Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Church Crimes - 1: How NDTV Concocts Anti-Hindu Slander

Over the phone:

NR: You said the church attack and rape was implanted.
MF: Yes, it seems like that.
NR: Who do you think could be behind the attack?
MF: I don’t know but it looks like an organised attack.
NR: Do you think some Hindu fringe group could be?
MF: It is possible but I cannot say for sure.
NR: If it’s a Hindu group, what do you think is the motive?
MF: I don’t know but it seems like a pattern.
NR: Could it have anything to do with GharWapsi?
MF: Yes, I think this has to do with GharWapsi.
NR: Can we do an interview on this? With your suspicions?
MF: Sure.
NR: And you will confirm your suspicions about GharWapsi?
MF: Yes, I think so…

NR is the NDTV reporter and MF is Maria Fernandes, the vice-head of the Bengal Minorities Commission. The conversation above, after the Nadia church attack and alleged rape of a 72-year old nun, is hypothetical. But make no mistake about its realistic nature. This is how news channels lead soundbite idiots to feed into their agenda. Where MF had no clue on who was behind the attacks to how she came to blame Hindus and GharWapsi has to go through a process. This is a process that news channels with an agenda feed on to gently and sometimes aggressively persuade the sitting duck or the willing “Bakra” to say exactly what they want her to say. MF is a Bakra who willingly participated in NDTV’s anti-Hindu, anti-Modi agenda. The evidence is astounding.

On March 17, MF spoke to ANI. That is when she went to Ranaghat after the incident. If you read the ANI report, she says the attack seems “implanted” and does not name any group and is not clear about the motive. She even estimates someone was specifically sent from somewhere to carry out the attack. The NDTV reporter hears that soundbite from ANI and quickly contacts MF and what follows is the conversation I estimated. Voila! MF tells the NDTV reporter it is Hindu fringe groups and GharWapsi being the motive. At NDTV they probably cheered loudly on “mission accomplished”. Monideepa Banerjee of NDTV Kolkata quickly files a report on the GharWapsi motive. MF is not an innocent Bakra here. NDTV just pushed her to say what she already wanted to say but nobody else asked her those compelling questions. NDTV is the murderer but MF is a willing accomplice. And as soon as the mission to tar Hindus and ModiSarkar was accomplished they put out a tweet followed by an evening show with MF on their channel:

Having accomplished that, Barkha Dutt wanted to drive the nail further. She wants to slander ModiSarkar even more – so she goes shopping. Someone wrote to me that the usual egg like Xavier’s Father of Mumbai would have been the regular choice but he had already tarred himself with his stupid anti-Modi email to students before LS2014 elections. So BD had to shop a bit more. She got lucky! She found an extreme hate-mongering scumbagini called Sr. Ananda Amritmahal of Sophia College, Mumbai and had already read what AA had written in an article. The article screams Christians and Women under attack and references to the Nazi trial (This is the impression they want to build about ModiSarkar like I wrote in Anti-Modi Christian Agenda). What a find for Barkha, eh? On March 25, a week after the nun-rape incident broke, Barkha was still trying to hang Hindus and ModiSarkar over their fake reports. She calls this Ananda for a debate and has Mohandas Pai on the panel too.

How a woman with so much hatred in her heart and so much filth in her head can even become a nun and a college principal does amaze me. This hatred and filth that passes by the name of Sr. Ananda started equating ModiSarkar with the Nazi regime of Germany. Barkha defended her Nazi nonsense by calling it a “metaphor”. Here is where we take a little detour because most people in the world have been brainwashed with the Christian nonsense that Adolf Hitler wasn’t a Christian. That this mass-murderer of Jews had nothing to do with Christian religion or ideology. This is one of the biggest lies ever perpetrated on Indians and people across the world.

Hitler was very much a Christian (a Catholic). Pope Pius XII even came to be known as Hitler’s Pope. The Jews were slaughtered because Hitler believed it was his duty as Christian and not the Nazi reference that media criminals keep throwing. Sr. Ananda probably belongs to the same Catholic community that murdered millions of Jews. If anyone is Nazi here it is she and her denomination of Churches. In short, it was Christian mass murder of Jews. But clever propaganda by the West and Christians in India, our Commie historians and our Sickular media criminals disconnected Christianity from Hitler. Watch this video (5.50 mins – Pause the video at some points to read the text and captions in full):

The Church not only didn’t oppose Hitler but in many cases supported him. Now, our Sickular media would have you believe that Britain, US and others were against Hitler because of the holocaust. That is sheer nonsense. All these Christian bigots just watched Jews being slaughtered. (They have also watched the Armenian genocide and the Rwandan genocide). Britain’s PM Neville Chamberlain signed the Munich treaty with Hitler to buy peace. This allowed Hitler to take over some parts of Czechoslovakia. He didn’t stop there; he took the whole of Czechoslovakia. Europe and US watched as Hitler further took over other small countries in Europe like Austria, Belgium and finally Poland too. He ran over France as well. He then bombed Britain to hell and declared war on the US. It is not to save Jews but to save their own countries that the allies got together and fought Hitler. None of them really cared that millions of Jews were slaughtered. Sometimes they argue about the number of Jews killed – they say it wasn’t 6 million. How much would please you? Would you be happy with 300,000? The mass-murder of Jews was and will remain the biggest crime of Christians. It was Christian murder and not merely by some Nazi party.

Now then, the frequent morons like Sr. Ananda and many other political idiots who like to equate ModiSarkar or RSS or any Hindu outfit with the Nazis are essentially liars who cover up Christian crimes. Never in the history of Hindus has any mass-murder of the level of the Christian slaughter Jews ever happened or will ever happen. Yet, for stray attacks on churches they want to tag Hindus and ModiSarkar as Nazis. The GOI must not allow this Nazi nonsense to pass and must evolve a way to prosecute the slanderers. NDTV’s slanderer and liar-in-chief even had the gall to deny she condoned the Nazi nonsense on her show:

The lying scumbagini she is, Barkha raised no questions but passed off the Nazi nonsense of Sr. Ananda as “metaphor” despite protests from Mohandas Pai. These are not accidents. How these three scumbaginis in alliance with NDTV peddled lies about the Nadia nun-rape to slander ModiSarkar is a very well-coordinated act. Now that it has turned out that all the rapists in that incident happen to be Bangla Muslims these three criminal slanderers have gone into hiding. Remember these ugly faces of Christian propaganda against Hindus:

That’s Maria Fernandes, NDTV’s Liar in chief and Sister Nazi herself. MF is such a fool that she was lured into citing GharWapsi as the reason for vandalism and rape by NDTV. She is unfit to be the head of anything let alone vice-head of a minority commission. Now that the truth is out she is hiding in her hate-filled hole. None of these criminals will apologise or retract their lies – they will live dishonourably and shamelessly.  I am not even interested in making a comparison of how many temples, mosques or gurudwaras were attacked in similar fashion during the same period. Those attacks were not turned into “communal” incidents by anyone as SisterNazi and Barkha did with the Church incidents. They were mere acts of vandalism by criminals. It is only these Christian propagandists who have termed it a war on Christians by elements supporting ModiSarkar and that is nothing but slander. Like I said in my previous post the Christians didn’t start this slander recently. They started it from the day BJP won the LS elections – May 16, 2014. The entire continue saga of the Christian and media mafia combine is captured fairly in this image:

Following the concoction of lies by NDTV and a few more media houses the anti-Modi Christian agenda promoters went into action. Subtle racist pigs from NYT, BBC, Reuters all ran the same chant – Christians under siege. They now have no place to hide with all their lies, having been exposed in the Bengal rape case and the other incidents. They have already put into action the second phase of their sinister plan. What is that and where is it all going? We shall see in the next few installments.

To be continued


  1. As somebody tweeted, xtian sleeper cells have become fully active. They along with media are hell bent to incite a riot to seal Modi's fate once for all. The hatred media spits on hindus and Modi day in day out is terrifying, it will be a matter of time for some hotheaded hindu group to get pissed off and bite the bait.

    Wish BJP, Amitshah and Modi wakes up and teach a lesson or two for this utterly antinational NDTV before it is too late. There is no point in allowing this pig Bharka to incite and fuel a riot at first place and blaming her later to the likes of Madhu Kishawar.

    And what to say about current BJP spokies? Absolute lame losers barring NalinKohli, yesterday Bharka pig was ridiculing 'ghar wapsi' repeatedly, why couldn't SudansuTrivedi just stop her and ask simple question what is wrong in 'ghar wapsi'. If conversion is okay for her, why not 'ghar wapsi'? There is no point in arguing with Congress, let BJP keep their fight against congress in elections, in TV debates their fight should be against the pigs like Bharka, NidhiRazdan, Sardesai, Sagarika, KaranThapar, AjoyBose, AratiJerath, SabaNaqvi etc.

    Bimbo SabaNaqvi repeats like a broken record tht Kejiriwal has got historic mandate so nothing else matters, with her own logic why didn't they leave Modi alone right from 2002?

    On a brighter side, whenever we hindus get restless and lose our hope on Modi, these pigs' rants makes us to realize that we've to back him fully, infact their hatred consolidates hindu votes to BJP. So keep ranting pigs!!!!

    1. Deleted my earlier comment due to a typo that could not be corrected. What I said was that this saba naqvi is a proven bigot, anti-national and hindu hater. She abuses the freedom given to her by the society that has let this miserable worm to live. And then then the anti-national brigade led by nehru dynasty tv and the barking dog - they should be culled like rabid pigs (I don't want to use the term dog because that animal has loyalty).

    2. Agree that BJP spokies/leaders sitting in Delhi barring couple are useless. Another incident they are letting go just like that
      is ex-AAP MLA Mr Garg's claim of AK49 and his thugs fake calls offering bribe to AAP MLA's in the name of BJP. I'm 100% sure he is right here. It was a plan to defame BJP by AAP. Look at AAP/Congress, how they create a issue of nothing.
      I fail to understand why can't BJP escalate this issue ?? even Media have ignored this.

  2. Its very heartening that you have exposed the Xtian-Media nexus in defaming not only the Modi Govt but the Nation as a whole....!
    By the way, US author Gerard Posner has published a book(just last month,,,I haven't read it yet) ..Gods which he exposes the Vatican! In his interview with Bill Maher on March 25..he goes on to say how Benito Mussollinni granted Statehood to the Vatican in 1929 and gave away billions of dollars to the Vatican to sustain the War....resulting in creation of the Vatican Bank as a decoy to thwart the attempts of both the British and US Agents to block the flow of money!
    Make no mistake-THE VATICAN IS EQUALLY CULPABLE IN SUPPORTING THE HEINOUS CRIMES OF THE NAZIS....!! Just before killing himself in the Furhrer Bunker,,Hitler got married to his mistress Eva Braun in the presence of a priest owing allegiance to the holy book(Detractors may say it otherwise...but it doesn't loose the importance of Matrimony)....

  3. Sickulars were in love with Mr. Bhagwati, until of course he showed guts to say something against Christians. Now it is an all out war against Mr. Bhagwati. But let us say for the sake of argument that Mr. Bhagwati is a Hindu and may have some bias towards Christians. What about a German scholar Maria Wirth? Here, read her spectacular accounts;

  4. We Hindus should learn that ungrateful minorities like Islam and Christians can not be trusted as yesterday's TV debate with Barkha showed. Adm. Sushil Kumar who was appointed as Admiral by Vajpayee's NDA government was supporting Church's and NDTV's agenda crucifying Modi Sarkar. He was ungrateful christian and was trying to implant a virus of communalism in Indian Army. The same moron admiral forgot that it was the Congress who were trying to implant the communal virus in Army in the name of Muslims via Sachhar Committee. Yesterday, all forgot that. The same congress and sundry parties are secular and the one who appointed Admiral Sushil Kumar and Abdul Kalam is communal. Until now all appointments in Army and Police or for that matter in any department were on merit basis. Hence forth each and every appointment in Army and Police or any department should be considered on communal basis otherwise these rascals like Julio Reberro or Sushil Kumar will happily eat the hands who fed them to promote their religious agenda after retirement. The actions of Julio Reberro and Admiral Sushil Kumar are forcing us Hindus to think this way.

    1. FYI, that moron's full name is Sushil Kumar Isaac. Please let us not degrade 'Admiral' post by calling him so.

  5. I don’t think the nun was raped at all. It must be a case of fake rape reported by the anti-Hindu church groups. Their sole aim is to blame the Modi Government.

    1. That's why the Nun has vanished

    2. Even I have this hunch there is no medical report being discussed. And the Nun seems to have. Gone underground.

  6. Whats surprising is the docile attitude of the BJP while this defamation is on. At this rate in 2019, NDTV's pet Jaitley will be giving an interview to Barkha explaining why BJP lost. Whatever development they may do, BJP is doomed to lose unless they crush the anti-national forces in the media and the Christian crusaders. Time for Modi to wake up now, he needs to snub Jaitley and deal a death blow to NDTV, that will be enough for the rest of the media cowards to run with their tails hanging between their legs. If he doesn't do this now, then lets be prepared for Pappu raj in 2019.

    1. We have a better choise - Dr. Subramaniam Swamy

  7. Mediacrooks, I disagree with your article on 2 points
    1)How a woman with so much hatred in her heart and so much filth in her head can even become a nun

    On the contrary ,almost all the nuns exhibit these character, which is the result of basic foundation of their religion-my reigion is the only true religion,Jesus is the true light, all non-christian people are living in darkness..Even Mother teresa exhibit these character.They cant neve love hindus or hinduism

    2)The mass-murder of Jews was and will remain the biggest crime of Christians.

    Its one of the biggest, and not the biggest..
    The crimes during the catholic inquisition is nothing less than holocaust..
    please read the list, compiled by Acharya S.. peopple will be shocked..

  8. There are couple of videos in youtube of Yuri Bezmenov(a KGB defector who was stationed in India). Of particular interest is the interview of him regarding India. Link .

    Yuri clearly explains how media and intellectuals were used to undermine a nation. The source of commie literature in Indian education system is clearly explained by him. According to him NDTV, Rajdeep etc are greedy idiots. Infact KGB would eliminate the likes of BDUTT and Sardesai once there job is done.

  9. Moron Sushi Kumar was the first and the only one who tried to communalise our armed forces, but, later in the show he blabbered that no one should try to communalise our armed forces! Not surprisingly Bdutt didn't consider the need to point out his self contradictory statement as it perfectly fits into her agenda of showcasing Modi sarkar as anti Christian.

  10. Now that the Bengal Nun episode is over, yesterday it was the turn of the Supreme court and Chief justice to become the targets of the christians for having planned to conduct a workshop for three days during this long weekend. A pastor was seen shouting to the scumbag, Karan thapar and asked whether the same judges would be conducting this workshop during diwali. In 2009, too this workshop has been conducted during the same Good Friday. Does the christians in India expect the entire country to come to a stand still for their celebrations. Will there not be any christian news anchors, channels, business houses running on those days. How can a supreme court having its workshop on Good Friday affect this pastor and how is this Modi's fault?

    1. It is not even a public holiday (day off) for Good Friday in America.

  11. "NDTV is the murderer but MF is a willing accomplice"...........was brilliant sir

  12. Lets hope western funds get diverted to middle east conflict otherwise these "attacks" will get shriller

  13. Europeans and Americans have killed more people than anybody else, but they still occupy a moralistic highpoint and preach "peace" to everybody else.
    (I still have to research the number of people affected for each)
    1. Alexander's chauvinistic misadventure of "world" conquer
    2. Crusades
    3. Annihilation of Native Americans
    4. WWI
    5. WW2
    6. NAZI holocaust
    7. Nuclear Holocaust
    8. War on terror

    The west calls Alexander great even though he disrupted thousands of lives just to fulfill a highly selfish ambition. He made no improvement in the lives of his people or any other places he conquered and yet he is great. When their idols are like this , it is no wonder that they are predisposed to violence. Once the west stops seeing people like Alexander great, the world will become a better place. But you won't find Wendy Doniger writing about that.

    1. Moreover they are spreading so much of distrust by building more and more powerful weapons. This distrust is reciprocated ( because of the law of karma) and leads to more and more countries adopting a chauvinistic and violent stand. Its a vicious circle. So they can preach "peace" till they are blue in the face but their actions belie it.

  14. Also want to add that the Europeans actually furthered Hitler's agenda to rid Europe of Jews when they created the Jewish state in Asia. Thats how a neutral observer( An alien) would see it.They didn't give an inch of their land , instead just threw money and got away. The Jews indeed needed a homeland but it should have been created in Europe not in Asia. and now it seems that they want to include a Asian nation in the European union. Hypocritical much?

  15. Many Thanks for so wonderful facts I have shared with as many ways I could. Awareness is much needed specially most of these facts are not known to many...

  16. Many Thanks for so wonderful facts I have shared with as many ways I could. Awareness is much needed specially most of these facts are not known to many...

  17. 1/n
    I may sound like a lunatic to you. I may sound like perfect troll or may be like an antisemitic jew hating Owaisi brother. Whatever it is, I don’t mind at all. I am writing this to you as a patriotic Indian who is genuinely concerned about India as much as you do.I do not want put this down again and again here and pester you.But I request you one last time to take the trouble of listening to me carefully. Because you are getting this so called “Christian war against Hindu’s” wrong again and again.
    And I know,you know,everybody knows that nobody should try to correct Mediacrooks never,ever,ever,ever and ever. But Listen to me one single time. You may be able to get the solution for this so called Christian aggresion on Hindus for once and all. It may benefit all of us Hindu’s in the long run if we are to identify this problem in the budding and nip it.

  18. 2/n
    India has suffered 2 invasions which it will never forget. One by Christianity and one by Islam. These are the second and the third religions which came out of the Abrahamic family of faith. India by now is very well aware of how evil these two ideologies are. They have claimed millions of Indian lives, Trillions of wealth, took away freedom and dignity from indians, Enslaved them, looted them, raped thier women, brainwashed thier kids to join their evil cults and have damaged the Indian gene forever. But what about the first one? The parent ideology for both Christianity and Islam? Which is,as you are guessing it right, Judaism? You know by now that Christianity and islam are worst at claiming Victimhood while being devillishly aggressive. But how about its parent cult Judaism? Has it ever occured to you that this Judaism has been an agressor of worst kind in the magnitude which surpasses both Christianity and Islam by very huge margin. And the best part is, It is the cleverest cult of all those are on face of the earth. So,in the eyes of the world,it is still managed to be the no.1 victim of all the victims of the world or atleast in the eyes of we Indians. If we don’t wake up against this and be aware of its modus operandi, probably India will see a third invasion by this abrahamic cult.If that happens, God forbid, India won’t be a war ridden country like in the previous two cases, on the contrary it will be Nazi Germany which is seen as the epitome of so called evil empires of the history of the world.

  19. 3/n
    To be brief,You are simply buying a fairytale which was actually a war time propoganda against Hitler that he killed 6 million Jews and he was aggressor and he started world war two. This is the last time I am writing my argument in support of Hitler. Hitler did not kill a single jew let alone 6 million.He was a vegitarian because he had compassion for animals and abolished many anti animal laws in germany in the third reich. Hitler was never an aggressor and nevr wanted war with any country. Atleast with brits.He even let the british army go home alive from the english channel where his army had attacked them severely and had rendered them armless, just like his army had got stuck in stalingrad in the hands of stalin;unlike Hitler,Stalin executed them all. Hitler did not invade Austria. Austria was a german speaking country and it was merged with germany by means of an election in which Hitler was voted 99.7% to annexe it with germany. Its called war of roses because Austrians welcomed Fuhrer with roses into its border[1].He did attack france only to regain the lost german part which was rich in caol and it was nacessary far germany for its industrialisation purpose.Moreover, in the WW1 it was falsely declared that germany has lost the war[2], even though Germany had swept across the allied forces' army with its submarine (Germans are the pioneers of Submarine,Jet plane and even rockets. They are currently called people with love for machines).Because of the falsely attributed loss,Germany was forced to sign 'treaty of Versailles' due to which germany had lost most of its coal rich area to france

  20. 4/n
    and its east part was taken over by poland( Its similar to Pakistan taking over Punjab and J&K and China whole north east part of India that too because of a falsely attributed loss). It had to pay huge amount of reparations. Hitler was in german army and it shocked him terribly to even accept the defeat. He was a spy for some time and came to know internal nexus which made germany a scape goat in WW1. He called this as a greatest betrayal to germany. Because of this betrayal,Germany suffered worst inflation of all time.German peolple went with suitcases to have breakfast.Unemployment was very high and in the mean time communism was on the rise and germany was about be taken over by communism.The so called Jews were a small minority in germany. But, they were controlling the media, they were in administration to such an extent that they were influencing it completely. Jews have this banking system called Usury which is debt based banking which was worst of a banking system. This Usury made every jew a banker to evreycountry that they had settled in. And some these Bankers were in germany which were filthy rich because of Usury. In US, these bankers had an association headed by Zionist Rotchchild.

  21. 5/n
    These bankers still rule the wallstreet and US and nobody dares question them. Rotchchild, Rockefeller, Bulderberg, Eisenhower, Ford,Rhodes, Goldman Sachs,JP Morgan etc are these elite bankers who are ruling America from behind. These elite club was there since Abraham Lincoln. When AL abolished slavery after the civil war,He had to lift america from a very bad inflation that had hit due to this civil war. He took on these elite bankers by changing the american currency which was being produced by these Usury bankers. Immediately he was killed.Next president who took on this bankers mafia was John F Kennedy whose death is unsolved till today[3]. Whoever stood against these banking mafia were eliminated by giving false pretext (few other examples are Tupac,Micheal Jackson,LadyDiana, Whitney Houston).This mafia in America is known as Illuminati[3].This Illuminati is a cozy club of elitists who run thier activities from behind the screen.So these are identified as secret societies. These secret societies have thier origin in a jewish sect called Luciferianism. Lucifer is a satan according to Torah,Bilbe and even Quran. These Luciferians worship the supposedly abrahamic satan and are clled satan worshippers or satanic cult.To name a few secret societies(also called as Occults) are Freemasonry,Klu Klux Klan,Cabbalism,etc. Thier satanic rituals are held secretly and one of such ritual was ‘cremation of care’ at bohemian grove. Recent olympics closing ceremony in Briton also had this satanic ritual but unknowing public enjoyed it as some entertaining show.

  22. 6/n
    This Illuminati club includes politicians, Artists, Actors, singers, Bankers and mainly run by any one of thier own. All US,UK,France and present German politicians like Barack Obama,Angela Merkel,Cliton’s,Kerry’s,Bush family,Sarkozy’s almost all western politicians are part of this club. Some of its famous members are walt disney, steven spielberg,Brad pitt, Michel Jackson, John Lennon, Madonna, Mariah Carey,Miley Cyrus( recent Times person of the year who falsely won against our PM Modi), Nicky Minhaz, and few others like Queen Elizebeth,Nelson Mandela,Martin Luther King Jr and IMPORTANTLY even the VATICAN POPE is a member of this club. Its a club which has its members across the borders. This club operates secretley and powerful enough to manage the world economy and politics. Hitler called these people as ‘International elements’ and jailed all the freemasons,Usury Bankers, and brought a new monitory system in palce by changing its curency. This is simply unacceptable for the banking mafia. So they had to eliminate Hitler. So these Zionists turned against germany. Judea declared war on Germany in 1932. Jews had total control over media, Politics and Banking. With the help of this, They made sure all europian countries forbade germany’s goods just like Japanese were sanctioned. But still that was not enough. Hitler meanwhile attacked france and took back lost part of Germany which was rich in coal and was very much nacessary for industrialisation of germany.

  23. 7/n
    So, eliminating Hitler became imminent for this Illuminati gang. So, Poland took the orders, and started killing german civilians openly in the streeta nd bragged about it in thier national radio, so that Hitler can listen and burn. This madness had to be answered for the sake of innocent german lives. But Hitler tried to make peace treaty with poland as many as 13 times. But Poland refused, Because it was Churchill who wanted war with Hitler desperately. Churchil was a freemason and was acting in the behest of these bankers. Ever wondered why Brits had the Balfour declaration with Zionists who had nothing to do with Jews? Franklin D Roosewelt was also one of these guys. They wanted nothing but war from Hitler. Finally Hitler gave in. He attacked Poland but with a precaution,i.ehe took the support of Stalin. Hitler’s thinking was the precaution he took might stop the Churchil and may stop the world war 2. Hitler attacked from german side and took back lost german land (the one which Poland had taken from germany in the WW1). Stalin also attacked from another side and took most fo the poland. But historians will never mention this. Because Stalin became one of those guys later. And Hitler came to know this, And now had no body to take the help from. His allies were already weakened in WW1 and weren’t strong enough. So Hitler single handedly went against all these wolves. He attacked Russia as soon as he came to know that Stalin is planning a very large scale offensive on Germany

  24. 8/n
    . He initially gained upper hand till his army reached stalingrad. Meanwhile, On the way, he freed all these czechoslovakia,finland,Ukraine,cremia from the clutches of Stalin. And the people in these countries literally welcomed Hitler’s army with roses and womens were standing along the roadside and blessing them with cross. Because for them, Hitler’s army was hand of God which came to liberate them from cruelest Stalin’s regime. And these countries still revere Hitler as thier liberator. But the Hitler’s army couldn’t bear the russian winter and helplessly got defeated in stalingrad. Since Stalingrad civillians were reluctant to fight Hitler’s army, Stalin had to order “ either fight and and die or be executed”.And he implemented the same and killed anyone who had taken a step back in the war. At the same time, British airforce bombed german cities and villages AT NIGHT. Because german army was so strong in day time, thatl not a single british airplane crossed german border and survived. They also destroyed the railways and rods to auschwitz concentration camp where Jewish people were kept. This led to food and water unavailability in Auschwitz camp and led to many jewish people’s death. Earlier, These jewish camps were well maintained, everybody was given shoes and dress and were given ample of facilities like movie theater,swimming pool,music instruments, library, they were being paid for the work they did in the camps and were allowed to buy anything with that money.Simply put, Jews were more than happy to be in those camps than in the war ridden germany. But there was a problem called Typhus. It was an epidemic which used to come in the war time and used to kill mostly soldiers. To contain this from spreading, every person n the camp had to be deloused. The lices which used to spread this had to removed using Zyclon B pesticide. This after the war,spinned as mass murdering gas chambers which are pure lies.

  25. 9/n
    . Prisoners were shawed thier heads and thier clothes and shoes removed before they go into these big bathrooms where they shower these hotwater which had been treated with Zyclon B to kill the Typhus lices. But the allies showed these as evidences for the supposed 6 million jewish holocaust. Whereas FDR and churchill oversaw millions of germans starve to daeth in Nuremberg concentration camp after WW2and nobody in the world today knows about it. They tortured many of the Hitler’s soldiers to give witness satement according to thier holocaust version. Whoever refused were hanged. And on the contrary, Hiltler also had many Mir jaffer’s and Jai chand’s ( remember ‘Valkyrie’ movie) who were more than happy to do so. Hitler’s army had more than 15000 jewish people as soldiers and many jewish people were in highest ranks of his army. Few were given ‘iron cross’ which is like ‘param veer chakra’ for us. But later after the germany is defeated, Stalin went against these freemason’s and he was also removed. It is to be noted that Karl Marx who brought upthe idea of Communism to the world was a jew and so was Lenin. Infact, Accd to few Jewish rabbi’s Communism is nothing but a political idea which comes out from the Talmud(the holy scripture for the Zionists).

  26. 10/10
    The So called ‘champions of freespeech and democracy’ the western elite chikens out when Subramanian Swamy and Rajeev Malhotra wrer to speak in Oxford.Their hegemony comes out calling you the moment when you question the holocaust. I think you already know that it is punishable offence in most of the europian countries to question holocaust. And all those countries are still under the central bank or the Zionist bank which has debt based jewish banking system called Usury. The jews recognise only Jewsh people as humans and others are called Goyim’s which means cattle. If you believe that Holocaust is truth then just think why shall they fear investigation into this.
    So these Freemason’s who masquerade as Christians ,including Vatican pope, are actually the members of satanic jewish cult called freemasonry. So We should know more about these occultists, then only you will be able to understand thier sinister games. I hope and pray that you heed to this request of mine and do more reaserch on these people and enlighten all the Hindu’s and Indians( easpecially Modi and BJP).
    The references:
    The entire story of Adolf Hitler
    Benjamin Friedman’s speech warning against Zionists
    [3] (watch all part 1-7)
    New World Order from the Zionists
    Supplementary reference:
    Freemosonry and all the secret societies
    John F Kennedy speech against secret societies after which he was killed.

  27. Very true!!! 'Now that the truth is out they are hiding in their hate-filled hole. None of these criminals will apologise or retract their lies – they will live dishonourably and shamelessly.' Escapists! Shameless creatures hide like rats in a sewage gutter !!! How to smoke them a challenge!! Namaste ! Ravinar, for espousing a pertinent cause in Social interest.

  28. Actually if Christians are being reconverted through ghar wapsi, it is only they who should attack the Hindus. Why would the Hindus attack the Christians over ghar wapsi?
    It is bad logic


    The article in the above link is a must read.

    1. Fantastic article and that by a Christian. Bravo.

    2. Thanks Sir. An excellent article by a Christian. Pleased and a must read for all .

  30. An excellent eye opener like the many ones earlier. The comments also show the anguish and anger of the people but is that enough and whether the damaging propoganda and choreographed attacks and maligning BJP, RSS, MODI and the majority is going to stop or are we going to stop. No. There has to be an open fight ideally with a network which can voice the views of the otherside. There are magazines and newspapers and media sites like pioneer, sunday guradian and swarajya mag but these are at best can be described as neutral and not ritght oriented or not the ones which can blatantly call the bluff of the Barkhas, RS,SGUPTAS, SAGARIKAS, NIDHIS, ARNABS AND OTHER CRONIES LIKE VINOD SHARMA, MALINI PARTHASARATHY, MANINI CHATTTERJEE, SABA NAQVI and the list will be endless. Its time the BJP seriously thinks of having a news house as its own and there will be nothing to be ashamed of having one because when the commies and congies can have n number of houses why not BJP have one. The most irritating question is when will the BJP learn. We all thought under Modi and Amit Shah we have two of the toughest politicians but they are hell bent on pacifiying the minorities which will never happen. They are by this act ignoring the majority who voted for them. Many poeple for sure would not have voted for BJP for the fact that they like the party but they would have definitely voted only for the sake of Modi becoming PM because they see MODI as a no nonsense man. But he is yet to display the qualities atleast on this front and Modi and Shah both have given considerable lead to these Chrislamists driven liberals and are looking the other way. The first message they should drive to their supporters is that remove this Sambit and Sudhanshu from spokies. Both are duds and take time to react and are never alert and therby lose considerable ground day in and day out! The need of the hour is a shrewd spokes person who can talk int he face of the liberal anchors and show them their place. Its time we all form a forum atleast and take on these pseudos for the sake of our country and our heritage. I am ready. Is there any one who can make a start and atleast form a group on net! We can all create a forum where we can take active part in social media and through net apart fromt he existing machinery of SM including twitter. The more the exchange of views and condmenations the better.

  31. Check out this article. All this has been a planned much earlier. Kudos to the Ravinar and this author to have predicted this.

    1. Excellent article and enjoyed reading comments section too. Thanks.

  32. Per Barkha Dutt, Indian culture is not Hindu culture because we are a multi-religious ...yada yada.

  33. The formula for NaMo Govt is simple:
    You try to tarnish us by spreading lies about attacks on minorities, communalism, etc, we will find the culprits and expose you all.

    Use Social media, Doordarshan and other means available, to spread the truth rather than appearing on meaningless debates on Bhendi TV, TNow and the likes. NaMo govt shouldn't worry about what foreign media thinks about them. The day they get their act together and show strength in tackling these crooks, everything will fall in line.

  34. While swapping channels (a favourite pastime of mine) this afternoon, saw a fascinating interview on a channel - Russia Today (RT). The person being interviewed was Gerald Posner who is the author of the book "God's Bankers - A History of Money & Power at the Vatican". Mr. Posner was talking about (1) the complicity of the Vatican in collaboration with the CIA & the British Intelligence to help German War criminals escape to South America in 1946 (2) the money Vatican Bank got from the Third Reich (3) How the Polish Pope, Ronald Reagan & Margaret Thatcher combined to fund the Solidarity Movement in Poland to dismantle Communism, of how $3.3 million was transferred in an SUV with false floors to Gdansk where the Solidarity movement began. Mr. Posner used a very interesting phrase, the Vatican Bank is "an equal opportunities profiteer" as it had had links with the US, British, Germans & Italians during WWII and moved away from the Germans when the tide began turning against the Third Reich. Mr. Posner also claims that Vatican Bank has "blood money" on its hands. There are some interesting reviews of the book on Amazon.

  35. I used to think NDTV was a good channel which supported what was right but now i am convinced that NDTV is a seudo-secular, pseudo feminist channel. If indian media especially english media like NDTV, Indian express and hindustan times continue to spread poison and hatred against hinduism just because it is cool, fashionable and trendy to speak against hinduism(because you are considered secular by spaeking against hinduism), i think in a 100 or so years india will also become a christian or islamic country.

    Indian mainstream media especially NDTV is trying to spread this feeling that the more you criticize hinduism, the more secular you are and this trend is really unfortunate, may god give ndtv sanity and guidance. secularism means respect of evry religion and culture not only the minorities which i agree are marginalized and hence must be supported but that does not mean that ndtv gets carte blanche to create this impression that hindutva is a foul word.

  36. The media especially most engish media is trying to give this iimpression that hinduism is a religion of impostors, when i listen to people like Barkha dutt, rajdeep, Prannoy roy or read shekhar gupta i get convinced that none of them have made any effort to understand the history and philosophy of hinduism, islam and christianity. It is really nice thing to consider all religions as equal but some religions do not teach equality and hence the follwers of those religions consider themselves to be superior theologically because that is what there religion has preached them and i assure all those reading this that hinduism is not that religion.

    As per hindu or sanatan philosophy you can pray to god in all its forms and this is the message that hindutva forces need to spread so that people become aware of the secular nature of hinduism..

  37. In our country, there is a way to defend..if someone abuses or try to defame you with lies. But we can't do anything if someone or a particular group of people deliberately spread lies with a clear intention to defame our Nation, malign people belong to a particular community(Hindus), try to destabilize our govt and ultimately try to ruin our economy...really, Hindus and Hindustan...Great(!)

  38. Cant we boycott NDTV...
    May be then they realise what they are doing ....
    Day by day it is more evident that NDTV has an ANTI-NATIONAL agenda...

  39. It is very evident the govts that ruled this country were very much with minority remote control.They could achieve their aims easily without much difficulty.Now a non-congi govt is ruling.Now their strategy is to create an anti minority image for Modi and his govt,so that they can create doubts and misunderstanding in the minds Indians and world over.The present govt is neither doing anything against minorities nor helping majority Hindus.Ultimately their aim is no HINDU or pro Hindu outfit should rule this Hindu majority Nation.AND THE FOOLHARDY HINDUS ARE ALWAYS WILLING TO BE VICTIMS !!


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