jaitley’s budget (for obvious reasons - they being his durbaris) but I would consider it one of the most uncreative budgets of recent times. What is obvious is that there is a serious lack of creativity in the Cabinet although most ministers are doing quite well.  For a country like India saddled with the sins of past govts it needs to show some dramatic and bold decisions. 

Modi and his team need to communicate more with people. Fraudulent reports in the media must be dealt with through regular press conferences and not through silly debates in criminal media channels. The unwillingness and lack of courage to change public discourse is the biggest failure of ModiSarkar. After the recent dinner nonsense of Jaitley one very strong supporter of Modi and BJP since the party was born remarked in private: They are losing the plot or have already lost it


  1. Thank you Ravinar. A timely article; I believe most of the Modi supporters may feel the same. We do not want another ABV.

  2. Do read this and earlier tweets RE

  3. Success seems to have affected Modi. The club 180 and durbar will encourage him down the path of disconnect. The RSS must nudge him to come down to earth. Will he listen?

  4. No need for Modi to worry about anything..
    Kick ppl like ravishankar prasad,gadkari,javadekar,jaitly etc...
    Out of these ppl hav not done any thing to improve govt....only riding on success of Modi and waiting to derail him...wen time comes..
    Just lik congress indirectly threaten media houses... Curb media mafia....if they are not obeying.......
    Concentrate on 100% defence manufacture in India .. Gi v importance to agriculture and infrastructure........

    Remaining will happen automatically......

    Lets hope Modi does this rather than going to abroad trips....let him set the policies and his govt accordin to the reflection of public opinion.......thats wat important to Sta in power for future years to come

  5. Obama was the messiah for USA in circa 2008, and then everything went down hill or no where. Modi may also go the same way and turn out to be a dud.

    1. Obamas done pretty well actually. The us is out of recession. However history says that modi should be successful. Fingers crossed though.

    2. Don't compare Modi to Obama....
      Obama is a total failure.....
      See currently USA is in 18 trillion debt....
      60 years a nation has faced slavery under single dynasty...
      You ppl are hostile to Modi...within 1 year.....
      1 man cannot fo all things....
      At current political scenario...
      After Putin....
      Modi is the best leader in the world and he's the only option currently available for India......
      See the state of defence, infrastructure,administration......
      Which has been left over by congress.....
      With enormous amount of corruption......
      At least it will take 10 years to clear all the mess......
      If Indians grow impatient. Of this govt....
      Then its their destiny to remain SLAVE as a BROWN CoOLiE Nation for ever......let them elect pappu or priyanka vadra....and loose every thing......
      Lets hope India grows 10 to 12% GDP under Modi in the next 10 years and achieve super power status rather than the other way what u negative minded ppl think

    3. Shankar

      The only person impatient and intolerant here seems to be you. Nobody is asking Modi govt to go or hostile to him. What is being demanded is not to do stupid things like sleeping with Presstitutes, communicate better and give a lot more importance to domestic issues also. You seem to be one who is unable to digest the slightest criticism of your God.

    4. Obama's hands are tied by the do nothing Congress. Modi is also pretty much in the same boat. His (BJP's) clear majority is over sold as far as passing the bills are concerned. Opposition has tied his hands too.

    5. Friend Sonnet,...
      Look at how modi amit shah managed gujarath......same set up congress....binami media ....mauth ka sadagar angle was there.....
      Ppl of gujarath understood this duo very took 10 years for modi to revive gujarath to developmental track....
      i am not modi bakth.......
      As you can see my above comments.......
      But practically speaking except some maniacs like....
      Jaitely,gadkary,javdekar and ravishankar ..........must be replaced with loyal persons.......
      Thats what ravinar is reiterating.... in his articles......
      Remove persons who are irritating and zre dis connected with public..... from cabinet.......
      Just like advani some idiots should be shown way out of bjp without hesitation..........
      Its for ppl of india to understand this govt........
      Obama and other presidents are hand picked through popularity vote and evil corporations......
      If obama or any other presidential candidate shows his view against israel...
      He will labeled as anti semite and shown exit out of election..........
      American wars in middle seast are for the existance of israel........
      So plz tell me what infrastructure project has been taken up by american prexident in last 10 or 15 yearz.....
      Except world war kind of retorics....what hav they achived......18 trillion debt.............
      No matter what modi is not obama.......he has been elected by billion ppls democracy..........
      under this govt india will reach economic i mentioned in abov first comment.....just lik putin modi will cross all hurdles......

  6. Modi's ideas on reaching out directly to masses needs a push.Select mtgs. with farmers,youths,minority,small businessman should be arranged where he should interact directly.Man ki baat is good but does not get desired results.University student body meets, Kisan Sammelan, Small Business award functions etc.forums should be arranged.

  7. I agree that there needs to be a watchdog on the media. But I dont agree that he has sidelined rajnath or gadkari. Rajnath went to israel last year, answers most questions in parliament and has been pretty prominent. Gadkari has got a lot of projects running. The guys who are the best r parrikar and goyal. I agree that the foreign trips might not look good to the domestic audience but he's still got to do them. We'll start seeing the fruits of their labour in a year I think.

  8. Very well articulated,spot on!PM has to connect with all sections of people which he has stopped!

  9. I am almost in a NaMo can do no wrong- mode. But great article. This is real constructive criticism.

  10. There is no denying in this fact that modi government has done tremendous well ever since it has come into existence.Since last few months attempt has been made to tarnish the image of government.Government should understand "Jo dekhta hai vo he bikta hai".Time has come when government need to advertisement its work in aggressive mode.Its is good that government has been come out champion on the foreign policy.But they need to show the people what they have done at domestic level.Modi Ji needs more orator like him to influence people ,sad they have innumerable but not coming forward .

  11. Regarding Art 30 of the constitution, while it confers some right to minorities to run educational institutions, does it anwhere deny the same right to the majority. Is it a secular assumption that majority community must be denied this so that minorities can run teachning shops with majority community shelling out their hard earned money as market for the prosperity of minorities.I would like to know if there is any law that denies autonomy for hindu institutions.

    1. what i have read is they are bound by the state & central laws amended & minorities are exempt from that . Our secular Judges the slaves of dynasty have always interpreted it that way . Moreover MSM mecca/vatican goons have hounded out the rare majority institutes that have stood up . Is it not viisble in false cases & no bails for saints

  12. Good constructive criticism coupled with suggestions.

  13. For once I wish He has your Ear.

  14. Bold and dramatic decisions are the need of the hour! Modi does seem to be losing his momentum. With such a brute majority, don't understand why he is pussyfooting! And the enslavement to the West's approbation! Indeed they have already lost some of the hardcore supporters and are in the process of losing too!! It will be too late to realize and catch up!

  15. You have to come up with a hindi site as well so that congress jokers like ravish kumar, om thanvi, urmilesh, abhay dubey etc get exposed. Most people who watch hindi news think that ravish kumar is a messiah, a saviour who is unbaised and neutral.

    If u come up with hindi site those who think that congress joker Ravish kumar is neutral will realise that ravish kumar is one of the biggest congress stooge.

  16. I have heard that congress slave shekhar gupta is going to or has already joined india today group, so now we can expect bjp bashing all the time in india today and on aaj tak, all the congress stooges have now taken high positions in diffrent media houses.

  17. Excellent article and thoroughly agreed. It is worrying but I haven't lost hope yet.

  18. Narendra Modi and his govt are on the cusp of a colossal PR failure aided by the slippery incompetent hands of the current I&B minister. While Modi may bring us the Moon, failure to convey this to common public(who at the moment see very little on ground) will prove disastrous in the upcoming Bihar, UP & Bengal elections and eventually 2019. If this govt has decided to toe the Vajpayee govt way, It deserves to be in this pitiable pathetic condition. Inaction against corruption cases of UPA, Black Money repatriation and continued discrimination against Hindus thru continued archaic old laws will all hit back with brute force

  19. Nice write up. We need to look at the kind of criticism to understand how govt is functioning. So far the criticism I have heard is, 10 lakh suit (which is false), his foreign visits (criticism?? really?), church attacks (truth is out now), no black money yet ( too much to ask in a year ) and as usual BS from opposition parties for any trivial issues. If this is why Modi govt is criticized then I'm happy and believe he is doing great job. However, as Ravinar pointed out, lot of good works is going unnoticed. Media is not helping govt so it's up to them to reach out to people. When MSM don't have coutresy to acknowledge Yemen effirts, no point in expecting anything from them. Social Media can cover some but that is not enough.

    1. The fact is us Indians need to pull up our socks and do some work

  20. As much as I admire your writing, I beg to disagree with some contents of this article. I think the comment "orchestrated criticism" is a bit unfair. The government deserves some of the flak it has been receiving regarding its goof-ups. Like the recent reply by the Union Minister of state for Home on the location of Dawood and its lack of serious reform measures. I agree with your point that Modi is getting bogged down by the presence of Arun Jaitley. Jaitley's influence should be neutralized, otherwise Modi would loose ground to opposition.

    1. I agree with the "orchestrated criticism" term, because the christians under attacks fraud seemed orchestrated. There were articles after articles about it. In one of the articles the crook(media-wala) said that Modi has made no statement or taken any steps to ally fears,which I found really surprising. Did he not attend a ceremony in a church and specifically state that his government would not tolerate religious intolerance. When the attacks were not religious in nature why would he make any more statements?
      I think Doval is doing a good job of releasing crucial evidence. He's a man to watch out for. They should get somebody as crafty for finance also.

  21. By and large Modi government is doing well. Even Print media, i mean widely read vernacular media - only page 3 type folks read Indian Express and Times of India, gives quite a balanced coverage. This government needs to ignore the TV Channels and brief media only thru pressers. Also there is absolutely no need to waste public money on releasing full page ads in media and long TV ads. Let there be press releases for media and TV ads only in Doordarshan which is in any case funded by public money. I hate to see our money wasted on running government ads on TV channels.

  22. My wish that PM MODI keeps right people for advice and is connected with common citizens who have voted this Government with tremendous hope and much aspirations.
    I agree totally with the article again my hope PM Modi is listening.

  23. My wish that PM MODI keeps right people for advice and is connected with common citizens who have voted this Government with tremendous hope and much aspirations.
    I agree totally with the article again my hope PM Modi is listening.

  24. BJP has to improve its PR team and stop attending the debates in the media channels and focus more on district level teams. Eject RG from amethi by any means and Italian bar maid from Rae Bareli, do specific works that would kill the key khangress leaders. BJP current cabinet leaders are a drag on Modi govt...... need few more active and smart politicians........ still it would take complete five years for Modi to clean the khangress mess in New Delhi for it extends to the milkman.... the social fabric in Delhi is rotten to the core.

  25. I agree that states must be made accountable. Giving more funds to a state without checking the health report of that state is plain stupid. States ruled by sickular parties like UP, Bihar, WB will gladly accept the money without doing anything tangible for the public and blame NaMo and since this Govt is so poor in conveying their achievements, BJP will keep receiving flak. If NaMo thinks that the sickular parties will work for the benefit of the nation, then he is plain simpleton. He has to be more assertive and less preachy. The biggest folly of this govt has been going out of the way for minorities and neglecting the atrocities being committed in WB and other states on Hindus. They have also allowed media, khangress/AAP, which were down and out, to rise again. What a nice battle strategy! They are already paying the price. A retard party like AAP gets away with each and every crime and for NDA govt it's business as usual. RaGa lending his shoulder to a farmer to cry, might be a photo op for Khangress. But for the poor farmer, it means the world at that time and renewed hope. Khangress is good at PR and winning over the poor with drama. If BJP is neglecting all these developments, then they are fools.

    Last but not the least, the govt. is squandering a very good chance of getting the majority on their side.

  26. Ravinar,

    Good article. But there are certain aspects of the Modi Government which people must know and stop complaining. Not many people knew that Arun Jaitley has stamped his idea of modi sarkar while others were still vacillating. And so perhaps this was the way Modi has Gifted AJ for the job. Jaitley may not be a great leader but he can estimate the current political scenario (except in Delhi state) and be on the right side.

    Secondly, What can the Modi Govt do that BJP supporters suggest?
    File cases against Vadra in Land scam and Again on Rahul and sonia in National herald case and pursue aggressively!??!
    Will that solve modi's problem in passing legislations in the upper house?
    You bet, Congress would go even aggressive and won't allow the RS to function even for an hour. Modi has no option but to come to terms with the reality that he does not possess numbers in RS and wait it out, till he gets the Rajya sabha majority, until then he has to kiss and make up with the devil ,Congress party.

    Third, Do you think even after getting majority in RS, Modi will fire on all cylinders and go after Vadra or Rahul. Nope. He has enough vivid memories of how Janata party screwed it up by jailing Indira and in return drawing ire from public and sympathy for the Lady. Modi has the best chance to bury congress for Good and he will not let crass acts come in way of this project.
    Rahul is enough of nail to bury the congress.

    The problem is until he gets the support of congress in RS, he cannot pass the crucial bills- GST and Land bill. Until that happens, there will be no change in the ground position. People largely do not believe in the media, but when they do not perceive any change, they sure are going to vote of this Govt which is best in recent times, by just sitting out on the voting day.

    So guys, it sure is frustrating, but there is no choice but to wait and hope to clear as many legislations as possible. Modi is not the person who will keep silent, his constant monitoring of the issues is enough of evidence that he has eye on the job. Many industrialists complaining that not much has changed is in fact, their problems of over leveraging their companies to debt. The growth is picking up and inflaiton under control and good news is no scams.
    PS: I am no modi Bhakt, but I guess lets assess the Govt at the end of the term.

    1. To just add to my point, Filing cases and allowing them to rot in the judiciary (congress has many friends right up the highest places in judiciary, see recent ratings by honoured judges in case of NJAC) will only drive focus of the Govt away from most important day to day functions of Govt.
      The farce judiciary cannot even convict a criminal with road rage, even simple cases extend for decades and can you expect it to convict Vadra, Sonia and that too in one term.
      Modi is better off improving the economy and providing Good governance and allowing states to have more freedoms in designing development progreammes.
      That is the way to go.

  27. You are spot on Ravinar, as always, but I would like to add a few more points, which, in my humble opinion, have caused the fall in stock of Mr. Modi’s Govt.
    His handling of the vexed Kashmir issue, both before & after the state elections has been bereft of all logic & reflective of lack of intellect. The slogan of mission 44+ smacked of ignorance of ground realities in Kashmir. Subsequently the handshake with Mufti was tantamount to abject surrender as it resulted in seceding of space to separatist forces in J&K for whom Mr. Mufti has been the greatest protagonist for the last 3 decades. The dependence on just a few Jammu based RSS dimwits for framing a cogent national policy on Kashmir has been Mr. Modi’s biggest mistake. It is these 3 gentlemen who continue to mislead Mr. Modi & in the process are causing irreparable damage to the national cause in J&K. The sense of betrayal felt by Kashmiri Pandits & people of Jammu at the turn of events is not misconceived & as such cannot be completely brushed aside. I would like to add here that I am temporarily in Delhi after spending the last few years in Kashmir & believe you me; the local Kashmiris are laughing their heads off at the stupidity of BJP. They say, & rightly so, that Mufti has got everything he wanted without yielding even an inch. The irony that can’t be missed nowadays is that BJP leaders are every other day forced to defend every silly action/ utterance of the ruling PDP on various TV shows.
    The sad part in this whole saga is, that despite being a well meaning & an honest politician & in spite of being blessed with phenomenal amounts of energy, sincerity & articulation, Mr. Modi is somehow getting perceived to lack the intellect required to succeed at the top & deliver on the promises that he made during the campaign for 2014 General elections.
    Even the much acclaimed & absolutely noble “Swach Bharat Mission”, which was inaugurated with much fanfare, enthusiasm & sincerity, has lost much of its sheen & steam because of the “Moral authority deficit” that Mr. Modi, has started encountering. Despite having done a splendid job on the Foreign Affairs front & having shored up India’s standing in the International arena, the image of the Govt. has seen a southward movement because of perhaps, lack of communication.
    I wish somebody would advise Mr.Modi to sack Mr. Arun Jaitly, the current Finance minister, or at least shift him to some inconsequential ministry immediately to reduce his damage potential. He is the man who is perceived to be, & rightly so, the link between the wheelers & dealers of Luytens Delhi & the Govt. He is perceived to be the kingpin of the support system, the #presstitutes & the NGO types still bank on in the present dispensation. He is perceived to be the man behind the move to block disclosure of names of foreign Bank account holders which has caused the maximum damage to the image of the Govt. His closeness to some of the pimps in the media, friendship with some of the controversial ministers of the previous regime & foremost, proximity with some of the scandalous NGOs is an open secret. Mr.Modi must understand that his indebtedness to this man, for services rendered in the past, cannot be subordinated to the larger National interest. Mr.Jaitly has to die if Mr.Modi wants to leave a long lasting imprint on the 21st century India & the INDIA of our dreams, in all her ancient glory, the glimpses of which He cajoled us to foresee during the 2014 campaign, is to become a reality.
    PS: People like me & others of our generation, born & brought up in Kashmir, were always told by our elders that all our problems will be solved & Kashmir will truly become an integral part of India only when Jan Sangh/BJP comes to power in Delhi. I brought up my children by repeatedly telling them that things will change for better only if Mr.Modi gets an absolute majority to rule India.
    Have things changed? Or Am I being too pessimistic too soon?

  28. #ChaiPeCharcha was a fantastic and very effective way to interact with public. I don't know if it was designed to be for winning elections. Unable to understand what laid such an excellent #ChaiPeCha with #ManKiBaat which is far less effective and totally one way. Hope someone from BJP ITCell reads this. Or is it like they are also being sidelined and being ignored by likes of Jaitley to buy and promote MSM slaves. It indeed that is happening and Modi keeps ignoring it's SM supporters. There will be no NDA3. Mark it. Deeply heart by this thought but seems inevitable reality of Hindus persecution awaits few centuries and we will watch our grandchildren distressed, oppressed by this dangerous demography driven democracy.

  29. A good summing up indeed. I was always against the presence of AS, AJ, Jaswant, M M J and others like them in the BJP. AS may be intelligent but has no vision. It is high time that Modi throws away the excess baggage in his Ministry. There are many such characters, not only from BJP but its associates who need such treatment.
    In the case of Air India, he has done nothing. R Nandan, its present MD is not much effective. In an over populated country like India, and where we have some efficient and outstanding Indians in business skills, how come Modi is not able to find someone to fine tune AI. IF Emirates can do wonders in airline business, why not AI? Emirate’s business population mainly consists of Indians and we stand to lose out. Where is the fraud involved? Can’t we get an Indian to head the durbar of AI in order to take air India to heights that no one can scale? Modi can do this with a wink of an eye? Why is he not doing it?
    There are corruptions everywhere. It takes time. It takes time to book people who are involved in it. Can he not start a beginning and show some results?
    His style of wearing cloths. It is his personal choice. He could at least identify himself with a majority of his countrymen in terms of wearing cloths. He should be serious about that.
    Some of the projects of highways are still not completed or some such projects are dormant. How come Gadkari is sleeping over the matter? Is there a watch dog Committee and if so what is it doing about the same?
    I can come about with more than thousands of such problem affected areas. We need this Govt to address the issues with as much speed as possible as otherwise BJP will have nothing in hand to go before the people of this country for a second term.

  30. I just finished reading Time Magazine article about Narendra Modi. I have never read such praise of Mr. Modi, in such flowering language as in this article. I can't believe, it is same Magazine which criticized Atal Bihari Bajpayee for frequently falling asleep during important meetings.

  31. Somehow I feel Modi, for all the boldness we have seen when he was a CM, see just the opposite. Good thing is, he is ignoring the Presstitutes, but if he is really doing that, and not worry about what they write, he can be bold in his statements, be it Kashmir or Kanyakumari (fishermen issue).

  32. Good and timely advice to this sarkar that has been elected by Hindus.You are right about Modi choosing TIME.Why not Chitralekha or many regional papers/mags one by one? Why not appear on DD witha good anchor for 2 hours? Why not hold a presser on 26th May for whole day?

  33. 1) Around 8km remained unused for more than a decade of a 20km road, connecting north Kolkata with south just because of a stay order from a district court as someone claimed that the portion belongs to him and he hasn’t sold it yet.
    2) A more than thousand crore flyover project delayed more than a year because of a case filed by an illegal mosque and no political parties here tried to say a word to solve it outside court.

    These are two very small examples..Thousands of projects,across India are now stalled due to – Unreasonable stay order, Land dispute, so called environment clearance and foreign funded agitation by NGOs. Situation is such that no large construction company is not even ready to bid for projects in many areas.

    SKVerdict is a petty one but one important thing has come out, why Modi wants NJAC and JAB. And He is on right track as judiciary is opposing it. During 60 years of misrule, Cong and its allies have literally raped laws with bills to create easy exit routes for the culprits and made courts as their extended party office (Teesta case is one strong example of that). Every govt. institution is heavily infested with moles.

    Cong led govt. has literally destroyed India’s treasury..a delay in project is a further burden on every Indian.So..

    1) LAB - though we can’t eat roads and all but still we need Roads, Ports, Power Plants (which are already there but not operational due to lack of coal – A flawless Coal Auction), Factories, etc..And we need Land for all these.

    2) NJAC - to remove the unreasonable legal hurdles created by people with vested interest through courts…so required to eliminate all future legal hurdles manufactured by a section of judiciary with connivance of Congress and NGOs.

    3) NGO – through which multinational companies block any project that is against their interest. Greenpeace & FF funded NGOs blocked mining of several minerals for last 10-15 yrs. resulting in importing these items from Canada and Australia. Everyone knows who benefited through this and who lost precious foreign exchange.

    To me these are the main hurdles to overcome for a smooth progress. Before that it’s not possible. And Modi is trying to overcome it very cautiously as he knows it better than anyone how important development not for India but also for 2019..

    So, as far as ‘Losing the Plot’ – certainly not or at least too early to say that but certainly missed some points which you have mentioned too. But again, without resolving those issues(as related to financial crisis) it’s really difficult to address the others.

    1. I agree one hundred per cent. Which country in the world has developed without buying some farmlands for roads and other infrastructures? If irrigation is brought to benefit farmers, that irrigation ditches will have to pass through some farmers' land and government will have to buy that land and for construction of proper irrigation, a contract will have to be awarded to a capable private corporation. So what? Could anybody say that the farmlands was bought for the benefit of corporation? This charade is what carried out by opposition and unfortunately many farmers (and non farmers) are buying with the help of anti-Modi media.

  34. Please write something about congress stooge hindi journalists as well so that congresss slaves like ravish kumar, om thanvi, abhay kumar dubey and urmilesh are exposed.

    Especially do something to expose congress joker Ravish kumer because unfortunately some people believe that he is nice and unbiased man but it is clear when u watch his show that he is a cunning congress slave and is always trying to downplay or hide congress's wrongdoings. Once in a blue moon he might criticize the congress slightly only to show to his supporters that he is unbaised but it is amply clear that he and his channel NDTV is rahul baba and robert baba's stooge.

  35. sir, your critical analysis of AS was superb. regards

  36. sir, i further would like to stick my neck out and say, that i don't think modi is in complete control of his soldiers

  37. i am digressing a liitle bit and i am going to talk about double standards of congress joker Prannoy roy's NDTV about AIB roast which happened about a month back.Every one keeps bashing barkha dutt, rajdee, ravish kumar, karan thapar, vir sanghvi and shekhar gupta as pseudo-secular congress stooges but no one crticizes this congress stooge Prannoy roy.

    I was wondering why pseudo- secular congress stooge NDTV was not talking too much about AIB , because there was some furore about AIB and some bjp people criticized it as well(and anything that bjp is against, NDTV somehow finds a reason to support it). After listening to the roast i understood that it was because AIB in there roast said a few funny things about christianity and they had to apologize for that to auxiliary bishop of mumbai.

    Had Aib said something funny about hinduism and were asked to apologize for that by some people of hindu community the pseudo-secular congress stooge section of media especially english media like NDTV, hindustan times and indian express would have grabbed the oppurtunity to say how intolerant hindu community is but about this apology to chiristian community, not to much hue and cry has been made. It is because of english media especially NDTV that hindutva has become a foul word and every supporter of hindutva is branded by NDTV as non-secular.

    May god make all the psuedo seculars of india secular in actuality especially that congress joker PRANNOY ROY who through his beauty queens channel NDTV keeps spreading pseudo-secularism and fake feminism just to look trendy, cool and progressive.secularism means to treat all religions equally and not just target
    hinduism because it is cool and trendy to target hinudtva so that one can show how broad minded and secular one is.

  38., just now found this article on a website which says that when UPA was in power NDTV's assesing officer was the wife of an NDTV employee abhisar sharma and that these 2 were given an all expenses paid trip to europe. This is perhaps why abhisar sharma is all the time trying to defend congress and congres creation AAP and almost always attack bjp.

    i was thinking how Prannoy roy has been able to float so many channels, in very litte time and how on his lifestyle channel anchors r going to switzerland,uk,france,US australia every now and then and how Car and bike show anchor can go to austria and germany and so many other countries just to take a test drive. It seems a major part of the money is coming from congress, Seems like a lot of financial hanky-panky is going on at NDTV, bjp must investigate this


    Please see the comments in this url in times of india.......

    most of them are positive about modi sarkar......

    even if some of his own ministers and opposition Parties are not cooperating..

    modi and his loyalties are working hard.....

    Some actions and comments of this Govts Cabinet ministers should have been avoided....................

    Unlike Gujarath at National lever ....Modi and his cabinet should Actively Do PRobaganda about its work on far so GOOD

    sure Just like Gujarath MODI Will make all -ve leaders be it his own party or Opposition to DUMMY LEADERS..................

    will sure BJP under modi and amith shah will change the mind set of PPL of india towards Development,Growth and Peace...........
    Rather than Corruption and commision model of sikular parties..........

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. It seems that apart from bjp and its allies everyone knows that NDTV, indian express,outlook, hindustan times and tehelka are complete congress slaves and will always try to downplay congress's wrong-doings and demonize bjp almost always.

    I was watching a discussion on youtube organised by red ink in which all the pseudo-secular congress jokers namely shekhar gupta, sreenivasn jain, krishna prasad of outlook were on the panel with suresh prabhu . I hope bjp and its allies soon understand that the above named media bodies are enemies of BJP and hindutva supporters and these r the people who r reponsible for branding any hindutva supporter as non-secular. BJP has to wake up and boycott NDTV, indian express, tehelka and hindustan times

  42. Ravi,

    I am awaiting for your article on Sushma Swaraj. Regards.

  43. What an eye opener hopefully more public become aware. I would rather make Arun Jaitley be the sacrificial goat to give signal to all Modi has his guts. Forget what the English or stooge media does give a jolt else 2019 will be by gone & same Congress crooks will unwind all Modi's efforts & continue oppressing majority of Indians.


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