Monday, February 23, 2015

Nalanda Club & Hospital Private Ltd.

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My previous post was about how Indian MSM is the first line of defence for the corrupt. As if on cue our media proved it with another coordinated, choreographed act. This time the man they portrayed as a “victim” was none other than Amartya Sen (AS).  There’s no evidence AS is financially corrupt but when it comes to ethics, morals and principles I doubt you will find too many who are as corrupt in the public domain. Last year I wrote a post about “India’s 2nd biggest intellectual moron”, this time it’s about India’s No.1 Intellectual Moron (IM).

Why do I call AS an intellectual moron? We will find out in due course. Let me remind you that AS was manufactured from Cambridge; England’s own JNU. It will pay to remember Cambridge is a hotbed of Commies and has produced the most anti-nationals and traitors for Britain. Some of the Indian products from Cambridge are not very different. Just do a roll call by yourself and you will see what I mean. And this post is easy for me as I don’t have to write much of my own to establish AS is an intellectual moron and morally corrupt. With nothing to currently tar the ModiSarkar with and another parliament session looming the Commie pigs in the media have started finding fake issues (abundantly sprinkled with lies) to slander Modi. AS is just another mud-pie they used. The long and short of it is explained in this clip from Indian American Muslim Council which quotes NDTV:

Brazen attack on academic freedom, hounded out of Nalanda University (NU) and the NDTV crap is conveniently used by a Muslim Council. So you see, the minorities are feeling threatened and the US-based crooks have started their campaign again. The predictable and sinister operation by NDTV!

Truth: AS is a Commie who whines against his own filthy ideology which would involve control of every institution in a country and plays a victim. Truth: AS is neither hounded out nor is being interfered with. It is just that his tenure as Chancellor is ending in July. Truth: A university fully funded by the GOI is not obligated to extend the tenure of an 81-year old miserable non-performer and failure. Truth: The appointment of AS as chancellor of NU is unethical and immoral. It was done by a board of which he himself was chairman. Truth: AS had done nothing for NU but scrounged on public money for his private luxuries and comfort. Truth: AS, in collaboration with corrupt Congress, had turned NU into a private club and hospital for the sick and venal of Indian politics. Truth: AS did not even attend the inauguration of NU. Truth: Like a typical Commie, AS draws salaries for his joblessness at NU and pays no taxes. This is a fraud perpetrated on the citizens of India. Truth: Because of the corrupt, unethical and immoral conduct of AS and GOI, APJ Abdul Kalam disassociated himself from the NU club.

AS advocates all the freebies, subsidies and NREGA of Commie Congress. He supports all of that. He also supports govt funding all the poor, education, health and all of it. Right? Now then, in any Commie set up there isn’t a single sphere of life where the govt would pour money and not interfere. Is there? So why is this Commie IM expecting that the govt should fund his private club and hospital and not interfere at all? According to AS’s Commie ideology, if he were to be the head of the govt would he not interfere not only in education but in all other spheres of activity like Nehru or Indira did? This is why this liar is an IM. He wants the Commie philosophy but when it comes to his personal fiefdom he wants govt to stay out even when it’s the govt funding this Sicko. Despite all that there is no evidence whatsoever that ModiSarkar had interfered with NU or with AS. The IM feels a tenure extension is an entitlement. His tenure expires July, so not renewing is an option with the GOI just as appointing this Sicko was an option with the previous govt.

So why is this IM whining? The answer is simple: AS is nothing but an anti-Modi, anti-BJP political pimp planted with luxuries by Congress to campaign for them in the media. Every time AS was on TV he only trashed Modi and BJP and praised the corrupt Congress. I haven’t seen a single time this IM talked about NU or any of our media criminals holding him accountable for the NU scam. The moment he felt his tenure may not be extended he did what all Commie failures do – run to media and start another anti-Modi rant and play victim. NU was the luxurious club which was a reward for AS’s political pimping for Congress and nothing else. It’s been over seven years since NU was established, let’s look at the club and hospital Commie-Jack built:

All of this for a commitment of over 2700 crores! Many Panchayat schools are built much better. And this criminal nonsense was supposed to revive the glorious history and learning traditions of Nalanda. What the Congis and media won’t tell you – Nalanda was not built by Commie pigs or Commie ideology but true Indian culture of learning. Evidently, the new Nalanda has been staffed with the very Commie-Mughal ideologists that destroyed the original one. After all, AS grandly stated Akbar was the pioneer of Indian secularism; to suck up to the Bangladesh President. So, out of the blue, on February 20 and 21 AS goes on a whining TV-yatra playing Meena Kumari. And here’s how our media criminals portrayed him:

Who better to start off with than the queen of lies and Commie propaganda, eh? She peddled all the lies of AS along with child-feeding him with questions to trash Modi. She asked this IM about Modi’s performance when she should have been asking him about his own miserable performance as NU administrator. An observant Tweeter, Shailendra Marathe, brilliantly summed up the nonsense of Commie pimp Barkha Dutt:

Predictably, AS ran like a rat to other channels like CNN-IBN and Headlines Today as also C5M Sagarika Ghose to repeat his lies, slander and anti-Modi propaganda. I wonder if he’s going to appear on FashionTV and MTVRoadies. All the choreographed interviews more or less had the same questions and the same practiced answers. Who is this IM trying to fool? His sick NU should be put under an audit by CAG to expose his crimes and worthless expenses. Even in previous CAG audits this NU was found without any accountability. I hope Modi and GOI do not placate or succumb to this nonsense. Priyadarshi Dutta, of the Pioneer, wrote a dossier on Amartya’s scam called NU and I produce some edited excerpts below:

The board members are mostly friends of Sen with similar Harvard-Oxford background. Sen’s idea of building the University was by delivering flowery speeches. Despite the high stature he flaunts, he has failed to bring a single penny to the University project. Rather his flying visits to India by business class and hotel stays are fully paid by the MEA. An RTI query shows that between October 2010 and October 2012, nearly Rs 25 lakhs have been spent on him on that account alone… For a long time now Amartya Sen has aired views upon everything except perhaps economics. He is a ‘historian’, ‘political scientist’, ‘philosopher’, ‘sociologist’, ‘institution builder’, ‘self-appointed non-resident Chancellor, Nalanda University’ — everything that can be accomplished with flowery speeches alone has been accomplished by him. He has been adored by Indians almost as a sage. The Nobel Laureate in Economics (1998) never had any practical solution for India’s economy in testing times. Neither his economist friend Manmohan Singh nor his student Kaushik Basu, former Chief Economic Adviser, could leave it in better shape.

Then External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee appointed Amartya Sen as Chairperson of  Nalanda Mentor Group (2007). The project was wholly entrusted to him against the canons of establishing universities prevalent in India for the past 150 years. The MEA spent almost Rs 2crore for their meetings in Singapore, Tokyo, New York as the project was formulated in virtual secrecy”.

AS is a classy Commie intellectual moron. Like all Commies he will tell you how to spend money, others money, but cannot produce a single idea on how to earn it. He had a grand party on the Indian taxpayer’s money and is upset that his party is unlikely to continue. And that is his real problem. He also turned NU into a “Ladies Club” as FirstPost explains how ladies with no real standing were hospitalised at NU, their only illness being like-minded Sickos:

“… Many key appointments appeared to point to the influence of Upinder Singh, a historian and daughter of Sen’s friend Manmohan Singh. Soon after Gopa was appointed VC, Upinder was appointed as guest faculty at the University. According to this Bihar Times report, Sabharwal appointed another friend, Anjana Sharma, as officer on special duty, again with a hefty salary. Bihar Times lists Upinder Singh, Anjana Sharma, Gopa Sabharwal and Nayanjot Lahiri as four “sahelis” from Delhi who are closely associated with Nalanda

These Sickos weren’t building a university of learning. They were building a private club and a hospital for Sickos. MMS’s daughter was chief-recruiter and also guest-lecturer. That is funny. Who was she lecturing when there were no students at all? Fantastic! The NU Club and Hospital had everything for Sickos to enjoy but no external patients or students. The only members were the Congress-propaganda group, whose chief AS, was accommodated to campaign against Modi and BJP. The same Commies who framed India as a “Socialist” country and expect govt should fund everything also expect that govt should just pay money and ask no questions. That is the immoral and corrupt practice of Commies like AS. They want all the money but ZERO accountability. Sometime back he threw a tantrum when questions were raised about the financial muck at NU:

Isn’t it wonderful? It’s like you take a massive business loan from your bank and when you default on payments you tell the bank they have no business to look at your P&L or Balance Sheet. Then you even run to the media complaining the bank is harassing you. That is the irresponsible fraud that AS is. I sometimes can’t fathom how satirists can so brilliantly capture the moronic ideas and practices of socialist idiocy so well. Here is one episode that should tell you a lot of about how govts build and sustain bogus institutions out of sheer political compulsion and to keep their cronies and Babus employed. Watch “patiently” (10.26 mins):

There, in the end St.Edwards, a hospital with zero patients but with over 500 administrators, is finally put to some good use; to accommodate a 1000 refugees. I think ModiSarkar should scrap the entire NU project and turn the property into a relief-centre or a village hospital. That would at least serve some people (including during times of natural calamities which are so common in Bihar). It would be a damn good idea to sack Amartya Sen, before his tenure ends, and other public-money-guzzlers and put that little building to some good use. The memory and history of the original NU is something to treasure and cherish instead of the crap that AS was allowed to indulge in. There aren’t any students who would suffer.

As for Amartya Sen, he is nothing but an unethical, lying, immoral “Self-styled Economics-Godman”. His thinking and theories have benefitted no one but himself. Imagine claiming to a build a university without even being at the location and half the time being abroad. He wants politicians shouldn’t interfere in education but in fact he is the political pimp who has been more into political propaganda than into education for the last eight years. Intellectual Morons are leeches who bleed the State and scrounge from the money of ordinary people and, in that, no one can beat AS – He is India’s No.1 Intellectual Moron.  

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Indian MSM - The First Line Of Defence For The Corrupt

Honey Bee – that’s the name of an alleged ISI mole in the Indian security establishment that helped plan the 26/11 attacks according to the authors of the book “The Siege”. The writers mention this information was claimed by a Pakistani Major. After this book was released November 2013, then Home Minister Sushil Shinde also stated the GOI would inquire into this. Ever heard of any inquiry? So recently when about seven people were arrested for stealing documents from the Petroleum Ministry our media, particularly TimesNow, was ranting against the BJP instead of asking why so many moles floated around for so long. The Petroleum Minister claims papers moved out freely during the previous Congress govt. Although it could be a political claim I find that quite believable. In the coming days more revelations and more moles and spies may be found. One of the arrested thieves is a journalist. Any surprise?

The media didn’t ask many questions to Congress or its allies but were seeking names from the BJP. Spokies of thuggish, corrupt parties were screaming as if they were innocent of crimes during their rule of harbouring pimps, brokers, dalals and extra-constitutional foreign stooges. I have long maintained this:

“The Indian media is the first line of defence for the corrupt”.

Two episodes in the last few days reinforce my belief. The Congress party had turned govt into a termite-infested house where all kinds of brokers and pimps had a feast. Apart from the recent thieves caught by CCTV at the petroleum ministry there have been Radias and Barkhas even fixing cabinet berths. If you look at it another way, the Congress-govt was as good as an Apex body of corrupt NGOs that had a free run. SoniaG herself had an NGO called “NAC”. I had earlier written about Congress being “A profitable NGO”. Funds flowed from all over to corrupt, anti-national NGOs. Funds flowed from all over to political pimps who paraded as social and environment activists. Funds and benefits flowed to corrupt editors and media houses that were permanently in losses. Many of them are up against the Modi govt for one strong reason:

Here’s the first thing. The recent episode of Teesta Setalvad’s bail cancellation and the urgency with which the SC heard her petition should tell us how many powerful forces are behind corrupt operators. Half a dozen lawyers rushed to the SC. Is Teesta in anyway innocent? I don’t think anyone, not even her lawyers, believes that. This riot-money scavenger was slammed by the SIT on Gujarat riots as having doctored affidavits and floating fake cases. She and her husband ran NGOs that were actually a political conspiracy to malign Modi on behalf of the Congress rather than serving riot victims. According to this moron her embezzlement cases are nothing but accounting issues:

The media is the first line of defence for the corrupt. The entire media batted for Teesta. Some “Intellectual morons” even asked ModiSarkar not to harass her as if the Centre is prosecuting this case. Shekhar Gupta, the perfect Delhi pimp just echoes others like Rajdeep Sardesai and Barkha Dutt. Remember, Rajdeep is the street-thug who asked “Where is the fraud?” in the National Herald case against the Chinese Gandhis. Teesta is the tip of the criminal NGO-media complex that has long protected Congress crimes and tried their best to defeat Modi in the elections. This Gupta who thinks embezzlement is merely an accounting issue once serially trolled Kiran Bedi on the front pages of IE over her claiming business fares (offered by her sponsors) while travelling economy to generate additional savings for her NGO. For these shameless media pigs any crime from a member of their pigsty is condonable while others are culpable for small travel bill fudging.

Was it necessary to arrest Teesta? YES! The answer can be found in the court judgement. Teesta and her husband stay in Mumbai while operating their scams in Gujarat. When there were criminal complaints they got anticipatory bail from Bombay HC. When Bombay HC cancelled bail they ran to SC claiming Bombay HC had no jurisdiction. SC asked the duo to approach Gujarat HC. All this while they did not cooperate with the investigation and did not provide any documents sought by the Gujarat police. They kept dodging the investigation. Finally when the Gujarat court cancelled their bail plea they ran to SC again. Now, had Teesta and her husband cooperated with the police there would have been no need to arrest them at all. But they did not. On the scare-mongering by her lawyers and the media the SC even changed the Bench for the final hearing of her plea. This particular episode is a mockery of our judicial systems. Nevertheless, SC asked the duo to cooperate and submit documents failing which their bail would be cancelled.

It’s a simple question – If you were accused of fraud and embezzlement and if you happened to be clean, would you rush to clear your name with documents and evidence or would you dodge the police? The conduct of Teesta and her husband ever since the allegations surfaced should be enough circumstantial evidence of their culpability.

I have linked the Gujarat court order and if you go through it, the financial transactions and pilferage is nothing short of shocking. Foreign organisations donating so much money which again went to personal accounts of Teesta and her husband instead of stated causes is enough to nail her. There were earlier reports that she splurged on wine, jewellery and personal shopping with this money. Has to be a lot of wine I think, because the Teesta-duo has grown into fat cats. One of the sweet-smelling lawyers of Teesta, Indira Jaising, also runs an NGO that gets funds from Ford Foundation. The amounts have no explanation or why Ford would fund a legal-services-NGO without any benefits. I guess Ford is one of those Saints of the Congress’s lost causes. The amounts are stunning:

The best part is that this scumbagini Jaising compared Teesta’s embezzlement with the suit gifted to and worn by Modi. All of Lutyens free-floating pimps. The media has to defend the corrupt because people like Teesta collaborated with their anti-Modi campaign and a lot of worms will crawl out if she’s interrogated and prosecuted. There is only one outcome I can estimate for Teesta: a definite conviction. Let’s move on to the second thing.

Many will recall how people like Shekhar Gupta, Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose and assorted pimps tried to tarnish ex-CAG Vinod Rai when he exposed 2G and Coalgate scams. Rajdeep went to the extent of reporting internal conflicts at the CAG office over the 2G loss reports of 1.76 lakh crores. Little does the corrupt Rajdeep understand that in any auditing organisation there may be differences over way entries and transactions are treated. However, the final word rests with the boss. See how Rajdeep at CNN-IBN then ran a serial campaign to tar him. Rajdeep implies one of the auditors questioned Rai after his report was released. It doesn’t work that way but anything to tar an honest man. So too in the case of Coalgate where the CAG projected a loss of 1.86 lakh crores. The defenders of the corrupt were again quick to tar the man:

The only #Porngate one sees every day and night is on the channels where Rajdeep & Co work. Nonsensical debates, lack of verifiable facts and invariable defence of the corrupt Congress and its allies. Nothing is surprising. There isn’t any domain of govt operation that the Congress corruption hadn’t touched. Yet the media kept tarring those who exposed the corruption. The man who blew the whistle on Coalgate was not any media house (as TOI grandly claims in one of its reports) but a BJP member; Hansraj Ahir. The current round of coal auctions are set to cross 10Lakh crores according to progress reports and govt estimates. If anything, Vinod Rai was rather conservative about the losses and the scam and not exaggerating. The faces of the media scumbags who defend the corrupt deserve to be blackened:

There’s another report on CNN-IBN about serious security lapses at the currency printing press which was suppressed by the Congress govt. It also states the supplier of the currency paper was neither suspended nor penalised. Who knows, had Rajdeep still been in CNN-IBN even this report may have been suppressed. People remember how the Cash4Votes sting was suppressed by him to protect the Congress.

The moles, pimps and brokers in the govt corridors didn’t surface suddenly. They have been floating around for the last 10 years along with corrupt, anti-India NGOs. Many equally corrupt editors have enriched themselves through political pimping. Some of these editors still remain the first line of defence for the corrupt Congress and their cronies. But there are good signs things may change.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Most Brutal Slap For Shekhar Gupta & NDTV

Since the Radia tapes broke in November 2010 NDTV has more or less banned Vinod Mehta from its channel. You can agree or disagree with Mehta but NDTV knows who the imps and pimps they want are. It stands to reason that a channel for Congi pimps has nurtured another Congi maid like Shekhar Gupta through the years. Over three years ago, in 2011, I wrote a post “Shekhar Gupta - Doctoring & Nursing The Congress”. It doesn’t take Einstein to have recognised this Congress “doctor” who parades as an editor. Was I wrong in calling this joker a Congi pimp who has constantly battled to save the corrupt Congress and Sonia? Well, don’t trust my words; but read this little blast after LS2014 and other election losses after that for the Congress:

If the Congress high command had read Shekhar Gupta's National Interest column regularly, the party would not have suffered the disaster it has. But either because of smugness or arrogance, complacence or callousness, the party leadership, at all levels, thought that it does not require any analysis or advice…  Did the Congress high command, or at least Rahul and flamboyant leaders like Kapil Sibal or Jairam Ramesh or Digvijaya Singh read this column seven years ago? If they did, how did they react? Did they even introspect or just choose to reject the futuristic projection made by Shekhar Gupta?”

If you are wondering who is paying that tribute to Gupta, you won’t entirely be shocked when you learn it is none other than another Congi pimp; Kumar Ketkar. Please read the above paras carefully. If the media were advising the govt on how to run the country better that would be perfectly acceptable and appreciated. Is that what they were doing? No! They were both advising the Congress party on how to rotate cabinet posts, how to structure the party and how to win elections despite being corrupt non-performers. They were both doctoring and nursing the Congress and not “national interest” as they deceptively claim. It is laughable that KK imagines Congress wasn’t getting advice from media. The media in any country is often the last to recognise public mood. When SG realised his Congress-cause is lost he did what asslickers do. They try to suck up to future leaders as this pic will show you:

I was a little surprised that Narendra Modi even allowed this snake to share a seat with him at a public rally. At an individual level Modi has been very sharp in the way he associates with the media. This is one of his rare mistakes. But as a party, BJP is not really very smart when it comes to media-skills or dealing with the media. They pay a price for their foolishness every single day. But still, I believe SG has realised that post LS2014 Modi doesn’t breed doormats, so the obvious course would be for him to return to his anti-BJP pursuits and pimping for any party that is opposed to BJP; in the Delhi’s case currently the AAP.

Every pig deserves a pigsty or a pig-farm. Naturally, SG pursues his normal anti-BJP career with the anti-Modi, anti-BJP, anti-Hindu, anti-India pig-farm called NDTV. The story of NDTV can best be described as three little pigs at different times. Post Delhi elections 3 little ones from the farm gathered to thrash a BJP spokie. SG is not very different from Vadra, except that he claims to be from Haryana. Like Vadra, SG too learned how to mount the right horses and enrich himself. And they both have DLF as a common friend. Sometime back Caravan magazine explained how this Lutyens Scotch-circuit “wheeler dealer” enriched himself and is an Ambani stooge. It just took someone to call him for the scoundrel that he is. Parties win and lose elections but panellists and self-proclaimed experts need to be careful in how they choose to express their hatred for BJP. Here’s what happened on NDTV after the recent thrashing of BJP in Delhi (Video 5.40 mins):

I have shortened the video from its original length which is on Youtube. Shazia Ilmi joined BJP just before the Delhi elections. Is she the first politician to ever switch sides? But for this joker SG to unleash extreme hatred and personal attacks against her and calling her names shows you the pig he really is. Shazia slammed him with her own choice of words, being the feisty politician she is and rightly called SG a “Wheeler Dealer” and Ambani stooge in as many words. I would say she was actually decent in not taking it any further. At 3.47 in the video, someone goes to the extent of saying “CHOP HER”; that is Shazia (SG later stated it was Roy who said it and it’s not really important who said it). Because that whisper can be missed on Youtube I have enhanced the volume at that part so it is absolutely audible to the listener. Of course, while conceding we can’t be sure who whispered that, the comment spread across Twitter. After 2 days of pondering how to explain his criminal behaviour, SG came up with this tweet:

That is as lame as it gets. So SG says it was Prannoy and he was whispering “Shopon” (for Swapan). It sure doesn’t sound like that to me and people can decide what they hear. It is also amusing that in the middle of an attempt to trash Shazia Ilmi and the BJP why would the 3 stooges think of “Swapan”? That’s another mystery and I leave that for Einstein. The man was not just trashing Shazia but his language and tone bordered on outright “abuse”. As far as I am concerned, if Roy was the one who said “Chop her” then the sequence of the discussion shows SG followed the command to perfection and attempted to “Chop her” with his wild abusive behaviour and name calling. But Shazia delivered the most severe slap this “Wheeler Dealer” editorialist has ever received in public on TV. That itself should give him sleepless nights for a long time.

This is how our Commies in media have been manipulating and promoting anti-BJP hatred. It is not a secret anymore. This is hardly the first time SG himself has been involved in such hate-spewing in recent times. Sometime back he peddled the fraud by the “Anti-Hindu” newspaper against Baba Ramdev which claimed BRD had created an Ebola-curing medicine:

A newspaper which peddles a fraudulent article without as much as cross checking with BRD about a site claiming to represent him is the kind of reporting that must now be legally punished. And the guy who claims to be an editor and re-peddles that lie should also be prosecuted. LIE BIG, retract small must be made a legally punishable offence. But the BJP too is a bunch of cowards who will not act on serious issues in the media. NDTV itself is house of frauds that needs to be prosecuted for multiple crimes. The BJP is failing on this because it is failing to “visibly” act on media corruption. Big economic results can take time but crimes that are already known deserve action. Arun Jaitley is not only a media manipulator (as other politicians and media folks call him that) but also a sucker for NDTV. He is little bothered about his party’s interests and more bothered about keeping his pyjama clean with the media.

It has been a practice for years – all the channels assemble anywhere between 3 to 9 panellists and thrash the lone BJP spokie and the party. In raucous debates where the dice is heavily loaded against the BJP and its allies, the tide must turn. Deliberate mischief must be punished legally. Where illogical abuse is hurled the BJP spokies too must start slapping the concerned panellist in strong terms. Shazia Ilmi has shown how to shut up an abusive panellist. The brutal slap she delivered to Shekhar Gupta will be remembered by him for a long time. Other anti-BJP stooges in the media pretty much deserve the same.