Friday, March 13, 2015

Sick BBC & NDTV - Cultural-Rapists

During the 20th century there was hardly a country or state that the British and Americans weren’t involved in wars with. Some wars still continue. Of the Western lot the British were undeniably the most uncivilised and violent invaders and occupiers for centuries. The Dutch, the Portuguese or the French were just a few steps behind. Even little Belgians didn’t leave the Congo alone. There isn’t a country in what was poor Asia, Africa, Latin America or the Middle East that these uncivilised rogues had not invaded and occupied. They didn’t come with just swords and guns; they came with something equally dangerous – Christianity. It is an irony that these barbaric marauders were called “civilised countries”. Even today civilisation evades them as they grapple with their decaying societies, their remnants from Sodom and Gomorrah take a grip on their people, pedophiles in their churches, crystal meth and heroin roaming their streets and dominating their youth. How do you then invade a country like India again?

Fake reports in media aren’t a new thing for the uncivilised West. They have a record of accomplices in the media that supported the bogus war against Iraq by the US. They have a record of fake reports in the Middle East that led to bogus battles in Beirut in 1982. Ours is too vast a country to attack anymore, so the next best thing is tar our culture and society as a nation of rapists. The other option is to tar anyone who represents or stands for the Hindu culture and society. Combine both – like the BBC and NDTV, and you have a winning combination of extreme filth. It is, therefore, not surprising that an unknown bimbo called Leslie Udwin from the BBC was given permission by the Catholic-Sonia regime in India to do the most unthinkable – allow this bimbo to make a documentary on the Nirbhaya rapists. Of course, the uneducated Sonia is perhaps not aware of goings-0n in the world or the statistics of rapes. That is immaterial. It is not about rapes; it is about abusing a culture. And then, typically, when the GOI issued an advisory not to air this spiteful video, the British woman gladly claims her voice was being suppressed. SICKO!

A sick society? Coming from a moron who lives in a society which has 1000 of young girls raped? A country that protects pedophiles? That is as sick as Britain is. There have been hundreds of cases and reports of over 1400 young girls raped in Rotherham in England and she calls India a sick society? These 1400 may not be the only cases, sick British society and establishment helped bury a lot of other cases. This so-called documentary maker had her accomplices in India who helped her. Sushil Kumar Shinde, then HM in July 2013, claimed he didn’t give the permission for the documentary. Apparently, it was kickboxer RPN Singh of the Home Ministry who did. Here’s the best part – the BBC’s sick rape-accomplice NDTV grandly announces a world premiere of the documentary as if it were another Bollywood film:

The connection of criminals is just fascinating. There is a producer called Anjali Bhushan who vamoosed. There is Ford Foundation who funded it. It is only stupid Indian media and many stupid Indians who believe this was not meant to tar Hindu culture. The whole orgy of this deliberate crime is sequenced here. This can be measured by how the sound-bites were twisted and relayed through-out the world. Here’s a rapist the criminal BBC prominently featured:

Put out the nonsensical sound-bite from a rapist and murderer and then paint it as the general view of all of Indian society. That is how sick BBC and NDTV are. A documentary requires balance and truthfulness; Udwin’s perversion has neither. It just reflects how perverted BBC is and how perverted their channel and partner NDTV are. After all, the one hosting one of the shows on rape-delight was none other than Sonia Singh, wife of the kickboxer RPN Singh of the Congress party and then MoS for Home under whom this grand documentary was made. This is also the same BBC that covers up rape-crimes in England. This is also the same BBC that covers-up investigations into sexual offences in their own organisation. You know; even Islamic countries where rape-victims are considered the offenders and given death or lashes in public cooperated in furthering the Christian agenda. Here’s Kuwait Times:

The views of the rapist in the documentary neither reflect the views of Indians or a majority of Indians. But it is handy to tar Hindu culture because the rapist promoted bears a Hindu name. The trickery is very clever and can be easily missed. The West is a gathering of decaying people who organise “SLUT WALKS” to proclaim their freedom (from whatever). And what were the posters they were carrying? Here’s a pic from the New York slut walk in 2011. These were posters from a John Lennon song:

Lennon’s song did say “Woman is the nigger of the world”. He had no misunderstanding of how the West treats their women. Who’s the nigger here? Mind you, at first there was revolt and protest against his song but the West accepted he was right and his song was recognised for being so bluntly truthful. And these jokers from the West want to lecture Indian society on how it treats its women? India has problems – plenty of it. This includes how our women are treated. But parents do care how they dress and how late they stay out. It is not a limitation of freedom. It is a natural instinct for safety of children. If the stupid British cared that much for their girl-children they wouldn’t have so many rapes which are neither prosecuted nor reported in their media. There are individuals in England who have raped hundreds of young girls. And someone who has been fighting their crimes had the following to tweet:

There must be a reason. This is a reason our corrupt media, our Christian-media like NDTV will not tell you. This documentary was to be having a “World Premiere” according to NDTV just close to the International Women’s Day. These are nonsensical “Days” that the West uses to market useless products and which a large number of stupid Indians buy. On this so-called Women’s Day I saw many stalls in prominent places in some cities where young women work and live. What were the women manning these stalls doing? They were handing out bananas, an envelope with a printed note and a chocolate. What did the note say? It said all about joining some stupid Christian mission to promote the welfare of women. These sick Christian NGOs use Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Dog’s Day – Oops! Do they have a Dog’s Day yet? I don’t know if it is official but all other days for them are Dog Days. Stupid Indian media promotes these days and gullible Indians buy it too.

The rape-video comes from a sick BBC, from sick Britain and sick NDTV. This is not to really understand the psychology of a crime or a rapist. Scientists are indeed working to understand how sick, evil brains work (read report). This wasn’t a study to understand evil brains. This is to tar an entire society with a crime. Our GOI is foolish and spineless in not standing up to the constant nonsense of intolerance thrown at India. Govts are mostly corrupt. It is only people who can find their spine and reject this Western nonsense.


  1. Sir, as always, you hit the nail on the head! What a pleasure to read the 'truth' about these sick societies! Pot calling the kettle black?!

  2. Take it media biatches, MC is back with a bang and there goes your sleep!!!! Welcome back!!!!

  3. Well said. Hope our Govt. has spine for each and every issue concerning our society. Jihadi media as shown above needs to close its shop.

  4. Asia, Africa and other places were rich in many ways before the invasions by West. In India even the Mughal invasion was not able to siphon out the wealth. The systematic loot of India carried out by the civilized western nations would shame any society, leave alone civilized. On top of that we are led to believe that British gave us a lot of goodies like "Railways". If you juxtapose it with the loot from India, the cost is insignificant. Estimates are in hundreds of trillion dollars. They also used Indians for fighting their wars. In effect British rule helped India slide down from second highest GDP in the world in early 1700's to the bottom rungs of the GDP ladder. I would be happy if Leslee Udwin does a self introspection of their culture and makes a documentary on the same.

    BTW what kind of sick minds would light a candle in memory of a rape victim and then pose laughing in front of cameras. Leslee Udwin and the Hollywood ladies were seen doing the same and that picture was in the front pages of "The Hindu". Our ever so liberal media which wasted a lot of ink on Modi suit hurting the sensibilities of "poor India" did not care a dime about "Udwinites" hurting the sensibilities of "humane India".

    Every passing day our media probes newer depths in un-objective journalism.

  5. If you just search on Internet you will find sexual scandals within church, outside church, sex/rapes by teachers with the children, sex by incest where the father, brother uncle who have kept their victims in captivity for years together. All this is happening within United Kingdom, Europe and US where ever these corrupt media is showing "India's daughter".

    The extreme form of protection in the Indian society about women came in existence in this part of the world, because of the barbaric Muslim and Christian invaders. Before these invaders came here in India, India was so much open society that even nudes and sexual poses are carved on Indian temples and caves. There were wonderful celebration of sexual feelings in Sanskrit literature, the language which "SICKULR" MSM hate. Vasant Sena was a prostitute by today's standards but was a heroine of the famous play in sanskrit and was well respected and wealthy in that society.

    The pardha and Sati tradition in India came in to existence because of the rapist Muslim invaders. The pardha and Sati tradition was an extreme form of protection from these rapist invaders. In today's society the restriction imposed on the girl child is a form of utmost care and protection as Ravinarji says. It is the natural impulse about them whom you love the most. Otherwise there were several examples like "Jhansi Ki Rani" "Ahilya Devi Holkar" who were great fighters and warriors who made a place for themselves in the history in this same society. Or Draupadi who married 5 husbands and was well accepted and respected.

    The NDTV and similar MSM channels employ only Macaulay Putra and Putris. They do not know anything about India's traditions and history. They do not have any other qualification than their accented English. So they think only UK, Europe and US are the storehouse of the wisdom. Shame on you MSM.

    Where ever NDTV is involved, it has to be a pervert reporting/documentary in the name of freedom of expression, be it on Gujarat since 2002 or today in case of "India's Daughter"

  6. Whats there to follow and take sermons on womanhood from a society where the very idea of God is pure Masculine and the power of a woman to influence is considered as a big sin. These societies are ignorant and confused.There is no hope from them. I still however have little hope left in the Indian youth that they would stir their souls to seek for wisdom and understand what the absolute truth is.

  7. People should be able to watch the video to be able to decide..!

  8. Very good article - attacks on our culture will need to be defended with facts and with all the might possible in the social media. If the likes of NDTV have to be brought down, let us not expect the government to do it and government won't do it. A few more will be born like rakhtabijasurs. It will have to be done by better 'selling' of the richness of our culture to our newer generation than bad mouthing about the rest. This 'selling' is not something we are not good at. In fact, a lot of us get offended by it. Young generation would need to be developed as discerning citizens who can evaluate and judge better. They will when they realize what is at stake if the cultural profile of this country changes. This is the same principle as you advocate -"change the way you consume news". This thought process will need to be strengthened among our young generation. This is the only way sickos like BBC and NDTV will be marginalized. As far as government is concerned, I don't know if the government is corrupt or not though it appears that they are not doing much about anti-national agendas. It may look like a weakness of a government which was elected by majority of people who expect them to take care of majority interests. I will give them the benefit of doubt until I know more about their game plan rather than judging them too soon.

  9. A good honest work & a bad work has one difference-Intentions and that is easily visible when you watch that India’s Daughter Documentary. This was indeed an attempt to malign the image of a resurgent nation and it’s society but we can’t disassociate ourselves from the derogatory remark made by many Indians in the documentary. In a recently conducted survey of teenager students in India shows that around 55% of young students things that provocative dressing of women is reason for them being get raped.
    We have to think as a society where we are leading and that with or without seeing this documentary. This documentary may be just a triggering point for that debate and we seriously need to introspect as a society.
    Just see ads on our TV and see how women are depicted in those ads- Just as a sex object. See ant Deo or soap or cold drink ads, in most of these women are shown in derogatory way. If we do that, we wouldn’t need a Danny Boyle or Leslee Udwin to show us mirror.

    1. I totally agree with you. It is not only in India. It is all over the world. But in the developed world women have financial freedom and so can decide their path. But being a weaker gender by nature they are taken advantage of everywhere.

  10. India has long history of spineless law ministers and ministries and hence to expect something will be done is extremely rare. Why these private channels cannot be straggled, do not know for the amount of false information and damage they do to country India, they do not have any patriotism left in them or their organization. This can only be done by applying third degree bamboo stick beatings in a closed room. I do not expect BJP govt will do anything better for they are sending their spokes person to those very channels for debates instead of boycotting them.
    The Priya Pilla Green peace activist case is another example that Govt does not have a proper solicitor general to guide the ministry to put forth its case properly.... how can an Indian Judge say it is legal for a person to breast beating and tell world about the rapes or power plants pollution ....etc. and not to the its immediate society.... who is this judge... his pants should be stripped and made to run naked... what type of judge is he.... he should be asked to prove that he is a male first and then only given the post of judge...

  11. Fairest outside
    Darkest inside
    Treacherous Whites
    Bible&Gun in either hand
    Ruined civilizations
    Grabbed land & wealth
    Have a face to preach

  12. First and foremost the film is NOT about Indian culture, it is about North Indian culture. India is not a mono cultural society, it is a multi cultural society and there is not reason to believe that all cultures are on the same page as regards women's rights, status of women etc. "In the backdrop of the Delhi gangrape case, noted singer-songwriter Rabbi Shergill feels that women-loving culture is absent in the Northern part of our country, and a push is needed on part of the government to bring a change in this attitude.
    "Up North, we don't particularly have a women-loving culture. Women have to think twice while going out," Shergill told.
    However, in Goa and Maharashtra, they have a nice women respecting culture, he noted."- PTI, Panaji, 26/12/2012

    1. Yeah . Right. Thats why Scarlett Keeling was murdered in Goa. Same women loving culture eh. Or perhaps the rapist and murderer was a north Indian man?

    2. Was she gang raped and brutalised like Nirbhaya? I don't think so. So we are definitely not talking about the same thing. Sure no region has a monopoly over rapes or murders but comparisons are always possible on the basis of facts and figures. I am not interested in a tu-tu main, but if you want to debate the issue you are always welcome. And yes there is my standard "put your money where your mouth is offer" prove my assertions wrong and take Rs1 lac from me, or pay me Rs 1 lac is you can't prove me wrong. And don't jump the gun, I would say the same thing if the problem was with south, or west or east.

    3. Please let us not pretend that rape is a north Indian phenomenon. Here is an extract from the Wikipedia page of the Deputy chairman of Rajya Sabha:

      P. J. Kurien of Vennikulam, is a Member of the Indian National Congress Party and the Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha (Upper house of Parliament) from August 21, 2012
      Kurien was accused in the Suryanelli rape case. The case involved the sexual assault and harassment of a 16-year-old Indian girl for about 40 days by several men. Dharmarajan, also accused in the case, spoke to a regional TV station about driving Kurien to the location where the victim alleges the rape occurred. He later retracted this statement. Dharmarajan has since been charged. Many other witnesses have testified that they saw Kurien at the location of the alleged rape. Kurien has maintained his innocence and police investigations into the case have also deemed him innocent. [4] There is speculation that Kurien's political power led to his exoneration

    4. Please note that I never said rape in a north Indian phenomenon.Rape is a culture problem in north, in rest of India, it is a law and order problem. And yes women are much safer in south than in north.

    5. "Rape is a culture problem in north, in rest of India, it is a law and order problem." that just shows how stupid you are, debating with you would be a sheer waste of time.

    6. @Vivek: You seem to be an immature boy probably inspired by Raj Thackeray types. Please spare some time and travel to places other than Mumbai or Goa and try to understand culture, lifestyle etc. of different states.

    7. @Rahul Bhardwaj: I am offering Rs1 lac dude. Just prove I am wrong take Rs1 lac from me. Fine. Is that a waste of time? And just as the whole nation was slamming BBC, another atrocity of a similar type happened in Ahmadabad, only this time the victim was a seven year old kid. And the culprit a North Indian 20 year old. Just deny, deny, deny slam BBC, slam the Brits, slam US, slam the west, slam the documentary, slam Udwin and bury your head in sand.

    8. @terry john: If you are mature than I am better off as an "immature boy probably inspired by Raj Thackeray types." At least I can lustily shout the Emperor is wearing no clothes.

  13. Hi Ravinar - it is really depressing to see people like Shoba De writing article after article extolling the greatness of this documentary. To me, the intention of the cannibalistic makers / promoters (BBC/NDTV) seems to be to "feast on the raped and mutilated and murdered flesh of the poor innocent girl to their full tummys and also fill their pockets in the process". Shoba De does not even make a passing mention of the attitude and utterances of this lady Lee Udwin who called our entire society as sick.

    As for NDTV, just the caption
    "proud to present the world premiere of an interview with a real life rapist" tells all that there is to know about them. It is unfathomable as to how one can be proud of broadcasting an interview with a real-life rapist??. The movie's titles is about India's daughter and these guys at NDTV are projecting the interview with a rapist (and that too a real-life rapist at that !! woww!!!! guys you have outdone yourselves this time and are all destined to heaven!!!) as the USP of their documentary???It is an insult to call them as jackals and vultures as these animals might take offence to the comparison!!!

    While the debate on women's honor, safety and well being and male attitudes towards women should be continuously happening all the time, it definitely does not need evil, creatures with the victim's blood and rotting flesh spewing out of their mouths like this lady director and her collaborators to kick start it.

    Thanks for a very good one Ravi.. Good day...

  14. On this issue, I do not see any fault of government of India (the UPA or the NDA). The government should not be in the business of assessing a documentary. Government must take care of logistical precautions (like preventing the details of jail layouts from getting out) which the government did.

    I fully agree that NDTV wanted to make money by peddling filth. The pride over sensational interview of a rapist is a dead give away.

    Government (NDA) did one thing wrong though. They banned the documentary. Filth should be countered with reason/social-media. By banning we promoted the documentary massively.

    1. Sambaran jee, I totally agree with you on part that it was govt of India which promoted the documentary by banning it.
      As you said, if it is no responsibility of govt to assess the documentary then it is no responsibility of govt to get involved in banning and making this mess out of no where...

      Govt should keep a watch on what is going on with it, when it comes to the sensitive areas like this and when the pride of the country is at risk.

      Mukesh Singh was paid to participate in video with the approval of the then govt of India. So I seriously doubt he said the script of director and involved others...
      It should be the same case with the lawyers, they just spoke out what is written in script with a good price, otherwise people at their stature wont utter nonsense before media as they know the consequences better than us.

      Again we should accept the fact that UPA govt helped to make this nonsense documentary and NDA govt helped in advertising it... So unfortunate !!! This time govt helped media acted.

    2. JS-jee,

      Thanks for replying to my comment.

      I am for minimal government. Let foreigners make documentary with whatever viewpoint they please. Let them show India in as bad light as possible. We will counter that with social-media (like what ravinar did in this post), counter-arguments and real-performance-on-ground. It should not be government's job to keep watch or ban.

      You may not agree with me, but I am fine with disagreement.

      I did not view the documentary but one person has surely loved the documentary. You can read her views at

    3. Making such a movie is unethical . And the shock over the rapist's remark is is ludicrous ! Was he expected to give the Sermon Of The Mount? I did not watch the movie as I do not support such perverted deeds .

    4. @Brave Indian,
      You did not watch the movie, nor did I. Can you please elaborate why you consider the making-of-the-movie unethical?

  15. Good one and a factual one but bit late. Expecting an article bit early! Its time to clean up the media and one does not understnand what the Modi Government is doing? time to clean up the media in toto. Look! Barkha is to start her own channel! One more addtion!!! God Save our country!

  16. I read somewhere that if our girls want to copy Western girls, they need to copy them further and stay silent about getting raped just like the Western girls, especially the date rapes.
    GOI had an opportunity when the issue was hot. It should have expedited hanging of these four culprits which would have sent a strong signal to future such culprits.

  17. The usual response to the obvious facts in this article are accusations of burying one's head in the sand and not wanting to face reality. For this to turn around, India needs to wrest control of the global narrative from the West. The first step is to clean our media, in and out, top and down. Are any of our leaders honest and strong enough to do what's necessary to achieve this absolutely vital objective?

  18. West is too decadent and libertine really to bother about such documentary.Such filth is meant to denigrate Hindus.Since BBC and such morons can't openly blame Hindus for electing a first pro Hindu govt since independence, they deploy such tricks.BBC and Western media have not learnt anything in last 10 years.Post 2002 riots, they have relentlessly campaigned against Modi.And yet Modi won.Filth such as this should only make Hindus more determined to ignore the West.

  19. u are starving us Ravinar :D. i request you to find time to address anti beef ban hypocrisy, the Documentary and its hypocritical response, and mangalsutra row etc. please have mercy on us lesser beings

  20. I keep syaing that NDTV owner Prannoy roy and his wife radhika roy are sick pseudo-feminists and pseudo secular people, anyone who says anything against women(unless he or she is a muslim) is branded by english media especially NDTV as narrow minded stick in the mud.

    It is a girl's right to dress up the way she wants and go out whenever she wants but she must be then ready to get attention from not just attractive guys but also from some fantastically unattractive and lewd guys, so if she goes out in company of friends she would be safer especially at night, to fight with a guy or group of guys is extremely difficult for guy let alone a girl. Now what i have said, had someone said it on NDTV, they would have either edited it or would have branded that person as narrow minded.

  21. If I had a problem with the documentary its only this that westerners were allowed to milk a tragedy which Indians would never have been allowed. As per the content ( I haven't watched it respecting the ban), I think a mirror needs to be shown to the society that constantly blames victims for the rapes. Just read all the comments people put (and these are supposedly educated people). Always finding excuses and reasons as to why it was her fault. The understanding that rapists are predators and have psychological issues is sadly missing from the society. Whatever is done is not a 'mistake' or a slip but is very much deliberate. Before putting such comments , men should think, would they rape in a similar condition? and the answer would be NO. Thats because rapists have all sorts of psychological issues. At least thats my understanding.

  22. I don't know whether anybody noticed it or no but as soon as the rapist/murder's interview was leaked, there was much uproar as if it was BJP's fault for giving permission, but when it was revealed that the permission was granted during UPA administration, the uproar shifted towards banning of the documentary. In another words, MSM wanted to pin blame on BJP government for anything they can lay their hands on.

  23. Britishers are the hypocritical b******s of this world. There is no nation other than Britain (to an extent America too) to define the word "hypocrisy". They have preached freedom and fight against evil during the world wars but always interested in the self preservation of the empire which was the embodiment of slavery, colonialism, evangelism and destroying the native cultures. That is not to say that other European countries were innocent. Spain and Portugal had been fighting with each other for the lands that they would colonize. And guess who decided that ? The pope. Pope decided that he would draw a line on the globe and decide that west would belong to Spain and east would belong to Portugal. And that's how Vasco Da Gama sailed to India. These are available in the history books for all those who would like to open their eye and see. That's how the 'explorer' Francisco Pizarro went to the Americas and destroyed a whole civilization of the Incas and imposed Christianity on them. Conquering in the name of Jesus has always been going on from the advent of Christianity, and Islam is nothing but a copycat religion.

    Coming back to the Britishers, all the history books written by the western (read British. Except John Keay) have always maintained that what they were doing was nothing but a civilizing mission of the half-civilized people. The 'great' historian James Mill says so. And how were they civilizing them ? Of course, Christianity. And these wannabe historians and the media pimps say that British bought Railways to India, gave us the parliamentary democracy which are all nothing but load of crap. These are the by-products of the colonization of our country which were never meant to benefit the people of India, but ultimately did, and they want to take credit for it.

    And the World War 2 ? It displays the hypocrisy of the British unlike anything else. Winston Churchill, mirror of Hitler, only that he ended up on the winning side. He preached to the whole world that fighting against Nazi Germany was to preserve the freedom and democracy. On the other hand, he wanted to preserve the 'Empire' that was doing the same atrocities as the Nazis were doing. He was the greatest villain of the modern history who was portrayed as the savior of the freedom of mankind.

    The list of the atrocities committed by the western world in the name of civilizing people in the centuries 15th to 20th is endless.

    As you say Ravinar and as some of the comments above have said, the only way for us to counter their propaganda is to continue this campaign on the social media endlessly and at the same time make our newer generations aware of our culture and traditions and to make them feel proud of it.

  24. Instead of sacrificing quality time with her family, Ms. Udwin could have interviewed perpetrators of rape in her own backyard or if she wanted an Indian perspective, she could have had a conference call with Tarun Tejpal, Tehi Pachauri, PJ Kurien or the likes of A.Singhvi (all MMS favourites).

  25. Ask modi to ban Fdi in medja and all anti hindhu channels......
    If he still believes hindhu votes sent him to parliament........not minority votes......
    Until unless modi praises anti nationalist and allow presstitutes to do rable rousing......they will keep on defaming india and its culture
    modi called "INDIA IS THE LAND of GANDI AND BUDDHA " let me remid him

    if modi still wants to surrender to western nations and allow NGOS AND anti hindhu presstitutes to rape culture of india.....
    Let us hindhus forget him....

  26. These westerners did not had the habit of bathing on a daily basis.It's around 16th century a westerner while chronicling the events of India observed and surprised that Indians used to bathe twice a day and concluded it's a healthy habit and westerners should follow.

    These westerners didn't started bathing on a daily basis till around 100-150 years ago.

    Also whenever Westerners or Easterners(not subcontinent) humiliate about rapes in India,accuse them of being Racists and then show them UN report of Drugs and Crimes which also reports rape rate per 100000 where western countries like Sweden,US,UK,Newzealand tops the chart and India at the bottom.Ask them have they asked same question to the westerners too.If not they are racists.

    I'm not saying rape is not a problem in India but the western media is painting every dutiful father,husband and son in India as rapists and that's unacceptable.

  27. Ravinarji,

    I am a big fan of you sir. I also know NDTV is wrong in what is does MOST of the time.

    However, I'm afraid, you got it all wrong here.

    1. This is not about shaming India. This is not about a western conspiracy. It's not after Sonia being in cahoots and giving permission to "make documentary" (as you wrongly say. LU or anyone for that matter doesn't need any permission to make documentaries; we live in a free country for god's sake! The permission was to shoot inside Tihar)
    2. It is not about comparison with another country. It is not a question of one over the other. Let someone make a documentary on rapes in UK. Or date rapes in Sweden. Or rapes of native Indians in Alaska. Why should it be LU's burden? Point being, there may be 1000 wrongs there, doesn't make us right.
    3. You really go after a Beetles' song which is ironic? You really think we treat our women better than the west?
    4. And my biggest question to you, Ravinar sir, are you seriously supporting press censorship? Please don't bother answering - It doesn't suit a freethinking blog.

  28. Very well said. And if the objection is about the west "milking the tragedy" what exactly does "Crime Patrol" do three times a week? Milking real life rapes, murders, and what have you.Crime does not pay, or really?

    1. @Vivek @Uday111

      Uday111 -

      "Dont bother answering"?? - so you can write crap on my blog and you can also preempt me from answering? Thats your FoE? I have to tell you that you have pretensions of admiring FoE but appear thoroughly ignorant of the concept. Even movies are FoE but they do require certification from CBFC. That is not censorship ... that is the law. So too the documentary by Udwin was to be made under certain agreed terms. She violated those laws and broke agreements? Do you read? Or you just grandly blabber? There is a link on her sequence of crimes... please read before you lecture me on FoE. And also, whether you like it or not... FoE is indeed governed by laws... it is still not a complete free run anywhere.

      Vivek -

      In your desperate attempt to defend some of your lame arguments you too have been writing a lot of crap... that too continuously. Now, Crime Patrol is a dramatised version of real events but it mostly does not carry identities. Its just telling stories just movies are also made of criminals and mobsters. Many real life stories turn to movies. A documentary; is not fiction and the object of a documentary shouldnt divert from its stated objective and the permssions given. You are also ignorant - maybe you dont keep yourself abreast of events. Crime Patrol also wanted to do an episode on Nirbhaya... they were legally threatened and stopped. The Govt hounded the producers and the director - even threatening them on phone. So dont preach or rattle nonsense without knowing the past stories. Now, my advice to you - go look up the Nirhbhay episode Crime Patrol was to do and what the GOI carried out in hounding them. But the same govt was okay with a foreign Christian bimbo doing that. If you cant see how lame your understanding of hypocrisy over FoE is.. then you really are the one whos at a loss.

      And also, if you divert too much from the post or topic at hand in your comments you are likely to end up arguing personal opinions rather than the case at hand..

    2. Ravinarji, point taken about the double standards of Congress (Nothing new!) and flouting of rules by LU.

      I can't, however, escape a feeling that we are trivializing the larger issue of rape and treatment of women by highlighting procedural matters. Are we saying we wouldn't have risen and outraged collectively, had the producer made a documentary, say, without Mukesh Singh's interview?

      Again no doubt, double-faced Congress was wrong and so was Udwin on technicalities. What I have a problem with is some of us insecure Indians with an oh-but-look-at-you attitude whenever fingers are pointed at us. We need to stop seeing a "foreign hand" in the few cases where it doesn't exist (Mind you, I have been awestruck by the great job you have done on exposing the NGO nexus in the past. This IMO is an exception). We should be respectful at times when we see our ugly reflection in the mirror and use that as an opportunity to better ourselves. Whether India's ranking on the rapelist is #1 or #3 or #11 is immaterial. The larger narrative should have been around whether or not we have large % of people who indulge in victim-blaming, whether or not our streets are safe, has anything changed on ground in Delhi in 2 years.

      Not on whether or not some documentary maker showed raw footage to jail authorities or who gave permission to a foreigner to do this.

    3. Uday911, the point is no right thinking person would disagree about cons in Indian/Hindu culture, there is always room for improvisation and we are evolving. But we don't need a white skinned westerner to show a mirror, we are not that insane.

      Also the westerner is not with noble cause of uplifting our culture, this is a very well orchestrated move to depict Indians especially Hindus in bad light to the world. One has to be extremely naive not to see through the intention.

      This is what happened in Perumal Murugan debacle, I'm from TamilNadu and from the same community of lead characters in that novel. The temple is just ~75 kms from my hometown. Now what did Perumal Murugan wrote? He claims that until 1940s (not sure about the timeline) if a couple in our community doesn't have child for longer period, on the final day of the festival that happens in Ardhaaneerswar (an avatar in which Shiva comes as Half Shiva Half Parvathi) temple, the wife is allowed to roam outside her house and allowed to sleep with any stranger in the streets just to conceive a child. And if the lady delivers a baby, the baby is termed 'God's Child'.

      And on top of that the author says there is no historical evidence for this matter, all he says is that he heard about this practice/tradition from two or three persons.

      Most important point here is, the author doesn't say the novel as fiction. He claims this to be a usual tradition followed by that particular community people until 1940s (again not sure about the timeline). And you know what, the novel is funded by Ford Foundation.

      The novel discuss about our community suppressing lower class communities and all to which I don't have any objection, but to see portray our women, for that matter any community women in such a bad light, any person with iota of self respect would protest.

      And not everyone in my community are the so called intellectuals who believes in peaceful protest, there are some hot headed people who would indulge in the act of burning the books.

      In the name of FoE, can you call somebody any names? Had this been written about Muslims, Perumal Murugan would've got beheaded now. For any stray dogs hindus are punching bags.

      Kamal Haasan had the habit of ridiculing Hindu Gods in his movies and in every possible forum. The moment he said something about Islam in Viswaroopam movie, we all saw what unfolded. The secular intellectual Padmashri moron had succumb to Islamic pressure and had to delete few scenes to release his movie.

      Whereas PK has garnered 600 crores till date, FoE MY FOOT!!!

    4. @Arvinth - you nailed it clean. Anyone can't understand the intention is willfully blind.

    5. Poor Director BhartiRaja, might be wondering why he did not come across this story or tradition before Perumal wrote in his novel or else he would have directed movie out of such story. He too has habit of showcasing caste bias and social evils in his movie which still many think was never practiced in TN.

      I too not a great fan of Kamal when it comes to belief or non belief but certainly his talent is what matters in his movie, something which he told to PrakashRaj on "neegalum Veelalam Oru Koodi" that number of religious places has been destroyed by those who are theist are more than Atheist which I feel he was pointing to Gulf countries and Modiji because more numbers of road side Temple were razed for road expansion while still I see in many cities such small road side Temples are present even though it was court order his govt didn't fought it hard to save those Temples.

    6. @Arvinth,
      Your post is heart-felt and I almost agree with it. Except for a couple of points.
      You asked :"In the name of FoE, can you call somebody any names? ".
      My answer to that is: "Yes. As long as we do not call it in front of the concerned person. X should be able to abuse Y, Y's god, Y's forefathers, Y's family, provided X is abusing in private, private-seminar, private-conference where Y can choose not to go.

      You wrote: "Whereas PK has garnered 600 crores till date, FoE MY FOOT!!!"
      I myself have not watched PK because I generally hate Amir Khan's acting in recent years and the fact that he is selectively picking on Hindus. However, why should I deny him his freedom-of-expression? He is showing his movie in halls where I can choose not to go.

    7. I think that if a particular community refuses to accord to others the same right of self-expression they demand for themselves, they should be resisted in the same vein. Otherwise one is adhering to a fallacy similar to the notion that tolerance should also be accorded to those who wish to destroy it.

    8. @Sambaran, my point is when KamalHassan couldn't even release his movie without deleting few scenes due to Islamic pressure. Where were the so called FoE saviors at that time?

      When an American movie maker released 'Innocence of Muslims' elsewhere in US, Mount Road (one of the main road in Chennai) was blocked by muslims for hours and US embassy was stone pelted.

      FoE is farce, hindus are so naive and lame to act as torch bearers of craps like FoE, Secularism etc etc.

    9. Arvinth, the current observation/implementation of freedom of expression is a farce, imbued as it is with hypocrisy and self-interest, but the *concept* itself is not. In fact, I firmly believe that Hindus have the best moral credentials to implement it properly and with all due fairness. Unfortunately, we appear to have neither the will, nor the firm sense of duty to do so. That is the plight of Bharat in Kaliyuga.

    10. @Arvinth - Completely agree with you on the Perumal Murugan point. His lies were exposed through critical writing and he got a befitting reply. Far better way than blocking roads or pelting stones IMO.

      Also agree partly on the Viswaroopam point (and extends to others from Kamaal Dhamaal to Satanic verses to MF Hussain). The ban was totally uncalled for and there were people who protested then as well. I went to a private screening of Submission after Van Gogh was assassinated. I was surprised to meet a couple of muslims there who came just because they felt what was happening was wrong. They may or may not have agreed 100% with the content though.

      Point being, it is not about us vs them. It is not about ban-PK-if-you-ban-Viswaroopam. Both bans are equally wrong and I'll tell you the same people (including me) oppose both bans (and any associated violence).

  29. For some people who are too blind to see the Congress govt's hypocrisy on FoE, I provide below the link on how the same Cong govt hounded Crime Patrol producers and banned the Nirbhaya episode. After that, they were happy to allow a foreigner to go right into Tihar to do an episode on Nirbhaya. The objective of the Congress govt wasnt to show the mindset of rapists but to tar Indian culture... and specifically Hindus as a bunch of rapists. Does it take 2 years to make a documentary and release it two years after filming started? The timing of the release of the documentary with the BJP govt in place and around Women's Day is what many people seem to miss... and this is what the blog emphasises:

    Govt bans Crime Patrol Nirbhaya Episode

  30. "WHAT is written is more important than WHO writes it" – I would like to add one more – ‘When’. Because timing is very important.

    No one is above criticism. But, opposition and its sponsors (both national & international) can’t touch Modi on planning, execution, corruption. And they are aware of it. They knew it so they planned to stop Modi in 2002. They tried their best but when failed then next step is to use that same 2002 and portray India as a unsafe place for so called minorities and all because of “Hindu Nationalist” leader Modi as PM and ‘Hinduism’. This is another aspect.

    The other aspect is, strengthening of India both politically and economically can’t be good for US & Europe. A politically strong India as a manufacturing hub which is a dream of Modi actually a nightmare for US & Europe. Modi’s initiative in setting up of BRICS Bank and currency swap will further push them to wall. So, disturb India, disturb Modi, make him shaky and stall progress. They have their NGO brigade, MSM both Indian & ‘foren’ , ‘Beimaan’ politicians, industrialists, liberals(!), seculars(!) bureaucrats, a section of people (especially government employees) and above all an incompetent judiciary. They are all frustrated and cornered and ready to go all out against Modi and India. I commented here that Judiciary will be one the most powerful hurdle for Modi which is not only incompetent but also an extended party office of congress. It’s proving so.

    Rape, video, attacks on churches (with lies), blockades by Medhas against anything which can create the path of India’s progress and more lies through MSM to project India as a disturbed and unsafe country both for individual (especially minority) and investment.

    Get ready India and SM, battle is yet to start.

    1. It's just another battle in an age-old war. SM is merely a new weapon.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Besides, there is also accusation against Udwin that after completion of the documentary, it was shown to government official. At the end of the documentary, producer included statistics on rapes in various countries. That gave an impression of a balanced view on the subject. What actually came out in the final version was everything minus anything about other countries.

    1. Well that's not surprising, the BBC would inevitably remove something like that otherwise what would have been the point of making this documentary? It would have defeated their purpose.

  33. Ndtv is likely to go down due to lots of issues like money laundering allegations etc. it's trying to project itself like a crusader against an authoritarian government and get some sympathy dollars.

    1. From your lips to God's ears, as they say.

    2. Something like this should not even be a dream, it should be a trivial plan of action. Would any other self-respecting nation allow these rodents to infest the public narrative it its detriment? India really is screwed up.

    3. @Krispy K, check this out, Israel demolished CNN office for biased reporting.

      Quoting Israel PM “The next time a reporter thinks about writing a misleading or slanted headline, they’ll know their coworkers will also suffer the consequences.”

  34. Excellent article !!!
    BBC=Most powerful global media
    Demonization as rapist=Most powerful way to totally destroy and isolate anyone socially.
    The magnitude of this is ....

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. The BBC constitutes the dying remnants of the old British colonial paw, its gnarled claws continuing to furrow canals of mud and dirt into the battered surface of the humanity they mauled when at their peak. They are like the remaining bacteria that linger in the body after treatment has eliminated the bulk of the disease, perpetuating the diminishing symptoms. Those that *do* remain are inexorably doomed to extinction. However, the problem is that there are a lot of our own cells (i.e. Indians) helping the disease to perpetuate. Like an auto-immune condition. Dealing with that malaise has to be the first priority in expediting a permanent cure.

  36. Please read this report on UK rapes:

    Leslie Udwin are you there ?

  37. From Indian media NDTV was not alone in advocating for BBC, there was ABP, AajTak and HeadlineToday doing the same. Worst part was that these channels used this garbage to target Modi government with band of their usual full time panellists who have made studio as their permanent bedroom. Also many of them joined in the same exercise of generalising Indian males from the quotation of criminal-Mukesh Singh. Till yesterday we knew they were dynasty lickers but their licking appetite is so huge that they can stretch their tongue right up to foreign land was not known.


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