Thursday, August 28, 2014

Media's Love Jehad Denial

Since the walls of the former Eastern Bloc countries in Europe broke down there has been a large and lucrative human trafficking trade. Young girls (and sometimes boys) have been sold in this flesh-trade in Western European and Middle-east countries. The girls come from Asia, Africa and poorer parts of Europe. Sometimes they are smuggled through using legitimate means and sometimes illegal means and sometimes even in containers. We always thought these happened only in movies. In reality the movies of the last decade or so reflect this grim reality rather than fiction. Remember the container-loads of Chinese kids in “The Transporter”? Slave trade doesn’t seem to have disappeared. The following movie showed it even more devastatingly:

Taken” is a very slick, high-octane movie where the hero’s daughter is kidnapped, along with other teenage girls, and is about to be auctioned as a slave. This has actually been happening in Europe in different forms and proportions. This week there was a shocking revelation of 1400 girls being abused over a period of 16 years and the police didn’t act because they didn’t want to be seen as “racist”.

The titles of the related reports make horrible reading: How London becamethe child abuse capital of the world: Trafficked here by gangs, prey to pimps,paedophiles and murderers... the booming trade in 'lost' children that shamesus all and another one Rotherham child sexual exploitation: Victims raped, beaten and doused in petrol if they threatened to tell. I know, these are the countries that never tire of lecturing us on human rights and children’s rights. Shameless cowards! 16 years? 16 years they let it pass? So what’s different in India? Nothing really! Our Congress Commies and their clones and their media pimps allow all the minority crimes pass. Not only that, they cover up by accusing Hindus of exaggerating or even turn the victims into criminals.

In the 1970s and 80s (and even now?) there were frequent stories of Arab Sheikhs coming to Hyderabad or Bombay and “shopping” for young under-aged brides. The poor parents were happy to see their daughters married to a wealthy Sheikh only to learn later that their girls ended up as slaves. There is something unnatural and alarming about all of this. Yet, when a practice called “Love Jehad” (LJ) came to light our media folks, as usual, denied its existence. In fact, they discovered it only now when the practice has been in existence for quite a long time.  

This practice of LJ largely involves luring Hindu or Non-Muslim girls by Muslim males into love, marriage and forced conversions. Sometimes this activity ends in a tragedy as well. Members of the BJP in UP raised the issue of LJ over incidents in Meerut and other towns in the state. The lowest BAR in journalism “Barkha, Arnab, Rahul” (Rahul Kanwal has now replaced the redundant Rajdeep) were all up in arms as usual. They screamed “polarisation”, communal intimidation and dismissed the concept of LJ as wild imagination. The LIARS, all of them, were in denial all over again. And all of this without the slightest reference to history or any investigation whatsoever. It doesn’t take much for the iRudali to parrot what her Congi Master says. I don’t see any “oxy” here; I only see two morons echoing each other and living in denial. Here’s Rahul Kanwal tweeting in ecstasy about LJ:

What is required is thorough probe says the bimbo. So what stops Kanwal from probing? That apart, he brings in vague analogies of Muslim BJP members being married to Hindu women as if that has any connection to LJ. Shahrukh Khan is married to a Hindu woman. Aamir Khan is married to a Hindu woman. Nasiruddin Shah is married to a Hindu woman. Technically, Islam does not recognise inter-faith marriages. Therefore one has to convert to Islam either before or after the marriage. The tactic is to bring in some regular, normal marriages to cloud the issue of LJ. That’s what morons like Kanwal are doing. It doesn’t occur to this bimbo that his group magazine reported the matter of LJ way back in 2012. Here’s India Today, the mother organisation of Kanwal: Over 2500 women converted to Islam in Kerala since 2006, says Oommen Chandy. The article specifically talks about LJ and the statement by Chandy is in the Kerala Assembly, not in some TV studio. A statement in an Assembly is a formal recognition of an issue or problem. Long before Chandy, the High Court of Kerala had also formally recognised the problem in 2009:

So the denials by Kanwal or the Oxy-Oxy games by Manish Tewari and Barkha, and the screaming idiotic “polarisation” nonsense by Arnab Goswami are all the Indian equivalent of what happened in England over 16 years. The Congis, their clones and these idiots in the media don’t want the special “minority” to be accused of any crimes. Half the crimes in UP may not even come to light as those happen in remote areas where our studio musicians would never bother to reach. The problem is far bigger than our media would like to report. Here’s one from Odisha:

LJ has gained more notoriety recently over the deceptive marriage that a national shooter, Tara Sahdeo, was lured into. Her husband claimed to be Hindu but had already become a Muslim some years back. That case is being investigated but our media delights in clouding the case with all kinds of nonsensical statements and opinions, like Rahul Kanwal does. It seems her husband Raquibul (aka Ranjit) lured her into marriage claiming to be a Hindu while actually being a Muslim. He then tortured her to convert. Terrible story! Our media crooks live a life of protection and luxury. I guess it’s only when a damaging incident happens with one of them or one of their own that they will realise what goes on in society. Till then, these blind idiots will continue their deception. I don’t have to tell you that when such revelations happen, the pimps at NDTV are the first to put up bogus reports and data to mock the Hindus and the victims. This Commie channel exists to cover up all Muslim crimes and even Paki crimes. Here’s the pimp of many a crime who claims to be a journalist, Sreenivasan “Chota-Mota” Jain:

The NDTV morons quickly dug up some police data from UP police files on crimes against women. They grandly concluded that Hindus commit more crimes against their own women than Muslims. And they gladly add “Communal spin” in the headline as if that is a certainty certified by the Mulleeh Barkha. These liars and pimps are yet to acknowledge that in this day and age they cannot get away with bogus interpretation and reporting of data. Everyone on SM watches them closely because nobody trusts them. Their trash got this response:

On analysis of the data it seems based on the population ratio Muslims tend to commit twice the crimes that Hindus commit against women. Now this is not my imagination but based on the data put up by NDTV. They used the data to show BJP is spinning the crimes but ended up with egg on their face. Read the full destruction by Rupa Subramanya. NDTV still hasn’t learned that the days when they could shout 3000 killed or 10000 killed in Gujarat are over. People on SM look at everything with a microscope and it is impossible to get away with spurious reports. It doesn’t matter to Sreenivasan Jain or NDTV considering their whole existence is corrupt. I am not even going into Child-trafficking cases that have been reported from Kerala, Bengal and Jharkhand. That’s a whole jihad by itself. Unlike NDTV, others went and did some real digging and had some terrible reports to offer. Here’s ZeeNews on August 27 reporting 120 cases of LJ till July 2014:

I am not quite sure from when the number of 120 was calculated although it can’t be over a long period. This assertive and excessive violence and crimes by Muslims in UP has gone up only after the SP came to power in March 2012. I don’t expect the media to be pro-Hindu at any point but you might wonder how they have developed such extreme contempt and hatred for Hindus and Hindu organisations. The answer is very simple: Money. All these channels and editors thrive on slush funds and black money. It hardly matters to them who is a criminal and who is a victim. Their own survival is at stake and they are in a Jehad of denial themselves. 


  1. Great article, these mutated morons are disgrace to journalism and country. Half of the crimes of muslims can be prevented,if Indian govt can curb these corrupt,filthy and retard channels by prosecuting their management for financial crimes and putting some corrupt scums behind bar. I am actually amazed, how come not a single channel,specially NDTV is not being investigated by this new govt. There is no let down in tone and false attack on Modi and his govt.If Modi has to end as a successful PM, he should close some of these anti Indian 3rd grade filth. Muslims know they have a free run in India until we have these pumpkin head assholes in Govt, congress,media and communists are putting burkha over their crimes.

    1. Why are Hindu girls so easily available for sex and then pressured into conversion? It seems like the religion is weak to prevent the sexual act yet it's followers hold strong beliefs about casting such women/girls off as "untouchable"

    2. Expect nothing from Modi Govt. They are busy in survival mode. They just want to complete their term in office reacting to a media that they cannot manage.

      separately, why do so called hindu women fall for muslim men ? It is either on account of being bitten by sickularism bug or money/threat ??
      hindus are mainly cowards, unorganized, undisciplined, clueless zombies. Apart from being used as a nomenclature /lynchpin in media, the real hindu exists nowhere or exists in a very watered down confused zombiesh clown representing anything and everything .
      and given that we ( indians) multiply like rug rats and nobody is even acknowledging reckless population explosion as the root cause of many of our problems - more chaotic days ahead. Now the numbers are in thousands , soon it will be in millions and we all will remain as clueless as ever consoling ourselves 'all is well'.

    3. @KB, This is a bigger game plan of money and demography changes that will take place for future, your next generation will have terrible affect of what is hapenning, you cannot see things in a myopic view. What BJP is doing is getting thigs in to the limelight to let you people know what is really hapenning around you and trying to protect the demography.

      Your myopic argument of why hindu girls and all that nonsense doesnt work.

      Please think long term, and think how when it was in a few states how things changed, there are lots of things hapenning you need to think hollistically and long term vision, if this happens without any checks, all these small pockets of villages will become like mallapuram, you can go and do some research about what is hapenning in Mallapuram.

    4. @KB Dear Meth head....try to read, its not sex its love for which Hindu girls are falling, they are falling for love for Muslim guys posing as Hindus. You won't understand as there is nothing any thing close to love in keep masturbating and vomiting your filthy mind and thoughts in Public.

    5. @rightwinger, you are I think going about and discussing about a wrong reason.
      Why is presstitues so going crazy? it is because of Modi and they are hell scared their status quo is getting uprooted.
      People have already shown by giving the majority in Ls only thing is getting in place in RS, once that is done, these media presstitutes days will be numbered.
      He has been hounded for 12 years unscathed, now he is still doing it he knows how to play his game.

      so dont get dejected, Hindus are not so zombies as you think, the latest example is last elections.
      all these goons trying hard is one last time, that is why you see no postive news about the govt as if this govt is not doing anything. only news is communal or he is dictatorial bshit.

    6. @rightwinger, wanted to add, latest survey says people have increase their faith in Modi govt latest survye by the same presstitues dont get dejected.

    7. @srinivas kandadai,
      hahaha.. I do not follow the mainstream media. Neither do i care for their surveys or certificates.

      i am disappointed, yes. But that too because India is not moving ahead. There is so much to be done and so much can be done - yet we all are stuck in so many inanities.
      and specifically on hindus - i stick to my views. Modi won because of anger against UPA. Time will let us know how things eventually turn out.

      But personally, i believe in seizing initiative, offence as the best form of defence.

      I would have been much happier reading about failure of love jehad, collapse of Isis, success of a new rejuvenated objective efficient doordarshan, highly organized hinduism; non hindus putting nation before religion , crooks getting hauled up and penalised for their transgressions, an improved level of reverence, better environment.. etc etc etc etc etc etc. It all seems a pipe dream in my lifetime . So no happiness for me in this lifetime.

    8. A Hindu girl has accused Gowda's son of decieving her and taking advantage of her naivete! Is she another victim according to bhakts like DrunkenDuck & Srinivas or will she now be labeled a slut?

    9. @rightwinger, Hindus are the most learned community in the world! The problem is, we want to avoid the situation of punishing one person for the wrongdoing of other. When a Muslim employee comes to you, you dont want to punish him for the wrong doing of another Muslim. The fact however is that all Muslims are imbread and hence think alike. We must boycott the community and plan for its slow death. As Todadiya says, boycott Muslims in all sphere of life, they dont deserve normal treatment.

    10. @KB Mr Olympic level Moron, media is reporting Gowda's case without any bias and without defending him, it is a 420 case and individual crime, unlike Love Jihad which is promoted by Islam and filthy Maulavis and their numbhead Bhakts like you!! Now for putting that slut question, it only exposed your upbringing and nothing more

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    12. Dear KB - what you should be more worried about is why muslim men fantasize about other muslim men and even worse why mullahs fantasize about children.

    13. @Praveen, it's a practice match for the real event with their hindu girlfriends.

      But seriously, Hindu girls fantasizing about virile Muslim men is a reality that is mass promoted by Bollywood. If Hindu girls liked Salman Khan to the extent that they believed Aishwarya was acting like a bimbo when she left him and married Abhishek, what more to say...

    14. Its a practice match. Exactly. So why Hindus are not doing this?

      Their lies the answer to all this racket. You see, the individual is not the problem. The faith is.

    15. RSS might know, since they have mastered how to resist such temptations...

    16. Dear Ravinar,

      Their is a consistent effort by the sickularists to infiltrate Nationalist blogs & discussions like yours by pretending to be a rightwinger or Modi supporter & giving sob stories about how they feel betrayed by Modi's 3 month government. Obviously the plan is to bring disillusionment among his online supporters working like a slow poison. My request to all the true nationalists is to start noting every minor/major achievements of this government as you may feel fit. Because the more older this government becomes, it will need to provide fitting answers to the sickular's of this country such as ( NGO-Media Presstitutes-Congi-AAptards). We shall be doing a great service to our country if each of us keep a personal list of achievements of this new Govt. My personal favourite achievements of this Government in past 3 months are as follows : 1) Terrific external diplomacy with Bhutan, Nepal, Giving fitting reply to Pakistan by first calling off meeting & then BSF lodging a fierce counterattack on Pak after government's open support, 2) Jan-Dhan Yojana for poor wherein every poor would have a bank account & insurance of 1 lakh, 3) Efforts to reduce babudom by bringing sense of responsibility in bureaucracy, boost Infrastructure & manufacturing sector, 4) Not a single corruption scandal in past 3 months as against raining scandals in UPA Govt, 5) Giving special Impetus to make Toilets available in every school by next republic day. Issues such as Corruption, Rapes, Child Trafficking, Black Money cannot be resolved within a few months. I am sure the govt is already preparing case against the sold-out media presstitutes, NGO's & will take action at right moment. Achievements of this Government should not be lost while discussing the agenda driven by MSM. Such records will finally help us bring back NAMO Govt in 2019 by even greater majority. Vande Mataram.

    17. First of all, I don't think KB is a Muslim. More likely to be a braindead commie. In which case you'd have more success debating with a frying pan.

      Secondly, anyone who is moaning about Modi's government after only 3 months needs their heads examined. Or, as more likely, they never voted for him in the first place and will disappear when they are proved wrong, again.

    18. "Secondly, anyone who is moaning about Modi's government after only 3 months needs their heads examined."

      Except April-June GDP growth is Modi effect, *moan* :-D

      From a dispensation prone to crediting Pappu at every opportunity and diverting blame to anyone but him, we've sure come a long way indeed...

  2. Superb analysis.You rightly added Rahul kanwal in that infamous BAR. I was wondering why they are behaving like pimps intentionally that more so quite recently. Answer found: MONEY. As you provided example in this article, apart from the media, Bollywood is another area where this LJ crap is served to the youth. All those STARS have all the time in the world to lecture problems with the majority community and importance of tolerance, but shiver to the core to talk any thing M. Hypocrisy.

  3. Ravinar, I watched the newshour debate on this, arnab did not allow Sambit patra to even speak, and when he was about to quote Kerala court decision, three of the panels started overpowering, never was BJP given a chance to talk. only VHP person could atleast make it a point. they were saying saying dont bring courts into this, as they clearly knew where Sambit was going. You can all go to google and see the debate it is still there.
    These guys think that they are monopoly of news, did not learn even after Modi became PM and they are still in denial mode and thinking that something will happen and their position will stay in a statu quo mode for ever.
    People there in UP now know more and even in Kerala they even know more and even in Bengal. The people who watch these people are the people who dont go and vote, it is a soap opera for time pass.
    Thank you sir I learnt a lot and I have been telling others to follow the way you do so much or research.
    I can say never even waited for my GF so much but I keep coming to your post every day and in hourly basis to see something new come up or see the messages so that I can learn more.
    Please keep it up Ravinarji, I wanted to actually stop watching but that is not correct, I need to watch and put my message across to other people how they are distorting facts.

      This is the one I was talking about ant there is another part too.

    2. Arnab had made up his mind even before the debate started.

      Arnab: Can you define love-jihad?
      Sambit: Of course. The Supreme Court has defined it ...
      Arnab: Stop. Stop. Stop. Don't quote Supreme Court. See you can't even define love jihad.

      Arnab: VHP rep, can you define love-jihad?
      VHP rep: Sure, here's what mid-day says.
      Arnab: Who is the author?
      VHP rep: Just a sec...
      Arnab: See, you can't even define love-jihad.

      Arnab: Do you have concrete proof that love-jihad exists.
      VHP rep: Sure, here is the NIA report.
      Arnab: Don't show the report. But does it even use the word love-jihad? If it doesn't, then obviously love-jihad does not exist. Does it mention love-jihad? Does it?

      Phew! Mr. Arnab, the NIA report does not say "love-jihad does not exist" either. So then by your own logic, love-jihad must exist right?

    3. Either the BJP spokespersons shape up their ability to deliver message thru such hostility OR they should just boycott these presstitudes.

    4. I agree PS. These BJP and VHP spoke persons are giving these con artists false credibility of balanced reporting.

    5. There's something to be said for BJP boycotting the media, but having said that, I think the way they are treated is exposing the media even more for what they are. Has Arnab's bullshit increased his popularity? I think people who at least part-way respected him before are now starting to hate him for his obvious arrogance and bias. So perhaps it's going the way it should.

  4. All Hindu leaders should set an example by themselves marrying or getting the unmarried male members of their family to marry victims of love-jihad.

    Who's volunteering to be the 1st?

    1. @ KB Mr Numb head, you mean to marry someone not for love but to set an example...just like Muslims marry not for love but to convert? Go run,your brothers in Gaza and ISIS are calling you, you Jackass!!

    2. Marriage is a union of souls, minds, families to complement one another - not some sickular institution meant to promote fake socialism and ratify stupidity.
      fyi, there are many individuals ( including in VHP) that do support and bail out/rehabilitate many such mislead women. Their numbers too is in thousands but media does not highlight this. ( though personally i do not agree to such arrangements)

    3. In other words, marriage is not for wimps...

    4. Oh KB, you should read some history. You yourself are a product of love jihad. Your brothers were butchered by the muslims and your sisters raped. Those of you who were allowed to live were those who agreed to convert. Why could you not be strong and fight the atrocities of muslims like your brothers and sisters did? Why did you convert you weakling?

  5. Great eye opener. When money to bury is more than digging facts this is what happens. Covert conversions need to be exposed. Our Media is untrustworthy in doing its job.

  6. John Swinton, the former Chief of Staff at the NEW YORK TIMES, when asked to give a toast before the prestigious New York Press Club in 1953, made this candid confession [it's worth noting that Swinton was called "The Dean of His Profession" by other newsmen, who admired him greatly]:

    "There is no such thing, at this date of the world's history, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job.

    "If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. The business of the journalist is to destroy the truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell the country for his daily bread. You know it and I know it and what folly is this toasting an independent press. We are the tools and vassals of the rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes."

    That, in my opinion, defines the entire media industry in our country.

    1. Great illustration! And it has got only worse with time.

    2. Brilliant – shouldn't it be captured as the “Forbidden” Trap, which every student of Journalism should avoid getting into?!?!!! AND OFCOURSE, the SICKULAR GANG of JOURNOS (comprising the BAR) would also make it a point to include this in the Orientation Program for new recruits in the system – OFCOZ NOT TO AWAKEN/ WARN them from not falling in this grand trap, but to ask them to imbibe as the TENETS of MSM-Journalism that every new recruit has to pursue in order to remain relevant in their scheme of things.

      New generation must become aware of the methods that these traitors employ in order to suppress India’s true potential and vitiate the investment environment by positioning the country negatively to the external world! These b@stards have unfortunately sold their mind/conscience to their anti-India foreign masters, so there’s no point expecting this specific tribe to mend their ways.

      For an instance - It was just so irritating to see another Arnab-wannabe reporter hassling Yogi Adityanath yesterday without any appointments (although I sincerely felt that Yogi Adityanath should, on his part, shown him the door politely so as to not encourage such nuisance practiced by Journos). Just look at the way how a controversy is being MANUFACTURED here by dirty tricks of MSM –

      1. A 7-year old speech allegedly by Yogi Adityanath is dug out from Internet and every damn channel also calls it UNDATED/ UNVERIFIED. Confirms, PM Modi’s policy for Media houses has left journos googling for News from past archives.

      2. Video is not even verified, and iRudali – Barkha jumps on to twitter, linking the speech with irony of what CURRENT PM conveyed in his Independence speech. Even if Yogi had said something which may not go well with a certain faction of community/ hournos, how moronic is it to link with what Modi conveyed today?

      3. Now once it is confirmed that the issue if any should have made to news generation ago, MSM would like to give a major spin. So, a CONpromised journo with full of MSM-FILTH, uncourteously jumps on Yog, unannounced and asks his comment on the video, which Yogi confirms as to have not seen yet. But, how can a Moron let the opportunity of out of hand, so what if the Swami hasn’t seen the video, the video is already a dead meat from long past, why can’t he provoke the Yogi by asking a few leading questions, and MANUFACTURE a controversy to suit his MASTERS? He did exactly that, and even when Yogi didn’t say anything different from what he conveyed in his Parliament speech, TimesNow seems to have “EXPOSED” communal Yogi by asking 15 STRAIGHT questions.

      4. The stupid reporter Meets/ Exceeds his Firm's/ Boss’s expectations, and eagerly awaits the quarterly performance review.

      Every sane person on this planet should be filled with contempt for these Morons and the Morons-in-the-making.

    3. Hit the nail on the head, sums up the entire media world precisely. Case of "intellectual prostitutes" aptly applies to the media. Wonderful article and a wonderful comment. Thanks

    4. Let me add too, this arnab has gone so arrogant that he asks BJP spokies why dont you take him off. In one of the debates about supremecourt statement he says take out all the team out from team Modi.
      Doesnt even realize PM Modi is PM of the nation and he needs his team and he even asked the same Supreme court heads to get a fast track courts for politicians, but you know whaqt he says what will happen to the happless people and we cannot do it? you know they got paid by congress so they will sing peans.He was not ready to hear what the spokesperson was saying.

      The thing is in the past 68 years congress screwed up every institution and it will take time to clear the mess.
      Simple fact no one understands is in the undercurrent, PM Modi is targetting the voting population with his vision, doesnt give a damn about the soap opera of media presstitutes.
      I think atleast India TV is balanced but they dramatize a lot.

  7. The following simple measurements should reveal an entire story:

    (a) Number of Muslim boys marrying Hindu girls; no. of Hindu Girls forced to convert as a % of this vs. % of Muslim boys who convert to Hinduism vs % of marriages where no conversion takes place.

    (b) No. of Hindu boys marrying Muslim girls. % of Muslim girls who convert to Hinduism vs. % of Hindu Boys who convert to Islam vs. % where no change happens to either.

    The ratios will tell a complete story. I do not have access to data, but I am sure someone will be able to get these stats. Secondly, when a Hindu boy sees a Muslim girl, all hell breaks loose. I have personally witnessed over 20 years ago when a friend of mine became friends with a Muslim girl. Her influential family gave death threats to the guy and he was roughed up several times while she was kept under house arrest. Conversely, Hindu girls are given all kinds of hope before marriage by Muslim boys that they will not be converted and they will have full freedom. The boys even say that they are willing to walk out of their family for the sake of love. The Hindu girl (brought up in a 'secular' ethos and the belief that all religions are the 'same' - two very big mistakes) falls for it time after time. When she marries (in accordance with even Hindu rites), then the Muslim Boy does a complete U-turn. This has happened so many times that it is wonder how our girls are not sensitized to this.

  8. As remarked in this article, the paid corrupt MSM media crooks won't realize this kind of injustice to H1ndus unless these things happens to them and their families.

    1. Let us not distract . Mulleeh barkha dutt is married to muslim two times over !!!! ( but she denies it ). The sickular crooks are adept at exploiting any situation to their advantage as they are spineless .
      the sikulars may carry hindu names but are coward vermins capitulating before money and power

  9. What is frustrating is that the Modi Govt. has done nothing to keep them in check. There was already a report by IB about money being sourced from suspicious bodies. This should have been enough to institute and inquiry and keep a leash on the unscrupulous elements in the Media.
    I see great parallels between how foreign powers (read CIA) used media in Syria to discredit Bashar Al-Assad and and fuel a rebellion.
    God save this country!

    1. YES MODI failed to stem the rot

    2. The entire year prIor to last general election was full of stories about corrupt congis,robert vadra scams,black money of sonia in swiss account,jehadi and pakistani ties of crooked english media,italian passport of raul vinci and bianca gandhi,the mysterious foreign jaunts of rahul gandhi,in other word enough material to finish of congis and crooked media and put them behind bars.
      We were lead to belive that once Modi comes to power all will be well and Hnidus will be the rulers and could hold their head proudly.
      Well the BJP is in power with Modi at helm for last three months,has the situation in any way improved?No on the contrary if any thing media is mount more vicious attacks on BJP and Hindus,the congis are coming on more strongly than ever,whom do we blame now?
      I am totally disillusioned and have concluded that Hindus as race are simply helplessly and dont have the capability to assert themselves and in fact are totally in effective.
      As the Hindi saying goes "Jo chalti me nahi chala sakta woh chutia hai"

    3. Modi Govt will not do anything right now? you know why.
      Lets take an example communal riots:
      Why communal riots dont happen in BJP ruled states?
      Why only non BJP ruled states have communal riots?
      So lets take the example of UP, If central Govt takes tough action and puts presidential rule?

      Then you will see all hell breaks loose, he is hitler, anarchic facist and all that.
      He says federalism should work and State govts are supposed to maintain law and order then media presstitues say, why there is no statement.
      So for media presstitutes it is you do you are damned and you dont also you are damned.
      PM Modi will go a step a time and he will surely show once he gets the confidence of the voting population.
      Rest I think these media presstitues think they can direct the way how govts are formed, they even now did not realize people know more than the sold out presstitutes,

  10. BAR Barkha Arnab and Rahul are all Christians and Muslims in pseudonym of Hindus.barkha is married to a Muslim Kashmiri Separatist both Arnab and rahl are Christains for the sake of jobs.thei owners said to them unless you converts yu wont get the job s they are converts.Aroon Purie sold his channels to Muslims and Times now is already Christian channels by owners Bennett Coleman co ltd ,NDTV is also a missionary we ought reject them outright for their absues on Hidnus.

  11. Hitting the Bull's Eye again.

    Whenever I read your post, I feel low because It make me to realise how stupid I was in the past. I was always beaten down straightly in all the arguments I had with the members of ROP. I never had so much of information to counter them. They were well-trained to make us feel that we hindus are filthy and they have the right to decimate us in the name of religion. The commies and media morons effectively made us to feel that we are not entitled for self-defence.

    Thanks for inducing critical thinking in us when dealing with religious fanatics.

    Great going Ravi Nar.

    1. Welcome to the club I was also a kind of looking for right information unbiassed and found this space by Ravinar.
      You also tell people by word od mouth or any other way, I am doing it too.
      Dont take it as I am a troll please I do this for a common cause for a developed nation without any issues or devisions amongs Indians,

      As PM Modi said 1.25 crore people take one step at a time we take 1.25 crore steps.
      Only these media presstitues and dividers amongst us are the stumbling blocks.

  12. The refusal of the MSM channels to even discuss court orders on LJ gives away their hidden agenda. For Those girls who are tricked into a love relation by deception as in the case of Tara Sahdeo there is simple pork test that they must remember.If any romeo makes suspicious advance towards a girl she must first ask him to treat her with a pork meal. She need not eat it but just to see the reaction.Generally the most fundamental section of Jihadis volunteer for these missions. So this will be a confirmatory test. For those secular girls who willingly jump to their doom not even God can help.After talaq, ( which is certain) they must reconvert along with their children if any, back to Hindu fold. By this the jihadis dont get the benefit they were looking for in demographic advantage.

  13. It is obvious-'All these channels and editors thrive on slush funds and black money'. Arnab Goswami spewing venom against Modi since the beginning of the LS elections and continuing till date confirms that.

    It's surprising that why BJP spokespersons participate in his show and why the government not doing anything to stop the flow of black money into media houses.

  14. I sincerely pray women in Rahul Kanwal's, BDutt's, Sardesais, MTiwari and other corrupt celebs family are kidnapped by muslim gangs and trafficked to middle east. Its high time these pseudo journalist are prosecuted for spreading false news.

    One thing is for sure. No country is going to help India and Hindus. Just like the jews, hindus should fight for what is rightfully theirs. There is a limit to everything.

    Ravinar, I think you should take part in Hindi + English TV debates online at prime time anonymously. Though this blog, twitter is excellent but it has limited reach. Most people don't have net. Most importantly you need a face/mask. BTW who fund these traitor journos?

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. News Traders and the Sikular Left Lib Choir sitting in A/C studios and drinking their margaritas must realize that they no longer set the agenda for public discourse and debate. They don't matter anymore. But what matters is to expose them for the frauds they really are and expose the $$$$$ trail leading to them.
    Love Jihad is a fact and no amount of lipstick and powder can make these Muslim demons look good.
    Reading Rahul Kanwal's tweets and his reported tirade against the victim of such brutal savagery by a Muslim piece of Shit on TV only shows how sick and delusional these SOB's are .

    Its now time to keep the niceties aside and give as good as we get.
    I quote

    George W Bush - "You're either with us, or against us" .

    If the news media wont side with us against this incoming wave of brutal Islamic ideology and hate crimes, the media should be considered as an enemy and they should be treated the way enemies ought to be. My remedy to the problem -
    Quoting Chanakya - "An Evil person causes harm even if treated well" and "We return evil for evil, in which there is no sin, for it is necessary to pay a wicked man in his own coin."

    "“People who claim that they're evil are usually no worse than the rest of us... It's people who claim that they're good, or any way better than the rest of us, that you have to be wary of.” - Gregory Maguire

    Boycott their websites, newspapers and TV channels. Better yet - stone their houses, cut their water supply and stop taking out their garbage.
    Troll their families when they step outside and harass them. Unleash a terror so great on them that their sikularism melts away. Beat up a few and throw some in prisons. Break their cameras and kick their beat reporters in the jewels. Set fire to their studios

    This is how you deal with an enemy who has no morals and no conscience and win

    1. Agree! But despite most of us living in an illustion that we are a 'tolerant' lot, that we have survived 1,000 years of invasion and that 'Hindus' and 'Hinduism' is strong because it could not be erased, we are all living in delusion! We are a bunch of cowards, living in constant denial, no sense of pride in being a Hindu, very apologetic and not enough knowledge about our own culture and texts, robbed from childhood by the type of education we get.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. We are a tolerant lot.
      Dharmic civilisation can never be erased.
      We have been living in denial, and largely cowardly.

      Those three points are all true. But the third one looks like it's changing. We need to keep the momentum going.

    4. Our forefathers tolerance has extracted a great price on us and our future generations. Over the past 1000 years Tens of Millions of us have been slaughtered on the altar of Islam. We lost our identity, pride, dignity, culture and freedoms to an inhumane cult of a pedophile worshipers. Its time we redeem ourselves and not allow a bunch of sick diseased minds to dictate whats right and not without an iota of intelligence and correct historic reference..

  17. True story:

    Several years ago, I met a lady who used to work at our Mumbai offices named Shaista. I would have probably spoken with her all of 3-4 times. Shaista was an EA to one of my peers in India (I was posted in the US then) and I sometimes interacted with her during my visits to India. One day I heard her speaking in chaste brahmin tamil. Being a tamil iyer myself, I was shocked, as I used to speak to her in English and had heard her interact with others in hindi, until then.

    Curious, I asked a colleague in HR about her. She was a tamil brahmin girl from Chennai who had met and fallen in love with a muslim lad. They got married and her family basically disowned her/left her to hang dry. She moved shortly after with her husband to Mumbai.

    Over the course of a year thereabouts, she had lost weight, became haggard, circles around eyes etc. From a sheltered life in her family environment, she had to get used to a new one - islamic prayer habits, cooking meat, buying halal meat at the local butcher, wearing a headscarf. Apparently, she had gone into a shell - home:work:home, no time to socialise with others, quiet demeanour, etc.

    Its been many years ago but last I heard, she had parted ways with her husband. In his defence, as I heard from the grapevine, he had not ill treated her physically. But, mentally, that is a worser issue. She could not stand the trauma of what she had to go through. Her biggest issue was she hated cooking the meat, dripping blood and so forth. Which led to their breakup.

    When I first read this post, I immediately recalled her face, devoid of all hope - lifeless eyes - haunted and just pulling through one day at a time. She put so much in store by her husband and lost the family she was born into, all for nothing finally.

    On balance, I would like to think she got off easy, compared to the conversion horror stories I read about usually as well as in Mr. Ravinar's article here.

    Call it love jihad or whatever the populist tag line of the day. I just see a victim whom I knew.

    Kind regards

    1. I am a tam brahm and know of similar cases and was reminded of those, when I read yours!

    2. Tambrahms are falling apart and disintegrating. The first blow was when they had to flee tamil nadu due to anti brahmin agitation of the tamil chauvinists in the 1960s/70's take refuge in other parts of the country.
      The next was the brain drain ( opportunities overseas ) which came with opportunities in IT, Medicine, Research.
      Finally who ever was left became more and more expedient, irreverent, fungible. The orthodox tamil brahmin , the harbinger of ancient Hindu culture is now extinct.
      even the daughter of subramanian swamy is married to a muslim !!!! How much worser can this get ???

  18. Ravinar, you have raised a very pertinent point in this write-up. In India, 95% of Media channels thrives on 99% sensationalism and hype, with 1% substance. I think that is clear to the entire educated class by now. But most of the media charlatans also depend upon slush funds and black money, which no one can provide more than mafia the dynasty controlled from 10 Janpath.

    If this is well known to us, why does not the BJP commence a thorough investigation into the funding mechanism of these channels (possibly by CBI or IB) and bring out the media-politician nexus out in the open? Any traces of credibility on these presstitutes which may still exist and continue to confuse a substantial section of citizens will vanish then.

    Now that they are in government, what is BJP waiting for? When can we see an end to the relentless tirade of raw disdain, vilification and crucifixion of Hindus that has been going on for the last 20 years?

    1. Because the boss of all investigating agencies is Arun JetLi who is very close to Burkha & some others

    2. Write to PM directly and seek his views on this ( at . If you get a response , then atleast you can take solace that governance is improving. If you get no response, then yet take solace that you have done your bit in raising the matter directly with person concerned.
      and if you get a proper satisfactory response then share it with others so that hope continues to float and spread.

  19. I am just waiting and watching the move of our beloved Modi with the hope for good. The time will decide whether it wants me to have peace or sword in hand but whatever I will have will use it properly. By the way, I am learning archery... And I love it.

  20. as usual an impressive blog putting things in proper perspective. What makes MSM (BAR) to adopt such a biased and illogical stand to embarrass NAMO and his government? Apart from Money as pointed out Recently read...In the visit to Japan by previous PM...34 journalists in the entourage. In NAMO's team only 8 journalists...MSM losing relevance and opportunity to sign off grandly from world famous locations at Government expense!!!

  21. Ravinarji! Like someone here has commented, I am like that teenager or more than that teenager, endlessly visiting this blog to see if you have posted a new one! Who can beat you to this? How I wish this blog is also translated simultaneously into the most popular of Indian languages and made available to all those people! You have enlightened many of us with your incisive and critical analysis and thoughts.

  22. Someone in the comments above was talking about sex lures etc.Well talking about sex. Pakistan has a very low internet penetration rate.However as per the data released by international search engines, paedo tracking orgs and NGOs the highest searches for porn in the world happen in Pakistan which beats the other countries hands down. Saudi Barbaria also figures in the top countries in the list. Well finally a list where Pakistan is on top. Heres the interesting part. Its an open secret that most people who have used the internet have seen a porn site knowingly or unknowingly by chance at some piont however nobody can beat the search categories that Pakistan google and yahoo searches topped in - namely:
    animal sex, child sex, camel sex, donkey sex...and some categories of searches which I cannot mentiion here.
    What does this indicate, btw raw data released by search engines also indicate Saudi Arabia having the highest searches for Gay porn.
    Can any social experts here shed some light on why this animal behaviour is rampant in these parts of the world aren't these nations been kept filtered and pure for only one breed of people? it tells a story. Go figure it out.

  23. as you said in your talk in mumbai most of these mediacrooks are idiots , but idiots like BAR can cause serious damage by their wild but sustained utterances and therefore need to be countered at every step. sometimes though we are overcome by sheer ennui by their moronery ....


  25. This comment is also another point i would like to add to @himzzi...did any of these coward MSM have guts to ask owaisi when he said that hes first muslim then indian? Was this a constitutional statement and feeling?where were these MSM bimbos when some cheap muslim guy said set us free of law n we will kill every hindu in india?constitutional? Now that someone standsup to them n throws back at them their language why is yogi targeted? The other day while surfing tv (dont watch msm news at all) a reporter interviewing tara was asking her why taras shouldnt b treated as an "individual" fraud case instead of blaming a community...well idiot lady....pune techie murder was an individual case, roti forcing was an individual case..who gave it a communal touch? N now these same presstirutes want tara to bow to their pshycho thinking. ..shame on them

  26. @ravinar, I would add, when Hindu men marry non Hindu women they either convert or sympathetic to their spouse's religion.In case of Hindu girl marrying a non Hindu man , its always one way traffic.You are forced both ways.


    1. Dear bpgd,

      The real issues is not just about problems arising from marrying a Non-Hindu. Our Hindu culture preaches us to be tolerant & achieve harmony with everything around us. This leads us to go an extra mile in making ourselves amiable to all the other cultures not just in India but around the world. Unfortunately the same makes us seen as timid & phattu. On the other hand the Islamic ways makes them seen as completely in-tolerant & unable to gel with the majority community of that nation all around the world. Hence its my request to all the Hindus to stop acting like a sissy, be proud of your cultural heritage & imbibe the same in your next generation.

  27. Love Jihad is defined as any love affair of a Muslim guy with a girl of another religion with the sole,hidden objective to convert her by faking love.

  28. Was Judges appointment Bill that much important and necessary that they took support of all opposition and get it through in LS & RS...

    Modiji and his Govt didn't felt the pain of Poor speechless Cows that Cow Protection Bill will ensure Cows will not be slaughter. Even no talk or debate by GOVT on Uniform Civil Code but asking citizens opinion on Planning Commission and Cloud Computing DataBase are this two more important than saving and protecting Cows?

    Why Modiji kept on attacking Sharad Pawar on Pink Revolution? When he himself and his Govt cant act on safeguarding cows...

    Sometime really feel that by voting him we fooled ourselves looks like Modij will work in the interest of US and Europe more than those Hindus who brought him to power. Even small country like Japan kicking our Back on Nuclear deal with condition that Indian should not carry Nuclear Test and Boss is On Way for Signing that Treaty..

    Better would have been that Hindus should have kept Modiji in Opposition so that he would have worked in the interest of Hindus thinking that one day Hindus will bring him to power..

    1. Next he will push for womens reservation bill , then the bill for FDI in few more sectors, then gtm seeds . He is likely to avoid all politically difficult decisions handicapped as he by his own handpicked nincompoophs

    2. Script is written by CIA and he is working in the interest of US!

      Throwing mud at Modiji in the name of 2002 Riots every now and then by MSM and international community was purely to garner support of Hindus for Modiji, we fools thought that what if no Hindus stand by Modiji in hour of crisis when all are blaming him for riots then for sure he will be left alone and one day he will be prosecuted for War Crime like Japanese PM was hanged for War Crime by International Court.

      Today he is PM and shown his Back to Hindus! Is what I can Say with very confident...I don't want to blame his hand picked cabinet where his own thinking gone that he has picked most of them who cant even win election at state level and get peoples mandate because looks like instruction was given from somewhere else and he has just executed that!

      He wont do anything which will anger Muslims and other such Minorities nor he will do any good which will make Hindus Happy..

    3. Dear AAPtards in this chain of comments, suggest you to lick your Messiah rather than trolling here. We are not falling for your traps

    4. Dear DieHard Modi Bhaktas Nitin S.

      I need not to be AAPTards to call Modiji will work in the interest of US, in just 100 days things are getting pretty clear in public...

      You can wait till 2019 to learn the fact!!!

  29. sicularists have a familiar pattern. when any crime of muslims or communists is pointed out.

    1.first ask for specific instance. Will say there is no such instance (interviewing victims in west up and asking if they have heard about love jihad?)
    2.When offered will try to find holes in story or doubt victim or say religion was not motive (merrut, tara sahdeo) stage would be to say 2-3 Muslims don't make up evidence..they are not representative (indian muslims joining ISIS)
    4.when large body of Muslims does so next is say even Hindus do it is universal..or say its more in hindus. or equate very few incidents amongst hindu with large body of crime in muslims . ( e.g. RSS equals taliban)
    5.after it is proved that only Muslims are indulging its because govt is biased ghettoisation lack of employment (theory for underworld in mumbai or london)
    6. when what they are doing become routine or commonplace defend it in name of their way of life, culture, identity. And scrutinise every action of army/police with microscope often tinted ( articles when blast accused get bails from court)
    7. name is always Hindu outfits but Muslim organisations. Anything Hindu says is "alleged" and in inverted commas what Muslims say is gospel truth.
    8. Throw in Gujarat, 1992, Palestine, US to cloud the discussion

  30. very good article by rupa subramanyam

  31. Reading the media reports out just now that the girl from meerut who was alleged to be raped and converted has denied the same and has stated that she eloped with a muslim man. The whole media is celebrating this news and is leaving no stones unturned in blaming BJP and the Hindu activits in UP for the hoax "Love jihad". I personaly believe love jihad exists but just after reading these media reports am wondering if this new statement from the girl is the truth or was she again subjected to some kind of pressure(from UP govt) to settle the matter!


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