Monday, August 11, 2014

Twisting The Meerut Gangrape

It is fascinating how our media folks who don’t want to report a serious incident (involving allegations against Muslims) want to report on it the moment they get a chance to cloud the whole issue. In other cases where a Hindu is involved they want to scream at the top of their lungs. Take the case of Mumbai DIG Sunil Palaskar. Some aspiring model alleged rape or molestation against him and the whole media went to town. Arnab Goswami, in particular, screamed at the top of his lungs about how the Sena defended him and how the man should be hanged. It turns out the model was making allegations in the hope of getting into a reality show (see report). Since that happened, the entire media went dead silent. No one spoke about demanding a serious punishment for this woman who made fake allegations. This selective outrage over incidents is what makes our media communal hypocrites. During the Saharanpur riots the same media again went dead quiet when the aggressors were clearly Muslims but when they get the chance, even without any evidence, they are quick to point to right wing conspiracies.

The same is true for the Meerut gangrape case. The entire media went dead silent and hardly reported much about it. The police were also slow on action. Nobody in the media screamed about anything. On the contrary, they were busy playing victims. Here’s the iRudali reacting to people asking why no outrage over Meerut:

Since she had no answers to why no coverage of Meerut, Barkha claims rape threats to her and other women. Who made these threats? And other women got such threats too? And they all ran to iRudali to whine? This BS is concocted to troll those who target her for selective reporting. It is nothing short of clear, mindless mischief. Cheap victimhood! The Meerut case is reportedly an abduction of a Hindu Madrasa teacher, confined in various places, gangraped and forcibly converted to Islam. That’s the story which the media is not seeking the truth about. They don’t want to. But the moment they find an opening to cloud the case and trash the woman’s story they all jump at it. The rape itself won’t be shocking headlines but the “twist” will. Here we go:

So guy called Kaleem is reportedly her “husband”. Based on what evidence? Based on a form that Kaleem and the woman supposedly signed on the form at the hospital which operated her for ectopic pregnancy. Okay! We will get to that part a bit later. So once this husband is touted by the media the great Bhupendra Chaube (BC) of CNN-IBN decides to go to Meerut and do a show. It’s not for nothing that BC is popularly known as “Scoopendra” on SM. You see, he is the scoop master. And what does he do there? He assembles 2 Hindus, 2 Muslims and a cop and does a street debate in front of a Christian college (Sophia). Talk about BC creating communal harmony. Of course, for the camera he made sure both the Hindus and the Muslims shook hands and hugged each other at the end of the show (why did he leave the cop out? Cops don’t need love and affection?). Predictably, the foolish debate was on the alarming right wing menace and stuff on Twitter (anchored by Shreya Dhondiyal from the studio) instigating communal riots. This is as much intelligence and brains that our media morons demonstrate. BC did not have one single para on the sequence of events in Saharanpur and Meerut (he was discussing both). None! Here are the headlines and scrolls CNN-IBN was running through the show:

Look at the top headline. “Small instances”! So Saharanpur and Meerut gangrape were “small instances” according to BC. Really? Looks like the moron learned from his former boss that anything less than 1000 deaths are not serious. And then it says “Victim MAY have been in a relationship… got pregnant by him”. How do these morons know? Did the hospital or they do any DNA test? The fact that media uses “MAY” is the art of peddling an unconfirmed fact to create the “perception” for you to believe that is the truth. It is not! You need some scientific evidence to claim it was Kaleem who got her pregnant. The other choice is both the woman and Kaleem confirm it. Did they? I haven’t seen the woman confirm it was indeed Kaleem’s baby. These are assumptions on which the media is reporting. So BC gets trashed for his bogus reporting and show. What does he do? The pathetic man does what his idol Barkha does. Play victim!

Threatened to kill you? This is turning out to be quite a story. People threaten to rape Barkha and her “other women” and they threaten to kill BC. Shouldn’t BC be filing a police complaint if he received death threats? Can he put up a copy of any FIR that he registered? And then abuse you and hate you for speaking the truth? Which part of all this doesn’t like lame victimhood? People may not like the show or may not agree with its content but this is really taking victimhood a bit too far. And what is the great truth that BC exposed to us? Oh wait! Here’s his truth:

Conspiracy? Time to expose real culprits? You were there in Meerut, you blabbered about Saharanpur. What is it that stopped you from investigating thoroughly and exposing the real culprits? And we thought the man just said he wasn’t scared and that he will stand for the truth. Where is the truth? Who are the culprits? What is the conspiracy? All vague, nonsensical statements coming out of a man who is unfit to call himself a journo. All that BC wanted to revel in was to throw a spanner in the works, create suspicion, point to the usual suspects (right wing on the ground and on SM) for all the troubles in UP. He forgot to end the show with “Mission Accomplished”. As simple as that. Kanchan Gupta rightly points to the mischief and asks a few questions on how the media is trying to cloud the issue and become an accomplice to an attempted cover-up:

They attempted that in the Tejpal case and they are doing it now again. So now that we have come this far, let’s go a little farther and see how the reports actually imply that the girl was a “willful wife” in the whole affair. Here are excerpts from TOI and let us ask some more questions:

"Her relationship with Kaleem surfaced with the help of a call detail report (CDR) in which it was found that the woman had spent hours talking to this man before her disappearance on July 23," said SSP Onkar Singh.

Interesting, eh? She was talking to him on the phone before she disappeared, so let’s assume she had a relationship with him as the reports imply. What happened to her mobile after that? Why is it that for over a month she couldn’t make one phone call or send one message to her parents or any of her friends? If she wasn’t abducted and held illegally, her alleged husband should have given her mobile back to her after the operation on July 23. Isn’t it? Did you ask Chaubeji?

According to the police, the girl, accompanied by Kaleem, had approached local gynecologist Sushila Jairath after she suffered acute pain in her abdomen. After medical examination, the woman was found with ectopic pregnancy, a condition in which the embryo gets implanted in one of the fallopian tubes. She had been carrying this for 45 days. She was prescribed immediate operation. On July 23, the couple reached Meerut Medical College and signed a consent form as 'husband and wife ' after which the surgery began. The woman stayed in the hospital till July 27”.

The couple signed a consent form as “husband and wife”. Alright! That the hospital chose to operate on her considering it maybe an emergency is absolutely fine. Didn’t it ever occur to this stupid hospital that here’s a Muslim guy and presumably a Hindu woman claiming to be husband and wife and they sought no IDs? Is that so normal in that region? Aren’t hospitals supposed to check IDs or at least have some verification of what is written in a form? Never mind! This was not an accident case; this is a pregnancy-related case. That’s serious enough to ask if the hospital followed legal procedures in such a case. How is it that a man brings his supposed wife to a hospital for a pregnancy-related operation and the doctor or the nurses or the admin people don’t even wonder why none of the girl’s parents or family members are not accompanying them? Or were they? They don’t even verify the IDs of the persons considering the nature of the case?  She was there for 4 days in that hospital. Didn’t she have any visitors at all? Doesn’t that appear odd? Does that seem normal to you? Does that seem normal to the police or the hospital? Did you ask Chaubeji?

Earlier, the woman had said she was operated upon in Muzaffarnagar though the police insisted it was in a Meerut hospital, something that Dr Pradeep Bharti, principal, Meerut Medical College, confirmed subsequently. "There was no controversy at that point of time and we did what was necessary to save a life. This woman had come to the hospital with a ruptured tubal pregnancy and we in the normal course of procedure operated upon her," he said”.

The contradiction of Muzaffarnagar or Meerut is not significant enough to render the case  a fake one, which is what our media folks and some political parties want. In a traumatic experience victims are known to be disoriented, incoherent and blabber a lot of contradictory things. What is important is that every aspect of the case be scientifically tested and with evidence. The hospital guys need to be questioned and investigated too.

The real question is who is twisting the Meerut gangrape case? It is not the victim or her family members. It is the media (people like BC and his gang) and deliberately so. UP police can hardly be trusted to carry out any sensible investigation. If there is anger in the society which leads to communal tension then that cannot be an excuse to downplay a case of abduction and gangrape. That doesn’t stand the test of any reason. It is our media that is trying the best to twist the case without as much as basic investigation. They are yet to ask some basic questions before they make motherhood statements like “twist in the case”. 


  1. English media is full of these Presstitutes (BC is Behan Chod .. sorry for using inappropriate words ... Chaube's deeds compel me to use the words) ... English media is anti-national and Hindu hater ..government must bring in a nationalist IB minister who can stop these Jaichands in their tracks before they do more harm .... India needs PEST CONTROL to weed out the likes of Bitc# Barkha, Arnab ul Haq, Katua Thapar ....UNION OF SECUALR SNAKES

  2. Dear Ravi,
    I've a complain that because of you I had to watch this this 'Self imaged/Thought (suggest better word/phrase)God's gift to Indian Secular Democracy' ARNUB. My choice of word for these type are
    1. SACIDS [Self Annointed (Crony) Intectuals of Delhi's Studios]
    2. GAIRI [Goad's Abhishaap on india's real intelects]
    3. SAGIS [Self Appointed Guardians of Indian Souls]
    4. or simple CIIs[Crony Inelectuals of India]

  3. The fact that we still don't have a pro-Hindu right wing TV channel clearly shows that rich and influential Hindus simply don't care about their religion. Is there not a single conservative Hindu in the business community today? Is there not a single person or a group of like-minded businessmen who can spend a few crores and set up a news channel?

    Our Abrahamic friends have billions of dollars at their disposal and powerful media barons in their pockets. What the fuck do we have? If rich and powerful Hindus continue to remain indifferent to the plight of their brothers, we absolutely deserve what we get.

    1. I would donate money if there was one. Rajat Dharma's IndiaTV comes close but is not really respected as a News Channel.

    2. With all due respect to Rajat Sharma, I don't think India TV is the kind of channel that can address the plight of common Hindus.

      We need a rich, powerful, and influential figure who cannot be threatened or bullied into submission by the usual suspects. If someone like that can start a channel, it would be a game changer.

      Mind you, I'm not just talking about a news channel. We need newspapers, magazines, blogs, and pretty much every channel of communication that can connect conservative middle class Hindus and the gullible, poor masses who are being brainwashed by the MSM.

      It sounds like a mere pipe dream now though. There are absolutely no signs on the horizon. :(

    3. If Hindus would have been aggressive to save their rights n not accommodative to these kind of parasites who enter our country n then try n own it....then v wouldn't have been slaves for d last Thousand years...v still r infested by extreme left wing traitors who consider being praised by d enemy more desirable than being patriotic n honest to their own home n ppl. Its a inflection point to end Thousand years of slavery...time ppl chose their sides!!!

    4. I thought Mukesh Ambani had bought CNN-IBN. And those b!tch & ba$tard Sagarika Ghosh & Rajdeep had been sacked.
      And CNN-IBN would be a counter to NDTV & Times Now. I thought Mukesh Ambani being sympathetic towards Modiji & BJP would halt all these mews peddling- but I guess I am totaly wrong.

      Mukesh Ambani has the muscle and money power to halt Times Now and NDTV on their tracks and become pro-Modi govt. and give news as it is.

  4. “Subjective storytelling is now almost as common in the news media as it is in feature films, TV dramas, novels or theater shows. Journalists at their worst are self-centered storytellers who either knowingly or unknowingly bend truths into stories that match their personal beliefs or those of their employers. Unfortunately, mainstream news has become infotainment, sharing more in common with the entertainment industry than with traditional journalism. Gossip, characterizations and injections of drama are subtly infused with facts, altering the truth in a similar way to how dramatists twist true stories to create greater excitement”
    Lance Morcan

  5. @ProWrestlingFan: India doesn't need a pro-hindu right wing TV channel. We just need a channel which can report facts, done from proper investigations while following journalistic ethics.

    1. Why can't we have both? A Fox News type channel just to piss off leftist bullies and a center right, objective news channel to put our anti-national English news channels out of business. I'm greedy. :)

  6. Shame in you Mr.Scoopedra Choube ..Shame on you .

  7. Semen does lead to fatness. .bharka was married twice to two different muslims.

    Why media or congress asking debate or resolution over yezdis massacre by their vote bank ISIS?

    1. I didn't know this but you are right!

  8. The series of tweets by Bhupendra Chaubey claiming innocence and victimization, just confirms the suspicion that these clowns have no confidence left in their own reporting/ investigation. As a journalist (or so-called), what kind of reactions on a sensitive issue were you expecting BTW? It's perplexing to see that such reactions on expected lines, could hurt you this much that you had to cry victim so loud. A sane person would instantly understand that someone is terribly insecure, of being exposed !! Ravinar, we r sure BC has no answers and further no will to find answers for these most BASIC questions raised by you !!

    1. It was quite satiating to watch Times Now debate yesterday on Bharat Ratna fiasco. Although Sambit Patra has floundered at times in the past, but he very correctly and pointedly cornered Arnab on pressing the point if all this fiasco is a Media Creation. And that this Govt under Modi's leadership won't fall in the trap laid out by irresponsible MSM. I really liked the part when he literally challenged and irritated Arnab to show him any documentary proof (for his so-called inside SOURCES), which lays out the names of any Bharat Ratna awardees. Arnab, extremely flustered at this aggressive stance by BJP spokesperson, started calling out names - a common way to divert attention!! It was a totally irrelevant media debate and a classic example where Media concocts political situation, and then expects Govt. to respond to it.

  9. I tried watching @Bhupenderchaube's program twice..once when he was reporting from Nepal & the other time when he was doing a show on Meerut rape..& both the times he disgusted me & I changed the channel within 5 minutes!!
    First time he asked the opposition leader (maoist) of Nepal what he felt having a right wing Hindu leader address them..was promptly snubbed by the LOP...& in front of the famous Pashupati Temple he said that Modi was hitting all the right notes even though its more abt hinduism (something to that effect) in a condescending tone!!
    The second time in the debate on Meerut he had the' boti-boti' Congressi Masood as guest who kept waxing eloquent on how peace-loving he was but BC never asked him what he was doing with the rioters in Saharanpur..point to remember here is that Masood had owned up on @Zeenews that he was with the rioters!
    Sheer hypocrisy & anti hindu stance of Eng Media is sick to say the least!

  10. Ravi,
    No doubt your blogs are hard hitting ,concise and are able to articulate the anger and frustration of the Hindus at the shenegians of the traitor mediacrooks and have served the purpose of alerting a large group of educated Hindus who are now actively particiapting in the cyber war on these lowely msm insects.
    However this war against needs to be taken to higher levals as the barbs of Your blogs and twitter attacks on these mediacrooks is like so much water on the back of the duck and these crooks are carrying on merrily,in fact they seem to have build bridges with Modi government evident much to our chagrin we found newstraders BD,Vardabhai,Raheel Khursheed lecturing to IAS officers on Social media.Is it the classic case of behind the scene compromise with newstraders,betrayal al a John le Carrie books?
    I belive the mediacrooks needs to be hit where it hurts them most,the weak spot of these crooks is personal exposure of their dealings likeTejpal,or may be file water tight defamtion suits,politIcal exposure like Radia tapes etc.

  11. Chaubey is left over of Sardesai in every sense! If we feel like kicking Sardesai for his hatred and his presstitutes activities, Chaubey is like shitting over place. From his looks to actions to language , he is a born shit! Why are these terrorists in Media not handled appropriately , I don't understand. They are nothing short of sleeper cells in our country. Modi & Co should wake up fast before they inflict any real injury to Govt/Nation...

    1. I think Modi's Govt. should appoint a Media Ombudsman - who has the power to take action on Viewer's complaints of "Misleading News / False news / Spun news". The concerned channel then has to give a detailed report on their source of information & what exactly they IMPLY when they give a TWIST or SPIN to any news. IF FOUND GUILTY OF WRONG / FALSE NEWS - the channel can be heavily FINED - say 50 Crores for each wrong mudslinging / defamation of Govt. or Govt. bodies / Institutions.
      THIS WILL definitely DISCOURAGE these channels from making any false allegations / spin on Govt. / Govt. bodies.
      Just a thought . Perhaps Ravinar can expand this or give it a more serious thought. But my bow to Ravi for such excellent articles and I am an ardent fan of his - along with thousands, if not Lakhs of others.

  12. The English Media (TV and print) have become safe sentinels for jehadi congress crooks and Breaking India agents. This was exactly what the people of India voted against in 2014, but what do they get instead? A pygmy hunchback like Javdekar to head the I&B ministry. He is someone with a rubber spine and lacks clarity and devoid of any agenda to clean up and rein in these deviant media pimps.
    His agenda and only publicly declared agenda is getting in FDI in the Indian media.
    A media already down a murky gutter hole infested by vested interests propped up by the Evangelical loonies and Arab Islamo faggots and terrorists funded by the ISI. Mr Javdekar's plan is to get more of these Islamo-Xtian secessionist fascists an entry into Indian media. So its little surprise that in-spite of a change in govt, prostitution of these media walahs continues unabated.. When we have pimps like Javdekar heading the I&B ministry who needs a Manish Tiwari or a Zero Loss Sibal ?

  13. Adding...Its not Chaubey's or Burkha's fault that they are spin doctoring and twisting news. Their agendas are very clear and their target is very clear. Their agenda is in breaking India. Its us weak Hindus and jelly minded "secular" simpletons who do not know what their agenda is and continue to consume the garbage springing forth from the media studios and continue to get conned. What else would explain the rise(and fall) of the Kejriwal/Anna bogus revolution and electing pseudo Islamo fascists like Mamta Banerjee and Amma. Its time we stopped whining about how crooked the Indian News media is and reached for the remote control. Its our eyeballs that feed them and empower them.

  14. I think the DNA of many of the journalists to be checked to see whether it is of Muslim DNA.

    1. MSM journalists are trained in madresa. In their past life they were muslims and unfortunately they born as hindu in this life.

  15. "So guy called Kaleem is reportedly her “husband”. Based on what evidence? Based on a form that Kaleem and the woman supposedly signed on the form at the hospital which operated her for ectopic pregnancy"Dear Ravinar, for an argument sake is it not possible that the moron had already converted her and that she would have assumed some muslim name.The hospital has no reason to doubt their bonefide.These criminals are doing this for ages now.
    I request all hindus to exclusively use the gory pictures of crimes committed by ISIS on little children of the Yezidis to educate their lesser brotherens..In the Bihar bye elections pls use these as posters to educate the asinine hindus about what is in store for them. Where exactly the pseudo secular coteries are leading our society is to be made known to all hindus.

  16. 'Hindus' are just indifferent, and if ISIS were to happen in India, they would still cry boooo hoooooo and carry on, leaving everything to God and keep bragging that even after 1,000 years of Mughal and Brit rule, Hindus could not be erased!! May be, we are cockroaches!! No sense of pride or shame, willing to swallow everything and as one of the commentators has commented, not a single well-off Hindu is able to invest in a Channel and take on these scums

    1. Actually it depends on what you consider Hindus to be .
      in one sense even Muslims and Christians and even followers of many other religions including buddhism, sikhs, jews , jains are but Hindus .
      Muslims worship the Nirguna Nirakar Brahman ( attributeless, formless, eternal constant ) , call it allah, sit in vajrasana , and follow a certain holy book interpreting that as per their convenience.
      Chrisitans are but cross, jesus, mary , angel worshipping hindus lighting candles ( instead of diya ) in a temple they call Church singing hymns in non sanskrit languages ( instead of shlokas, mantras, bhajans ) partaking wine and holy water ( instead of gangajal ) ..
      There is a line of thought which states authoritatively that Jesus was groomed in India ( Kashmir ) and lived till the age of 80 ( after his crucification ) in India ( there is also a place in kashimir, where he is buried )
      But if you are looking at the traditional , specific followers of Hinduism as per Vedas, Upanishads and other ancient sanskrit puranasa and itihasas . we are now reduced to a minority ( a miniscule minority ) followed / kept alive only by a few thousands scatterred around the 4 southern states of seemandhra, karnataka, tamil nadu and kerala . The state intervention into Hinduism has destroyed the traditional hinduism ( which also means following a caste system based on occupational pursuits, rituals, worship of specific deities , exhortions/restrictions on way of living example.. not preparing food without having bathed, not entering temples without having bathed etc )
      So make your choice.. !!
      the truth is traditional hinduiusm is almost extinct .. and what we have is modern hinduism which is a mix of various cultures mixed expediently to suit individual convenience.
      There is a shankaracharya trying to denigrate Sai Baba ( sai baba certainly was an evolved saint and respectworthy Guru ) ; and there are Sai Baba followers out to project him as an avataar ( which is incorrect ) .

      So life goes on.. thence you have statements like 'proud' (beef eating) hindu from the likes of mamta banerjee, rajdeep sardesai, arnab et al despite doing everything to destroy traditional hinduism.

      And even this conflict between religions/race for conversion( increasing numbers in ones fold ) is but arising out of economic necessity . People inorder to earn a livlihood are willing to create schisms, create conflicts, contribute to chaos so that there are opportunities created to exploit and gain some relevance /distinction for oneself.

    2. Dear Rightwinger,

      We should avoid going into too much detail about who constitutes as Hindus because that is an extremely tricky trap which anti-hindu forces lovingly use to to divide Hindus upon.
      The simplest Definition of a Hindu is: Every individual who cares for this country, its culture & fights against India's enemies posing under various banners such as religious conversion, Marxism, Liberalism, Naxalism, Free Market system or oppressive Caste system is a Hindu irrespective of his religious identity.

    3. @abhijeet,
      the longer one leaves things ambiguous, the more diluted and scattered we remain.
      nationalism itself is ambiguous and thence we constantly are at conflict with one another ( tamil vs Kannadiga, marathi vs kannadiga, assamese vs bangla , bihari/bhayya vs Marathi etc etc ).
      how long can one avoid clarity ?? People identify themselves more with language, region than with india as a nation.
      even in this case, some people may be outraged because a women was involved and some because she was a hindu. And there would be many parts of the country where majority will go about their life without any concern as they are not impacted .

      even if i stop seeking details, those who stand to gain by twisting , misinterpreting, instigating, provoking things - will do so.

      any hotch potch assortment is condemned to crumble.
      otherwise what is the point in defending a weak faith ???
      and even between us , i do not agree the caste system of Hinduism was oporessive. It may have been misused, abused by some ( or in false history books ) - but it was a well oiled system of division of work which worked brilliantly for thousands if years.
      and i feel aggreived against caste based reservations' which has destroyed the lives and destiny of many competent hindus.
      so does it make me a lesser hindu or a non hindu ??

  17. Dear Sir , I as 1990's child used to forget all the disappointments of life whenever we watched Sachin's straight drive . For me and millions of your other readers your are Sachin of 2000's . Thanks for continuing excellence of your penmanship .

    1. Although this topic is not about Sachin there is a media angle to it..,May I ask you, was Sachin really such an invincible player.?Have u not seen him struggle many times. Has he done justice to India as a team?How may chances he had to win test matches for the country and he disappointed the nation.Was he really unmindful of records as the media would have us believe. I would say 75% of sachin's ability is media creation. Same like how 90% of a David Beckham was.Let us learn to see the Media conspiracies on gullible people. Today these blessed morons are laughing all their way to the bank, all at our expense.

  18. This case makes me sick in the stomach! The media should have investigated if this is an isolated case, or if it was part of a larger conspiracy to convert Hindu women and to sell them to Gulf/Islamic countries. Ho many such cases exist? How many more victims?

    Instead they have grabbed every opportunity to twist the facts and blame the victim. I can only imagine how difficult must it have been for the woman to report the crime. in a backward area like UP, where honour-killing is the norm, it must indeed have taken great courage for her to speak out. The treatment that she is getting now, may silence other victims forever.

    These shameless dacoits that masquerade as MSM journos, would not report any crime, where RoP is the perpetrator, unless forced by massive outrage on SM. The MSM claim of victimhood is disgusting! I am sure none of these cowards would stand up to an actual death-treat. It takes someone with courage of conviction to stand up to threats and yet report the truth. The bunch from NDTV, TimesNow etc cannot reach that state at least in this life. These folks would pee in their pants/skirts if ever really threatened and meekly do as told.

    The shortform for that swine Chaubhe is spot-on.

  19. Is this Scoopendra fit enough to be sent out in the Rajdeep way to find himself lost in obscurity??

  20. about saharanpur riots..main accused Pappu had fleeced 20 lakhs from gurusingh sabha already to settle dispute. On fateful night FIR was registered by muslimsat 4:00 am in morning( which is never done). CO himself accompanied muslim crowd to negotiate with sikhs at early morning hours...

  21. Dear Sir , to stretch this analogy further I felt the same deep heart wrenching pain when you declared your retirement . Your contribution is much more valued because your's is without any visual images of you wielding your mighty pen

  22. I would like to add that a lot of things in this whole case are being overlooked. For instance

    "Police also raided the madrasa and found 40 girls were registered for several courses though 16 of them had not been attending classes for the past few days."

    Also the fact that one other captive girl had called to cops from the same location and SMS details of a madarsa member Hafiz showed 100 text messages exchanged with that phone.

    "Aisha, a girl from Meerut's Kharkhauda, called up the police on Wednesday evening and claimed that she was kept in confinement at a madrasa in Phulat, Muzaffarnagar district. It's the same place where a 20-year-old was allegedly kept in captivity recently after she was gangraped and subjected to proselytisation."

    "However, while checking the call and SMS details of Hafiz, the police found that he had sent over 100 text messages to the phone used by Aisha."

  23. The media be like: "We were needlessly worrying about NaMo becoming PM"

    The MSM is attacking the BJP led govt and hindusim with more gusto after May 16. The blame lies entirely with BJP. One would assume that after storming the Mughal bastion UP and stunning those fuckers, BJP would invoke awe and respect. But BJP seems to be suffering from inferiority complex even after an amazing victory. Appearing on silly debates, fumbling and get their ass whooped seems to be the daily routine.
    They got the majority they needed. What else do they need? Lord Krishna wont be reciting the bhagwad geeta to remind them of their duties..

    1. Trouble is, we do not have an English media channel with strong presence across all cities that can take on the "sickular-leftist" media bullies in a direct face-off. Until that happens, BJP spokespersons invited on crooked MSM like NDTV, TimesNow and CNN-IBN will always find themselves outnumbered and confined to a corner.

  24. UP govt has made all preparations to bury the case


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