Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bengal's Terror Machine

Among his many profound pieces of advice that “Deep Throat” gave Bob Woodward, one principle in the pursuit of crimes remains immortal:  Follow the money”. It started as another scam or a Ponzi scheme but the pursuit of the Saradha scam in Bengal has opened up a much bigger threat to the country and one of its neighbours. The web of deceit, financial crimes and the linkage to terrorism is shocking to say the least. And all of this comes with involvement of the ruling party members in the state. There is no escape for Mamata Banerjee (MB) or her TMC from this. She will indeed have to answer for a lot.

On the evening of October 6, Monday, the man in the pic, Derek O’Brien (DOB) was asked to respond to the incident of an accidental blast at the Burdwan centre of TMC which killed two men who were assembling IEDs. Instead of answering the questions DOB stated barking at the BJP and Social Media as “hate-mongering” with their Hindu agenda against the TMC. This scumbag also happens to be an MP from Bengal. We have to wonder what agenda the TMC really has. In June-July there was a spate of attacks on Hindus and BJP leaders by TMC goondas, some murders too. There were a few rapes earlier which MB described as a “conspiracy” against her. 34 years of CPM and now this absolute horror of a political party sinking Bengal has still not seen an outrage in our media. Not surprising because they all belong in the “Sickular” basket. Let’s summarise the story first.

On August 24 a story surfaced about the Saradha scam money fanning terrorism in Bangladesh: “The CBI and ED learnt that funds collected from the public through Saradha’s chit fund schemes were centrally deposited at the group’s offices in Salt Lake. After being accounted for, hundreds of crores were transported to various centres close to the Indo-Bangladesh border. The cash was put in huge bags and taken by ambulances belonging to the Saradha group. The Indian currency was then secretly converted to Bangladeshi Taka and European currencies at a “Foreign Currency Convertor Centre” belonging to a man from Kolkata. Armed couriers of radical Islamic outfits would then smuggle the converted currency across the border under the cover of darkness”. The report mentions the operations being managed by a Rajya Sabha MP. He is TMC MP Ahmed Hassan Imran and his story is quite interesting:

TMC links with Bangladeshi radical groups The Anand Bazar Patrika report “Before 2011, the Jamaat helped Trinamool with huge funds secretly transferred across the border. Imran played a key role in it. “Later when the Jamaat faced government’s ire during its opposition to war crimes trials, it received funds from Trinamool which had come to power in 2011 and many of whose leaders were ministers in the Manmohan Singh government,” the Ananda Bazar Patrika report said, quoting extensively from a detailed report it claims was given to India by Bangladesh intelligence. Who is Ahmed Hassan Imran? Ahmed Hassan Imran is a Rajya Sabha MP from West Bengal at present. In 1975-76 he founded West Bengal Muslim Students Association. In 1977, Imran co-founded the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) in Aligarh Muslim University in Uttar Pradesh”.

It doesn’t stop there. This Ahmed Hassan Imran is suspected to be not an Indian but technically a citizen of Pakistan: “A Pakistani citizen is now a TMC member in the Rajya Sabha, courtesy West Bengal Chief Minister and TMC chief Mamata Banerjee. Ahmed Hassan, aka Imran, is in fact a Pakistani citizen, since he entered India from East Pakistan in 1970-71, before the birth of Bangladesh”. Let’s move forward with the story:

An explosion in Burdwan town of West Bengal on Thursday (October 2) killed two people and led to a cache of arms and explosives being discovered, causing the police to suspect a terror link. The blast occurred around noon at a house in a residential locality of Burdwan town, about 100 km from Kolkata, in the middle of the festive season of Durga Puja. More than 50 improvised explosive devices (IED), other explosives and wires were recovered from the flat. Shakil Ahmed (32) was killed on the spot while Swapan Mondal (22) succumbed to injuries at the… Hospital.   A third, Hasan Saheb, is stable and undergoing medical treatment while a fourth male resident is absconding… fire brigade personnel were prevented from entering the house by two women, who refused to open the door. Upon breaking open the door, the police found them burning some papers. The women -- Ahmed’s wife Rumi Bibi and Hasan’s wife Aklima Bibi – have been detained. Security agencies are now trying to find out if the IEDs were meant to be used in Bengal or sent somewhere else. Bomb disposal squads have also recovered a number of explosives and SIM cards on the banks of the Damodar river near the town. The six people – four men and two women – rented the house three months ago and told house owner Hasan Chowdhury that they were setting up a workshop for making Burkhas. Chowdhury didn’t check the identities of the tenants

The house the potential terrorists used belonged to Nurul Hasan Chowdhury. You don’t need another guess to know that he too is a member of the TMC. He leads the Burdwan unit of the TMC and his house also operates as its make-shift office. Don’t be surprised – in this day and age Hasan Chowdhury, a political leader, lets out his house to people without knowing who they are or without any background check as he claimed. The bomb-making guests of TMC had targets of Kolkata airport and a dozen other targets (AajTak). That just about summarises the sequence of events for us

If the bomb-makers had succeeded in their plans there could have been a major carnage around Durga Puja in Bengal and who knows how many people may have been killed. And we discovered all this only because a couple of bombs they were assembling went off accidentally. MamataB’s Muslim-appeasement is not limited merely to her govt policies or vote-bank politics. She has now reduced Bengal police to levels of unthinkable stupidity after a major terror-threat. Dressing up as a Muslim or praying as a Muslim is one thing but letting or asking the police to cover up crimes, as is being reported, is a totally different thing and this is what happened:

Over 50 explosives and other accessories collected by the Bengal police from the Burdwan house were detonated and destroyed. Why? What kind of criminal police destroys evidence? In addition, the women involved in the operation burnt a lot of papers which still left some corners legible. Forensic sciences can even investigate and find clues even in fully burnt papers and items. What does the Bengal police do? I watched with horror the TimesNow reporter picking up pieces from the debris to show it to the camera while the public was casually walking around inspecting the debris as if it were a tourist spot. Is this how a state deals with terrorists or potential-terrorists? And to all that, MamataB still wants the state CID to deal with these incidents and refuses NIA investigation. Nothing can be more comic. The Centre cannot be dictated by such comic stubbornness if they plan to tackle terrorism seriously. Here’s Vicky Nanjappa who has been reporting on these events consistently:

India is strongly against cross-border terrorism and faces the same problem with Pakistan. Why would we tolerate a state where the govt acknowledges cross-border terrorism but refuses an NIA investigation? There seems to be abundant evidence that this Ahmed Hassan of TMC has been promoting extremism in Bangladesh and their govt has asked for serious action on this:

Indian Muslims will live for India and die for India” said Modi in an interview to a tainted, foreign news peddler. The Muslims involved in this entire episode not only appear to have had a plan to kill people at large but even Muslims across the border. Bengal govts, the present and the previous CPM, seem to have a special sympathy for terrorists. The CPM is known to have political-murders as a party policy. “Eminent terroristYasin Bhatkal was in custody in Bengal but jumped bail mysteriously from Kolkata. And this is the same dumb Bengal police that is investigating the Burdwan incident and related cross-border terrorism?

There is no good and bad terrorism” said Narendra Modi at the UN. There is no reason why one should tolerate a state govt which has members who not only support terror activities in India but also have links to cross-border terrorism. It doesn’t take Einstein to figure out that this cannot have been going on for so long without the knowledge of many in power in Bengal. There are problems at the LOC which Modi-Sarkar is now tackling firmly. Modi believes in the federalism and greater autonomy of states. But terrorism and cross-border promotion of it cannot be merely the state’s issue. It is a national security issue. Narendra Modi must intervene and ensure a massive operation to weed out terrorists from Bengal is undertaken. There is also the promise of sending back illegal Bangladeshis. These issues must see signals of actions. If these were mere election rhetoric there will be a very large price to pay. 


  1. Security agencies claim that pumping of fake currency through illegal Bangladeshi and Nepalese in West Bengal has been one of the significant sources of funding for terror groups across India.

    Illegal Bangladesh infiltrators, Maoists also foment terror.
    The 2002 attack on American cultural centre in Kolkata is one example of terror activity on WB soil -

  2. Special Quiz Time for Quiz Master Derek O’Brien:
    Which party members are actively involved in b0mb making and Bangladeshi Terr0r funding in West Bengal?
    A. Trinamool Congress
    B. Mamata's party
    C. TMC
    D. All of the above

  3. Its disturbing to know that such a large scale of ammunitions were manufactured at the house of ruling TMC person. More disturbing is the secular silence from commie paid media who are nurturing the evil Frankenstein by their stupor.
    These are the people who will be on the forefront chest beating, when a damage control exercise is successfully engaged and culprits brought to justice(a la JJ).

    1. The national media may be silent but regional media is not. Ananda Bazar Patrika (ABP) is not silent and raising a huge ruckus about this issue. This has led Derek O'brien to brand ABP as chief-opposition-party in the past.
      However, I do not have any trust on ABP. It is the bengali version of ToI. I find its conviction-to-truth questionable. For past few months, it is making all the correct noises though. They can change their stance any day.

  4. why blame TMC or Mamata Bannerjee when coward HM and BJP govt dare not take action on these anti indian scumbugs.We didnot voted them to power to see this day of cowardice,immobility,inaction,silent watchers all these things being done by a muslim govt in WB.

    1. I will say hold your horses. can you see the whole media went gungho over ceasefire vioations. did not give us any info and all political parties went hammer and tongs against modi as if he should take a gun and go to the border. guns now got silent.... and all these media presstitutes have nothing to offer, their grudge is there is no communication from the govt ( meaning hafta vasooli).
      I have heard may be off topic about sunanda pushkars new revelations one tom from congress comes and makes fun of 56 inches chest and starts his debate.
      If this govt goes all out you know what these media presstitutes will say? with brute majority there is dictatrail one way trial.
      I know slowly Modi govt will do according to Chankya Neeti. Sloow and steady but seethings will fall into place.
      I hope so, I dont think Modi will take these things atleast antinationalsm lightly.
      Look at the way whole ceasefire violations changed the paradigm.
      slowly pakis slowly stopped but we cannot take it easy though and I think he knows.
      mamta will join jaya for sure and madam sonia too basically she willopt for running away from the country.

  5. if pretensions is that NDA govt has no majority in RS and cant get the bill passed for dismissal of a traitor state govt,we think we need a fascist govt at centre suspending constitution and taking over full powrrs on hand.

    1. Your wishful thinking, if ever came true, India will turn into a Banana Republic. Apparently, you don't have knowledge about the power (or powerlessness) of the Central government when it came to the states and their rights.

    2. I completely agree with you . Communism / Marxism and Fascism are one and same and both concepts are alien to India /Hindustan . The aim of both Marxism / Fascism is one and same : destruction of Hindus / Hinduism . One of the distinguishing feature of Hindutva : Ramrajya has feature where "prejudices/ opinion of common people has supermacy over desires/ likes of King ". So no dictatorship whether Marxist or Fascist or and shit .

  6. "If the bomb-makers had succeeded in their plans there could have been a major carnage around Durga Puja in Bengal and who knows how many people may have been killed. And we discovered all this only because a couple of bombs they were assembling went off accidentally."--Even if we leave political scoundrels aside, this is indeed terrible on the part of intelligence agencies. Except for airports & VIP areas, every public place is open for terrorists to strike at will, with almost no security.

    Policing system has crumbled, they have become the corrupt version of home-guards, only adding to the nuisance value. Hope the government would take up this as 10 year project to cleanse the system otherwise we all would be 'Ram-bharose' for ever.

  7. Ravinarji, eventually you/we are going to be disappointed and exhausted! Too many unpatriotic scumbags across parties, media, govt, etc. Not a cynic, but turning into one!

  8. I was watching the bengali news channels on the day the news was coming out. A senior official from state police/investigating-agency accepted that the explosives were detonated in an island in the river (in bengali we call such islands as 'chawr') but it was standard forensic practice. He claimed that before and during the detonation there were video cameras to cover all. He also claimed that post-explosion, the remnants of the shell are good evidence.
    As a layman, I could neither endorse/oppose the declaration. Can a forensic expert comment on this?

    1. it seems logical. However can't understand the hurry for destroying these explosives.

  9. A party indulging in such activities must be barred from contesting elections. Its office bearers punished for acts of sedition. The supreme commander of the armed forces, The President of India, should take things in his hands & fix these elements in our own yard. These are enemies of the state & need to be crushed. Our army is defending the border but those inside our homes need an elder to reprimand them. Will The President pls stand up?

  10. Media giving least imporatance to this news is inexplicable...This should have been the national news but sadly NO. Just imagine if similar case has happened in a house belonging to a BJP leader or even RSS/VHP leaders. OMG!!!

    1. that is why they are media presstitutes. If lets say centralgovt takes over then it hits their TRP up then they will start reporting negative or positive.
      They dont care about the nation as simple as that.
      do you think other than WB any one would be interested about this if they dont highlight as if this is a movie? so there is no TRP.
      That is the problem with the media presstitutes. They just block what ever is good for the nation.
      Lets say there are two opposite new channels in US fox and CNN, they may crib about anything and support their views but when it comes to the nation they just say what is in it for our Country.
      This simple logic our presstitutes did not get it.
      They ape everything but not the gist.

  11. This indeed a very rude wake up call. Time to start deportation of illegal Bangladeshis as promised by Modi in his election speech.

    Mamata, Nitish and Mulayam are seriously creating monsters that will finally destroy them. Wonder how don't these people look at Pakistan created Al-Queda now threatening the parent country and learn a lesson.

    Central investigation is indeed a welcome step. Hope to see all the crooks behind bars soon.

    1. True ma'am! But why look elsewhere? We had it happen in our own yard. Brindenwala was promoted by Indira G herself, with terrible repercussions, as we all know.

  12. Today there is an overwhelming need of a quick & comprehensive clean-up of all terror outfits within, irrespective of whichever religion they belong to.

    All illegal inhabitants should be identified and thrown out forthwith.

    INDIA for INDIANS !!!

    This government and specifically the union HM needs to take notice of the public mood and act with all firmness in tackling the internal enemies.

    People want demonstrable results.

    As Ravinaar so pointedly stated,
    "If these were mere election rhetoric there will be a very large price to pay."

    The trust people invested in this government is too huge to play with!

    With the kind of proof already available, the government in WB should be dismissed and reigns taken over by the Center.

    Federalism & more autonomy for states can wait.

    One NEEDS to be alive in the first place to be able to think or act.

    Internal security is more important to India today than even development.

    We still believe......

  13. Indian Election Commission which gives notices to Modi & BJP for "poll violations" allows Pakistanis and Bangladeshis to becomes MPs in India? Election Commission needs to be revamped with people with integrity rather than chamchaas of Sonia Gandhi and Congress.

  14. Just to update, as per reports online the probe has been taken over by NIA. I think Ravinar is doing an excellent job by articulating this issue so meticulously, but people should not be hypocritical for their own impatience.

    As the old proverb goes "Where there is a will, there is a way". I feel that this Government definitely has the will. People will see the way....


    1. Let me add too Bahenji.
      I have a lot of confidence, Modiji knows Chankya Neeti, He will not dissappoint us.
      I also have been from almost 12th grade, before that also have been supporter of BJP.
      And whenever I had an opportunity I canvassed or did all booth work, when BJP had a couple of seats in parliament.
      I liked their ideology, I mean our family liked and we got into it.
      when TDP came in we were ectatic for the first time, it was not BJP though, but slavery under congress was against our ethos.
      My dad even now he is paralytic (sorry no sentiment) still feels proud, Modi became PM.
      I am sure he is not going to dissapoint us, these media presstitutes are the bane of our society, they are truly antinational of TRP concsious.
      so i think slow and steady, he is going to fix, first thing he did is to hellwith presstiturtes, I am going to talk and my work is going to talk according to my place and situation.
      That is what I liked the most..

  16. I was expecting seriousness and pro-activeness from this Govt at least in dealing with Internal terrorists and terrorism but in fact don't see any such policy by present BJP govt.

    Policy is same as "Jab Jagao Tab Savera"....

    State like WB,Kerala,Tamil Nadu has breaded terrorists in the name of Secularism and with minority welfare schemes instead of cutting such funds to this state, BJP is mute spectator and watching bomb blast from bomb manufacturing units, serious of killing of Hindu leaders from Tamil Nadu in last 1 years has already crossed 32+ still center feels its not fare to trespass federal structure..

    Needless to point out Kerala because here RSS & BJP cadres both keep get killed by commie goons...

    Instead of bumping off such terror module, govt policy is like wait and watch, typical political worst case just let people understand the kind of Govt they have in the state, so that they get chance of showcasing there best to them!

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