Sunday, July 27, 2014

Gaza Vs Kashmir: The Hypocrites - Part 2

(This is a MaxiPost)

Some people were disappointed that India voted against Israel at the recent UNHRC meeting over the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. In reality, that shouldn’t be a surprise at all because the BRICS resolution was not any different and India is not going to change her foreign policies dramatically just because there is a new govt. In all the hundreds of UNHRC meetings in past conflicts between Israel and Palestine the pattern has been the same. There is only vote in such meeting that counts and that is the vote of the USA. And the US has always voted in favour of Israel. The US is the only country that has the power and frequently mediates between the two sides. Others like UK, France, Italy which are not exactly pro-Palestine often abstain. India has had a practice of appeasement of Muslims, who are naturally sympathetic to their Muslim brothers everywhere, since Independence. This practice was perfected by the Congress to create vote-banks and is now also being followed by its clones like SP, RJD, JDU, NCP and others. The other reason is that India does have good relations with many Arab nations and also the economic compulsions. Many Indians work in these countries for livelihood. So it’s a complex issue and the vote does not alter the position of India-Israel being good friends.

As with Muslims in many parts of the world, some Indian Muslims are frequently violent. They get violent even over frivolous issues. And then they play victim. Remember Azad Maidan? That violent incident turned out to be over fake pictures. Our “Sickular” govts and the media turn a blind eye to their mindless violence and blow up small incidents as attack on Muslims. Even the recent incident where a ShivSena MP stupidly tried to shove food down a man’s throat in madness was turned into an act of violence against a Muslim. They won’t report the fact that in places like Kerala school kids are forced to forego their mid-day meals owing to Ramzan. That’s appeasement for you. Then when Sania Mirza’s selection as Telangana Brand Ambassador was questioned and some BJP chap called her “Daughter in law of Pakistan” that was again blown up as victimising a Muslim.

Many public figures say stupid things but is that reason enough to get violent? Any incident anywhere in the world, concerning Muslims, which doesn’t concern India, draws out Muslim crowds in protest, invariably ending in violence. And our media covers up for this nonsense and violent acts by fake Hindu atrocities. The Muslims, the govts and our media wilfully live in denial of their unlawful and often violent acts. I recommend you read “In Denial -  Cover-up Muslim Violence With Anti-Hindu Rant” (Part-1 and Part-2). The same thing happens with Jews. No matter where they are located, a conflict with Israel makes Jews around the world a target as this pic from Paris shows:

Therefore, we can logically conclude that the war is not just against Israel but Jews across the world. Our sickulars and MSM turn a blind eye to all the Muslim atrocities that happen in India and will suddenly wail for Palestinians and Gaza when a conflict breaks out there. The history of the most murderous Mughal invasion and rule itself has mostly been wiped out from our books by the Commies who controlled the state for most of our 67 years of Independence. A small quote is worth noting. Will Durant argued in his 1935 book "The Story of Civilisation: Our Oriental Heritage" (page 459): "The Mohammedan conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. The Islamic historians and scholars have recorded with great glee and pride the slaughters of Hindus, forced conversions, abduction of Hindu women and children to slave markets and the destruction of temples carried out by the warriors of Islam during 800 AD to 1700 AD. Millions of Hindus were converted to Islam by sword during this period."

If that were only history, we could have put it behind us after learning lessons from it. But that is not history because given the opportunity it keeps happening in many places in different proportions. The new state of Telangana is showing all the signs of heading the way Kashmir, Kerala and Bengal were headed. I have never heard of our sick Commies or Islamic Rudalis like Barkha Dutt or other useful idiots of Pakistan like Dileep Padgaonkar ever demanding a parliament resolution on rehabilitating Kashmiri Pandits who were driven out from their homes beginning 1989-90 (many of them killed). In those days there wasn’t much TV or as many newspapers. Even today, reporting from Kashmir is largely blacked out by its govt. Last August during the riots in Kishtwar, no media or politician was allowed there to report on the situation. Such is the JK govt. The atrocities on Kashmiri Pandits are the most horrendous to say the least. In a new book Col Tejkumar Tikoo narrates the horror:

The pic of the Paris violence that I put up is from a place where the Muslims are still a small minority. Imagine if they were in majority. Well, save the imagination, Kashmir is proof of what happens when they are in a majority. Until the 1990s reporting was negligible so the killing in Kashmir went on nonchalantly. The J&K govt looked the other way. Let me quote from Col. Tikoo’s book I linked above:

The pusillanimous Central Government was caught napping and its agencies in the State, particularly the army and other para military forces, did not consider it necessary to intervene, in the absence of any orders. The State Government had been so extensively subverted that the skeleton staff of the administration at Srinagar (the winter capital of the State had shifted to Jammu in November 1989) decided not to confront the huge mobs. Delhi was too far away, anyway. Hundreds of Kashmiri Pandits phoned everyone in authority at Jammu, Srinagar and Delhi, to save them from the sure catastrophe that awaited them. The pleadings for help were incessant. But not a soldier came to their rescue. Therefore, Kashmiri Pandits found best protection in huddling together indoors, frozen with fear, praying for the night to pass. The foreboding of the impending doom was too over-powering to let them have even a wink of sleep.

The Pandits could see the writing on the wall. If they were lucky enough to see the night through, they would have to vacate the place before they met the same fate as Tikka Lal Taploo and many others. The Seventh Exodus was surely staring them in the face. By morning, it became apparent to Pandits that Kashmiri Muslims had decided to throw them out from the Valley. Broadcasting vicious Jihadi sermons and revolutionary songs, interspersed with blood curdling shouts and shrieks, threatening Kashmiri Pandits with dire consequences, became a routine ‘Mantra’ of the Muslims of the Valley, to force them to flee from Kashmir. Some of the slogans used were:

O! Merciless, O! Kafirs leave our Kashmir
Anyone wanting to live in Kashmir will have to convert to Islam
From East to West, there will be only Islam
O! Muslims, Arise, O! Kafirs, scoot
Islam is our objective, Q’uran is our constitution, Jehad is our way of our life
Kashmir will become Pakistan
We will turn Kashmir into Pakistan alongwith Kashmiri Pandit women, but without their men folk
Islam defines our relationship with Pakistan.

That call by the extremists is what is practiced in the media too. It is okay to kill Hindus. If Hindus are murdered it’s their fault. Hindus shouldn’t have temples in Muslim localities or towns where their population is larger. Hindus shouldn’t have loudspeakers in a temple in Moradabad but Muslims can have loudspeakers in mosques all across in India. In areas where Hindus are in majority the mosque speakers work like an unwanted alarm at 5am in the morning. Of course, Hindus and other communities are expected to suffer this nonsense in the name of secularism and not offend the poor suffering Muslims. Why? Cover up all Muslim crimes, inflate and exaggerate even minor Hindu offences. Call Hindu spiritual leaders “self-styled” Godmen as if all Mullahs are directly appointed by Allah. This is what our Commie media, which is Islamic in nature, does in the public domain. Some of these corrupt anchors like Arnab, Rajdeep, Sagarika (the last two ex-anchors) will then claim they are proud Hindus. Laughable! Someone rightly said just as terrorists have no religion when they are Islamic, these anchors similarly have no religion.

It’s now 25 years since the Kashmir cleansing of Hindus. When have you ever heard any news channel or media house vociferously demanding justice for the KPs as they are screaming for Gaza or any other Muslim location outside India? Even when Islamic Rudalis like Barkha do discuss Kashmir it is always about how much the poor youth are suffering and are jobless and so on. Oh all those innocent men, women and children are suffering just like the ones in Gaza. Isn’t it? Yes, they are suffering but is their suffering bigger than the ones who have permanently lost their homes, their land, their family members killed and even those left behind in Kashmir live under a constant threat? For 25 years stupid Indian govts have not only watched this nonsense they have made no attempt to rehabilitate the KPs or stop the carnage across India. They ignore it because they stupidly believe this won’t happen in UP, Bihar, Bengal, Kerala or Telangana. Fools always make the same mistake over and over again. They always crash in the same car. And our media whines about Gaza? Having formed the new state of Telangana the govt there is all set to appease and Islamise that state. I am confident in a few years Hindus will be thrown out of Telangana because the morons in the state govt want a Nizam-like kingdom back again. Here’s a jenny-come-lately, daughter of KC Rao, CM of Telangana, who made a grand announcement:

DailyTimes is a Pak newspaper that carried her stupid utterances (I have edited the pic a bit to remove ads). Kavitha Rao is a bimbo in my book because she is already a “useful idiot” for Pakistan like Barkha or Padgaonkar. To top it all she’s an MP. Good times ahead for Hindus in Telangana I suppose. Expect the Owaisis and others to seek those “15 minutes” that Akbar Owaisi wanted and brother Asad Owaisi to reiterate his 3rd wave of radicalisation. All seems imaginary? Well, it was imaginary once in Kashmir too where Bollywood used to routinely make movies. The number of people killed or displaced from Kashmir might exceed the population of Gaza and maybe even one-third the Jewish population across the world. Who cares!  

With no connection in culture whatsoever other than being Muslims, the Kashmiri Muslims and the Palestines are “Bhai-Bhai”. That is what the Palestine envoy to Pakistan keeps reminding them. So there’s all the more reason for more agitation and violence whenever Gaza or West Bank is in conflict. Dead Jews don’t matter for the media. Dead Hindus don’t matter for media. More reasons for violence and killing in India. One would have thought the passionate Indian Muslims and media morons who care for Gaza might gather some funds or send medical relief to them. Instead, what do we hear? There’s a Mullah who wants to send 5Lakh Indian Sunni Muslims to Saudi Arabia for a Global Jihad. Here’s the shocking stuff:

Maulana Syed Salman Hussaini Nadvi… An influential theologian and author of numerous scholarly tomes in Urdu and Arabic, Nadvi is Dean of the Faculty of Shariah at Darul Uloom Nadwa, Lucknow, whose reputation as a premier institution of Islamic teaching ranks in the same class as Darul Uloom, Deoband. He is also a member of the All-India Muslim Personal Law Board and Aligarh Muslim University’s court, its highest decision-making body. So, what he says matters and carries weight. It is important to stress this because what he has done has shocked even conservative Muslims. Nadvi has written a long and passionate letter (in Arabic!) to the Saudi government offering to raise a militia of 500,000 Sunni Muslim Indian youth as his contribution to a "powerful global Islamic army" he has proposed in order to fight Shia militants in Iraq and "help Muslims in need" elsewhere. The army would become part of a Caliphate that he wants Saudis to set up for the Muslim ummah, the international Muslim community”.

There you go! He wants a Caliphate and if he can contribute a militia to that what makes you think the militia of this Caliphate won’t be at your door one day with a sword or a gun? It wouldn’t be far-fetched to estimate that even the most moderate Muslim (which actually is a failed concept) would like to see India as an Islamic Republic and under Sharia law. Muslims across the world also hope fervently that one day UK, USA and major democracies in Europe will be under Sharia law. You can run from Kashmir, you can run from Kerala, you can run from Bengal… Well, how long will you keep running till Maulana Nadvi’s bill collector is at your door? Is all this just imagination? No, this guy is serious about his plans. Our Islamic Rudali Barkha or pompous idiot Arnab will not discuss the threat this man poses to the nation. But they will discuss 24X7 some small incident as if the Muslims in the country have been attacked by the Wild Hindu Bunch. It will take a man with some spine to talk about rehabilitation of KPs. In comes Narendra Modi and he talks about it. So what happens? Here you go:

Religious leader Grand Mufti Bashiruddin Ahmad has hit out at the Centre over the contentious issue of rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits. Opposing the NDA government's plan of rehabilitating Kashmiri pandits, Grand Mufti has termed it as a political conspiracy. He has also warned of protests in the valley. "We have discussed the issue of pundits. We want them to return but there are being reestablished here because of a conspiracy. We will strongly oppose it," Grand mufti said”.

This guy sitting in Kashmir issues all kinds of threats and fatwas routinely. But Barkha or Arnab won’t call him a “self-styled” Godman because he is probably directly appointed by Allah. There was no outrage in the media over this Mullah’s nonsense. Why? Oooh because Muslim sentiments will be hurt! We have to talk to such guys with kid-gloves, mollify them, cuddle them and give them  warm hugs so that morally and legally justified policies can be implemented. And all of that still won’t please them and it won’t work. There is no way this Mullah or the JK govt will allow KPs to return. All the good intentions of the new govt and even maybe the govt in JK will not give the confidence to the KPs to return. If some of them do show the confidence to return they will know in their hearts that they will have to live under the 24x7 threat of being killed. The Israelis too live under such a 24x7 threat but their govt is a tough fighter unlike our large and cowardly govt. The innocent don’t need to die anywhere, why only Gaza? Next time someone weeps for the Gazans think how our media rejoices the death of KPs and their exodus from Kashmir. Think how they rejoice the death of Hindus in Kerala or Bengal. Yes, our Commie Islamic media hypocrites do shamelessly rejoice the wanton death of Hindus. The Gazans/Palestinians still have some land of their own. Our media and political hypocrites have ensured that KPs will NEVER return home.


  1. Dear Ravinar, with every post you scale new heights. This is one of the most hard hitting post that I have come across on a clear and present danger that India faces today - Islamic radicals. As country we must approach this on a war footing must must ruthless less put it down. Bring in USS/370. Rehabilitate KPs with ARmy protection andbody carrying arms witihin the KP area vicinity will be shot dead - period. There is NO place for JEHAD in india. They follow laws of our land, they have come to our land - Hindustan. They want to live peacefully here, they are most welcome to do that BUT under our laws and regulation. They must value our cuture and tradition ie hence complete ban on cow slaughter. They want Shiraih, they are free to do so but NOT in India. It is time we take a tough stand on this menace in the name of relegion and put and end to this mindless voilence. Ban all loudspeakers in mosque. Yes they have no right to disturb us. Yes India needs to identify itself as Hindu rashtra and we shd not be ashamed of this. Time has come for us to protect ourselves and our future generation or else.... I finnaly sign off with a quote " Yadha Yadha hi dharmasya; Glanir Bvathi Bharatha; Abhuyuthanam Adharmasya Tadatmanam Srijami Ahum". Time has come for this. Thank you Ravinar for being our consince keeper.Gods blessings with alwyas be with you. Regards, Ram

    1. Just wait for the 56 inch Hindu nationalist lion to clear his throat and say,


    2. I totally agree with your views and this should be spread all across the globe to get rid of these menace.

    3. @KB, yes, a cat in the Lion's clothes? Am not even able to hear the meeooow!!

    4. @ram krishnamachari,
      and who exactly is going to implement your suggestions and how and when ???
      that couplet you have quoted from Gita - what makes you think that the time has come now and not earlier ????
      There is only one Truth. God helps those that help themselves. It is stupid and futile to wait for some Avtaar to manifest.
      Do Hindus themselves know their welfare ? Do they care for their welfare ?
      on the contrary you have lunatics like Kavitha Rao mouthing Nonsense and getting away with it.
      i doubt Hindus are even in a majority in this country. Just carrying a hindu name does not make one a hindu.

    5. Dear Rightwinger,

      When you use the word "couplet" in your post instead of the more proper term "shloka" for a quote from the Gita, I actually winced!

    6. PS!,
      my apologies . But that is because, i have got overwhelmed by the atmosphere of irreverence pervalent in these times. I am myself a very Anglicized, westernized Hindu ( so may not even qualify to be called a genuine Hindu).

    7. Hello All, let me first Thank Ravinarji for the research he does and puts forth his facts.
      I would say please ignore people like KB, if not they will make a mess of this Blog, they have their own political nonsense.
      Please ignore KB and Ravinarji, these kinds of people should be thrown out.

      Even KB, dont under estimate, after so many years there is a budget proposal from the PM for KPs, This is just the beginning, hold on once he goes all out things will change.

    8. folks can you please help me how I can post my own message?
      I am having only google (gmail account).
      so I keep replying all the time instaed of putting my own point.

  2. MC,Everytime I read the ground realities of the world vis a vis Islam, i get nightmares about the future of our GenNext.U have posted photos of the incidents in France. I wonder how these attrocities are allowed to go on ,in such advanced countries in Europe.Is psuedo secularism a continental phenomenon? The UK pm is already on record that multi culturalism was a blunder.A similar happening in Mah or UP can be attributed to the partisan govts. But countries like France,Belgium, UK and Holland? In one way it is soothing to know that we are not the only victims.
    The present conflict between the Sunni and Shia denominations is to be encouraged by the peace loving communities of the world. THis is the only way to speed up the end of this menace.The next effort must be to take the educated muslim women into confidence.I don’t know what they stand to gain in being a part of this warlord created faith.Can u believe that there are now apologists in India among non muslim communities for ISIS. Based on the accounts given by the rescued Nurses about the "humane" treatment accorded to them by the terrorists, a new crop of apologists have sprung up overnight. They wont mind handing over the governance of this country to the ISIS.Morons dont seem to have heard about a fixation called Stockhom Syndrome.Even Veerappan is known to have a constituency which he nurtured by financing to sing his praises.He even bore the costs of funeral of all his victims. It made headlines those days.The news about ISIS diktat on female genital mutilation is rubbised as false by these morons.Have we really moved on as a nation.
    With no TV channel of its own, the present ruling dispensation is going to pay a heavy price in the future elections. They are being steam rolled every day by the so called MSM and the naive I&B minister is fiddling in his drawing room.It is a habit with the largely asinine Hindus to hanker for secular applause and at least a section of this govt seems no different.May God save this nation by some miracle.

    1. Doubt if miracles would happen! Within your own generation, this can be true! Keep hoping, because, all of us think that this cannot happen and that 'some' messiah will prevent it! No one is going to do the dirty job for us! It is a scourge that even the socalled 'moderate' muslims don't speak out, for fear of being killed (similar to the Hindus who don't even raise a teeny weeny voice on the hypocricies of the goverments)

    2. Stockholm syndrome multiplied by a million times: that is what these guys are suffering from. It requires de-conditioned minds to be able to see things more clearly. Our leadership does not have sufficiently deconditioned minds to be able to discharge their roles effectively.

      The MSM is doing a traitorous role in our country and our I&B minister wants to invite FDI in the radio news segment too! Do these people really understand the strategic imperatives before Bharat at all?

  3. Shocking but true analysis of psychology of Muslims all over the world. Rightly said that moderate Muslim is a contradiction. World has to unite and must follow Japan,Russia and China to keep these 'piece ' loving fanatic barbarians away from civilised Democratic countries and make our planet loving and peaceful.

    1. @Mr. Desai,
      Let me first Congratulate and Thak Ravinarji, and also for Ravinarji, I wanted to tell you something.
      This was the knowledge I got from a great uncle friend of man very learned.
      He said and it goes something like this.
      There were so many countries conquered by som many countries, and they changed the culture and demography of the Country conquered.

      There is only one country inspite of being congoured or attacked by som many countries, India is still Hindu Majority Country, because of so many people born at times and saved us.
      I can name Ravinarji also at this point (This is not a sycophantic statement Ravinarji).
      You are doing a great service to the Nation.
      The postive feeling I got was the way PM Modi won, That is nothing but Hindu consolidation votes.
      The more these presstitutes of media talk of muslims there is a reaction of more hindus getting united.
      Hope that happens and I am positive and like I also do word of mouth service to tell people, and also my own Family members.
      I think everyone of us need to go out and tell by word of mouth, what MC is doing and do the Udtha Bhakti (In ramayana there was a squirrel, which was fixing the bridge being built but putting pebbles).
      Please folks not just reading we need to do our work too.

    2. well said Srinivas! we all shd do our bit in whatever way we can in terms of time, effort and money.

    3. Mr. Ravinarji, take a bow. Would like the MSM reigned in by our IB minister. When it is truly detrimental, one can't say, Freedom of the press, and hang ourselves. Stopped watching MSM totally, very painful to see the level of reporting, the choice of topic, the anchorage, the panel. Longing for the good old BBC style, where there is just true, impassionate, neutral news broadcasting.

  4. I totally agree with your views and this should be spread all across the globe to get rid of the menace.

  5. @Ravinar,

    "Yes, our Commie Islamic media hypocrites do shamelessly rejoice the wanton death of Hindus".
    "Our media and political hypocrites have ensured that KPs will NEVER return home."

    so are you too accepting that nothing has changed ( nor likely to change ) in our media, public discourse ( content and quality), anti hindu bias and thence giving up on some good possibilities ?

    1. @ShankarIyer

      I dont quite understand your question. What exactly do you mean "giving up on some good possibilities"? I simply write what I see is fact and estimate to be true. The media has already changed quite a bit. But the media change is of lesser consequence to me than "real" political change in WILL and ACTION.

    2. Ravinar,
      in this particular context , giving up on good possibilities, is with reference to 'settlement and rehabilitation of KP's in Kashmir'. You have concluded with "Our media and political hypocrites have ensured that KPs will NEVER return home".

      and yes , if media has indeed changed quite a bit - then does it exclude the commie Islamic media hypocrites who continue to exist and dominate the mainstream media as they continue to exert their influence more in dictating and altering the public discourse of this country ?? ( otherwise why would it matter whether these shameless hypocrites rejoice or fear ?? )

      and most importantly ( in my opinion ) - why would such an article get written if the media and public discourse had changed for something better ( from the current hindu bashing, modi govt bashing) ?

    3. @ShankaIyer

      I have estimated correctly that KPs will never return. The situation has been made impossible by Commies in politics and media. You are "over reading" a few things. I said the media has changed quite a bit but that doesnt mean there is such a dramatic change that it has stopped their lies and propaganda. Small "incremental" changes dont mean much because the same criminals are just hiding for the moment for an opportunity to return. Alternatively, if you like, the media hasnt changed that much to impact the political discourse. As for giving up good possibilities... Im not a pessimist but Im not dumb either. India has lost from Afghanistan to Cambodia in territory. Im saying KPs will NOT return of their own choice because the situation is as good as going to the death chamber for them. As simple as that.

    4. Thanks Ravinar.
      i do believe that the public discourse could have been changed by Narendra Modi by having more competent ministerial colleagues ( though it is beyond the ambit of this blog).
      to Site a recent example
      yesterday, Narendra modi launched - to increase interaction and participation of citizens. But the website is not efficient and having a lot of errors preventing even user registration.
      and such things hapoen because of uninspiring leaders and incompetent ministers ( in this case Ravishankar Prasad).
      it did not even get adequate coverage . The MMS continues to hype/exaggerate even small lapses and the BJP spokespersons and ministers are simply not realizing the need for super efficiency.
      as of now , if someone important is reading this blog and comments, then my most humble request ( and which could be a game changer as well ) is that i wish Narendra Modi co opts Arun Shourie as Minister of IT, Telecom and Information and broadcasting. The present BJP govt is seriously lacking in talent. And thence there is massive wrong messaging/inadequate messaging. The Public discourse has to change for the better and substantially and urgently. And the crooks of media reigned in and made accountable. Till then there is no respite.

    5. I tend to agree with Shanker iyer. Shri Modi lacks competent ministerial colleagues in his Ministry. It is time that he has a second look at his team and include people with vibrant thoughts that go with Modi's. Mr Modi should come forward and air his views on subjects that are discussed in public and not remain like a MM Singh.

    6. Modi needs to dump nincompoops, like Javdekar and Prasad, and Lutyenite Congi pals like Jaitley. He will suffer for his misplaced faith in them. People have put their faith in him and voted for him, not the BJP. Jaitley lost in Amritsar and Sushma got a seat courtesy MP CM. When these guys were in Opposition their performance was pathetic. Bring in proven competent people like Shourie and Swamy quick.

  6. Ravinar, I was being ridiculed when I was echoing similar thoughts (Of course, I am not gifted like you, in terms of articulation or knowledge) and while I may not be alive to witness, considering that I am not so young, it is very much going to be a reality that all those who keep silent and hope that this would NOT happen or would happen 'elsewhere' would have no place to run to and cant escape the sword or the gun!! A repeat of the Mughal era of India, except that it would be all over the world! I mean, the era! (Cynical? May be!)

  7. I fear for the future of my grandchildren in India.
    I fear for the future of Hindus in India.
    I fear for the future of India.

    1. @mohanraj,
      so what do you intend to do about your fears ?? Live with these fears or do something about it ??

  8. TRS MP Kavitha was partly correct about Hyderabad. Erstwhile Hyderabad State ( present Telangana,
    present Hyderabad-Karnataka area and present east-north part of Maharashtra ) was a dominion under
    On August 15,1947 it was not part of the new Indian Union. It was merged later.
    Razakar atrocities on Hindus and anti-landlord agitations by farmers were on the rise. Communists
    were eager to seize the opportunity to establish a communist regime in Hyderabad State
    overthrowing Nizam.

    Sensing the trouble of a communist country in the Indian heartland 'Police Action' was initiated
    by Sardar Patel ( thanks to Patel, he did not bend in his action to backoff as desired by idiot
    Nehru ) to annexe it. This was the reason even after Nizam surrendered and signed the accession
    treaty within three days the police action was continued to nullify Communists. The Razakars
    ammunition passed to communists and the Police Action continued for more than year. This history
    is sanitized in books. You won’t get this to read in Communist controlled Indian History Books.

    Andhra State and AndhraPradesh State are/were not one entity.
    In 1953 Andhra State was formed from Telugu speaking areas of Madras presidency. After annexation
    into Indian Union in 1948 till 1956 Hyderabad State was a separate individual state. In 1956
    AndhraPradesh was formed merging Telugu speaking area of Hyderabad State and Andhra State.

    Regarding Telangana/TRS author should have focused on the real dangers of 12% Muslim reservation
    as promised by TRS. Remember even political backstabber and BJP's new darling Chandrababu Naidu
    also promised Muslim reservation. Why outcry only on KCR and Telangana? Why not ChandraBabu and

    Chandrababu Naidu is always positively projected by Telugu MSM particularly Andhrajyothy and
    If readers opinions are solely based on these slave media, then remember how Modi was projected by
    Congress slave media and you will get an idea of demonization of TRS/Telangana by Telugu media(
    both print and TV )

    1. @Mallikarjun

      Theres a serious problem among fanatics from Telangana or AP.. Whenever one writes about T or AP...the other starts whining .."why not write about AP" or "why not write about T".. There is a simple answer... When I club BSP, SP etc as Congress appeasing clones.. even TDP is included.. it is just that there is no mention of it here. This is a maxi post and tackles a specific topic.. Besides the statements of Kavitha Rao are far more outrageous than what CBN did or said.

      Lastly, I dont want this forum to be used for a Telangana Vs AP nonsense at any point of time. Those who have that problem should take it to some other platform. Not here.

      The topic is Gaza V Kashmir at its base. Lets stick to that.

    2. Thank you Ravinarji, These guys( let me tell you I am from Hyderabad), dont understand a thing and topic. They just blabber, but they are not understanding the situation of water under the carpet situation, hope they realize sooner to take this myopic view of things and start thinking on the larger context of what is in store for say mallikarjun.
      This has been the probelm with Hindus, they have always been divided on some issue or the other and that is why our forefathers bore the brunt and even now we are not understanding is pathetic.

    3. @ Ravinar

      Sorry if I have gone deep into history of Hyderabad state.
      Terming 'fanatics' is a bit rude. But I won't mind and come straight to the point you raised.

      "" When I club BSP, SP etc as Congress appeasing clones.. even TDP is included.. it is just that there is no mention of it
      here. ""
      I accept your intention.

      "" Besides the statements of Kavitha Rao are far more outrageous than what CBN did or said. ""

      Kavitha's statements are blown out of proportion in the media.
      Kavitha is a Pappu from TRS whereas CBN is a heavyweight.

      Just compare what Kavitha actually said ( the Daily Times item is misleading )...

      with just one of ChandraBabuNaidu ....

      Your main tagline is facts. So compare the above and see if Kavitha's incident should have been included at all in this Gaza
      Vs Kashmir topic.
      Not that you should not have included but it's just my opinion.
      I respect that this is your blog, your choice what to include or not.

    4. @Mallikarjun

      Let me tell you... you are wrong. The line says SP, BSP and "OTHERS". Now, my point is not to make a long list of the appeasing parties which include TDP, TRS, JDU, DMK, AIADMK, NCP and so on. Do you get that? In which case I can list some 60 odd parties.

      Whatever your claim about CBN there is no disagreement that he is also a terrible appeaser so there is no need to draw out special instances about him. What Kavitha Rao said is a fact, regardless of your interpretation. I am sure I also understand the background of the Telangana and Nizam story and all that. But when she brackets it with Kashmir she becomes a bimbo and a useful idiot for Pakistan and that is the point being made. BTW what do you mean Kavitha's statement was blown out of proportion in media? FYI hardly any newspapers reported it (thats why the quote from a Pak newspaper) and no MSM TV channel discussed it.

      Your opinion is welcome but even in reply you are still making it Kavitha Rao Vs CBN which is what Im asking you to avoid. I have no particular interest in Telangana or AP politics unless it touches upon national interest. So take it easy.

    5. @Ravinar ji, may be this is for the first time people outside Andhra Pradesh came to know about ideology of TRS and its members. But for last 12 years or so, similar venom had been spewed against residual Andhra people by TRS party. KCR himself several times praised Nizam and his rule and stated similar sentences like his daughter. But everything escaped media glare; local media never had the courage to bell that cat because, TRS people used abuse the channels.You might be aware that, even now 2 TV channels have been banned in Telangana just because they showed the truth about KCR (TV9 and Andhra Jyothy).These people have severe 'secular appeasing' mentality and they are ready to go to any extent for that. A saying is, in old city area- Hyderabad, it is not govt.rule, but MIM's rule. Votes n Money are more important than the national Integrity for some people. Their followers are so blind that they can't see through things till it is too late. Sad but true.

    6. @Kaumodaki Fully agree with your comments. Staunch supporters of BJP/Modi don't shy away from criticizing BJP/Modi if they they do wrong or take wrong decision, but most of TRS supporters blindly support and even cover up KCR & family no matter how bad their committed sins and faults. TRS cadre is very similar to AAPtards, praising their 'lord' at any cost.

  9. And previous government had the audacity to bring a " Communal Violence Bill" which victimizes Hindus in any riot due to any reason and our MSM let the crap go pass without a discussion. This menace of 'Sickular politician-Commie Islamic media nexus' has to be broken and I expect NaMo govt. to focus on this at least after 2-3 years of governance. If not for the Social media warriors like MEDIACROOKS etc. , we still would be watching RS,C5M, iRudali, Arnab-Ul-Haq 's crap in UNCONTROLLED versions. Now they are behaving better for the fear of bashing from Ravinar et al. and SM. The fate of RS, C5M,Nikhil Wagle etc. should serve as an eye opener to media morons. Next, I want to see Arnab thrown out.

    1. @Kaumodaki With so many top of the cliff problems that India is facing today (thanks to Sonia's Gandhi's rogue Congress regime), Modi may not have time to deal with #PaidMedia and other similar issues. He is ignoring media altogether. but his own idiotic cabinet ministers are still caring for MSM Congi-Commie media, look at Prakash Javdekar. Best thing Modi govt can and should do it make Social Media champion and use YouTube videos and interviews extensively and shun 24/7 crap. Hit the Sickular media where it hurts most, their bottom line.

  10. This seems so strange to me, may be i am naive about gaza and juresalam, some one said its not jews and muslims issue, it is a jews and muslims issue as this fight would'n have happened if all were jews...i also think this that fight wouldn have happned if all were muslims...... I dont understand why kashmiri pandits would want to go back to kashmir and stay when people there dont welcome them.. I understand that there place as well, but they should return untll everyone in kashmir realizes that they have been wronged.

    1. If somebody kicks you our of your house are u just going to accept it and walk away. What are you???

  11. Very good analysis, Ravi. It is a scary thought about Telengana, hope it wo'nt happen, however, I can understand that politicians follow a policy of appeasement, but fail to understand why Media has to follow it. What is in it for them?

    1. @Suriji, dont worry, I am from Hyderabad, and know there are so many people from Andhra region one day KCR needs their support too.
      One thing is for sure, KCR and his gang are going the DMK and other parties way, may be we need to wait, of a couple of years.
      These guys are not able to undrstand and get the gist of what hapenned in this elections. These dividers on seculars(lets say minority appeasement) bit the dust. They did not realize one thing the more you shout minority there will be more consolidation and unity of majority.

      This is a simple fact this newcommer family based industry in poitics (KCR) will go to oblivion.
      Dont you see people, the great divider Mayamemsaheb has no clue, and mulayam is just waiting because his govt is still in power.
      The biggest example you can see today in Bihar ( sickulars jdu,rjd,congress are going to fight together in bye elections).
      but if you see, the media they say secular combination,
      That is the pathetic situation we are in but if you see my earlier comments, looks like this is the way this caste system will go off and we will be united to cherish our age old tradition, for which our Ravinarji is doing a yoemen service to the Nation.
      Please pardong me for my grammar or typos.

  12. Excellent Ravi Ji , I hope ur voice reaches to PM Narendra Modi.

  13. Excellent Analysis ravinar. In this connection i have to point that we Hindus have to take fair amount of blame for this loudspeaker issue. fair amount of Hindus who were educated have gone to courts and banned the usage of loudspeakers in the temples. This i am aware beacause in our neighbourhood in secunderabad i had the firsthand information. when suprabhatam was played in the venkateshwara temple in shivaji nagar at 6.00 clock in the morning, some of the residents have gone (who are hindus) to court and succeeded in banning the usage of loudspeaker on the reason that it disturbs their sleep, elderly persons health etc. This is only one case. there are more cases like this.
    further, while watching the MSM coverage i feel they are afraid of antagonising muslims.Remember jihadis dont care for the life of those who are against their actions. During telangana movement also i had noticed this trend being practised by TRS, by creating violent reactions towards anyone who are against telangana and andhra people. number of instances come to my mind. 1.when TRS leader T.Harish rao beat the andhra employee in newdelhi.2.CONG MP from Mahabubnagar created a ruckus in govt office in MAHABUBNAGAR dist. these actions were shown in MSM but were buried very fast.

  14. Ravinar, you said that they don't care how many Jews die or how many Hindus die, but they care about how many Palestinians die. You are partly right. They care about how many Palestinians die because on the other side are Jews. When Muslims kill innocent Muslims, they don't care. Not only 'they' but even Muslims don't care.

  15. I will tell you an open secret. Who are our worst enemies? Vote bank politicians and crooked media. Don't be too harsh on Barkha and Arnab. You know they have friends in high places in the current cabinet too.

    1. @Kumar Sir,
      These presstitutes are for no noble cause.
      There is a saying in Telugu "cheppedi sreeeranga neetulu velledi gudisalo", It means they provide so many sermons but go to presstitutes.
      arnab shouts we Indians and we are proud Indian citizens all that crap.
      does he have a real debate lets say on WTO veto of India or say about BRICS issue? no.
      He needs TRP and he needs money. these are all jaichands of today.

      They dont care about where our country is going and show what is in store for the country there is no positive debate about how our country can go forward. half of the time VHP, or some communal nonsense he peddles.
      as for as burkha is concerned, from what I see, they have lots of money in store and they can peddle news, worst ever journalist.
      You can go back to Ravinarjis posts and see the truth about her and also you can check on the internet.
      I will have to keep checking to see if there is still that situation? from the last few weeks, I have seen limited material going out and it is ok as part of governance to part off.
      now a days I do go to these stupid channels of arnab, just for time pass and once I see this is stupid, I cut it off.
      I think now it is old ways to go back go doordarshan and get your news.
      rest is I see our great place where I am typing my comments, next is niticentral, then India tv.
      Rest all are bakwas.
      for your nformation sir on firstpost they kept one post on firstpost on the top by mk venu, saying modi did a self goal by vetoing on WTO proposal.
      Sorry Ravinarji it may be off topic, but wanted to let mr kumar know about things that happen.
      I am not as good as you in putting my views.
      I go to these places to just look at the comments, I see there are so many people with word of mouth get more info than what these presstitutes give us.
      Thank you Ravinarji, ( I know for your research and the effort you do to put in a blog takse time) I keep comming back every do to see if I can be enlightened by your next one, but disappointed there is no new one.
      Still I follow the comments, so there is a big lot of people and we need to let people know about Ravinarji,
      I am doing what I can, please you all also do it.

    2. Srinivas I think you have misunderstood my post which was given in a sarcastic way. Arnab, Barkha et al. My point was that these scumbags have now got friends high places within the Modi cabinet itself. People like Jaitley are very friendly with the pseudos. So far Modi seems to be in a stupor and is just following previous government's policies. I am sure he will deliver a great speech on August 15 but the nation wants the promises fulfilled and action, not words. Jaitley, Sushma, Javedekar, Ravi Shankar Prasad etc are perennial drawing room Lutyenites. I believe Modi's faith in them is misplaced. The babus are running rings around Modi. He has to break their spell fast otherwise he is sunk. Do not become another Vajpayee. The country placed their faith in him, now he should act and start delivering. Junk the Lutyenites, they are a drag.

  16. Ravinar, this probably is your only post that I disagree with in part. Half the participants of all these silly protests against the Gaza atrocities wouldn't know where on earth Gaza is. It's a pure Islam-Judaism matter and snuffing it out using political means if necessary is what's called for, especially in a country like ours where the 15% or so Muslims can cause lots of turbulence to the other peaceful 85%.

    What you don't mention at all is the evil, racist Zionism which to me is at the heart of the real dispute out there. Had those Jews who had a root returned post-WWII, the situation wouldn't have been anywhere near as bad. Zionism, though, is another kettle of fish in that any Jew born anywhere, regardless of ethnicity, can come and settle in that land.

    There are folk here who comment that Jews are a peaceful race. Peaceful they may be but have no illusions about them - they're as devious. It's after all another Abrahamic religion, born out of some bloke hearing voices in his head. If someone Indian did to India what the Jews did to Germany in WWI, you can bet that we wouldn't have waited for as long as Hitler did to exterminate them. All that the Jews care about is Israel. Period.

    1. @ramapriya, so let me tell you hitler was not from germany, he was from austria. Another KCR gang kind of person who took advantage of the situation, I dont think Jews were just taking over Germany or anything.
      You are right, that is the only place left for them and is part of them.
      They are not peaceful ( it depends on the benchmark). so you say peaceful meaning we just keep bearing the brunt like Kashimri pandits and no one in India even gives them any solace and they live as refugees in their own country?

      It is the circumstance that makes it. fro historical evidence, by default muls are aggressors, and if not they act to be peaceful.
      Let me give you the latest example, there was a riot in UP by shi muls it was a property disupte between them and azam khan, can you see the riots that hapenned.
      to give you an example of how media presstitutes turn the situation is.
      you can go and check redigg, headline is BJP supporter is part of riots,
      that maulan gave some positive feeling and supported BJP so the riots haenned because of that.
      seriously, this is how our media twists facts, they put in BJP to get hits.
      As per jew being peaceful or not is not a matter of subject I think.
      The matter is is it necessary for us as a Nation to go for this nonsense?
      simple, in Internation politics, what we need our nations priority is utmost.
      please check and American Media there issue is what is it for America and rest is all time pass.
      We need to learn a lot from America, atleast they are not presstitutes to be part of the team to sell their nation for a few crumbs.

    2. WTF are you talking about. Human being does not change because they are jews or HIndus.
      You must have some bad experiance with A Jew
      and you started yo generalise. Or you have outsourced your brain by listening to someone elses rant about the Jews. DO NOT use words like externimate or they will come back to bite you in the butt.

  17. not relevant here
    but after delhi rape hindu ran articles blaming swami vivekanad for male aggression in hindus
    no such article after shakti mil gangrape or bangalore school molestation
    now this news from bengal
    a muslim mla protecting a muslim and tribals get the bad name as well as jail

  18. Thank you for the wonderful article
    With your permission I will use this to circulate on WhatsApp n FB
    Thanks in advance ,



  20. Hi Ravinar...I didnt expect NDA Govt to vote against Israel. Is BJP also becoming pseudo secular?

  21. When Indian Sickular Paid MSM Media calls Sonia Gandhi as "India's Bahu", then what's wrong in saying Sania Mirza as "Pakistan's Daughter in law"??

    Moreover, BJP leader Dr.Laxman was raising Sania's nativity as Brand Ambassador for #Telangana as Telangana's CM KCR has removed all rights for people of Seemandhra region even if they born in Telangana and living there ever since. Then on the same basis, Sania will also not a native of Telangana, but CM KCR makes her Brand Am and gives away Rs 1 Crore of hard earned tax money of people of Telangana for Muslim vote bank politics and to appease ISI and Majlis MIM Owaisis??

    Long live Sickularism of India

  22. When it comes to appeasing MusIlms in south, almost all regional parties are culprits, that includes TDP, TRS, YCP, DMK, ADMK etc ALL. The less we talk about Congress and C0mmun!sts on MusIim appeasement is better.

    However, in AP and Telangana, CBN never crossed limits, but KCR and his jewel daughter Kavitha are practicing separatist politics just like Owaisis of Majlis. KCR is no lesser cr00k than Farooq/Omar Abdulla and TRS is no lesser traitor than PDP/MIM.

  23. Balanced article on the current Gaza conflict:

  24. Couple of points I wanted to make, because your blog paints everything with the same brush:
    1. I had read an article 2-3 years ago that so far ALkaida failed to recruit a single musalman from India. They have fighters from all over even US, UK, France but never from India, any comments!!
    2. Your Kashmiri Pandit analogy to many people will fit the Palestine people, They were forced evacuated from their land like KPs. At least they are fighting. KPs are so naive like most Hindus they never retaliated. I know the other way around (Jews forced out of their land) story is also pretty popular. I think both are facts, one is ancient history the other is modern history.
    3. You quote: Muslim invasion story. Even if it hasn't been mentioned so heavily but I think lots of Indians know about this part. It is history. what can be done. Why we didn't kill them. Indians were weaker and so were killed. Life was like that at that time. Asoka killed 150000 Kalinga people, what can Odiyas do about that...have grudge against Bihari's (Maghadhi) people. Stronger armies killed the weaker ones..always. I have never seen cry baby like India..they killed us..even recently...they came and killed the six sleeping army men on LOC. Why we didn't kill them..why cry...I have never heard Iraqis crying that their entire country was decimated by Genghis Khan...Wherever muslims went they killed and converted come India is not a Islamic country in spite of long muslim rule. Chinese were also ruled by Genghis Khan who killd or converted everybody he could.
    4. One of the main reason I think Indian media doesn't badmouth about Muslims is that most of them are hindoos, Out of respect or culture we are kind of little shy or restrictive talking bad about them. For e.g. if you are in a party talking to your friends about how say Biharis (as I have faced this so many times) are so bad and what not but suddenly you discover that one of them is a Bihari then you try to deviate the topic. On the other hand being a Bihari myself I can comment as much as I can about them. So we need more muslims in Journalism (M J AKBArs) so that they can shout at their mullahs very hardly on TV and in Government who can think progressively about them.

  25. 1. The Kashmiri Pandit analogy fits the Jews, in fact. What Zionism has done is the equivalent of all Hindus anywhere on earth having a license to go and settle in Kashmir. If only the KPs went back, there probably would still be resentment, but a LOT lesser than if all Hindus went there. Don't forget that the Israelis' claim on Palestine is based on a 'promised land' in a religious scripture, apparently promised by God

    2. Genghis Khan? Try and see what Iranian students are taught about the man. He wreaked untold havoc on Persia, not so much on Iraq.

    If Islam is totalitarian and ergo anti-democratic, Judaism is only slightly less so. Both religions (Christianity too, in fact) have whole swathes of religious texts condemning those who don't believe in their ideologies as non-entities.

    I've found in general that the appeal and popularity of God varies inversely as his follower's IQ.

  26. By the way on wikipedia, Muslim invasion of India is listed as the bloodiest massacre of the world: Who needs a textbook? Iranians may have grudge against their killer but they follow his religion!! We at least survived this blood bath and still have our dharma, thanks to Rajputs and others who resisted every time.

    1. (1) Genghis Khan was not a moslem , so" Iranians follow the religion of their conqueror" is not historically correct.
      (2) wikipedia can be referred as a verifiable source of information not a reliable source of information.
      (3) Why any one can treat "no recruit from India " as true ?. It is a underground organisation with no details of recruits / recruiters/ financiers . With so little information how one can make such a grand statement ? .
      (4) There are sufficient blogs/ articles on internet from ex-** , mostly Pakistanis where they describe recruits from India employed as masseur , porter , cooks , washer-man . They are considered as inferior to Arabs hence not trusted and not employed as fighter.
      (5) "Wherever muslims went they killed and converted come India is not a Islamic country in spite of long muslim rule ".
      Again not factual history . Infidels are allowed to live by Muslim rulers , provided infidels pay zaziya taxes and accept humiliation and public insults heaped on them. In India , zazia was there throughout the Muslim rule except for a short duration during Akbar's reign. In fact our ancestors bore the pain but didn't abandoned the path they considered as right . Last of Zoroastrians fled from Iran in early 20th century. Iraq still have christian population and Jews were there in Jerusalem throughout the history .
      (6) For second part , "how come India is not a Islamic country in spite of long muslim rule ", you have to self research . The information is available and you will be surprised , assuming pathak to be a brahmin ", to learn that that there are no documented history of caste hierarchy and untouchability which can be stretched earlier than 1820-1840. The resistance to " equality " religion was from "most oppressed classes " which are known today as dalits. Ok ending now, as I am spoiling a blog meant to expose crooks in media.

    2. "By the way on wikipedia, Muslim invasion of India is listed as the bloodiest massacre of the world: Who needs a textbook?"

      School going students (future Indian citizens) need the history text books with facts. Unlike you and me, they don't have internet, computer/smartphone to access the information no matter how unreliable like Wikipedia. Sometimes, they don't even have the electricity, thanks 60 years bad governance of Congress. Don't blindly realy on single source of (mis)information.

    3. The history books are even more unreliable, especially many books on ancient indian history are subjective. They are also not peer reviewed. I tend to rely on the authors who have international acclaim because if they spread wrong information, their career and reputation is at stake.
      Wikipedia may have some vandalized articles especially on a topic lesser known but generally the quality of information is quite good because of collaborative editing. So far I haven't came across any misinformation on viruses (my expertise). Several studies have been done to assess the reliability of Wikipedia. An early study in the journal Nature (One of the best science journal in the world) said that in 2005, Wikipedia's scientific articles came close to the level of accuracy in Encyclopædia Britannica and had a similar rate of "serious errors]".
      It's very simple to test the veracity/reliability of a topic. Just try searching something like WWII and try to find any wrong information. I bet you will have really hard time to find it.

  27. Thanks for a good article Ravi.Suggest the readers two other articles which echo similar thoughts:1) The last paragraph should serve as an eye opener to all the deluded folks talking about peace and coexistence: "This kind of confusion puts all of us in danger. This is the great story of our time. For the rest of our lives, and the lives of our children, we are going to be confronted by people who don’t want to live peacefully in a secular, pluralistic world, because they are desperate to get to Paradise, and they are willing to destroy the very possibility of human happiness along the way. The truth is, we are all living in Israel. It’s just that some of us haven’t realized it yet."
    2) Jerry Coyne's rejoinder on the above article: Once again the last paragraph is a masterpeice which raises a pertinent question that everybody is ignoring, denying and turning around:"If you think that groups like Hamas will be satisfied with a peace that gives them their own state but leaves the state of Israel still in existence, you’re fooling yourself. Palestinians have rejected that several times. And if you think that such groups will be happy even if they wipe out Israel, and then will have no further quarrel with the West, then you’re also fooling yourself. Finally, if you think that all the anti-Western and anti-Israeli rage from Arabs is inspired by Western oppression and has nothing to do with the tenets of Islam, you’re fooling yourself most of all."
    And to all those folks ranting about Israel's occupation & land grab please read history atleast try to know what happened to Palestine peace talks in 1978,2000 & 2005 which Jerry too refers in his article

    1. Thank you for the Sam Harris-related links. Substitute Hindu for Jew and you have the Indo-Pak conflict in essence. For Jews the existential threat to their survival is more immediate, which is why they are more united than Hindus who are like frogs in pot slowly being brought to boil. The bloody massacres in Mumbai should have been an eye-opener, but Hindus have an exceedingly short memory. It is in the nature of our civilization which tends to downplay history as opposed to the Jews who learned to make it a point to never forget their history. Oh, and a another great post by Ravinar!

    2. Read his book " letter to a Christain nation". It is an eye opner. Indian converts to christainity need to read this . We need to wake up and push back hard.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Muslims are multiplying at the rate not even thought of, we are paying the price of not having paid attention to what happened in Kashmir and with Kashmiri Pandits (what a civilized community they are and whom they were stuck with the most radical and uncivilized community on planet). I sincerely believe, their population needs to be checked by having one or two child policy across nation along with Uniform civil code and then killings of terrorists, we have to start acting like China otherwise we will end up seeing Islamization of India. May god bless more power to Modi and other administrators and to general public in order to understand the real situation and deal with the situation appropriately, we should literally thrash the media people, all secularists should not be allowed any business in writing, news, politicians etc. Thrash the arguments of muslims and muslims itself whenever you come across such radical..

    1. It's true that overall musalman's growth in India is more than the national average, but if economic, social and geographical factors are taken into account then their growth rate is not that different from very backward and poor hindoos. The total number is screwed because the number of better off hindoos in India is much more than similar Musalman.

      "May God bless more power to Modi" for what? voting against Israel at UN, exchanging Sari and Shawl, keeping mum on BSF and other army men murdered and easing visas for Bangladesis, doing nothing in Amarnath; all these done within 2 month


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