Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mother Politics

(This is a MaxiPost)

Savita Halappanavar died in Ireland in November 2012; she was only 31. She died of a pregnancy complication. Tests showed that she would lose her baby. The doctors refused to operate and abort the pregnancy. Her condition worsened and the baby died in her womb. Few days later Savita died of Septicaemia. She died when she could have been saved. She died because of stupid religion-based laws. They knowingly killed her. This is despite Ireland’s Supreme Court ruling in 1992 that abortion should be allowed if the mother’s life was in danger but the law was never changed. Savita was a victim of Catholic fundamentalists.

"If you want to sell a lie, you get the press to sell it for you”.

That’s a famous line from the movie “Argo” and it has been true for decades now. The press and media exist to sell you lies; to sell you myths. Countries like England and the Catholic world were going through an acute shortage of heroes in the late 20th century. The Pope’s power had declined dramatically. Even David Beckham was more of a marketing phenomenon than a great footballer. While he is a decent footballer, Beckham was a major flop in the international stage, especially World Cups. Records show that he had more teenage girls as fans rather than football-crazy people. Beckham was sometimes called the Anna Kournikova of football because she made more money from endorsements without ever winning a WTA tournament in her life. The Mother Teresa myth too was built by none other than the media.

How did this MT myth and lies start? A mundane coincidence with a new kind of camera film sets off a bogus miracle: “We think it started with a movie shoot (which became the documentary Something Beautiful For God), led by Mr (Malcolm) Muggeridge. He went to Calcutta to see Mother Teresa and her work there. He wanted to film in the house of the dying and then there was little light there. So, the cameraman, Mr (Ken) McMillan, he used a new kind of Kodak film. When they saw the film, the shots were bright and when Mr Muggeridge saw it, he claimed it was a miracle. This is why she became popular in the media after that time”.

There you go; the Catholic world had a new star, a new hero. And then hordes of evangelists and media from across the world would descend on the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta to meet the miracle lady. Because the West said so, our stupid Indian govts and Sickulars also passed off the lady as a miracle-worker. So recently when RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat made an off-hand remark that the motive for MT’s service was not merely service but religious conversion it set off another stupid storm in our media and Sickular political circles. I applaud Narendra Modi and the BJP staying away from this stupid controversy. Because the truth simply is that MT didn’t care about saving the poor or the dying. She just picked up the poor and dying from the streets of Calcutta, baptized them and helped them die. I am not aware of inmates of her charity being provided medical help or proper medicines in-house. Her sick-hall had only stretchers. Once an inmate got on to that stretcher he or she never got back up but was only carried to the grave.

However, because MT had been turned into a hero by the West money started pouring in – billions of dollars of money. With this money MT opened up 500 of charity branches across the world. Even with so much money I am unaware of her charity providing basic medical services to her inmates. Where did all the money go? Your guess is as good as mine. Within a decade of that Kodak-film miracle, MT was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. More celebrity-hood and saint-hood! The bogus miracle and myth now becomes beyond question. You CANNOT touch her. You CANNOT doubt her. You CANNOT ask any questions about her. Lies can be peddled easily; truth takes a while longer to come out. Dr Aroop Chatterjee was among the first to talk about the bogus tales about MT (he had first-hand experience of MT’s missionary) and based on his book another investigation followed. This investigation was by none other than the articulate, master of reason – Christopher Hitchens.

Hitchens called MT a “fanatic and a fraud”. His arguments and evidence are strongly persuading. He produced a documentary called “Hell’s Angel” which totally exposes MT as nothing more than a fraud, a political ambassador of the Catholic bosses and anti-birth control, anti-abortion campaigner. From the time MT acquired fame she had become more of a politician than a service-provider for the sick. Since the documentary by Hitchens and his book “The Missionary Position” more people were willing to come out in the open and talk about the myth called MT. Here is someone with a first-hand account; he claims to be a former AsiaWeek reporter:

Baptizing the sick and the helpless, helping them die as good Christians. In other words, MT helped the sick and dying meet the Lord faster than they would have if they had received some medical treatment. It is possible some could have survived if proper treatment had been provided. I would give her credit for allowing the sick to die with some dignity. So where was Mohan Bhagwat wrong when he alluded the motive of MT’s was conversion? He was absolutely right and in inadvertently bringing up the issue has only helped educate more Indians about the truth about MT. Following the Hitchens documentary and book TIME magazine also ran a cover story on the shady secrets of MT. One particular testimony of a former worker in response to his book is quite chilling. Here’s an excerpt from comments by Sheila Mclaren:

I worked for M Teresa in a compound just outside Calcutta... The compound housed about 300 ill and abandoned children, most of whom had been found on the streets or left at the gates of the compound. About 30 mentally disabled children were in a house away from the rest, and I this was where I worked on a daily basis. The heat was stifling; none of the ceiling fans were in working condition. There were no mosquito nets for the children, many of whom had malaria in repeating cycles. I paid special attention to a ten year-old girl with a terribly high fever, and searched the compound for a fan and/or ice to cool her. Eventually I found one refrigerator of 9 cubic feet with a tiny try of ice, and a small electric fan, both in the "parlour" for visitors. The fan did not work, and by the time I'd carried the ice through the heat back to Minu, the child, it had melted. I began asking questions, about medications, cooling facilities, mosquito nets. The Sisters explained carefully to me that they had taken a vow of poverty, and that therefore they did not use any of these "luxuries; that mine was the "western" way which did not apply in their Order. The children were there to die, and they would be loved until their deaths...

The next thing I found was that mentally disabled children are untouchable: no physician would visit them. One Doctor did visit. He was a British psychiatrist practising in the city who came to our building on a fortnightly basis, handing out various tranquillizers and what I imagined to be stabilizing medications… The Sisters did not give the medicines to the children, and laughed at me when I took it upon myself to do so… they were simply amused at my western ways, at my thinking I could and should keep these children alive. Following all this, I made other discoveries in the course of my work: Injection needles, as mentioned in the above review, were used again and again. Even more horrifying was what happened with vials of distilled water for the mixing of meds: a band-aid was placed over the broken vial containing half its original quantity of water. I questioned this and received the usual answer: Our Vow of Poverty. I said tremulously that used distilled water stored in a dusty cupboard would cause septicaemia when injected. They listened cheerfully, and equally cheerfully quoted the Vow of Poverty. A number of children died of septicaemia”.

MT neither loved the poor and sick nor children. She just loved poverty and wanted them to die as Christians. What could possibly be more perverted and sinister than this? Even the govts of Bengal and the GOI allowed all this to pass when the least they could have done is to insist certain minimum measures of medical treatment. MT wasn’t short of money as it kept pouring in truckloads since she became famous and after her Nobel prize. And was MT practicing conversion? Absolutely yes! Her charity was neither free nor selfless. First hand testimony I quoted earlier shows her process of conversion. But even without that, the very purpose and mission of a missionary undertaking charity is nothing but evangelism and conversion. The Pope defines it as such. Therefore, Bhagwat’s comment is 100% on the mark. So why are our Sickulars and our media pimps upset? It’s simple – Truth hurts! Truth destroys carefully crafted lies and myths of decades. The Sickulars will fight hard to perpetuate their lies as this time-share on Arnab’s debate on the topic shows. Note carefully the headline; the channel and anchor seek condemnation of Bhagwat, not a debate. That being the motive of the anchor he allots time based on who follows that diktat of his:

All the channels held similar bogus debates with not one channel having the courage to refer to the expose by Aroop Chatterjee, Christopher Hitchens, Lancet or Canadian researchers. MT peddled her Catholic political crusade in Europe and Latin America. She supported murderous and corrupt regimes in Haiti and other small countries. Her visits weren’t of any social nature but political interventions and lectures on behalf of the Vatican. She had no problems taking stolen money from American fraudster Charles Keating. When he was being prosecuted she nonchalantly pleaded for mercy for him. She wrote to the judge stating she didn’t bother where her money came from. Even so, where all the money went, nobody knows. MT flew in private jets and choppers, spent millions worth on her own treatment in the best hospitals but I’m unaware of any of her inmates being given decent medical treatment for their ailments. They were just meant to die as Christians. That was their only salvation. Jesus would love that?

It’s all out there and I don’t have to put up links to the thousands of pages of material now available on the topic. The fraudulent TV debates had a StreisandEffect. The more they indulged in bogus debates the more SM put out endless dossiers on the life and work of MT. It helped to educate those who still thought she was a saintly icon and discovered her work was not all that glorious or worthy of such widespread adulation and recognition. The Sickulars in the media do realise they lost this battle. Nothing expresses it better than this tweet by street-thug Rajdeep Sardesai who tries his monkey-balancing act when cornered:

What sundry media pimp Rajdeep doesn't tell you - RSS don't seek to convert people they save during calamities. The Evangelists did not spare even the ones they helped during the Tsunami - They made conversion a precondition. The audacious nonsense of our media pimps and political Sickulars is that they and their Western handlers want all the freedom to question Hindu icons. They will trash Lords Ram, Krishna, Shiva; they will address Hindu Gurus with no respect and call them by first names. They will trash Hindu customs and rituals but they will applaud so-called bogus miracles and practices of the Church and their icons like MT. It takes money to sell lies, truth is free. The Western money propels the lies of our media Sickos but now SM trashes their lies with ease. Here’s an edited excerpt from Hitchens’ ‘Hell’s Angel’ (6.12 mins):

Those claiming to serve the poor and needy often morph into politicians easily. They achieve some recognition and become what they promised that they would never become. In recent times we have Kejriwal, Medha Patkar, Anna Hazare who are openly political. Mother Teresa was just a covert politician for the Vatican. With great Catholic arrogance Mother Teresa announces Ireland will never have a single abortion. Is she a policy maker? And Mother Politics has the power to dictate what Ireland will or will not do? It’s the likes of her that have caused Catholic women sorrow when they had troubled pregnancies. A major failure! In August 2013 Ireland carried out its first legal abortion.

Who changed that country? Not Mother Teresa but a young woman who had to die to change their stupid laws – Savita Halappanavar. A young woman with no Nobel or millions in her bank. It is unfortunate Savita died but she has paved the way for many women who might face a similar situation to be saved rather than be killed. Was MT a fraud? Hitchens thinks so. But if you measure MT by her own goals and admissions she wasn’t a fraud. She just wanted to serve Jesus and wanted the sick and the helpless to die as a Christian and hold them till they die. She becomes a fraud only when she’s measured by the fake adulation and iconic status bestowed upon her by sick politicians, corrupt Church officials and corrupt Sickos in media. Practically, Mother Teresa was as much Mother Politics as any religious climber funded by extraordinary money.


  1. will a 'PK" like film ridiculing the some of the idiotic superstitions of other faiths(other than Hinduism) will ever see light of the day in India? even if happens imagine what will be the nature of debates in MSM?The morons will not talk about freedom of expression

    1. This year in the 65th Berlin Film Festival competition section they had a film titled THE CLUB. The film may now be available on some of the film download sites. It's about pedophile priests. There are quite a few films on the ugly goings on within the Church but they don't get publicised enough. Some film festivals in India may try to programme THE CLUB this year and let's see if they will be able to get away with that. As per the rule, foreign films in major Indian film festivals need not be censored before their screening if they have been part of the programme of the leading film festivals around the world. I'm sure the Christian groups in India will be made aware of the film and they may take preemptive steps. They will never let it be released in regular shows anyway.

    2. You can bet that the pseudo seculars and media crooks will oppose the screening of The Club in India. They will say it is an attack on Christians, like their claim that the examination of Teresa is labelled anti Christian.

  2. Surely this article brings to light what the world knew as a reality but could not speak out. Because ours is a Sick Secular country. The word Secular carefully Planted during emergency by Sickular Prime minister (who avoided the Jail term with dubious judges at helm later taken care of with plum postings)
    If miracles do happen why there are so many hospitals and why as an industry medical field is thriving? If miracles do happen by way of healing by Jesus calling, why Christian people are dying of innumerable diseases across the christian countries. The medical insurance is mandatory/most necessary in US to afford medical treatment. Instead of taking insurance why people are not relying on the church by walking in and getting healed. Wht miracles only work in third world countries and where conversion is maximum. Answer is simple: Jesus heals only those people who get converted from other religions and not those existing christian people who remain suffering and have to be treated in hospitals. Message is clear it is not Jesus who cures but the conversion which means people around the world are force feeded with a thought that the Jesus cures without medicine or treatment just by healing/prayer sessions. Why not governments across the world come forward and cinduct such sessions and cure all people of their diseases; everyone knows it doesn't work that way.
    Why India for such mega conversions? Because there are so many sickular people around in India to facilitate such conversions. And what is in store for them for such facilitations. They get huge money. Why people walk into banks these days asking for accounts in the name of shady societies saying that Crs of money expected. Because all those people are part of the system of facilitators for easy conversion. The sad part is that in the greed for money the conversions are happening.
    But if same conversions happen in the name of GharWapsi, hell breaks loose and the entire media becomes infuriated so much so that there is no other news in the channels except blaming RSS and Hindu organisations and this is done without any ground work done to find out whether there is any reality to it in blaming them.

    Supreme court has done world of good by saying that dalits by converting back to their original Hindu faith will be eligible for getting the benefits of reservation.

    Hope some good sense prevails in India; much needed for preserving original Hindu ethnic and cultural values inherited since ages.


  4. Brilliantly written; The only reason lot of us are not talking about MT's activities now is out of sheer respect for the Dead.

    1. You are right. People, particularly Indinas, basically have this habit. Not to talk ill of the deceased. Just before Rajiv Gandhi's death there was complete exposure of him in European magazines. We in India would have followed that link. His untimely death made him a 'martyr'. Then we also will not open our mouth about his shady dealings.

      But I think, relative or absolute, truth must be given the highest respect. Any personality is only subordinate to truth. In fact if truth is made know with out any bias we will be able to appreciate the positive aspects also. Else it is Andha-Bhakti or Andha-Dvesha.


  5. Very well written as usual.

    I am so glad that Dr. Bhagwat spoke about MT and as you rightly pointed out, Modi and co. did not apologise for this and stayed away from the whole controversy. Perhaps they are listening :D

    The stupidest argument I heard after the controversy is, she helped those poor while others have neglected them. That is simply not true, as we can see numerous examples of Temples and other Hindu organisations that run charities and help all kinds of disadvantaged people. Also, I don't think MT's charity efforts made any lasting difference to either the poor or poverty in Calcutta. Turns out that the dying did not even get any dignity in death and continued to suffer in her ashrams...serving only the purpose of providing souls to be harvested by the catholic church.

    Both the Abrahamic religions glorify death and suffering and impose guilt upon people. Unhappy and guilty people must be very easy to control. Contrast this with Hinduism which celebrates life, birth, seasons, the sun, fertility, colours and in general joy!

    That is why there is a great difference in the charity efforts of these religions. All the temple related and in general Hindu charity always works to improve the life of the disadvantaged.

    I am privileged to know a few people who work amongst the Warli tribals of Maharashtra. The Warlis are extremely poor and disadvantaged. Charity efforts are made towards nutrition, education or children and self-help programs for women using micro-credit. They even have a school for the deaf and dumb children and they try to finance the hearing aids, operations etc to help the handicapped children, see, hear etc. The charities always work towards a purpose that nobody should need charity. This is the exact opposite of MT's work where even children who could have been given a chance at life, were left to some cases their death hastened!

    I hope that we have more such debates in India and all the other icons like "Akbar the great" are also brought down to earth and their truth told to everyone!

  6. Since childhood, in schools, coursebooks etc everyone of us has been taught about how GREAT and NOBEL this lady MT was. I have seen in many offices/homes people proudly display the letter of appreciation provided by Missionaries of Charity for their donation. We have this perception that west is always right, advanced. We want a certificate of appreciation from west. All those 'langars' in gurudwara or genuine 'Seva' done by people following hinduism are all myth if we go by concept of charity of these missionaries. I whole heartily thank Mohan Bhagwat ji for actually waking up this country from a deep slumber to question the actual mission of such missionaries. People may or may not agree with him but they got aware of this darker and real face of such bogus organizations. And honestly I don't expect anything from our media to ever speak anything good of RSS even in neutral discussions as they claim to be so.
    Thank you for bringing such write ups. I am a fan.

  7. Hitchen on MT:

    1 - "I began the project of judging Mother Teresa’s reputation by her actions and words rather than her actions and words by her reputation.

    2 - "Who would be so base as to pick on a wizened, shriveled old lady, well stricken in years, who has consecrated her entire life to the needy and the destitute? On the other hand, who would be so incurious as to leave unexamined the influence and motives of a woman who once boasted of operating more than five hundred convents in upward of 105 countries—“without counting India”? Lone self-sacrificing zealot, or chair of a missionary multinational? The scale alters with the perspective, and the perspective alters with the scale."

    3 - "The rich world likes and wishes to believe that someone, somewhere, is doing something for the Third World. For this reason, it does not inquire too closely into the motives or practices of anyone who fulfills, however vicariously, this mandate."

    4 - "MT [Mother Teresa] was not a friend of the poor. She was a friend of poverty. She said that suffering was a gift from God. She spent her life opposing the only known cure for poverty, which is the empowerment of women and the emancipation of them from a livestock version of compulsory reproduction."

    5 - "Everything everyone thinks they know about [Mother Teresa] is false. It must be the single most successful emotional con job of the twentieth century."

  8. As we know No Human being on this planet is above criticism and MT is not an exception.I appreciate Mediacrooks for this article and especially the conclusion was amazing especially the lines "But if you measure MT by her own goals and admissions she wasn’t a fraud. She just wanted to serve Jesus and wanted the sick and the helpless to die as a Christian and hold them till they die. She becomes a fraud only when she’s measured by the fake adulation and iconic status bestowed upon her by sick politicians, corrupt Church officials and corrupt Sickos in media". The same MSM which goes on rampage about Free speech will not dare to wear that mask in case of RSS or any Hindu organisations.Thanks to SM which never fails to expose sickular thugs.

  9. Real Seva is:
    "Awadhoot Bhagwan Ram Kushta Seva Ashram" curing more than 2 lakhs people with Leprosy.(Guinness Record)
    "Narayan Seva Sansthan" helping disable children with medical treatments.(Guiness Record)
    "Apna ghar" proving shelter and healthcare for the needy.
    and more more..........but none of the mediapimps shows them...because it shows Hindus in good light and believe me they will never get Noble Prize also. It's just a political prize like many other prizes.

  10. This post is an example of how MSM and its western bosses are able to control opinions in India.
    MT is just irrelevant in current controversy. What matters is reaction of media and politicians. We like it or not many educated Indians respect MT. It is nearly impossible to reason with them as English Educated Indians lost the logic long back. So much narrative against MT will only help the MSM.
    The focus should be on media behavior. Only good thing of this post is TimesNow. Further the post missed to highlight how one christian could attack the 'karma' philosophy. Also why the RSS spokesperson sat like a spectator.

  11. Sir your blogs should be posted in Hindi too. So that they reach out to a much larger population.

  12. Sir I am sure there would be many Christian women who would have suffered because of no abortion law. More than a death we need voices which question stupid laws.

  13. If anybody has trouble understanding the deviousness of the missionaries, I would recommend they think of Gargamel in Smurfs2. Like them he has ulterior motives to befriend smurfette. Like them he shows fake concern. Like them he plans to destroy all the smurfs or at least enslave them. If Gargamel is a villian then so are they. Otherwise they should install Gargamel as their idol.

  14. saddest thing I find about Savita's case is that she herself was a doctor . She could see beforehand what was going to happen to her. She even told her husband about it. How helpless and terrified she must have felt to be abandoned by doctors like that. All for stupid religious beliefs? It makes my blood boil.

  15. Christians believed that Christ spilled his blood to compensate for their (Christians' sins). Similarly Christians believe God has distributed pleasure and pain (sufferings) equally. So if she adds more suffering people to that side of the equation, she can increase pleasure for more Christians. Hence she added more Christians on the suffering side and she thought she has added pleasure for more Christians. Accordingly, she was more interested in increasing suffering of people after baptizing them as Christians.

    1. Very well said. But all religions are equal....hypocracy or igorance or cowardness or foolishness or over smartness.

  16. "Even so, where all the money went, nobody knows" - money didn't go anywhere.till date it is used as working capital, the same way it was used before.yes, buying media,politicians. missionaries use to fund local political parties for their smooth operation and hire local and national media for advertising. they need both political and media cover for their operation. so that none can oppose them.many people in West Bengal tried to oppose them but couldn't due to their political support and money power. and obviously seculars(!), so called intellectuals are always ready to serve them if paid properly with cash and kind.

  17. A very well written article. The author's might with the proverbial sword here has increased manifold with each post. The command he holds over his readers attention is, undoubtedly more than significant.

    However I must disagree with the author on an ideology which I quote "....I would give her credit for allowing the sick to die with some dignity." There is no dignity in death. In fact death is the most "secular" event of them all. Death is consistent irrespective of race/religion/caste.

    The heart stops beating. The blood stops rushing. The lungs dont fill up for the chest to rise anymore. The pupils dilate and freeze midway. This happened to everybody who died and shall be the only starkly perceivable universal truth.

    Dignity lies in life and the way one chooses to lead it.

  18. Hi Ravinar - definitely a "must read" for a lot of people out there who have been "conditioned" by the MSM over several decades to unquestioning acceptance of the stories being peddled by them. I can recall several movies in my language where the hero / comedian / sidekick delivers an inspiring dialogue about MT as an example of selfless love and compassion. Its amazing how well the common Indian citizen has been completely fooled for several generations. It is wake up time now for our country and I am really very happy that even though I have crossed the middle age and rapidly becoming old, I am at least alive to see these changes happening in our country.

    Many thanks for your great efforts and I wish you all the best...

  19. Dear Ravinar ji,
    I too have been believing that these thugs have been helping Indians only & only with the aim to get them converted.
    Today the situation is although not necessary but we by people's first name or last name can never realise what religion they belong to coz they keep their surnames as it is even after conversion...But with all due respect would like to understand one thing that what would some one achieve if one is Christian when he is dying ? Doesn't seem to b logical.

  20. Ravinar Shri,

    Anyway to add on an account, Rajiv Dixitjee gave several speeches to expose MT,Missionaries etc between 1990 to 2010 . But paidmedia never reported it --- positively or negatively. And when MB = Mohan Bhagawat made statement, paidmedia gave extensive coverage . WHY?, although he was brought up on national platform by Swami Ramdev on asthaa, but MSM was totally allergic to him.

    If paidmedia had covered Dixitjee and his statements , then Dixitjee would have gained many Hinduvaadi , Nationalists followers. And Dixitjee would have used the following and strength to expel MNC_owners i.e. for Swadeshi movement,.
    Whereas paidmedia knows that if Hindivaadies, nationalists etc go towards RSS-apex, the RSS-apex will never use the new strength to expel MNC-owners !!!
    And if no coverage is given to MB, then Dixitjee's supporters , who are airing his vidoes etc would eventually get to these Hinduvaadies and nationalists !! The Hinduvaadies etc would have joined followers of Dixitjee and thus increased the strength of Swadeshi movement.
    IOW, giving coverage to MB increased the strength of MB, reduces the strength of Swadeshi, and thus reduces the damage towards FDI etc !!!
    So please wake and smell coffee. MB is hard core pro-FDI !!! And thats why he is getting all coverage and Dixitjee got none

    also on account of MT
    we must know how Shamelessly Mother Teresa defended the butchers of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy of 1984. Soon after incident: "She was on the next plane to Bhopal, At the airport, greeted by throngs of angry relatives of the victims she said. "FORGIVE, FORGIVE" Forgive? Forgive whom? Forgive for what? How did she know, at that time, that Union Carbide, was responsible for the deaths of eventually over one hundred thousand people? Anyway She lobbied vigorously for UCC chairman Anderson... on several accounts she cunningly pretended to be the apolitical but not averse to lobbying politicians to further her and the Church's agenda...

    Regards and Peace


    1. Dear Dr Daideepya,

      Your comments are very very naïve & funny too.

      Do you know why many Hindu stalwarts such as Savarkar do not get enough coverage from our MSM ? The simple answer is the media doesn't give two hoots about Hindu ideas, thought process, society or culture & least of all swadeshi. They give some exposure to RSS Chief because they can no longer avoid him due to rise of BJP as a pan India political power. Swadeshi Jagaran Manch has been propagating swadeshi for past many decades, but do you see media giving them any prominence ?

      The Media in our country is simply the lapdog of anti-hindu forces who has to sadly bear Sangh parivar & its affiliated organizations.

      Just the recent example of NAMO's speech in Rajyasabha where he gave plenty of examples of how this Govt is actually bringing a positive change at ground level. Was it a story to be given national prominence ? Absolutely Yes. But instead the Media is busy diverting attention towards AAP internal turmoil & how sad Kejriwal is because of the turmoil(Protecting his larger than life image). Although that's is a huge dis-service to this nation, but that's what you expect from a sold out media.

  21. LOL Indians had to rely on Christopher Hitchens to finally nail the fraud. And what about Mahatma Gandhi was he not a fraud too? Just like MT, MG needs to be exposed too and also the Nehru Gandhis,whose crimes and atrocities against Indians are a zillion times greater than MT, but the million dollar question is who will bell the cat?

    1. Vivek, WhatIsNotSaid

      Both of you seem dumb not to read. The first person quoted in the post is Dr Aroop Chatterjee and based on his book Hitchens made a documentary. So what exactly is your problem? Secondly, Hitchens was not only an atheist but it is only people like him who speak out boldly unlike Indian secular cowards. It is known that Indian history is written by anti-Hindu communists that is why it is so distorted. Since the West made MT a hero it makes a lot of sense to quote a Western man like Hitchens on her. Mindless Hindi or jingoism here is not going to help. As for English, it has long been a second language and an official language in India. Dont indulge in fake pride where communication is concerned. You two whine like most Indians but on your own you would do nothing to raise your voices. It is people like MC who raise their voices. He too could have been silent like you and you would not have the opportunity to even discuss it here. You represent the lazy Indians who constantly whine and complain about everything.

    2. WhatIsNot

      Just as a book is to be combated by a book, media and press too are better combated by articles and shows. Your idea of taking to the streets for media shows or articles are ridiculous. Just because you got no response from Sorabjee or Timesnow and are frustrated does not mean others should be frustrated like you. The battle with media and political forces is a long and permanent one and not an ODI. Everyone knows people pay to watch and read media and govt ads help them but that does not mean there is only one way to combat bad media. You have to measure by how many people are now conscious about the media spins and lies which is what a pioneering work like this blog has done. More people are aware and more people take media with a pinch of salt. Such education of masses itself a big task and a big accomplishment for this blog. What have you done or are doing? Except complaining in frustration?

    3. @Sonnet: Have you ever come across the Latin phrase "caveat emptor". It means buyer be ware. There are all kinds of charltans selling everything from pins to political ideologies to what not. If you are dumb enough to buy their line, it is YOUR fault, not that of the seller. And I said Indians had to finally rely on Hitchens. The point is had it not been for Hitchens, we would have been still treating MT as God's gift to India, even if there had been a thousand Chatterjee's around. The fault lies in our own culture and our education system. We are programmed by our culture to believe authority blindly and not question, raise doubts or reason out things for ourselves. No wonder India is a haven for all kinds of hucksters, frauds, godmen, politicians, fortune hunters and so on. And the less said about our education system the better. To give an example the IITs some time back came out with the claim that the EVMs they designed were tamper proof. EVM baba Navin Chawla successfully sold the nonsensical claim to the people, who can question IIT walas.. A couple of years later an engineer from some ABC College of Engineering successfully hacked an EVM, he was promptly jailed. Today we know everything can be hacked from automobiles to heart pumps, to bank accounts to web sites so what are EVMs?

  22. Before truth can catch the lies which ran at faster speed happened in the case of MT. It is not that other side of MT’s character and her activities were not in public domain. Only thing that tolerant side of Hindu ideology refrained from exploiting it. This time only when as media had taken responsibility on them to carry on slander campaign along with its usual gang of bastard-intellectuals against Hindu- sangathans Vis a vis conversion issue, Mohan Bhagvat made passing remark. At the time Media must not have thought that their brouhaha against Mohan Bhagvat’s statement will boomerang and hit so hard to the skeleton comfortably lying in the grave. Hope media may learn some lessons and think before indulging in their anti-Hindu campaign.
    Coming to conversion- Apart from coercion there are two methods of conversion, one to appeal to poor where inducement is used and another to appeal to honest but naïve where to do activities like raising hospice like in Calcutta. Honest were victim of hard propaganda which was not countered so far.
    Let us not doubt about the integrity of those who must have labelled journalism-media as fourth estate or fourth pillar of democracy. Must have said in right sense with positivity attached to the phrase. But subsequently with the entry of crooks with dominant interest group it turned into mouthpiece for propaganda tool. The elevation of MT at the highest level of piety is the case in a point. This is the power that media had cunningly bargained under the disguise of ‘Freedom of Press’, with which it makes thing untouchable (either way) and which needs rethinking also. Hence time has come to discuss and debate on ‘need to cut long handle of crooks in media’.

  23. Even Christians out of India are scared of what she was capable of passing in the name of god:

    It is only in India that questioning her is a taboo, why? It is simple really, because it will invigorate the hindus into not trusting the religions, which are divisive, and turn to wisdom of the ancients once again. That will slow down the harvesting of souls, and that may in turn threaten the designs of some, who covet natural resources. Mind, all Abrahamic religions are divisive, with a clear distinction of "Us and them" and not just that, but they all have provisions of doing away with the others as well. Sometimes, it just baffles me to see how people are oblivious to what is coming if this continued for a bit, and the day the foreign interests will make us kill each other like in Ukraine now, is not too far.

  24. RSS chief has done a great service by stating what has been so obvious.MT herself never said that she was a mere social worker.She always stood by her religion and stood by her right to convert.MSM as usual barked up the wrong tree.Now all Indians born after 1980 know what MT really was.

  25. I would like to bring to mediacrooks attention that a subtle war is being waged against Hindu festivals in the name of civic issues, environment and the like. Some flimsy or otherwise fallacious arguments are being propagated for every religious festivals . there is covert discouragement being propagated in the name of environment, animal welfare etc. Consider the example
    1. Don't fly kites on Makar sankranti -- birds are caught in the manja
    2. Don't burst crackers on Diwali -- Same old , same old air pollution, noise pollution
    3. Don't play Holi -- water shortage
    4. Don't burn Holika on chaurasta - Overhead cables ( refer TOI article ). As far as my understanding goes, Holika is supposed to be on a chaurastha only.

    Although all the causes seem to be noble, it is working to take impressionable minds away from their culture. Having studied in a missionary school I know how distant one can become with ones culture. One must guard against it.

  26. It's really very nice post. Thanks for shearing it.
    | BJP

  27. The social service done by RSS or by any Hindu organization need to be advertised and publicized. More it should be done at temple level i.e. promote untouchables to visit temples, educate them like Kabir did. Khangress for many years allowed Christian missionaries to prosper and it is time to show them places by allowing them to do service yet limit / restrict / ban conversion.
    Indian media channels are concentrating in jhuggi jopidis instead of getting news of happenings in other countries ...... Doordarshan should be leveraged to improve its services like BBC...... bring out a magazine where you draw comparisons of media crooks and what good journalism should be doing....

    Indian express seems to be penetrated by Pak spies or Pak supporters and it is no longer bold as it used to be during 1970's.... it should cleansed !!!!

  28. i wish pseudo secular congress stooges like PRANNOY ROY and SHEKHAR GUPTA were invited to debate with christopher hitchens, both of them had either backed off or would have been completely pulverized by reasoning of hitchens, I believe Prannoy roy is the most detestable pseudo-secular congress stooge and i hate his channel NDTV.

    1. Christopher Hitches is dead. I have been challenging these people for the last more than five years to debate with me on various issues, like secularism, democracy, tolerance and so on. I am even willing to pay them Rs1 lac out of my pocket if they can prove me wrong on any of the issues and ideologies they hold dear, with the condition of similar compensation from them in case they are not able to defend their position, but these people never write back or accept the challenge. I call on Shri Ravinarji to invite these people to debate with me, and accept my challenge. I am even willing to suitably increase the amount with the help of other stakeholders. Kaun banega karodpati? Come one, come all. Religion no bar, sex no bar, sexual orientation no bar, status no bar, skin colour no bar, caste no bar, profession no bar. Doodh ka doodh, pani ka pani, hai koi mai ka laal?

  29. I am watching debate on NDTV We the people subject various bans,BJP rep Shaina NC was pathetically wishywashy ,short on facts and lot of misinformation by other panelist went unchallenged.
    Oh why cant BJP get better rep.or why can't BJP stop sending their rep to these one sided debates.

  30. Extract of informed person who wrote in a blog on reading the death of a paid journalist Mr. Vinod Mehta - a drunkard journalist, and inventor of paid journalism in India (mass scale) i.e. paid journalism = sold souls..

    //Firstly, it is said one should not talk bad about the dead ones. RIP. Having said this, an obituary could be deceptive or straight forward, but something has to be put across if something about these type of people is known. He was editor of Debonair when people were of my age to read such a bold monthly which was almost a copy of playboy magazine with some features lifted off straight from penthouse and so on. Somehow, he did not remain editor for long and it was handed over to another moron, Anil Dharker, the latter’s sole qualification being that of being in England and of marrying a Paki student of his. The standard of Debonair by that time had deteriorated with cost of publishing soaring sky high with most of the readers foregoing the purchase of that magazine. Then he started various publications such as The sunday observer, The independent and The pioneer, the former two (guessed right) being copy works in name and content of their namesakes in England. When he was editor of The independent he published a highly derogatory article of calling a former chief minister of Maharashtra, without much proof--a hall mark of these type of journalists, a CIA agent, which got him the big stick from Sharad pawar who happened to be the protege of that former chief minister. He was removed from the publication unceremoniously. Then shortly he started The Pioneer, which was not much of a success and he had to leave that too. Then he started an upwardly mobile journey in his career, a type of career which people call as of paid journalism. He became an agent of the ruling congress dynasty with starting of Outlook magazine, a publication, basically to counter and destroy the then more popular India Today, which was shamefully a mouth piece of congress party and its dynasty indulging in sorts of journalistic activities which could hardly be called as journalism! There also he could not remain faithful to the people who were fundingand running his publication and his career and often digressed to ruffle the feathers of his powerful masters leading to his ouster from there two years back. Finally, these are the people who, though carry a name which appears to be Hindu-like, but they do and this man did, everything that is hateful, vitriolically anathema to the mainstream population of this country, their religion and culture. One has to think of the types of these people who destroy the institutions which are noble in that some of them are called pillars of democracy, and propagate and promote some obscure imported ideology admixed with worst kind of servility to the powerful, a dangerous mix of ideological hotchpotch, which is hell bent on weakening the traditional strengths which have kept this country still a united entity, apart from making a career out of, what is axiomatically called, licking of somebody's shoes.//

  31. looks like NATIONALIST just released a Terrorist and his Bhakats r calling him NATIONALIST. No news on it from bu so called "MEDIA WATCHDOGS"


  32. Dear Sid,

    One can well imagine your childish glee while writing this comment. But dude, did you check BJP's reaction to the release of terrorist ??? May be not because you were having your second orgasm by that time to cross check facts. It's the PDP which is breaking their common minimum program & not the vice versa & BJP will take a tough line on the issue. But don't bother because you must be already on verge of your your third. So enjoy the joyride.

  33. Good eye opener the vies in following blogs are also complementing your views. Please do read.

  34. Two recent events that have served to expose the left liberals and causing them to do u-turns -- The BBC documentary and the release of the separatist whats-his-name. Its funny how the "liberals" in order to corner the government are having to go against their own left wing agenda.

  35. Ravinar, would it be possible for you to come up with a pinterest board where we can upload snapshots which expose the media. I recently saw that firstpost had put the same article under report as well as opinion and that too on the front page. Now we know that all reports are basically opinion only , but it would be nice to have proof to shove it in their faces.


  36. Dear Ravinar,

    Apology for deviating from the topic but I am surprised.

    Why no one from media is asking the Kejriwal party of why it took 9 months & Delhi victory to suddenly realise Yogendra Yadav & that snake Prashant Bhushan were trying to hurt AAP ???

    Why no one in media is taking reaction from Anna on their ouster ???

    The very obvious answer is Kejriwal don't require them anymore now that he is safely in power.


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