Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tolerance Is Over-Rated - Part 1

Stories of Prithviraj Chauhan’s bravery and valour fill many books in India. He was the king of Delhi. Also famous is the story of his elopement with Samyukta who would become his wife. The barbarian invader Mohammad Ghori was defeated by Chauhan and his army in 1191 as history tells us. A year later Ghori returned and defeated Chauhan and took over his kingdom. Chauhan was later killed by Ghori & Co under captivity. Soldiers’ code of honour often requires they treat their fallen enemy with honour. Prithviraj Chauhan let Ghori get away and did not pursue or kill him. If Ghori had been killed a good chunk of history may have been different. An army declaring war for some dispute or other is understandable. Ghori had no such known dispute except to invade, loot, rape and force Islam in Chauhan’s kingdom. There is a price to pay when you let barbarians get away. They don’t deserve honour, they don’t deserve a pardon. Even Jesus who preached kindness, peace and turning the other cheek ended up on the Cross.

Before and after Chauhan there were waves and waves of Islamic attacks on Indian provinces. Some were repelled, some conquered and some Hindu rulers also made peace with the invaders. Islamic warriors had butchered many and many other countries were fully turned Islamic – Persia, countries in Africa, Syria, the current state of Israel, Egypt, even Spain and parts of Europe and so on. Despite the invasion in India being the bloodiest the Hindus somehow refused to be totally conquered. Akbar’s general at Haldi Ghati was Rana Pratap’s relative. He refused to be conquered. Today, the Muslims in India, Pakistan and elsewhere claim they are the victims. The generally peaceful race of Indians, consisting of Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs, came to be known as tolerant because they withstood the barbarism of the invaders. Maybe they set a wrong precedence.

Cut to 20th century, Reginald Dyer, aka The Butcher of Jallianwallah Bagh, killed hundreds of innocent people. He wasn’t punished. He was celebrated as a hero in Britain. A classic appeasement of the Nazis was the 1938 agreement between British PM Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler, which allowed Germany to occupy Czechoslovakia. As Winston Churchill put it – that was hoping the crocodile would eat its appeaser the last. MK Gandhi wasn’t so much against violence as he was in support of non-violence, especially when it came to his own life. But MKG is commonly cited as the apostle of non-violence for only the Hindus to practically follow. This balderdash needs to be dispelled.  


Charlie Hebdo is now more known across the world that it was ever before, for obvious reasons. Following the terror attack and killing of a dozen people the Sickulars across the world have been groping for excuses to condone the attack. They suggest that religion must not be mocked and anyone who does will have to pay a price for it. Typically, the Indian media blacked out the CH images that caused offence. A couple of papers who reproduced the images willingly or accidentally had this to offer:

The cowards at “The Hindu” and “Mint” who brag about freedom of speech and all that suddenly got cold feet when it comes to Islamic cartoons. Everyone has learned by now that the Indian media’s idea of free speech is to abuse Hindus and Hinduism. Why? Because this lot is tolerant! The Hindus have historically given these Commies the idea that they will tolerate any crap thrown at them and have emboldened them to all kinds of nonsense. In the case of MF Hussain’s nude paintings of Hindu Goddesses all these Commies defended his right to freedom of expression. Many papers and magazines reproduced his porn. None withdrew or apologised. The Hindus didn’t kill Hussain. They just filed cases against him and even that is considered an attack on him by the Commies. The same Commies whined when Wendy Doniger’s anti-Hindu book was pulped by her publisher. The Hindus posed no physical or death-threat to her. It was some guy who filed a case and when it was certain that court would find Doniger’s book to be abusing Hinduism the publishers decided to dump it. What would it take for these wimps to acknowledge the truth? Here’s Malini P of The Hindu applauding the Pope for his stupid statement:

Richard Dawkins is a prominent atheist but even religious people who are sensible would find the Pope’s statement absurd. The Pope said “One cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people’s faith, one cannot make fun of faith” and that those who did “can expect a punch”. He jokingly added "If my good friend Dr. Gasbarri says a curse word against my mother, he can expect a punch”. That is as dumb as it can get and our media idiots are thrilled about it. Malini P, of the anti-Hindu paper, claims the Pope understands a “multicultural” world.  Really? Left to the Pope’s whims he would like the whole of India (and world) turn Catholic. Someone cursing a mother getting punched in return is the same as murdering a dozen people? We have a street-thug like Rajdeep Sardesai who roughed up a man for heckling him in retaliation to Rajdeep’s abuse. I have stated in “War on Hindus-3” that many towns in India have been completely Islamised. They are “no go” zones. In major cities we have Muslim ghettos which are avoided by others. Some Europeans and Americans are waking up to this reality in their own towns and cities. We shall see


We have now experienced how our media lies about events and stories. These Commie pimps are scared of Islamic terror as much as the Pope is. Fear is not unnatural but the media shows that they will trample upon you when they know will know you won’t hit back with violence and murder. English Defence League was formed in England to counter the Islamisation and the attacks by Muslim gangs on their soldiers, Jews and other random attacks. One of their founders was Tommy Robinson. He and his colleagues were on a charity march and here is the Channel4 report on an incident that happened during this walk in East London (0.42 mins):

The guy in the black T-shirt and dark glasses is Kevin Carroll of the EDL. The report mentions a clash with the guys in blue and red shirts and the image shows Kevin as the one who is offensive. Is that what really happened? People are now video-taping such events knowing what to expect of the media (and the impotent, cowardly Police). Here’s the part that Channel4 did not show its viewers (3.28 mins):

As the video shows, the guy in the blue shirt attacks Kevin who retaliates. The Police let the two guys walk away. They don’t arrest the attackers but instead arrest Robinson and Carroll. That’s Dhimmitude for you. Is it any different in India? Clearly, there is hardly any doubt that the two guys (in blue and red shirts) were planted by the police to provoke a conflict and create a “public disturbance” situation for which they can then arrest the EDL guys. And because the EDL guys protest the Islamic terror in their towns they are labelled Nazis, fascists and racists. Typical nonsense by “Sickular” thugs who label anyone who protests their crimes, with despicable names (full Robinson video on Youtube).

There have been thousands of terror attacks by Islamic forces over the years. Political and media cowards tried their best to wash the sins. It took the slaughter of cartoonists to wake up politicians to finally realise tolerance doesn’t pay. In this day and age, tolerance is increasingly the attribute of wimps and cowards. Tolerance is over-rated. More in the next part.


  1. It seems Hindu's are in complete mode of Denial ... Let me give you example In Yaksha's Quiz , Yaksha asks what is biggest surprise in this world ... Yudishtir answers that Even though people see death every day , no one feels they will die one day and live life like nothing happened ... Same is the Case with Hindu Society ... They Watch Conversion , Brutal Attack , Killings , Rapes , illogical radical Justification and everything ... But they Live in Mode of Denial every they will be Minority ... I am trying to Find out Answer that will wake them up ...


    1. Dear anand108,

      A great Rishi & a giant of a man named Keshav Hedgewar found the answer to your question some 90 years ago. If you study the life's work of RSS founder & his immediate successor you will have all the solutions for all the problems of a lifetime.

      Mr Hedgewar never raised his voice nor killed anyone. But what he simply did is organise Hindus of all language, caste & colour under one banner through immense love for his motherland & keeping personal faults such as greed & treachery away.

      Once organised, the Hindus are mighty enough to conquer the whole world.

    2. Conquer the world? Open your eyes. Here are the facts:
      1. Hinduism spread from Persia to Bali & Australia by preachers as temples and idols show.
      2. India's population actually declined from 1000 AD to 1550 AD by 6 mn, thanks to massacres by islamists of > 80 mn.

      Today, Hindus have shrunk by 75% in potential numbers, and 50% in geography. And while we continue to be outnumbered, in a decade, expect the riots to turn into ethnic cleansing within India.

      So while your children will be asked to convert or face death as pagans, do not forget to praise ourselves for surviving, and give a kick to all godmen on our way to extinction. Have a great time making money and doing nothing for religion or society.

  2. A great man once said 'tolerance and apathy are the virtues of a dying civilization'. Hindus are blissfully unaware of the genocidal tendencies of the jihadi/evangelist/secular cartel. By the time they wake up, it may be too late. :(

  3. Hindus have shot themselves in the foot with non-violence, ahimsa, vegetarianism, secularism, etc. There are many Hindu communities who do not send their kids to serve in armed forces. These communities also do not like to live with non-vegetarians and practice diet racism. Vegetarianism lies at the root of Hindu decadence.

    1. Bullshit. Vegetarianism has got nothing to do with pusillanimity. Olympian wrestler Sushil Kumar is a vegetarian. What has emasculated Hindus on a mass scale is the suicidal Gandhian ideology of 'non-violence at any cost'.

    2. Vegetarian food may provide strength. But non-vegetarian food promotes aggression in a person. Effect of raw & red meat is very evident in case of terrorists. That is why, even traditionally, Kshatriyas are allowed non-veg food. That too they must kill & eat rather than buying. So if our army & police force have non-veg food, it is understandable.

      The first param vir chakra winner Major Somnath Sharma was a Brahmin & a vegetarian. He set a fine example of others. Till today Indina Army has been extra-ordinarily brave, but will only defend when attacked. It is not in our blood to go all out and strike first. Need of the hour is something different like pre-emptive strikes which needs aggression apart from strength.

      Still food is not the causative but conducive factor. With knowledge, if one gets inspired about the goal and tactics, then the right type of food will also help.


    3. #JustSaying

      Modern wars and battles are not "man to man" or "hand to hand" combat as in the old days. Science & technology has made it unnecessary to be a physical lion... It only needs a person to be physically fit, mentally sound and possess adequate intelligence to understand technology and new strategies. Pakistan surrendered with 90000 troops in 1971. Surely, they werent grass-eating sheep. The new war through terrorism is not one merely of physical strength but of ideological and weaponry stealth.Something the Israelis understand very well. The other important battle is the "battle for the mind" which our MSM/Commies try to win by lies, deception and falsehoods.

    4. Indians only bother about money, most of them just wanna make money, even they convert for money, more than passion for work, its money, not many are into research cos there is no money in there. These media also biased cos of money. I wonder, are we so poor that we have to be morally bankrupt. But this is what I have seen, that most of them really dont care , for all struggle for centuries to get independence and I feel we dont deserve it. I meet people who call me a fundamentalist when just point out the bias against us. They act as if they are all sinless saints and ask what is the difference, if we are also intolerant. They never get that even natures rule is survival of the fittest. Sometimes i feel cynical and feel hindus are destined to end the their civilization because of they (or we) lack morality, most of them are cowards/ignorant and money minded

    5. Imagine Indians are so tolerant or I would say careless irresponsible that we have allowed congress to rule for 60 years.If not for MODI even this time there would be Congress ruling. Even if we look for alternative for BJP just in case, all we have is Cong, AAP, SP,BSP, DMK,AIADMK,JDU,TMC. This is the condition of our nation and for the record we have more than 100 million population.

    6. @Everyman: According to Swami Vivekanand, "there was a time in this very India when, without eating beef, no Brahmin could remain a Brahmin; you read in the Vedas how, when a Sannyasin, a king, or a great man came into a house, the best bullock was killed; how in time it was found that as we were an agricultural race, killing the best bulls meant annihilation of the race. Therefore the practice was stopped, and a voice was raised against the killing of cows. Sometimes we find existing then what we now consider the most horrible customs." (Lectures from Colombo to Almora). Was it just coincidence that at the time the Hindu empire extended from Afghanistan to Indonesia?

      "Prithviraj Chauhan let Ghori get away and did not pursue or kill him." Was it soldier's code that let Ghori get away or was it because by then Hindus had gone soft due to vegetarianism introduced by Buddhism and Jainism?

      Buddhism traveled from India to other places China, Japan etc, but these people did not give up non-vegetarianism. No need for me to say how they fared vis-a-vis India.

      Every time this subject is brought up vegetarians cite Sushil Kumar and some others champs, warriors etc. But this is NOT about individuals, this is about civilsational or societal vitality.

      The only vegetarian society in the world, or perhaps history comprising millions or close to a billion Hindus cowers before ' aggressive minorities.' The conclusion in inescapable Vegetarianism saps the vitality of societies and civilzations. Vegetarians become vegetables.

    7. @Ravinar: "Modern wars are not man to man" or "hand to hand" combat. Would you then have any problems with an "all woman army?" Women have much less strength than men. Science and technology has made it unnecessary to be a lion, true to an extent but one still needs high levels of physical fitness to survive and win in the theatre of war. Can vegetarian food provide the level of nutrition to support that? For example in the icy wastes of the Himalayas the body needs more calories to keep warm and just keep the normal functions going. Science and technology have not eliminated the need to have high levels of physical fitness in war setting. Pakistani troops surrendered in '71 as they had no chance. Even Field Marshal Manekshaw said Pakistanis fought gallantly, but they had no chance.

  4. There is a reason why ALL Hindu Gods have multiple hands and each carrying some sort of weapon!! Tolerance is just a cowardice thrusted upon the entire generations of Indians by Brits over last 3 centuries and propagated by their ideological remnants by falsifying our rich culture and valiant history. Shivaji Maharaj and Guru Govind singh ji conquered the Moguls. Their gurus directed them to follow Kshatriya dharma and not abandon their duty to protect it. Time to awaken the virat hindu in ourselves before its too late!!

    1. Gandhiji by his non violence preachings has made a whole generation impotent.we have become lambs ready to be slaughtered by other aggressive religions. If we do not awaken now,Hinduism may become history in near future

  5. I think the same goes with danish cartoonist, no one knew for what kind of cartoon he was killed.

  6. Katsuri & Co., owners of "The Hindu" are considering the name of the paper to "The Islamist". Persons having any objection can file PIL to stop this.

  7. Similar thoughts are expressed here

  8. Disappointed to see that you Mediacrooks have not to show the Charlie Hebdo cover. Not even a Je Suis Charlie.

    1. Dear JP

      What do you think this blog is, is it a newspaper or a cartoon site? If you want Charlie cartoons their magazine images are now all over the internet. You also want to see nude Saraswati pics on this site?

  9. Dear Ravinar,

    Many a times we hear some people comment about how Islam & Muslims are unable to modernize or question their religious beliefs so as to become rationale, tolerant, modern & scientific in nature. Unfortunately in the same breadth they give example of Hinduism as having gone through the process of criticizing its religious & cultural beliefs to become tolerant & Scientific society.

    But in reality, if we study the history of Hinduism, the process of transformation into modern & scientific society did not happen so much because the people wanted to reform but simply because their political ideology got defeated. In absence of a strong political leadership such as Chandragupt, Ashoka, or Prithviraj Chouhan the Hindus were left to fight for themselves & in that process they were able to bring internal transformation simply to sustain & live another day.

    So the point is simple, Muslims & Islam would never want to evolve into a modern, tolerant & scientific society unless it is politically defeated. Every other idea to modernise Islam would fail unless it is politically destroyed by hook or crook. Their is no simpler way to do it for good of everyone on this earth.

    1. I don't think so.

      Political Hinduism is a very recent phenomenon. Also, according whatever little that I have read about Hinduism, it is self-reforming and evolutionary in nature. Starting from Adi Shankaracharya to Swami Vivekananda, Hindus have always produced gems within who challenged the status quo no matter the times. What I mean to say is that unlike Abrahamic faith where politics and religion go hand and in hand, Hindus have originally never mixed the two.

      Also, I really want to point out here, that it would do as all well if we stop counting Hindu Dharma as a religion, because it seriously isn't one. What people today refer to as Hinduism is actually only about 700 years old, and a religion of a sort. But if you are referring to more than 5000 year old Hindu civilisation (some say more than 10,000), please refrain from calling it a religion.

      As far as I see, Hindus have not become either tolerant or scientific, rather they have become a bunch cowards and pretty much 'unscientific' over past few hundreds years because of the foreign invasions.

      Dharma, when talking about its core, is completely scientific and much more advanced that contemporary so called 'modern science', and is going to remain so for another few hundred years, and modern science will only be able to overtake it if they manage a breakthrough when it comes developing technologies for the application of Einstein's and other modern scientists' theories in the near future.

      The Christians and the Islamists when they invaded us, had neither the inclination, the patience or the sensibility, or even the intelligence to understand our sciences and our culture. And which is why they labelled us a idol-worshippers and concentrated only on loot and massacre. As a consequence, our sciences were made occult, our history became myths and we became completely disconnected with our past.

      Further, because of marxist narratives, we were made to feel inferior because of our so called superstitious beliefs. But worse was when ordinary Hindus like yourself and me also adopted the foreign lenses and also began to think of ourselves as illiberal, intolerant, unscientific and backward.

      And why blame only the foreigners, when the truth is that we all became lazy and which led to the caste system becoming rigid, and sprouting of other social evils which the foreigners took advantage of. And then came the likes of MK Gandhi who having absolutely no knowledge of Dharma, confused the masses further and hammered the self-image of the Hindus.

      The point is that Hindu Dharma is not a religion, nor is it based on any sort superstitious beliefs or anything of the sort, but is completely scientific. But we have now become the mirror images of the followers of Abhramic faith and have developed superstitious beliefs and given up our sciences.

      Here is an article that does a very good job at explaining that Hindu Dharma is not about blind belief and nor is it in any way unscientific:

      Please give it a read.

      As for Islam or even Christianity, there is never going to be any reformation, it is only going to be an erosion of the two. Religions do not reform, they die!


    2. Dear AgniR,

      Our Hindu Society, i.e. Vedic Civilization has been following the caste system even before the Invasions started. So although a few saints such as Adi Shankar, Chakradharswamy, Tulsidas to Mahatma Phule & Narayan Guru worked tirelessly for removing social injustice, no lasting changes were made because the political class was just not interested in such social changes. This proves that for any lasting social cause to succeed, we humans need Political support.

      The Political ideology of the ruler is what either makes or breaks a society !

      Similarly if Muslim society has to become more tolerant & scientific, then the pan Islamic political ideology has to be destroyed forever by some outer forces. Because that ideology is the chain that makes the Islamic world propel towards terrorism.

    3. Following a caste system and the caste system being rigid are two completely different things. As I have already pointed out, Hindus did become lazy and which led to the caste system being rigid. And this started to happen much before the invasions as you have put it. Knowledge also take years to dilute before its consequences become apparent.

      And some have pointed out that though caste system prevented conversions (because for some reason people were incredibly scared of the stigmatization), but it politically weakened us and made us vulnerable to attacks by political Islam and political Christianity.

      Drawing parallels, I feel that the Nepotism that afflicts many professions in India is also a modern form of casteism. Today, as some commenters have pointed out, the greed for money and lack of ethics are giving rise to a class (or can we say caste of people) who are ready to sell off their mother.

      I will disagree with you. One, I feel that we really have no complete database of the individuals who might have contributed in social reforms as you put it.

      You have clearly missed the point of my comment: I said that Dharma is not religion and it would do us all good if we stopped comparing it with modern religions, and using the same analytical tools to analyse it as we do with religions.

      Now, going back to the point. Like I said, we are only aware of handful of people who we think might have contributed to social reform. But since Dharma isn't religion, it would be foolish for anybody to assume that the target of all sorts of reforms is social.

      As far as my understanding is concerned, Hindus have produced many people (whose name we might not know), who have led to to reformation of Hindu spiritual concepts and practices, and which have directly have had an impact on the collective psyche of Hindu people. Two very recent people who come to my mind are: Aurobindo and Ramana Maharishi.

      Many regions in India have produced many local heroes with astounding knowledge of Dharma that as either enriched the people's understanding of it, or brought back the sciences in some form or the other for the benefit of the local people.

      I really think that we should not ignore something so unique to Hindu society. Since, I feel that no other 'so called religion' has managed to produce men of such calibre repeatedly and continuously. As a matter of fact, instead Islam and Christianity (though they are in no way comparable to Dharma) has stressed on stagnation, and which is why they will not reform but like any transient fad wither away with time.

    4. Secondly, I agree with you that for Hindu Dharma to last, we do need political support. In present times, there is simply no denying it. But I think it will do us great good if we also used the Dharma's conceptual superiority to our advantage. To me it makes no sense, that even today, we must be following the West's ideas of tolerance (and as others have pointed out, it should be actually mutual respect but you cannot really expect much from Christians), equality and secularism.

      We already have our own concepts and the Hindu's understanding of life, politics, worldly affairs, ethic etc is superior to the West, just as our sciences ours. If we could for once stop being prejudiced towards ourselves and make efforts to rediscover our ancestors knowledge, it will benefit us much more in the long run.

      So here, I am exactly on the same page as you but I am adding more to it.

      As far as Islam is concerned. What you do not realise is and IMHO ignorantly clubbing it with Hindu Dharma or even Hinduism (if you want to have your way), is let us say is a false comparison.

      Dharma developed here in this land because the Indic society was extremely pluralistic, scientific and development oriented. And which is what we are again trying to be. While Islam and Christianity are desert cultures. It is only best that we compare Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

      Now for example: Most Europeans and Americans are increasingly becoming atheist. Catholic Christianity hasn't reformed, rather people have stopped being Christians. The same is with the Jews for whom today being a Jew is more of a political identity and less of a religious one, and which is also because if they do not organise themselves they would all be wiped out. This way, clearly if you remove Blasphemy laws and discourage murder of apostates of Islam, Muslims will simply leave it.

      But in the case of Hindus, where Islam and Christianity were able to mostly replace the faiths, they could not do so in Bharat. Have you ever asked yourself why? It is because if not all the Hindus, but some were still aware of its ideological and conceptual superiority (apart from the caste system helping us a lot), and which is why conversions to those faiths were discouraged.

      There are many muslims like Tarek Fatah, who are trying to reform Islam, but if you analyse them closely you will see that they are more or less anti-Islamic. In any case, I hope these people succeed in whatever they are trying to do.

      In short, we are more less saying the same stuff.

  10. Sickulars in UK are worse than India. EDL is being projected as more evil than Sri Ram Sene or Bhajarang Dal here. As I know, people of UK (present generation) are not much into religion. As said in the article, many towns in UK are in the process of gettimg Islamised and we in India, can't find such a radicals openly as seen in UK. Here, though they are good in numbers, they are afraid to indulge in such activities publicly...Thanks to Hindu groups. As per reports, most of the youths who have joined ISIS from outside are from UK. I feel EDL for UK is more necessary than RSS/VHP for us.

  11. Apparently it seem to be a religious war but actually its a class war. War between poor and rich. The rich who are predominantly non-muslims neither want to do manual labor even if they are physically capable of nor pay well enough to a labor. In cities most of the manual labour jobs are done by muslims. This pent up anger often times show up as violence. Few solutions can be..
    1. Population control. Person with more children need to pay high taxes. Many social benefits must be given to parents with no or one child.
    2. Equitable but not equal pay distribution. Many people get money legally which they don't deserve.
    3. Automate most labour work like cleaning of trains and sewage.
    4. Compulsory military and/or social work for 2 years for every Indians.

    1. check the following to induce population control instead of punishing people with more children which will be a political suicide.

    2. Lets not kid ourselves. The driving force is NOT poverty or illiteracy; it's the ideology, the "holy book". The 9/11 bombers were all highly educated and came from wealthy Saudi families. Throats of non-believers are cut in the name of Islam. Take you head out of the sand friend!

  12. The latest census data on the population of religious groups is all set to throw up some really alarming facts. The data accessed by a leading English daily shows that the Muslim population in the country increased by 24% between 2001 and 2011 and thereby their percentage of the total population of India has increased from 13.4% to 14.2% over the ten year period. This is higher than the national average of 18% for the period. But the causes of concern are this: the maximum rise of Muslim population has been in Assam and West Bengal. In Assam, their percentage has increased from 30.9% to 34.2% and in West Bengal from 25.2% to 27%. These two states have been facing a severe problem of influx of illegal Bangladeshis. Yet, the governments instead of deporting them jeopardized the security of the nation by providing these illegals with voter cards, Aadhar and ration cards and asking them to vote for them. Though the census data was available in March itself, the UPA government stalled the release of the findings as it felt the data could influence the outcome of the polls. By flooding Assam and West Bengal with its people, Bangladesh in cahoots with Pakistan want to create a Kashmir-like situation in those states and force a third partition upon India. Unless we act now, we will not be in a position to save that from happening.


  13. Really information article.Can you please give a your views about India's energy security.

  14. The problem with Hindus is they apply right principles at wrong ahimsa when somebody is attacking. Krishna said to Arjuna before war to escape it is 'anaryam'(unlike of Aryans), 'asvargam'(not heaven bound) and 'akeerthikaram'(not meritorious). Still we as a nation tells 'muh thod jawab" after being hit repeatedly and not before.

  15. Interesting thing that the media doesn't tell is that there is no threat in Delhi around Republic Day after a long long time. It is nothing but a masterstroke by Modi to invite Obama and daring Pakistan and its terrorists to create any trouble.

  16. Fighting the Ideological War: Winning Strategies from Communism to Islamism
    Patrick Sookhdeo, Katharine C. Gorka

  17. No amount of thanks would suffice for the service you are doing Ravinar. As some of the people are rightly saying, the lackadaisical resistance of Hinduism to the perfidies of the 'desert' religions started at the time of Gandhi and our independence. Gandhi and Nehru went at any and all length to appease everyone. It seems Hinduism was not always like this.

    History shows us that Hinduism and Buddhism was prevalent till modern day Afghanistan to the west and the islands of Malaysia and Indonesia to the east. The attacks upon it (and all other beliefs) started during AD 600-700 with the advent of the cult of Islam. There is a wonderful website called that chronicles the unspeakable acts that were committed by the followers of the said religion all over the world arranged according to the time period.

    The attack on India and Hinduism had been going on since the birth of Islam. It was resisted for five hundred years by Hindu and Buddhist warriors. The breakthrough came when Sabuktigin attacked India. Initially he was repelled heroically by Anandapala of the Kabul Shahi kingdom who were Hindus. The second invasion of of this guy, however, brought about the demise of the Kabul Shahi dynasty. Later on his son, Mahmud Ghazni continued the invasions whose acts are chronicled in the annals of our history (this is corroborated in The Cambridge History of India series)

    These Islamic invaders have tried every trick in their book to convert everyone. Only because of the resistance offered by the Hindus they were not able to do so. Kingdoms of the Marathas and the Empire of the Vijayanagara were instrumental in resisting the advent of Islam in South India. These were not non-violent in nature.
    There is a story that says that the founders of the Vijayanagar kingdom, the Bukkas, were converted to Islam forcefully by the Sultanate of Bahmani, but were reconverted by Madavacharya and later on were instrumental in forming the Empire that was the cornerstone of resistance to Islam.

    Malaysia is demolishing hundred year old temples. Who is talking about it ?. People laugh when anyone talks about Akhand Bharat. But it was once true.

    And nobody talks about the 'Reconquista' of the Spanish. The initial Islamic Caliphate had Spain as well in their territory. Spain was completely Islamised. But the Catholics reconverted the whole country to Christianity. Even though it took them eight hundred years. That was the only resistance to Islam that was successful.

    The world is waking up after the Charlie Hebdo attack. It is only a matter of time before all the pretense of being 'multicultural' and 'cultural integrity' fades away.

    PS: A guy is getting flogged in Saudi Arabia for blogging. Who is talking anything about it ?.

  18. My comment is related to dehi elections. I request anyone reading this comment to give it a serious thought and then decide, it is your wish wether you agree or not but please give it a serious thought, that is my only request.

    I feel AAP had to create an image that it is diffrent from congress and that is why
    in the beginning they showed that they were completely against the congress but the fact is that congress created AAP to cutback on bjp,s votes.

    The fact is Congress had no hope of winning, so therefore congress created a
    third force so that the anti-congress votes go to that 3rd force instead of going
    to the BJP and in this case that 3rd force is AAP. It is a grand plan of cunning
    congress and let us not let congress fool us into believing that AAP and congress are 2 seperate parties because they are same

    Now that even shanti bhushan from AAP has criticized kejriwal and janardhan dwivedi from congress have praised modi for climbing up social ladder and becoming PM from a common tea seller, it is almost certain that this congress slave kejriwal and ajay maken may not be able to save their own seats. Bjp has the best oppurtunity this time to get about 60 seats.

    Some congress slave channels like NDTV, indian express, live india, news express and hindustan times are trying to give this impression that AAP is still in fight but that does not seem very likely. The fact is that ajay maken and kejriwal are trying really hard to even save there own seats,how will they be able to make their candidates win is incomprehensible. Salute to the people of this country that, they have voted for a common man who used to sell tea to make a living, modi,s victory is the best example of a powerful democracy

  19. Perfectly put.
    As Hindus, we are taught that tolerance is a virtue, but tolerance is misunderstood as weakness by Chrislamic barbarians. We also consider the Hindu way of not imposing their faith on anyone else, as its greatness. The barbarians believe that's because Hindus are not confident or proud of their own faith. The sophistication of Hinduism is way beyond the mental reach of brainwashed zombies. They seriously need to be treated with dandas only! That's the only language they understand.

    The Dhimmitude of Western media is seriously crazy! Not just normal news, but also their comedy programs regularly mock EDL. If I had not heard Tommy Robinson's speech, I would have seriously believed, he is a racist bigot.

    Even state German radio, always carries apologetic messages about how the terrorists have nothing to do with Islam. Whenever they report Pegida demonstrations, they always report that fewer than expected people showed up! A crowd of 50,000 is huge in a country like Germany, but they report it as much lower compared to the 100,000 expected!

    I am glad, at least some Hindus are now awake and protest against this Dhimmi media regularly!

  20. Tolerance is overrated and so is being too nice and forgiving and doing oneself harm for others. In the recent adaptation of Mahabharata, Krishna squarely blames Bhishma for the state of affairs, saying that his abdication of the throne was a treason to the people. He said that he should have considered his duty to his people before taking such an oath. He also observed that in politics , unscrupulous people would always try to edge out the really deserving and good, idealistic people, but it should be the duty of the idealists to stand firm. However because of the very nature of such idealistic people, they make sacrifices , upsetting the balance of good versus evil. This results in politics of the day becoming murkier and murkier and comes a day when everything must be cleaned out, leading to dharma yudh. Of all the observations in the serial, I found this most profound and quite brilliant if you ask me.

    Now that the census data on religions is out , the MSM has gone into a overdrive to "interpret" the data for the stupid, intolerant, uneducated "Hindus".MSM is acting like the frog in the boiling frog metaphor. Oblivious to slowly developing dangers.
    The point in the census about the increase in muslim population in Uttrakhand is interesting. It seems earlier there were not many muslims there but now rich muslims are buying property from poorer people in the hills. There is a lot of activity happening in property , which is not all white. A whole lot of buying and selling is going on in cash.

  21. Every principle works in measured quantities. Once you cross the upper or lower thresholds, it becomes meaningless, or even produces negative results.

    Excess of nationalism leads to xenophobia.
    Excess of secularism leads to dhimmitude and servitude.
    Similarly, excess of tolerance leads to cowardice, which, Hindu society, is afflicted with.

    And it is the pseudo-secular scoundrels who brainwash us day-in and day-out to accept utter cowardice as a glorious form of tolerance. They have taken their evil propaganda so far over so many years that common Hindus are terrorized to even speak out on vile Chrislamist agenda that has been going on in full public view.

    Pseudo-secular media pimps, historians, artists, political-analysts should be considered as terrorists, nothing less. They may not plant serial bombs, hijack aircraft or open indiscriminate fire on unarmed citizens, but their evil propaganda makes each us weak morally and rots the society from within.

  22. Best chance for course correction was post 1947 when Indian land mass became one political entity. For any positive contribution by people at individual level on a mass scale, one needs some surplus income or supreme level of sacrifice. One/Two generations lived hand to mouth with economic policies pursued immediately after Independence.

    Now that critical mass of Hindus have attained level of surplus income, time is NOW to convert intentions to actions.

    Just imagine, what social media presence, what charities without IT and some progress on economic front.

    At the end of the day, it has unfortunately become an Economic War. We maynot win it . But we should not lose it. That is best way to live to fight another day. or slow down the decay significantly. That is WHAT is happening.

    Each one who is capable, should create jobs and that could be indirect way to serve the cause.

    They say, In all acts, there is will of god. Hundred years of others rule would have enough to wipe out (as in some attacked countries). Indian school of theological thought to have survived.. There MUST be a reason.

  23. did any one notice , hamid Ansari did not salute the national flag today at republic day celebrations ?


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