Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Conversions - At Their Wits End

Let’s talk about tolerance. It’s a one-way street in India. The Hindus are expected to tolerate the nonsense from the speakers and acts of members of certain imported religions. While those guys, it appears, will be intolerant to everything about their own religion while feeling at liberty to lampoon Hindus and Hinduism. There is no heaven and hell. To conceive God as a traffic cop who is everyday standing at a junction in the sky sending people to heaven or hell is the dumbest idea ever heaped on mankind. And yes, the Christian God is a “Jealous God” while in Islam Allah automatically sends you to hell if you’re not a Muslim. So make the best of it while you’re still here on earth.

"The feeling begins. Very tender, very loving. Then the pain starts. Claws slip underneath the skin and tear their way up. Just before they reach my eyes, they dig in. And I remember. First I fasted for three months. I even whipped myself before I went to sleep. At first it worked. Then the pain came back. And the voices. They call me by the name: Jesus”.

That’s the opening narrative from “The last temptation of Christ”. Long before “The Da Vinci Code” caused rage among Christians across the world, “The last temptation”, a book and a movie, caused a similar outrage. It portrayed Jesus as a man of doubts, lust and so on. Of course, our media morons and Christian “Conversion factory” operators will tell you how tolerance is the hallmark of Christian Western nations. When “The last temptation” was released in 1955 by its Greek author Nikos Kazantzakis, the book was banned by the Catholic Church. The Greek Orthodox Church excommunicated Kazantzakis. Let’s not even get into “Satanic verses”. But yes, you should tolerate this from a Bollywood movie which shows Lord Shiva in a toilet and then being chased:

That doesn’t bother me too much. Poking fun at God is alright; He doesn’t get offended like some stupid humans. In Hindu folklore Shiva’s children too have poked gentle fun at him. What should concern us is that Christians would be outraging and Islamic warriors would have drawn swords and killed people if it were their religious figure instead of Shiva. I recall a movie called “Vishwaroopam” by Kamal Haasan had to go through 786 cuts and re-released with grovelling and apologies because Indian Muslims had problems with it. Then there is, of course, that American movie “Innocence of Muslims” on the life of Muhammad which caused world-violence and deaths.  The Christian agitators wanted “The Da Vinci code” to carry a special note stating it is not a true story when such movies already declare they are “fictional”. Tolerance! They teach us that; don’t they? It is fun how multiple issues collide all at once.

So, in Agra some Hindu group “Reconverted” some Muslims to Hinduism and the entire media and the political Sickos have been raging for most of December. The Opposition, particularly in Rajya Sabha, have stalled the proceedings completely. A total blockade of parliament! Mind you, nobody among the media criminals is calculating loss of money as they normally do in such blockades. Never mind! And the problem for the Sickos is interesting. The “Butcher of Bengal” Derek O’Brien has been the most vociferous. I guess this idiot thinks stalling the parliament will wash away Saradha scam and terrorism in Bengal. He is followed by another Commie, anti-national goon called Sitaram Yechury. Since when are Commies even supposed to be bothered about religion? Then there is Goonda Raj chief who proclaims “With such conversions BJP is set to incite communal riots across the country”. Time for that bimbo from NDTV to tout his nonsense too:

A conversion drive can be based on “genuine grievance”? What kind of moron even asks that question? So all those Christians with their Bibles or the Mughals with their swords had a “grievance”? And MD Pai asks him the right question. For hundreds of years and even in the last decade, these same pigs have ignored all the massive operations of the Christian conversion factory and they have a problem with some Muslims reconverting to Hinduism? Fact is, in Agra or in any other place, a forced or induced conversion is a legal offence and the State govt can act upon that. So why are these media morons blabbering and the Sickos outraging and blockading the parliament? It’s simply because their pants and skirts have stripped and they have no real issues to talk about. At the same time another pastor from the factory is bragging about harvesting souls:

There is something about a country and its culture. Indian culture has and will always be associated with Hindu culture. India will not be known for Islamic culture or Christian culture as Saudi Arabia or Italy is known. If you don’t like our ancient culture, our history, our idol-worshipping people or the way we revere cows you are welcome to stick to your country and preach about your jealous God. And since God’s agents like Pastor Keith consider it a “Win” I see nothing wrong if others play the game too. So why is the media not outraging at this illegal mafia of “Christian missionaries” whose only plan on earth is to harvest souls? After all, the Agra reconversions weren’t some covert operation like these foreign missionaries carry out. That reminds me, these marketing agents of Christianity do have a clear plan on how our media must play an important role in their inglorious mission. This is as recent as April 2014:

Well Archbishop, you have nothing to worry. Hindu-haters in the media at NDTV, Headlines Today, Times Group, The Hindu group… all of them are working for your Lord. Someone from your end gives them their daily bread… and crumbs too. As the stupid Pastor Keith says it’s a “win” and it’s a game that can only be played by them. If others “reconvert” then Christians and Muslims get a “Penalty kick” to score some more! Tolerance! So what happens when something like this is stated at some major forum?

"Belgian Indologist Dr Koenraad Elst’s anti-Islam remarks created a flutter at a Goa conclave Saturday, prompting at least one foreign delegate to walk out while another lodged a complaint with organiser India…. Addressing the session on ‘Religion — Tolerance and Terror’ at the India Ideas Conclave 2014, Elst said: “On the whole, you should make it uncool to be Muslims. That will help them. You do not forcefully need to convert them. Through this, they will themselves outgrow Islam.”…. Referring to the row over the ‘ghar wapsi’ campaign, Elst said: “The Vishwa Hindu Parishad is coming under criticism for the one thing that they are doing very well which is ghar wapsi. We need to liberate Muslims from Islam. Every Muslim is an abductee and must be brought back.”

Some people walked out. Some people complained to the organisers of that conclave. But our media and Sickos are fine with a bunch of Padres planning “Mission 2025” to turn India into “Cross” country with a plan on how to get the already servantile media to push their agenda. It’s not just that, they’ve also shown what they think of our media to be – purchaseable pimps! And what looks like a bunch of Christian Congress members in Bangalore are seeing demons suddenly:

I cannot help laugh at these jokers. But if that isn’t enough, our political Sickos got together in the afternoon of December 22 at Jantar Mantar in Delhi. Goonda Raj chief Mulayam reiterated BJP is inciting communal riots across the country. And the guy who uses Osama look-alike for his campaigns lectured on black money. Yes that would be convicted criminal Lalu Prasad Yadav – the darling of our media. Don’t complain, such comedy is free, especially with Lalu sermonising on corruption. Well, it’s like you’ve just been gifted a supposed or hopeful book by Sunny Leone titled “Why you shouldn’t watch porn”. Most in this pic are guys who are tainted with corruption, dynastic crap and absolute bad governance.

There is only one solution to this issue of religion. The Sickos and our media crooks must learn to accept that conversions work both ways and Christians and Muslims cannot claim a monopoly or partnership in it. Either that or ban all conversions. The conversion ban in Gujarat has worked well to keep the conversion factories from scams and frauds. India is a country of religious and spiritual people. A clash of religions has always been there and will remain as long as this evil of conversions continues. There is no reason why a national ban on “organised conversions” shouldn’t be banned across the country. The only ones who will reject this idea are the Sickos you just saw in the pic, the Congi-Commie partners and the Hindu-hating MSM. The conversion factories from the West will also complain.

But is it merely the problem of conversions? I don’t think so. It’s not a reason good enough to block parliament for weeks. More so because fraudulent conversions or reconversions can be dealt with by State police under existing laws. The reason for all this nonsense is to thwart the possible losses in elections. Remember, after bye-polls in UP and Bihar our media and Sickos went into a massive orgasm of how the BJP and Modi have lost the plot and tempo. Then came two major jolts in Maharashtra and Haryana. The BJP might win Jharkhand and may make major gains in J&K. The Sickos are simply at a loss on how to combat the party and Modi. In addition, some Congis and TMC goons are in serious scam-trouble. They are at their wits end. Today, as the results for Jharkhand and J&K are about to come in, there may be more bad news. And that is the real problem.  


  1. Why can't the BJP spokies ask the likes of Bharkas, Nidhis, Srinivasans, Rajdeeps, Arnabs how many programs have they done on conversion from Hinduism? What is stopping them to corner the media morons? I'm absolutely baffled with this.

    Opposition political parties are almost dead snakes, the more venomous snakes are these media morons. Modi and Amit Shah SHOULD COME UP WITH A PLAN TO CURB THESE MEDIA MORONS, OTHERWISE THEY WILL END UP AS VAJPAYEE.

    Read an article in NitiCentral stating that BJP should have a Fox news kind of channel in India. Absolutely correct. What is stopping them from starting a news channel, why on earth should they suck up to NDTV morons???????

    1. We don't need a channel like FOX News, we only need a channel that exposes lies of the sickulars. We need anchors like Ravinar who can present point papers after point paper exposing lies and their dyer predictions of sky will fall which not only failed to materialize but exactly opposite happened. This is what MSNBC anchors do to FOX news anchors.

  2. Ravinar, slight mistake, god in christianity and islam doesnt send people to hell and heaven everyday, but will do it on judgement day, when people will rise from their sleep in graveyard...

    Many people believe christian God is better than islamic God..
    They need to read this as timepass..


  3. Great post as usual but the sting is not as sharp as your previous posts. Never forgive,never forget. Even if Sri Modi turns out to be a dud, the battle has to be joined and fought to win. Keep the attack going as that's the only message that these media pimps get.

  4. Hinduism is a fun religion unlike grim religions Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Judaism. Hindus gods command people to have fun 24x7365 and 24x7x366. Hindu festivals starting from Sankrant, Holi, right upto Diwali are fun festivals where people let down their hair and dance, burst crackers and eat sweets and enjoy. Festivals of revealed religions are most grim affairs, in which the faithful are exhorted to fight for what some dead man said centuries ago. People need to be saved from grim religions and encouraged to rehabilitate themselves in the hindu fun order.

    1. is jesus or mohammad are sleeping on daily shifts with their divottess buddy..hope you guys are enjoying then..

  5. Spot on!
    I am so sick of these Christian missionaries blaming Hinduism for people converting to Christianity.
    When I was in primary school, I knew some people even in a small village near Pune, who used to work for missionaries. There is a pilgrimage called "wari" that happens from Alandi to Pandharpur...where devotees dance and sing their way from Alandi to the Vithoba temple in Pandharpur. If ever one wants to experience pure joy, that is the place to go. If one ever has any doubts that Hinduism is a religion that celebrates life and joy, that is the place to go and see it. The missionaries would go to that place and start preaching their bullshit and try to harvest souls.

    I cannot think of anything more shameful to do!

    As for Christianity, not only are they intolerant of criticism, but also of science! They still have people who believe that god created the world in a week and other such bullshit...this is taught to people in bible schools...and there are still debates about this! It took them until the 1990s to forgive Galileo.

    We should make it uncool not only to be muslim but also to be christian. Their jealous, self-centred teenaged god needs to be shamed.

    Rather than call out for boycott of PK, I wish some self-respecting Bollywood directors would make movies exposing the hollowness of these two predatory faiths.

    1. Spot on. There are number of schools in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and the North East where there are sunday classes conducted in the name of the Lord and ethics taught to children(means Bible) which they have to memorize. Stories from Bible are used literally to brain wash them. This is happening for ages. Why dont the news channels do a programme on those conversions. There are many who are converted like this. In the North East the fathers of the church, pasotrs, evangelical organizations run conversions like a racket where the tribals are forced to convert into christianity even for availing Governmental beneifts. Who are the sect PENTECOST Christians. They are none but converted christians whose primary job is to preach Christianity and get people converted. In short this is like an MLM. These PENTECOST christians are in good number in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Next coming to PK, its time these movie makers are shown their place. They dont have the guts to do something on either Christianity and Islam! Cowards!

    2. Apparently in Warangal region there was a "church tax" paid to secure govt contracts and this was used to harvest further

  6. I have expressed this opinion before on MC.The sangh parivar cadres must volunteer to be converted by Evangelist by quoting a high price tag. Then enjoy all the monetory benefits preferably work as trojan horses by secretly reporting all forced conversion plans and then finally make a Gharwapsi. This way a lot of free funding can be utilised for the upliftment of the Hindu community and also cause a hole in the pocket of the evangelists.If not anything , this makes the missionaries skeptical in thier choice of future conversion seekers.

  7. "My brothers and sisters of America, there is not the least shadow of hope that India can ever be Christianised. After two hundred years of vain efforts and of spending millions of dollars with the prestige of the conqueror and backed by British bayonets, Christianity is not supported by the converts themselves. Every bit of Protestant Christianity in India is maintained partly by the money flowing from England and America, and partly by taxes imposed upon the Hindus against their will, which must be paid although the people starve.

    The people of India as a whole are saturated with religious and philosophical thought. They think and ponder on spiritual matters from childhood to death. Even the street-sweeper is frequently more profoundly versed in subtle metaphysics and divine wisdom than the missionary sent to convert him."

    — Virchand Gandhi (The Monist (Volume 5))

  8. https://www.facebook.com/RichardDawkinsFoundation?fref=ts ,Read more of about religiousness!


  9. Dear Ravinar,

    The funniest crap I got to read in regards to this silly conversion row is from a Marathi evening daily "Sandhya Kal". Their front page news on 22nd Dec stated that Modi is likely to resign due to humiliation out of conversion row ! lol

  10. I have recently visited a archeological site/Hindu pilgrimage centre called Ikkeri( in Karnataka). A beautiful and secluded place,with intricate,symmetric sculpture and art.And was humbled to find a group of Muslim ladies praying there,peacefully.
    It was only after reading - displayed on the ubiquitous ASI boards-that it was the same place destroyed by the hands of Mughals in 14th century, I saw a smile in the faces of the people vis-à-vis the temple!!
    If this is what people call as Secularism, then there is nothing wrong in calling it as DHARMA.Period.We do not need any pseudo-intellectual to preach about secularism to Indians; because, always, Indians are far more mature and wiser than those pseudo-intellectuals-we do have a long,long,long list of them!
    As usual, a great article by media-crooks, need to spread this to the fellow citizens of this Great Nation.
    {An enchanting message, not to be taken 'controversially'; only the inner meaning needs to be understood in my dialogue.}
    Thank You.

  11. An apt piece. Posting comment after watching Ravi Shakar Prasad showing Rajdeep his place. Rajdeep begging for a smile from Ravi. Its time for BJP to start a news channel of its own and air complementary factual programmes to show all these MSMS and the Leftist Liberals(SG calls them and himself so, but one does not understand that if you are a liberal then u cant be a leftist, if you are a leftist then u cannot be a liberal but still SG calls LEFTIST LIBERALS - which is enough proof of the confusion they are in) their due place. Enough of tolerance and now its time for Modi, Shah and BJP to get aggressive.

  12. There is another thing which is astonishing and not pointed out is that India should perhaps be the only country in the world where there are parties like Communist Party of India, Communist Party of India(Marxist). Being communist party these leaders should be the first of its kind to fight election in a democratic country. Its funny to note that these idiots give lecture on Democracy- an ideology which a communist never believes in. And on top of it Most of its leaders cannot win a Councillor election on their own and just be in the limelight because of the ever patronising media.

  13. 786 cuts , haha. That too on a film made by someone wt hassan in the end, if it was by some Hindu , I m sure he wd have been banned from making films for 786 months at least.

  14. Jealous God servants are in action your blog is block by chrome and IE

    1. Anx

      You are either misinformed or assume wrongly. Chrome & IE are merely browsers. Browsers don't block any site. Either your ISP or Company network may have blocked.

  15. Conversation btwn friends:
    Sham: PK is a mast movie yaar. Must watch.
    Ram: What is it about? I heard it makes fun of religions.
    Sham: It is actually full of comedy but yeah it show how religions are fraud and how religious heads cheat people, take them for granted.
    Ram: Good. We must expose religious fallacies and promote science.
    Sham: Such great acting dude. I want to watch again.
    Ram: Nice. Which religions did they expose in the movie? Did they show how Quran is being misinterpreted by millions around the world to justify terrorism in the name of Jihad?
    Sham: No
    Ram: Ok. Did they show how Christian missionaries are converting millions of Indians forcefully or through freebies and take them for granted?
    Sham: No. Only small mildest shots of wrong numbers of other religions.
    Ram: Means, the movie "exposed" only Hinduism, mocked at Idol Worshipers and portrayed like as if all Hindus are fools?
    Sham: hmmm. Not really, but yeah. Now that I think of it, I wonder why the entire movie was just against Hinduism and no other religion. Mocary of Hindu god who meets in toilet used as joker in film.
    It also shows how Hindu girl falls in love with Pakistani muslim. & also proves how her parents opposition was wrong. So encorages love jihad?! There are thousands of Hindu girls suffering but movie glorifies the act which such misled girls relate with heroine & jump in traps.
    Ram: So, what do you think the movie is really? Can you take a deep breath, think and tell in 1 line?
    Sham: It is a hilarious total Anti-Hindu movie with great acting.
    Ram: Thanks for your review. Only we hindus can tolerate & appreciate such movies.

    1. Conversions...STUPID

      I have no issue with PK nd Amir Khanas a person.
      I hav lot of issues with the subject of the film.
      In our secular nation only Hindu Gods can be b in TOILETS.
      Just try nd show either Islam or christian religious symbols(not Jesus or Prophet) in Toilet ns see the reaction please!!!

    2. That is why I do not watch any F*****n Khan or Hirani movies.

  16. "There is no reason why a national ban on “organised conversions” shouldn’t be banned across the country."

    Ravinar, I may be wrong but the above sentence is not sounding correct. Perhaps you meant "There is no reason why a national ban on “organised conversions” shouldn’t be imposed across the country."

  17. hi ravinar

    few words on dear muslims :

    do muslims need any reason to abuse threaten & attack non-muslims..don’t they enslave rape & kill anyway – when yogis sadhvis & sakshis hadn’t spoken a word against anyone….were they at peace with them….when ayodhya mumbai & 2002 hadn’t happened…. were they happy with hindus all over….when Modi BJP RSS were not there..were they In love with hinduism.

    when there were no muslims In Hindustan – no so called oppression suppression & discrimination of muslims taking place and hence no divisiveness polarisation & communalisation was there….were they friendly with our nation.

    Isn't religion of peace...Islam is based on the extreme hate for other religions....to destroy other religions....and....to convert or abduct enslave rape kill behead the followers of other religions.

    Is there any soft moderate liberal Islam....or only....the Islam as It is....full & final....no changes whatsoever be it full stop comma or a semi colon.....so till that is there...can we ever have a peace with religion of peace....can we remain in one piece with religion of peace..or..will we have pieces of bodies everywhere.....till there is religion of peace....hope we never ever RIP with ROP....as Kabristan Is the most peaceful place In religion of peace.


    1. Mahatmaji Gandhi had pronounced that Muslims are bullies & Hindus cowards. The present crop of seculars are from that school of thought.So they request the majority community not to provoke a muzzie even if they are in the wrong.As for them ,no riot impacts their lives in cozy chambers of their posh localities.Gandhi was mercilessly beaten up by a pathan Mir Alam Khan while in S.Africa in 1908.He nearly lost his life. That was what made him an appeaser overnight never to be at the wrong end of a muzzie. He was advising Hindus from his own personal experience.
      With every child hardened in their childhood ,by seeing animals slaughtered in their own homes I do agree that they grow up to be more than just bullies. These animals are fed and raised in their homes months before the slaughter and they happen to be playmates of the children by then. How much more of savagery do we need to make a human child a demon.?

  18. One consolation the world has against Christianity is, the fundamentalist Christians believe, Jesus will come back to earth ONLY when every last Jew is converted to Christianity and Jews are toughest to convert. And consolation the world has against Islam is, more Muslims are killed by Muslims every day than by any other religion persons. So don't get converted to Christianity because Jesus is never going to come back to earth and don't get converted to Islam because you will have a greater chance to die at the hands of other Muslims.

  19. There must be numerous persons who got converted because they were promised better lives, but they got disappointed badly. I am sure these people must be longing to show middle finger to those who converted them in the first place. Now VHP and other Hindu organization are offering them that chance. May be this is what must be bothering missionaries because they must know there must be many such persons.

  20. Whats the use of Hinduism in a corrupt country?

    Main essence of Hinduism is Nayam and Dharmam (Fair and Just).
    Are we a fair and just society - In UPA, we had PC Chidambaram running the economy of our country. Now in BJP, we have Arun Jaitley. Both are just chamchas of big business groups.
    Can we expect fair and justice in any of the Govt Offices or Police Station or Court. Only money rules in India.

    Hinduism without its values is useless.

    1. Don't tell me - you think Kejriwal will revitalise those "values"? ROFL.

  21. According to Swami Vivekanand, "there was a time in this very India when, without eating beef, no Brahmin could remain a Brahmin; you read in the Vedas how, when a Sannyasin, a king, or a great man came into a house, the best bullock was killed; how in time it was found that as we were an agricultural race, killing the best bulls meant annihilation of the race. Therefore the practice was stopped, and a voice was raised against the killing of cows. Sometimes we find existing then what we now consider the most horrible customs." (Lectures from Colombo to Almora).
    Hindus are suffering in their own country because of vegetarianism. Hindus had built a great empire stretching from Aghanistan to Indonesia when Brahmins were beef eaters. But with the import of ideas like ahimsa from Jainism and Buddhism, Hindus lost their balls and are now fighting for survival. Worse there are Hindu communities that refuse to join armed forces and fight for survival. At least Christians and Muslims fight for the nation.

    1. All proponent of non-veg eating should Google article and read "Carnivore's Dilemma"; National Geographic November 2014. The article clearly points out how that life style is unsustainable for human race to survive.

    2. You are wrong Mr vivek.....Strength and height of humans are governed by environmental surroundings and nothing to do food habits (biological laws like Brown Law)...that's why meat eating bangldeshis and sri lankans are no better than veg eating central Indians.....A vegetarian Haryanvi jat can easily match meat guzzling pakistani.....and meat eaters of other asian countries are no match to meat eating europeans)


    3. @Phanibhushan Joshipura: I thought this blog was about the existential threat to Hindus from other religions, not about sustainable diet or stuff like that. It is far more important to counter that threat and I dont think vegetarian Hindus are doing anything about it. They don't even think they have a stake in their own survival, that may be the reason their kids don't join the armed forces. Islamic State is NOT only about Yazidis, Iraqis it is about you, your sons, your daughters too.

    4. Lagta hai Mr India phir se gayab ho gaye. Kahan hain Mr India?

  22. Agra issue was deliberately blown up by the media which is now days are functioning as the political opposition .Urgent counter action is needed.Media owners and business men who act as sponsors are not Raja Harichandras .They violate most of the laws .It is the duty of the govt to investigate their functioning so that opposition can be mitigated. Please name the important sponsors of the above media houses .So that their products can be boycotted.

  23. As Ravikumar has stated above, MSM has taken up the role of her majesty's political opposition.None from MSM is honest enough to state that neither Modi, nor his cabinet colleague or her party's MP is directly involved in these events of "Ghar Wapasi" NDA minister [ Naidu] has declared on the floor of the house that his government has nothing to do with the conversions.And yet we see these morons working overtime to drag in Modi,BJP,central government.... Modi has rightly refrained from being dragged in.VHP became active in these prgrammes after 1980 when large number of dalits in TN were converted to Islam and the evnt was publicised nation wide.Even then in 1980 no one from MSM protested or said a word about this.What was RSS or VHP supposed to do? Allow these conspiracies to go on?

  24. if there is debate on anti conversion bill I am sure some bright hindu sickular lawyer will argue that conversion is essential part of christianity & islam so they must be allowed to convert & its not essential part of hinduism so they be disallowed.
    anyways if anyone noticed conversion will always remain one way street. All VHP/RSS are able to do is convert back recent christians ( few years at max) if its more than 10-12 years a person is lost to hinduism. Except agra nowhere they have succeeded in converting muslims & even there they were illegal bangaldeshi who converted just to get some benefits. so law or no law conversion will always remain one way stree in india

    I have another point media never talks about how in tamilnadu or telangana ruling parties control media channels. why cant modi govt make compulsory for all dth operators to include sudarshan tv in their package

  25. Band of fake secularists in Indian politics, intellectual class and media are responsible for the fact that word secularism (binsampradayikta) has acquired nugatory connotation. The slide in esteem associated with the word ‘secularism’ started after independence when the policy of appeasement became chief plank for vote based politics. AND last few years has seen display of its hideous face. When the parties like Congress, RJD, SP which have become epitome of that is everything wicked in politics, left parties which right from its birth has taken up anti-Hindutva as additional mission and recent one Mamata’s party for whom to remain in power has become such a feverish obsession that anti-India elements also are not outcast for her, all of them play debauchery with word secularism, It will be no more sin to use this word with less-respectful connotation. Hence it is not necessary to attach adjective like pseudo, fake or fraud to ‘Secularists (especially in Indian context).
    These secular stupidity expect Hindus,
    - Never to mention centuries of atrocities inflicted on Hindus by invaders and imperialist.
    - To forget conversion brought under threat and treachery on Hindus.
    - To forget destruction and desecration of thousands of Hindu temples.
    - To forget insult to Hindu God/Goddesses brought by obscene drawings and writings (e.g. Wendy Doniger).
    - To disregard continuation of conversion from Hinduism.
    - To play down communal acts of minority
    Without going into this way or that way justification into Agra reconversion issue, let us put it that Hindu has all the right to come out of damaged psyche. It is fact that centuries of tyranny on Hindu culture and religion has benumbed Hindus, from which they had to come out without getting intimidated by plot of the secular gang which they have displayed in parliament. As Rizwan Salim has rightly said,” 6th Dec. 1992 was just one incidence in the millennial struggle of Hindus to repossess and reclaim their religion-centred culture and Nation”, compared to countless incidences against Hindus. Hindu cannot afford further truncation of the country due to demographic imbalance. Even now also in West Bengal, Tamilnad and Kerala there are pockets where demographic imbalance is causing problem to minority Hindus.
    This remnants of Stalin-Lenin-zades in Yechuries is the nuisance that has to be encountered effectively because apart from active politics they have infiltrated into media and intellectual-class. Because their religious (Marxism) doctrine based on Lenin’s principle- ‘Stick the convicts badge and eliminate everyone who undermines Marxism, is equally fanatics. For decades they played politics of ‘bourgeoisie’. After near- annihilation from the world scenario the scrap that is lying in India has picked-up tool of ‘Secularism’ for the survival.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Articles such as this are absolutely vital for the cause of exposing these hypocrites and their nefarious agenda. But I've always said such exposés will only go so far. The usual suspects keep pushing their agenda, and we keep unveiling their agenda. Ad infinitum. But where is it leading? This dance cannot go on forever. Ultimately, these miscreants must be completely and utterly destroyed, no matter what it takes.

  28. Sickuars and Muslims, visit faithfreedom.org. and debate with Mr. Alis Sina about Islam. If you can defeat him you will get a prize of US$ 50,000/-

    Another wonderful site is islam-watch.org

  29. Kill all the conspirators and bribe takers. This is Dharma Yudha, and one should not be afraid to kill own people to save Dharma.

  30. I had said it earlier and it rattled several people. What I had said and what ravinar has said is essentially that Hindus are measured against a higher level of tolerance and found to be wanting while other religions are measured against a lower level of tolerance.Its perhaps the Mahatama's legacy who took it to ludicrous levels, levels not practical for sustenance. The best part is that instead of getting any credit for the higher degree of tolerance demonstrated, we are chastised and preached to by the west. The Nobel Peace prize was one such effort in this direction. I don't know about others but I found the whole intro to the Nobel peace prize very condescending.Like the west can teach us anything about living in peace. Did we go and attack citizens living peacefully so that we can rob them of spices , jewels and gold or did they? Did we unleash the nuclear holocaust or did they?

    1. Barbarians, hypocrites and the intellectually challenged simply CANNOT be dealt with at the level of intellectual discourse or honest debate. That's something we need to learn. Demons are generally vanquished by force.

  31. There are some within the BJP who are too cosy with the media crooks.

  32. Something need to be done with the #mediacrooks....
    Cong has proven to be anti-majority and anti-Hindu very recently realized by them too...;-)

  33. Secular "Leelas"!!!

    Dec 2014
    "Censor Board not to remove any scenes from 'PK'"

    Leela Samson, chairperson of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), says,
    "In a country like India, there are bound to be differing opinions. Radical and liberal, indifferent and informed. Those who don’t agree should ignore it. Every Indian citizen does not have to see every film produced in the country."
    Courtesy:hindustantimes.com December 28, 2014

    Flashback to September 2012
    "Censor Board Assures Objectionable Scenes Deleted from ’Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal’ (KDM)"

    "After the protest and procession against the film, "Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal" the Censor Board assured community groups - The Catholic Secular Forum (CSF), Association of Concerned Catholics (AOCC), Maharashtra Christian Youth Forum (MCYF), Catholic Residents Organization for Social Services (CROSS) & Catholics for Preservation of Faith (CPF) - that their concerns had been addressed and objectionable scene had been deleted from the film.

    The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) chairperson, Ms. Leela Samson conveyed to the community groups that the film was shown to a Catholic review member and necessary action had been taken."
    Courtesy -kemmannu.com September 27, 2012

    And know what are the objectionable scenes in KDM?

    "These include a Catholic priest (Asrani) dancing with a rosary around his neck and wearing a garland of lottery tickets with a church in the background, an actor (Shreyas Talpade) misusing and indiscriminately using the Holy Water Sprinkler, a priest with a bouquet of flowers with an 'I Love You' message, a notorious character with garlands of currency notes shown with the church in the background, among others."
    Courtesy -www.firstpost.com Sep 23 2012

    So for Secularists and Secular Censor board Chairperson Leela Samson, a mere Christian priest (remember NOT Jesus) being shown in poor light is objectionable enough to be removed from the film.but a character dressed as Lord Shiva in PK being cornered in a toilet and being chased and the comments in the film like "Jo dar gaya woh mandir gaya,"are NOT at all objectionable and so wont be removed because

    ...you guessed it...
    yes the targets are HINDUS and HINDUISM!!

    Great Secularism.Right?

    And why is such a lady being "maintained" as Censor board chairperson even after 6 months of BJP rule?

  34. This is a such good artical. thanks for shearing it..


  35. Since PK controversy ridiculous debates are going on TV studios. For the first time lessons were imparted to viewers, particularly to Hindu public that as if Bollywood is great social and religious reformer, and as if cinema is playing glorious role at ameliorating Hindu religion from irrationality. And in question is Hindu psyche makes it more imperative for media henchmen to join in and evangelize, also another line which is taken is that of Creative freedom of expression. Had it been Islam or Christianity than same media minion would have been forwarding the logic of respecting the religious sentiment of the community and will advance an argument to use creative freedom with responsibility. Anyway this is how 21st century Secularism behave in India. According to 21st Century Indian secularists it is only Hindu religion which is mired with all the kind of superstitions, bad social system and spurious God-men etc that needs reform-therapy, all other religions are 100 karat Gold delivered directly from the promised land!
    Let the Bollywoodian-reformists be reminded that much before they were born (I mean Bollywood) Hindu religion has given birth to high calibre reformists whose message, gospel and philosophy Hindus have absorbed and evolved which no other religion can boast about.
    Certainly Hindus do not need gospel from these hypocrites,
    - Where black money rule the roost.
    - Where Mafia-money speaks loud.
    - Which runs on Mafia dictates.
    - Industry where casting couch runs supreme. (Some time back involvement of actor who has played villain roles was exposed in casting couch saga, almost entire industry had come in his defence).
    - Where half- naked women are made to dance obscenely.
    First bring at least semblance of reform in your industry. While on the subject of Mafia-Money- Does it have a link with the recent spurt of actors started from Pakistan?
    And lastly, If Bollywood have right to dish-out any garbage in the name of Creative freedom of expression, than the aggrieved too have right to protest against them when their sentiments are hurt ( Of course minus vandalism). There cannot be selective use of creative freedom to demean, defame and disparage a section only and that too large section.

  36. No matter how much prannoy roy, radhika roy, shekhar gupta, rajdeep sardesai or raju hirani,abhijat joshi etc try, the pseudo secular congress's real face has gotten revealed. The above named people try to demonize hinduism only because they want to keep the bjp out of power because the bjp is a strong supporter of hinduism.

    Even non hindus have realised that congress is incompetent( which NDTV always downplays) and it uses secularism card only to get votes. Prannoy roy and his channel NDTV is bent upon demonizing hindus only because Prannoy Roy and NDTV are congress slaves and can not stand bjp winning.

  37. NDTV will always show the bad elements in hindu organizations to give the impression that hinduism itself is a bad religion, the ulterior motive is to create a bad impression of bjp which is supportive of hinduism unapolgetically.

    NDTV is a congress slave and will never try to talkabout the good aspects of hinduism. It is the english media especially ndtv which has created this impression that only uncool and narrow minded people are supporters of hindutva.


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