Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hinduism & Science

Man comes across aliens while on emergency duty. He hears sounds that permanently haunt him and play in his head. At another end scientists are trying to make contact with alien spaceships which are suspected to have kidnapped humans. Claude Lacombe is searching for the notes with which to reach them. He is the head of the project. He finds his clue in the pilgrimage town of Dharamsala, India. Watch (1.55 mins. Please excuse low video quality):

Lacombe and his team hear a very simple chant by devotees. They claim the tune comes to them from the skies; from somewhere up there. The team records those sounds as a match to the ones that the alien spaceship appears to be making. They convert the sounds into digital signals to establish contact. Watch (47 seconds):

With those sounds from Dharamsala (scenes actually shot at a village near Mumbai) converted to digital signals, Lacombe & Co establish contact with the aliens. In a final dramatic scene the spaceships also land and extend a hand of friendship. That, in short, is the story of Steven Spielberg’s “Close encounters of the third kind”. It is fiction. It is imagination. But even in such imagination Spielberg accurately finds connection between Hindu spiritualism, space and the universe. That imagination does have a connection to reality because Hindu spiritualism has long held a connection to space, the cosmos, the universe and astronomy. Hinduism has always valued science and scientific search and quest. It is only the extremely ignorant, hateful ones who continue to ridicule our traditions and practices. One such hateful moron had this message after Mangalyaan’s success:

Nikhil Wagle is a moron par excellence. He hates everything and loathes everything about Hindus and Hinduism. Mangalyaan scientists visiting Balaji is just another excuse. Such hate-filled scumbags never stop to wonder how and why Hinduism has been associated with a “scientific temper” for eons. People don’t start going to temples because of some project. They go there as a habit and practice for years, even before they become scientists. The Vedas have been acknowledged universally except by genetic morons like Wagle. Although I mention him, there are hundreds of others like him who constantly spew garbage on Hindu history, our culture, our traditions and our accomplishments. What exactly is wrong in praying and dedicating a moment before Mangalyaan’s success to Lord Balaji? Science and spiritualism are invariably connected but offering a religious prayer should be seen as a motivator or thanks-giving. The late Carl Sagan, one of modern world’s greatest astronomers, had this to say:

Hindu cosmology's time-scale for the universe is in consonance with modern science” says Carl Sagan. Not just that, in his classic TV series “Cosmos” Sagan narrated how the Vedic calculations about the movements of stars and planets in the Cosmos were accurate right close to the minute. Even Vedic Maths and computer science are not aliens to each other. Our ancestors had a great “scientific temper” and they sought an explanation for many mysteries. People like Wagle are not able to fool around anymore because there are many in SM who are quick to point out these facts. Here’s another one who points out why Robert Oppenheimer, head of the Manhattan Project to test the atom bomb, kept the Gita by his side throughout the project.

In a challenging project such as the Manhattan Project which was intended to unleash a powerful force, Oppenheimer found inspiration and solace in the “Dharma and Karma” that springs from the Bhagwad Gita. Scientists can also be religious people; they are not morons like Nikhil Wagle who ridicule people and their customs and traditions in their finest hour. Scientists do not harm society because of their faith either. Ridiculing praying and dedicating an effort to “Balaji” is symbolic of the hateful discourse that our MSM generally heaps on Hinduism and Hindu culture.

Frances Collins, the former Head of the Human Genome project, doesn’t believe in evolution. He believes in Adam and Eve and the virgin birth. Interestingly, Collins is now Barack Obama’s head of the NIH and controls vast funds for research. Does that make Collins any less a great scientist? In fact, the Virgin Birth is far more scientifically untenable but you won’t find out MSM heaping ridicule on that belief. But they will find a simple prayer of hope and dedication to be nonsensical. ISRO Chairman K. Radhakrishnan is not a mere scientist. He also tries his hand at Carnatic music, probably with as much passion:

The passion for arts drives imagination. Science and new inventions are driven by facts and also by imagination. Any regular scientist will tell you that. The special effects used by George Lucas for “Star Wars” dramatically changed the world of Special FX and digital effects. Einstein did say:  Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand”. It would be too much to expect imagination or understanding from the Wagle types who don’t possess even basic knowledge of their own craft.

Newton’s 3rd law is somewhat like the law of “Karma” that forms one of the foundations of Hindu spiritualism. Praying to Balaji does not make one a lesser scientist or result in lack of “scientific temper” just as working in a news channel or newspaper does not exactly make one a journalist. For all the hatred piled up inside him, Nikhil Wagle is far from a journalist. He is a mere anti-Hindu pimp who thrives on filth and there are many like him in our MSM. I have stated many times over that Hindus should not grant the slightest tolerance to such intolerant idiots.

There are a bunch of others who call the “Balaji” visit “superstition”. I wonder where these brainless people come from. It requires mere common sense to distinguish “Faith” and “Superstition”. A temple visit arises out Faith and Thanks-giving. If a scientist wore “Red underwear” for the success of Mars-Mangalyaan, that might qualify as superstition. The quest of science and scientific temper are not alien to Hindu spiritualism. They are comfortably compatible. 

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Editors' Access Baggage

So the mafia is angry. The mafia is frustrated. It is all starting to show. They want the PMO to be friendlier to the “Editors” mafia and open up communication lines with them. On any other bright day I would have said it’s a fair demand but not when it comes to our media mafia. It is not a big secret that we have some of the most corrupt and incompetent editors in the history of our media, especially TV. Ever since Narendra Modi formed the new govt he has kept this crooked bunch of thugs at a safe distance and rightly so. Just as he has shut down the privilege pipelines of many Babus he has also shut down some “privileges” of many media crooks. Let’s read what the demand of the Editors Guild of India is (Report):

A statement issued by the Guild said that a "top-down, one-way interaction in a country with limited internet connectivity and technological awareness cannot be the only answer for large masses of readers, viewers, surfers and listeners. Debate, dialogue and discussion are the essential ingredients of a democratic discourse… By delaying the establishment of a media inter-face in the Prime Minister's Office, in restricting access to ministers and bureaucrats in offices and in reducing the flow of information at home and abroad, the government in its early days seems to be on a path that runs counter to the norms of democratic discourse and accountability," it said.

Hmm! So our crooked editorialists who crawled all these years as slaves of a dynasty suddenly talk about democratic discourse and accountability. Let us ask these people what accountability they have. You know, if there are riots in Saharanpur or Moradabad they scream Modi is responsible, Modi should act when it’s the State govt that is in charge of law and order. Take the case of Barkha Dutt, the alleged group editor of NDTV, and their recent nonsense (I prefer to stick to the recent instead of going into the history of NDTV crimes):

Now, NDTV has regularly and consistently trashed Modi and BJP with fake news and twisted news items. Whenever people point this out to Barkha she grandly claims she is not in charge of their website or Twitter account. So what exactly is an editor responsible for? In a newspaper, the editor is responsible even for the content of advertisements that appear in the paper. That’s the law. But Modi is responsible for Saharanpur or Pune but SoniaG or MMS were never responsible for even rapes in Delhi. This political pimping by “Sickular” editors has not gone unnoticed by people. Under the Sonia-MMS decay, all these editors had been “Durbaris” who enjoyed all the luxuries in the world while accusing everyone else of abusing their official positions. How did MMS operate with the media? Here’s a shameful Durbar he conducted with only FIVE editors of select newspapers in June 2011 (mostly made up of Congress cronies like Kumar Ketkar):

Does that look like a formal or regular press meeting or a private “Durbar”? I remember that because I called it PM's Press Meet - 'Friendly Fire' and here is what I wrote back then:

I believe it’s very unfair to call it a ‘press meet’. It looked like a luncheon meet of the ‘mob’ for a friendly discussion on the state of affairs of their turf. It’s strange you would think. A Prime Minister holds a press meet with five select editors from the print media and then needs to be defended by his own spokespersons. That is precisely what Manish Tiwari and Ambika Soni were doing on  June 29.

Some of the firm assertions of Manmohan Singh at this meet were “I am not a lame duck PM” and the media is an “accuser, prosecutor and judge”. I agree with the media part though. That is their general approach to all issues. Other than that, the PM generally blamed the opposition for the lame duck tag. These statements were made when most of the ‘chosen’ editors were ones who are known to be friendly to the Congress.”

Is this the same nonsense that the Editors Guild is demanding now? Don’t forget, the same MMS held a previous meeting with only TV editors (in February 2011) as if they are some privileged class of royal durbaris. I am sure many will remember Harish Khare snubbing Arnab Goswami in that private meet telling him it is not an “inquisition” of the PM”. Barkha, who didn’t honour the PM with her presence then, later lamented that none of the editors talked about Pakistan. iRudali! It should also be remembered that on both the occasions MMS called editors only under the heavy burden of scams which he had to whitewash and not as a “routine” interaction. Unfortunately for the editor-mafia, Modi does not have any scams so far that he has to wash or defend. And Modi is absolutely right in keeping this mafia at a good distance. They are known to have twisted every word he has uttered in the past. Therefore, it is proper for the PM to speak directly speak to the people or communicate through social media. Some of these editors have also wanted the same social media dead or regulated.

The editors are demanding that the new PM and the PMO restore the old “coterie” through which Barkha ate “Golgappas” at PM’s parties and relay to us when SoniaG was happy or unhappy as advised by Ahmed Patel or through which juniors like Pallavi Ghosh reported planted gossip from the PMO or Congress office. Of course, all this is in the interest of “Democracy” as they dramatically claim. Access Journalism is a curse on journalism itself. Access Journalism, which is what our editor-mafia is seeking shuts out genuine reporters and their work and replaces it with bogus soundbites and “breast-fed” reports. How criminal are these Access Journalism specialists? Let me replay an old video from 2009 of Jon Stewart and it should  shock you how the “Access” journos lie to you, don’t care to ask real questions and suck up to criminals (Video edited to relevant portions – 6-17 mins):

There is nothing that I need to add to the video. All these “Access” editors do the same thing. They chummy-up and don’t bother verifying any reports or any information but base their entire reporting on political-swing and gossip. Every single day they troll Narendra Modi with something or the other; with fake news and deadly headlines. Take a look at these:

NDTV (Hindi) apologised for their nonsense in the first pic. This is a routine with NDTV and other channels as they play mischief with headlines concerning Modi (or BJP). I call it deliberate mischief  because I have never seen such a mistake happening with SoniaG, RahulG or Congress. The motivation is obvious for the Hate-Modi brigade. And these same editors now beg for a durbar? What about the second pic above on dates of Modi’s US/UN visit? Why in the world would morons at CNN-IBN tweet about a forthcoming speech on September 17 on September 25? Do they have any logical explanation? None! What about the other three rogues – ABP News, NDTV (again) and TimesNow? All of them uniformly concocted the date of October 27 and then some engagements on October 28 and 29. How? I tweeted MEA India to seek a clarification and Syed Akbaruddin tweeted back stating the dates given were very clear:

With all the nonsense that these editors can spin on their own why do they want “Access” to PM or PMO? They anyway write all the crap in the world about the PM without any relevance or truth. They have been doing so for over 12 years now. Lies, filth and absolute trash is what they peddled and they are still doing so with many G-37 morons as accessories. There can be a new beginning only if they acknowledge and do penance for their crimes (Like Tarun Tejpal decided he would do). I have a small, modest suggestion. These editors can start by writing Modi a small letter of penance:

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I forgot the infamous “Puppy” episode with which these same editors spread a mountain of lies implying Modi wanted Muslims dead. Well, I have saved that in case I have to write a sequel. Before I leave, I would like you to take a look at the newly constituted Working Committee of the Editors Guild:

According to Ajay Upadhyay, General Secretary, Editors Guild of India, the 15-member Working Committee includes Sachidanand Murthy, Raj Chengappa, Shravan Garg, Barkha Dutt, Coomi Kapoor, Shekhar Gupta, Jaydeep Bose, Sanjay Narayan, MK Razdan, Vijay Naik, Seema Chishti, Sheela Bhatt, and Kumar Ketkar, among others”.

Some of these members belong in a rogues-gallery and not in any working committee of editors. They don’t deserve “Access” but the “Axe”.

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Wanton Treachery Of NDTV

Just after the time Indira Gandhi was screaming “Garibi Hatao” in 1971 a major world event happened. Richard Nixon visited China, put away all the human rights issues and opened the doors to China to enter the world stage. Since then India has been grappling with “Garibi Hatao” for over four decades while China has become the manufacturing hub of the world and a powerful economy. Today, the US owes over $1 Trillion to China. During the recent visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to India our media and the usual suspects from G-37 were screaming their head off about the LAC and incursions. It’s an important issue but to expect Narendra Modi to make that the only issue is the kind of nonsense our MSM peddles. Mahroof Raza on Timesnow rightly pointed out that the LAC issue with China is a Nehruvian legacy. In fact both the Kashmir and LAC are gifts of the Nehruvian legacy (among many other ills that plague India). The same pimps and brokers who want Modi to be tough on China want him to talk to Pakistan no matter what. We have everything to gain from China by peaceful resolution of the LAC issue and nothing to gain whatsoever from Pakistan under any situation. Whether peace or cold-war, we have absolutely nothing to gain from a failed state that is rotting at its core.

So why do some brokers and Paki pimps who are floating around in our establishment being overlooked by the GOI? One can understand the earlier Congress govt allowing all kinds of traitors in our establishment but there is no reason for the Modi-Sarkar to continue that trend. There are many traitors in this country parading as experts of some kind. If you look at all the news channels that populate India it is not hard to recognise that NDTV has been the biggest pimp for Pakistan on the Kashmir issue. Barkha Dutt, in particular, has been nothing less than a spokie of Hurriyat and Pakistan.

There is not a white-collar crime from NDTV that we haven’t known. Prannoy Roy should have been prosecuted by the CBI but the ABV govt helped shut out that case. NDTV’s income tax frauds have come to light and the “Full Monty” is yet to show. NDTV is running losses almost from the time it commenced business but someone or other pours money into that company. Quite a mystery, that! Every corruption possible has happened under its stable. If all that wasn’t enough, Barkha Dutt was caught pimping and brokering for cabinet berths in 2009 after the elections. A heady cocktail! Someone in the new BJP govt must be in love with this criminal channel too. Take a look at this tweet:

That is not very hard to believe. The ISI has been funding many of its operatives in India. Yasin Malik is a darling our media too. That this guy walks around freely after many crimes is a shame on our spineless GOI. In the past many ISI funded (indirectly through Ghulam Nabi Fai) morons like Dileep Padgaonkar & Co. have also been interlocutors on Kashmir. What country on earth tolerates such bizarre actions and appointments? The number of programmes and shows NDTV, especially Barkha Dutt, does on Kashmir pushing sympathy for the Hurriyat and separatists is unmatched. It is not for nothing that NDTV is called a Paki channel. I think it’s time to go one step further and now call some of their acts as “treachery”. There is no reason why the owners of this channel and some of its propagandists shouldn’t be prosecuted for frequent anti-national stands and propaganda. They compromise our positions on Kashmir in such a cavalier fashion that warrants the shutting down the channel itself.

In the past, the political pimping of NDTV has been exposed over and over again. The channel has a practice of promoting the Gandhi family, P. Chidambaram and trolling Narendra Modi and BJP at every opportunity. First they deliberately peddle some lie hoping it will pass and then withdraw it as “erroneous” when caught. Take a look at these:

These are not accidents. This is deliberate mischief as we have known NDTV to indulge in for many years. Their political pimping is still an internal issue and so are their financial crimes. Those can be dealt with internally through the law or politically. But the alarming frequency at which NDTV pimps for separation of Kashmir cannot be anything short of wanton treachery. This is a recent incident:

Indian controlled Kashmir? That is speaking the language of the enemy. There was an outrage on Twitter over this subtle pushing of the Paki position on Kashmir. NDTV claimed it was an AP article which they erroneously published without editing. Here’s their moronic acknowledgement:

There is no error. The article, without editing, has been published wilfully and there have been many such instances in the past. Kashmir is a territory that has acceded to India in full and even POK is legally considered a part of India under our law. The parliament has passed a number of resolutions on this. Are editors at NDTV so dumb and stupid? Even publishing a map of J&K wrongly is liable to cancellation of publication licenses or broadcast licenses. There is no reason to spare the treacherous acts of NDTV as this is not a one-off case as past records show. Take a look at some more:

In short NDTV openly reports India as an “occupying force” that “illegally” occupies Kashmir. In each case NDTV has smartly deleted the articles from their site once their treachery came to light. But crooks leave their prints all over the place. In this country there cannot be anymore freedom fighers seeking freedom from India. There cannot be anymore guerillas seeking freedom from India. It is a crime under law. Yet this article from NDTV from 2013 treats terrorists as “separatist-guerillas

That apart, people like Barkha Dutt, along with other Paki pimps, are hosted by Pak organisations funded directly or indirectly by ISI. They cannot be hobnobbing with ISI operatives and agents without being party to treachery. Someone from the GOI needs to seriously look into the clandestine activities of this channel:

There are many traitors floating around in this country. Some are underground and some are openly plotting to break India. But a news channel wilfully indulging in covert treacherous articles is not the same. News Channels and media outlets receive a good deal of govt benefits and advertising. It is time GOI shut down this anti-India channel or at the very least force the channel to get rid of traitors operating inside it. In an earlier post I had mentioned IB keeping a watch over some journalists. It is now time to do more than just watch. It is the spinelessness of our govts at the Centre that has allowed such anti-India operators to nonchalantly operate in the public domain. The wanton treachery of NDTV can no longer pass as “erroneous’ crap. 

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