Sunday, October 12, 2014

Rajdeep's Ugly Character - Part 2

If you haven’t already, please read the previous part: “Rajdeep reveals his ugly character at NY” and also “A question of Aroon Purie’s ethics & morals”.

Contrary to what a hack grandly claimed after Rajdeep Sardesai’s ugly Madison Square Garden incident, self-styled journalists do not have any Constitutional right to ask “obnoxious” questions. This dangerous assumption has been used to spew hatred on a certain segment of people by our MSM. This hatred had to inevitably result in the physical assault of a person that Rajdeep is guilty of. These sickos in our MSM have no business to talk about freedom or liberty. Wise men have long ago left this wisdom behind: “The liberty to swing your arm ends where another man’s nose begins”.

After the incident some Aaptards, led by you know who, put out part videos of RS being manhandled. Little did these idiots know that in this day and age anybody and everybody with a mobile phone is almost a citizen-journalist. But predictably, the “Box of parrots” that forms our MSM went on a rant about how RS was abused and assaulted. I have screenshots but to save space let’s summarise the initial morons:

These unworthies now have eggs on their faces. This is nothing short of a choreographed operation to make RS a “victim” of a “mob” as these scoundrels refer to the people who had come to hear PM Modi. All the evidences and videos have already been put up in the previous posts I referred to at the beginning. The question now is, what did Rajdeep do after the incident that drove this choreographed operation of #IStandWithRajdeep? Let’s read his “regret” which he published on October 10 (excerpts):

However, I do believe it is important to put events of the day in context. I along with my camera person was outside Madison Square garden about three hours before the prime minister was to arrive. Our aim was to capture the mood, which was  joyous and excited. We were able to reflect much of this in our coverage… I was abused in terribly foul terms, my family was called names and I was kicked in the shins when my back was turned. The pushing and jostling continued even as I tried not to engage. I had gone to the event with hopes of goodwill instead the volley of name calling was unrelenting and shocking to me. My camera person and other witnesses would bear testimony to this… I do, however, believe that surrounding, heckling and hurling vicious personalized abuse while a journalist is doing a professional job is also unacceptable. We journalists have a challenging job at the best of times and only ask to be allowed to perform our duties unhindered without intimidation… The freedom of the press is an integral part of our democracy and should be respected  by all”.

Rajdeep uses all the balderdash in the world to defend his abuses and stupid behaviour. As a professional, if you’re heckled, you just walk away. You just find another spot to report from. The videos clearly show what this scoundrel was intent on doing: Inviting soundbites against Modi that will tar the PM and throw a sour note to the event. He was fishing for filth. RS claims he had his cameraman with him. What was that cameraman doing? Peeling onions? This is what RS tweeted:

A) If you got the “idiots on cam” where’s the video? B) It’s not that “mob” that released a “selective” video. It’s Rajdeep’s Aaptards who released a selective video. Fact: Rajdeep does have a video that his cameraman may have shot but unfortunately that video DOES NOT have any abuse or violence from people.  C) The full video which starts with Rajdeep turning back and assaulting Mr. Yellow Kurta was put up only after the “selective” video was put out by Aaptards.

RS represents a TV channel with a full crew but can’t put up a video to back his stupid claims? That’s the character that Rajdeep is and that is why his regret or apology is a mop-up operation that won’t pass. But the lies didn’t last long after the full video came up and that is why Rajdeep now tries to claim he was abused, his son was abused, all without the slightest shred of evidence. That calls for an estimate of what Rajdeep did after the incident, doesn’t it?

Fact seems to be that the truncated video was indeed passed on to “very senior Aaptards” by Rajdeep himself or his crew. The Aaptards put up the selective video and the boss sends a message to all his fellow Aaptards who then trend #IStandWithRajdeep. It’s based on this LIE that all the morons in the media started making him a “victim”. How do I know? Well, a very “Senior Bird” from Delhi called me up a few days ago to tell me the whole story. This Bird & Co. also had interactions with Rajdeep immediately after the incident. As soon as he went to his hotel, or wherever he went after the incident, Rajdeep probably realised that he had screwed up unforgivably. Once the heat of the moment was gone, his cold sweat probably caused him to realise his blunder. So what does he do? He calls up all members of the HATO (Hammam Associates Treaty Organisation). That’s a lot like the NATO you know. The job of this HATO is to protect their mafia member no matter what. That’s why Namita Bhandare foolishly rants “Assault of one journalist is assault on entire press”. Bravo! By the same logic, rape by Tejpal would also make the entire press a mafia of rapists. Wouldn’t it? That’s what someone reminded her:

And Namita Bhandare enters into long baseline rallies with another journo pointing to eyewitness accounts. Really? Eyewitness? In this age of candid camera? And she demands the “Union of snakes” which also passes by the name of Editors Guild must seek an apology from the organisers of the MSG event. Oh well, she quotes the eyewitness account’s narration. Here:

Well, well! As soon as the truth came out, the “eyewitness account” of Mistresses like Namita Bhandare disappeared. This moron who tends to blabber a lot about right-wing didn’t pause to think for herself. She was led like a babe in the woods to the stupidity she came to deliver on behalf of Rajdeep. After all, member of HATO, eh? As for eyewitnesses, Ashok Shrivastav of DD was also an eyewitness and he didn’t disappear or withdraw like Namita’s punk on FB. So, Rajdeep called up many of his HATO members to paint him a victim and they gladly obliged without a second thought or without any fact-checking. That’s what the criminal attempted – a black-wash of his crimes. You would have thought that Rajdeep who so bragged about “Citizen Journalism” while with CNN-IBN forgot that these same citizen journalists abound everywhere to screw his lies. If a legal authority were to scan the phone call records of Rajdeep from that day it would bear out what I have stated.

Next, Rajdeep runs into Gautam Adani in some restaurant and narrates his sob story. He tells him how he was abused and molested by the “mob” (Of the Gambino or Modino family?). Adani probably said he sympathises and any leader would condemn such incidents. Of course, you can safely assume Adani wouldn’t have seen or heard anything other than the sob story of Rajdeep. So Rajdeep gets a call from Sheela Bhatt (or maybe he called her to deliver another Salma story) and he tells her how Adani mentioned Modi was upset with the “mob’s” behaviour. Promptly, Sheela Bhatt runs a story on her Rediff pages with the headline “Modi upset over attack on Rajdeep Sardesai”. All this, when Modi would have probably have never even heard of the incidents in his busy schedule. And why would Modi even bother with the silly drama of Rajdeep? Even this lie could not run its course because Adani issued a clear denial of any such communication. So basically Rajdeep and Sheela Bhatt were doing their “Salma-Sabrina” act. Pathetic LIARS!

In summary, the fake stories of abuse, assault on him etc. were placed in the social media by none other than Rajdeep himself. He used his Hammam, senior Aaptards and gullible people like Sheela Bhatt to spread his victimhood. There isn’t a single piece of evidence that he was abused (except in retaliation) or physically assaulted. All the video-evidence points to Rajdeep being the criminal. And that is that! Rajdeep is also lucky Mr Yellow Kurta didn’t file a police complaint for assault, else he would have cooled his heels in a cold cell and still be in the US on bail. 

After Wimbledon this year Maria Sharapova blurted out she hadn’t heard of Sachin Tendulkar. That was enough to send thousands of his fans on a rampage. Sharapova was ridiculed, abused all over the social media and cartoons abounded on the MSM. Why would you go to a public event of PM Modi and deliberately abuse and provoke those who came to hear him? Why would you call them a “mob”? Would you call people assembled for an SRK show a mob? Would you call those attending Sonia’s rally a mob? All this is mindless hatred that Rajdeep and others in the MSM have nurtured. It culminated in his violent behaviour. The only mafia “mob” I see is lumpens from the MSM who spread lies and abuse people because they support Modi. You don’t shout “Fire” in a crowded theatre. Rajdeep and his entire Hammam now stand naked in front of you.

Tailpiece: To the bimbo who claimed journalists have the right to ask “obnoxious” questions my only warning is to expect “obnoxious” answers. There’s a video floating on Facebook about a similar obnoxious behaviour by a reporter. She epitomises what Rajdeep did at MSG. The street guys responded with far more maturity.

Telling people “You have money but have no class… Did Modi teach you this?... You American-Indians have no values” is nothing short of racist behaviour by Rajdeep. And these are the bimbos to teach us freedom of press and democracy


  1. This should enlighten Arun Poori to sack the Undisputed king of Sickos... i.e one and only.. Rajdeep Sir ka dard Desai.

    1. Yes, Aroon Purie needs to decide whether he wants to keep RajCreep Dardesai or TV audience and TRP ratings.

  2. The fact that spineless crooks like Poorie have still not taken any action against this street side hoodlum is proof that "is hamam mein sab nange hain". Shameless mob of ambulance chasers with 0 work or professional ethics.How different are they from the sand/liquor/builders/petrol mafia? The new age Media Mafia

  3. Put Rajdeep's face into that video in place of that lady and we have an exact reproduction of Madison Square Garden incident on tape. ROFL

  4. HATO....ROFL... Fell off my chair.

  5. Rajdeep, Sagarika, Barkha and all members of the Hammam very often use the term "abuse" and "threat" to indicate contrary opinions and views of other people. Sometimes when those are facts, stated to correct the lies and vile opinions of these folks.

    They simply seek to gag any opposition to their stated opinion. This is akin to calling anyone questioning Islamic principles as an Islamophobe and a hater of a quarter of the world's population. In fact, I have seen this behaviour in 3 year old kids, who after having done something naughty, scream and try to get sympathy in anticipation and try to get away from punishment by crying victimhood.

    The most dangerous trend I see though is terming any contrary opinion as "attack on freedom of press". Too long have people been allowed to trivialise such serious terms and also terms like genocide, fascism etc.

    There is so much of "crying wolf" today, that if someday, freedom was actually attacked, folks would not even realise it...having been desensitised by daily cries of these Hammamis.

    Thanks to your blog, to an ever-growing tribe, Rajdeep and co stand exposed!

  6. 'HATO' Haha..but seriously, I do get the feeling that these 'senior' AAPtards are a part of some international ultra-left NGO mafia. Otherwise no mainstream political party could even try to tar the image of PM or pro-India NRIs, when the PM is on foreign soil. Hopefully IB/RAW must be watching.

  7. I feel,if Arun Puri is the REAL owner if India-today group, he would have sacked RS by now.Going by the recent trend of accumulation of FILTH from all the places in India-today group, I assume, the REAL OWNERS r some body else (whose agenda could be seen all over HT/IT/Aajtak etc shows) for whom Arun Puri is serving as just a face.Any hidden deals/transactions/Black works in action? Any enquiry needed? Just a doubt!!

  8. In the garb of journalism nobody is permitted to insult citizens who had come to listen to the tall leader of a democracy. Lucky this journo called Rajdeep Sardesai escaped from mob fury.

  9. It is very clear that Rajdeep's intention was to show Modi and the Indians there supporting him in a bad light. He just did this under the veil of journalism. Where are the ethically correct journos after seeing all these proofs?

  10. WOW ..never thought these media pigs has so many tapeworms in their skin. I watched whole coverage of SIR Raj deepthroat I didn't find anything about what really visit brought out ..who were all 45 senators. .what was their backgrounds each discussed ? There is no $ figure putup abt American investment. SAD too see these ppl want to rule the world by their own way...somehow these pigs thinks they represent public which is why most endup fighting elections on various party tickets. Modi shld pass law no journalist will be given any party ticket and whichever pigs tapeworms start showing off should be banned from killing public innocence. Looking forward for Rajdeep part 3.

  11. Dear Ravinar ji

    Rajdeep is racist beyond doubt but are you right in playing to the gallery


    1. How? Where Mediacrooks is playing to the gallery? Confusing comment!!!

  12. This episode of Rajdeep shows how much hate is in their heart for Modi. However, Modi ignores them and this they can't bear. More such incidents will happen.

  13. Those who are taking arun poorie's name, please watch how poorie ( from the audience mostly filled with americans) and rahul kanval on the stage grilled Ram Madhav with same hindutva and RSS questions the day Modi landed in US. Videos might be available. It was in deadlines today. Now DD is our only favoured channel. Otherwise, only Peace of Mind TV.

  14. Now that various video available, Rajdeep had no choice but to confess (as mildly as possible) that he lost patience. But after confession, he had to justify his action with false accusation which could not be re-butted with some video evidence. So he invented kick on his shin. However, he stupidly claimed he was kicked on his shin when his back was turned. Now how would that be possible?

    1. "I along with my camera person was outside Madison Square garden about three hours before the prime minister was to arrive." Watch the usage of word Prime Minister by rs. This fellow rs would always address PM as Modi, never the word PM......He (rs) also wants to pretend to be humble......usage of lower case for rs is deliberate.

  15. Hello Raviji, I am aware that you write articles about corrupt corporate media. But I would like to see an article regarding ecological compromises made by previous government and Modi throughout India.

  16. RS deserves the treatment he is getting

  17. Look at the irony. In 2008 Rajdeep shoots a video for the BJP, but runs away with it after stealing the video. BJP doesn't get it when it needed it most. Now, Rajdeep's cameraman shoots (ostensibly) Rajdeep being abused, kicked in the shin (from behind!, that must be a trick Jackie Chan would love to copy!!) and "molested", but when he needs the video the most to save his honour, Abraka dabra! no video!!!!!!!

    1. it is high time that arun poorie sacks rs for his attitude. the camera man was probably an anti hammam member and saving his video as a final nail in rs coffin. Good riddance of bad rubbish. Hope he is consigned to oblivion. We could focus on the rest of his ilk and send them too , to keep him company.

  18. Rajdeep Sardesai thinks he is submitting an apology letter to his school master in junior school - which shows him like the poor victim - and he acted like a goon due to unbearable provocation by some school bullies. He needs to know by now that he is an adult and is from the land of Gandhi (can learn a lesson or two on self restraint under provocation from him). In my understanding of Swach Bharat campaign is all about getting rid of scum like him and cleansing our journalistic fraternity of the dirt in it.

  19. Rajdeep says that he was kicked on both shins when his back was turned. Hang on, two toasts to those who can make it to any crook on the earth!

    How quanit, HeadlinesToday was live to everything at MSD that day except to what Rajdeep was saying. Camera crew, TV audience and the public wasn't short then for any of Rajdeep's claim to go true. The fact is that no journo can show live of something which didn't happen. That's pity and low on esteem (if there is!) for a guy in this business for two decades to have to recreate in words many a times over something which never happened.
    Now you know why anti-Modi rhetoric invariably fall on deaf ears each time.....

  20. Open letter to all desi and videshi Indians by Sandeep rajdesai
    Dearest Indians,
    How silly of all of you to create such brouhaha about my badgering and browbeating a supposedly poltroonish brown skinned progeny of naive parents who abided by the philosophy of mahatma gandhi.
    How dare such inferior low life crawling on the most happening streets (my secret wish I always wanted Green Card but such creepers beat me to it.)
    When I commenced my onslaught of most esoteric questions on the metaphysics of what the hell that Bihari looking fellow was doing outside Madison square garden . People they were chanting modi modi , har har modi. All these rakshas were chanting name of such a person who embodies hiranyakashyap, kans, tadkasur, Ravana,kumbhkarna, shakuni, meghnath, hitler mussolini.
    Yet I the greatest saviour of truth, honesty, humanity present there took cudgels on your behalf.
    Did you see how I tried to behead that Bihari with my karate chop.
    But you all have taken umbrage at my efforts to disperse the congregation of desi and videshi Indian demons.
    Also I'm also chagrined and disheartened by the audacity shown by that Bihari . I don't know from where raj ( of thackrey's fame) found the gadget to teleport his atman into that Bihari body.
    I'm planning to file a public interest litigation in the court sachidanand Bhagwan Shri HARIKRISHNA to find out why the GOD of anti matter incarnate in the body of modi didn't use his devilish powers to rescue that Bihari with atman of raj .
    I will take help from my friend bhashi shushan for this case.
    Dearest fellows
    Only Italian goddess and her Adonis looking son can destroy this country.I am in great shock and undergoing therapy from arvind who will clear all my doubts about my existence.
    (Weeping) people I was kicked out of my channel and a Bihari guard kicked me on my butt and it hurt like hell . Not the termination but the kick. Now I hope you will empathise with me.


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