Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Five-Star Criminals & Presstitutes

Every now and then some new information about JL Nehru turns up. The latest news is about his authorising snooping on relatives of Subhaschandra Bose. JLN grandly spoke about India’s tryst with destiny. What he did to guide her destiny can only be described as shambles. This is the man who many sycophants, liars and bogus historians in our country call “visionary”. In the era of new-found freedom when there was only one major political force, this man could get away with all his misdeeds. Democracy was only a screen while JLN went about implementing Commie policies since he was a deep admirer of Stalin. People need to be reminded repeatedly that this so-called visionary who failed on most fronts actually thought the USSR model was the future of the world. Do read an excerpt of his silly speech on socialism inspired by USSR and his vision for India. On the same page you will find a montage of all the Commies who destroyed their state or country. The life that guided rich guys like JLN has guided all Commie politicians, Five-star activists (FSAs) and Presstitutes (Ps).

In other words, these Commies, FSAs and Ps lived and continue to live a life of luxury while they claim to represent the poor. The typical Lutyens life! Nehru did pretty little for the poor and they sunk deeper into their cesspool of poverty and debt. So when PM Modi called these pimps with an agenda “Five-Star activists” it naturally hurt them. But there is no doubt that a majority of these FSAs and NGOs are anti-India, block projects and perpetuate the same poverty that JLN left behind. If I said JLN is the fountainhead for these groups and their behaviour I wouldn’t be wrong at all. Less than 1% of our population is made of these scumbags who whine and protest everything while others rot in misery of their lives. Modi is trying to change the situation and that burns the hearts of these morons. Naturally! And since the nonsense of Nehru’s came out, here’s a response by one of India’s biggest Ps:

I don’t recall this pimp seeking release of Netaji papers earlier but now makes a big deal about its urgency. And he thinks it’s being “overdone”. If there was anything overdone and overcooked in recent history it has to be that Coup story against Gen VK Singh. These same media pimps made a big deal about the Amit Shah fake-snoopgate when there was not much to the story but want to cover up crimes of Nehru. Why is this the typical Presstitute life? Because of this:

You share information with a foreign govt on your own revered citizen? Why shouldn’t we believe Nehru was indeed an operator like Stalin whom he much admired? But hey, this is Sickular Nehru so his crimes must be washed. He was a British in Indian clothes; he loathed Hinduism and Hindu culture. That’s why I call JLN the fountainhead of FSAs, Ps and Commies. They all hate Hinduism and Hindu culture. We can talk about other FSAs but the biggest group of FSAs was none other than SoniaG’s NAC. All the anti-development and dole-culture crooks, some political crooks landed up a job in the NAC and these jokers were making policies for India. They superseded even the PM and the Cabinet at times. So what’s wrong in calling these people FSAs? The biggest nonsense has to be SoniaG allowing fraud-enriched Greenpigs to party at10JP while she was forming the govt after the 2009 elections. They paraded at her bungalow to showcase their influence on the Indian govt. Here you go:

The 10-years of Cong-UPA govt was a bonanza for anti-national NGOs, FSAs, Presstitutes and the rich and the corrupt. The poor stayed where they were. And because the corrupt groups, FSAs and Presstitutes lost their clout and influence in govt they are now all out to attack and tar ModiSarkar with the most flimsy nonsense. Modi is on tour in Europe visiting France and Germany and signing major deals that benefit India. But some motivated and some even extreme hate-filled nonsense is being peddled by the Ps. Here’s Forbes Asia:

Really? You have to wonder what morons at Forbes headline such crap. A govt grapples with multiple issues facing a country. Poverty, hunger are among the issues but so is security and defence. It doesn’t occur to morons at Forbes (and their Indian pimps too) that economic deliverance of the poor cannot happen without an environment of security and a desired level of defence. Maybe Forbes is behaving like the jealous spouse since we are buying French jets and not American ones. That seems the most plausible reason for this stupid headline.

Ask the same Ps if they ever wrote about JLN hanging around with white females in his swimming trunks while the poor were dying in India. The funny part is JLN even wears the Aaptard-like Topi to the pool. PMs swimming for recreation or health is absolutely fine. But why would a so-called PM hang around with White females at their pools? Was he thinking about the poor of India? The same media pimps who talk nonsense about Modi’s 10-lakh suit or Louis Vuitton shawl (all a load of rubbish and lies) wouldn’t ask the same question on why JLN was hanging out with foreign females in his trunks. It’s the FSA, Fiberal life-style, after all. They wouldn’t talk about Sonia’s unknown illness or her clothes or jackets or shawls. The Ps didn’t even dare ask which aircrafts she flew in on all her secret trips abroad. She’s the Fiberal from the Nehru fountainhead, Modi is the backward, unwanted desi from the 99% percent unwashed mass of India.

They whined about December 25 being declared “Good governance day” in honour of ABV because they claimed it is an attack on a Christian holiday. This is another of those stupid myths that Christian propagandists have successfully peddled. Nobody really knows what date Jesus was actually born on. Even the Pope and Vatican priests have now revealed that the date may not be accurate. But JLN’s birthday being celebrated as Children’s day is okay for these fools. Why? There is no record JLN had any great liking for children – that’s another of those Commie Presstitute myths that has been peddled for long. On the contrary, record only shows that sycophants made JLN pose with children with flowers on his birthday and they turned that nonsense into children’s day.

These myths being destroyed is definitely hurting our media pimps. It is also hurting their earnings and influence on govt. Their castle is being destroyed bit by bit by the SM and with tags like #SupariJournalists #BazaruMedia and #Presstitutes. There is no escape anymore. And they made a big issue of some fake Louis Vuitton shawl Modi wore in France – scumbaginis like Sagarika and Rana Ayyub leading the nonsense. My question is very simple:

That “panties in a twist” is not my original coinage. It is a phrase that the same media pimps hurl at others. And it does indeed look their panties go into a twist every time Modi wears something. Every person in India who can afford it wears some foreign brand or the other (our Presstitutes mostly wear foreign brands) so why is this an issue for these morons? They don’t have any real work anymore because the ModiSarkar is not providing them with scandals or scams that they can gorge upon. These sick Presstitutes cannot find anything to tar him with; so there’s a bankruptcy of issues. There is more hilarious stuff from media morons:

Someone rightly remarked on Twitter that the only people dumber than bimbos like Sagarika, Rana, Mihir or Shankarsan have to be the morons who employ them. Their filth simply cannot be exceeded. And just when you think it cannot be exceeded there is always another moron lurking around the corner to prove you wrong:

It would take an extremely sick mind to write this nonsense. So because Smriti Irani is used to cameras she should get used to some CCTV spying on her in a changing room? This is the filth that Fiberals believe in. This is almost like saying everyone who faces cameras frequently, including sportspersons, politicians and TV anchors should be okay with CCTVs spying on them in change-rooms. Imagine, these same media pimps would tell you Indians are used to filth and open defecation so why do you need SwachhBharat? So why should you object if once in a blue moon someone urinates on your house or bungalow wall? That is their stupid argument. And what’s the bloodbath in the HRD ministry? Are they in danger of destroying themselves? Even if Smriti was doing badly or HRD ministry was in chaos or something; nothing warrants these opening lines which have no connection to the stupid article. That is why these pimps originate from the Nehru fountainhead. Anything non-Fiberal is fair game for irrational abuse and scorn. These are from the 1% of Indians who despise the 99% of India. They aren’t criticising the govt, they just hate the very existence of other Indians. One honest journalist did have the courage to say it as it is:

Yes, the cause of this extreme nonsense is nothing but hatred. I don’t believe there are FSAs. If the GOI diligently investigated them, most of them would turn out to be Five-star criminals breaking multiple laws. As for the media pimps and presstitutes this here is the reality:

The Presstitutes are getting angrier by the day 
because they are fast losing relevance.

They are not able to impact public opinions in the face of the SM increasing in power and truthfulness. They are not able to get free junkets, wine and food on AirIndia One and I estimate their earnings are going down too. The only thing going up is their volume of hatred. More damage is likely to follow in due course.


  1. "If the GOI diligently investigated them, most of them would turn out to be Five-star criminals breaking multiple laws." ... You have briliantly nailed it. Superb.

  2. What really bothers presstitutes is their free junkets, access to AirIndia One, free lunchs, Page 3 parties, and most importantly, their coffers getting dry. They know if they don t act now, next year's, Thailand visit is at stake.

  3. Netaji a myth for JLN detective agency....the myth that still wets their underwears during sleep.

  4. Presstitute - A modern day journalistic wh*** working at the lamestream media; a meat puppet for the producers of propaganda. Someone who uses all forms of media to infect the public with misinformation in an attempt to control their mind. The fact that many people believe them to be true reveals an entirely different level of mental disease. Presstitutes(Ps) usually comprise of a King of crap, televised ghouls, mental rapists, and a mentally dead population of analmals, parrotsites, and bullshit(BS) zombies.

    What can you do?

    First - Awaken your mind to the possibility of how news programs can mentally implant BS to generate a pre-conceived notion for an auto-pilot response.
    Second - Notice the automatic parrot-like behavior that people tend to exhibit after being infected with the media's BS virus
    Third - Seek a cure, protect your mind, and avoid the infected.

    The presstitutes are hand chosen to deliver the lamestream media's particular brand of televised sewage. The amount of BS they broadcasted led to a widespread epidemic of societal ignorance. These Ps attacked anyone who was still thinking for themselves. Majority of people infected by Ps were traced back to crapola stemming from one of the three categories within the BS spectrum - Media, politics and Religion. Survivors of free thought formed an intelligent opposition after realizing that the Ps needed to be exposed.

    1) Never listen to a presstitute
    2) Repel them with knowledge

    --from “Meet the Presstitutes” by Raj Hymmat

  5. Very well articulated on these jurnos who have holier than thou attitude.Presstitutes,Bazaaru Media,SupariJournalists apt words for them.Why do they get hurt when these words are used against them?

  6. Simply brilliant. I have reqested my friends to read this blog.

  7. This scrutiny of the Presstitutes needs to continue and must be highlighted. This self proclaimed VIP Sr. Journos need to be shamed. All their propaganda of the past needs scrutiny, analysis and explained in perspective for their hypocricy and lies they hav been churning for decades now. Yesterday Arnab and Kumar Ketkar sounded worried that BJP would beat Congress at Abedkar centenary celebrations afoot. Not surprising due to the oncoming Bihar elections where they r already campaigning subtly for a repeat of the ambush voting they suceeded with in Delhi. Only hope Biharis see through this design and choose what will truly benefit them regardless of Caste or Religion. An example needs to be set by government exposing the oldest Media House(Amichand) in the country Bennett Colman Group(TOI) which is a creation of British just as INC which was created by a British, A. O. Hume, as a cushion between British and the true freedom fighters in the Bhagat Singhs, Chandra Shekhar Azads, Sukhdevs, Rajgurus, Savarkars, Dhingras Brothers, Chaapekars etc. This was like the Indians were used as cushions against blacks in South Africa. Till India is rid of the Presstitutes, we cant be said to have achieved true freedom

  8. One can only wonder at the spontaneity and brillance of the writings of Mediacrooks. He cuts through the blather and slather and gets to the meat of the issue. He uses the rapier, the sword and the battle axe along with the spear! Truly a versatile writer that India can be proud of!

    1. Right.MSM in many ways resemble Congress led governments, corrupt,Machiavellian but incompetent in their jobs and lazy.Most of them don't want to work for their living.What they want is money from some one to write what that some one wants.Like people have thrown out Congress, people are about to replace these crooks with SM or blogs like MC.This is also the reason why I & B has to very quickly revamp DD for genuine news and info.Ordinary folks are dying for real news while these crooks indulge in half truths.Regional language papers and channels are waking up and changing [ as they should].But not these crooks.They won't till BJP returns to power in 2019.

  9. Ravi
    You are absolutely on the mark on SM checkmating the FSA,but the freedom under which SM came in to its own is under danger due to the cunning design of telecoms move to limit the net neutrality,sorry to say the NDA govt.too seems to be playing along with this.
    Hope you will take up this subject with your crystal clear laser like focus blog on this issue so that it reaches the right quarters.

  10. hello sir, i wonder if you saw kumar ketkar yesterday on newshour. the kind of hatred, malice and venom that man carries is absolutely baffling to me.

  11. There are certain practices in the MSM that have intrigued me for years. For eg the demise of a presstitute is flashed as a breaking news with hours of debates ( for eg.Presstitue Vinod Mehta).How is a presstitute so important to the general public of a nation to force down the throat ,his or her 'virtues'? Again why is the viewpoint of an MSM editor on any issue ,of any importance to the general public?What is their mandate to influence public discourse.?As far as logic goes,an editor of any media is no more than a what a chauffer is to his boss.His job is only to take the boss wherever he needs to travel.So also an editor job is to convey to the public an incident of news value and not lecture on it his own spin ideas.Most of these journos are glorified drop outs from their respective academic streams and then as a second choice go for this profession. The profession has no retirement age and can shine till the graveyard beckons them.It provides them disproportionate scope for fame and wealth as pimps.Is there no regulatory authority in the offing to tame these imbeciles.?

  12. Nehru gandhi others of INC agreed to terms conditions documented by British. Britain found it easier to deal with moderate voices than fiery rebels and revolutionaries whom they labelled terrorists. Neo English educated Indians were completely in awe of the white man who set tone tenor of freedom. We fought wars I &II agreed to terms and conditions for freedom. Why even the date and time of independence was set by British. We'll never get to the bottom of it all.

  13. JLN started the process of institutionalization of presstitutes ,and the legacy fed it well. This presstitulization reached its zenith in the last 10 years of UPA rule.Now cartelization of these presstitutes has begun ,which is undernourished for the lack of feeding it is used to for the last 68 years . Hence the withdrawal symptoms are obvious .
    This has harmed the country more than terrorism , we could never develop and still a developing country . We are back by at least 30years due to policies adopted by chachaji , no opposition party , helped ably by presstitutes .

    1. It was Indira Gandhi and not JLN who started the process of institutionalization of presstitutes ,and yes the legacy fed it well.
      I find many of today's ills (bad history etc) are attributed to Nehru instead actual "DO BADER" IndiraG.

  14. Today irrepressible Dr Swamy has tweeted that a journalist from Hindustan Times pocketed $500000 for Rafale deal during UPA regime. Gen VK Singh hit the nail on the head when he called them presstitutes and supari journalists. Apart from Netaji's, they spied on Veer Bhagat Singh's family. The cancer has spread deep iand even has reached the highest echelons of the BJP. A tough rocky road ahead for Mr Modi and the top leadership of the RSS in clearing the filth.

  15. Loved this completely! Superb :) I am sharing this wonderful article.

  16. Jaitley being the head of I&B sleeps over all this behaviour of Presstitutes because he being a secular guy is given Red carpet welcome and he enjoys this so keeps quiet. Media Pigs behaviour is not only Anti Hindu or Anti Modi/BJP but they act as ANTI National elements now and should be reined in immediately.. Gen VK Singh showed the courage to call them by their Real name but he has to retract in his statements under pressure from this PIG Brigade. When will BJP get the courage to Put Person like SWAMY to handle them ...

    1. I am baffled why Jaitley is so influential in Modi government.

  17. In July 1948, Loy Henderson was appointed as the American ambassador in New Delhi. A genuine friend of India he tried his best to influence American opinion in favour of this country. However, Nehru defeated all his well-intentioned efforts, and literally forced the U.S. into the waiting arms of Pakistan. Depending on two commie aides, V. K. Krishna Menon, the Ambasador to the U.S., and K. M. Panikkar, the Ambassador to China, Nehru deliberately chose to align with communist Russia and Maoist China while creating a fake front of non-alignment.
    Henderson was of the opinion that Nehru was a "vain, sensitive, emotional, and complicated person." According to him Nehru had developed his attitudes from his schooldays in England where he "consorted with and cultivated a group of rather supercilious upper-middle-class young men who fancied themselves rather precious." He thought Nehru was at his best "when playing the role of a critic and making appeals to persons and groups who are his intellectual and social inferiors." "Nehru still has some of the attitudes of a social climber" not having been able to "completely eradicate the pseudo-snobbish influences of those early days.'
    Wishing that Nehru's first official visit to the U.S. would bring the two countries together, Henderson wanted the state department to make impeccable arrangements for the visit. He advised the government on what Nehru would like to see, which events would please him. He recommended "a number of small affairs be arranged at which every guest has been chosen with care." Commenting on Nehru's preference in women, Henderson wrote: "Nehru is fond of the company of beautiful, well-gowned women, provided they possess good manners, pleasant voices, and a certain amount of intelligence." He suggested that not too many stag affairs should be arranged for Nehru, and in selecting fellow guests the personality of the wives should not be overlooked.
    This, then, was the opinion of one of India's friends who genuinely tried to bring the two nations as close as possible. But Nehru's self-indulgence made him blind to India's future and thus compromised this country's fate, and generations will continue to pay for his folly.

  18. Couple of days back I came across a news item in TOI(Chennai) saying that ED has filed a case against-V.K.SINGH!. On reading the story it is a case against an aide(I don't know the actual connection) of V.K.Singh!
    If this is not an act of a presstitute what is?

    1. it is. if one reads news carefully, one will find this going on everyday. Immediately after nehru spying on bose came up, TOI came up with article that nehru wouldnt be knowing what IB was up to. Then they came up with that it was for security of Bose family.. all BS.
      When it came to that woman, Modi had definitely given orders to Amit shah and that was very imp to TOI and HT...

  19. I think this bitching media business has gone too far. Suddenly all vermis are crawling out of their holes and spewing venom on Modi govt. This appears to be well orchestrated and supported. Y forces inimical to India in general and Hindus in particular. Unfortunately many educated Hindus are falling prey to this demonisation campaign. Pew study report on growth of religions is very very worrying. In just 35 years from now, that us within my life time, India will have maximum no of Muslims. What has deliberately been left unsaid is that by 2100 India will become a Muslim majority country and Muslims will be majority of world population. That is my grandson's lifetime. Once that happens you can say goodbye to India democracy and constitution in the present state. Sharia may become law of the country and One knows what happens to other religions under such laws. Hindus would be persecuted like in Pakistan and Bangladesh and would have nowhere to go. Many may convert just to evade persecution and so will start a vicious cycle. The so called seculars and most the educated but gullible Hindus don't realise it because it appears so distant at present. If Hindus don't wake up now it will be curtains for them by 2115 at the most. It feels so scary just to think about it. Please spread this message far and wide.

  20. I have read somewhere that JLN was bastard child of MLN. JLN's mother was a muslim pros. Britishers were killing muslim soldiers during motilal nehru's time, so MLN took a hindu name. MLN is not his actual name. Scandals in Nehru family does not stop there. Feroz gandhi husband of indira was actually a muslim (his actual name is feroz khan i guess). Mahatma gave his title to him. Indira Gandhi had affairs with few men.

    Have anyone wondered how a clown called Robert Vadra is husband of suave Priyanka Gandhi?


  21. “It’s sarcasm, Josh.”


    “It’s from the Greek, sarkasmos. To bite the lips. It means that you aren’t really saying what you mean, but people will get your point. I invented it, Bartholomew named it.”

    “Well, if the village idiot named it, I’m sure it’s a good thing.”

    “There you go, you got it.”

    “Got what?”


    “No, I meant it.”

    “Sure you did.”

    “Is that sarcasm?”

    “Irony, I think.”

    “What’s the difference?”

    “I haven’t the slightest idea.”

    “So you’re being ironic now, right?”

    “No, I really don’t know.”

    “Maybe you should ask the idiot.”

    “Now you’ve got it.”


    ― Christopher Moore, Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal
    How could a “scumbagini” Sagarika, who believes that the Easter eggs are eaten on a Good Friday, understand sarcasm. MSM can scream their throats out. Arnab can celebrate scream-fest every day and call it journalism. But the truth stands tall.
    Jarod Kintz: “The past screams louder than the future. The future is mute, but it is not deaf.” All these screams of MSM is just to hide the reality of the abomination called Jawaharlal Nehru and his corporations. They may be defeated in the SM but they have a wider reach and their art of deception is more convincing.
    Most modern day journalists are not reporters but are commentators who benefit those who benefit them. During this process they rise in status and become a part of that community who benefits them. Now their work becomes easier. Initially they used to toil hard to protect the interests of their employers and receive the breadcrumbs. Later they gain inexperience and after getting promoted to the community they merely work to protect their own interests.
    The agenda and the narrative of the media often appears to be critical and confrontational to the interests of the community that they protect. But it is actually part of the game-plan. It’s a small plot to mask the bigger story. This narrative is made to lure the half-witted academicians and the dim-witted, high-testosterone activists who play along thinking that they are doing some good work. They become so fried in the oil that they remain tarred for life. Later they become the most trusted lieutenants in their war. They do most of the shouting and get the breadcrumbs. Can this Shankarshan Thakur ever shed his image?
    As is the name-so is the game. The JNU creates mostly “concocted-theory-upholding” missionaries. They live in Nehruvian insomnia and gulp down socialist pills all round their lives. What to expect of them?
    Nehruvian puppetry!
    The present dispensation, while blocking the irrigation to their fertile fields, is also poisoning their bread-crumbs on which they used to thrive. During NDA1 they found out some saviour props. But now those saviour props are toothless. The govt. is taking the road not taken. In the path these sickulars are out of the shady cosy corner that they used to enjoy. The fight is out(SM never buys their lies). Come Bihar polls and we will see more venom. As someone rightly said the SM must set the agenda rather than to follow the agenda set by the MSM. They(MSM) are certainly losing the “Trends” war and the defeat must be so severe that it percolates into MSM.
    The most remarkable thing about mediacrooks is that he is apt in setting an agenda. The impact of this article was so huge that “Five Star Activists” trended again days after Modi mentioned it. Earlier it trended in the name of “5staractivists”. A valiant effort indeed! Day in and day out people should join the likes and ranks of mediacrooks.
    Hail you!

  22. FSAs and Ps are the fat cats. They are there not because they deserve to be where they are, and so all this hate is pouring out as Modi ignores them, would not help them and does not need them. This is another form of iRudali.

  23. "The Presstitutes are getting angrier ..." very much true. Well, SM is helping but not there is not much "truthfulness" in SM either.
    It appears Modi has a concrete plan for congress-mukt bharat.
    Also it may not easy to cheat on Modi's back.
    Modi creates such a bandwagon that people would be scared to miss.
    AJs, Gadkaris, Shusmas will fall in line.
    14th April - AJ on NDTV Townhall is definitely not media friendly. Gadkari mildly-offensive on CNN-IBN over multiple issues. Neither allowed to be cornered with meaningless questions.
    Decent development amid relentless propaganda by MSM.

  24. Totally speechless! What a slap on the faces of these morons/ traitors appearing frequently on TV channels, defending the indefensible. Many times use their sarcastic loud laughs even when there is nothing to be laughed at.

  25. These Presstitudes and so called liberals would be welcomed by Hindus if they were honest, fair and equal in treatment of all regardless of community, caste, or religion. As is, two bit Hindu Sadhvi's stupid statements are played up to no end, but stupid statements from an elected Muslim MLA from J & K goes completely ignored. When such bias is pointed out to them via 'Presstitude' adjective they get offended.

  26. UPA GOVT taking select pvt media persons at GOVT expense with MMS to foreign countries is it not a scam?

    ​The traveled with PMO's entourage, some were planted spies of PM's real boss, all stayed at star hotels everything paid by GOVT of India . why should our tax money be spent on a few select private media houses?​

    If yes , then SIT probe must be initiated. The beneficiaries sent notices. asked explain why, because of whom and how they made it to select privileged group because

    1.The nation wants to know tonight[TOI]. 2. To the point all details [News Today]. 3. The Outrage through a hot debate [NDTV].

    Let us leave NEWSX because Nalapat has also become busy writing about the treasure hunt game some journalist are interested in playing to find about the whereabouts of Rahul.

  27. The indian msm are a bunch of snakes. But a big zero to NaMo Govt for the inept handling of these crooks. From 2002-2014 the media spread lies about NaMo and Guj. But NaMo finally vanquished them in 2014. Instead of crushing the enemy, he either neglects them or tries to be friendly. Both will never work. When you are constantly defending your Govt actions, you are already coming off as weak. It's surprising that NaMo, who is familiar with these media tactics, has allowed it to fester. He doesn't need to be a benevolent leader. That will take him nowhere.

    1. I agree and have said the same thing for a long time. On the other hand, I'm still hoping that he'll surprise us all.

    2. [in Hindi]-Jis Desh Ka Baap-Chahcha aisi herkate kerta hai us desh ko to aage badhne me bahut time lagega.
      [Eng]-Nehru has no competitor as PM still he was insecure. He was spineless. All I want Modi to do is to destroy all the legacy of Gandhi-Nehru, people feel ashamed to link their name with these surnames just like Hitler and Stalin. THIS IS NOT A COUNTRY OF ONE MAN OR FAMILY.
      when Modi will cut the root of this dynestree, it's branches (PSA, Ps) will automatically fade out.

  28. Sir,

    Recently, In the 'Emanuel Mission School, Jaisalmer' a madam named Rakhee asked to cut moulee (sacred thread tied around wrist) and through into the dustbin. my child talked to me about the boy with pity. I could see a look of resign and anger at the same time in the group of the teens.

    What do Christian fundamentalists get by instigating communal hatred against Christianity itself, that too in young minds.

  29. what i strongly feel is, there is in general a fear of the "peaceful" religion in the minds of the majority. the wide spread attempts to spread haterade on basis of non secular image of MODI helped him win 2014 LS. This propoganda and narrative #dadri, that the Ps are trying to drive home is only going to help MODI and not hurt him.
    if with all their might the congis and the Ps have not been able to unearth a single scam in all this while....he must really be doing a good job.


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