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Arnab's Fatwa: No Hindus In Muslim Areas

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The Congress is not the only one still struggling to come to terms with the election loss. Some media houses and their editors are in a quandary. This is because unlike the past 25 years this is the first time there is a single party with a full majority. For “self-styled morality anchors” like Barkha Dutt and Arnab Goswami this is a problem because they are unable to manipulate a party or its alliance partners to concoct news. And since that “communal” party has come to power they have been consistently concocting some fake story or the other to claim extremists are raising their ugly heads. Of course, by “extremists” they obviously mean Hindus in some way or the other. But the blatant and extreme abuse of Hindus and Hinduism that happened on Timesnow on July 25 through Arnab Goswami has established a new threshold for barbaric behaviour by a TV anchor. This scumbag who shouts all the time and accuses others of shouting has embarked on a new mission of inciting communal hatred through his channel.

On July 25 in his debate Arnab raged against the Hindus for 4 issues: One Goa MLA Deepak Dhavalikar said with Modi as PM India could be a “Hindu Nation”, two the Goa Deputy CM Francis D’Souza defended Dhavalikar’s right to his opinion and said it is Hindustan and all are Hindus and that he was a Christian Hindu. Third, was Dinanath Batra who has written some texts seeking “Akhand Bharat” and fourth and most important a dispute relating to loudspeakers at a Hindu temple in Moradabad which is a predominantly Muslim area. The anti-Hindu venom-menu was complete. What Arnab unleashed was phenomenal hatred and attempts to somehow imply that it’s Modi and BJP was the culprit behind all these events. Let’s watch the first debate (9.28 mins – Note: The videos in this post are edited to keep only the relevant portions. Full videos of the debate are on Timesnow site and also Youtube):

So much ruckus over the “Hindu nation” comment. First, the MLA, Dhavalikar, made that statement in the Goa Assembly and he is well within his rights to speak his mind. The law allows him that benefit as much as it allowed Asad Owaisi to make his “3rd wav radicalisation” threat in the parliament. MLAs and MPs have complete freedom of speech as long as they are speaking within the legislatures. So Arnab is wrong to make a big issue out of it. Secondly, Francis D’Souza didn’t make the “Hindu nation” comment on his own. He was asked by a reporter on Dhavalikar’s comment to which he responded saying “everyone has his opinion, you have yours, I have mine and Dhavalikar has his” and there is no need to make a controversy out of everything. When pestered, D’Souza said that we call it “Hindustan” and in that sense everyone is a Hindu and that he is a Christian Hindu. This was blown up deliberately to create a controversy.

To all this, Arnab rages asking if India is a “Hindu nation” in the religious sense of the term when D’Souza was stating that only in the sense of what is being referred to as Hindustan and not as a religion. He himself is a Christian and that is pretty obvious to any moron so why would he refer to that in religious terms. But then like the Maharashtra Sadan waiter or Sania Mirza Arnab wants some Hindu-bashing or BJP-bashing for fun. When told that Hinduism is a way of life and there is nothing wrong with that he disputes the 1995 SC observation in a case relating to Bal Thackeray. Where Arnab’s moronery reaches a peak is that he says the SC said “Hinduism is a way of life” in upholding an HC judgement over Bal Thackeray using religion for politics. Whether a judgement is favourable or unfavourable to a party, the SC’s observation still remains valid. Since when do morons like Arnab start deciding that the SC observation on a specific issue is valid only when a judgement goes one way? The SC’s observation on Hinduism stands no matter the silly interpretation of Arnab or media crooks like him. The SC’s observation does not become invalid because it criticises BalT as Arnab points out. This is how stupid the man is.

As the BJP spokie Sudhanshu Trivedi points out, it will be hard to define Hinduism in a manner that one can clearly define Christianity or Islam. And what has Ashok Singhal’s demands or statements got to do with this? So, when your arguments are stupid you bring in other elements to show Hindus or BJP in a poor light. What exactly is wrong with Singhal making his statements or demands? He can make as many demands as he wants as long as he is not threatening or invoking violence to seek his demands. If he seeks Muslims to respect Hindu sentiments and surrender Ayodhya what crime does he commit? Does he threaten to attack them if they didn’t? He may even seek India to conquer Pakistan and annexe it. Which law prohibits him from saying that? Such stupid issues are tagged on to BJP for mere political agenda of Arnab. Behind all this what is Arnab really hiding? The fact that the most communal and religion-based agenda crooks are Congress and its clones.

At 4.32 in the video Trivedi rightly asks that if religion has no place in secular nature of our govt why should MMS say “Muslims have the first right over resources?” Next he points out that the same Congress declared in Mizoram that if they won they will rule by Catholic principles. What is all that crap? That’s not fantasy that is the truth. BJP didn’t say if they came to power they will rule according to Hindutva.

Arnab then pounces on Dinanath Batra who wants “Akhand Bharat”. Now he too may want an “Akhand Bharat” from Afghanistan to Cambodia or whatever. But does anyone really want that? I certainly do not want Pakistan or Afghanistan or Bangladesh back as part of India. It would be the biggest nuisance to this country. So one man’s whimsical dreams are an issue? Arnab’s argument is that the Gujarat Board endorses that book. There are many book that State Boards endorse half of which belong in the dustbin. Instead of cherry picking on one single book, the media morons would do well to look up all the books that state boards endorse, especially Commie states, and you would realise most of them are terrible and some even anti-national. In addition, the same media morons would do well to pick on the fake history books that our Commies have written and filled with lies.

Arnab rants as if the Akhand Bharat is a mountain that is going to fall on people’s heads. There are text books that have biographies of Pappus like Rahul Gandhi and passages about Barkha Dutt. Are we to believe our kids should be taught about these rogues? It is clearly a matter of sheer opinion of those who run the boards and only a good national policy on this can eliminate such stupidity. This is a bogus topic to be clubbed with any BJP agenda of the Centre. This is just to pick on something to use as a stick to beat up Modi. For every case of some Hindu’s whimsical statements or writings there are hundreds of Mullahs issuing Fatwas which are unconstitutional. Ever see Hindu-hating media pull them up? No, they pee in their pants and skirts fearing for their life. Recently, another Mullah wanted to send a militia of 5Lakh Muslim Sunnis. Can Arnab dare to pull him up? No! Because, if Arnab dared, his neck would be under threat and so would be his studio. But Hindus don’t pose that threat so hate them and bash them as frequently as you can and tag them as “Communal” because the BJP is largely supported by Hindus. That’s coward Arnab for you.

When Rahul Easwar brings up Shah Bano case, Arnab asks why that should come in here. Well, why should Ashok Singhal come in here? Only those diversions that suit your agenda are acceptable? The Shah Bano case is the most shameful chapter of this country nullifying an SC judgement to please the Muslims. That is an act of religion-based law making and not based on the prevailing Constitution. But yeah, that is a “separate” issue which shouldn’t be brought up because it hurts the cause of Arnab’s mindless Hindu-bashing exercise.

At around 7.55 in the video Trivedi correctly summarises the “sickular” media mafia’s approach to Hindus and BJP as a party. Riots in Gujarat, blame BJP! Riots in Kishtwar, blame BJP! Riots in UP, blame BJP! Riots in Bihar, blame BJP! Riots in Hyderabad, blame BJP! Riots in Jupiter, blame BJP! Oops! Reminds me of the Mafia bosses; they want their cut no matter how your business is doing. No matter what the riots and who ignites them, blame the BJP and the Hindus. Like I said in my previous post our media doesn’t give a damn if Hindus die. They rejoice it and so does Arnab. During the course of the show it was pretty clear that Arnab was wrong and on the backfoot. I am discounting all the bogus rants of that Commie bimbo called Atul Anjan because Commies never make any sense. They still harp on RSS killed MKGandhi and such nonsense. The mischief Arnab played will be evident from the fact that in the video that Timesnow uploaded on their site of this particular debate, the following portion was deleted:

All these bogus questions and the outrageous demand by Arnab for a “guarantee” from Trivedi to prevent violence at Moradabad was deleted. Why? Why should a guy from BJP guarantee there will be no violence in Moradabad when they are neither in govt nor the main Opposition in that state? Tomorrow this moron Arnab will demand BJP to guarantee there will be no violence in Tamil Nadu or Kerala? Such is the sickness of Arnab that he wants to accuse the Hindus of fomenting violence when the opposite has always been the case. In any “group” clashes as our stupid media calls them, one party is always a known entity.

Truth, as pointed out by Trivedi, is that the courts did not hold Modi responsible for Gujarat 2002 and the SC held UP govt responsible for Muzaffarnagar. But Hindus are the criminals who kill others, is it? The people of the “peaceful” religion were on another trip elsewhere in Saharanpur. The political parties and media first started point fingers at BJP but found their lies can’t travel far so started blaming the SP. That’s how criminals like Arnab work in the media. There is another trick that Arnab employed to concoct this entire anti-Hindu fake debate. He thought Shahid Siddiqui will be handy for some Hindu-bashing but it turns out Shahid had views that weren’t sympathetic to the Muslim stand so he dropped him with a lie saying debate was cancelled when it was not. It is okay for TV channels to pick and choose panellists with opposing views to create an artificial balance in the debate but to tell a person with views opposed to Arnab’s that the topic was “cancelled” is blatant mischief which exposes the motive of anti-Hindu hate-mongering. Let’s watch the second video of this extended debate (4.49 mins):

Okay! So Arnab starts out saying it will be difficult for the BJP to do this “surreptitiously’. What is surreptitious about what is going in Moradabad? In this day and age when stray acts of stupidity are captured on mobiles is this guy still thinking that open acts in the public domain are undertaken covertly? There is nothing covert about all this. But the worse was yet to come. Arnab rants that the loudspeaker at a temple is a “new phenomenon” and there is no tradition of Hindu temples having loudspeakers. That’s a LIE! And which world does this hate-monger live in? At Tirupati the morning “Suprabhatam” plays on loudspeakers in the entire temple town complex. Many important holy shrines in the south, north and west have loudspeakers. I wonder if Arnab has ever been to any of the major Hindu temples. And then he wants to expose the “ignorance” of Sambit Patra, the BJP spokie, when in reality it is Arnab who is the bimbo here. Ignorance!

Mind you, there is no riot in Moradabad and Sambit Patra asks the right question “by repeated discussion on this are you forcing a riot on this country?” That nailed it! That is exactly what our media morons have been striving for all these last 2 months. When cornered, Arnab quickly shifts the topic to “people are dying on the streets, they want food”. So then discuss that instead of loudspeakers. Others are diverting the topic he accuses but what is Arnab doing when cornered? Why then do you discuss snoopgate or Gaza or any topic? Discuss food and people on the streets all the time. Such is the tomfoolery of our anchors. They want to see a spate of communal riots and then claim “we told you so about Modi”. These headlines will than travel across the world to paint the Modi-govt as communal riot-mongers even BJP has nothing to do with it. Trust me; it is indeed happening as this clip shows:

Clearly, the ones instigating the riots in Saharanpur appear to be Congis and the targets of the Muslim rioters were Sikhs. BJP had nothing to do with it but that’s the objective of Arnab and hate-mongers like him. They will quietly whisper to themselves “Mission Accomplished”. That’s the agenda. It doesn’t end there. Arnab goes on to make one of the most audacious and hate-filled statement yet. He says “You create a temple, you create a conflict, and you put up a loudspeaker”. What was that crap all about? BJP is in the business of creating or putting up temples in Muslim areas? And what the hell does Arnab mean by implying you can’t have temples in Muslim areas where Hindus are a minority? Is it unlawful or unconstitutional and Hindus should vacate Muslim-majority areas or should be killed or thrown out like KPs? This is what the mindless nonsense of Arnab implies and in his rage and agenda of bashing BJP he forgets what nonsense he talks. It doesn’t occur to hate-mongers like Arnab that Islamists are building an “Islamic University” at Tirupati which is one of the holiest sites for Hindus. Will Muslims tolerate such an act? And Arnab wants to destroy a temple just because it is in a Muslim dominated area? That’s as good as saying Hindus should not live in or practice their religion in Muslim-majority areas. Who the hell is this guy to make these laws?

By Arnab’s stupid logic Muslims should not live in a Hindu-majority country at all. More power to separatists, ISIS, IM… Kill Hindus living in Muslim areas. Arnab supports it. As Sambit rightly points out Arnab wants to inflame communal passions and if he can provoke a riot that would be a bonus for whoever his masters are and their money. This is the media agenda when they make the Maharashtra Sadan a “communal” issue or get Sania Mirza to go on a “tear-jerking” trip on TV channels. Yeah, the iRudali Barkha Dutt is always there to exploit Muslims to incite more hatred against Hindus and BJP. Now Arnab has become Sagarika Ghose who did the same earlier on CNN-IBN. Yesterday was Eid. As usual, Muslims occupied public places for their morning prayers. Mosques are not enough, private society grounds are not enough for them. Where do they go? Here, take a look:

That is Bandra station in Mumbai. The ANI tweet conveniently blacks out the exact location. MSM for you! Not only have the Muslims blocked out the entire station front yard, they have extended themselves to the main road just outside the station. This is “Sickularism” for Arnab and similar hate-mongers. How do govts allow permission to people for such blockade of railway stations? And in previous years Muslims have occupied even highways and expressways in mass gatherings. And the MSM morons have a problem with Hindus and a loudspeaker in Moradabad. Day after day, week after week the MSM and certain political parties encourage the minorities to do the most outrageous things and then protect them as victims. They ask Hindus to be tolerant. And when some stray guy makes some comment, hatemongers like Arnab turn it into a great calamity that has fallen on the nation which threatens the very survival of India. That’s the game. By the way, as they rant about Hindu atrocities with “words” that torture and threaten the nation; on the ground physically the reverse is happening as Arnab’s own reporter (Aditya Kaul) ironically slams his stupidity and irony:

The perverted MSM crooks like Arnab will tolerate destruction of Hindu temples. They will tolerate Mullahs issuing fatwas. They will tolerate a Mullah wanting to raise a militia (who will eventually be at your door as bill collectors or blood collectors). None of that is a threat to them. But a loudspeaker at a temple in Moradabad is a problem and for that Arnab is willing to unleash extraordinary hate against Hindus and their practices. He claims he too is a proud Hindu. No moron, you’re not a Hindu, you’re a media crook. And you do no favour to Hindus or anyone by claiming to be a Hindu.

Forget what the SC said about Hinduism. The most important observation to come from the SC in recent years is the way it lambasted the media for exposing innocents to death by their stupid coverage of the 26/11 attacks (read the full SC report). There are criminals in the media who relish a tragedy, including communal riots. Many of them have made a fortune scavenging on the Gujarat riots. It is time the Modi govt framed adequate laws to make the media liable if they provoke communal hatred through their concocted debates. People like Arnab Goswami don’t have the right to tell Hindus where to live and what to practice. Arnab is inadvertently and foolishly provoking Muslim hatred for Hindus. We can do without such anchors.

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Gaza Vs Kashmir: The Hypocrites - Part 2

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Some people were disappointed that India voted against Israel at the recent UNHRC meeting over the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. In reality, that shouldn’t be a surprise at all because the BRICS resolution was not any different and India is not going to change her foreign policies dramatically just because there is a new govt. In all the hundreds of UNHRC meetings in past conflicts between Israel and Palestine the pattern has been the same. There is only vote in such meeting that counts and that is the vote of the USA. And the US has always voted in favour of Israel. The US is the only country that has the power and frequently mediates between the two sides. Others like UK, France, Italy which are not exactly pro-Palestine often abstain. India has had a practice of appeasement of Muslims, who are naturally sympathetic to their Muslim brothers everywhere, since Independence. This practice was perfected by the Congress to create vote-banks and is now also being followed by its clones like SP, RJD, JDU, NCP and others. The other reason is that India does have good relations with many Arab nations and also the economic compulsions. Many Indians work in these countries for livelihood. So it’s a complex issue and the vote does not alter the position of India-Israel being good friends.

As with Muslims in many parts of the world, some Indian Muslims are frequently violent. They get violent even over frivolous issues. And then they play victim. Remember Azad Maidan? That violent incident turned out to be over fake pictures. Our “Sickular” govts and the media turn a blind eye to their mindless violence and blow up small incidents as attack on Muslims. Even the recent incident where a ShivSena MP stupidly tried to shove food down a man’s throat in madness was turned into an act of violence against a Muslim. They won’t report the fact that in places like Kerala school kids are forced to forego their mid-day meals owing to Ramzan. That’s appeasement for you. Then when Sania Mirza’s selection as Telangana Brand Ambassador was questioned and some BJP chap called her “Daughter in law of Pakistan” that was again blown up as victimising a Muslim.

Many public figures say stupid things but is that reason enough to get violent? Any incident anywhere in the world, concerning Muslims, which doesn’t concern India, draws out Muslim crowds in protest, invariably ending in violence. And our media covers up for this nonsense and violent acts by fake Hindu atrocities. The Muslims, the govts and our media wilfully live in denial of their unlawful and often violent acts. I recommend you read “In Denial -  Cover-up Muslim Violence With Anti-Hindu Rant” (Part-1 and Part-2). The same thing happens with Jews. No matter where they are located, a conflict with Israel makes Jews around the world a target as this pic from Paris shows:

Therefore, we can logically conclude that the war is not just against Israel but Jews across the world. Our sickulars and MSM turn a blind eye to all the Muslim atrocities that happen in India and will suddenly wail for Palestinians and Gaza when a conflict breaks out there. The history of the most murderous Mughal invasion and rule itself has mostly been wiped out from our books by the Commies who controlled the state for most of our 67 years of Independence. A small quote is worth noting. Will Durant argued in his 1935 book "The Story of Civilisation: Our Oriental Heritage" (page 459): "The Mohammedan conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. The Islamic historians and scholars have recorded with great glee and pride the slaughters of Hindus, forced conversions, abduction of Hindu women and children to slave markets and the destruction of temples carried out by the warriors of Islam during 800 AD to 1700 AD. Millions of Hindus were converted to Islam by sword during this period."

If that were only history, we could have put it behind us after learning lessons from it. But that is not history because given the opportunity it keeps happening in many places in different proportions. The new state of Telangana is showing all the signs of heading the way Kashmir, Kerala and Bengal were headed. I have never heard of our sick Commies or Islamic Rudalis like Barkha Dutt or other useful idiots of Pakistan like Dileep Padgaonkar ever demanding a parliament resolution on rehabilitating Kashmiri Pandits who were driven out from their homes beginning 1989-90 (many of them killed). In those days there wasn’t much TV or as many newspapers. Even today, reporting from Kashmir is largely blacked out by its govt. Last August during the riots in Kishtwar, no media or politician was allowed there to report on the situation. Such is the JK govt. The atrocities on Kashmiri Pandits are the most horrendous to say the least. In a new book Col Tejkumar Tikoo narrates the horror:

The pic of the Paris violence that I put up is from a place where the Muslims are still a small minority. Imagine if they were in majority. Well, save the imagination, Kashmir is proof of what happens when they are in a majority. Until the 1990s reporting was negligible so the killing in Kashmir went on nonchalantly. The J&K govt looked the other way. Let me quote from Col. Tikoo’s book I linked above:

The pusillanimous Central Government was caught napping and its agencies in the State, particularly the army and other para military forces, did not consider it necessary to intervene, in the absence of any orders. The State Government had been so extensively subverted that the skeleton staff of the administration at Srinagar (the winter capital of the State had shifted to Jammu in November 1989) decided not to confront the huge mobs. Delhi was too far away, anyway. Hundreds of Kashmiri Pandits phoned everyone in authority at Jammu, Srinagar and Delhi, to save them from the sure catastrophe that awaited them. The pleadings for help were incessant. But not a soldier came to their rescue. Therefore, Kashmiri Pandits found best protection in huddling together indoors, frozen with fear, praying for the night to pass. The foreboding of the impending doom was too over-powering to let them have even a wink of sleep.

The Pandits could see the writing on the wall. If they were lucky enough to see the night through, they would have to vacate the place before they met the same fate as Tikka Lal Taploo and many others. The Seventh Exodus was surely staring them in the face. By morning, it became apparent to Pandits that Kashmiri Muslims had decided to throw them out from the Valley. Broadcasting vicious Jihadi sermons and revolutionary songs, interspersed with blood curdling shouts and shrieks, threatening Kashmiri Pandits with dire consequences, became a routine ‘Mantra’ of the Muslims of the Valley, to force them to flee from Kashmir. Some of the slogans used were:

O! Merciless, O! Kafirs leave our Kashmir
Anyone wanting to live in Kashmir will have to convert to Islam
From East to West, there will be only Islam
O! Muslims, Arise, O! Kafirs, scoot
Islam is our objective, Q’uran is our constitution, Jehad is our way of our life
Kashmir will become Pakistan
We will turn Kashmir into Pakistan alongwith Kashmiri Pandit women, but without their men folk
Islam defines our relationship with Pakistan.

That call by the extremists is what is practiced in the media too. It is okay to kill Hindus. If Hindus are murdered it’s their fault. Hindus shouldn’t have temples in Muslim localities or towns where their population is larger. Hindus shouldn’t have loudspeakers in a temple in Moradabad but Muslims can have loudspeakers in mosques all across in India. In areas where Hindus are in majority the mosque speakers work like an unwanted alarm at 5am in the morning. Of course, Hindus and other communities are expected to suffer this nonsense in the name of secularism and not offend the poor suffering Muslims. Why? Cover up all Muslim crimes, inflate and exaggerate even minor Hindu offences. Call Hindu spiritual leaders “self-styled” Godmen as if all Mullahs are directly appointed by Allah. This is what our Commie media, which is Islamic in nature, does in the public domain. Some of these corrupt anchors like Arnab, Rajdeep, Sagarika (the last two ex-anchors) will then claim they are proud Hindus. Laughable! Someone rightly said just as terrorists have no religion when they are Islamic, these anchors similarly have no religion.

It’s now 25 years since the Kashmir cleansing of Hindus. When have you ever heard any news channel or media house vociferously demanding justice for the KPs as they are screaming for Gaza or any other Muslim location outside India? Even when Islamic Rudalis like Barkha do discuss Kashmir it is always about how much the poor youth are suffering and are jobless and so on. Oh all those innocent men, women and children are suffering just like the ones in Gaza. Isn’t it? Yes, they are suffering but is their suffering bigger than the ones who have permanently lost their homes, their land, their family members killed and even those left behind in Kashmir live under a constant threat? For 25 years stupid Indian govts have not only watched this nonsense they have made no attempt to rehabilitate the KPs or stop the carnage across India. They ignore it because they stupidly believe this won’t happen in UP, Bihar, Bengal, Kerala or Telangana. Fools always make the same mistake over and over again. They always crash in the same car. And our media whines about Gaza? Having formed the new state of Telangana the govt there is all set to appease and Islamise that state. I am confident in a few years Hindus will be thrown out of Telangana because the morons in the state govt want a Nizam-like kingdom back again. Here’s a jenny-come-lately, daughter of KC Rao, CM of Telangana, who made a grand announcement:

DailyTimes is a Pak newspaper that carried her stupid utterances (I have edited the pic a bit to remove ads). Kavitha Rao is a bimbo in my book because she is already a “useful idiot” for Pakistan like Barkha or Padgaonkar. To top it all she’s an MP. Good times ahead for Hindus in Telangana I suppose. Expect the Owaisis and others to seek those “15 minutes” that Akbar Owaisi wanted and brother Asad Owaisi to reiterate his 3rd wave of radicalisation. All seems imaginary? Well, it was imaginary once in Kashmir too where Bollywood used to routinely make movies. The number of people killed or displaced from Kashmir might exceed the population of Gaza and maybe even one-third the Jewish population across the world. Who cares!  

With no connection in culture whatsoever other than being Muslims, the Kashmiri Muslims and the Palestines are “Bhai-Bhai”. That is what the Palestine envoy to Pakistan keeps reminding them. So there’s all the more reason for more agitation and violence whenever Gaza or West Bank is in conflict. Dead Jews don’t matter for the media. Dead Hindus don’t matter for media. More reasons for violence and killing in India. One would have thought the passionate Indian Muslims and media morons who care for Gaza might gather some funds or send medical relief to them. Instead, what do we hear? There’s a Mullah who wants to send 5Lakh Indian Sunni Muslims to Saudi Arabia for a Global Jihad. Here’s the shocking stuff:

Maulana Syed Salman Hussaini Nadvi… An influential theologian and author of numerous scholarly tomes in Urdu and Arabic, Nadvi is Dean of the Faculty of Shariah at Darul Uloom Nadwa, Lucknow, whose reputation as a premier institution of Islamic teaching ranks in the same class as Darul Uloom, Deoband. He is also a member of the All-India Muslim Personal Law Board and Aligarh Muslim University’s court, its highest decision-making body. So, what he says matters and carries weight. It is important to stress this because what he has done has shocked even conservative Muslims. Nadvi has written a long and passionate letter (in Arabic!) to the Saudi government offering to raise a militia of 500,000 Sunni Muslim Indian youth as his contribution to a "powerful global Islamic army" he has proposed in order to fight Shia militants in Iraq and "help Muslims in need" elsewhere. The army would become part of a Caliphate that he wants Saudis to set up for the Muslim ummah, the international Muslim community”.

There you go! He wants a Caliphate and if he can contribute a militia to that what makes you think the militia of this Caliphate won’t be at your door one day with a sword or a gun? It wouldn’t be far-fetched to estimate that even the most moderate Muslim (which actually is a failed concept) would like to see India as an Islamic Republic and under Sharia law. Muslims across the world also hope fervently that one day UK, USA and major democracies in Europe will be under Sharia law. You can run from Kashmir, you can run from Kerala, you can run from Bengal… Well, how long will you keep running till Maulana Nadvi’s bill collector is at your door? Is all this just imagination? No, this guy is serious about his plans. Our Islamic Rudali Barkha or pompous idiot Arnab will not discuss the threat this man poses to the nation. But they will discuss 24X7 some small incident as if the Muslims in the country have been attacked by the Wild Hindu Bunch. It will take a man with some spine to talk about rehabilitation of KPs. In comes Narendra Modi and he talks about it. So what happens? Here you go:

Religious leader Grand Mufti Bashiruddin Ahmad has hit out at the Centre over the contentious issue of rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits. Opposing the NDA government's plan of rehabilitating Kashmiri pandits, Grand Mufti has termed it as a political conspiracy. He has also warned of protests in the valley. "We have discussed the issue of pundits. We want them to return but there are being reestablished here because of a conspiracy. We will strongly oppose it," Grand mufti said”.

This guy sitting in Kashmir issues all kinds of threats and fatwas routinely. But Barkha or Arnab won’t call him a “self-styled” Godman because he is probably directly appointed by Allah. There was no outrage in the media over this Mullah’s nonsense. Why? Oooh because Muslim sentiments will be hurt! We have to talk to such guys with kid-gloves, mollify them, cuddle them and give them  warm hugs so that morally and legally justified policies can be implemented. And all of that still won’t please them and it won’t work. There is no way this Mullah or the JK govt will allow KPs to return. All the good intentions of the new govt and even maybe the govt in JK will not give the confidence to the KPs to return. If some of them do show the confidence to return they will know in their hearts that they will have to live under the 24x7 threat of being killed. The Israelis too live under such a 24x7 threat but their govt is a tough fighter unlike our large and cowardly govt. The innocent don’t need to die anywhere, why only Gaza? Next time someone weeps for the Gazans think how our media rejoices the death of KPs and their exodus from Kashmir. Think how they rejoice the death of Hindus in Kerala or Bengal. Yes, our Commie Islamic media hypocrites do shamelessly rejoice the wanton death of Hindus. The Gazans/Palestinians still have some land of their own. Our media and political hypocrites have ensured that KPs will NEVER return home.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Gaza Vs Kashmir: The Hypocrites - Part 1

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The conflict between Muslims and Jews is centuries old. It started with Islamic warriors killing the Jews and driving a large population of Jews out of their homes. If that wasn’t enough, Jews were also persecuted by the Christians throughout the ages culminating in the Holocaust. We could go back to history to Mohammad’s times or Jesus’s times but that will serve no purpose. What matters is now and recent history. We cannot alter history of 1500 years but even in these modern times Muslim children are taught to hate the Jews. Geert Wilders, a Dutch MP, put out a documentary (Fitna) that has some hateful speeches by Mullahs. Even that has become normal to us. But stunningly, in his video there’s even a 3-year old who has been taught that Jews are “apes and pigs” (Watch from 3.48 onward on Youtube). Outfits like Hamas, Hezbollah and before them PLO and PFLP etc have had a similar approach to Israel.

Present day Israel and Palestine, as we know them, were also territories ruled by the British since around the WWI. It is after WWII that the Jews got together and battled the British and drove them out to get back their land which is now known as Israel. Having gotten their own land the Israelis also expanded their territory to what they thought rightfully belonged to them. What is left of Palestine, mostly inhabited by Arabs, is the West Bank and Gaza strip. West Bank and Gaza are similar to Pakistan and the former East Pakistan; both separated by land of a different State. East Pakistan broke away from Pakistan and became Bangladesh. I see no possibility of West Bank and Gaza ever becoming one contiguous state. Even their two local govts are often at conflict. On its part, Israel is also guilty of unfair expansion of its territories leaving tiny portions of land to the Palestinians. But the propaganda that Israel has gobbled up Palestine is a load of BS.. Some of it hasn’t happened merely because of greed for real estate. The Israelis often had to push into areas to constantly secure themselves from the wars and terrorism unleashed on them since the 1950s. Here's a more reliable chronology of how the lands changed hands: 

Jews are not the only citizens of Israel; it is home to many Arabs who hold Israeli citizenship. Can you imagine the reverse in Palestine (or any of its Islamic neighbours)? The Israel-Palestine conflict is for eternity. What happens is that every 3-4 years some major battle flares up and invariably the higher losses are on the Palestinian side. Men, women, children, property destroyed and sufferings multiply. Hamas, a known terrorist organisation, has been elected by the Palestinians and Hamas only does what it knows best to do. Hamas knows nothing of governance or administration (just like some Indian political parties). They only know how to engage in battles and terrorism. They use and hide behind women and children for their attacks. I swear, if you tried to look up a map of the territory in a paper map of reasonable size, chances are you won’t find the area easily. But Israel has a very large “friendly” neighbourhood, some of whom want to wipe its tiny area off that map. Here’s how the neighbourhood extends to even lands far off from Israel:

You might wonder why Pak terrorist organisations would worry about Jews when they have their pet project of Kashmir and millions of Hindus to kill. You see; it’s just a matter of opportunity.  In the 26/11 attacks the Pak terrorists skilfully targeted the Jewish “Chabad House” and killed around half a dozen Jews. It’s probably their misfortune that more were not available. Post 26/11 our media and commies quickly forgot the attacks and started an “Aman” crap with Pakistan. Recently some of these jokers undertook what they “self-styled” as Track2 diplomacy. And every time there’s an Israel-Palestine conflict their tears start rolling for the Palestinians. Mind you, they don’t notice who starts the killing. Since decades it has always been PLO, PFLP, Hamas, Hezbollah who have started the killing. Airline hijackings, restaurant bombing, bus bombing, suicide bombers. There’s a whole menu of terror attacks to choose from. Children and women have been used as shields by the Hamas in their battles. The recent Israeli retaliation started with the kidnapping and murder of four teenagers and constant rocket-fire by Hamas into Israeli territory. Our Sickulars wanted a debate in the parliament to condemn Israel and sympathise with the Palestinians. So our MPs in Rajya Sabha got a debate. Here’s what some of them said:

Sitaram Yechury: "This is a genocide of sorts, we cannot remain silent to violations of International Law," he said. "You are the biggest terrorist by illegally occupying Palestine land," Yechury said about Israel. India cannot be party to this genocide. This must stop… This is against Insaniyat (Humanity) completely. Modi has signed BRICS resolution with East Jerusalem as capital. So why are we afraid to pass resolution?"

Genocide? To this Commie hate-monger everything is a genocide when it’s Muslims but nothing when it’s others. He even called the Gujarat riots “Communal genocide”. Such terms are being used loosely by “useful idiots” who serve no purpose. 54000 people are reported to have been murdered under the 3-decade CPM rule in Bengal and I wonder why Yechury and his commie party aren’t being investigated and prosecuted. It’s simply because we have always had gutless and spineless Muslim-appeasing govts since our Independence. Yechury also wants India to stop defence purchases from Israel. That’s how we secure India. Anyway, here’s another jerk called Sharad Yadav:

"People are being forced to leave their own land. How can we let this happen? We must discuss this. It will have a major impact on the future of our country… How can people run away from a strip of land that's just 6 km in width?" he said urging the Rajya Sabha to focus and debate the role India could play in the ongoing humanitarian crisis. However, as time ran out, Yadav said that discussions like these should not be restricted by logistical considerations. "This is a discussion on humanity, please don't restrict the timing of speakers," he said wrapping up.

That 6km width is not entirely accurate but let’s not quibble. I don’t think anyone listening to this stupid man even pointed out his BS to him. People are being forced to leave their own land? Did any MP ever say that about Kashmiri Hindus being driven out or fleeing from their own land and homes? Political morons like Sharad Yadav have remained blind to what happens in their own backyard but shed bogus tears for Palestinians. Mind you, the KPs weren’t hurling bombs, firing rockets or sending suicide bombers to attack Muslims in Kashmir unlike the Palestinian leaders. And why would Palestinians fleeing their homes have a major impact on the future of India? Is this man even talking sense? Yadav also added that the Gaza crisis should not be looked through the Hindu-Muslim lens. Sushma Swaraj had a brilliant answer to this appeasement-crook.

Swaraj, in her reply, narrated how 40 Muslim youth were punished for some reason (in Saudi Arabia) and sentenced to lashes and a month in prison. They had till now spent over a year in prison instead of a month. The GOI seems to have negotiated their release and brought those 40 back home to India (listen to her on Youtube). Ever heard any media house reporting this event? Our media slaves who catch the spit of Chinese Gandhis before it hits the ground will not report such events. Naturally, another Chinese Gandhi, though a descendant of MKGandhi, talks like a moron too. Where? Yes, on the International Muslim Rudali's show. That’s what Barkha Dutt is. She asks on her stupid show a diabolical question: “Has India lost its heart when it comes to taking a position on Gaza? Or is it none of our business”?

There was the usual “Palestinian men, women and children are dying. No medical help, homes destroyed” etc (with images, of course). The Gandhi in the pic started blabbering about humanity as if he has never heard about a war or conflict earlier. People die in a war, get used to it. To this, the panellist on the right corner in the bottom row talked of Mahatma Gandhi supporting the British in WWII. Again, TusharG started raving and ranting “You don’t know anything about Bapu… don’t lie” and so on. Well, fact is MKG did support the British during the war. Oh wait! I wonder if MKG would have supported ISIS (or ISIL). They have pronounced the ISIS leader the new Caliph and MKG did support the Khilafat movement; didn’t he? MKG supported the Khilafat movement to get the Muslims into the fight against the British and integrate Hindus and Muslims but it never happened.

India was broken on religious grounds into India and Pakistan. Only problem is Pakistan and Bangladesh regularly slaughter Hindus but our Sickular MPs and media don’t find it worth discussing but they want to discuss distant Gaza. Yechury screams “why should innocent Palestinians suffer”? It’s a war moron, didn’t they tell you that? And what do such Yechuries have to say when Palestinian terrorists went all the way to Munich to slaughter Israeli athletes during the 1972 Olympics? Those athletes were not in a conflict or a war, were they? What about Chabad House? Were those Jews in a conflict or in a war? Why should Jews everywhere be slaughtered because of the conflict in the Middle East? Will Barkha, her clones, our commies and our media explain that? Do they seek resolutions in the Parliament for all such mindless slaughter? The BRICS resolution clearly states Israel must pull out of occupied territory and Palestinians must have a state by the side of Israel. How is that inconsistent with India’s long-standing policy? Why should there be a new resolution now? Just to condemn Israel?

Sharad Yadav was partly right in saying we look at Israel-Palestine issue through the Hindu-Muslim lens. But what he and all the sickulars miss is that it’s the Muslims who forever are disconnected with Indian and neighbouring issues and not Hindus. From Turkey, Khilafat, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Osama, Cartoons, Salman Rushdie and crazy films, it’s the Muslims in India that agitate and get violent. The brunt of that violence is borne by people of other religions and the State. Why? Fools like Barkha, her clones and the Yechuries of the world want a Parliament resolution on Gaza. For what? Because some morons argue that Narendra Modi was a signatory to the BRICS resolution. Well, then isn’t that resolution in an international forum not good enough for India’s stand on the issue? Why insist on a Parliament resolution? Basically, what these sickulars want is India to CONDEMN Israel. I am glad no resolution was passed and India should not condemn Israel for these conflicts. Israel has borne the brunt of terrorism for over 60 years. The death of Israel would embolden the terrorists which will lead to more states dying. It is in that respect that Yadav can be right in claiming it has a “major impact” on India and not in any other sense.

Let’s come to the poor Palestinians who have no schools, hospitals, jobs etc. as our sickulars whine. Firstly, Palestine doesn’t have any real economy of its own because most of their resources are devoted to weapons. West Bank and Gaza get a huge amount of funds from the UN and other international donors (even the US). What do they use it for? Of late, Hamas has built at least 36 tunnels into Israeli territory for raids to kill Israelis. These are “terror tunnels” each of which costs the Palestinians $1 million to build and maintain. So around 36 million spent on tunnels! Funds meant to care for Palestinians are being used for terror. Do our sickulars talk about this or question such acts? And then they whine about the suffering of poor Palestinians and Israel to watch quietly as more terror attacks are planned? Would these same sickulars advocate India to sit and watch if Pakistan built such terror tunnels into India? (Pakistan did build one some time back).

While they lament and whine for Palestine, events at home of a similar nature do not bother our sickulars. Even now it’s Hamas that is not willing to accept a mediated ceasefire while Israel is. The Palestine issue long kept India from having diplomatic relations with Israel although India and most countries had recognised Israel as an independent country. Talk about Kashmir and these same wailers will crawl up into some corner and hole. In the next and concluding part we will see why the Kashmir issue should matter to us and not Gaza and how our Commie media and Sickulars are pathetic, Muslim-appeasing hypocrites. Ordinary folks on social media and elsewhere who buy the propaganda of these Commies are as educated on real history of Israel as they are on bogus history of India written by these Commies.