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Monday, September 1, 2014

Pet Canards - Part - 1

In a day or two the entire MSM will analyse the 100 days of Modi-Govt. Some members of the G-37 will tell you what the Modi-Sarkar did not achieve and how they have miserably failed. Political opponents of Modi will coin some phrases to describe the failures. They are masters at coining phrases and labels. Remember Nidhi Razdan and that British MP Barry Gardiner who invited Modi to the UK? She kept calling Modi “controversial” in every sentence she spoke. It’s not an accident and it’s not spontaneous. This comes with scripted hatred. Then there was the “Rambo” episode, the “Puppy” episode which used the words to “monsterize” Modi. Of course, the usual titles of fascist, murderer, Hitler, racist, anti-Muslim have been around long enough. There is something about his plain-talk (like “secularism ka burqa”) that upsets our Commie Congress, their Commie clones and our Commie media. The criminals in the MSM who parade as “liberals” are in fact “Fiberals” who cannot survive without lies and denials of truth. You could call those “pet canards”. Yogi Adityanath, the saffron-robed BJP MP, has been rattling the media and the Commie bunch with some blunt truths. Let’s read a sample response from Firstpost:

Firebrand BJP leader Yogi Adityanath has attacked the minority community, saying riots happen wherever they are more than 10 percent in numbers while there is no place for non-Muslims where they are more than 35 percent. Defending his provocative speeches, the Gorakhpur MP, who is among three party leaders entrusted with leading BJP campaign for the upcoming bye-elections in Uttar Pradesh, said Hindus will reply "in the same language" if they are subjected to attacks or forcible conversions… "In places where there are 10 to 20 percent minorities, stray communal incidents take place. Where there are 20 to 35 percent of them, serious communal riots take place and where they are more than 35 percent, there is no place for non-Muslims," he said. "I have said, if you (minorities) kill one of us, do not expect that you will remain safe... If the other side does not stay in peace, we will teach them how to stay in peace," Adityanath said… Justifying his rabble-rousing remarks, he said, "Whatever I had then said was conditional. If the other is a danav (devil), not a manav (human), then one has to reply. If I have a mala (rosary) in one hand, I also carry a bhala (javelin) in the other". He alleged 'Love Jihad', a term coined by Hindutva activists to protest alleged organised conversion of Hindu girls, is an "international conspiracy" against India. He cited some court orders to buttress his claim”.

It goes beyond reporting. They call him a “rabble-rouser”. Pet canard! Why? Because he speaks some very blunt truths? Is it not true that as the Muslim population in certain areas increase there is a dramatic increase in riots? Why don’t we have so many riots in Goa with Christians or with Sikhs in Punjab? Others on NDTV, CNN-IBN, Timesnow are arguing about his statement like “If you kill one Hindu, we will kill a hundred” or “If they convert one Hindu girl, we should convert 100 of theirs”. Sure, these are provocative statements but all provocative statements are not necessarily hate speeches. While they want to hang the Yogi for such statements, none of our corrupt media anchors want to ask “Why should the Muslims kill even ONE Hindu or anyone at all”? In recent years all Muslim agitations have invariably been violent. I have rarely heard of a peaceful protest or agitation. From Azad Maidan to Saharanpur or all those movies, cartoons and Gaza protests. Someone had posted this sarcastic pic on Twitter:

Events across the world have completely demolished the nonsense of Commie arguments about terrorism has no religion or Muslims are being victimised. Many MSM “Candlelight sinners” mourned endlessly about Gaza but when the ISIS killings broke they all went into a hiding. The iRudali even did a show “Our rather volatile debate on whether India has abandoned her heart on the Gaza killings”. You won’t find her, or any other media crook, debating ISIS or some horrific incidents that came to light in England. First, let’s watch a small clip from a studio debate with a panel typically filled with “Barkhas of England”. In the audience as a volunteer is (ex) founder of English Defence League (EDL) Tommy Robinson (an alias) and this event was a few months before the horrific rapes of 1400 girls came to light. Let’s watch (5.09 mins):

Nice! The opening shot comes from a Muslim who wants to put Anjem Chaudhary and Tommy Robinson on an island and bomb them with Anthrax. I wonder what this obsession is with wanting to bomb anyone you hate. Anyway! Robinson tries to explain there is nothing racist about his protests against Islamists or their ideology and there isn’t really. There is a woman in a pink top and you can’t mistake the permanent scowl on her face which shows the contempt she has for Robinson. She keeps calling him “racist, racist, racist” but not once does she explain why he is a racist. Nobody does! Yet the MSM-brainwashed audience also cheers each time he is called a racist. The full video of that show is on Youtube and some comments on the page reflect more maturity than the panellists and the host:

The entire bunch of morons in that hall, including the idiotic host proved how an entire country was taken for a ride by “fake secularism” and manufactured fears of racism. Because, as we all know by now, this stupid “political correctness” resulted in the rape, abuse and some murders of 1400 girls in Rotherham. The morons like Saira Khan (the woman in pink) should feel like thorough bumpkins for refusing to see the truth. The facts about the cases that were buried and how victims were turned the accused is shocking to say the least. In one case a girl narrated how 250 men had raped her. Here’s another small bit from the Rotherham story:

The police arrested the victim. Looks like Rahul Kanwal would be pleased with that considering he wants to turn Tara Sahdeo into an offender. Ironically, the one everyone hated in that hall (Tommy Robinson) today stands vindicated. Let’s run through the report once again, this time from Frontpage:

The abuse of at least 1,400 British girls took place because multiculturalism and denial came before their safety. Just as with terrorism, it was easier to close your eyes and chant, “Islam is a Religion of Peace”.

A culture of Left-wing political correctness led politicians and officials to ignore the plight of young girls who were being sexually abused by Asian men, Labour figures have warned.
Ann Cryer, an MP from 1997 until 2010, told The Sunday Telegraph how she had feared being called “racist” when, in 2002, she exposed a sex-abuse scandal involving Pakistani men in her constituency of Keighley, West Yorkshire. A “politically correct Left just saw it as racism”, she said. At the same time, Simon Danczuk, the Labour MP for Rochdale, revealed that even now some of his colleagues disapproved of his efforts to uncover child abuse, because some were “obsessing about multiculturalism”. Mrs Cryer recalled how there was a politically correct Left that saw her fight as racism. “At the time I was dealing with this, 2002-04, political correctness was playing a big part. The Guardian at that time hardly mentioned these things… because it was so politically correct.”

Simon Danczuk has written more: I believe that all those three agencies are run by a liberal, woolly-minded, middle-class elite who simply cannot conceive of the truly miserable lives that some inner-city children in this country are forced to endure, and who prefer to concentrate on media-friendly ideas such as multiculturalism, diversity and community values – rather than on something as wicked as the rape of a child. They do not pursue the perpetrators because, blinded by political correctness, they simply do not see the abuse”.

Do note that these multi-culti crimes started after Tony Blair promoted it since 1997 when he became PM and all these 1400 abuse cases are mostly during his tenure as PM. Votebank Sickularism kills everywhere. And as the report above indicates our stupid Indian media too does not pursue such cases because it would offend Muslims, because of Sickularism and because of their intense hatred for Hindus. Anyone who raises his voice will be called a racist, fascist, bigot and all kinds of similar names. The article above mentions The Guardian’s political correctness specifically. This is what the political pimps at the Guardian and Economic Review were busy doing in the past two years:

As penitence, The Guardian carried a piece by Ruzwana Bashir, an earlier victim. Although her article is poignant the paper still peddles the same political correctness with vague descriptions such as “Asian men” etc. The revelations of these crimes have surely proved the ones in the video and many Commie defenders of fake secularism and appeasement are the dumbest idiots in politics and media. The moment someone puts out a warning or sends signals they will brand him as a bigot, anti-Muslim and a racist. Yogi Adityanath had all of it coming since he made his stunning speech in parliament. Other cowards in the media like Rahul Kanwal of Headlines Today were busy trashing Tara Sahdeo, a victim of fraudulent marriage. There are others who are still idiotic when it comes to understanding who is a real victim like “useful idiot” Sudheendra Kulkarni:

You want to talk about the problems of Kashmiri Muslims that is one thing and they may have legitimate problems as people in every other state have. But how in hell is it related to the fate of KPs who have been raped, murdered and most thrown out of their own state. This is what our Intellectual Morons cannot distinguish. They equate the problems of victims with the problems of the aggressor. In the video in this post there is a woman in red who tries to explain why Robinson is a racist. She suggests he is tarring an entire community because of a small group that commits crimes. This is as lame as it gets. This is another of those pet canards that float around. We shall see in the next part how this is also a misleading canard and a deliberate LIE. 


  1. Ravinar,
    Thanks for sharing w information about events which otherwise one would not normally know about. The twitter snapshots are also incisive.
    Thank you

  2. Is there any compulsion on the part of any political party or organisation that they should participate in any 'debate' by any of these MSM channels when it is well known in advance the anchor has called them not for debate but to crucify with the help of a pre-determined panel and audience..In such cases, however convincing and true is the case of the political party, the verdict is led to be tailor made by cutting short the speaker of a particular view point through totally unjustified interventions and comments by anchor,audience and co-participants. It is high time to give directions ..Amit Bhai!

    1. Could someone tell me if it is blasphemous to own a TV channel ,for those who espouse real nationalism.?Why do none of these morons take this issue seriously.? The party in govt now does not seem to see the ground shifing from under its feet .

    2. As Ravinarji says, there are far too many hypocrites in the world who always want a be politically correct and not offend. They don't speak the truth. And when a Yogi has the courage to call a spade a spade,he's branded communal, divisive, polarizing! And I just can't understand why these jokers from BJP even participate in the circus! Have even called them on phone and checked. They give some specious excuse about being in a democracy!!

  3. As usual wonderful article that needs to be shared widely to educate the public mislead by the Crooks in MSM.
    Thanks Shri Ravinar for explaining in simple way that even C5Ms can understand if they want to

    1. Its not that the C5Ms or the Sickularists can't understand.
      They certainly do.

      Yet, personally I won't really blame'em nor anyone ought to, either !

      For, these wretched poor souls could, in all probability, be mere victims of a certain malignant genetic-interpolation suffered at some unverifiable point in their lineage.

      Seriously, who then, are blameworthy?
      Its 'we' the rest, for meekly allowing (and patronizing too) these elements to talk and act their rotten way.

      And it appears to be a wide-spread phenomenon.

      From what all is happening around, it looks pretty certain that the British and most EU nations are fast attaining their doom.

      Obviously, this is one of those historical lessons that we never would like to learn.

    2. @rama krishna rao,
      yes , they may be doomed ( UK, US , Europe et al) , but then the state of affairs of the present day world is nobody is bothered nor anyone gives a damn !!! Humans are fast becoming zombies . No values. No purity. No sanctity. No commitment.
      Everyone lives from moment to moment to moment. The good/ righteous do not necessarily succeed , but whatever succeeds is deemed as good/right.
      the media world over does not represent even 0.000001% of events , issues , analysis that happen in the world . People in control of media promote that which they can comprehend , which they deem as important and which they deem as expedient to them.

      this world is a free for all mode now. The one that succeeds in that moment lives that moment. Everything else is irrelevant. This is the era of zombiesm.

    3. Absolutely true.

      What with the despicable MSM we have (dedicated to distort/suppress truth & spread lies), the need of the hour is some "Indian" Industrialist / group starts a media house that publishes / airs reliable news & patriotic views both in English & regional languages to counter the anti-Indian rubbish that we are dished out day in and day out.

  4. After viewing the video,the following stand our clearly between our macaulians and their masters abroad.
    1.The leftist arguments are the same worldwide.
    2.The 'neutral'anchors take sides in the debate.
    3.Leftist on the panel make brilliant facial expressions while the other side makes a point. This is to signal to the asinine audience.
    4.Audience and the panelists are chosen carefully to isolate the other side.
    5.Name calling is the sole preserve of the leftists.
    6.Artists and intellectuals in all countries make a living out of fiberalism.
    7.Nationalists are poor in articulation compared to leftist fiberals.

  5. Secularism was originally meant to bridge communal schisms, but at the hands of power-hungry opportunists and self-interested intellectual morons it has turned out to be a tool to create communal chasms.

  6. Excellent article! I am still to digest Arnab's debate abt removing speaker from Temple and AG screaming no need for the speaker.It has become a fashion for tv channels to defend minority right or wrong.

    1. Sorry, not defend the minority community, but bash, insult and put down the Hindus!

    2. Agree. Not just defend the minority community, but to encourage them. These scumbags will learn only after some one from their family suffers the trauma.

  7. Yogi spells the bitter truth. The crooked media distorts and lies. They are on the side of the guilty, not the victim. In one small UK town 1400 girls were gang raped. In the whole of UK, probably tens of thousands. No appeaser like Guardian can deny this.

  8. Sadly for the sane world (sane/insane is again a perspective! ) Ravinars are in minority! Because the silent majority wait for a Messiah to resolve their issues!

  9. Last year in UK, there was also the case of two African Islamic murderer thugs who attacked a man dressed in a military uniform killing him and apparently trying to behead him while shouting "God is greatest" in Arabic, according to witnesses.


  10. Thanks for sharing the british video. So now we know from where Barka gets here inspiration from. Britain has gone to gutters with it's muslim appeasement gone too far. As far as I see only chinese are adept and correct in dealing with these Islamist demons.

  11. There is a fantastic answer given to such women wearing hejab by CNS news https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrmwB0bwtYQ

    1. Fantastic link U provided. Absolutely amazing - I saw this how this black American woman "shreds" islam and its so called peaceful religion tag. I suggest every Nationalist & Modi-Loviing person should see this video

  12. read this document which gives a chilling account of the Muslim gangs' story of UK,


    jump to chapters 2 and 7 in case you don't have time for the whole thing...

  13. Following article gives insights for the reasons behind hiding the heinous crimes http://www.forbes.com/sites/rogerscruton/2014/08/30/why-did-british-police-ignore-pakistani-gangs-raping-rotherham-children-political-correctness/

  14. I have always wondered that Sickulars and Communists are almost always on the same page in India, that is, both show equal hatred for Hindus (and/or equal love for Muslims). Are real Communists in China and Russia (what are left) also have similar love for Muslims?

    1. No. Quite evident that China and Russia hate them.

    2. And that is the reason NO muzzies make a "beeline" towards China or Russia - as they know their bullshit will not be tolerated - as it is tolerated in US, UK, Europe or even India for that matter.

  15. Just as in the British TV video, attackers on Yogi Adityanath never try to refute him point by point, because they can't. So the generalization labels.

  16. Ravinar this is excellent write up. MSM looks like bought by Arabs. There is video on "The Sandeep Web Daily by Brigiite Gabriel" and another one by her with topic "Radical Islam- The plan to destroy America within" It is interesting. I was in in England in1964 and I met East Pakistani, now Bangladesh and he told me then that we will take over NE of India one day. With Bangladeshi infiltration in that part of India they are almost have form majority and pushed local out from that area but our MSM do not have any problem with that it seems.

  17. Actually media is making another Narendra Modi in Yogi Adityanath by demonising him.

  18. This article was circulated in the month of June after ISIS declared caliphate. What Yogi Adityanath has said is not something new but already shared by the foreign media. Our media must be aware of this article and still making so much of noise, knowing that the west is feeling the same and even saying it. This article is written byMichael Haltman,


  19. We need some blunt talking people on our TV like this lady panelist in this video:


    However, even here, the “liberal” media had its share of tsk-tsking, as is reported here ….


  20. I don't think it is wrong to say the culprits & criminals as "Asian Men". All I see a Korean, a Chinese, a Japanese, a Vietnamese, a Taiwanese..., but not a single Pakistani. I swear.

    P.S. I am wearing a latest model of eyeglasses of Sickular brand specially designed and promoted by Sarkha Durd, Rajcreep Dardesai, Secularica Josh and Chhotta Motta Srinivasan. :D

  21. FYI (Saudis control/influence almost all terrorists around the world)
    "Some months ago, when Saudi spy chief Bandar bin Sultan was leaving no stone unturned to affect a regime change in Damascus, he turned up at the Kremlin for a hush-hush meeting with President Vladimir Putin. He promised Putin the moon if only Moscow would soft pedal its support for Bashar al Assad — money, gas pipelines, defence deals, the works. Bandar further sweetened the deal with a priceless offer.

    Russians were planning the Winter Olympic Games at Sochi in February. Terrorism was a great threat. Bandar indicated by hint and gesture that since Saudis control major "terrorist" outfits in the Caucasus, they would as a favour to Russia, ensure a terror free Olympics at Sochi. Putin's reply was memorable. Kremlin had been aware for a decade that the Saudis controlled the world's centers of Islamic terrorism.

    How does one know that this most unlikely exchange in the annals of diplomacy did actually take place? Kremlin, which knows how to keep secrets, first placed the record of the conversation under lock and key. But when Saudi excesses in Syria did not stop, the Kremlin leaked the Bandar-Putin exchange to some Lebanese newspapers. Later, Russian diplomats confirmed the story. Could there have been a more brazen demonstration of terrorism as a diplomatic asset?"


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