Friday, April 24, 2015

Boiling The Dead

There was no real cause for AAP to hold a rally on April 22 in Delhi. Whenever Arvind Kejriwal is on the streets there has often been violence and accidents – some of them choreographed. The Congress or AAP really don’t give a damn about farmers. Congress, in particular, has been the biggest looter of farmers and farmlands for ages. Even the loan-waiver of over 50000 crores in 2008 was a political act which won them votes in states they implemented that waiver in. Needless to say, the CAG also found that the Congress had run scams with those waiver funds (Is there any domain that Congress hasn’t scammed?). As for AAP, Arvind Kejriwal’s only reason for the rally has to be to divert from the party’s internal strife and the corruption-match between two warring groups within. By all official accounts Gajendra Singh, the supposed farmer, did not commit suicide.

Rajnath Singh’s statement in Parliament and other police comments indicate Gajendra had climbed a tree for a stunt. The crowd around him cheered, jeered and provoked him for a suicide-drama. In the chaos that followed, including some climbing the tree, Gajendra seems to have fallen to the ground and died on the spot. Was it a planned stunt? It would appear so, especially if you look at these two tweets by Aaptards:

Alka Lamba claims the tweet wasn’t made by her but by a fake handle that imitates hers. I don’t think so. Because there is a guy who replied to her tweet that included the correct handle. Somnath Bharti tweets at 2.08 pm observing the so-called suicide attempt. What kind of moron pauses to tweet about such a thing instead of rushing to stop it and ensure there’s no untoward incident? And he even has the presence of mind to claim a conspiracy? Hatched by him? That’s why the moron is an Aaptard. Lamba’s tweet claims Gajendra dead and a martyr even before anyone had pronounced him dead. It would appear all these guys knew what was going on but did not expect the end result. There are other reports that indicate Gajendra was neither poor nor a struggling farmer and was in touch with Manish Sisodia. I will not hesitate in calling all the AAP leaders unwitting accomplices to murder. Anyway, the guy died and that’s where the joy and delight began for our criminal media pimps. As usual they were ready to boil the dead man and feast on him. Nothing pleases Presstitutes more than finding a dead man to tar Modi with for no reason or rhyme. The truth about Gajendra’s death will come out in due course.

Louis Bloom is jobless. He is nothing more than a petty thief who steals stuff and sells it for cash to Fences. He wants any kind of job. He runs into a couple of freelance videographers who film accident and murder scenes and sell them to TV channels; to the one that offers the highest price. Bloom discovers his calling – he wants to be a video journalist. Naturally, it’s a fine choice for a petty thief to grow into a bigger criminal – get into the media business. Bloom starts shooting videos for money – all accident or crime scenes. Each time his films grow bigger and bolder, as do his crimes. The TV channel he sells to loves the work he does. Watch this excerpt-clip from the movie “Nightcrawler” (7.31 mins):

In the last triple murder video Bloom gets to see the murderers but doesn’t give that part of the tape to the TV channel or the police. Some of you may not have watched the movie so I won’t reveal that part. Nightcrawler is a fictional movie but TV channels are not very different in reality. NDTV, Timesnow, HeadlinesToday, Aajtak etc… all of them want blood, they want violence and they want DEATH. It makes a great lead story that you can run all day and week. As Bloom learns “If it BLEEDS… It LEADS”. This is specially so if they can somehow use suicides or murders to target ModiSarkar.

That is the real objective of Congress, AAP and our criminal media.  They are opposed to the Land Bill so they want to create situations like this which will scare farmers. The death of Gajendra has nothing to do with the Land bill or even any farmer crisis. He was a businessman with no financial crisis. All of them are not opposed to the Land Bill for any genuine reason. Can you really imagine a Sagarika or Barkha being bothered about farmers? Or can you imagine SoniaG or RahulG being bothered about farmers? Farmers have been exploited and looted by Congress and its cronies over the last 68 years. Scumbags like Vadra have made a mockery of them. Presstitutes like Shekhar Gupta own farms and properties far beyond your imagination. The IE carried a story on Gajendra owning lands and businesses. He didn’t go to the rally with any intention of killing himself whatsoever and technically he wasn’t even a farmer. A brief summary of his profile reads as follows:

It doesn’t matter whether he was a farmer in practice or not. It does matter to the media and the Opposition that they found a chance to somehow connect it to the Land Bill when there was no connection at all. Consequently, because they are opposed to the Land Bill (for whatever reasons) they are thrilled to blame it on PM Modi. There are those early orgasmers who don’t even wait for minor details to come out before shooting off garbage. Here’s Rana Ayyub (where else but on NDTV) who shed fake tears over the #RANDI tag (which is an acronym for a China-Pak project) claiming it was coined by patriots (read Hindu patriots). Tweeple had a sound name for the nonsense of this bimbo; they called it #RandiRona and predictably the moron was quick to do her fake tear-jerking:

Those in the media screaming their head off over farmer suicides and deaths were relatively quiet when their White Bosserina SoniaG was in charge. They were paid fat envelopes, given free rides on AI One, they were taken to Jaipur for that Congress “Poison” meet in 2013 in busloads and wined and dined and accommodated in 5-star hotels. All that is over. Thus, apart from their intrinsic hatred for Modi (Being Hindu, BJP, RSS and all that) they also hate him because he is not corrupt and doesn’t give them a joyride. So they will tar him for every bogus reason they can lay their dirty fingers on. For over 50 years of Congress rule the poor and farmers have been fooled with slogans. In Pune, under Congress govt, farmers were even shot and killed by police over a dam-pipeline being offered to “Corporate industrial” zone. And having ruled the country the longest, the Congress naturally has more farmer-deaths on its hands than any other party:

But reason, logic or truth is not and never has been an ingredient for our Presstitutes. They just want to tar ModiSarkar as anti-farmer, anti-poor and stop the GOI from passing any substantial laws or reforms in parliament. That’s their game. As for Arvind Kejriwal – the man doesn’t want his job as CM and I have said that before. He actually wants something bigger; probably wants to be some Mahatma. A CM getting down to the streets and behaving like a street thug like Rajdeep. A CM has enough powers to compensate and do the right thing by farmers who have suffered crop damage or a financial crunch. AK doesn’t give two hoots about any of that. He just wants to do his item numbers every now and then on the streets which can keep him alive in media. This time it bombed and his posters in Delhi have been painted with the tag “murderer”. This guy wants to save farmers?

He didn’t visit them but ensured a ruckus in Delhi leaving behind another mess. He brought death to the delight of media criminals. A Congress bootlicker like Hindustan Times did it splendidly with a grand headline that should educate you on how to politically use the death of a person like Gajendra in the middle of a political rally:

First they said he committed suicide due to crops damaged by rains – which has no connection to Land Bill. Then they claimed financial woes. All of that was nothing but a truckload of nonsense. Most of the editors in our media, particularly TV, are no different than Louis Bloom. They love filth, blood, murder as much as he does – If it bleeds, it leads. I have written before that the media needs a strong Watchdog. This is no more about biased reporting or opinions. This is about criminal intentions, lying and slandering for political purposes. Jaitley sleeps! Our media loves deaths – farmer or anyone else. They love deaths because it gives them eyeballs. Even after death they won’t spare their political agenda. They will boil the dead, add their own spice and masala and use the corpse for their sick agenda.

PS: I do recommend the movie “Nightcrawler” for those who haven’t watched it. It is fiction, but a realistic portrayal of media criminals, producers and anchors

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What A Fool Believes

All of us introspect sometimes. We introspect over things we said or did that went wrong. We introspect when the best laid plans produce the wrong results. We introspect when sales targets aren’t met. What kind of person with a public office and responsibility runs away and hides for 56 days and his bootlickers claim he was introspecting? The childish conduct of Rahul Gandhi in disappearing for 56 days is nothing short of absconding – a fugitive. For him or his sycophants to claim he was “introspecting” is the kind of slapstick comedy one can find in a Chaplin movie. So when he finally returned, they all went into Rapture like the second coming of Jesus. Rapture is a belief among Christians that Jesus will return for a second time, raise the dead (and the living) and take them up in the air to meet the Lord. That is what a sick Congress and their lackeys in the media hope – that RahulG will raise their dead party and also the Presstitutes with dead integrities in the media.

So the Congress-Jesus who has returned to save them gave an audience to the poor and wretched on Sunday, April 19. He addressed a farmer’s rally. Forget the part that many farmers got drunk and vomited at the venue and many left before Pappu even started speaking. What he demonstrated was that a 44-year old runaway with no talent for politics or public service and no thinking skills cannot change with any amount of introspection. That is assuming he is even capable of any introspection. Most of us have a good estimate of why this juvenile retard had disappeared for 56 days but let us assume that he was in good mental and physical condition and really attempted introspection. He returned, he was relaunched and he gave proof he can only blabber and nothing has changed. This lame nonsense that even a Class-3 kid wouldn’t say is what he came up with:

Where factual records are concerned, the only politician-farmer who took dummy loans to quickly return the favour is none other than the Gandhi-farmer called Robert Vadra. He took loans to buy land and sell them back to his loaner at phenomenal profits. Ditto the fake Gandhis in what they did with National Herald. Well, street thug Rajdeep Sardesai would naturally ask “where is the fraud”? Fraudsters like other fraudsters – it’s a simple rule.

If the Congress thinks Pappu’s moronic statements (gleefully quoted widely by media) are going to impress farmers then they must be bigger fools than Pappu himself. But they don’t have any other option to play with. Of course, the Presstitutes went into a collective orgasm imagining their darling Pappu came and conquered everything. Every time he speaks they discover a new messiah. They discovered a changed person who dispenses the greatest wisdom unknown to sages from ancient India. They slobber over him like he’s the political Deepak Chopra or Benny Hinn. It is not reason. It is not that these Presstitutes are dumb. They just cling on to this stupidity because it’s their only hope for a relaunch of their Lutyens luxuries and a return to their corrupt ways of life, a return to pimping and eating in the corridors of power. They hope that someday this two-bit man-child will take them back to the glorious corrupt days of luxury. You just have to be reminded how the slaves licked his nonsense after the 2013 Jaipur speech too. They love the scripted “poison” this fool dispenses.

After his return, RahulG thumps his chest in manufactured rage and gives a speech in parliament trashing ModiSarkar. This time someone gave him the phrase it’s a Sarkar of “Suit and Boot”. And the media again went into multiple orgasms just like they did after his speech at Jaipur:

The little school girls are thrilled to bits. And there is one moron called Chaubeji who now refers to Pappu as a General using the Congress hashtag #RahulRoars. Of course, he’s a neutral journo, isn’t he? But as someone pointed out on Twitter, stupid folks like Chaubeji totally ignored the work of a real General in Yemen but are happy to discover a General in the runaway bride. Barkha is a bit cautious. She says “let’s see where he takes it from here” because as Pappu’s “Evoluter” she has burnt her fingers and her heart before. She knows Pappu will inevitably relaunch himself as a Joker (a party colleague called him that) and so do the others. Where does he even pick up the “suit” stuff? Obviously, some Americanised Indian lackey of his must have briefed him. In America, top corporate and govt executives are often referred to as “suits”.  

Every time the party or country faces a crisis – Pappu runs. During the Uttarakhand floods he ran to Spain. After the 26/11 attacks he ran to a party. His party is reduced to 44 in parliament he runs again for nearly 2 months. And his meaningless speech with no substance whatsoever delights the Presstitutes. Remember, this is the same guy who said BJP may have built great roads but you can’t eat roads. There is no dearth of his pearls of stupid utterances and I have listed many of them in a previous post – The king of comedy. And when he runs, he leaves the same old “unsuited and unbooted” fossils from his party to hold fort for him and warm his seat. Another wag remarked he should have at least left his Chappals behind so that slave Congis and media pimps could place it on a chair and worship them. The only other person who can match such sycophancy and slavery is street thug Rajdeep:

Your takeaway? Nice! Observe the clever trickery of this Presstitute. That the Congress is a dynastic party is not someone’s opinion or imagination. It’s borne out by their practices and established beyond question. But Congress pimp Rajdeep equates that loathsome feature with a juvenile comment like suit-boot as if it becomes an established fact because a fool blabbers it. This is how media pimps earn their brokerage. You see, there is not much to trash ModiSarkar with. Modi has gotten lot of investments, the evacuation from Yemen is not something to brag about but it demonstrates the potential of India which Congress suppressed for years. There is no sex-scandal or scam to scream about. So the Presstitutes have to rejoice in the foolish utterances of Pappu. It’s their only solace. In the process they also proved they are racist pigs as C5M does here:

If Behenji has sore-throat you ridicule her and recommend Vicks. Why? Because she’s black and a Desi that can be ridiculed? But oh; the White-woman has a sore-throat but she’s a real fighter. Giriraj Singh of BJP was right. If SoniaG was a Black Nigerian RajivG would perhaps have not married her. And if he had, our racist media pimps would have poured scorn on her just as they do on other Indians because of colour. A TN Congress leader recently praised RajivG’s fair skin and called Modi a Chimpanzee. I am in no doubt that most top Congis and most Lutyens Presstitutes are racists who despise Indians from the depth of their heart.

I have mentioned before that a less than 1% population of the Lutyens variety loathes and hates the remaining 99%. Their prejudice and contempt for ordinary folks comes out over and over again in their utterances. This is from the same “Ugly Indian males” woman. And they know RahulG is a Pappu and they can’t praise Modi, so somehow praise SoniaG as a wonderful fighter and her speech as passionate. In fact, SoniaG is a terrible speaker and doesn’t connect anymore. If she and Pappu made any sense they wouldn’t have ended up with 44. And what does it say about Mamma Mia that at age 44 and 11 years in parliament she discovers the little boy can actually speak? What is routine for most MPs is a miracle for the moron. SoniaG should be beatified for recognising a miracle? Very touching motherly pride! But people are wiser and they know the truth as the Monk himself accidentally blurted out on April 16 before RahulG returned to grace this land again:

That was on Headlines Today where Rajdeep was talking about his book-promotion tours and he mentioned youthful audiences laughed just at the mention of Pappu’s name. People aren’t dumb and Presstitutes aren’t that bright.

A horse, a horse, a kingdom for my horse…
I haven’t had a win in six months

That’s what bugs our Presstitutes. They haven’t had any major win except for the fluke AAP victory in the Senior Municipality of Delhi. That too has crushed their dreams because AAP is now on a “Self-destruct-everyday” mode. So they have to prop up the failed Pappu as the “roaring” lion when he is actually a mere yowling Puppy. Not everybody is a liar who refuses to recognise the hypocrisies of the Nehru-Gandhi clan. These Lutyens hypocrites have been rightly called by some as they should be for their fakery:

And how much do these fake Gandhis from Lutyens really know or care about farmers. The MSM could suppress the truth earlier but with SM and Twitter, people are now quickly picking up their past quotes and stupid utterances instantly. Here’s what father of Pappu really uttered (Check the Outlook article “Educating Sonia”):

What a fool believes, he sees … No wise man has the power, to reason away”. And we cannot. His own party colleague has called him a “cameo” and I call him an Item-girl. All we can do is laugh and ridicule this never-ending moronery of Pappu, Congis and their slave Presstitutes. After his speech Pappu patted himself on his back again, just like he did after his self-titled game-changer speech during the Lokpal debate. After his Jaipur speech the same fools in Congress and their Presstitutes called it the Obama-moment. We all know where that moment went. Polls on Rediff and Hindustan Times (after the relaunch Kisan rally) show over 72% of people doesn’t buy the nonsense of Congress and their fake concerns for farmers or the poor anymore. There is now a medium more powerful than MSM that educates people on facts and truth - SM. The only fools are ones in the MSM and it’s just another season of comedy from Congress for everyone.

Footnote: The “Suit-Boot” maybe a metaphor but people on Twitter were quick to identify who are the real suits and boots. They quickly put together pics of the Nehru-Gandhi clan which is all Suit, Boot… and Loot! And I doubt that is metaphor (The sable coat of Sonia is more expensive than mink – gifted by Russia. A decade ago it was estimated to be worth over 50 lakhs. Sonia retained it as personal property). From the Ambani-empire to Bofors and all other scams, the criminal politician-big business nexus was established by none other than the Gandhis – the true suits and boots.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Jaitley's Dilemma

(This is a MaxiPost)

#ShameOnArunJaitley trended at the top on Twitter on April 14. He should be wondering why although I don’t think he really gives a damn. There are politicians who are mass leaders, like Narendra Modi, and there are politicians with nothing who have to survive by cultivating friends in the Lutyens Scotch circuit of which the media Presstitutes form an important component. The reason for the shame-trend for Arun Jaitley was another appearance with Barkha Dutt on NDTV. This trend was not hammered by opponents of BJP but their own supporters. It is not so much contempt for Jaitley as it is for Barkha Dutt and NDTV. This channel is known to be anti-Modi, anti-BJP and a Congress doormat. For me, all that is less important. For me, it is that NDTV is anti-Hindu, an anti-national criminal channel which needs to be prosecuted for multiple reasons. This lovey-dovey nonsense between Jaitley of BJP and Barkha with frequent “exclusive” interviews was going to repulse BJP supporters at some point. And it reached boiling point on April 14.

AJ has no sense of public sentiments or his ear to the ground. Imagine, the guy lost an election when there was a Modi-wave across the country. People are certain Navjot Singh Siddhu (the former MP from Amritsar) would have waltzed home with a victory. His cultivation of media crooks to rally for him has long been known in political and media circles. Now it’s known to the general public as well. His official residence is 9, Ashok Road but that operates as the warehouse of BJP’s media cell. AJ doesn’t stay there. Nobody in the Opposition or in the media ever asks why. Even among BJP supporters AJ was suspected to be a manipulator and part of what is known as D4. Here is what one report states:

Do read the report I have linked. It quotes articles that explain the loss of BJP in 2004 and the downslide of the party from thereon. It took Modi to revive its fortunes. Let’s take a detour and read this little clip:

Speaking to property dealers and neighbourhood home-owners, I compiled a list, which may not be exhaustive, of properties reportedly owned by Gupta or registered in his name. There is the Delhi house near IIT, and the farmhouse in Saanp Ki Nagli, which Gupta said he purchased from Maneka Gandhi’s family in 1995. Two villas (one a 1,005-square-yard plot) in EMAAR-MGF developments in Gurgaon. Also in Gurgaon, a plot in DLF’s Alameda project and a house in the National Media Centre. The Malcha Marg apartment. A house in Asiad Village, which Gupta gifted his daughter after she got married (the ceremony was at Arun Jaitley’s official residence). He also partially funded his son’s residence in London”.

That little burst is from a huge dossier on Shekhar Gupta that Caravan magazine carried in December 2014. The matter of SG and his extraordinary wealth is a different story. SG is also a Congress Presstitute but just focus on one line in that para – the daughter’s marriage – “the ceremony was at Arun Jaitley’s residence”. No matter what your political persuasion, almost all major Presstitutes were in the durbar of AJ. But there are also many in the Presstitute Club of India who are deeply wary of how AJ manipulates media through his durbaris so to say. Here is one who echoes many others in the media as soon as AJ was made I&B minister:

Prof R Vaidya of IIM Bangalore is a BJP sympathiser and often defends the party policies on TV and in writing. This tweet (which I think was during another of those 923676 exclusive AJ-BD interviews) should tell you something:

Fantastic, isn’t it? And it is true as well. I remember two instances when AJ was trashed in the media though. One was a TOI blog which accused him of accumulating bogus funds and AJ responded with a notice and TOI had to retract. The other, a recent one, was a paper that accused him of using Naval choppers for private use in Goa. This too he rejected and the paper retracted. So, let us say AJ isn’t corrupt and is right in defending his reputation on that count perfectly. But for a person who defends his reputation so ferociously what does he do about crimes by media? And I am not talking petty crimes like bias or bogus reporting like the Rambo type. I am talking serious financial crimes which is what public figures have been accusing NDTV of. Earlier it trended as #NDTVPCWedding which referred to former FM P. Chidambaram. Since then many people have written to AJ to act against NDTV including Ram Jethmalani, KPS Gill and most importantly S. Gurumurthy.

S. Gurumurthy is a columnist and a CA and a BJP sympathiser. He tweeted a whole dossier about NDTV’s FinCrimes and how an IT officer was victimised on various counts by the PC-NDTV combine. In case you haven’t seen it, someone has Storified the whole dossier and it makes terrible reading. The story is titled NDTV Tax frauds and it has been going on since long. Apart from abusing Modi, creating fake quotes and headlines and a lot of other bogus reports NDTV has routinely indulged in anti-BJP slander. Before the LS elections BJP banned it for a few days for a bogus tweet that quoted Sushma Swaraj. Has AJ forgiven all other crimes of this criminal channel? Barkha, in particular, with whom AJ appears ever so frequently has been named by Modi as one of the inciters of tension in parts of Gujarat in 2002. I know it because I’ve watched both Barkha and Rajdeep inciting passions on TV quite viciously at that time. Barkha’s histrionics and excessive inflammatory reporting is quite well known to all.

Let’s put the past behind. Recently, in the Church attack fraudulent reporting NDTV was the one who carried out a sinister campaign against BJP and ModiSarkar. The way NDTV concocted stories is acceptable to AJ? Or is he just pure blind and only his pathetic self-survival is important. Read Church Crimes – How NDTV concocts anti-Hindu slander. Also read NDTV’s Wanton Treachery and their crimes against Modi and India as a whole. It was NDTV that concocted all the fraudulent church attack stories and linked it to Ghar Wapsi. And AJ goes to that channel and answers to Barkha’s crap questions? And it is not that he merely answered them, there is something even more stupid. Here you go; read this tweet as carefully as you can:

On the face of it there is nothing wrong with the tweet. Is there? But he says “most” church attacks weren’t communal? So there were some that were communal? Anyway, let’s not indulge in nitpicking – that may just be bad wording because he picked it up from NDTV’s text. But here’s a question that is very serious:

This is a minister with a mic and the entire media ears at his command. He says the church attacks weren’t communal and seeks media to tell the truth and who does he quote? He quotes himself with a Via NDTV! Is this guy saying he wouldn’t have tweeted this or made this statement in a presser unless his stupid Town-hall with Barkha had happened? Is this what ministers do? This is nothing short of tomfoolery. He is quoting his own statement and crediting the source to NDTV when he should have made this statement much earlier and demanded media to speak the truth because the whole church-attack campaign by NDTV and others was fraudulent and agenda-driven. Is he also implying foolishly that he would have never made this statement if the NDTV Townhall crap had never happened? Is this the responsibility he owes to the people? This statement should have been publicly made to the entire media by him or some responsible minister in the govt much earlier when facts were out. This goes as VIA NDTV as if the criminal channel which concocted the fraud was the one to bring home the truth. Tragic, simply tragic! It didn’t end there, AJ made another grand statement:

Is that so? Let’s see – NDTV (earlier under StarNews) has been abusing BJP since 1999 (from the Kandahar episode that I remember), then 2002 for a decade, calling people on their show who called Modi mass-murderer and other names. Their bimbos rapped even the SC (with a UK MP) when it found no case against Modi, they’ve concocted all kinds of fake statements attributing them to BJP leaders, they concocted and internationalised the fake church-attack story and even got a lying Nun from Sophia College to brand ModiSarkar as the Nazi regime and this same Barkha defended that too. Did you look away? No! On the contrary you appear all too frequently on this channel like used cars keep appearing in the parking lot of resale-cars. Look away? Who are you; the new Mahatma as the satire pic suggests?

What is the job of an I&B minister? To hand out govt doles to select media houses and buy friendship, loyalty and favourable coverage? Doesn’t the minister have any responsibility to try and create a truly autonomous body (instead of self-appointed media crooks) which will act as a Watchdog over media crimes? That media excesses with lies, fraudulent and defamatory reports warrant stringent punishment? If you want to look the other way when media commits excesses then quit your job as I&B minister and let someone who is concerned about our corrupt media take over. You can keep your durbar and still enjoy it but let someone else do some sincere work on the media front. Nobody is calling for vengeance but the corrupt Indian media does seriously need a watchdog with powers and not stupid coffee shops like PCI or NBA.

And then on the question of Gen VK Singh making that Presstitutes comment about some media folks AJ tells Barkha he shouldn’t have used the word. Why? That term has found major acceptance with the public because that’s what the journos close to AJ really are. Why trash your colleague in public? You could have politely said it was just a sarcastic expression or it was VKS’ personal opinion off the cuff.  AJ shirked the question over #BazaruMedia it seems. Is that a more acceptable term for him for the Presstitutes? I guess one of the serious drawbacks of AJ is that he has no connection with people on the ground or ordinary people. He still seems to be in the Lutyens club where media durbaris are his best sources and informers. Someone tweeted a very stinging description of AJ’s survival philosophy and I consider it pretty close to the truth:

Pretty harsh tweet but unelected and unelectable people do need the crutches of media to survive in the Lutyens Club of politics. And do people develop a general random dislike of someone’s practices? Would AJ believe that people form perceptions about him for no rhyme or reason? If so, why would people like Hartosh Bal or TheAshutosh and many others in the media also form similar perceptions? The only logical answer I can think of is that AJ has developed proximity to a coterie of Presstitutes that brings about such contempt for him as #ShameOnArunJaitley. Others from BJP also appear on NDTV and other channels. Some get criticised for being silly on TV. AJ is hardly silly on TV or in the Parliament or anywhere. He is an intelligent, articulate person. So why is he the object of such intense contempt by his own party supporters? That is something he needs to ponder about but here is a small clue. On the day AJ became active on Twitter I asked him this question:

The above quote is from the late Vinod Mehta’s book Lucknow Boy. AJ has indeed created the perception that he is protecting Barkha and certain media crooks. That is something for him to answer. I am quite positive Vinod Mehta is not so extreme a rumour-monger so as to put down such a thing in writing. I would prefer to go by what he says unless AJ denies it. And if he indeed did protect media crooks then he is worthy of the contempt he is earning. There is a dedicated blog called Sonia’s Agents prominently featuring AJ. I don’t agree with the entire content but why is he generating such articles? Do people hate him for mere fun to write this stuff? And the tweet on the left about alleged meddling with ED investigations into Aircel-Maxis doesn’t exactly paint a bright picture of AJ. Why is AJ giving an impression that he would protect the corrupt? This news clip does not help that image either (If a thief returns the money, case closed?):

Psychological studies on impact of moving images on TV and the shrill noises anchors and reporters make have been on since early 1970s. Frequent appearances on TV do create revulsion among viewers, especially so if you keep appearing on a channel and with a Presstitute that are held in contempt by almost all of your own supporters. They create a sense of fear, disgust and anger:

During the LS campaign Modi appeared on almost all major channels – all except NDTV. There was one attempt to get him on NDTV through Newslaundry. A clever trick that I called Surrogate Interview. A few days later Modi cancelled the NL-Facebook event when he realised the platform was NDTV. If Modi is so religiously avoiding this criminal channel then why is such a senior minister like AJ constantly featuring on this channel? And I wouldn’t find anything wrong if Modi did appear once in a while on NDTV either. It is that Arun Jaitley is seen more often with Barkha and NDTV as if they are under some contract or obligation. And if this sends BJP supporters into a rage it is because the channel has been spewing vicious venom against the party, against Hindus, against India for many years. I have documented their crimes in many posts on this site. Is AJ blind to all of that? That is what is really enraging BJP supporters and those who are neutral to him.

Even otherwise some ministers in BJP are TV-hugging creatures. Nitin Gadkari, Devendra Phadnavis, Smriti Irani are other examples. As soon as Phadnavis became CM he went on a TV yatra. Fortunately, he has got into business and makes less appearances now, so too Gadkari. And these guys, along with AJ, turn up to launch books by all and sundry in the media anytime anywhere. Apparently Modi has immense trust in AJ and that is a good thing. It would be a phenomenal disaster if AJ also turns out to cause his downfall by his penchant to promote tainted media persons. And Barkha and NDTV are among the most disliked media people, at least among BJP supporters. What is happening is that the contempt people hold for Barkha and NDTV is being transferred to Arun Jaitley. Here’s another warning by a BJP supporter:

I have chopped off parts of the pic to keep it smaller. Indian Express recently hurled a lot of fake stories, fake report on Gujarat schools which repulses readers. Smriti Irani and other ministers seem oblivious to the crimes of media scoundrels. What disgusts supporters is that the SM battles these criminals every single day while the media-hugging ministers seem oblivious to all of it and are nonchalant in their craving for stupidity. What happens? This encourages extreme pigs like Outlook to write more crap about Smriti (over her CCTV episode) and then they play victim. This image wasn’t created by me and the fact it resembles someone closely is no coincidence either:

I doubt people want govt to strangle or kill the media. But Arun Jaitley holds a powerful position, even though the public has rejected him. One of the promises Modi made in his campaign is that the corrupt will be prosecuted. People are not impatient and they don’t expect miracles. But the perception that Modi’s Finance and I&B minister is a friend of the corrupt will eventually deal a bad hand to Modi and none else. AJ appears to give the impression he is not too in sync with the party or GOI. The problem with Jaitley, as it was with his close friend and former FM Chidambaram, who has the title of “Friend, father and philosopher of black money” by Ram Jethmalani, is that AJ gives that impression. PC had to eventually make a disgraceful exit from electoral politics. Don’t wish for such titles.