Sunday, August 31, 2014


At a recent event in Mumbai (on August 22) I had talked about how our MSM peddles perceptions to suit their agenda. A majority of their bogus debates has nothing to do with reality or truth. As Howard Beale strongly suggests, they are in the “boredom-killing” business. The corrupt media uses labels like “controversial”, “racist”, “fascist”, “communal”, “secular” etc. to suit the agenda of their political bosses. These fake debates borrow from American formats and are mostly peddled on NDTV, CNN-IBN, TimesNow and HeadlinesToday. The Hindi channels and regional channels borrow the same format. In the last few years TimesNow, in particular, has turned these bogus debates into a major circus with Arnab Goswami as the Chief Clown. Perpetrators of lies and criminal propaganda like Barkha Dutt, Nidhi Razdan on NDTV continue this practice. CNN-IBN had to get rid of Rajdeep Sardesai and Sagarika Ghose when they campaigned for AAP who trashed their bosses. I shared the following process of how the propaganda or perception is delivered:

Naturally, there has been a lot of curiosity about this “G-37” since then on the SM and in messages to me. G-37 is a name coined by Chitra Subramaniam for the regular group of panellists used by TV channels to peddle their propaganda or perceptions one way or another. Some people have been asking for the names of this G-37 group so I thought a compilation of the usual suspects would be helpful. Here it is, the G-37:

A word of caution: It is inevitable that there will be agreements and disagreements on the names. Some may want additions and some may want deletions. That is perfectly fine. What you can do is do that yourself and create your own G-37 and check how much it matches with this or deviates. I believe a majority of the names would be common on any G-37 list. The list here is from a period of the last five years. Post-elections 2014 a lot of changes have and will likely continue to happen.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Media's Love Jehad Denial

Since the walls of the former Eastern Bloc countries in Europe broke down there has been a large and lucrative human trafficking trade. Young girls (and sometimes boys) have been sold in this flesh-trade in Western European and Middle-east countries. The girls come from Asia, Africa and poorer parts of Europe. Sometimes they are smuggled through using legitimate means and sometimes illegal means and sometimes even in containers. We always thought these happened only in movies. In reality the movies of the last decade or so reflect this grim reality rather than fiction. Remember the container-loads of Chinese kids in “The Transporter”? Slave trade doesn’t seem to have disappeared. The following movie showed it even more devastatingly:

Taken” is a very slick, high-octane movie where the hero’s daughter is kidnapped, along with other teenage girls, and is about to be auctioned as a slave. This has actually been happening in Europe in different forms and proportions. This week there was a shocking revelation of 1400 girls being abused over a period of 16 years and the police didn’t act because they didn’t want to be seen as “racist”.

The titles of the related reports make horrible reading: How London becamethe child abuse capital of the world: Trafficked here by gangs, prey to pimps,paedophiles and murderers... the booming trade in 'lost' children that shamesus all and another one Rotherham child sexual exploitation: Victims raped, beaten and doused in petrol if they threatened to tell. I know, these are the countries that never tire of lecturing us on human rights and children’s rights. Shameless cowards! 16 years? 16 years they let it pass? So what’s different in India? Nothing really! Our Congress Commies and their clones and their media pimps allow all the minority crimes pass. Not only that, they cover up by accusing Hindus of exaggerating or even turn the victims into criminals.

In the 1970s and 80s (and even now?) there were frequent stories of Arab Sheikhs coming to Hyderabad or Bombay and “shopping” for young under-aged brides. The poor parents were happy to see their daughters married to a wealthy Sheikh only to learn later that their girls ended up as slaves. There is something unnatural and alarming about all of this. Yet, when a practice called “Love Jehad” (LJ) came to light our media folks, as usual, denied its existence. In fact, they discovered it only now when the practice has been in existence for quite a long time.  

This practice of LJ largely involves luring Hindu or Non-Muslim girls by Muslim males into love, marriage and forced conversions. Sometimes this activity ends in a tragedy as well. Members of the BJP in UP raised the issue of LJ over incidents in Meerut and other towns in the state. The lowest BAR in journalism “Barkha, Arnab, Rahul” (Rahul Kanwal has now replaced the redundant Rajdeep) were all up in arms as usual. They screamed “polarisation”, communal intimidation and dismissed the concept of LJ as wild imagination. The LIARS, all of them, were in denial all over again. And all of this without the slightest reference to history or any investigation whatsoever. It doesn’t take much for the iRudali to parrot what her Congi Master says. I don’t see any “oxy” here; I only see two morons echoing each other and living in denial. Here’s Rahul Kanwal tweeting in ecstasy about LJ:

What is required is thorough probe says the bimbo. So what stops Kanwal from probing? That apart, he brings in vague analogies of Muslim BJP members being married to Hindu women as if that has any connection to LJ. Shahrukh Khan is married to a Hindu woman. Aamir Khan is married to a Hindu woman. Nasiruddin Shah is married to a Hindu woman. Technically, Islam does not recognise inter-faith marriages. Therefore one has to convert to Islam either before or after the marriage. The tactic is to bring in some regular, normal marriages to cloud the issue of LJ. That’s what morons like Kanwal are doing. It doesn’t occur to this bimbo that his group magazine reported the matter of LJ way back in 2012. Here’s India Today, the mother organisation of Kanwal: Over 2500 women converted to Islam in Kerala since 2006, says Oommen Chandy. The article specifically talks about LJ and the statement by Chandy is in the Kerala Assembly, not in some TV studio. A statement in an Assembly is a formal recognition of an issue or problem. Long before Chandy, the High Court of Kerala had also formally recognised the problem in 2009:

So the denials by Kanwal or the Oxy-Oxy games by Manish Tewari and Barkha, and the screaming idiotic “polarisation” nonsense by Arnab Goswami are all the Indian equivalent of what happened in England over 16 years. The Congis, their clones and these idiots in the media don’t want the special “minority” to be accused of any crimes. Half the crimes in UP may not even come to light as those happen in remote areas where our studio musicians would never bother to reach. The problem is far bigger than our media would like to report. Here’s one from Odisha:

LJ has gained more notoriety recently over the deceptive marriage that a national shooter, Tara Sahdeo, was lured into. Her husband claimed to be Hindu but had already become a Muslim some years back. That case is being investigated but our media delights in clouding the case with all kinds of nonsensical statements and opinions, like Rahul Kanwal does. It seems her husband Raquibul (aka Ranjit) lured her into marriage claiming to be a Hindu while actually being a Muslim. He then tortured her to convert. Terrible story! Our media crooks live a life of protection and luxury. I guess it’s only when a damaging incident happens with one of them or one of their own that they will realise what goes on in society. Till then, these blind idiots will continue their deception. I don’t have to tell you that when such revelations happen, the pimps at NDTV are the first to put up bogus reports and data to mock the Hindus and the victims. This Commie channel exists to cover up all Muslim crimes and even Paki crimes. Here’s the pimp of many a crime who claims to be a journalist, Sreenivasan “Chota-Mota” Jain:

The NDTV morons quickly dug up some police data from UP police files on crimes against women. They grandly concluded that Hindus commit more crimes against their own women than Muslims. And they gladly add “Communal spin” in the headline as if that is a certainty certified by the Mulleeh Barkha. These liars and pimps are yet to acknowledge that in this day and age they cannot get away with bogus interpretation and reporting of data. Everyone on SM watches them closely because nobody trusts them. Their trash got this response:

On analysis of the data it seems based on the population ratio Muslims tend to commit twice the crimes that Hindus commit against women. Now this is not my imagination but based on the data put up by NDTV. They used the data to show BJP is spinning the crimes but ended up with egg on their face. Read the full destruction by Rupa Subramanya. NDTV still hasn’t learned that the days when they could shout 3000 killed or 10000 killed in Gujarat are over. People on SM look at everything with a microscope and it is impossible to get away with spurious reports. It doesn’t matter to Sreenivasan Jain or NDTV considering their whole existence is corrupt. I am not even going into Child-trafficking cases that have been reported from Kerala, Bengal and Jharkhand. That’s a whole jihad by itself. Unlike NDTV, others went and did some real digging and had some terrible reports to offer. Here’s ZeeNews on August 27 reporting 120 cases of LJ till July 2014:

I am not quite sure from when the number of 120 was calculated although it can’t be over a long period. This assertive and excessive violence and crimes by Muslims in UP has gone up only after the SP came to power in March 2012. I don’t expect the media to be pro-Hindu at any point but you might wonder how they have developed such extreme contempt and hatred for Hindus and Hindu organisations. The answer is very simple: Money. All these channels and editors thrive on slush funds and black money. It hardly matters to them who is a criminal and who is a victim. Their own survival is at stake and they are in a Jehad of denial themselves. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Ugly Face Of Jihadi Sickularists

Sometimes the awakening is rude. Sometimes it’s quite violent. That’s the hard truth for hypocrites and liars who have defended wrong principles all their life.  In all the past years our Sickularists have defended Islamic terrorists, Muslim agitators and rioters with a gallery of reasons. You had the “root cause” theory for terrorism. Then you had the “victimhood” theory for rioters. Even when it came to freedom of speech or expression they defended the offences by the Muslims and defended their right not to be offended. In India, their “Sickularism” meant one should never offend Muslims or their religious beliefs or icons while they can liberally offend everyone else. Among the greatest battles over free speech was that between MF Hussain and others. Here’s the classic Sickularist’s argument from none other than the “Happy-tongue hypocriteShashi Tharoor and I quote from the post:

It’s the third issue that is striking. The discussion moves to the M.F. Hussain paintings. Here’s where our happy-tongue minister reveals his true self. He argues strongly that it was Hussain’s freedom of expression for which he should not have faced a backlash. Well, obviously Hussain was so blissfully ignorant that his controversial paintings would cause friction or offend a whole community. It needed Mr.Happy-tongue to defend him. But that newspaper editor and the Danish cartoonist shouldn’t have exercised their free expression rights as they would have been aware of the consequences. And that’s not all. Tharoor goes on to state that Hussain paints these Hindu Gods in various forms. That Hussain had once painted Indira Gandhi as Durga Ma ! Tharoor equates painting Indira Gandhi as Durga Ma to nude paintings of Hindu Gods. Even a moron can see that the Indira Gandhi painting would be seen as a compliment rather than an offence. This is how he misleads international audiences with his happy-tongue glib talk”.

So you see, when Hussain paints nude pics of Hindu Gods he is using his freedom of expression which we should admire but when others use their freedom of expression they should be aware of the “consequences” and desist. Frankly, I don’t give a damn what Hussain paints or what cartoonists draw and they can paint, write or draw whatever they want. But it’s the hypocrisy of the Sickularists that has now been severely shattered by none other than the Islamists themselves. The ISIS warriors came along and our Sickularists are finding it hard to defend or explain their actions. It has put them in a hole that they dug for themselves because the ISIS carries out all its actions in the name of Islam. So our poor Sickularists aren’t able to say “that’s not Islam or they are not Muslims”. What to do! So some exemplary morons in our country started on a new venture. They started an effort to somehow relate ISIS to Hindu practices, entities or icons. They had to; otherwise the survival of their hypocrite-life was seriously threatened. First off, let’s look at an Intellectual Moron (IM) who is now a frequent panellist on NDTV. And that should tell you everything, doesn’t it? An IM-panellist on NDTV has to qualify as a scumbag hypocrite. So what’s he say? Here’s trash-can discourse specialist Sudheendra Kulkarni:

The IMs like Kulkarni are so dumb that they have become incapable of seeing who is really a victim of a crime. Kulkarni is so idiotic that he brands the beheading of James Foley, an American journalist, as “hate crime”. Such IMs don’t care to think much about events as they happen. Foley wasn’t executed because he was white or American or Christian. They may hate them but in Foley’s case the crime was a political act to send a political message to those who want to stop the ISIS from spreading their terror further. It doesn’t take Einstein to figure that. And then the IM goes on to insult the death of Foley by grandly stating that the crime was against Islam. Oops! The crime wasn’t against Foley, his family or his country but the victim here is the religion of the perpetrator. You have to wonder how LK Advani, BJP and then our media nurture such brainless idiots. Of course, Kulkarni is an IIT-graduate.

What can you say about Kavita Krishnan? First, you have to wonder how this brainless bimbo got planted in the media. The answer to that is not very hard. In accordance with the Commie policies of the Congress and its clones they created a practice through which they would “plant” panellists in the media. People like Krishnan and Kulkarni were born from that practice. Need more such examples? You have people like Tehseen Poonawalla who was the secret ace up the Congress sleeve. Tehseen represents everything intelligent about the Congress. Anyway, so this Kavita Krishnan was too dumbfounded to find any answers to the ISIS actions and brutality. So she equates ISIS to RSS. You can picture it clearly. Those RSS guys running around with knives, swords and guns killing Muslims, Christians, Jews, Parsis, Sikhs, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Buddhists, Animists, Scientologists! Any community left? What Hema Malini was to Bollywood movies, Kavita Krishnan is to hate-mongering and hypocrisy. She’s the Sickular “Dream Girl” who dreams all these sequences of RSS doing stuff like ISIS in her dreams. You could say I hold KK in extreme contempt but what happens when this bimbo can’t sell her stupidity to someone who “loves her and hates RSS”? Here’s what:

Stupidity born out of extreme hatred for Hindus and Hindu culture is hard to hide beyond a point. Like I said at the beginning, KK has fallen into the hole she dug herself. The best is yet to come. The permanent Hindu-hater, sponsored by Congress and CPM, who made her career out of lies, hate-mongering, fake affidavits, dining and wining with the money meant for victims of communal violence topped all of the previous morons. Teesta Setalvad should be in jail for her crimes and I estimate she will end up in one sooner or later. What do you know; she could well be the first Padma Shri in prison. And instead of merely her prison number ID, the warden may have to address her as “Padma Shri 420”. Here’s what Teesta came up with:

So Teesta, like the previous hate-mongering hypocrites, simply didn’t know how to defend the actions of ISIS. She comes up with a classic comparison to the Hindu deity Kaali who slays evil demons. The guy in the bottom left pic is, according to Teesta, Lord Krishna in the desert using his “Sudarshan chakra”. Naturally, the question many people were asking her is why she couldn’t draw a comparison with the Prophet himself? You see, that’s the problem. That it is okay to offend Hindus and their religion (even without knowing what the deities symbolise) and equate them to the ISIS terrorists when the mass crimes are by Islamists themselves. The best part was Teesta told the world that the image “was still to be worked upon” and was put up in haste:

Well scumbagini, maybe you should have taken some more time and worked it to perfection. Maybe you could have shown Lord Krishna landing in the Middle-east and slaughtering Jews, Yazidis and Non-Muslims. That would have been a thrill for you. No? I am sure there will be many FIRs against her although she deleted the tweet and the pic. That doesn’t matter. What does matter is that all these folks have nurtured a deep-rooted hatred for Hindus and Hindu culture. Our media gives them prominent space to rant against Hindus and their practices. Whether Teesta offends me or not is irrelevant but she did break a law. And it’s this selective demand for punishment that makes people like Rajdeep or Barkha criminal hypocrites.

Teesta apologised and withdrew her pic and message and Rajdeep tweeted that was enough to close the matter. Had the case been the reverse of a Hindu public figure or editor who offended Muslims with an article or statement you can rest assured it would be debated in the media for a week. His or her office would be destroyed by now and s/he would be attacked violently. From Azad Maidan to Saharanpur and Meerut these media and activist hypocrites have been covering up crimes of the Muslims. The ISIS dealt such a severe blow to them that they left them no place to hide. Even the Indonesian president had to come out strongly against the ISIS. He stated that the ISIS is an embarrassment to Muslims. One would think it’s much worse than mere embarrassment. The chant of “religion of peace” was shattered long back but the ISIS made it extremely difficult to defend that position. I think Tarek Fateh, regular writer and observer of Jihadi elements, described it all with a fascinating term:

Although Tarek’s response was to another person in a similar context of Islamic violence his term describes Sudheendra Kulkarni, Kavita Krishnan, Teesta Setalvad and their promoters like Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Arnab Goswami & Co. That “Jihadi Botox” cannot hide their hatred and prejudices any longer. Their ugly faces have been shown up by the ISIS in the most devastating way.


Friday, August 22, 2014

Letter To A Fiberal Terrorist-Sympathiser

There are any number of Fiberals in India (Sagarika Ghose, Kavita Krishnan, Rana Ayyub, Barkha Dutt etc) whose love and concern for the good treatment of terrorists often overflows. We have also known many to file appeals for mercy or for clemency. I therefore thought reproducing this letter would help bring these Fiberals a great deal of relief in their aim to provide proper care of "misguided elements" who carry out acts of terrorism:

A Canadian female libertarian wrote a lot of letters to the Canadian government, complaining about the treatment of captive insurgents (terrorists) being held in Afghanistan National Correctional System facilities. She demanded a response to her letter correspondence. She received back the following reply:

National Defense Headquarters
M Gen George R. Pearkes Bldg., 15 NT
101 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa , ON K1A 0K2

Dear Concerned Citizen,

Thank you for your recent letter expressing your profound concern of treatment of the Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorists captured by Canadian Forces who were subsequently transferred to the Afghanistan Government and are currently being held by Afghan officials in Afghanistan National Correctional System facilities. Our administration takes these matters seriously and your opinions were heard loud and clear here in Ottawa. You will be pleased to learn, thanks to the concerns of citizens like yourself; we are creating a new department here at the Department of National Defense, to be called 'Liberals Accept Responsibility for Killers' program, or L.A.R.K. for short.

In accordance with the guidelines of this new program, we have decided to divert one terrorist and place him in your personal care. Your personal detainee has been selected and is scheduled for transportation under heavily armed guard to your residence in Toronto next Monday.

Ali Mohammed Ahmed bin Mahmud (you can just call him Ahmed) is to be cared for pursuant to the standards you personally demanded in your letter of complaint! It will likely be necessary for you to hire some assistant caretakers. We will conduct weekly inspections to ensure that your standards of care for Ahmed are commensurate with those you so strongly recommend in your letter. Although Ahmed is a sociopath and extremely violent, we hope that your sensitivity to what you described as his 'attitudinal problem' will help him overcome these character flaws. Perhaps you are correct in describing these problems as mere cultural differences.

We understand that you plan to offer counseling and home schooling.' Your adopted terrorist is extremely proficient in hand-to-hand combat and can extinguish human life with such simple items as a pencil or nail clippers. We advise that you do not ask him to demonstrate these skills at your next yoga group. Please advise any Jewish friends, neighbors or relatives as your house guest might get agitated or even violent, but we are sure you can reason with him. He is also expert at making a wide variety of explosive devices from common household products, so you may wish to keep those items locked up, unless (in your opinion) this might offend him.

Ahmed will not wish to interact with you or your daughters (except sexually) since he views females as a sub human form of property thereby having no rights, including refusal of his sexual demands. This is a particularly sensitive subject for him and he has been known to show violent tendencies around women who fail to comply with the new dress code that he will "recommend" as more appropriate attire. I'm sure you will come to enjoy the anonymity offered by the burka over time. Just remember that it is all part of 'respecting his culture and religious beliefs' as described in your letter.

Thanks again for your concern. We truly appreciate it when folks like you keep us informed of the proper way to do our job and care for our fellow man. You take good care of Ahmed and remember we'll be watching.

Good luck and God bless you.
Gordon O'Connor
Minister of National Defense

PS: This letter is a hoax and not real but it provides enough food for thought for the Fiberals should they wish to take on such responsibilities