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Monday, November 10, 2014

Baby Black May Not Come Back

(This is a MaxiPost)

“The richest one percent of this country owns half our country's wealth, five trillion dollars. One third of that comes from hard work, two thirds comes from inheritance, interest on interest accumulating to widows and idiot sons and what I do, stock and real estate speculation. It's bullshit. You got ninety percent of the American public out there with little or no net worth. I create nothing. I own. We make the rules, pal. The news, war, peace, famine, upheaval, the price per paper clip. We pick that rabbit out of the hat while everybody sits out there wondering how the hell we did it. Now you're not naive enough to think we're living in a democracy, are you buddy? It's the free market. And you're a part of it. You've got that killer instinct. Stick around pal, I've still got a lot to teach you” – Gordon Gekko in “Wall Street

In every government, in every country there are always some who protect white-collar criminals. It is these white-collar criminals that invariably fund political parties. It’s democracy!

Chairman and wife have two companies. One is a manufacturing company, the other a marketing company. Manufacturing company sells products to Marketing Company. Marketing company then sells it to traders at a 40% mark up.  There is a trick. In the state with the manufacturing units the factories directly sell to traders at factory price and collect the mark up in cash. Every month a branch employee takes the cash in a suitcase to the head office. Nobody counts that cash. It is handed over to the Chairman with no questions asked. Chairman’s wife wants to be a paperback writer. She has no particular talent or skills in writing. She writes books about big names and celebrities. She gives interviews to the press. All the cash in a suitcase is black money, unaccounted money. Wife uses that money to promote herself and buy expensive lingerie and jewellery. She hosts parties with the most expensive cut-glass kitchen items. Chairman buys more properties with cash. There, friends, meet big black-money and how black money is put to use.

The story above wasn’t a figment of my imagination. It’s a true story. Then the simplest of stories is how you buy a house. Builder demands some percentage of payment in unaccounted cash. You’re a poor sucker seeking a house. You draw on your savings, beg, steal or borrow and pay him the cash. Your housing loan bank or complany won’t lend you for black money. Builder too needs cash because he needs to pay political pigs and Babus to get a lot of clearances. As the DLF Chairman says “it is to facilitate speedy disposal” so not a bribe. That’s easy to understand, isn’t it? And mostly, the cash is paid upfront before you can even get a house allotted on paper. Cheque can wait, cash cannot. It’s a rule made by none other than our sick politicians. The scumbags who created this practice of black economy are none other than the people you vote for; regardless of which party or candidate you voted for. A good number of them are white-collar criminals. We usually set a thief to catch a thief but in politics the thief won’t help you catch other thieves. You can buy large consignments of any product from Delhi (and some other states) in cash without bills and these transactions happen every single day. Bogus documents are made for transport and then destroyed. It’s not rocket science.

Some good guys made a lot of noise about black money stashed abroad for quite a while. They were well-meaning and wanted to stop the loot of the nation and bring the loot back and punish the culprits. They forced the govt to act and ever since then our govt (earlier under Cong) signed a lot of deals to protect the criminals. Then the BJP made a lot of noise about it and promised to bring back the loot and punish the criminals. And now that they are in power the chickens make the same excuses that the previous govt made. At the heart of this whole nonsense now is one man: Mahatma Arun Jaitley:

People have a way of mocking idiotic ministers who blabber too much and that is what happened to AJ after Ram Jethmalani wrote him a 10-point letter on black money. RamJ’s letter ridicules the GOI appeal to SC to hide names of foreign accounts because of some treaty. Prior to this, Arun Jaitley out of the blue went on a TV Yatra to blabber about and indulge in some stupid political chest-thumping about black money. To his eternal mutual-fan Barkha Dutt he said “I won’t be embarrassed if the names are released” meaning the BJP won’t be affected. To Navika Kumar on TimesNow he said “I am not saying anything, I am just smiling” when asked if there were any Congress names. AJ is used to political games in the Lutyens club. He is described as a man who has friends across the political spectrum. He is one man the media never criticises. After his stupid blabbering on TV channels the SC demanded all the names in a sealed envelope and they too buried it for the future. This is exactly what all the political parties want: to bury the black money episode.

For over 2 years the previous Congress govt dodged the SC by avoiding an SIT as ordered and now the current BJP govt dodges the black money issue with clever skulduggery by a lawyer. Oh wait, here’s something that AJ said long back about lawyers advising the PM that he should be reminded of:

That apart, why would a Finance Minister frequently appear on a channel like NDTV which is accused of money laundering and tax evasion? Why shouldn’t I believe AJ might just as well be having tea or dinners with one of those black money hoarders? An IT letter to owners of NDTV indicates default to the tune of 539 crores. There are many allegations against NDTV which need a thorough investigation but AJ seems to somehow love this channel and their anchors despite their well-known anti-BJP propaganda and campaign. Strange magic! There are other issues like where an NDTV employee was given luxury trips abroad because his wife was the one assessing their accounts at the IT office. The stories of NDTV’s financial bungling are too many to narrate here. It doesn’t stop there. AJ’s adventures get even better by the day.

A day ago AJ was in the company of Rajdeep Sardesai and P. Chidambaram. First, AJ and PC launched Rajdeep’s book on Elections 2014. Like Barkha, this scumbag Rajdeep has carried out an anti-BJP campaign for long. But if that was political we could have dismissed it. It wasn’t merely political. Rajdeep ran a smear campaign against the current PM Narendra Modi calling him “Mass murderer, hero of hatred” in public forums as also in his articles. That Rajdeep has abused Modi for all these years, even physically assaulted Modi supporters in New York (and still holds him complicit for the 2002 riots) seems to matter little to AJ. There has to be some motivation for this. There was more after the book launch:

After the launch AJ then had a debate (rather friendly-fire) with his old friend PC on economics and stuff. Going by the crap the two discussed it would seem AJ was backing all the policies of UPA and PC. Don’t trust me trust this article by TheJaggi which perfectly records the transactions as “Tweedledee, Tweedledum in a pillow fight”. PC has been rightly called by RamJ as the “Friend, father and philosopher of black money”. Many rules and policies birthed by PC have indeed appeared to protect white-collar criminals rather than punish them. AJ and PC make a lovely couple. I call AJ “PC in Pyjamas” because most of his acts pretty much resemble those of PC. Both are darlings of NDTV and the rest of the media. Now let’s get to the black money nonsense.

An Indian entity to hold an account abroad needs RBI permission. If an Indian entity does hold an account it has to be reflected in their financial and IT returns. Therefore, it is easy to sort out such names from the list of 700-800 that is with the SIT. If such companies have committed any evasion it is not very hard to deal with and shouldn’t really be worthy of the great drama that surrounds the story. Next, some smart companies have floated companies abroad for transactions and they route their incomes through places like Lichtenstein or Mauritius or Cayman Islands with lower taxation and thus claim protection under DTAA. Are these accounts of any real interest? There may be thousands more of these. Considering a large number of businesses here in India, big and small, generate black money every single day that should be of greater interest to us and the govt. But the foreign-held black money story is more dramatic and more romantic it seems because it can be used as a political tool. And the politicians who may be involved in such foreign accounts aren’t in any regular type business as we know it. Dr Subramaniam Swamy thus describes correctly on what should be of interest to us:

"I am not surprised because I had warned the government that these names have to be made public. Don't quote the Direct Tax Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) between India and Germany and India and France, because that is applicable to Indians who reside in those countries who either pay taxes in India or do not pay adequate taxes," Swamy told ANI… We are not talking about this type of black money and we are not talking about tax avoidance as a primary problem. We are talking about getting bribes in defence deals, the 2G spectrum scam, via drug trafficking and so on. Perhaps we should call this black money as 'red money

Red money! That is right. That is what the real loot is that the GOI should be looking for. Illegal commissions and bribes paid to politicians directly into foreign accounts in defence deals, spectrum deals, commercial aircraft deals (for AI) and agreements prejudicial to India’s interest. There could be many “hawala” accounts that fund investments into various companies including our crooked media houses. There could be many “hawala” accounts that could be funding terrorist operations and supply of illegal weapons to various anti-India forces within and without India. We have known Ottavio Quattrocchi of the Bofors scandal to have gotten access to his ill-gotten loot when the Congress govt de-froze his bank account abroad. For long this particular article from a Swiss magazine has been quoted by Swamy and others about Rajiv Gandhi’s millions stashed abroad:

The “Will bring back black money” chant story is as much a political slogan as “Garibi Hatao” was. If it had to happen it would have happened swiftly. Three years have already passed. And who knows, it has the potential to end up like the Bofors story which remains unresolved for almost three decades now.

Arun Jaitley is an intelligent, articulate man and a brilliant orator. He rarely says anything inaccurate in parliament or outside. Therefore, his motivation or compulsion to hobnob with his potential targets is all the more intriguing. Remember, our media crooks were thrilled to bits when a lower court and later SC ruled PC could not be made an accused in the 2G scam in the case filed by Swamy. After BJP won the LS elections the same media crooks were clamouring for AJ as Finance Minister. For me, that is one reason to suspect a man, if the criminal media clamours for him.

Prior to the LS elections almost every party (even many in the BJP of the Lutyens Club) were against Modi becoming PM. Some of these media crooks who are in deep love with PC and AJ were hoping for a coalition govt if BJP won and somehow AJ would become Prime Minister. AJ is an old friend of Modi from the Gujarat campaign days when AJ was in charge of the state campaigns. Having to play second fiddle has many adverse effects. PC too was touted as a potential PM (to replace MMS) by his media darlings. Would you now dare to imagine AJ as your PM? It would be like Alfred Hitchcock planning the perfect nightmare to wake you up. As for black money, I will just leave you with a very old song:

Black is black, I want my baby back/ It's gray, it's gray/ Since she went away, Ooh-Ooh/ What can I do/ 'Cause I'm feelin' blue
If I had my way, She'd be back today/ But she don't intend/ To see me again, Ooh-Ooh
What can I do 'Cause I'm feelin' blue


  1. I had heard many Modi supporters criticizing Arun Jaitley but I did not believe them because they seldom gave reason. Now onward, I will keep my suspicion about him with me all the time.

    1. Who hired AJ inspite of his electoral defeat? Oops...

      In a democracy the peasantry deserves what they get, hard & fast! 67+ years of stupidity is getting progressively worse as the peasants with 18th century mindsets are being perfectly manipulated by 21st century media & propaganda machinery!

      Modi, Modi, Modi...

    2. After reading this article I wrote an email to AJ. I would request others to write similar emails so that he know he is being watched!

      Useful advice from a BJP well wisher
      S T 11:49 PM
      To: pjamwal@gmail.com

      Dear Mr Jaitley:

      You are increasingly being seen as an insider of the Delhi cocktail circuit of Lutyens Delhi which includes media celebrities like Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai. Where was the need for the Finance Minister of India to inaugurate a media celebrity's book? Were you doing him a favor by increasing sales for him? Your timid performance in front of Chidambaram on Headlines today by refusing to call a spade a spade makes the average BJP increasingly suspicious of your intent. Remember that the mandate of 2014 was not just against the Congress but also its puppies like NDTV and CNN-IBN. You cannot be seen to be close of them because they played an important role in demonising YOUR Prime Minister over the last decade. A certain degree of hostility towards these vested elements is healthy. You are being seen as a person who has many friends across the political spectrum. While in Vajpayee's case, this would be seen as an asset and statesman-like, in your case, you would be seen as indulging in cronyism. So be careful as to how you are seen. Your actions and you words are now on watch. Read the recent mediacrooks article - it will give you an idea as to how perceptions of you are slowly changing. Hope you remember the anger behind the mandate of 2014.

  2. This is one of the many reasons India should never be allowed to become permanent member of UNSC. Indian fats cats are eminently vulnerable to blackmail and manipulation by interested parties due to these accounts. Let us thank Nehru he passed on the opportunity to China.

    1. UNSC should be the least of Indians worries. The 21st century conquerors will rule without firing a single shot.

      Check the credentials of anyone who has sat in RBI governor, Finance Secretary or Chief Economic Advisor posts. It will be painfully obvious to all but complete dunces that it is the IMF & World Bank who control India's economic policies. Yet, the gullible citizens think MMS+Chidu or AJ+Modi are making economic policy!

      If it wasn't for pressure put by some social orgs and indigenous people movements, international corporate rule would've been established a long time ago.

  3. Narendra Modi has begun to sound hollow as his words no more have the solidity of truth n substance. His close company of Arun Jaitley lawyer and flag bearer of the dysnasty doesnot offer any confidence that black or red money will ever be recovered.
    BJP came to power with anti corruption rhetoric of Modi, RSS n BJPs karyakarta's hard work n last but not the least solid legal n public awareness created by Dr.Subramanian Swamy, against the dynasty corrupt.
    With social media n public watching Modi should realise the truth n writing on the wall. If they think that empty rhetoric and not affirmative action is the requirement, day is not for of when they will be dumped by the same public which elected them with lot of confidence in to the dustbins of history!

    1. Black/Red money may not be recovered but if Modi can put a stop to further Red money generation in his tenure, I will take that happily.

    2. The big worry is: What hold has Jaitley got over Modi?

  4. And now AJ is I&B minister! The MSM cup of joy runneth over! Just cannot understand this..

    1. And I don t understand, "One (wo)Man One Post", why doesn't BJP follow this? This defintely is an indicator, AJ let-go of Def Ministry in lieu of I&B Ministry.

  5. If Modi keeps Jet Li for company for too long, he will go down with him eventually.

  6. The money red or black is generated and stashed because there are avenues available to stash them which are better than Swiss accounts/lockers.Land is one such. Land reform has to be in place and can only be leased and not sold. This will also make the 'idiot sons' to work, because land lease will expire in maximum of 40 years. The old business houses also get undue price advantage which new players don't get. I recall a film I saw in '50s -The man who knew too much starring James Stewart and Doris Day. They transacted huge sums through Postal Stamps (Philately). In later days even paintings are used

  7. AJ is indefensible and no one has voted BJP to power cause AJ was front face infact AJ lost his own election. The MAN in control in MODI. So it's wrong to channel your anger via AJ. If MODI can ensure no leaks to MEDIA and sobbing of paki sympathizers then MODI definitely can control AJ and his tantrums

    Time is running out and MODI supporters getting frustrated

    Here is the latest pravachan on BLACK MONEY from PM MODI'S desk http://m.timesofindia.com/india/I-am-committed-towards-bringing-back-black-money-PM-Narendra-Modi-says/articleshow/45010837.cms

    it's not just BLACK MONEY but there is long list

    1. Pink Revolution subsidy (still given)
    2. VADRA LAND not proved in Rajasthan or haryana
    3. VADRA still on no frisking list at airports
    4. Cow slaughter not banned or stopped
    5. Army ppl still waiting for one rank one pension
    6. Punjab govt still waiting for center due funds
    7. Drugs still sold in punjab and spreading into himachal
    8. 100days inflation stopped but it needs to be deinflation. .when DIESEL came down why not train/bus/taxi/auto rates? Why still paying more for vegetables or other commodities?
    9. Offcourse BLACK MONEY

    MODI the man who should be answering not his proxies like AJ.

    Btw : I'm MODI supporter

    1. You have nailed the real culprit and time is running out very fast. Achhey din can turn to be Burey din very fast.

    2. India has the cheapest train fares in the world. And u still expect them to come down? There should be a limit to greediness. Do u expect everything for free? Then would have voted to commies who will bankrupt the country.

    3. India has the cheapest railway fares, because our railway infra is third class

  8. Great article, Thank You. Hope it will not be the same like the old Govt....

  9. I have a feeling that mos will eventually replacr cabinet ministers in most cases after they get the grounding. This is because mos seems more competent in most cases

  10. Black money holders and Media Morons are perfect blend to be in ministry of any PM

  11. Modi will give a long rope to AJ for some more time to see if he mends his ways and delivers. He may be giving a longer rope to AJ for his support to PM candidature. But he will be held accountable.

    Agree with @mala.

    @vivek - going by your logic, no country should be part of UNSC since even US democracy fails your litmus test

    1. I don't know about the rest. But definitely India should not be part of UNSC. At least in other countries all citizens enjoy equal rights under the constitution. This not the case with India, which openly operates a discriminatory system of governance institutionalised by the constitution, which is against the UN charter of human rights. How can a permanent member of UNSC be allowed to openly discriminate between citizens?

    2. I agree Vineet. when Sadanand Gowda remained ineffective during six months as Railway Minister, he was replaced. May be for first six months, AJ had too much on his plate. Now that Defense portfolio is gone, AJ will have chance to show his mettle.

      As far as UNSC membership is concerned, it is most useless thing for India to pursue. Those countries have not done world any good. Their veto power have not allowed any concrete action against any country.

    3. @Vivek " How can a permanent member of UNSC be allowed to openly discriminate between citizens?" So you believe that Russia and China, permanent members of UNSC respect human rights of their citizens?

    4. Do they have so called "personal laws", that grant certain communities certain rights and privileges denied to others? Not to my knowledge.

  12. You might also like to explain what is AJ doing there, he was not even elected member.. he was brought in as a member of rajya sabha... which i suppose by Mr Modi himself.

  13. This government may be better but I dont think is revolutionary like we loved to believe during campaign days. The love for PM to rhetoric/ demogaugy and indifferent counsels . If so many of us feel let down or disappointed if not betrayed out right. This differently will impact coming elections and BJPs performance.

  14. AJ is the only chink in Namos armour and the mystery of latters support to former is inexplicable,am sure Namo with his ear to the ground must be aware of publics suspicions about AJ.
    People have put in so much faith and trust in a single man that any betrayal or in ability to rise to the expectation will have horrendous consequences for BJP as well as the country once the cynisism sets in people may start believing Kejriwals adage "Sab mile Huey hai ji" and who knows Kejriwal and AAP could swing back.

  15. I feel you have been little soft on this Jaitaley fellow.
    I wouldn't mind calling him gaddar!!!

    With congress we still had "hope". This guy is killing the hope and that is a bigger crime.

    It might not be too long before the heat arrives at Modi's ....; which seems be happening already, as we see from the comments above.

  16. This this is what happens when you sit in the opposition for long. 'System ne badal dia insan ko, chup chap paisa lo.. varna ye bhi nahi milega' mindset of Indians.
    Next in line is Sushma swarj

  17. IF AJ is part of same old system then why is he begin tolerated by PM.IT look`s like all those pre-election slogans are mere hollow and no one cant do anything .timing is ruinnig out for BJP and if it doesnt performs then BJP would become history

  18. Even during Vajpayee GOVT, Shri, Yashwant Sinha made Mauritius route less taxable..
    Modi GOVT will never try to increase Taxation on such transaction from Tax Heaven especially with Mauritius Why I am telling is because Yashwant Sinha's son has runs a IPP firm i.e Independent Power Producer's investing in renewable Energy not only his firm even there are 100's of such IPP's blossomed across India and such firms route money via Mauritius.

    My understanding in layman's terms is Loan from World Bank in name of investing in renewable Energy, route money to Mauritius and with less Taxed route it into India.

    I am citing one e.g which is from Hyderabad (Not Naming).

    Firm registered with UK Stock Exchange,
    But regd Office is in Hyderabad,
    Another Regd office is in Mauritius,

    Why a IPP need a Regd office in Mauritius?

    What is common among all such IPP's is that owners or Board of Directors has got Finance backing mostly are CA's...

  19. Even Yashwant Sons has invested in Renewable Energy mostly in Wind Turbines installed across Gujarat!

    So we should forget about bring back Black or Red Money our Govt is not in position to Tax high on such money routed from Tax Heaven back to India.

  20. Jaitley lost elections, though. Surprising then he became the choice of being No.2 in the cabinet. If Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj and Gadkaris are compromises for Modi, then he would soon be seen as yet another Manmohan Singh in the making. Hope Modi has different ideas for the good of this nation. Delhi's Lutyens' club members are a certain disaster for this country. Time we smash them off the windows from house of nation building. Before, it becomes too much farcical to bear with.

  21. Arun Jaitley has reasons to both smile & worry!
    Smile? : Yes. He has two important portfolios, and he has able MOS in both.
    Worry?: Yes. Both MOS under him have the potential to ultimately replace him.
    Jaitley will be made to fight both dynasty & dynsty backed media, and ultimately pay the price!!!
    This is called Chanakya Neeti.

  22. Agree with nileshwat. In minority affairs mukhtar will replace najma in food processing niranjan jyoti will replace harsimran and in finance jayant will replace jaitley

    1. After the coming budget jayant will replace jaitley for sure

  23. Time is indeed running out for Modi. AJ and Mr. Rudy very media friendly, a caution there. Honestly, no chance of black or red money coming back or being reclaimed. Atleast the least we expect from PM Modi is if further drain and damage to the exchequer and aam admi's tax money be protected.

  24. We are getting to listen from our Finance Minister and Prime Minister that inflation is there because the growth is there. I would like to put forth some key things for proper understanding.

    (i) The provisions of the Income Tax Act states that no payment of and above Rs. 20,000 can be made by cash.
    (ii) Our Planning Commission has said that anyone who earns Rs. 32/- per day per person in urban areas and Rs. 28/- per day per person in rural areas is not poor. Which means that a person earning around Rs. 1000 per month per person or say Rs. 5,000 per month for a family of five where other four members are non earning is not poor. Still around 30% population is living under the poverty line. They do not have Rs. 20,000 to spend in a single day single transaction.
    (iii) If we take it even a little bit further if we cover people earning around Rs. 50,000 per month, even they will not have Rs. 20,000 to be spent in a single day single transaction. This would over over 80% population of the country.
    (iv) In India every year not less than Rs. 10,000 crores are pumped as Fake Indian Currency Notes (FICN) from Pakistan via Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh or its own border with us, routes. The recovery of FICN from ATM Machines are the direct example of their reach into our system. Most of these FICN are in the denomination of Rs. 1,000 and 500 only.
    (v) The cost of printing of note is also very high and it would be economically unviable even for Pakistan to print notes of less than Rs. 500 denomination. (vi) It would be easier for any Indian to carry Rs. 20,000 in two packets of Rs. 100 notes, if so required. It is not understandable as to why then these Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 currency notes are kept in circulation. We need to immediately take it out of circulation.

    If we take example of say a property in Defence Colony, New Delhi. A decent flat is sold at Rs. 15 crore. It is available for rent at Rs. 1,50,000 per month. It means that owner is earning only Rs. 18,00,000 per year. even if we presume that the general expectation is to earn around 15% return on investment, the price of the property should not have been Rs. 1.20 crores. It means that approximately Rs. 14 crores i.e. 90% of the money put into the property is black money. This type of things are the main cause of inflation in the country.

    We should also endeavour to dematerialize the Land and Building as we did in case of Shares.If we make it mandatory that all lands and building worth over say Rs. 2 crores to begin with will be sold only thru the Land & Building Exchange like it is done in case of shares and the same has to be dematerialized beforehand in order to avoid some penalties or extra levy of Stamp Duty. The same can be brought down to the upto Rs. 25 Lakhs slowly to cover almost all land and building transactions through the exchange in a given time frame. This will eradicate the problem of false papers on one hand and black money on the other. This will also increase the revenue of the Government to a large extent.

    Sending the suggestions thru you, hoping if not Govt, it will reach to the right thinking people.

  25. I had my own suspicion on AJ right through the elections and after that too. I thought that it could be my misunderstanding owing to my "common man intelligence." Today I found that my doubt stands its ground. Thanks to the author.


  26. Aj is the black sheep . Why Modi trust him, or Modi is conducting some experiment with him is only known to him. But People's expectation can't be met by this Congressman called AJ. Finance is too important a Portfolio to be left to person sympathetic to Gandhi/Congress. Gadkari,Sushma,Rajnath,Prabhu,Parrikar are all Anti Congress from their heart, though they may vary in courage and boldness but this man AJ is too close a friend of Congress.. But when we can see that , MODI must have something up his sleeve for this man. .. Aam addmi of this country who voted for MODI just believes in him and not BJP , so lets see What's to come..

  27. An interesting viewpoint about Jaitley on this blog:


    Question is what are Modi's compulsions?

  28. Jaitley is happily performing his I&b role defending random accusations og aap and khangress

  29. Ravi..!
    You really has confused me...
    It was only through your articles that I became a Modi fan and hardcore congress hater.
    Now you seem to be questioning Modi's intentions itself (He is the one who appointed AJ).
    Well, I have full faith in Modiji. I believe there are crooks in every party, every house it all depends on the leader of the house as to how he controls the crook and use him to his advantage.
    I'll better leave it to Modiji.

  30. I laugh at the naivety of some of the comments here.

    Seriously people, do you think the changes are so simply in a federal country as ours.
    Yes, I am a Modi supporter but not blind supporter.
    But here are the reasons why Modi still needs jaitley and its a given that Modi is his own man and doesn't trust others so easily.

    1. The first and foremost reason why Modi is not aggressive in pursuing some of the promises is simply the lack of support in Rajya Sabha. Its that simple, for Modi bringing black money and other trash (see below for explaination) is not important.
    ITS REFORMS, STUPID which are important and in a house of Rajya sabha, all the BJP got is 43 seats.

    2.Whether Modi likes it or not, he has to kiss and make over with congress on certain issues, most important being insurance amendment (will bring enough money to the starved insurance sector), the apprentice ship act (perhaps the most, most, most important) for it allows the hordes of young to put in work atleast to gain some experience (haven't you are fresher never asked for experience before offering a job), labour reforms (another very, very big reform) and finally Coal amendment and amendment acts to Industrial disputes act and finally amendments to land aquisition act (ahh.. I almost forgot). And for this Congress support is necessary at some level.
    The above are more important than useless issue like bring back black money.
    If modi can bring these changes, it would be more helpful for indians to battle poverty and bringing those sexy dollars home. Congress still holds more states after BJP and he needs support of the party in implementing these changes (which are part of concurrent list) and also the issue with GST.

    3. Modi perhaps realized like Anil kapoor in Nayak that the whole system is corrupt and he seems to have definite plan to battle it out. He is making attempts to bring in reforms which kill the huge entry barriers for firms to establish businesses. Once this is done, the quazi monopolies in both state and private sector would end and will result in making the system more efficient and transperant. When the system is transperant more money flows into the system. His attempts to restart the economy (sadly Jaitley hsa too many contacts to ignore) with RBI governor, FM and other policy makers is a story of legend. His efforts at energizing all the factors of production (and supply side economics) with respect to coal, infrastructure, policy framework, labour laws, easy of doing businesses and skill development are unfortunately lost on the cacophony of black money.

    4. Not many knew that it was Advani who made it into huge political tool, sometimes I wonder if this was a parting kick by him to Modi to promise something from his party and leave this impossible task on the shoulders of Modi.

    5. The fact is black money is generated due to faulty socialist policies and supply - demand constraints. Middle and Rich people do not want their tax money to go to the poor to fund the freebies. So the Rich hide it using import overinvoicing or parking in real estate (by inflating prices) or middle class which buys gold by hook or crook. Rich always see it as deception by Govt through high taxes and so will push the money to tax havens and bringing them back after turning them as white money. No fool will keep the money in tax havens for long ( unless he is Rahul Gandhi) when his domenstic country is giving huge returns when compared to zero interest tax havens.
    I certainly laugh at some of the comments simply because, most of the people in India voted to Modi to bring the economy back, create jobs, infrastructure and credible delivery of public services. Strangely though, Modi can do some of them like the economy but cannot deliver infrastructure or public goods without the help of State Govts, and so his stress on winning as many state Govts as possible.
    Try to understand the big picture, neither jaitley nor Sonia can stop the march of India if Modi can bring the priority tasks to its logical conclusion.

    1. Vamsi, the anxiety of correspondents here is natural and understandable. We have the best leader today after Sardar Patel. People are desperate for him to succeed and have glimpsed hope after decades of outright robbery and betrayal by crooks and their henchmen. People support Modi. They worry about him and want him to be utmost vigilant.

    2. 99.9% of the citizens DO NOT have foreign accounts or black money stashed in tax havens being routed via Participatory Notes (P-Notes)

      ANYONE who takes concrete action against holders of this money will get 99.9% support! Now, my fellow brothers & sisters, use a little common sense and ask yourselves if WE are truly living in a DEMOCRACY or is our government truly in the grips of the 0.1% elite?

    3. Vamsi,
      Mandate what Modiji got is purely is to punish corrupt people and bring back black money.

      Now infrastructure was developing even when UPA was in power, to get sense of it then you will have to travel by raod and not by Air. now creating Job I doubt what role this Govt will play when companies don't want to hire are they going to run after them with hammer? How much Jobs can they create in Central Govt?

      Except railway I don't see any public service which is run by central govt rest all falls with State govt and I think TN is far ahead of all other state when it comes to public service facilities, so what new this govt will do in TN? To impress Tamils?.

      Only thing I can say I got cheated by fake promises made by Modiji on punishing corrupt and bringing black money.

  31. black is black took me back to school in the mid sixties . as for now most of us are feeling black and blue due to the shenanigans of pc in pajamas. the participatory route entry of 'red money' will never be plugged. in this case we are not even wondering a la sherlock holmes ' why the dog never barked'

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Arun Jaitely and Sushma Swaraj are Khagress moles in BJP include L K Advani also. They need to be shown the door / pressurized to make work irrespective of their affliations elsewhere, for these people used their official positions to leverage the court cases and the strong underlink between Supreme court judges and lawyers it too well known to kept away from media pages, it is just that media does not want to highlight.....

  34. Now just read that Abhishek Singhvi purchase laptops for Rs 5 crores, i.e. assuming unit price of Rs.50,000, it comes to nearly 10,000 laptops, is he running a mafia industry with so many staff in his company ? more than what Microsoft engages...? Every Indian can submit a story that house maid "washed away the house" with that bucket of water, so cannot give any supplementary proof of falsified account justification, so exempt me..... !!!!

  35. Abhishek Singhvi


    Now Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal entire population in those area can legally claim cyclone has destroyed their homes, hence give tax exemption.

    1. Abhishek Singhvi is the same guy who was videoed doing 'toofani' with a married judge aspirant. And we have to address such judges as 'Your Honor'! Some other SC lawyer-politicians are Jaitley, Chidambaram and Sibal. They are quite popular with NDTV and such like. Wonder why?

  36. I hope wish and pray that I am wrong! BJP and Modi seem to be hell bent over squandering the mandate and disappoint the millions who voted them to power!! Modi can't be blind or naiive or ignorant of what's happening in the government with AJ and his ilk!

  37. AJ's pyjamas are torn to pieces to reveal his true colors..RED money....But I doubt this article will have any effect on his as long as NM steps in and takes action. There is no hope of any action and recovery

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. There is no big difference between AJ and PC. They have so much in common that they can be called ARUN CHIDAMBARAM and PALANIYAPPAN JAITLEY. Both are faithful soldiers of Italian madam and seriously devoid of integrity. I am glad that BJP got full majority, or else AJ as PM is like MMS-3 in UPA-3.

  40. Dear Ravinar,
    What is "MaxiPost" in "This is a MaxiPost"
    Pls enlighten because even google is not able to do so.

    1. Just google "mediacrooks.com maxipost" instead. The first result has the answer.

    2. It takes u 2 "mediacrooks.com" only

    3. Got it by searching "What is maxipost"
      Ravinar has answered in "THURSDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2013

      American Cookies"

      A "MaxiPost" is a term I use to indicate a "longer than usual" post.. It indicates maximum length... so that reader is aware whether to read it straightaway or save the post for a later read when s/he has more time.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. I am not hopeful that Black Money would return to India just because of the fact that the Indian Black Money holders had 10 years of long to withdraw and divert their illegal money from Swiss banks to somewhere else. Even when Narendra Modi talked about Black money issue in poll campaigns, I was sceptical that this is NOT EASY.

    However, I will be very glad if Modi govt can plug all the tax loopholes, especially the corporate and commercial related. The govt should also have a mechanism to check the financial crimes like over and under invoicing of exports and imports thus blocking the black money entering, existing and becoming LEGAL again. To do all these things we need a wo/man of unparalleled integrity as out financial minister for which Arun Jaitley will not fit at all. We need someone like Arun Shourie or Dr Subramanian Swamy as financial minister who have highest integrity and the guts to take head on with financial criminals.

    With the inclusion of Manohar 'Clean' Parikkar and Suresh 'Super Efficient' Prabhu, the Modi govt is in a better shape than before.

    I hope Modi will transfer Arun Chidambaram to a non-critical portfolio soon or else the whole Modi govt will be under the cloud of suspicion.

  42. In the above comment "Arun Chidambaram" is not a typo, I meant it.

  43. new development..wage board recommendations for tv journalists ( lower level) not being implemented by Arun jaitley as his "friends" in media convinced him not to do that so that they can keep on getting high salaries at the expense of real workers
    One actually feels surprised looking at Jaitley as jethmalani rightly said even after recent brush with death he keeps on favoring crooked.

  44. really ravinar, frustated so soon.
    Sun Tzu said -" Keep your friends close but your enemies closer".
    There is no harm in hobnobbing with your enemies. I can't understand this mentality to ostracize people based on perception/ideals and such. I guess it comes from our deep rooted caste mentality.

    I am no fan of AJ, but he has a lot of clarity of vision which I did not find in several biggies of BJP. Moreover he stood by Modi and offered him legal help when no one else did. Same for Amit Shah. AJ knows he is no mass mobilizer. He will never attempt to usurp Modi or Shah. Modi probably wants him as an insider into the "elite" club. that my 2 cents.

    1. I had so many concerns about AJ handling Defence so carelessly, thank god Modi gave it to Parrikar now. I agree with you that AJ is very talented, but seriously lacks integrity and too many bad/corrupt links.

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