Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Digging The Fiberal Grave

A friend recently mailed a very interesting article titled “10 Things About The U.S. News Media That They Do Not Want You To Know”. Fortunately, they limited it to 10. In India we can stretch the list to 100. We will compare notes soon. It is now an indisputable fact that the Social Media (SM) has severely dented the credibility of Mainstream Media (MSM). This denting is not because SM warriors possess some clout or inside information but simply because they call the lies of MSM. The Fiberals (Or left-liberals as they fashion themselves) are still not able to digest how they were beaten in Elections 2014. First they said SM doesn’t influence elections and now they whine the “Right Wing” SM warriors indulge in propaganda in support of PM Narendra Modi. The shrillest whining comes from none other than eternal C5M Sagarika Ghose. The shrillery is because her inferiority complex in public discourse has been stripped naked way too often. Incidentally, she claims Modi critics are being silenced by SM warriors (she calls them Jihadis) almost around the same time a TV channel censored Anupam Kher when he spoke about Kashmiri Pandits. Here are some snippets from Sagarika:

This is not democracy! Any critic of this government is a “deshdrohi“; any hint of disagreement and you become an “anti-national traitor“ liable for sedition; any small critique means one is a “minorities-worshipping“, “sickular“ “libtard“, “communist“, “dynastic Congi slave“ who must instantly take up residence in Pakistan”.

Don’t wait for me to tell you when to laugh. Okay? Firstly, who are the morons who claimed they will leave India if Modi becomes PM? There is the late-liberal UR Ananthamurthy who said he will leave India if Modi becomes PM. Then there was left-libbie half-actress Nandita Das who whined on TV “I have a small kid, how can I live in this country” if Modi becomes PM (And all Fiberal TV crooks played up this whine over and over again). If some little starlet gets such airtime to whine do SM warriors demand that time? No! Question is, did any RW warrior say that he or she will leave India if Pappu or Mulayam Singh becomes PM? Who are the ones who really hate our democratic system? Will this C5M tell us who is not democratic? Will this bimbo tell us if these rants by her Fiberals are not mindless hatred? And they play up these nonsensical rants for what? That is what propaganda is. Salma says it; Sabrina quotes and keeps playing it.

And, of course, Sagarika is upset at all the name-calling. “Desh drohi, anti-national, minorities-worshipping, sickular, libtard, communist, dynastic Congi slave”. You’re upset with these names? Oops! Let’s see, you call people “Sanghis, Knickerwallahs, Pink Chaddis, Gandhi-killers, RW lunatics, Saffron mob” and all that. Who started this name-calling? It started with the Fiberal criminals long before SM even came into existence. And now they whine? Sagarika forgot to add I also call her a Category5Moron because she personally calls others “Internet Hindus, Swarm of bees, guttersnipes, ugly Indian males”. The list is long. What the RW is doing is rightfully chastising these idiots. If they had practiced fair debate they wouldn’t be getting such titles from the SM warriors. Of course, I don’t have to specifically add that there are equal number of SM warriors from Congress and AAP etc who are darlings of Sagarika. But it’s only the “RW Jihadis” that are silencing her. Err… silencing her or her Fiberals? Like Sabrina Ashutosh Varshney endorses?

So the essence of her crap is that she’s not able to digest electoral victories of Modi and has also been sacked from her TV channel. That she cannot rant like before is her “loss of free speech”. But even that is not true. You see, they want all the platforms. Sagarika had TV, she writes in multiple newspapers and websites. She has her own blog and twitter. Yet, this fake “victimhood” and whine about being silenced. So too with her grand endorser Varshney, who was first “evoluted” by Barkha, was frequently on TV and also writes on multiple sites and newspapers. You are the ones who are silenced? Pray do tell us how to honour your graves if that is the case. The most awful truth is that all these scumbags have used their freedom to abuse freedom of speech and abuse ordinary people. We should remind ourselves frequently on how Rajdeep Sardesai exercised his “free speech” rights at New York:

By the way, Sagarika also claims she and her lot had criticised the Congress constantly. Really? When once asked when she criticised Congress she had to pull out an eight-year old article of hers to show. Oh yes! In contrast they are quick to trash Modi. Sagarika’s Hammami pal Ram Guha recently tweeted nonsense about Modi saying Nehru didn’t attend Sardar Patel’s funeral when that was proved fake long ago. Even few days ago Rajdeep tried to spin the Delhi Trilokpuri riots as prelude to a bye-poll when there isn’t any. He wanted to imply BJP had engineered these riots for the bye-poll. These are the lies that the SM quickly dismantles and puts these rogues to shame and upsets the Fiberals. They want the freedom to continue their lies which the SM warriors don’t allow them. That’s their “victimhood”!  They do criticise Congress. How? Here’s how they criticised Congress on the National Herald scam:

I can go and on with the bogus reporting and SoniaG-foot-licking journalism these poodles have practiced. So who are these left-liberals and why are they whining now? These liberals are small band of elite slaves of the establishment who dominated every discourse in the public domain. They enjoyed all the luxuries the Commie Congress gave them. Many of these whiners live in Govt houses. They get privileges unknown to the common man. It is an exclusive, incestuous club. The ordinary SM people are the intruders at their private orgy. Ordinary Indians were a nuisance to them. The SM has dented that monopoly. The SM is not an organised mafia as the HATO alliance is. If a member of the HATO club is in trouble they will all come to his or her help, whether it is Barkha and others in Radiagate or rape-accused Tejpal. Now it’s not easy to protect HATO criminals because SM makes too much noise. That upsets them. These same crooks who called Modi a “mass-murderer, hero of hatred” now crawl like worms to get Selfies with him. It is this that upsets them apart from the overall fall of MSM.

Let’s get back to those “10 things” that American media won’t tell its consumers. Though it’s a different country there are many parallels that we can draw (and maybe stretch it to 100 like I said earlier). The quotes are in blue as usual and my comments are in black:

#1 The level of trust in the U.S. news media is at an all-time low.
According to a Gallup survey that was conducted last month, only 40 percent of all Americans have a “great deal/fair amount” of confidence in the mass media.  That ties the lowest level that Gallup has ever recorded.
#4 MSNBC is in a death spiral.
After years of lying to the American people, the credibility of MSNBC is absolutely shot.  Pretty much all MSNBC does is endlessly spew establishment propaganda.  One study found that MSNBC only engages in 15 percent “factual reporting” and the other 85 percent is “commentary/opinion”.
Sounds a lot like NDTV and CNN-IBN doesn’t it? NDTV is sinking for multiple reasons but you don’t have to be Einstein to figure out who sunk CNN-IBN. MSNBC is a lot leftie like our own Hammam. So this Fiberal disease is not unique to India. And guess what? Low factual reporting and high on propaganda! That’s what Sagarika and Rajdeep (AAP promoters) cannot do anymore so she accuses SM of her own crimes.

#5 Americans are increasingly turning to Facebook and other Internet sources for their news.
At least that is what one recent survey discovered.  It found that an astounding 48 percent of Americans got news about government and politics from Facebook within the past week.  The numbers for CNN and Fox News were just 44 percent and 39 percent respectively.
Oh! But you see these SM Jihadis are all about propaganda and silencing critics and have nothing to do with truth or facts. Eh?

#9 News magazines are also experiencing a dramatic multi-year decline in ad revenues.
Once upon a time, news magazines such as Time, Newsweek and U.S. News & World Report were must reads. But those days are long gone. Ad revenues are way down across the entire industry, and any magazine that can keep their yearly losses to the single digits is applauded for it
Is it any surprise the likes of Vinod Mehta have sacked many employees at Outlook? And then he has nothing to do now but whine on TV channels and websites? Ditto for HATO members like Hartosh Singh Bal and his ilk. Their tribe is being dented severely by SM. It aggravates their pain further when a thoroughly exposed propagandini like Sagarika is their spokie. A woman that does nothing but create victimhood situations like her tweet about how that Hyderabad Dilsukh Nagar has meat shops so Muslims are the victims.

#10 Even though the mainstream media is dying, they still have an overwhelmingly dominant position.
What would you say if I told you that there are just six enormous media conglomerates that combine to produce about 90 percent of all the media that Americans consume? If you do not believe this, please see my previous article entitled “Who Owns The Media? The 6 Monolithic Corporations That Control Almost Everything We Watch, Hear And Read“? This is why “the news” seems to be so similar no matter what channel you watch.
The news is similar in all the channels. What do you say to that? That all these MSM poodles have the same “agenda”, the same “propaganda” and still have the same target to demonise: Modi. Even in communal riots like the recent Trilokpuri incident they haven’t wasted any time in trying to blame BJP or some Hindu outfit. SM has to constantly combat this MSM nonsense, propaganda and their lies. A huge majority of people on SM have nothing to gain personally. All these MSM criminals have enriched themselves with their propaganda and hate-spewing. So what are they complaining about silencing them? The MSM still dominates the public discourse but is destined for death if they cannot introspect and correct themselves. If they destroy the institution of news media then in future we will have rapists, murderers and criminals as journalists just as we have in politics.

They aren’t dumb. They do see the warnings. They do see their incestuous club dying. The Commie Fiberals will draw friends from anywhere in India, Europe or USA to peddle their trash. Ashutosh Varshney is just one such pimp. This incestuous Fiberal club is deeply in love with their Paki counterparts too and that’s why they whine so much for Pakistan. Their scotch circuit extends beyond India. And their job is to paint the Hindus or RightWingers as evil monsters who are bent on destroying democracy. What these “SM Jihadis” are destroying is the lies and HATO club. Simple! Nobody wants free speech to be curbed or anyone silenced and no one is being silenced. This fake victimhood is because they see their grave. If they wish, people will honour their graves as they recently did in Maharashtra and Haryana. That is what is causing them pain not some SM Jihadis.

PS: It is ironical that it took a Paki-American writer to call the trash of Commie Fiberals like Pankaj Mishra and Arundhati Roy. Our HATO club will continue protecting criminals.  

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bonfire Of The HATO Alliance

One of the advantages Narendra Modi enjoys is that his silly political opponents and the HATO (Hammam Associates Treaty Organisation) in media are permanently busy in lampooning him and calling him names. They forget that the man is one of the shrewdest politicians to walk the Indian political scene. He is the man responsible for asking the ShivSena to go take a walk and refuse to tolerate their tantrums. There are many who are unaware of the history of the SS. This party was once what the AAP today is – a clone of the Congress disguised as an independent party. Later when BJP emerged as a Hindutva warrior the Sena changed colours. I don’t have to write the whole story. Fortunately, someone has written it here and I recommend a read.

In the LKA-ABV era of BJP, the party was pussy-footing in taking on the fake Gandhis directly. That’s all gone and the Gandhis are now exposed as the worst political performers. Both Sonia and her dumb son Rahul (or even the Jenny-come-when-I-want Mrs Vadra) have disgraced themselves for not taking responsibility for any of their recent string of defeats. Their disgrace extends to condemnable behaviour of not even congratulating the winner. Such a party is destined for the dustbin unless they throw up new leadership. The media indulges in wishful thinking hoping somehow the Congress will cobble up some victories and stop the Modi march. I find it amazing that the media, who should be a mere witness and reporter of events, is so angry at a party faring well in elections. To dent the BJP many of the media poodles even went to the extent of sucking up to the SS and Uddhav Thackeray, a man with zero leadership skills and zero charisma. Therefore, post the results of Maharashtra and Haryana (and even before it) the media was busy trying to spin the results as a defeat for Modi.

My first post on January 1 this year was about the victory of good over evil. Most people could read the public mood. The victory of good over evil in our politics was inevitable. It is only our media scumbags who wanted evil to win. It is fun to look back on some of the worst of these in our media who are still unable to come to terms with the reality of their own destruction. Here is Kumar Ketkar, senior dirty-lingerie manager of the Congress, whose filth will be permanently etched along with the name of the party:

This pimp Ketkar and his co-pigs even claimed the Congress did well in Maharashtra because some stupid polls predicted they will get only 2o seats while they actually got 40 seats. Effectively, these morons would have people believe the Congis have exceeded performance expectations by 100% and have therefore won while the BJP languishes in defeat. If I lose a cricket match; as a bad loser I would probably tell you what you played wasn’t cricket but foozeball. Well, that’s exactly what the greatest moron Maharashtra ever produced had to say about democracy:

As the MahaMoron says; if BJP wins an election India does not remain a democracy anymore. This is the same MahaMoron who also once claimed middle class people of low IQ vote BJP. My cup of joy runneth over. There is this ‘eminent distortian’ Ram Guha, who has grovelled before every institution of the Nehru-Gandhi clan for crumbs for survival who suddenly discovers the most pernicious lie that Modi perpetrated:

Naturally, people on SM are smarter and quickly pointed to the lies that our media crooks survive on for their daily bone. I’m no distortian and not very well-versed in that art but I’m certainly good at spotting pigs who find their way to garbage without any help. I can easily tell Ram Guha is one of those pigs. He’s not alone. Tulsi Gabbard has been a Hindu since her childhood. She took her Congressional oath on a Gita she cherished from her teenage years. She gifts that particular copy of the Gita to Modi. So what does Pig-in-chief of media Barkha Dutt ask her? She asks Gabbard if she is going to stick to Hinduism. Islamic Bimbo in action! Not just that, little piglet Barkha later claims she was adoring Tulsi and letting the world know how she came to embrace Hinduism as if it’s some new story like that of Julia Roberts. I wonder why Barkha Dutt who sucks up to Shashi Tharoor so often never asked him if he was going to stick to his third wife (she could have been oh so providential too) or she herself would hypothetically stick to a third husband. Bonfires are in order! This stupid line of questioning is only reserved for those who adopt the Hindu way of life as the Tweeter below rightly asks:

There’s another HATO member whose propensity to produce filth has dramatically increased since Modi became PM. That this pig hates Modi is one thing but he doesn’t stop there. He wants America to hate Modi too and writes a whole article warning the American govt to be wary of Modi. What kind of pig wants others to hate the PM of his own country? I give you the ugly, terrorist-looking filth called Hartosh Singh Bal (Bal is one who abuses anything Hindu but is too ashamed to sport his own religion and like a coward chopped off his goldilocks):

If you heard the constant weeping of this HarBal’s guitar, you’d think he is some George Harrison and Modi is some Eric Clapton who ran away with Layla. There are still others who are permanently in denial about the nature of India’s democracy and election patterns who have now devised a new way of measuring electoral wins in our democracy. They claim unless you’re voted by 786% of the electorate you have no right to be the PM of India. Well, these are the very same people who were fine with and were constantly giving certificates of honesty to a “publicly unelected-came through the bathroom window PM” like MMS. To street thugs like Rajdeep Sardesai who have now turned media into a violent art, my message is simple; get out:

If all that was fun then it isn’t over yet. The media pimps have such an urgency for orgasm that they can’t even wait to verify a story for accuracy or checking first with their target before publishing. Imagine a pig’s delight when it falls into a heap of garbage. That’s like a dog delighting when it falls over a huge mound of sand:

The art of “LIG BIG, retract small” took another major leap with liars like Economic Times, Business Standard publishing the bogus story about Modi’s PMO staff-strength. Given their lead, all the Congress mongrels on social media jumped in delight to relay the fake story only to realise that “Fair & Lovely” couldn’t quite hide their pig-face. What a waste. In the end, there is hope. Good does win over evil. Pigs too have their fill of garbage but eventually end up as pork. Some of these HATO members want a cracker-less Diwali too. Yeah alright! Have it your way. Diwali isn’t quite like Holi but a bonfire of the HATO club in flames is a satisfactory outcome for me. I love the thought.

The thought crosses my mind all the time. I can picture these evil characters burning in their own hate-filled existence. The flame that illuminates and educates the rest of the world also burns the hate-mongers’ characters to death. The flame of truth that routinely kisses us every single day also gives them heartburn. That flame lights up truth unfailingly, despite the attempts of these hate-mongers to spread lies. And that’s how we win.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Why Modi Won't Leave It To No.10

Someone rightly said “Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department”. This is the reason why CEOs and MDs in the most successful companies keenly look into every marketing strategy and tactic. They remain highly involved in marketing decisions and actions.

India were 254 for 6 when Sachin Tendulkar took an avoidable risk and was out caught. His glorious innings of 136 came to an end and he will never forget that test nor will many cricket-lovers in India. Sachin will look back on that innings, one of his best, with pride and regret. That was India V Pakistan at Chennai in 1999. India were just 17 runs short of victory. The last four batsmen added just 4 runs and India were bowled out, handing a 12-run electrifying victory to Pakistan. Sunil Gavaskar lamented “Sachin should have finished the job and not have left it to the remaining batsmen”. There is no way one can find fault with Sachin, although expecting him to have finished it off is fair, when the last four couldn’t manage even 17 runs. In a situation like that you finish the job.

There won’t be any dispute if I called Sachin a leader among batsmen although he may not have fared great as a captain. Amitabh Bachchan can be called a leader in acting and movies although he was miserable in politics. Our HATO club (Hammam Associates Treaty Organisation) in the media plays blind to the phenomenal leadership that stares them in their eyes. Narendra Modi’s story as a leader in contemporary world politics is by far the most outstanding story. A man hunted and pursued viciously by his political enemies with their bootlickers in media and establishment has not only survived them but has surpassed and beaten all of them hands down. He is the Prime Minister of India while the HATO club in the media and political domain languish in their bottomless pit of filth. Modi’s talent as a public servant has been nurtured from a young age. It stands to reason that he has acquired leadership skills in an area in which he possesses talent. If he had taken up acting maybe he would have fared as badly as Bachchan fared in politics.

Instead of analysing Modi’s leadership skills and techniques our media crooks have been talking nonsense all the time. They scream “Test for Modi” every time there is some event. America a test for Modi! Mangalyaan a test for Modi! China a test for Modi! Bye-polls a test for Modi! UN a test for Modi! I-Day speech a test for Modi! ISIS a test for Modi! LOC a test for Modi! Maharashtra and Haryana polls a test for Modi! Barkha’s make up a test for Modi! Oops! Not the last one. People are naturally laughing at our media clowns. While they pretend to be great political analysts, people are seeing them naked. Their eyes are so clouded with filth and hatred that they cannot see what is obvious to common men and women. Events of late aren’t any test for Modi. He has passed the toughest tests and become the PM. It is our media morons whose lives and survival are under a constant test. Along with Modi’s political opponents our HATO club made a lot of noise about Modi campaigning while there was friction at the LOC. His opponents made out the campaigning meant negligence of LOC. What do these idiots imagine or want people to believe? That a PM sits at his office and attends to only one thing during a day? Truth is that the Pakis have taken the beating of their life even as Modi continued with his campaign as this tweet reflects:

The action by Modi in empowering the Army/BSF to take appropriate retaliatory action is a huge deviation from the past. For a decade our stupid GOI usually came up with the nonsensical “Kadi Ninda” (Strong condemnation) for Pak atrocities on the LOC. Even the cartoonists did not miss the dramatic difference this time around with Modi as PM. This one below is among the best I have seen:

Now, those who are ranting about Modi campaigning heavily during these state elections had no complaints when the Limp Biskit MMS campaigned. It’s because MMS usually mumbles when he speaks and is a man who has never won a public election and nobody likes listening to him, except maybe Congi slaves. In contrast, Modi is a crowd puller, a great orator and has never lost a public election. That is what is causing them heartburn. Under Modi’s leadership the BJP’s stocks have grown dramatically and it threatens to wipe out our media’s crumb-feeder, the Congress and its Sicko alliance partners. In particular, in the large and important state of Maharashtra, our media crooks see a huge pot of gold for them disappearing if the Congress loses and BJP comes to power. So lately, they even started sucking up to the ShivSena that they genetically hate. Given its importance, Modi obviously lays huge value to the stakes in Maharashtra, a lot more than Haryana. It is natural that he chooses not to leave marketing to the marketing department. It is important to understand Modi’s leadership style which is demonstrated in various situations.

Leadership is a skill that can be acquired (if someone wants to). Leadership skills are also easier to acquire in a domain that one possesses talent in. No matter how much lipstick Barkha & Co. put on him, Rahul Gandhi’s talents clearly don’t lie in the political domain. Therefore, he is unable to establish leadership within his party or with people. Behind his back his own partymen scoff at him and some even openly call him a “joker”. There are broadly four leadership styles that are universally accepted. There are some who add one or two more as you can read here. There is no harm if you broaden your list with some variants. But the generally accepted four styles of leadership are plotted in this matrix below:

If I were to put Modi in one of these quadrants then it would clearly be S2. Modi is highly directive and also highly supportive. He does not take decisions which aren’t backed by full support or full scale action. The LOC action by our Army is a good indicator of that. It had the Paki PM running to the UN for help. Try and plot other political leaders and you will find a reasonable explanation on why some succeed and some don’t. Modi might take a decision and delegate but he will just as surely ensure that an issue reaches a desired outcome or as close as it can get. Do remember that there can be times when the leadership styles may float a bit here and there within these quadrants. Humans can be moody too but these styles largely define a consistent pattern for a leader’s style. The political leader forces and sets the agenda. Modi has left all the “caste & religion” discourse of the past far behind. He has forced every politician to talk about development, growth, cleanliness, employment. With such a leader a certain amount of chest-thumping is inevitable. What’s SoniaG’s chest-thumping all about? It’s nothing beyond Nehru-Gandhi because she doesn’t have major accomplishments to talk about and she certainly cannot be chest-thumping about her massive corruption and the corrupt govt she led.

What about Modi as a team player? He is often accused of being a dictator by his opponents and the media. Assertive, firm leaders do appear dictatorial at times. But what these folks forget is that Modi was a frontline RSS “Karyakarta”. It is impossible to survive in that position in RSS without being a team player. You have to climb the ladder the hard way in RSS no matter how much our media and sickular folks spew hatred against it. While spewing hatred against RSS our media never bothers to write about the team work or organisational structures of RSS. It is far from a dynastic organisation like the Congress or many of its clones and even others like AIADMK or DMK. For that matter it is extraordinary that in a country of feudal, dynastic outfits in politics BJP has managed to steer clear of such a structure. Democracy should count a blessing. So how would Modi fit in as a team player when it comes to it? Try and make your own decision with this chart:

Analyse Modi’s talks and walks. One will find he largely fulfils the roles demanded of him in various situations as a team-leader. At the heart of all his actions is the deep desire for his team to win. He wants BJP to win, he wants Congress obliterated. He has made no secret of his contempt for the dynastic and corrupt politics of Congress with his “Congress Mukt Bharat” call. He told street scumbag Rajdeep Sardesai after the 2007 Gujarat elections: “I am committed to a mission, not ambition’.

Will Modi make mistakes? Yes, he will. But as the leader of the country and of a political party his actions are oriented towards eliminating the risks of mistakes. That’s what any Marketing head does all the time in business. Doesn’t he? When push came to shove the BJP broke away from ShivSena. I had recommended this a long time ago. I don’t look at politics as a political analyst or expert. I look at it from a marketer’s angle on how best my products and services will fare and what decisions need to be taken. From that angle ShivSena was clearly a baggage that BJP should have thrown away a long time ago. Post-poll alliances from a position of strength is the way to go for a national party. The other thing is people are generally large-hearted and forgiving by nature. But they would forgive mistakes of any political leader provided they believe he is sincere, uncorrupt and there is no mal-intention in his decisions. Modi makes all that easy for people to forgive should he make mistakes. Can you say the same for Sonia or Pawar?  

Modi is highly determined to wipe out the Congress and make India stronger and better. Those are his only motivations and nothing else. In the process he will desperately want his team to win in an important state in Maharashtra (and, of course, Haryana too although the stakes are much lesser). That he campaigns so heavily for his party is not to occupy the crease all by himself. That Gopinath Munde, a CM contender, died suddenly added to BJP’s problems. Here on, BJP will have to develop stronger state leaders like in MP, Rajasthan and Goa if they have to carry the battle forward. But all this media crap about Modi being constantly under “test” is a big load of rubbish. Electorally, Modi has nothing left to prove.

The 136 by Sachin Tendulkar is considered by many as one of the greatest test innings. It was an edge-of-the-seat contest with Pakistan. That loss didn’t make Sachin any less a great batsman or put him under test all his cricketing life. Did it? You win, you lose battles. So too in politics. The exit polls so far show BJP as the single largest party in both Maharashtra and Haryana. The media will now make it out to be defeat if BJP doesn’t get a clear majority. That is utter nonsense. Considering where BJP was in Maharashtra, an outcome of being the single largest party is a clear victory for BJP. All that is of much lesser significance for me. What is indeed significant is that, unlike Sachin, Modi is not going to leave it to batsman No.10. One of the team-leader’s roles is that of the “finisher” (Remember Dhoni in WC 2011?). And that is what upsets our media morons.