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Friday, December 26, 2014

"Will Chop PM Into Pieces & Attack Parliament"

A day ago the Sickos had a great roll in the garbage dump and whined. Why? Because, along with AB Vajpayee, the late Pandit Madanmohan Malviya was honoured with the Bharat Ratna. Most of them didn’t have a problem with ABV being honoured but had problems with Pt. Malviya. They groped for excuses – from posthumous honour being a bad idea to him being the founder of Hindu Mahasabha or the Benares Hindu University and so on. The one below had an even better excuse to offer:

I don’t know much about the quality of education at BHU but I dare say it can’t be half as bad as the Oxbridges that produce Congi-Commie-pimps, anti-Hindus like Rajdeep Sardesai and many of his garbage-league. In any case, quality improvement is a “constant endeavour”. Why should it have anything to do with the BR?  Simple answer is they cannot stand a Hindu icon being honoured. If Syed Ahmad Khan had been honoured with a BR, all these pigs would have gloated and praised the GOI and Modi skyhigh. Syed who? Well he’s the founder of Aligarh Muslim University. Am I wrong? Hold on, I am not wrong; there was a passionate demand for a posthumous BR to Syed AK by none other than the Congis who objected to the “posthumous award” for Pt. Malviya. And the "plain-clothes Mullahs" like Mahesh Bhatt are collecting 1 crore signatures to demand the BR for Syed AK. If that happens, Rajdeep & Co. will roll over in the same garbage heap but with great joy and delight.

You know, none of these morons ever questioned awards to Rajiv Gandhi or any of the Nehru-Gandhis. Remember Dada Idi Amin of Uganda? The guy who drove out all Indians from his country? He had bestowed upon himself the greatest titles you will hear of. And I am not joking. His full self-bestowed title: "His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular". Is there anything he missed? How are Nehru-Indira-Gandhis any different? They bestowed upon themselves the BR. Then daughter names 1000 monuments after dad. She dies and son and family name 1000 monuments after her. Son/s die and they name another 1000 monuments after him. And they gave RajivG, one of the worst PMs India ever produced, a “posthumous BR”. But Pt. Malviya? Oh no… that offends the Sickos! Laughable!

Now, all of the above was more of a prologue. The reason for bringing up Pt. Malviya is because a quote of his floating on the social media - "Congress is the prostitute of Muslim India." Does that explain why Congis and media morons are up against him but demand the same honour for Syed AK? In the previous post on Conversions I referred to an incident concerning Koenrad Elst, the Belgian Indologist. After the incident Elst wrote an explanatory note and some of his thoughts are worth reproducing:

At the India Ideas Conclave in Goa, I argued that the nature of Islam itself is a principal factor in the atrocities by Boko Haram, the Taliban and the Islamic State. They say so themselves, and I respect their right to express their own motivation. Secularists, by contrast, show their contempt for Muslims by overruling the latter’s own explicit self-justification with a different account. Thus, in a recent TV debate, a BJP spokesperson eager to prove his secularism called the Caliphate warriors “heretics”. Internationally, British PM David Cameron (whose plan to kill Muslims and others in Syria was foiled by a negative vote in Parliament but who at least contributed to the destruction of Libya, killing many Muslims) called these self-described Islamic militants “not Muslims but monsters”. Not one of the US, UK and French leaders who have invaded Muslim countries the last 20 years was a critic of Islam. Of each of them, pro-Islamic statements can be quoted. Yet between them, they have killed numerous Muslims. A Swiss do-gooder in my audience alleged that criticism of Islam amounts to spreading hatred against two billion Muslim fellow-men. Well, Hindus have had to live daily with indictments of their religion, even from state platforms. So, if the allegation were true, we wonder why it was never made against criticism of Hinduism. Anyway, it is untrue”.

Criticism of Islam amounts to spreading hatred against 2 billion Muslims? Then what is to be done with the Hindu-hating mob in our media, politics and Bollywood, Kollywood or Tollywood. They heap abuses and insults on Hindus every single day. But we are the ones supposed to be tolerant while the wild bunch will keep talking and behaving like barbarians? So, with the Agra “reconversion episode” a large number of scoundrels made enough noise to equal 100 serial bombs. Among the prominent scumbags inside and outside the parliament who made these noises are:

The Opposition blockaded the parliament for the entire Winter Session over a Sadhvi Minister’s language and the conversion issue. And they all screamed “forced conversions, bribes, inducements, threat to Constitution, BJP inciting communal riots” blah blah. All of this during the voting phases of JK and Jharkhand. Their intention was clear – to spread panic and scare the BJP voters. Unfortunately, their combined-conspiracy failed. Naturally, scoundrels who scream too much seldom have the truth. And when the truth does come out, they quietly retreat into their pigsty. In such cases even the LIE BIG, retract small is not applicable. They just slip back into their pigsty. Here’s what the Minority Commission ruled about the Agra conversions:

AGRA: A Minority Commission team that visited the Madhu Nagar slum for the first time after 57 Muslim families were "converted" to Hinduism by an RSS-linked group on December 8 said on Saturday that though the conversion was not forced, there was an element of cheating involved in it… "After talking to the Madhu Nagar slum people, it is clear that it was not forced conversion. It was actually cheating," Azmi said. "The poor slum people were lured with ration cards and BPL cards. We also found that the local people, who are mostly Hindus supported the slum dwellers a lot. It was just a few Hindus who betrayed them in the name of 'ghar wapasi'."

So there was no forced conversion as the mugs in the pic had screamed. But there was “cheating” says the Commission. Alright, what were the reconverted ones cheated with? They were promised ration cards and BPL cards? That’s all? The question is, why aren’t these poor people already having BPL and ration cards anyway? For all the programmes of the Sickulars with NREGA and stuff, why is it these people don’t have some basic cards even? And how does that form “cheating” if someone promises you what you are already entitled to and can be delivered tangibly? If that is “inducement” then the biggest cheats have to be the Christian conversion factories who convert with the nonsense that “Jesus will save you”. Is that tangible? Have these factories proved even one case of Jesus saving, other than wild imagination? What about the Mullahs? They promise Muslims will go to heaven and non-Muslims will go to hell! Any proof of delivery? Oh they also promise martyrs 72 virgins in heaven? Any proof of delivery so far?

It doesn’t take Einstein to tell you that an entire army of Christian Missionaries have been indulging in fraudulent conversions, bribery and inducements. As for Muslims, they are not so much into conversion but their uncontrolled population growth is adequate enough to keep their flock multiplying. And that is the bare truth. But the scoundrels in the parliament and in our media exploded enough bombs and fear-mongering to encourage this stunning speech. Watch (1.32 mins):

That’s the Mullah’s answer! That Muslims will pick up arms and attack every democratic institution over the Agra reconversions. He will break the country into thousand pieces and change the map and face of India. This rage is nothing but provoked by Arnab, Rajdeep, Barkha, Yechury, O’Brien, Owaisi and their tribe. Did you hear any of these morons outraging over what the Mullah threatened? And what is their sick obsession with chopping people into pieces? Is everyone a goat to them? Earlier there was a Congi moron called Imran Masood who wanted to make “Boti Boti” of Narendra Modi and now this guy. For readers who don’t follow Hindi closely, here’s a translation:

We (Muslims) are not scared of anyone; we will not hesitate in picking up arms for our safety. We will be forced to unite and form an army to attack the Vidhan Sabha and the Parliament House to teach these MLAs and MPs a lesson. We can arrange for all kinds of arms and ammunition; we have the guts to change the face of the country. Do not force us to take up arms; it will not be good for the chief minister or the prime minister as no one will remain in a single piece.”

This sick Mullah (Cleric Salim Ahmed was speaking at a programme organised by the Babri Masjid Action Committee in Moradabad on December 13) openly threatens the CM, Mulayam Singh, the PM and the country itself. Did you hear one single word out of our Sickos or our media morons? Anyone had any objection to this? But these very morons had a huge problem with “Haramzada”. I think the term “Haramzada” actually suits the Sickos and fraudulent media editorialists. Read some more – the UP police said they heard about this threatening speech from media:

Moradabad Senior Superintendent of Police Luv Kumar told the media on Saturday, “We have come to know through the media that someone delivered such objectionable speech. The Local Intelligence Unit has been ordered to probe the matter and action will be taken after we receive the report.” That’s how stupid our Police really are. The report clearly says this: “The cleric’s speech was made before a gathering of more than 1,500 people including senior police officers and officers of the district administration”. But the SP heard it only from the media and all his senior police officers at the venue (lately police even record potentially inciting speeches) were in their sleeping bags it seems.

Yesterday evening, Sushma Swaraj reiterated that conversions will continue until an anti-conversion bill is passed. The Sickos cannot whine, outrage and have it both ways. Hindus seek no converts, the Christian-Conversion Mafia needs to end and all their specially imported conversion specialists sent back home. An investigation into the “Missionary-funding” of corrupt media houses will also help. The GOI has turned off the funding-tap of some criminal NGOs. I consider the Christian-conversion Mafia a terrorist group which keeps India on a religious-conflict-boil and a serious threat to communal harmony.

The sick Mullah threatens to chop the PM and others into pieces, attack Parliament, Vidhan Sabha and change the face of the country. He will acquire weapons, kill the PM, attack Parliament, and attack the Vidhan Sabha. Well, cowards in our media who rant against stray utterances of Hindu activists which pose no physical threat start hiding under skirts when it comes to real threats and incitement by a Muslim guy. That apart, not one Muslim public figure condemns this. Bimbos like Saba Naqvi come on TV to condemn Hindus but hide behind their Burqa when it comes to Muslims. I have to say, if the likes of Arnab, Rajdeep, Barkha and others in the media cover-up such crimes then they probably would indeed like PM Modi chopped into pieces and our parliament attacked again. They probably wish for it and encourage such incitement with their fake, truth-less outrage. 


  1. These articles sharply highlight the gross injustices and hypocrisy we have to face daily from these bastards. It absolutely boils the blood, and consequently makes one feel more and more that no measure should be spared to absolutely wipe out these scumbags. They deserve nothing less.

  2. hitting hard at the bull's eye. MSM refusing to see the obvious and inciting minorities with their totally biased debates during prime hour.

  3. Well researched repudiation to those congi morons who blindly oppose every legitimate move of Hindus only to please their sikular bosses. The social media as represented by BDutt of NDTV, Arnab of TimesNow and Rajiv Sardesai feel at ease by wont of their bastardly nature to brazenly flaunt their secular facades with top decibels in each of their media encounters. To hell with these swines who are parasites on our national pride and culture.

  4. Wow, what a whiplashing piece. It lays bare the real motive of these politican goons and media hyenas for the cacophony in awarding BR to Mahamana, Ghar Wapsi and Sadhavi's haramzada remarks. In fact, Saba Naqvi recently and long ago, Karan Thapar had earnestly wished aloud in so many words "After Modi...., sudden Removal of Modi...". And your question "Is everyone a goat to them" is exactly why media hides into skirts when it comes to questioning Islamist sickos.

  5. The point to be noted is even though BJP won the majority in Jharkhand (with about 8 to 10% reduction of vote share from Lok Sabha elections) and fell short of majority in JK, mission of media and sickular club is accomplished by reducing the expected vote share in both the elections. There wasn't any word about that Mulla video during the same period. The point to be noted.


    1. Dear Vishnugupt,

      The 8 to 10% reduction in votes for BJP are merely because NAMO himself is not facing an election. Don't think people would be such dumb. Even if the BJP had announced a candidate & fought over his/her name even then their might be a increase in voting percentage.

  6. It's not wrong to write blogs or putting the facts on the table but in spite of 1000+ such blogs Media morons/pimps still active/runs the show ..it's another point whether they succeed or not..but they endup creating perceptions...

    time to take the game to next level and ensure morons be punished/removed ...ppl/public should introspect and come up with ways to hold them & their bosses accountable. .

    1. As a very small personal contribution to the cause, on the result day, 16yh May, I have stopped watching these morons and have reduced their TRP by 1

  7. Islam doesn't allow criticism of allah and its followers, thats why people are very careful on saying anything which might offend the followers.. and also there are fatwas which will make a person think 10 times before one utters a word against the religion. But i think most hindus doesn't really care what people say about them, they go about their business, even if people criticize them.

    1. You are absolutely right. It's because Hindus are forward looking people with people gradually considering religion just as a means to an end not end in itself. They are moving with time incorporating new ideas and throwing out junk. The complete opp osite of Islam which is not only stuck in time but wants to move back in time and take the whole World with them. This is the root of the problem.

    2. There is no need to criticize islam. If only one can recite some of the verses in it, any normal being will get miffed.Last week saw a Muslim owned TV channel Darshana proudly display a verse that goes like,

      "Till the say you love me more than your mother and your child, u can never be a true believer."

      Is it required to criticise anything about islam other than just reproduce these verses in public domain.

  8. It is shocking, that nobody in the MSM has bothered to highlight this incident, and the mentality behind this incident and the fact that somebody who directly threatens our country and her head, can get away with it.

    The most amazing thing of all is the pure ignorance of Hindus, who are off twitter, on all the things that matter!

    People are so happily unaware of the hypocrisy of sickular parties, the dangerous missionaries and their mass-conversions, the true stories behind all the riots. Most people don't even want to try and know about these things. They are so happy believing all the "all religions are equal" crap.

    Although blogs like yours have had a huge impact on people, regrettably, enough people are not yet awakened. Sources of information exist, but there is an unwillingness to digest the unpalatable truth.

    There is a serious need to bring the alternative point of view...or loosely stated "mass awakening" to the mainstream media.

  9. Shocking to me to find the minority commision report here on mediacrooks and MSM pigs going silent over it. Even Pro BJP channels have not shown (I didn't see any).. It's high time Media has some regulations imposed before they throw the country into some wild fire.. Good that Mediacrooks Exposes these sons/daughters of 2 fathers like Arnab/Rajdeep/Barkha/O'Brien/Yechury/and list is endless...

  10. It is a news to know Minority commission report. All these Morons blacked out completely. Arranging ration cards is forceful means giving cash doles, houses by Christian machinery and love jihads of Muslims, all what?

  11. this is the power of social media and without that these incidents would not have reached the people. that is the reason, the sickular MSM is afraid of social media and wants to curb the freedom of the same.

    We need more neutral of not hindu-leaning journos and Iam not sure which media house is going to hire them and bring all these into the limelight. yesterday, in the "New Indian Express" there was a 32 page supplement sponsored by christian organisations. Iam nost able to imagine how much this would have cost and how they get the funds. In states like TN and Karnataka, the temples come under the govt. administration and hence all their money goes to the govt kitty, but churches and mosques are unaudited. In between, the telengana CM is building a community hall for christians at the cost of 10 cr of govt money and announcing even 26th december as holiday and naidu is announcing jerusalem subsidy to the christians. This makes us think whether the ciristian population is more than 30% of the telugu speaking people and it is not being revealed. Iam frightened about the thought of what will happen if one day the christians announce that their population is a mojority here and all the xtians who are under the guise of hindus would also reveal themselves??

    Sometime back, I met a guy called as jagannathan, which is normally a pure vaishnavite name and to my surprise that guy was a christian and he was arguing with me that it is jesus who is the real jagannathan and the hindu scriptures have usurped the name from the bible.

    1. In Tamilnadu SC's are converted and drawn to churches with promises of education etc., but are advised to maintain their SC identity on records so that they can enjoy the benefits offered by government. The educational institutions run by Christians , while taking them in their institutions show to the government that they have taken so many SC's under their wings! This deprives the benefits to the Hindu SC's.

  12. I accept the crime of having tuned in to Arnab's programme, but there was one Arya Samaji Swamiji who said very true thing about conversions.
    He said basic Dharma is Satya, Ahimsa, Prem, Karuna and Samaj Nishtha. If one changes from that, it is really a problem. If some one changes Pooja Paddhati or way of worship, why should that be a problem?

    1. The problem with changing the puja paddhati is that you lose connect with the local region, your local history and your local social climate. Hindus in India have the benefit of having their ancestors history as also the region's history, whereas in Pakistan, no history beyond the partition is taught. The same is in the USA, where the natives history is all but lost. Whether you like it or not, Islam and Christianity are alien religions. Once people convert they lose their attachment to India. Thus they start propagating separatism. Tell me can a Muslim or christain Indian really identify with chandraputa or chanakya? If so how will they do it? This is not rhetorical. I would really like to know how they resolve these conflicts.

    2. "Tell me can a Muslim or christain Indian really identify with chandraputa or chanakya? If so how will they do it? "

      Really? Is that a serious question? Do you as a Hindu have a problem identifying with APJ Abdul Kalam, or Bhagat Singh, or Mother Teresa?

      Attachment to the country does not come from religion, but from loving that country. Mark Tully probably loves India and wishes her better than most people on this forum. As it is inscribed outside our Parliament - udar charitanam tu vasudhaiv kutumbakam. The thought of this is mine and that is yours is only for the small in the mind.

    3. Ok maybe I didn't explain myself well, not being a wordsmith. Read swapan dasgupta's http://www.dailypioneer.com/columnists/usual-suspects/why-riddle-promotion-of-faith-with-hate.html
      What I was trying to say is essentially that with change of religion what you hold scared changes , and can be in conflict with regional history etc. That connect with the local changes.

  13. Who had suggested to have Satyamev Jayate from Mundakopanishad as our motto? Who was the only political leader who would have read Vedas and Upanishads? (Hint : Radhakrishnan was NOT a political leader)

    It was Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya.

  14. The media crooks enjoy protection from high up in the BJP. Hence they care two hoots about Modi or BJP. They carry on as before. BJP needs to sort out its own house.

  15. This Mulah's speech to chop off PM, CM did not merit any ink in any reputable news paper but a mere utterance by a lowly mayor of a small city (Rajkot) about what girls should wear became a front page news in news magazine like Outlook.

  16. Recently in Statesman newspaper it was mentioned that Gita Press Gorakhpur was shutting down due financial crunches. Is it true? The website is up though and in howrah station i have seen their shop. If its really going to shut down, is there any alternative?

  17. The scoundrels whom the author quoted here are all muslims uncircumcised for songs from them and the scamgress

  18. Hi Ravinar - this post and the previous one (both on the issue of conversions) are really the need of the hour. I was astonished to see the video of that muslim cleric spewing venom,though I could not understand his hindi, I could easily make out that he was not preaching universal love,peace and brotherhood. These MSM media anchors are probably the lowest of lowlife traitorous jackals for not reporting on this speech. I was told that in one NDTV public debate almost 90% of the opinions were in favour of the position that re-convesion is wrong.So the MSM media seem to be moving towards "doctored public debates" by careful selection of participants for such debates. So, they black out news that is against their position, blow minor issues pertaining to those with opposing view points completely out of proportion and finally conduct sham doctored debates to create an impression that their view point is shared by a majority. I wonder what it will take to permanently boot such hindu haters out from our media houses ? probably a BJP victory for the next 10 general elections ?. Let us all dedicate ourselves to support BJP come what may, in the interest of our future generations.

    Thanks a lot.


  19. Please disseminate as far and wide as possible
    The Real Deal"
    While I can understand the handwringing of the muslim and xian apologists, it amuses me no end to see a similar reaction on the part of the hindu fiberals. These borderline agnostics, who know nothing about hinduism save for a few stray terms such as karma and moksha, feel that a higher moral stand for hinduism is much better than actual changes on the ground. This kinda reminds me of Gandhi's illogical stand which he pontificated to hindus thus:

    "I would tell the Hindus to face death cheerfully if the Muslims are out to kill them. I would be a real sinner if after being stabbed I wished in my last moment that my son should seek revenge. I must die without rancour. … You may turn round and ask whether all Hindus and all Sikhs should die. Yes, I would say. Such martyrdom will not be in vain.”

    “Hindus should never be angry against the Muslims even if the latter might make up their minds to undo even their existence. They should not be afraid of death. After all, the killers will be none other than our Muslim brothers.”

    Such people want to carry on their fake "communal harmony" campaigns on the surface, by baking xmas cakes and exchanging kheer/biriyani, while the actual story underneath is quite grave.

    Muslims and xians have carried out demographic changes in India via their own methods. While xians are also bound by monogamy rules in Indian law, they realized that they could never outgrow the hindu population. So they started conversion. Hindu SCs,OBCs and non-hindu STs who converted have retained their original identity for reservation benefits, but most of them are xians. Meanwhile, the muslims used their personal laws of polygamy and talaq to actually beat the hindu rate of population growth.

    These demographic changes may well lead to a government which will accede to their demands.

    Meanwhile, our progressive hindu intellectuals have given up on their "casteist" religion and have taken shelter of communism to wipe out all religions from the map! Except that communism within democracy has always failed. The only way forward for liberal hindus is to work for social reform within hinduism.

    It also needs to be noted that the tolerance of India is a hallmark of hinduism. None of the abrahamic religions can tolerate the existence of the heathen. The hindus are busy minting money, collecting gold for their weddings, indulging in Ganesha one-upmanship during Chaturthi. Meanwhile, the demograhic war has already been lost.

  20. The Niyogi Committee report had identified this trend and exposed the damaging activities of the xian missionaries with respect to demographic changes way back in 1954. On Dec 2 1978, Om Prakash Tyagi from the Janata government, introduced Lok Sabha Bill # 178 of 1978, titled the All India Freedom of Religion Bill 1978. Check out the following sections from the bill:

    3. No person shall convert or attempt to convert, either directly or otherwise, any person from one religious faith to another by the use of force or by inducement or by deceit or by any fraudulent means nor shall any person abet any such conversion.

    4. Any person contravening the provision in Section 3 shall without prejudice to any civil liability, be punishable with imprisonement of either description which may extend to one year or with fine which may extend to three thousand rupees or both, provided that in case the offence is committed in respect of a minor, woman or a person belonging to SC/ST, the punishment shall be imprisonment to the extent of two years and a fine upto five thousand rupees.

    Mother Teresa objected to this bill in writing to the then PM Morarji Desai on March 25 1979. He responded on April 21 1979:

    "... If charity and philonthropy is not connected with any ulterior motive, they are beneficial. But charity and conversions cannot go together. Religion prospers only when charity and philonthropy are undertaken without any motive. The Bill you have mentioned does not affect adversely the propagation of religion. In fact, the Bill is an attempt to see that the poor and illiterate may enjoy religious freedom without fear. We have to be particularly vigilant about the Scheduled Tribes whose protection is not only guaranteed by the laws of the land but is also enshrined in the Constitution. It is our duty to preserve every aspect of their way of life along with their religion and ways or worship. No group belonging to any creed should interfere with their religion and rituals. Other organizations are also engaged in the philonthropic work which you claim. But the work can be helpful only when it is done without any ulterior motive. It is my opinion that you should revise your attitude to O.P.Tyagi's Bill in the light of what I have stated. ..."

    The Janata gov fell in 1979 and the bill was dropped thereafter.

    _Thanks to The Real Deal

  21. Proving coersion,inducement or deceit reminds me of proving a marital rape within the confines of a bedroom. And the evangelists dont seem to mind all these conditions for they know that it can never be proved.That is the reason they have no issues with the existing laws. But a ban on even voluntary conversion is what worries them.I guess like a marriage registration, the letter of willingness to convert must be displayed at the local village office for atleast a month before the actual conversion process is allowed.Members of the public must have the right to know about his fellow citizen.

  22. Do you think GandhiJi recommended Nehru for PM post instead of Patel because Gandhi and Patel both are Gujartis and normally among indians I see or observed somekind of dislike, ego problems and envy when they are from same group. Like BERADRI rivalry although by experience and age Patel is very senior.

  23. Do you think GandhiJi recommended Nehru for PM post instead of Patel because Gandhi and Patel both are Gujartis and normally among indians I see or observed somekind of dislike, ego problems and envy when they are from same group. Like BERADRI rivalry although by experience and age Patel is very senior.

  24. I was watching a show on NDTV on child labour, the topic is important one and its good that NDTV has now started paying attention to the problems in the country that ndtv's darling party,congress has created over the almost 65 year rule that it has had.

    Prannoy roy and his channel will not give up the habit of showing elite looking women as their employee to show to the elite viewers that NDTV is full of elite looking men and women. At the end of the candid camera act an old very snobbish looking woman with dangling ear rings revealed how much she cared for kids and that she was only acting mean.

    It seems dangling ear rings are really popular amongst pseudo-secular, pseudo-feminist, pseudo-philanthropic women, most english journalists, NGO members, women and child rights activists etc wear them.


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