Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Litter Mafia & Extraneous Noise

The '57 meeting was about how we were gonna divide this country. This meeting is how we're gonna survive”.

Alarmed at the gang wars, murders and general chaos one of the mafia bosses decided it was time for a meeting of all the mafia bosses. So Joe Barbara took the initiative and organised a meeting for them in the sleepy village of Apalachin in the state of New York. It was the first ever general meeting of the mafia. That was 57 years ago in 1957. The agenda was how to divide the country and settle territories for the bosses, the nature of businesses to be held by each and set up new rules of the game so that there was peace among the gangs. Hundreds of mafia bosses turned up and flooded the little village with their cars and crews. The meeting barely happened as the police noticed the unusual traffic of cars from across the country in the tiny village and triggered an alarm. They raided the meeting, some bosses escaped, some were arrested and indicted. That was the first time that law enforcement in the US acknowledged the existence of the American mafia. The events have been comically represented in this clip from “Analyze This”   

I’m not aware when India’s first LitterFest was held but the more organised ones appear to have started with the Jaipur Litterfest in 2006. I call it LitterFest rather than LitFest as the mafia likes to call it because more than reading or transacting on literary work this assembly has slowly become a political platform. One will remember Girish Karnad, the Sickular guy, lashing out at VS Naipaul at the Tata Litterfest in 2012. Reason? Supposedly because of Naipaul’s “rabid antipathy towards Indian Muslims” and, of course, Naipaul had attended a meeting of the BJP. Karnad trashed Naipaul for 40 minutes over political reasons at what was supposedly a literary meet and particularly one which was meant to honour Naipaul. In the Jaipur Litterfest of 2013 another mafia member, Ashis Nandy, grandly stated "It is a fact that most of the corrupt come from OBCs and Scheduled Castes and now increasingly the Scheduled Tribes". For this statement there is case against Nandy but the SC has stayed his arrest. Benefits of being in the mafia! There is also the usual nonsense of inviting Salman Rushdie here and there and the Muslims in India going crazy and rioting.

Political opinions are inevitable no matter what the nature of a meet. But our Litter Mafia meets have been more of making political statements rather than of literary accomplishment. The other thing is most of the country hasn’t ever heard of most members of this mafia. So the organisers usually spruce up their Litter with non-literary figures as well, to add to the charm. This little group is not very different from the G-37 group of panellists that hogs our TV every day to scream about this or that. Most of them are, naturally, anti-Hindu, anti-BJP and anti-everything that is traditional India. They will fiercely protect their mafia members no matter what. Their members are above the law, as Ashis Nandy shows you. This lot has a generous mix of scumbags and dregs of society. I would describe their meets as “Where the dogs of society howl”.

The latest meeting of this mafia is the Times LitterFest organised by Bachi Karkaria (of the TOI group) and some Namita Devidayal. Among its members who will be on parade are the following:

Aakar Ahmed Patel, known for his classic works on Modi, Narendra Modi, English-illiterate Modi, Prohibition-lover Modi, Anti-beef Modi, Narendra Damodardas Modi, Failed-CM Modi, Polariser-Modi and NaMo. There’s eminent writer Jay Panda of the BJD. Kumar Ketkar who almost won a Booker Prize for his literary work. There’s Mani Shankar Aiyar whose profound utterances are nearly spiritual for this mafia. Cyrus Broacha, much known for his book “Bakra and the beauty”. Kunal Vijaykar of the “Gluttony works” fame. Rajdeep Sardesai – need I say anything? Rahul Bose, multiple award winning actor and often a guest of the G-37. Renuka Shahane, the lady from “Hum aapke hai kaun”. Ronnie Screwvala, Salil Tripathi, Shekhar Gupta, S. Varadarajan. Hold your breath – there’s Shobha De too, who keeps India clean with her broom and Persian glove. William Dalrymple – famous for falsifying recent Indian history. David Davidhar – for his work “My experiences with sexual harassment”. There was one more name but it was dropped from the pageant after the stupid, un-literary public spoilt the plan with their “extraneous noise”: Tarun Tejpal!

Some members are genuine writers that people would like to hear and some non-writers (like Cyrus Broacha) are funny guys that entertain. But, increasingly, such meets are focused on “survival” after political upheavals of the recent past. The very relevance of some members is under a threat. So Bachi Karkaria (BK) had to resurrect Tarun Tejpal, the rape-accused. The schedule for Tejpal was listed for December 5 and 6 as under:

First is Tejpal’s role as a moderator and then as a speaker on “The tyranny of power”. Oh well, TT should know all about the “tyranny of power” wrapped around his fingers. Ever since he was caught in the rape case some members of our media mafia have spared no effort to save and resurrect TT. The loss of an important mafia boss is a severe blow to the whole conglomerate. For them the law is an ass and it’s enough if TT decides to undertake “penance that lacerates” him. Some like BK vocally and openly want TT resurrected, some are not so vocal. Why do they want to resurrect this scumbag? Here’s the answer in a tweet from Sucheta Dalal:

You see, there are many media-mafia houses that boast of the TT’s of the world. It is unfortunate for them that one of their members was caught or trapped and it is their job to extricate him and restore his honour. That’s the mafia code. The rules that apply to this mafia do not apply to others, that is, you are guilty regardless of any case or court as long as this mafia pronounces you guilty. They are entitled to their hypocrisy and you have no business to object and, if you do, you are nothing more than intrusive extraneous noise that hinders their lofty lives. Take a look at these from Rupa Subramanya (read from bottom up):

BK appears to have had a soft corner for TT all along. She has been defending him from the time the rape case broke. So her deep desire to resurrect Tejpal is quite understandable. She had gone as far as equating the so-called “Snoopgate” issue, which the media used to tar Modi with, to the Tejpal case. Predictably, willful moronginis like BK forget that there was no victim complaining in the Snoopgate issue. The Gujarat HC has also dismissed the inquiry into that episode on request of the parents of the woman who was allegedly snooped upon. In contrast the noose around Tejpal seems to be pretty tight so far. Bosses going to jail does worry the mafia.  After her stupidity, BK finally realised the outrage and other participants pulling out of the Litter mafia meet wasn’t helping her cause. And the “extraneous noises” seemed to have forced BK to drop TT and she made an announcement on Twitter. Later she also issued a statement:

Regretfully? So had there been no extraneous noise BK & Co. would have gone ahead and grandly hosted TT. Nice! How do you get into such a club? How do you get into this mafia? You can be the best writer on earth but you cannot find a publisher to publish your book unless you find the right connections. Either that or you have to be a celebrity yourself from another profession. It is rare that a publisher in India of any standing would touch your work unless you get a reference from a member of this large mafia. Remember, even a prominent journalist like Arun Shourie couldn’t get his initial books published. He had to self-publish. The other option is those Daryaganj type publishers who will publish, give you no payment except a negligible royalty and force you to buy a certain number of copies of your own book at a decent discount. In short, if they agree to print 1000, you would be expected to buy 500 copies of your own book. I am not joking. It is the same route that gets people like Aakar Patel into the G-37 panellists club.

Over the last decade or more this mafia has thrived on a corrupt establishment that supported their prosperity. To be a member of this honourable mafia, you have to be anti-Hindu, bitch about Modi or RSS or BJP or any Hindu outfit at least once a month. You have to trash anything remotely connected with Hindu culture. That’s how Naxal-sympathisers like Kavitha Krishnan become TV experts. Just look around you, they are all over the place. And while TT may be out, David Davidhar is still there, along with other worthless pieces of junk like Mani Shankar. Davidhar is no less a criminal having been sacked from Penguin for a sexual harassment episode. And he has been accused of that more than once. Simple thing is, what TT is accused to have done happens routinely in our media houses. It is considered normal life by them. While the incident concerning Tejpal may alarm ordinary folks and cause an outrage, this is nothing new or serious for this mafia.

It was a happy mafia. Imagine, BK whining about extraneous noise. These are the scumbags and scumbaginis of society who are on TV, who write in newspapers and magazines, who write on social media too, who are at every media or celebrity event. These are the same people who pollute public discourse with their noise every single day on some forum or the other and yet BK complains about noise when it comes to ordinary people on SM? This is the hypocrisy and irony that never kisses them. They had a great run for many years and now this intruder called social media with ordinary people threatens their freedom to perversion. The political upheaval across India threatens their very survival. Check the last lines in the video again.

“The '57 meeting was about how we were gonna divide this country. This meeting is how we're gonna survive…. Bosses are going to jail


  1. All the things rotten with Indian Media is brougt out in vintage MC style with a simple but powerful message i.e. even a crime like rape and sexual harrassment that shocks ordinary folks like us is par the course for Indian mafia, sorry media. Looking at TT like incidents, It would be a pity if honest and decent people might stop looking at media as a career option. On the other hand, they might be motivated to become fearless and honest bloggers like MC, which is all to the good. God Bless and more power to you!

  2. Loved reading, thanks for sensetizing people about pseudo-secular congress bhakts like Rajdeep sardesai, Shekhar gupta, kumar ketkar, barkha dutt,prannoy roy etcand that snob and gutter quality politician mani shankar aiyer. Also that gutter quality playright girish karnad.

  3. When will Bjp's pratap singh rudy, and sushma swaraj understand that Barkha dutt and everyone at NDTV love to spread hatred about bjp and hindutva.

  4. RaviNar, needless to say nice article as always. Guess you had missed out Swapan's withdrawal from the litterfest citing TT issue, would've been good to mention that gesture.

  5. The question that keeps dogging me is why " Peaceful hindus have so many enemies around the world and within Hindustan.? " Is it because we are peace loving ,tolerant, do not ask for our rights, or have no self respect or are too stupid to see the danger to our Sanatan Dharma.? Someone please explain and put me out of my misery.

    1. This is an important question to answer in order to move forward. I think there are several interacting reasons and not necessarily simple ones. The main ones you already alluded to. Here are some thoughts.

      (1) The world is dominated by people who subscribe to "might is right". Some of those people preach tolerance and plurality but in a far more superficial way than Indians have traditionally. Some of them don't bother to even do that. As a consequence, the genuinely peaceful and pural nature of Hindus is viewed with contempt rather than respect, as a sign of weakness for those who consider strength and power the only characteristics worth respecting. Much like a schoolyard bully might harbour irrational hatred for the calm, clever boy in the class.

      (2) Indian society has degraded significantly because of civilisational stagnation but even more so because of foreign domination by the people described in (1). The latter is the result of a lack of ruthlessness by our ancestors in stamping out threats properly. Our people have lost character, nobility and morality, and the Kshatriya spirit has been dampened. The bitter irony is that all this degradation is used as a stick to beat "Hinduism" with. Throw mud at someone, and then insult them for being dirty.

      (3) Because of the essentially brutal, pragmatic (rather than idealistic) nature of the world today, we are an easy target. Consequently, cowards and hypocrites everywhere, many of whom are deracinated Indians, choose to target Hindus whilst conveniently overlooking (or at best paying lip service to) the brutalities of Western and Islamic societies. Like the schoolyard bully's sidekick, who bolsters his own self-esteem by attack the seemingly weak targets his boss selects.

      Make no mistake, this is an ongoing war, both hot and cold in turn, which has persisted for centuries. Most people don't even realise it's a war. Fortunately, social media including blogs like this one are helping the cause of awareness amongst ordinary people who understand how critical it is not just for India but the world that our civilisational values are preserved. If we need to rediscover the Kshatriya spirit and do what is required given the circumstances, then so be it.

      The thing is, we are not as weak as people think. There's a reason why Indic civilisation is the only ancient civilisation that not only survived, but in many ways still thrives. This is a war we will inevitably win.

    2. Hindus are not peaceful or tolerant. Hindus are cowards, who would rather live in a make believe world of their own making rather than face the reality and take action to secure their future. If Hindus want to survive they should give up vegetarianism and push non-vegetarian diet. India was a great civilization stretching from Afghanistan to Indonesia some time in the past when even Brahmins used to eat beef. But the introduction of vegetarianism sapped Hinduism of its vitality.

    3. I don't know if you are just misinformed or are a commie deliberately being mischievous, since vegetarianism is one of the things regularly used to target Hindus by our enemies, but meat eating of any kind is not compulsory for strength and bravery. There are plenty of us who would be happy to demonstrate that. So please cut the bullshit.

      By the way, to say Hindus are "cowards" makes no sense whatsoever. Is there any part of our philosophy that says we should allow miscreants to walk all over us? And how does that differ from what the usual suspects like Muslims or Christians or commies think to support their behaviour over the decades and centuries? These three cults form the main backbone of the hate axis that has poisoned our world.

      Whether you like it or not, the difference is quite simple. The above cults emphasise suspicion and hate of "the other". Whether that be kafirs, pagans, or bourgeoisie. Hate and conflict becomes integral to their psyche. That kind of mentality is NOT intrinsic to Indic thought. So Hindus tend to be more accommodating and less confrontational. There are no ideological compulsions to deprive people of their world view and force our own onto them. It has nothing to do with eating meat or any such other nonsense.

      The problem is we have taken it too far. With merciless enemies, one has to be prepared to be forceful to secure one's future. And that is where our mentality has to change.

    4. First off, I meant cowards in a different sense. I meant cowards in an intellectual sense, as I said Hindus prefer to live in a world of their own making, not the world that is out there. Why? Because it is very convenient. Taking action to change things to secure one's culture takes efforts, guts and even sacrifice. Who wants that?
      There seems to be a definite link between vegetarianism and cultural vitality. All dominant cultures today are non-vegetarian, the only culture that is NOT, is facing an existential threat both externally and internally.

  6. Is he flourishing without government's help-
    http://www.livemint.com/Consumer/p7SHNiGZPCCCCQfrIDozAK/Shekhar-Guptas-Mediascape-to-launch-TV-digital-print-prod.html ?

    How these pro-Congress media houses like NDTV, ABP, Hindustan Times, TOI etc. are getting government ads & event sponsorships? How come ministers go to their events and give speeches every now and then?


  7. Dear Ravinar,

    Nice & Tight Slap to the High Society pimps & their Incestuous club. The Journalists, the so-called writers & historians have been bed-fellows who have very brazenly dictated the norms of right & wrong & morality for too long. They are now finding it difficult to survive in changed India where their monopoly is dying a gruesome death.

  8. What i do not understand is why NDTV reporters and anchors do not ask there boss (sonia bhakt Prannoy dictator Roy) as to why they have to hide or downplay problems in congress governed states and find faults and play up problems in bjp governed states.

    It seems Dr roy and Mrs roy are dictatorial and that is why we do not see too many harsh reports on NDTV on the wrong doings in congress governed states. Shame on NDTV for being completely biased congress slaves. I am sure the roys do not let any reporter do a hard hitting show on congress's glaring corruption and apathy for development and they keep forcing their reporters to find faults in bjp governed states and it seems those who succeed in finding something wrong with bjp become blue eyed boys or girls as it were of the Roys.

  9. Very good articulation of LitterFest which was supposed to be a LitFest that educates the masses and engages them in meaningful dialogue. Top of this I liked "scumbagini" coinage. You are a wordsmith :)

    Interested readers can go through "Media -Is It Secular ? Or Hurting Hindu Sentiments In the Name of Secularism." A well researched book by Sri Govind Jamkar.


  10. Litterfest is the right description.Rather than celebrating the creativity of our genuine authors and poets, these guys have created one more platform for Hindu bashing.We don't know if they invite noted poets and authours from regional languages.Even today, in spite of onslaught of English language, great literary works [ especially poetry]are being created in our regional languages.These scumbags will not even know the names of so many young poets.

  11. It is a failure of hindus to counter the spreading of the sickulars nor allowing to let loose Subramanian swamy or framing broadcasting rules, where some intelligent rules are set to ensure the endless debates on TV are kept to a minimum, news is balanced and no endless repeating of same event for 24 hrs.....

    1. The way gauhar khan has been slapped by somebody for her scanty clothes, If someone from shiv sena or bjp or rss or anyother hindu organisation had done it, NDTV by now would have shown that report again and again, NDTV's anchors and reporters would have gone to all the bjp governed states and would have alluded how narrow-minded people were in those states because of narrow-minded goverment. Barkha dutt, srenivasan jain,vikram chandra and ravish kumar would have done several talk shows subtely defending scantily clad women because Dr prannoy roy is really anglacized like his inspiration nehru.

    2. you hit the bulll's eye...I was stunned to note not a single channel held a debate on this..If it was anything thing to do with any hindu outfit, even very remotely, the MSM would have had their hands full for weeks..But then what more can except from these crooks? Otherwise hold debates for weeks on the Tehelka alleged culprit on own TV channels and then without any shame invite him for panel discussion in Litfest(shitfest)..worse than any politician these channels go on condemning in discussion after discussion.

  12. BK is a product of her generation when women were conditioned to "respect" men and find fault with women. Hence I was not surprised by her remarks. Although I know she will be unfairly targeted I would like to point out that two of her editorials, surprised me a great deal because of the anti-women sentiments they had.
    One was about indecent exposure by a senior citizen, whom she hotly defended, when anyone knows that old men can be as perverted as any other
    The second was about legalizing prostitution. Although I am not too concerned about the morality issue with prostitution, I am greatly affected by the humanitarian issues involved. How can anyone encourage and legitimize prostitution when its enforces the thought that women are just for the service of men. Moreover its inhuman to think that women should be required to perform the act whether they feel like it or not nothwithstanding the money involved. Its so derogatory.

  13. What I like about this article is that it gives a list of people whom we must avoid reading or listening to. Please add few more names Prano Roy, Arundathi Roy, Burka Dutt, karan Tappar, N. Ram , T.M. Krishna who is getting groomed and a few more


  14. Festival of the Politically Correct Sissies: Part 2
    by Sandeep • January 26, 2012 •

    Pick a name. Pick any name from the loathsome galaxy of the Politically Correct Sissies that I listed in the Part 1. Let’s start with the head honcho, the White Mughal himself. Hartosh Singh Bal’s searing piece elicited the predictable…

    Festival of the Politically Correct Sissies: Part 1
    by Sandeep • January 25, 2012 •

    There’s nothing literary about the Jaipur Literary Festival. It’s as political as political is. The list of who’s who that make up its firmament year after year reads like the Forbes List of Liberal Fundamentalists. Perhaps Dalrymple’s List of Liberal…


  15. By stalling the parliament proceedings for 2 days now congress is trying take people's attention away from real issues of infrastructure, education, health and economy so that people do not question congress about lack of development when congress has been in power for about 60 years. unfoertunately some section of media it seems is bought by congress especially NDTV.

    congress wants people to be entangled in these issues so that people do not talk about congress's apathy for any sort of welfare of people during its tenure. Just because of this one sadhvi, congress is trying malign whole hindu community and hindutva in the name of secularism. It is actually congress that divides and rules, it is the congress that incite people in the name of communal-ism and secularism so that people do not talk about real issues of infrastructure development and economy

  16. Whether there are u-turns or no u-turn still this bjp goverment seems a lot better than the previous goverment. Even if congress feels bjp is evil it is lesser of 2 evils and so it makes sense to choose bjp than the more corrupt and apathetic congress and the proxy of congress called AAP.

    somebody should tell the congress that people do not want 15 lakh rs in their account, all that people want is good roads, good schools, good hospital and good economy which the congress did nothing about. Congress and its friendly media like NDTV wants to make mountain out of a mole hill because they do not have anything else to attack bjp about.

  17. You left out Aakar Patel's magnum opus on Sonia Gandhi available in the URL below


  18. Still no reports or debates on the pseudo-secular media like NDTV, Indian express and Hindustan times about the gauhar khan slapping incident. Come on NDTV and other Pseudo-secular channels, why don't u demonize this muslim guy the way u demonize RSS ,VHP and other hindutva organisations. Come on NDTV at least give this issue a misogynyst or sexist angle now that u can not give it a communal angle since a muslim boy has done it.

    Now that it seems that the rohtak girls were lying about the reason for which they beat those boys what will pseudo-feminist media especially NDTV do. I keep saying that english journalists especially NDTV and Hindustan times support gay rights,women rights and secularism because it is cool and trendy to support these issues and not because these are important to them. In my opinion some section of media especially english media especially NDTV is pseudo-secualar and pseudo-feminist. Most of media wants to side with women and demonize men all the time to appear more cool and open-minded. this trend of pseudo-secularism and pseudo-feminism is really dangerous for real secularism and real-feminism and so all those who are secular and feminist in actuality must speak up against these type of channels and newspapers like NDTV and hindustan times. Let us ask these channels and newspapers to not pass the verdict in favour of the woman whenever a man or men are alleged to have done something wrong.

  19. Shame on congress and the part of media that is overplaying this sadhvi issue. congress is not letting members of parliaments from distant villages and towns air there problems so that a fruitful discussion takes place in parliament. By doing this congress is wasting precious time and money of the people of the country and shame on this apathetic attitude by congress.

    congress did not do anything for development of country while it was in power and now they are trying to create problems for government on this issue since they have no other issue to attack the government.

  20. I wonder when bjp does a big mistake which any party is bound to do in a five year tenure, how much this congress slave media (which has always been soft on congress although congress has done some major blunders during its 60 odd year tenure) will lambaste bjp and modi. List of congress slave journalists are Barkha dutt, Rajdeep sardesai, Ravish kumar, Om thanvi, Urmilesh, Abhay kumar dubey, Shekhar gupta, Siddharth vardhraja and kumar ketkar.

  21. This comment is regarding the previous Sanskrit article. The place is Mattur, near Shivamogga, Karnataka. Everyone here speaks Sanskrit instead of kannada - immaterial of caste and position. In fact, people from this village had organized sanskrit workshops in so many places in Karnataka, way back in 1980. I had seen astonishingly, within 3-4 days, the children who participated in the workshop speaking sanskrit very fluently. Readers, instead of going for holidays on foreign trips, trekking, etc. why not visit this place and learn the language like a pro in 10 days ? or may be a week. Please read this link also http://undiscoveredindiantreasures.blogspot.in/2012/05/mattur-village-where-people-converse-in.html

    1. Everytime i tune into ndtv i see them complaining about something wrong in a bjp governed state, by watching ndtv it seems like everything is perfect in congress governed states. Let us count from today how many reports ndtv does about the atrocities and injustice in congress governed states and let us compare that number with the number of reports ndtv does against bjp govrned states. In the past NDTV has done extremely few reports against congress governed states and a lot of reports against bjp governed states although congress was in power in a lot of states

      This trend of complete bias in favour of congress party by ndtv and some other media houses is deplorable and dangerous for the country and democracy.

  22. So the gauhar khan issue has very cleverly been brushed aside by the media. Why is the media so quite on gauhar khan slapping issue. The way reporters put mike in front of politicians and force them to answer, why can't a mike be put in front of Prannoy roy, barkha dutt, etc and ask them why is the media silent on
    these issues.

    Had a bjp, vhp or rss worker slapped any girl for her skin hugging clothes, the most amount of hue and cry would have been made by the elite and snobbish english media especially NDTV. English media is the champion of Fake-secularism and fake-feminism.

  23. Dear Ravinar

    An excellent article, right on the spot.
    The media crooks have really spoiled our print and electronics media. Front page of news papers are full with articles as if the news is from Pakistan or from the hell ! These crooks even don't spare the front pages. Such dirty articles, what effect these will have on our children, it is none of their business.
    I wonder, if a foreigner reads Indian newspaper, what opinion he will make out of it!

    It is time, Government of India starts regulating such dirty media in the interest of the nation!


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