Thursday, January 8, 2015

The War On Hindus - Part 2 - #FakeWings

Sometime in 2013 there was an outrage over Narendra Modi stating he was “born Hindu” and a “nationalist” and therefore a “Hindu nationalist”. A Muslim writer went on to analyse this ordinary statement like a space scientist. The problem wasn’t so much that he claimed to be a nationalist but with being a “Hindu” nationalist. In general the term “nationalist” is associated with the Right Wing or the Far Right Wing by Western and Indian (English) pundits. However, there are times like the recent Pak-boat incident which show up who are nationalists and who are anti-nationals. The anti-nationals peddled imaginary theories that ridiculed our govt, Coast Guard and threw a defensive-rope to the Pakis. Apart from the media crooks who indulged in their fabricated stories, the Congress party proved once again why they are anti-nationals by strengthening the Paki hand. During 26/11 actual attacks happened, people died and some Congis still blamed the RSS for the death of Hemant Karkare and other cops.   

If you have watched old Raj Kapoor movies; those B&W ones of the 50s and early 60s, the hero usually played a poor guy or a tramp. The rich lived in mansions. They ate, drank and smoked in posh hotels while watching cabaret dances. They were evil. The hero usually struggled his way to the heroine’s heart defying all social and financial hurdles. The Commies like that kind of story. No wonder Raj Kapoor’s movies were quite popular in Russia too. These movies of the 50s stemmed from the philosophies of Gandhi and Nehru who were essentially Commies. Nehru was inspired by Stalin and saw the Russian revolution and Communism as the new world order and the future to a happy society. Gandhi-Nehru sowed the seeds of Communism so deep that it is nearly impossible for India to get out of it. The Left Wing (LW) and Right Wing (RW) are concepts from the French or the West which had come to soak the soil of India. Because we wanted to be a mixed bag, we adopted the concocted “Socialist” term. Thus, IndiraG embedded that word into our Constitution during the Emergency. A British group fairly plots the ideologies of some world icons:

Nehru was a great admirer of Stalin. Sonia Gandhi would be between Stalin and Hitler. There is no RW in India. Modi too is a great follower of Gandhi and his principles. So where would you place him? Surely not with Thatcher! This is a fallacy that is perpetrated by our pundits and media. It is nearly impossible for a political party to be RW in India. That would take courage. And politicians are usually not courageous. Therefore, in India we only have Chrislamists and Hindus and not fake wings. Gandhi and Nehru were Chrislamists although Gandhi admired and followed Hindu philosophy at a personal level, not at a political level. And though Gandhi admired Hindu philosophy he really didn’t read much about it. He is also reported to have written “Even if Muslims decide to wipe out the Hindu race, there is no point in Hindus getting angry on Muslims. Even if they slit our throats, we should be patient and accept death”.

To understand the war on Hindus let us first get past the neurological disease of LW and RW that is often talked about in politics and our media. There is extreme Communism in the form of CPI and its eggs in Indian politics but there is no RW. There are RW thinkers among the public but not in politics. The BJP is wrongly and conveniently identified as a RW party but it is not; just as it is wrongly identified as a “communal” party when the real communals are the Chrislamists. The Commie ideology was to wage an armed struggle, political murders to overthrow elected govts to establish Commie rule. That was true in India too. But since Nehru was a great friend of Russia, the CPI in India broke into a wing now known as CPM which embraced mainstream politics while the other branches of CPI still continue to wage war. Others are commonly referred to as Maoists and Naxals. All the Commies are Maoists, some more violent than the others. Since CPM came into mainstream politics they dropped their policy of violence and war against the State. Mind you, they dropped it as a policy, not as a practice.

The seeds were sown by Gandhi-Nehru and the final nail hammered in the form of “Socialism” into our Constitution by IndiraG. Once the seed grows into a tree, it is very difficult to uproot it. Politicians are not brave people; most are cowards of the first order. As Sir Humphrey would put it, a controversial decision or policy would cost them votes but a courageous decision would cost the election. Which politician of any variety is willing to lose an election with courageous decisions? Does it surprise you then that even BJP leaders keep chanting “terror has no religion” after the latest Paris shooting? Therefore, whether it is BJP or any other party, their policies and decisions are rarely influenced by what is right.

It took America nearly 100 years, since independence in 1776, to abolish slavery in 1865. That would take a courageous decision. It took even longer, almost 200 years, for Civil rights and voting rights to Blacks in the US around 1965-68. Courage to do the right thing takes hundreds of years. Appeasement takes only a whim. That’s what Nehru did with Reservations. That’s what MMS does when he says “Muslims have the first right on resources”. This is true for the Chrislamists and this is true for the BJP. So why is it that the BJP is called a RW party by foreigners, Indian pundits and our media? It is not! Let us ask a few questions of the BJP if it is indeed a RW party:

#Would the BJP be willing to put a deadline for Reservations to end? Say, something like “by 2025”?
#Would the BJP be willing to take temple interference by govts away? Would they constitute some kind of national body to oversee temples without the Chrislamists?
#Would they be willing to amend the free speech bill and remove the nonsensical “ifs and buts” incorporated by Nehru?
#Would they be willing to repeal the draconian 66A in the IT Act?
#Uniform civil code? (And that doesn’t even have anything to do with any wing)

Those are merely some sample questions. The RW in the public mocks Akhilesh Yadav or JJaya for free laptops or Amma Idlis. They mock Mr. Zero for “free Akash tablets”. Well, even Shivraj Chouhan has given free laptops and devices in MP, hasn’t he? And I won’t even get into Article 370 because that needs some legislative numbers. But even if the BJP had the numbers where they want them, do you really think they will amend Article 370? You are welcome to fly a kite. We know China to be Commies, we know MMS and Congress to be LW but are they really so in practice? Take a look at this (from the same site I linked earlier):

Hu Jintao falls under Right? MMS falls under Right? Barack Obama falls under Right? The Pope is a Commie? Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela are closer to Gandhi as Centre-left. Does any of this surprise anyone? While Jintao, MMS and Obama are generally classified as LW most of their actions and practices place them under RW. So what are we left with?

Mahatma Gandhi was a good man with noble intentions but he definitely lacked vision. He wanted to turn the other cheek like Jesus but supported wars and the Khilafat movement. Shockingly, Nehru even thought we didn’t need an army and that the police was enough for our security. I doubt Gandhi would have objected to the ISIS and may have encouraged the Yazidis to surrender to their rape and death. A partition on religious lines, like that of India, should have been complete. The two desert religions – Christianity and Islam, now form a political axis in India, while they have been historically at war at every other place on earth. The Muslims were a true minority after Independence but they are not anymore. They are a “country within a country”. As for the Christians, they lagged behind so they are catching up through the Christian conversion mafia. They prospered more under the SoniaG regime. The only thing that separates the BJP and other Sickular parties is that BJP is not “Anti-Hindu” as the Sickulars are. Thus, in India, it is Chrislamists Vs Hindus (with the extreme Commies like CPM, CPI on the side of the Sickulars).

East and West Germany could unite only because they were divided by “political ideology” and not really by religion. The Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots remain divided owing to religion. Ireland and Northern Ireland remain divided owing to religion. North and South Korea aren’t divided by religion but by political ideology. In 2011 Sudan was divided by Christians and Muslims on religious lines. Who are our politicians and media fooling with the nonsense of LW-RW conflict? India is a country of religions and it has and will remain a conflict between Chrislamists Vs Hindus unlike other parts of the world. It is natural that the Chrislamists object to and ridicule anything that is remotely Hindu. Let’s look at some samples:

There are many people (including Hindus) who ask: Why are Hindus bothered? Is their Faith so weak as to be threatened by minorities like Chrislamists? If it were a war waged only in India it would have been a very different thing but it’s not. Indian Muslims violently protest for anything and everything from Ulhasnagar to UK, Islamabad to Iran or Iraq or Andheri to America. Any small thing is enough to ignite their anger and violence. This is a Universal Brotherhood and not merely Muslims in India. Same goes for the Christians. John Dayal petitions the US to extend the ban on Modi. Earlier, the gang known as #65Traitors petitioned the US president to ban Modi from the US. 

Who are these people fighting in alliance with? Foreign media of the Christian mafia call Hindus “militants” and the pimps at NDTV promptly invite an anti-Hindu called Gardiner Harris to discuss the “idea of India”.How far it works is a matter of estimates but the Chrislamists believe their brethren in other parts are with them in their war on Hindus. Just read the tweet of the former Tehelka bimbo to understand who her warriors against Hindus are.  You could blindly say the Faleiro types are the Chrislamists who infest our media – St Stephens, some work or qualification from England or US and so on. Now, if we can get past this neurological disease of fake left and right wing nonsense in India we can proceed further with how the war on Hindus works. It is purely Chrislamists Vs Hindus, as it has been for ages. More to come!



  1. If we see BJP admire Veer Savarkar so much and if we go by Wikipedia Savarkar is compared was Atheist same as E V Periyar from TN, we can just imagine the level of Atheism practiced by Savarkar only problem is that we don't have enough access to many of his work on his Atheist thought and we keep hearing that Savarkar coined the term "Hindutva" and we start praising him...And BJP admiring Savarkar means it is party full of Atheists and once in Power starts practicing Atheism all "I am Hindu" is just to fool people and garner vote...

    Even if we see original petitioner for Ram Mandir was "Hindu Mahasabha" and whole issue was hijacked by RSS and BJP. Political Pundits keep brain washing young Indians that ABV lost 2004 election because of 2002 riots fact is ABV lost election because he betrayed Hindus who brought him to power after coming to power went soft on all controversial polices like 370 and talk with Separatist, Bus service to Pakistan which made Hindus feel we are cheated..

    Now same thing is happening in J & K just to be in power begging before PDP and save my word all there debates on 370 will take back seat. See the guy who is talking with PDP Ram Madhav one who was with RSS and seen as power broker between Anti-Nationals parties and BJP-The Atheist party..If BJP forms alliance with PDP it seems they are ready to give away Delhi back to AAP or Congress.

    Until and unless new generation stop getting fooled with the MKG's Non-Violence and start questioning MKG actions and his deeds we can't break chain tied to us.

    Eagerly waiting to read Part-3 of this series...Rarely come across article which openly takes on MKG among so far read this one is gem with few points on him after reading my morning is really good.

    1. Brother...please read Savarkar carefully. he was not atheist. He just did not believe in idol worship. But he was there to carry surgeries on Hindu religion in its current form. Like he believed Cow is useful animal but not mother. Similarly he has expressed seven things [Bedi/Hathkadis] to Hindu religion that needs to be eliminated [Roti-Bandi, Beti-Bandi] he also wrote "HinduPadPatshahi" he was a logical Hindu looking for long term Hindu unity. He clearly says ...Hindus are real stake holders of Fatherland [Pitrubhumi] India and hence Politics and Army must be Hindu inclusive [Sainyache Hindukaran and Hinduche rajkaran]. so at one end he was attacking bad practices and myths in Hindu religion brutally where as on other hand he was educating Hindus to be united.


    2. Dear truth_i_speak,

      Although the ideologies of Savarkar & RSS overlap for some degree, we can never compared Hindu Maha-Sabha & RSS because Savarkar's hindu Maha-Sabha is a political outfit while RSS shall always remain a Centre for creating selfless workers ( Karyakarta Nirman Kendra).

      Now coming to the war between Chrislamists & Hindus, I fully agree with Ravinar about the need to stop calling us Right Wing because we are not & neither are we fighting against left wing but with Chrislamists.

      Also the Hindus must keep attacking the Chrislamists at every available venue while the BJP Government & Party should fully concentrate on Security, Good Governance & winning state elections. This 2 prong strategy shall deliver amazing results in next General elections. Once the BJP gets majority in Rajya Sabha & returns back with full majority in 2019 under Modi, Hindus can start demanding their pound of flesh from Modi Government with Uniform Civil Code, Ban on forced conversions, Ban on Cow slaughter, removal of Article 370 & Construction of Ram Temple.

      Until such a time Hindus have to keep up with their favourite game of hunting the Chrislamists on every social forum.

    3. Truth I Speak
      There cant be logic of Partial Atheist/Rationalists..It was like you place your hand on my shoulder as a friend and same time you slap me.

      It is near to impossible to fight out Chrislamists without political support. Fighting with them is like boxing with our own shadow at the end we can claim I won and I lost based on our judgement.

      Someone is rightly pointed out that we need Ultra-Hindu Political party but cant trust BJP anymore as they are habitual in ditching Hindus once in power since ABV days.

    4. Dear JK,

      Your argument for an ultra political party can only be fruitful after another decade of Good Governance & development under NAMO which shall consolidate nationalistic ideology & make it a central theme across our nation. Currently though we only need to expose the Chrislamists who are leaving no stone unturned to ensure NAMO doesn't return back in 2019. Let's work things gradually & in planned manner so that Hindus atleast do not give an opening to idiots such as Manishankar Aiyyer, Salman Khurshid, Tiwari & Sonia Maino in 2019.

    5. JK,
      I think reading wiki is not enough to understand Veer Savarkar...
      Why don't you read his book called Hindutva...He wrote that in English..
      Most of his publication is in Marathi.

      Hindus has choice to find his way of practicing religion. You might not know but he was a Yoga practitioner and quite reached to the higher spiritual state. He practiced Hindutva like "Swami dayanand Saraswati" Who also did not believe in idol worship. Only followed Vedas.
      As far as Hindus do not have political Party which clearly takes their side,
      I agree with you. remember Veer Savarkar has placed Philosophical infrastructure of Hindutva which has given path to go forward for most of the today's Hindu organizations [cultural/political]. RSS chosen cultural path in order to sustain in the SICKULAR environment. Post Gandhi-Hatya it was very difficult time for Hindu organizations to serview. Forget making a mark in politics. From funds to members..everything was difficult to manage. Unfortunately even today Hindu mind is not ready to accept a Clear side taking party...that is the reason BJP too calibrated itself in order to fit the psychology of today's Hindus. In reality what Sakshi Maharaj or Yogi AdityaNath are speaking is sheer truth ...but Most of Hindus are looking them with shame due to their weak sentiments towards united Hinduism. So Hindus are uniting slowly..but progress we are making. Good thing! Savarkar is far crisp and clean about Hindu's unity and their interest. You have to respect his personal choice to follow religion.

    6. BJP has come to power with little surplus majority and you are all acting like BJP has been given the mandate to rule India forever. If BJP goes ultra hindu party mode it will see itself in the garbage box as other secular parties will unite against BJP. remember that BJP will never be able to consolidate all hindu votes no matter how much ever ultra mega hindu party it becomes. Hindu votes will always be divided between all the secular parties along with BJP. Imagine if all parties cozy upto each other and singles out BJP. Dont ever be under the impression that BJP will be seen as a heavenly party and all its leader's will be treated as angels and will be voted back to power again and again. Dont be so nutshelled when you are in the power that you can never imagine you being defeated again. When boils down to local politics, its all boils down to cast and image of the candidate that majority of the voters see. To be honest BJP may not be able to find winnable candidates all the time and others also may be able to get it right sometimes.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. Haha...282 is little surplus majority?? What you said should be seen with lots of Ifs and Buts rather than taking it for granted.It is very difficult to predict 2019 at this juncture but surely BJP under NaMo will have a clear edge.till then Good governance is the only thing people expect from Modi and i Hope he has already started scoring good points.

  2. Been saying this for ages. Neither the BJP nor Modi is explicitly right wing. They are, at best, right-of-center. They leave no chance to suck up to Gandhi and Muslims. It's just that the rest of the political parties in India are so rabidly anti-Hindu that they make the BJP and Modi look like hardcore Hindu nationalists.

  3. "Charlie Hebdo" are real leftist journalists. Indian journalists are Chrislamists.

  4. Interesting.!! Gandhi was too much influenced by Tolstoy to be the way he was.

  5. Any eye opener article. I never thought it this way wrt LW and RW. Though I consider BJP too is an appeaser of muslims, but a soft appeaser may be. BJP leaders lack the conviction in speaking the truth when it comes to islam and leaving Modi aside, every BJP leader sports a skull cap every now and then.

    I respect Modi as a leader and he's doing some good work out there... We need to have some patience to see the results.. Having said that, was it not the duty of BJP to put a ban on cow slaughter after getting absolute majority.. But they dint even talk about it... And it saddens me to the core when I see that no one in the political spectrum talks about Gau Hatya, an issue of prime importance to Hindus...

    There was a MAN called Godse who stood up for the right and killed the no one appeaser of earth, gandhi.. But have we seen any so called right winger supporting the act of Godse... no, because either they're too afraid to speak the truth OR they still dont believe in Godse ideology.... Even our Modi Ji sings praiseworthy songs for gandhi 24X7... for what??

    In the end, I would like to say that we as a Hindus have a lot to learn from our Jewish brothers, if we are to put up a brave front up against chrislamists....

    1. You are absolutely right but no hope for Hindus who donot speak one language, one culture, stoops for sops like reservations etc.

      A bengali Hindu cannot communicate to a Tamil Hindu without help of English. A Rajastani Hindu cannot understand a Odisha Hindu unless both know Hindi. But Muslims across India can converse in Urdu.

      Hindus have different New years in diff months, some celebrate Sankranti, some Baisakhi, while Muslims have few festivals but all of them celebrate at one time.

      Language, Culture brings people together. Over and above centuries of foreign rule stomped Hindus to abyss.

      After working hard for a BJP win in LS polls, now I feel BJP is just like Cong except that now, we have a Hindu PM.

      1. Why Modi Govt reduced excise duty on slaughter machines ? After all, Modi went to town ridiculing Pink revolution and guaranteed curbs on it.

      2. Monsoon session: furore over roza roti issue and Govt apologised but during the same time Anantnag riots took place while KausarNag yatra cancelled by JnK Govt. Still, BJP chose to be muted.

      3. People felt Modi would stand firmly behind Pandits' rehabilitation to Kashmir. But he tried to float with Kashmir too, but ended up with 0 there. So Pandits also fully didn't endorse him. BJP could win 25 out of 37 in Jammu. Modi seems no less appeaser in the end.

      Hindus bound to suffer due to this fickle minded Modi Sarkar in future too. Yet to see a real Right winge leader among Hindus.

    2. I sort of agree with you... When it comes to appeasement, BJP is no less than congress...

  6. Going by your article, it seems,Hindus are doomed anyway. Either we need a Ultra-Hindu group or a real RW party to pressurize BJP.

  7. There should be several Godses now!

  8. I read somewhere "Everyone is a Nationalist , only the nation to which one owe allegiance differs". So Praveen Swami is as much a nationalist as Nitin Gokhale , but nation to which Praveen Swami owe allegiance is not India.

  9. Some one defined RW as one supporting the King and LW as one opposed to King . In British India Congress and Communists supporting Queen were self proclaimed LW . After independence , supporter of Nehru-dynasty again self proclaimed them selves as LW . And ones trying to dislodge the Nehru dynasty are branded RW . yeh gorakh dhandha kuch samajh mein nahi aata

  10. One of your finest articles. It should be read by each and every Hindu. The media mafia has cleverly used the liberal approach of the Hindus to their advantage. They have brainwashed the modern youth to such an extent that they feel shameful to be associated anything with their religion. They are immediately branded 'communal ',' right wing' ,'pro bjp','sanghis' ,'fringe elements ' etc and what not.

    1. Who else can be blamed, but the so called 'liberal' Macaulays that India produced in millions?! Sadly, was a product of such a generation!! Most of the current, modern, hip, IT savvy Macaulay puthras and Puthris continue to be ashamed of their origin, language, culture, practices, customs,etc!

  11. Brilliant piece of writing, brilliantly researched, hope it circulates as much as possible so that the whole of the nation can be made aware of the nature of the war and then appropriate, one lined action against it...

  12. Ravinar, you forgot to mention ShivSena... It was the sena and always will be.. . BJPs affair with NCP is now out in open !!

  13. Your perceptions about Hitler are grossly wrong. Please see the other side of the story of Hitler.
    If you critisize Islam or you draw a Mo's cartoon you will get bullets showered upon you because that is what the nature of fascism. The same is true when a country like US which calls itself champion of freespeech puts you behind bar if you Deny holocaust. Hope it is sufficient for you to smell the rabbit hole here.

    1. Continued...I request you to not to believe in my words untill you see the documentary for yourself. I believe it has something for us Indians. If destroying lies peddled crooks is your passion, then please see the documentary.

  14. Hi Ravinar, u can fool some people all the time, you can fool all people some time, you cannot fool all the people all the time and I think that is the way BJP is moving along, maybe missing out on a very good political opportunity. God save India.

  15. I'm glad to see people are now started to realise this whole "left-wing, right-wing" dichotomy is fake and has little meaning in the Indian context. I've been saying it for years.

  16. Why do we want BJP to be Right wing in the earnest sense. BJP is Pro HIndu is What is needed in this country to set the country on the right Path. In the absence of numbers and predominance of Gandhi-Nehru ideology in Indian Society , they can't be thrown away like a dime , but need a very gradual death. MODI idulges in HINDU symbolism like taking part in PUJA, Vermillion on his head. I think they are the steps needed to infuse faith in the HINDU community. Abrogating 370 and UCC will come at appropriate time .Just to prove a point, even if BJP indulges in some strong Policy like ending reservation , it will open the door for Chrislamists. HINDU Philosophy is all encompassing way of Life and if MODI leads that way , I think left/right/centre don't matter. It's the Chrislamists who need Left/Right/Centre.

    1. @Kaps

      Curb your interpretation. Firstly, nobody said throw away BJP like a dime. Secondly, the point in the post is not about forcing the BJP to be Right or Left but to merely understand what they really are and what Indian politics really is. And lastly, you acknowledge the fear of Chrislamists (strong policy will open the door to Chrislamists yous say) which is what the post states is the battle.

      Modi individually being a staunch Hindu with symbolism is immaterial to an overall party policy and practice.

    2. Do you still think 370 will be abrogated, UCC will be brought in by BJP after BJP's parleys with anti India PDP to share power in JnK. Individually I see Modi as staunch Hindu but feel, he is seeing the world thru prizm of certain JaiItley and Delhi Media. How long BJP works as per whims of Media, Cong ?

    3. @Ravinar : Interpretation of Kaps may be interpretation of many others as well.
      @Kaps: I agree with you that pro-hindu is what is needed from BJP. Brainwashed Hindu minds will need 10 years or more of continuous reengineering to unshackle it. But "Internet Hindu" brothers want instant delivery and begin to loudly whine just after a few months.Can't we see how MSM and pseudo liberals stand united behind congress in-spite of it's failures to deliver election after election, in-spite of emergency. With such unilateral and persistent support, sooner or later the congress will re-surge as these MSM crooks will gradually wean away threshold voters of BJP. And our Internet Hindus with their iRudali act are helping this.
      People here are talking about UCC, cow slaughter, 370 etc etc. but what they need to know is that it's not BJP or Modi who will do that, Hindus will have to do that by becoming a force no one can ignore. Modi and BJP are vehicles of chasing those objectives. Hindus are pulling that vehicle in different directions. The vehicle will break sooner or later. Muslims carved out a situation where political parties try to outdo each other for their votes. Can Hindus carve out a situation where parties try to outdo each other to bring UCC or abrogate 370?How Hindus have been behaving in last 6 months; I don't think that is going to happen in next 30 years. Post May 2014 elections there started murmurs in congress to extend soft support towards Hindutva issues. But not anymore once they saw how Hindus have started to behave with Modi and BJP.

  17. ShivSena had been better than BJP on Hindu related issues, atleast in the past.
    I remember Balasaheb proudly claimed those who brought down illegal masjid down, were ShivSainiks while BJP was lurking and almost disassociated itself from KarSevaks. I started doubting 'niyath' of BJP and its top brass then itself.

    Neither they can stand for Hindus nor want to be seen as appeasers. Unfortunate, Modi also trekking the same path to deluge. He should know around 50% of his voters wanted him for his staunch Hindu credentials and not just for mere Jobs, Development. I say this with considerable confidence, as I toured as group during LS polls to galvanise, build Hindu support for BJP. Today, Iam sad but still have some hope left.

    1. I completely agree with your last paragraph. Modi will need to address his core constituency at some point in the future. At present getting the economy back on track is his priority and rightly so. He knows he s been given a complete five year term.I think he is binding his time. He has a bundle of patience if you look at his career. He is not the sort who do things in a hurry. I hope we all have this patience and not fall into this media trap and be dis satisfied with the govt.

  18. So far, acche dinonly for Modi and co. No great difference for the pseudo seculars. They carry on without a care, they know nothing is going to happen. Modi is the best of the lot by far for the Hindus. Something better than nothing. Vajpayee, Advani, Jaitley and the rest just used the BJP and RSS cadres and enjoyed power. Power corrupts.

  19. Just see the link below and see how so called senior leaders of “secular parties” are openly endorsing the French killing and Media is totally quite on it.
    1) Mani Shankar Aiyar justifies Paris terror attacks, says it is response to France banning Hijab
    2) Bahujan Samaj Party leader Haji Qureshi says ready to reward Rs 51 crore to Charlie Hebdo attackers
    In fact, even now, the media channels do not discuss the Islamist terrorism. But they are equating “Charlie massacre” with ban on “PK” and attacking BJP as if protesting again a film is equivalent to killing of 12 people.

    1. I really hope you expose these types of hypocrites

  20. My assessment of Gandhi is that he was indebted to muslims(traders) of Africa(of gujju origin).
    These Gujju muslim traders supported him financially which made him indebted to muslims for life thus his statement "to accept even death from muslims".
    Gandhi was not able to see muslims beyond his saviours(financially), which he translated to all hindus being indebted to muslims.
    ( probably in those times muslims around gandhi were financially prosperous compared to hindus or probably hindus did not support him )

    1. If you are right in your assessment, then he was such a bloody fool.
      I also want to add that may be he had a slavish mentality. We had 800 years of Islamic rule. He just did not wanted to offend them.

  21. Life of a young Yezidi(Non-Muslim) girl in Iraq 2013 onwards ---->
    1) ISIS attacked Mount Sinzer, took her and her sisters captive and killed all males in her family.
    2) She and her sisters were asked to convert to ISLAM.
    3) On refusal, they were raped by many men and were sold as sex slaves.
    4) The Muslim guy who bought her took her to his house as a sex object.
    5) She is forced to live with him getting raped everyday for years and finally she is one of his wives(unofficially).
    6) She will give birth to half a dozen children and all will get birth as Muslim children.
    7) They will recite the Quran from childhood and feel proud to be a Muslim and consider ISLAM as the best religion of Peace and the poor mother never dares to reveal the truth in order not to destroy peace and calm in family.
    8) After several hundred years, many generation passes, these Yazidi natives of Iraq whoever are force converted to Islam, completely forget how ISIS killed their fore-fathers and ancestors to make them Muslims.
    9) When some historian in 2150 AD or Yezidi talks about this force conversion which happened in 2014 AD, they reject it with anger stating it as a ploy to defame Islam and ISIS. Infact, they become so fanatic muslims that they cannot listen a word against Islam at all as it is blasphemous and punishable to death. Some who did believe the truth also cannot leave Islam as Apostacy is also punishable to Death.
    10) What happened in Indian subcontinent from 800-1700 AD or Middle east (600-2014AD), West Africa (1400-2000AD), parts of Europe are bitter TRUTH of the past when the natives faced the same force conversion by Barbaric Islamic warriors like present ISIS and which the Muslims of Indian subcontinent, Africa and Middle east once chose to forget.

    1. You hit the nail in the head. Awesome analysis

  22. If one is a Father and Mother of a daughter they will never everagree to MKG's action and deeds. Unfortunately our PM maintained Brahmachari Life after marriage so he can keep sucking to MKG's principle

    1. LOL. RSS too sucked up to MKG long ago???... They pray him in their Pratah Smaran every day...

  23. One of your best posts that I have read!

    One of the main arguments I face from friends, when talking about the Christian conversion mafia and the increasing number of Muslims, is: so what? How does religion matter? People are free to choose their god etc...Then they give me platitudes about freedom of religion etc.

    The important thing they don't realise is that changing the religion in many cases changes the loyalty of the people too. Perhaps not in the generation that converted, but certainly in the next generations. Their loyalties are divided between the country of their birth, which essentially has a Hindu identity and culture, and the origin of their particular faith. To add to this, they are taught to hate everything naturally we are breeding people who have questionable loyalty.

    Another sad fact is the transformation of many Muslims from a very Indian identity to that trying to ape the Arabs. The clothes have started changing. Muslim friends of my father are not very different from Hindus. I know a lot of old or middle-aged Muslim women who wear the mangalsutra still and dress in sarees. But the youngsters have started asserting a different cultural identity.

    We can see the loss of loyalty very clearly in all the MSM bimbos like Rana Ayyub.

    The classification of Obama came as a surprise to me...need to read up more on that.

    But thanks for this great post!

  24. For a novice like me especially in matters of right wing & left wing discussions, this post is a fantastic read. Mediacrooks blog has made me read more books than my teachers ever could have done in all these years. The more I read, the more I'm flummoxed as to why some people are considered left liberals and intellectuals. In fact I find books& articles of so called right wing fanatics well written, no spinning of facts and definitely better reasoned.

    I've read a lot of criticism about Ravinar that he indulges in petty slandering, is unnecessarily harsh etc but I'd say keep it up. In order to get under the buffalo hides of self styled Intellectuals and liberals who consider themselves as sole proprietors of public discourse, it is very much needed.
    Mediacrooks has not only changed the way we consume news but has also mercilessly pounded our rusted thinking process. My next goal is to read up more on this Right and left wing business.

  25. The Spectrum of Political ideologies is based on Hegelian divide and French Parliament where Royalists sat right of the speaker while anti-Establishment on Left. After Left became the establishment, this terminologies became confused- like we see anti-communists who stood against last bid coup of a falling Communist Soviet empire to be Left and Communist hardliners actually Ultra Right, like CCP crushing Tinanmen square uprising. Similarly many positions of Right wing that are Conservative of European establishment are now positions of the Leftist/Liberals- like Multiculturalism that upholds Sharia laws and upholds religious taboos and campaigns for Gag orders on its behalf and against any Criticism of Islam- while Marx stated 'all progress begins with criticism of religion'!
    Theoretically, the Right Left divide is obsolete. Practically, to identify affiliations, its still in currency.
    The write up should have elaborated on the new orientations- such as New Left.Similarly the New Right. For instance New Left is equally critical of Islam and its misogyny, while Old Left upholds crushing of womens' rights and sharia defends anachronistic arab customs. The New Right has taken up marx's critique of religion towards Islamic radicalism vigorously, while Old Left liberals defend its anachronism and immunity towrads any revision or critique.
    The Hindu Mahasabha was a product of its time when Euro fascism was rising- even RSS's scouts uniform, bugle and drills came from that. Both Communism and Hitlerism/ Mussolini's militant nationalism were Left wing and National Socialists ie, Ultra Leftists.Obama is not doing Right wing but Ultra Left wing politics- welfare dole state of Obama care, mass immigration, arming of Islamist groups and enabling Islamist take over of west asia and North Africa.
    The author must have included Koenraad Elst's Right and Left wing spectral analysis of Hindus and India. Elst explains how Hindu resurgence can be described not as far Right or Right, but 'Conservative Liberals'.
    "developement' as priority over Cultural issues by BJP is actually Neo-Marxian. It reaffirms Man reduced to economic terms. Development mantra of BJp is Marxian - predominant view of individual as economic units.Like Leftists, this Economo-centric definition is averse to Cultural elements and wary of those who raise such issues as as a 'nuisance' to Marxian priority. The idea is that once Economic upliftment occurs-religious quarrels will subside- a marxian thesis.Unfortunately after decades of pumping billions of dollars Europe is only witnessing alarming explosion of more Jihad. So Modi's BJp will surely deliver India as economic super power for all including minorities- but note Muslim youth are tearing EU passports and flying to Syria and returning to slaughter infidels and bomb their economic paradises.
    BJP doesnt have Ideologues or thinktanks though Hindu movement that is its support base has a few. Instead of drawing its Ideology from them, BJP is adapting fads that are floated around like 'inclusive growth' without clue about Jihadsim and evangelism that are at work among minorities and nowhere integrating with mainstream.
    So author is right about inaccuracy of Right/ Left definitions about Hindu movement. But this Right Left labels will be there for world for practical purposes. What author should do is show where exactly Hindu Renaissance movements falls- as Koenraad Elst showed- Hindu RSS. BJP etc are Conservative Liberals. in other words New Left or New Right. BJP is Left of Right. It must acquire courage to move Right of Liberal Right.

  26. Open letter to hindu newspaper:

    I strongly take offense to the article by T.M.Krishna (on 3rd January, 2015, if i am not mistaken); where he had written an open letter to muslims regarding the peshawar incident: school children being targeted at a school.

    He had mentioned objectionable words like: bullying tactics of hindutva, hindu bigots, and pro-hindu government.
    firstly, what is wrong in having a pro-hindu government, where the majority of people are hindus and also belonging
    to other dharmic faiths belonging to this soil of the country.

    What is the meaning of bullying tactics of hindutva? if these organizations do not exist, then the position of hindus will be the same as yazidis in iraq and the poor nigerians at the receiving end of boko haram. does he want this to happen?

    what is the meaning of hindu bigots? after seeing the atrocities committed by followers of one religion throughout the
    world, he still believes that only hindus are bigots and hindus are to blame?

    In what way peshawar incidents have a connection with so called hindu bigots?
    for anything and everything, that author and also your newspaper ABUSE AND PILLORY AND MAKE A MOCKERY
    of hindus; your newspaper denigrates hindu religion and its followers at every possible opportunity.

    I can quote specpfic instances.
    hindu munnani leader was killed and you report on page three that stones were thrown at buses. actually you should have reported on page one that one leader was killed brutally. some muslim getting killed in kashmir is front page news with photo, but no photo on first page for the army jawan killed from Tamil nadu, at least, if not from other states?
    always one-sided reporting regarding the gujarat riots, without reporting that 59 hindus were brutally burnt to death by the muslims?
    support for M.F. Hussein, even though knowing that he had painted the hindu gods in the nude.
    when you want to condemn muslim atrocities, you always drag in hindu wrong doings: knowing fully well that there is no match between the two.

    in 2001 also, one debasish or someone had written a denigrating article on hinduism and one educated reader had written a letter for that. you did not publish that letter, it seems. The full blog link is available with me. his name is venkata krishna or something.

    After reading your paper for 7 years, i have come to the conclusion that your paper is rabidly anti-hindu, hindu hating,
    always supportive of muslims, come what may: even condemnation of muslims comes with a tirade of abvuse against hindus. forthwith, i am stopping buying your paper.

    Strange that there is no law in this country to stop you people: you are abusing freedom of expression in this country.

    This is very bad, very evil on your part. your newspaper is an anti hindu newspaper.

    remember, you have to face Karmic law one day. you people who always abuse hindus are evil personified.

    let bhagwan krishna measure up you people's evil deeds.
    be afraid; be very afraid of Brahma and krishna.

    you cannot cheat Brahma and Krishna.

  27. Hindus have been hated for 1000 years or more; you see serial blasts that are hate crimes, serial rapes in shakti mills, delhi bus by mohd afroz, gaya, nun case etc all to malign India and Indians - all had one or more islamists associated with it..Patna rally blasts during Modi's speech didnt get any retribution nor legal probe. We have been turning the other cheek most often - better than Jesus.

    They were discriminated against - for more than 1000 years under savage islamic and christian regimes. It is time to undo it. Like giving SC/ST quotas, only Hindus are poor from 1000 yr exploitation and looting and need to be in govt jobs and banking privileges.

    Anyone minimizing 1000 yr of suffering under colonialism is like a nude obscene dancer not decent, dignified nor credible.

    Sufism is a hoax to con the world there are moderates. Remember Marco Polo's words- Jihadis kill, the moderates facilitate this' something to this effect. [actually, 'latter hold the victim'] Read Dr Ambedkar's words- 'brotherhood is only for other muslims' His Excellency RJ's words about being buddy with Brohi and co is misplaced trust.

    On why we cant jail sonia-mms-kalam gang, Modi-ji is being secularized after being tenderized on post-Godhra vile and bile. Still vatican brigades throw vitriolic acid type ad in TOI calling him Hitler, nazi etc. Enemies are too powerful for us to do anything. Int'l abrahamic gang is not for our devt. The same gang abused Myanmar record on minorities ignoring W and E pakistan types when our women were raped and many millions murdered - war crimes, crime against humanity, genocide - all ignored after becoming KEY ALLY of USA in afghan war where our lives were lost in anglo-afghan wars-1, 2 and 3.

    It is like our Mr Jethmalani hoping muslims of af-pak region will improve.
    Read my comments on-

    They are full of deception ,deceit, and denial and WMD- maneuver, machination, manipulation - webs of mass deception. Look at Delhi bus rape- the minor Mohd Afroz conned all to the effect the world believes Hindus are the savage rapists with iron bar, not knowing about criminals of shakti mills, gaya tourist, nun rape, etc much like groomed victims of UK's Rotherham, Rochdale, Bristol, etc. Google to find out..

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.


  29. So many students from India have been killed in A'lia, UK, USA, EUROPE, etc. They are all racist hate crimes; anyone keeping a database?! How about all serial blasts?


  30. So many students from India have been killed in A'lia, UK, USA, EUROPE, etc. They are all racist hate crimes; anyone keeping a database?! How about all serial blasts?


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