Friday, August 1, 2014

Saharanpur - Heroes & Villains

This is one is pretty easy. It won’t take many words to explain the crime either. The Saharanpur riots have exposed the corrupt MSM like no other riot has ever done before. It has shown how most of the media celebs like to live in and peddle lies to mislead and deceive the public. Lately, a few brave journos are speaking out against the malice in reporting communal riots and always painting the Muslims as victims. One of the primary reasons is that a certain community refuses lawful existence. It refuses lawful existence and it denies lawful existence for others. Crimes come from all communities but our media and sickular politicians have long defended and covered up the crimes of the Muslim community. When that trend shows a sign of changing the Commie crooks like Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt, Shekhar Gupta and many others refuse to see the writing on the wall. This Media Mafia not only wants to peddle lies but they want to kill and silence anyone who dares to break out of their circle and speak the truth. Let’s run through the events:

So the court awarded a disputed land to the Sikhs to build a Gurudwara. Naturally, the Muslims were unwilling to accept the court verdict. According to latest reports the organiser of the attack on the Gurudwara land and on the Sikhs and their shops is a former MLA Moharram Ali aka Pappu Ali (What a name!). How they started:

While politicians and media “wiseguys” like Arnab Goswami were quick to point fingers at BJP and Hindus, the unprovoked attack was clearly planned and carried out with precision at dawn on July 26. In Pune a tech worker was identified as “Muslim victim”, in the Maharashtra Sadan again the waiter was identified as a “Muslim victim” of a Sena MP who forced roti down his throat while he was on Ramzan fast. Okay! Then there was the Sania Mirza episode. Again, Muslim victim! But come Saharanpur the violent attack by Muslims was described as “Group clashes”. It was just the Muslims carrying out a planned attack on the Gurudwara, the Sikhs and burning their shops. The most defining image of the attack on Sikhs was this one:

Note that the Sardar in the pic doesn’t have any weapon or stones in his hands. He is a sitting duck for the blood-thirsty mob. What happened to him?

That Sardar ended up in the hospital badly injured. Thankfully, he survived and will live to recover his life. Hundreds of Sikh shops were burnt. It was NOT a communal riot. It was a Muslim riot like the Azad Maidan one. I have not heard or seen any report that indicates the Sikhs reacted or responded with equal violence and at the most defended themselves. It was just one community destroying the other. More:

There is no report that the police took fast or strong action. There is no report one shot was fired to disperse the mob. It went on for 3 days before some firm action was taken. Our sickular govts do not like to offend Muslims who want to riot. Our media doesn’t want to report their crimes. It’s called “Indian Secularism” which is now commonly known as “Sickularism”. Of course, for some hate-filled morons in the media the events in Gaza or Pakistan are worth a lot of tears but the Sikhs in Saharanpur are “Laboratory specimens” (read Hindu terrorists created in the Hindutva laboratory):

This sick female who travels under the name of Rana Ayyub has an extraordinary reservoir of hate for Hindus and any other community except Muslims. So much that it blinds her to the truth out of her Politico-Islamic compulsions. That the Muslims were violently rioting in Saharanpur is not visible to her. Never mind! Like her, there is another blind moron on Timesnow who believes every incident in UP or elsewhere is a “Design to polarise” by the BJP regardless of what the truth is. Arnab, the Hindu-hater, has now set an agenda for the TOI group to target the BJP govt for all communal sins and even “deemed” communal sins:

We keep wondering if these chronic haters and liars will ever find the courage to speak the truth about Saharanpur or about their hypocrisy in reporting communal violence. We didn’t expect them to. But in comes a guy and he shows the guts to speak the truth:

Gaurav Sawant of HeadlinesToday boldly and bluntly states the truth about media hypocrisy for the first time in the history of Indian TV news. He tweets how the media makes it about “Muslim victim” all the time but remains silent on the crimes by that community. This is nothing short of a historic turn in the Indian media. There is nothing so outrageous or untruthful in what Sawant says. Millions have been saying it for a long time now. Obviously, the Media Mafia cannot digest this as it threatens their very life-support and cash-flow. So here is a corrupt media celeb, sacked from his job, who moralises about Sawant’s tweets:

Instantly, Shekhar Gupta, the “second-hand car” purchased by the India Today group as their Vice-Chairman, forces Sawant to delete his tweets under threat. “Deep Throat” confirmed to me that it was Gupta who forced the deletion of tweets. Gupta is a ignorant of how SM works. In this day and age people consider media a crime scene. They keep screen shots and records of media transactions. Gupta is also new to Twitter and he has so far lived in his cocooned editor’s chamber of muck. Imagine how many scams and news stories adverse to their masters people like Gupta and Sardesai would have suppressed and censored. With his moral sermon Rajdeep sparks off another dangerous act by someone who organised a petition to sack Sawant from HT. Twitterworld says this was instigated by a side-kick journo called Mihir Sharma who is a Modi-hater and constant whiner. He whines so much that he’s a disgrace to even whining. Here’s the stupid petition:

The petition is mindless crap and it even claims Sawant is popular with the right wing as if this is blasphemy which offends the Quran or Bible. I would have to call the people who crafted this petition a bunch of intolerant extremists. There was an instant outrage on Twitter over this silly petition because the same people like Rajdeep, Barkha, and Gupta who whine about free speech were now part of the mafia that silenced one of their own. Shameful hypocrisy at its best. What these goondas really wanted to do was rant like Al Capone: “I want that man dead! I want his family dead! I want his house burned down to the ground”. But they can’t do that so they resorted to this silly petition. When Rajdeep was pointed to the moronery he had provoked this was the transaction:

Yeah! Who decides what’s a hate tweet or hate speech? Not courts, but our media morons like Rajdeep who seem to have been appointed by Moses. It is not a mere opinion that Rajdeep is peddling. It is a threat that he holds out to other journalists that they cannot step outside the circle of Hammam which has been so carefully built by our criminal Media Mafia. Shekhar Gupta tells us how he and others couldn’t read public opinion (remember the confessions of Intellectual Moron Dileep Padgaonkar?):

Gupta’s acknowledgement that political pimps don’t understand public opinion anymore is not the first one. Dileep Padgaonkar was the first and a decade of political pimping has disconnected these media crooks from people as much as it has the Congress and its sickular clones. There was that old Radia-fox too (who commented on how SC judges operated). He had a confession too as did the Monk who had no understanding of SM and got slapped in 2014:

If guys like Rajdeep, Barkha, Sagarika, Shekhar or Prabhu Chawla was only a threat to press freedom that wouldn’t be such a big danger. My earlier tagline for this blog was “Crooks and liars in the media are the greatest danger to Indian democracy”. Yes, they threaten our very democracy through their lies and misreporting and deliberate malice towards all communities except the Muslims. The more they protect Muslim crimes the more brazen the community gets. In the case of Saharanpur the Sikhs have been short changed by both the politicians and the media. Fortunately, unlike 1984, social media does not allow these sick media people to hide anymore. There is no place, no corner and no hole to hide. Their crimes are exposed day in and day out.

Overnight Gaurav Sawant is a hero among people. Personally, I would prefer journos like him to get out of mafia houses and, along with our good journos, form a new channel. Money is always there for an honest cause. But that is not my decision to make. But it is heartening to see his courage and honesty. Gaurav Sawant deserves our applause and a salute. I hope he continues in the same vein without fear even if the crimes are by Hindus and not necessarily by Muslims or other communities. If we have to get past the nonsense of communal riots and violence we need journos to report it bluntly and not as stupid “group clashes”. That’s where the laws of reporting need change.

There is another sad and unreported part to the Saharanpur story. I have known Gurudwaras to be generous and provide food and shelter to anyone, regardless of community, as much as is possible by them. Sikhs ensure no Sikh person ever goes hungry or without shelter and they extend it to other people where feasible. Saharanpur is no different when it comes to their generosity as this tweet indicates:

That tweet is based on this report in the Tribune. The act of providing education and social service in Saharanpur cannot be disputed. And because a court verdict did not go in their favour, it is astonishing that the Muslim community attacked the very community which provides so much for its children. That’s the story our TV channels won’t tell you. But every terrible incident has its heroes. The Sardar facing the stone-pelting mob is a symbolic hero for his community and Gaurav Sawant is a true, game-changing hero in the media. We know who the villains are.


  1. Heroes = Sikhs, @gauravcsawant, ...
    Villains = @sardesairajdeep @ShekharGupta, @BDUTT, RoP

    1. Current mindsets are a result of slow poisoning of the saffron brigade's pet project. Muzaffarnagar, Saharanpur are but mere milestones in the polarization drive which had started a long time ago:

      No government (state/center/district) irrespective of political party is willing to impart high quality education which is the only solution to prevent complete societal collapse. These criminal politicians are well aware that once the population acquires critical thinking skills they will throw out these hate mongers.

    2. This article no longer available. Best is what Ravinar (MediaCrooks) does is - retain a copy of it. Such so called MSM has very weak foundation & therefore spine and they retract the moment they know their design is deciphered.

    3. Dear KB,

      What do you mean by slow polarisation of the saffron brigade? Do you mean to say that the Muslim rioters in Saharanpur are part of the saffron brigade? Or have you made it your life's ambition to blame saffron (whatever that means) for all acts of violence, no matter who the perpetrators and what the circumstances.

      It does not take very high quality education to understand that one should not riot. If the mind-set is such that you refuse to obey the law, no amount of education will help.

      Also, I have not done any surveys....but judging from social media, high quality education does nothing to stop hatred and crime. The 4 youth from Maharashtra who joined ISIS were from well-to-do houses and quite well educated.

      It is time to stop blaming poverty, education etc. and call a spade a spade. There are folks in the Muslim community who brainwash little children to hate other communities and do not teach tolerance at all. This needs to be reigned in. Also the false sense of victimhood the the community nurtures and the media feeds, needs to be removed.

  2. The injured Sikh is reported to be serious and let us pray for him. And media crook rightly suggest that there is a need for change in reporting about crimes of a community and no need of protection. I have always observed that muslims are riot initiator.

  3. Great blog as always. आज कल मुसलमान अपना alias पप्पू, बाबू, राहुल रखने लग गए हैं। अगर आप पूरा नाम पूछेंगे तभी पता लगेगा की खान या अली last name है। ये शायद इस लिए की अगर आपके घर में मिस्त्री या रंगरेज़ का काम चाहिए तो पप्पू या बाबू के नाम से मिल जायेगा।

  4. Indian media and CONgress has done greatest disservice to the nation by following wrong vote bank politics and Sickularism encouraged Muslims demanding minority rights where they no longer a minority.

  5. This article is a text book case of rare but real journalistic qualities that must be showcased to students of journalism. The ones that stand out are:
    - Stating blunt truths like riot happy muslims and government and media pampering and encouraging them.
    - Courage to recognize and appreciate the brave act of a journalist (Gaurav Sawant) that act as a morale booster to other unsung brave journos.
    - Fairness and real balanced perspective, that extolls journalists to report on riots whether it's instigated by Muslims or Hindus...

    This article is also a vindication of the TRUTH of the title of your book "Social Media as a Watchdog".

  6. I would like to know what has happened to the data collected in the 2011 census.It is 3yrs since the excercise was completed and the results have not seen the daylight. Considering that a pseudo secular govt was in power, i guess there is something very disturbing in the data that might upset the pseudo secular apple cart. I am also not aware of the NDA govt's stand on bringing this census report into public domain.

    1. There is definitely something very macabre to hide, the BJP with RSS initiative should reveal Census2011, immediately.

  7. This riot, is an extremely tragic way that a mirror has been shown to India and its media. The reactions of the Sikhs and the Muslims have highlighted the difference between the two communities. The Sikhs...fewer in number, victims of this riot, have been extremely courageous and faced the mob. The riots have caused death and untold misery to them. Yet, they have not whined. I am sure, the folks who have lost everything, will rebuilt their lives and in doing so, will not even lose their spirit, which is known for generosity and courage.

    The Muslim rioters on the other hand and their cronies in the media have tried to blame everyone and everything but themselves. I also don't think that this disease can be cured easily. We see the exact same victimhood from the likes of Shahrukh Khan, who would be one of the most privileged persons in India. The only way to prevent such barbaric acts in the future, is to ensure tight policing and quick punishment for such hate crimes. The only way that rioter (from any community) will stop rioting is if they are sure, it will not be tolerated...they will be arrested and punished. Their crimes will not be covered up by the media and encouraged by their cronies in the press.

    Also Ravinar, I have rarely seen you endorse an MSM journo so whole-heartedly. Gaurav should feel immense pride that you tweeted the #IStandWithGauravSawant hashtag...he should know he is doing the right thing...and hope he inspires others to be bold and speak the truth. Perhaps your tribe is growing after all :D

  8. Its about time for a channel talking the other side. Sort of Fox news in USA.

  9. The fact that he deleted his tweet under pressure shows that he is a pliable individual.Has he no spine to stand on his convictions.? I would have supported his cause had he not succumbed to pressure.Food for thought for those who are fighting his cause.These are morons who will change according to the direction of the wind.

    1. @Anand

      While you are entitled to your opinion I do believe you are looking through the telescope through the wrong end. In management there is a principle: It is better to dare to make a mistake and apologise than to make none at all. In this case GS did not make any mistake. What would you have done if you were in his shoes? Would you sacrifice your job over a few tweets? That is what GS was threatened with. It is silly to give up a job over a few tweets. It is better to stay and fight another battle or to find a new space for that battle.

      Secondly, GS was wise to delete his tweets knowing well that it is already in the "market" of Twitter and wont get erased. So he has basically done his job of putting his message out. What the deletion has done is give it more publicity than it would otherwise have. Its called the "Streisand effect". What it has also done is that it has brought out all the hypocrites in the media and politics by the deletion.

      The other thing GS has done is that he has opened the door to the fact publicly that not all journos subscribe to the "sickular" way of reporting. In his circumstances, I would prefer that he deleted and not lost his job. He may have a family to support. Courage is withdrawing temporarily to stay and fight another battle. Merely calling him "spineless" out of a misplaced self-righteous sense of valour is not the right thing to do.

    2. Exactly...this is like Shivaji apologising to Aurangzeb when he was in Agra and in Aurangzeb's power...He would only have got himself killed by showing false pride and refusing to bend. He apologised and lived another day to renew the fight and win. GS did just that. Nothing in his subsequent tweets suggests that GS has either changed his opinion or regretted tweeting his questions.

  10. writing...I guess your tribe is growing...people who have the spine to call a spade a spade..may be Gaurav was inspired by your writing and thinking...I hope this inspires a lot of other journalists too...I hope in near future we have a group of journalists who put the nation first while reporting and whose allegiance is towards the nation and not towards a particular community...On my side I tried to spread your word/blog as much as I can...keep up the good work...

  11. Dear Ravinar,

    My Salute to Saharanpur's own Sardar Tara Singh who stood against the entire muslim Mob just like in film Gadar. Real Gutsy. Wahe Guruji da khalsa Wahe guruji ki fateh.

  12. Social-media is truly a watchdog,
    Kudos to you and your likes.

  13. @Ravinar, I respect ur view as an alternate thought process. The reason I raised this issue was also thanks to our treacherous media. In debates when a member makes an unsavoury remark or uses unparliamentary language, he is offered a chance to withdraw it.( How a spoken word can be withdrawn is something that passes over my head).If he was asked to apologise I would not mind.Once he withdraws it, the affected party is happy as if it was an apology.This is the culture in our media discourse.So the public will view this withdrawal of a tweet as atonement for GS 'crime'. I do agree that the message hits the target the same way as media making headlines with motivated news and then issueing an apology on a column centimeter on the last page.

  14. Today is 66th day of the crooks in media continuing to be free ( despite a new govt coming in ) and having the audacity to silence anyone that exposes their hypocrisy ( because of their fearlessness of the new govt )
    Whilst Narendra Modi has done well by cutting them off their foreign jaunties ( there is a good piece written by Jagannathan of Firstpost , analysing the media strategy of Modi ), to me the fact that crooks of media roam free, public discourse continues to be anti modi, anti common sense, anti national - is a cause of lot of anxiety and stress ( in me) and could also become a bother for BJP ( with every passing day of inaction / non action )

    And I once again attribute to ineffective, incompetent, clueless ministerial colleagues of Narendra Modi. The more they are around, the more vulnerable BJP becomes.

    we have to endure these crooks of media because these have not been reigned in .
    and yes, it is not that I am in a hurry but a lie repeated a hundred times does carry the perception that it is the truth. And that is what is happening. the view of the opposition and liars in media is getting more coverage and eyeballs. The nature of public discourse in india is still pathetic. And in india even a few percent swing against one oneself, could render one a loser in an election

    For me Modi winning so comfortably in 2014 is a quasi miracle. Ideally BJP should consolidate from here , but that may not happen . The next elections ( assembly ) should have been a cakewalk for BJP ( but basis the noise emanating in the mainstream media it may not turn out to be easy - with oppositions colluding, conniving, joining forces and media continuing to peddle lies and hide truth) .

    and with out proper messaging around the achievements ( even doordarshan is inept and clumsy and not a fraction of the govt mouthpiece it once was in eighties ) . not sure where we are headed. Even Modi seems to be in a very different world of his own. Perhaps he believes he is blessed. I do not have such blind faith. God forbid if some adverse surprise were to happen, then blaming, repentence, regret, course correction would be futile. ( as the damage would already have been done )

    The fact that someone is exposing the hypocrisy of the mainstream media and is now being publicly scuttled/quitened - is reflection of a very shoddy state of affairs.
    The good thing is that atleast this happenned ( someone stood up), but the bad thing is the media is shameless and continues to be unrepentent.

    And one cannot be positive, hopeful and look forward to greatness ( growth , prosperity ) with such a lot of mediocrity and incompetence floating around.
    Besides the markets tanking today, rupee has breached 61 to a $ .. Hmm..

  15. MSM has only one agenda..remove NAMO by hook or crook...because in NAMO's scheme of things these news traders have no free foreign junkets along with PM....But as you have correctly suggested the need of the hour is a channel to counter these media crooks.

  16. These are the last days of such darbaris of Delhi.Modi/BJP/RSS/Hindus don't need them.Post 1947 India has come a long way and has come long way in spite of these crooks and will go a long way without them.SM and vernacular press have come as saviours for Hindus.Otherwise these crooks would have sold India to the highest bidders.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Ravi you are a true rockstar!!! Love the way you articulate the thought so many of would have had and then back it up with data/research!!! Love your work...keep up the great job...RESPECT!!!

  19. Muslims attacked a community which did so much for Muslim children. We have come a long way in our belief about Muslims. I remember "Kabuliwala" days in school where we learned a Pathan, a Muslim would never forget even a small favor done to him. In fact, grateful Muslim even put his life on line if you did him a favor. Look what we have today.

  20. Dear Ravi,
    I've a complain that because of you I had to watch this this 'Self imaged/Thought (suggest better word/phrase)God's gift to Indian Secular Democracy' ARNUB. My choice of word for these type are
    1. SACIDS [Self Annointed (Crony) Intectuals of Delhi's Studios]
    2. GAIRI [Goad's Abhishaap on india's real intelects]
    3. SAGIS [Self Appointed Guardians of Indian Souls]
    4. or simple CIIs[Crony Inelectuals of India]

  21. Read an interesting book by Al Franken "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them" which goes well for our today's media


    minute 26-27, dr.abraham says mother teresa converted hindus to good hindus, muslims to good muslims. so for him all hindus/muslims are evil.

  23. What a piece of work Ravinar, you have stripped the villians bare naked here. I can't unrerstand why MSM covers-up the rogue elements from the muslim community. The best thing to have happened in India is Modi as PM and Shah as BJP.president, once it is made sure that BJP does not need Muslim votes, this community's nonsense will not be tolerated. Thank you again for your time to pen this shocking act rrom the MSM

  24. rahul takes charge !!!

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