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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Gaza Vs Kashmir: The Hypocrites - Part 1

(This is a MaxiPost)

The conflict between Muslims and Jews is centuries old. It started with Islamic warriors killing the Jews and driving a large population of Jews out of their homes. If that wasn’t enough, Jews were also persecuted by the Christians throughout the ages culminating in the Holocaust. We could go back to history to Mohammad’s times or Jesus’s times but that will serve no purpose. What matters is now and recent history. We cannot alter history of 1500 years but even in these modern times Muslim children are taught to hate the Jews. Geert Wilders, a Dutch MP, put out a documentary (Fitna) that has some hateful speeches by Mullahs. Even that has become normal to us. But stunningly, in his video there’s even a 3-year old who has been taught that Jews are “apes and pigs” (Watch from 3.48 onward on Youtube). Outfits like Hamas, Hezbollah and before them PLO and PFLP etc have had a similar approach to Israel.

Present day Israel and Palestine, as we know them, were also territories ruled by the British since around the WWI. It is after WWII that the Jews got together and battled the British and drove them out to get back their land which is now known as Israel. Having gotten their own land the Israelis also expanded their territory to what they thought rightfully belonged to them. What is left of Palestine, mostly inhabited by Arabs, is the West Bank and Gaza strip. West Bank and Gaza are similar to Pakistan and the former East Pakistan; both separated by land of a different State. East Pakistan broke away from Pakistan and became Bangladesh. I see no possibility of West Bank and Gaza ever becoming one contiguous state. Even their two local govts are often at conflict. On its part, Israel is also guilty of unfair expansion of its territories leaving tiny portions of land to the Palestinians. But the propaganda that Israel has gobbled up Palestine is a load of BS.. Some of it hasn’t happened merely because of greed for real estate. The Israelis often had to push into areas to constantly secure themselves from the wars and terrorism unleashed on them since the 1950s. Here's a more reliable chronology of how the lands changed hands: 

Jews are not the only citizens of Israel; it is home to many Arabs who hold Israeli citizenship. Can you imagine the reverse in Palestine (or any of its Islamic neighbours)? The Israel-Palestine conflict is for eternity. What happens is that every 3-4 years some major battle flares up and invariably the higher losses are on the Palestinian side. Men, women, children, property destroyed and sufferings multiply. Hamas, a known terrorist organisation, has been elected by the Palestinians and Hamas only does what it knows best to do. Hamas knows nothing of governance or administration (just like some Indian political parties). They only know how to engage in battles and terrorism. They use and hide behind women and children for their attacks. I swear, if you tried to look up a map of the territory in a paper map of reasonable size, chances are you won’t find the area easily. But Israel has a very large “friendly” neighbourhood, some of whom want to wipe its tiny area off that map. Here’s how the neighbourhood extends to even lands far off from Israel:

You might wonder why Pak terrorist organisations would worry about Jews when they have their pet project of Kashmir and millions of Hindus to kill. You see; it’s just a matter of opportunity.  In the 26/11 attacks the Pak terrorists skilfully targeted the Jewish “Chabad House” and killed around half a dozen Jews. It’s probably their misfortune that more were not available. Post 26/11 our media and commies quickly forgot the attacks and started an “Aman” crap with Pakistan. Recently some of these jokers undertook what they “self-styled” as Track2 diplomacy. And every time there’s an Israel-Palestine conflict their tears start rolling for the Palestinians. Mind you, they don’t notice who starts the killing. Since decades it has always been PLO, PFLP, Hamas, Hezbollah who have started the killing. Airline hijackings, restaurant bombing, bus bombing, suicide bombers. There’s a whole menu of terror attacks to choose from. Children and women have been used as shields by the Hamas in their battles. The recent Israeli retaliation started with the kidnapping and murder of four teenagers and constant rocket-fire by Hamas into Israeli territory. Our Sickulars wanted a debate in the parliament to condemn Israel and sympathise with the Palestinians. So our MPs in Rajya Sabha got a debate. Here’s what some of them said:

Sitaram Yechury: "This is a genocide of sorts, we cannot remain silent to violations of International Law," he said. "You are the biggest terrorist by illegally occupying Palestine land," Yechury said about Israel. India cannot be party to this genocide. This must stop… This is against Insaniyat (Humanity) completely. Modi has signed BRICS resolution with East Jerusalem as capital. So why are we afraid to pass resolution?"

Genocide? To this Commie hate-monger everything is a genocide when it’s Muslims but nothing when it’s others. He even called the Gujarat riots “Communal genocide”. Such terms are being used loosely by “useful idiots” who serve no purpose. 54000 people are reported to have been murdered under the 3-decade CPM rule in Bengal and I wonder why Yechury and his commie party aren’t being investigated and prosecuted. It’s simply because we have always had gutless and spineless Muslim-appeasing govts since our Independence. Yechury also wants India to stop defence purchases from Israel. That’s how we secure India. Anyway, here’s another jerk called Sharad Yadav:

"People are being forced to leave their own land. How can we let this happen? We must discuss this. It will have a major impact on the future of our country… How can people run away from a strip of land that's just 6 km in width?" he said urging the Rajya Sabha to focus and debate the role India could play in the ongoing humanitarian crisis. However, as time ran out, Yadav said that discussions like these should not be restricted by logistical considerations. "This is a discussion on humanity, please don't restrict the timing of speakers," he said wrapping up.

That 6km width is not entirely accurate but let’s not quibble. I don’t think anyone listening to this stupid man even pointed out his BS to him. People are being forced to leave their own land? Did any MP ever say that about Kashmiri Hindus being driven out or fleeing from their own land and homes? Political morons like Sharad Yadav have remained blind to what happens in their own backyard but shed bogus tears for Palestinians. Mind you, the KPs weren’t hurling bombs, firing rockets or sending suicide bombers to attack Muslims in Kashmir unlike the Palestinian leaders. And why would Palestinians fleeing their homes have a major impact on the future of India? Is this man even talking sense? Yadav also added that the Gaza crisis should not be looked through the Hindu-Muslim lens. Sushma Swaraj had a brilliant answer to this appeasement-crook.

Swaraj, in her reply, narrated how 40 Muslim youth were punished for some reason (in Saudi Arabia) and sentenced to lashes and a month in prison. They had till now spent over a year in prison instead of a month. The GOI seems to have negotiated their release and brought those 40 back home to India (listen to her on Youtube). Ever heard any media house reporting this event? Our media slaves who catch the spit of Chinese Gandhis before it hits the ground will not report such events. Naturally, another Chinese Gandhi, though a descendant of MKGandhi, talks like a moron too. Where? Yes, on the International Muslim Rudali's show. That’s what Barkha Dutt is. She asks on her stupid show a diabolical question: “Has India lost its heart when it comes to taking a position on Gaza? Or is it none of our business”?

There was the usual “Palestinian men, women and children are dying. No medical help, homes destroyed” etc (with images, of course). The Gandhi in the pic started blabbering about humanity as if he has never heard about a war or conflict earlier. People die in a war, get used to it. To this, the panellist on the right corner in the bottom row talked of Mahatma Gandhi supporting the British in WWII. Again, TusharG started raving and ranting “You don’t know anything about Bapu… don’t lie” and so on. Well, fact is MKG did support the British during the war. Oh wait! I wonder if MKG would have supported ISIS (or ISIL). They have pronounced the ISIS leader the new Caliph and MKG did support the Khilafat movement; didn’t he? MKG supported the Khilafat movement to get the Muslims into the fight against the British and integrate Hindus and Muslims but it never happened.

India was broken on religious grounds into India and Pakistan. Only problem is Pakistan and Bangladesh regularly slaughter Hindus but our Sickular MPs and media don’t find it worth discussing but they want to discuss distant Gaza. Yechury screams “why should innocent Palestinians suffer”? It’s a war moron, didn’t they tell you that? And what do such Yechuries have to say when Palestinian terrorists went all the way to Munich to slaughter Israeli athletes during the 1972 Olympics? Those athletes were not in a conflict or a war, were they? What about Chabad House? Were those Jews in a conflict or in a war? Why should Jews everywhere be slaughtered because of the conflict in the Middle East? Will Barkha, her clones, our commies and our media explain that? Do they seek resolutions in the Parliament for all such mindless slaughter? The BRICS resolution clearly states Israel must pull out of occupied territory and Palestinians must have a state by the side of Israel. How is that inconsistent with India’s long-standing policy? Why should there be a new resolution now? Just to condemn Israel?

Sharad Yadav was partly right in saying we look at Israel-Palestine issue through the Hindu-Muslim lens. But what he and all the sickulars miss is that it’s the Muslims who forever are disconnected with Indian and neighbouring issues and not Hindus. From Turkey, Khilafat, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Osama, Cartoons, Salman Rushdie and crazy films, it’s the Muslims in India that agitate and get violent. The brunt of that violence is borne by people of other religions and the State. Why? Fools like Barkha, her clones and the Yechuries of the world want a Parliament resolution on Gaza. For what? Because some morons argue that Narendra Modi was a signatory to the BRICS resolution. Well, then isn’t that resolution in an international forum not good enough for India’s stand on the issue? Why insist on a Parliament resolution? Basically, what these sickulars want is India to CONDEMN Israel. I am glad no resolution was passed and India should not condemn Israel for these conflicts. Israel has borne the brunt of terrorism for over 60 years. The death of Israel would embolden the terrorists which will lead to more states dying. It is in that respect that Yadav can be right in claiming it has a “major impact” on India and not in any other sense.

Let’s come to the poor Palestinians who have no schools, hospitals, jobs etc. as our sickulars whine. Firstly, Palestine doesn’t have any real economy of its own because most of their resources are devoted to weapons. West Bank and Gaza get a huge amount of funds from the UN and other international donors (even the US). What do they use it for? Of late, Hamas has built at least 36 tunnels into Israeli territory for raids to kill Israelis. These are “terror tunnels” each of which costs the Palestinians $1 million to build and maintain. So around 36 million spent on tunnels! Funds meant to care for Palestinians are being used for terror. Do our sickulars talk about this or question such acts? And then they whine about the suffering of poor Palestinians and Israel to watch quietly as more terror attacks are planned? Would these same sickulars advocate India to sit and watch if Pakistan built such terror tunnels into India? (Pakistan did build one some time back).

While they lament and whine for Palestine, events at home of a similar nature do not bother our sickulars. Even now it’s Hamas that is not willing to accept a mediated ceasefire while Israel is. The Palestine issue long kept India from having diplomatic relations with Israel although India and most countries had recognised Israel as an independent country. Talk about Kashmir and these same wailers will crawl up into some corner and hole. In the next and concluding part we will see why the Kashmir issue should matter to us and not Gaza and how our Commie media and Sickulars are pathetic, Muslim-appeasing hypocrites. Ordinary folks on social media and elsewhere who buy the propaganda of these Commies are as educated on real history of Israel as they are on bogus history of India written by these Commies.


  1. "The death of Israel would embolden the terrorists which will lead to more states dying". Death of Israel? before that the entire Islamic world will be wiped out by Israel with Nukes

    1. Wow, empty minds engaged in hyperbole! Death of Israel? Islamic world wiped out! LOL, even Hamas & Zionists are a bit more realistic that you freaks!

      ME countries are critical for the US, Europe & China. The world is too intertwined and will not be understood by the black/white mindset of the zealots.

      Even the self-proclaimed Hindu nationalist Modi has to do yet another U-turn and support Palestine over Israel inspite of all the chest beating by the Hindutva Taliban back home...

    2. This is not a reply to either of you gentlemen, just putting it here to keep it at the top of the page.

      The Israel-Palestine issue naturally brings out a lot of arguments for and against either party. That is a given and will remain permanent. Like I said in the post I do not see WB and Gaza ever becoming one territory physically. That is the background of the case. This post is NOT about who is right although I strongly support Israel's historic existence and its right to defence. The post is more about how our media and sickular politicians wash away all the crimes of Hamas and wait to rant only when retaliation happens. It is about how these very people are hypocritical when it comes to other situations when their so called "Victims" are not Muslims. Some people quote India's UN vote as a victory of their position. That is laughable. How is India's UN vote different from the BRICS resolution already mentioned in the post. If that vote or resolution was what the whiners wanted then India's position on condemning Israel has been consistent throughout history. That is not going to change in a hurry so that is hardly the debate in the post. The debate is about how the propagandists wash the Islamic Sins everywhere or are cowards to discuss it.

    3. Ravinarji, Brilliant as usual. I wanted to let you know another small thing, which I have observed, this media is so obsessed on what is hapenning in congress and what is rahul or sonia doing and spend all the time in their domain, rest of the time they will spend time on some bad apple talking some nonsense or doing some nonsense, which has been hapenning all around.

      Giving communal color rest of the time just talk about congress, no one is talking about what PM Modi is doing how he is trying to bring the economy back on track.
      after lots of research I found there are so many initiatives taken in this 50 plus days, no one talks about it.
      presstitutes think that atleast after 5 years they may come back and do their way.
      PM Modi is not taing any of these presstitutes on tax payers money on junkets for free.
      They need something like gaza nonsense, politicians anyway do what they are supposed to do instead of asking hard questions these guys are wasting time in discussing useless situation.
      Simple issue is no arab league has supported is in Kashmir issue, our Nation should say we do business and only with whom who can help us, other wise take the highway.
      I feel PM Modis going with the voting is more to get all Indians out of Iraq from ISIS, if any one of them goes off God forbid, our same presstitutes would be shouting from the roof tops.
      I think that is one of the reasons.
      once ISIS issue is resolved PM Modi will take a better decision.
      As you are doing a great service to the Nation, I feel I wanted to let our people know dont fall into the trap.

    4. Dear people just to add, dont you see Khandahar episode? congress goons and this media presstitutes made the NDA govt then to bow down.
      Now they say our external affairs minister gave away terrorist?
      They will keep hitting.
      Even now they say and forget about sayeed kids getting kidnapped hahaha.

      I feel PM Modi is timing it ok from what I see. In Parliament they said to hell with it, they have a bigger job on hand, on international front they sang a different tune just for savin Innocent Indians stuck in Iraq.
      next time if God forbid things happen this govt will say to hell with you guys and vote with US.

    5. @raju and @KB,
      okay so what should India vote on UN ? Just because its Hindu nationalist government they should stick by Israel ? thought it was black and white eh ?

  2. I am just wondering how far these Sickulars can go to appease Muslims for vote bank politics and turn a blind eye to our own kashmiri pundits displaced in our own country by coercion. Indian sicular politicians are truly anti India and anti Hindu.

  3. For one who has spend a large part my life in the middle east, may I state some universal truths about these so called’ innocent’ palestinians.Even a muslim, be it Indian expat or even an average arab will vouch for the treacherous mindset of any Palestine national. One will never fail to empathise with the Israelis who have to sleep with these snakes all through their lives.Racism, religious bigotry,cheating,hot headedness,violence you name it and the Palestineans will not fail the test.Even tiny tots are trained not to mingle with lesser beings like Indians.None of our bleeding hearts will challenge anyone on those parameters.Their target groups are those gullible voters who live in their own fairly land of human rights and liberalism.For them ,the whole story begins with the 1948 treaty.Many among us still believe that jews never existed in the middle east prior to that.There are synagogues in Jeruselam that are more than 200yrs old and these bleeding hearts deflect any dicusson on these historical facts.
    These palestineans who were mollycoddled by many of the GCC states on the basis of tailored perceptions that they were oppressed people,learnt their lessons the hard way.Kuwait drove them out after these morons sided with Saddam when the country was invaded by him.They bite the very hands that feed them.
    Whatever the politics or their claim to territory with Israel, as human beings they are not the ones to be supported even by worst animal tribes in the world.

  4. I feel Gaza is similar to Pakistan. Almost all the money they get is through aid and they use it wrongly for acquiring weapons to wipe out Israel. Pakistan receives a lot of aid from the US which it uses against India.

    Not long ago, we all watched tearful Jews leaving Gaza. Israel was generous enough to give Gaza 3000 greenhouses which could have been used by these blood-thirsty morons for good purposes. The riots/protests that the Arabs carry out in Europe in support of Gaza makes it clear that these sick guys can never owe their allegiance to anything else but their religion.

    It is shocking that some politicians, who cannot even be useful for doing a small good deed for India, want to condemn Israel, which is right in protecting itself. I wish India can have its own Iron Dome. Who knows what the evil Pakis will do? India is the most pro-Israel country and she SHOULD remain that way.


  5. Indian Media, Indian mujahideen and Intellectual Morons, all have more than one thing in common. Abbreviated short form of IM is just one of those. 
    What do the media, the terrorists and the morons want from the government. A resolution against a country, that supports India in their fight against militants, that provides high tech military equipment which not only assists in border surveillance, but also saves our Jawans. It is a research partner in the agricultural sector as well.
    Media and Morons feed us daily with poison against our own country. The only aim of the three IMs, is to derail India's progress, to make her economically weaker, to make her vulnerable to terrorism, to make her children hate her, to create an environment filled with negativity and hatred. 
    To build a strong Bharath, we need to tackle these IMs. Our Government should take every citizen into confidence by their action and deeds. Our Government should instill a sense of Nationalism, which will fight these hypocrites. After all it is We, the people who can decide and We, the people who can change. So make us feel proud of ourselves by the decisions and actions that you take in the interest of the nation and we shall see to it that TRPs of the media fall, the views of the morons get ignored and the mujahideens eat dust..

  6. Our hearts bleed for the brave sons and daughters of Israel.The Jews are one of the most peaceful and productive people of the earth along with the Hindus.

  7. Brilliant! point by point logical reply to MSM crooks.
    As far as MKG is concerned, to prove himself secular Mahatma, he was always in support of any act of Muslims even terrorism/vandalism. Be it Mopollah riots or Khilaphat movement. He even agreed to hand over interim govt. to Muslim league.

    1. Gandhi in 1908,was mercilessly assaulted by a pathan in S.Africa,who goes by the name Mir Alam Khan.He almost paid with his life in this encounter. Till that incident he had a balanced view about any political issues. But after that he never had the guts to speak anything against Islam or muslims. It may well have been a historical moment when appeasement became a state policy for the secular govts.Even his support of muslim attrocities in the Moplah riots was condemned by no less a person like Anne Besant the Irish lady who was more Indian than most of these morons.

  8. I wonder why this great grand son of Mahatma Gandhi lost his cool on the NDTV debate mentioned. Is it not the fact that Gandhi got Indian boys 'recruited' to fight for British masters in world war I, in the middle-east & Europe (around 50 thousand killed). Also criticism by Gandhi of Garhwal rifles, who refused to fire on peaceful Pathan protesters led by Badshah Khan in Peshawar in 1930?

    1. Can you let me know john where I can watch this debate, I tried lots of places but of no link.
      Please put it on.

    2. http://www.ndtv.com/video/player/the-buck-stops-here/watch-delhi-in-gaza-fix-is-it-any-of-india-s-business/330931

      27:00 onwards

  9. I am apalled at the stupidity of people wanting to discuss gaza issue ( within and outside parliament). I do not even think majority of indian muslims too be bothered, as it is everyone has a plethora of other critical issues to be bothered/preoccupied with.

  10. I have been reading commies statements about ModiJi signing at BRICS, can some one throw some light on it ? these commies can twist everything to suit them

  11. I've become wiser since I've started reading your impeccable write ups sir..God Bless you & #Respect

  12. Mr Javadekar to blame ( clueless about mainstream media and unable to set agenda nor provide direction )!!!! This time aided and abetted by the ineptitude of venkaih naidu and sushma swaraj ( unable to manage such anti nationals in parliament).

  13. There is no nation in the world today which can be India's true friend other than Israel. And vice versa for Israel too. If ever "natural allies" had any meaning, it would mean India+Israel in today's world.

    India is a nation unique in it's history and culture. There is no one else with whom we share a deep civilizational bond which is still intact (except of course 2-3 of our neighbors). Israel stands likewise alone in this world. And these are the only two civilizations which didn't invade or occupy other's territory.

    This makes both of us natural allies. India has been slightly fortunate that it existed since antiquity owing mainly to it's continental size. Israel has been wiped off the map several times since and is clearly much more at risk today than India. If ever there was a nation more deserving of India's attention and support it is Israel.

    The sooner we learn this lesson the better we are. Instead the congi cockroaches think of this issue as one more opportunity to lash on BJP as if BJP has propped up Israel. So ridiculous

  14. Sir, there seems to be no link to point to the video you mention in the first paragraph. Please add it.

  15. Dear Ravinar,

    Truly hard-hitting. I believe our civilization is on a verge of a golden period, when we nationalists are discussing every issue threadbare & Indian nationalism has become central theme in India's socio-political space as never before in our civilizational history. We must do every thing in our might to ensure we do not loose this space ever in our future & continue to stand against the anti national & anti-hindu sickulars.

    1. That golden period is contingent upon the complete destruction of the Commies and the corrupt fake secular media.

  16. Sir great write up. God Bless you.

  17. Ravi, these people are worse than hypocrites. They are anti national. Personal interest is what motivates them and they will go to any extent to achieve that.

    1. For most anti-national crooks, it is personal interest that makes them harm India's good. But some of them are so brain poisoned, they are like born anti-Hindu and born anti-India. Best example is Communist crooks.

  18. hey author, I have a small request... I know some families who are going to be displaced from their homes due to the Polavaram dam construction... could you pls give your home to them!!? they are your fellow Hindus...

    1. @raj verma,
      i think you are in a wrong blog. You need to take up such requests with medha patkar, udaykumar, arvind kejriwal and co.

  19. I do not endorse this article fully. Israel is no saint. You may well research attack by Israeli on USS Liberty in guise of Egyptian air force to draw USA into the battle against Egypt. They killed US soldiers and the strong Jewish lobby buried the US investigation. Israeli are masters in creating illusions in the mind of the people and then taking shelter in the name of anti semitism.

    1. Dear Mr Praveen,

      Who is Saint in this World ?? Each & every one of us have their own agendas. The important issue is whether as a nation & society we support anti-India /anti-Hindu agenda in garb of Secularism & Media management or support powers who are at the receiving end of the same ideologies who hate India & Hindus !

  20. Great!! Ravi, Dho dala. We respect you for your flamboyant writing style.

  21. Ravi,

    To quote your words "the KPs weren’t hurling bombs, firing rockets or sending suicide bombers to attack Muslims in Kashmir unlike the Palestinian leaders." it simply sums up the hypocrisy of the people shedding crocodile tears for Palestine.

    Ganesh R

  22. There are bugs fixed by middle east in developed world as well, the biggest doubt which i hold is for obama, his acts, way of talking looks pro sunni on most occasions. I am not suprised that Gaza gets funded from UN which is in effect controlled by US, UK. UK itself is facing the heat of muslims increasing their in number as well as they are leading more agitations for spreading of Islam by hook or crook...

  23. Without Israel's help we would have lost in the Karigil war

  24. I think author is biased towards one community before even he began writing this article, its ironical one is terrorists because they kill innocent people but the other is one not terrorists even when they kill innocent people but rather becomes a savior of the world... funny world we live in..

    1. My Man

      Biased? You are unable to challenge anything the author has written and yet you blanket decide he is biased. The only bias MC seems to have is in favour of the truth. If you cannot handle the truth then that is your problem. Accusing the author for your own weaknesses will not help you. Enjoy.

    2. Read the article again MY Man. HAMAS exists to destroy Israel. It has no other purpose. Billions recieved in aid could be spent on improving lives of the people.
      NO.. They would rather build rockets and tunnells. Hide among children and women and in hospitals. The aggressors pretend to be victims. Same story all over the world.

    3. Condemning the actions of Israel is not the same as supporting Hamas. No one is particularly concerned about the well-being of Hamas. I suggest you read and research the conflicts from different perspectives, before blindly believing what you're told to.

    4. My Man,
      No its not bias. Palestine movement was always militant. Read history, and more, and more and more history.
      You think its muslims vs jews , nope. Its just 40 lakh folks , which is less population than Indian metros spending last 50 years to fight.Go figure.

    5. Looks like not every one think the way u wise men think i guess
      http://www.firstpost.com/world/indias-pro-gaza-unhrc-vote-leaves-foreign-policy-hawks-howling-in-protest-1631903.html . Who needs to figure now ..lol

    6. Thats diplomacy 101.
      Not sure you know about it, its a simple real estate issue between two neighbors of which one of them questions the existence of the other.That attitude wont cut the mustard, especially when the neighbor has an iron dome.

    7. oh yeah its complicated for confused folks they vote against Israel and they buy arms from them.Its case by case basis. Entiendes ?

  25. Worrisome. Things aren't well. Many Congress and MSM crooks pals have managed to sneak into the cabinet and power. They have gone evasive about pursuing black money and find excuses. Is this a Vajpayee mark 2 government. Apart from Modi and Amit Shah, the rest don't inspire confidence. Jaitley, Swaraj, Javdekar and Ravi Shankar give cause for immense worry Too close to Congress. Modiji, please watch your back.. Israel is a friendly power. But we worry about fanatical Palestinians! 1200 years of slavery has taught us nothing.

    1. Dear S.Kumar,

      I tend to mildly agree with your comments, although I would state here that running a Central Govt with landmines set on every step by previous Govt is not a simple task. Secondly, we must decide on certain bar in regards to achievements of this Govt without being soft on NAMO. Such as 1) Electricity generation & distribution, 2) Steep fall in Terrorists activities & Rapes, 3) Check on number of corruption cases against ministers during NAMO rule, 4) GDP growth & Employment, 5) Prise rise. These 5 are my favourite items on which I shall analyse Modi government instead of what the Main stream Media is brainwashing against this Govt. Infact, I would suggest Ravinar to expose the MSM sheer hypocrisy in targeting MODI Govt on frivolous & petty issues such as remarks of certain party members or some junior minister, Absence of NAMO during the parliament session, or Shivsena MP forcefully feeding the contractor at Maharashtra sadan in Delhi. I request everyone to not fall prey to such organised outbreaks in Media & social Media which works as slow poison in the minds of voters against NAMO Govt.

    2. I agree with S Kumar.
      but completetly disagree with Abhijeet.
      mainstream media will do whatever it can for its sirvival and prosperity.
      bjp and modi should not forget that they got voted to power because of disenchantment with previous UPA and promises by Modi ( personal commitment ).
      If the same policies of UPA continue ( to a large extent and no visible change ) in economy, defense, foreign affairs , railways etc - so what is different ???
      the govt has shown very visible reluctance in pursing black money and incompetence in managing inflation.
      it is not even pro business - it just is being taken for a ride by existing bureaucrats and policy makers by making it succumb to politics of threat and ransom ( which indian and foreign businesses often indulge in to get more leeway/ concessions ).
      ndtv shares today touched 20% upper circuit . Acchey din to crooks of media ka aaye hain . They have become fearless as they know that they have to deal now with nincompoophs who can be easily managed.
      to give another example
      in days to come even the family silver ( PSUs) will be sold at throwaway prices ( like Chidambaram did for mmtc ) . Nhpc ( one of the candidates for delisting ) has already tumbled by 25% and will go down more and the shares will be sold for,much less than the value that can be had.

      Narendra modi govt has been a huge disappointment. It even passed an anti israel unhrc proposal. It may be innocuous in one sense , but then it is little by little the chasm increases.
      How much more will people wait ?? How much more will be people understanding and tolerant ???
      all that narendra modi seems to have done is become another MMS and now in silent mode . Replaced corrupt shrewd smart ministers of UPA with mediocre fools of BJP.

      it is public mood that matters . And right now shri narendra modi has not done anything substantive to prove his commitment or help in setting right the messaging.


    3. Dear Mr Shankar Iyer,

      I appreciate your straightforward comments but still request you to stop being so much pessimistic in such a short period of time. Its a battle of 60 years against 60 Months. We must give some benefit of doubt to NAMO for at least first 12 months. He deserves that much credit. This Govt is working from Day 1 & have not committed any serious crime in regards to corruption, Bureaucratic mis-management, riots or communalism. Infact the opposition is becoming more & more toothless & divided with every passing day. Its MSM's sheer hypocrisy in targeting MODI Govt on frivolous & petty issues such as remarks of certain party members or some junior minister, Absence of NAMO during the parliament session, or Shivsena MP forcefully feeding the contractor at Maharashtra sadan in Delhi. I again request everyone to not fall prey to such organised outbreaks in Media & social Media which works as slow poison in the minds of voters against NAMO Govt.
      You might expect a lot in short period but that's entirely your worldview.

    4. @abhijeet,
      i wish this were entirely my and exclusively my worldview !!!
      the examples i have given are reflective of continual of the UPA policies and continual of gross bureaucratic mismanagement ( as the same bureaucrats and policy makers, policies continue). For example : if upa govt was accused of gross economic mis management - then why the same bureacrats arvind mayuram, raghuram rajan , cbdt head et al continue ??

      and known cases like ndtv - Chidambaram case ( mentoned even in these blogs) have been soft pedalled over. This is happenning in front of everybody. So too the blundering acts of allies and nonsensical statements of some bjp leaders .

      Even a bjp mp ( yesterday) quipped that he does not think that black money will come back in his lifetime !!! ( and jaitley gave a very uninspiring response to that today).
      so it is not my world view.

      in many blogs , traditional bjp supporters find it difficult to justify the issues getting raised against bjp.

      and even on issues which bjp have done well - the messaging / media management around it is pits !!!

      i have no problem having egg on my face on this, but my worry is before that some egg or shoe should not land on some bjp face ( aka kejriwal ).

      events have a way of overwhelming situations. The meek, feeble , namby pamby measures in addressing the black money issue is a huge blot on them . And that is not negotiable.

    5. Dear Mr Shaker Iyer,

      I can safely say that you are too much in hurry, impatient & an hence unintentionally helping all the anti-hindu, pro-congress forces in Media to bring back Congress. Let's give NAMO atleast 12 months before commenting negatively. Think about it !

    6. @abhijeet,
      pro hindu does not mean i be blind towards the blunders, goof ups, mistakes.
      if you can logically counter the issues i have raised, then fine .
      otherwise it is blind followers that end up adding to the complascency and lethargic approach of narendra modi and his bjp govt .

      even if i stop writing , the opponents will not. And atleast some of their allegations is getting stuck ( even if it were be 1/10th ).

      the black money and psu sale are very critical issues. Following the same pussyfooting approach of UPA is against the national interest. And will damn us badly. And time is running out on this - what is the point of crying after the horses have bolted ??


    7. Dear Mr Shankar Iyer,

      Try to understand my covert message. No one is trying to prove Black money & PSU sale is not important. But should we be shouting standing on our rooftops against a two month old govt alleging them of being lethargic & complacent and help raise the congress demon from dead ??? This is the third time I am urging to give atleast 1 year to NAMO before judging him by adding fuel to Media's one point agenda of resurrecting the Congress party. If you still do not get the media's gameplan then I shall not reply to your further comments hereafter.

    8. @abhijeet,
      hahaha. You are now blaming the likes of me in giving fillip to revival of congress ??? You are not getting a very explicit message that if the govt does blunders, it will get noticed and be criticsed . And if anything, i am trying to be the kid that is telling the emperor that he has no clothes . I tell him upfront at the time of his starting his parade , so that he can remedy and do course correction - before it is too late. The two months is indicative of the direction in which they are heading and if the direction is wrong then the desired destination will not get reached.
      anyway, i close it here. And yes, even if i were to keep quite , those with clear vested interests will not. And neither will those that suffer anxious moments due to the blundering of his cabinet colleagues and spokespersons.

  26. remember kargil war Israel provide us guided bombs within 3 days God bless India and Israel.

  27. @mediacrooks: "Hamas knows nothing of governance or administration (just like some Indian political parties)."

    Ravinar, did you indirectly referred to Aam Add Mee party? Ashutoshsh is ready with his English weapons to atalk view. :)

  28. There have been numerous articles on Israel-Gaza, Jews-J!had!s conflicts. But the beauty of this Ravinar's piece is it explains the conflict through a true Indian perspective and with apt comparisons between India and Pakistan.

    I just wanted to glance thru this, but it made me read each and every word of the article. In short, MediaCrook's analysis is brilliant.

  29. Actually Israel is a true friend of us, not Palast!ne. Palast!ne always supported Pakistan against India even during war time. But, Israel helped us in the need of the hours. So, why should we condemn our friend Israel and support Pakistan's friend Palast!ne especially when Hammus started the conflict??

    As an Indian, I like our parliament to pass a resolution to condemn the monsters who started this conflict by kidnapping and killing 4 Israeli teenagers.

  30. Many Arab countries have huge land, just like the land Palestinians are currently living in. Are any of these countries willing to accommodate Palestinian people? There are many Palestinians living in various Arab countries. Have these sickulars ever talked to these Palestinians? They are treated practically as 'untouchables' by these Arabs.

  31. 1. All Jews and Muslims do not hate each other. There's no need for you to fixate on certain extremists who do in order to perpetuate the myth. They have been natural allies throughout history and are favourably refered to as "People of the Book" in Islam. if you must bring in Prophet Muhammad's name, you should know that he was respectful towards them and very supportive of their faith (He used to fast on Yom Kippur day as solidarity with them). Only when he faced opposition from certain Jewish groups, did his followers drive them away. Today there are several Jewish-Muslim organisations working to end Israel's occupation in Gaza.

    2. The illegal occupation has been acknowledged by most of the international community and has been proved and published by Amnesty International. The occupation has been condemned by renowned intellectuals like Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein (a Jew himself whose parents were Holocaust survivors) and several others. More and more people are waking up to what the Israeli media has spent decades censoring, but I'm sure you Islamophobes know best..

    3. Condemning the deaths of 100's of children is not the same as supporting Hamas. I beg you guys to look past your hatred for Indian Muslims while considering Palestinian civilians.

    4. I am wary of Hamas, but they claim they werent consulted about the ceasefire. Also, I doubt they will agree to one until Israel removes the blockades resulting in an apartheid state in Gaza and West Banks, ends the illegal imprisonments and tortures, and allows the citizens of these places to lead lives of dignity.

    5. India condemning Israel's actions will not prevent Israel from equipping our military as India pays them to do so. Israel is not doing us any favour. That said, I do agree that India should place our national interests before anything else. Its one thing to remain passive on the issue, but to cheer Israel on (like what the commenters here seem to be doing) is morally wrong on many levels.

    6. Palestine and Pakistan are not the same. I cannot believe I have to spell this out.

    7. Not sure what to make of the racists who are professing hatred for Arabs/ the Arab world while driving cars fuelled by them...

    1. @StopTheHate
      It is easy to sit in your cosy rooms and comment about the human rights. But please give an explanation on how Israel army should handle the Hamas who fires rockets at them and hide behind the civilians. Israelis are no saints; but if they were not this ruthless; they would have been wiped out. All you have to do is look around and see what is happening to non-Muslims in Muslim countries.
      You point #7 is very amusing..
      You claim that Israel is not doing any charity by equpping our defence as we pay for it; but I assume Arabs fill fuel for our vehicles for free!

    2. @Unknown: I agree that Israel has a right to take Hamas down, but they seem to have different motives. Read up about the Zionist movement which has been compared to the Nazi movement.

      I did not imply that the Arab world provides our oil for free, rather that India has a working relationship with the Arab world. And its hypocritical for people to criticize that when it clearly benefits them.

    3. @Stopthehate
      I agree that Israel been aggressive sometimes, in fact India also should be like that to handle the Terr0r. But comparing Zi0nist movement with Naz! movement is way off. If they are similar, then Israel should have bee occupied at least 5 or 6 Arab states by now. But the opposite happened a few years ago under Clinton's mediatorship. Israel forsake some land it was controlling over.

    4. LOL!

      You're entitled to your opinion of course, but there are lots of us that DON'T need "renowned intellectuals" (a euphemism that usually turns out to only be half right - and not the second half) to tell us what is right or wrong. We can think for ourselves.

      Bottom line is - NOBODY likes the death of innocents, and especially not children. And nobody "hates Muslims" just for being Muslim. When you resort to these classic strawmen you're simply highlighting your own fundamental dishonesty. And THAT is what pissed people off.

  32. To know how secular Islam is one needs to live in a majority Islamic country governed by an Islamic government. There is no scope for secularism there for other religions. Thats why the concept of Kafirs, Jizya and Dhimmis. This is the stark reality which the Indian secularists are totally blind to. Even in modern Islamic countries like the UAE one can clealy see the demarkation between the local Arabs, the other Arabs and the last and the least the Indian Muslims, other religions dont even count unless there is business involved. To expect India to be instantly and exclusively secular in this dog eat dog world would be a total lack of understanding and empathy after the amount of suffering this country has been through at the hands of Islamic evasions and more. Everyday Indians are forced to show their support for Israel loudly on social media and else where to neutralize the pro-islamic palestine support that the MSM is showing today in the name of Minority appeasement. Else the common man in this country doesnt have the time nor the resources to go about this kind of a pro-Israel propaganda. In todays world people grossly misunderstand the concept of humanity, non-violence, liberalism, secularism etc, because the Dharma is not awakened in them. Hence we keep going round in circles of selective or aloof compassion under the feel good factor of Humanity and secularism driven by our rational intellect. Nothing against Islam or the prophet Mohammed per se. But we need to understand that his teachings, Hadiths and the Quran have been so much manipulated over the years by people like Muvayya etc that the current version of the book taught to the Islamic world appears to be very radical and extreme. Concepts like Jihad, Qyamah etc are totally misunderstood, as a result of which a lot of violence and hatred has been perpetrated against the non-muslims by radical populations such as those in Pakistan, Sudan etc. Coming back, now if AAP or Congress would have supported Israel the whole sickular world would have had a totally different view of things. Bear in mind whatever Modi's government does in terms of policy etc, no matter how good will never be supported by the seculars, as most are not just against Modi, but the very idea of Sanatan or Akhanda Bharat.

  33. @Stop the hate.
    Apparantly u seem to be a closeted secularist with no first hand experience with the called innocent palestineans.Pls read my comment piece far above on this blog.Even arabs dont trust them when it comes to issues affecting their own lives.All Jews may not hate Muslims but the reverse is not true.But then it so seems that secularists were at the start of the queue when God shared intelligence.

    1. @ Anand: Um, has anyone here had "first had experience" with Palestine? And sure, more than 1 billion Muslims in the world have directly conveyed their hatred for Jews to you. The problem with the right-wing mentality is that people's opinions on any issue are purely based on generalisations and bigotry. If anything, the Israel-Palestine conflict is mostly geopolitical, though of course, religion is involved to an extent. If anything, it can be considered Zionism vs Arabs, not Jews vs Muslims. There are plently of Jews against the Zionism movement. And there also exists Palestinian Christians who are also at risk in Gaza.

      I was trying to be respectful in my comments while making my points. But your response was pretty much a narrow-minded generalisation followed up by an insult. Good day.

    2. Dear Stop the Hate,

      You have skill fully diverted from the topic of discussion on the article written by Ravinar. Congratulations for that ! Now let me put this mildly to you & end the discussion here : If I as an Indian Hindu cannot stand for my non-violent brothers when they are kicked out, raped & murdered for being Hindus in Kashmir in my country itself while they are kicked out, who gives a Fcku on what's happening in Palestine ??? Merry Christmas to you in advance & shabba khair.

    3. @stop the hate
      Um, has anyone here had "first had experience" with Palestine? For ur kind information I do. I have lived and suffered under them as an expat in UAE.I am not an armchair critic of ur genre. Even a Indian expat muslim wont tolerate them.On my experience I still believe what they are getting at the hands of Israel is much less than what they deserve.In the Hadeeths it is clearly mentioned that a time will come when every rock and tree will call out to believers and tell them that there is a jew hiding behind me, comeover and kill him to ur hearts content. So pls advice the world after you acquire enough knowledge. Times have changed and no intellectuals have the kind of space they had once upon a time.

    4. @ Anand: Once again, you are basing your opinion on generalizations and racism.

      Living a comfy life in UAE is not the same as living in Gaza under siege. Agreed, racism exists in UAE. Racism exists in India too- ask any black person living here. I recently got into an argument with an American friend who thought all Indian men are rapists. Is her generalization okay? I have interacted with Arabs in Europe- some have been rude and snobby, while others warm and friendly. But I know better than to make judgements of an entire race based on certain incidents. Because you've been ill-treated in UAE, you support the killing of some children playing on a beach in Gaza, among several hundred others? Please try to expand your thinking..

      Read: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ro-waseem/6-convincing-reasons-debu_1_b_5604068.html

    5. @Abhijeet: I fully agree that India should solve our own problems before looking to solve others. Kashmir issue should be solved asap. It's totally okay to not care about Gaza, but it's something else, something more sinister to cheer on Israel's disproportionate attacks. Also, you can make while being polite. Good day.

      Note to the author of this post: I appreciate that you're not deleting dissenting comments and you're allowing room for discussion. Thanks.

    6. @Stop the hate
      I will graciously accept all your attempts to bail someone out by your generalisation argument.But with Paletineans it is 100/100 bad apples. Have no bones about it. The rest of the world can be victims of generalisations. But not these vermins.If u have an axe to grind in the local politics all the best.

    7. Please cut the victim mentality and the holier-than-thou attitude. Your brazen hypocrisy, witting or otherwise, is far, far worse than any perceived "insults" from anyone else. Frankly, the former is more insulting.

  34. http://indianexpress.com/article/world/middle-east-africa/un-chief-outraged-at-weapons-found-in-un-school-in-gaza/

  35. Just another side to the multi-face coin: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/is-gideon-levy-the-most-hated-man-in-israel-or-just-the-most-heroic-2087909.html

  36. This article seems pro- Israel. I have checked many maps from independent sources, including UN maps of Israel & Palestine since 1947 but not matching with your given representative maps. Adding to that Kashmir issue is totally different from Israel-Palestine conflict. Hamas and others terrorist groups are fighting for reclaiming their lost territory, forcefully occupied by Israel.(Indians will do the same, if any country forcefully occupied our land).Many individuals are supporting Israel because they think India has faced the same problems like Israel and equate Kashmir issues with Israel- Palestine conflict. And many dislike Palestinian because of their religion. Whatever we Indian may think of Hamas..Terrorist, butcher etc..etc. but in ground reality Gazaian are supporting Hamas and treat them as a saviour of Israeli oppression. So our hard hitting pre-notion ranting against Hamas and equate them with LeT & Hizbul will not bring any change in Kashmir conflicts.

    1. Dear Zess,

      To yourself & everyone with the same views, I request to Please for a change try to be Pro-India instead of being Pro-Palestine or Pro-Israel. India has enough of internal problems to resolve rather than waste energy into someone else's issues just for sake of proving ourselves secular and humanitarian.

  37. Huh.. hypocrisy at its height.
    Ravinar is ant-MSM not for genuine cause but he just being a pro-BJP writer (maybe he has other Avatars too).
    Last week there were two developments one media debated non-stop and the other media even did not consider to debate. Not incidentally but sheer opportunism Ravinaar ignored both. But both are connected to Pak,
    First one was Vaidik-Saeed meet. No need to give any details. Media reverberated for entire week.
    The second Pak related matter just went unnoticed by Media and Ravinar too. Of course conveniently.
    A first time MP from Telangana echos what Vaidik said about Kashmir. The difference is Vaidik blabbered in Pak media whereas this lady was vocal in Indian media.
    She goes to the extent of saying Telangana was occupied by India. But no one feels it important to even condemn.
    It does not need any great explanation. She is part of ruling family in Telangana. An alliance in future is a necessity for BJP. So it will be silent.
    And so its comrades like Ravinar.

    Well! BJP paid for it in less than a week. Entire MSM screwing it for comments on Sania Mirza.
    Anyways MSM is over eager to corner BJP and took it up Sania matter.
    What it does not know is people of Telangana. Laxman comments are not typical BJP but typical Telangana.
    After dumping Andhras, they are looking to dump North Indians and Muslims.
    There is already enough noise about Marwadi traders in Hyderabad.
    Now Laxman started parallel track on Muslims.

    What will be next of step of Telangana? Independence?

    1. PPR

      You are as dumb and blind as they come. First of all it is not incumbent upon Ravinar to write on all the issues under the sun because he is not a newspaper or TV channel running a 24X7 operation. Maybe you should learn that first. Secondly, it seems you are here to rant your nonsense and are not a regular reader. One of the previous posts talks of Vaidik and Pak's idiots. It is stupid people like you who think you know a lot who rant about others who make an effort to put things together and connect dots. If you are so concerned about something write your own blog if you like. But trying to find faults with a blogger is pathetic to say the least simply because it doesnt cater to your stupid needs. I am sure Ravinar is not bothered about your rants but as a fan I find your comment quite nonsensical.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. @PPR

      Stick to the topic and dont get into personal rants.And dont talk as if you know anything about me. You dont. It seems you are too ignorant to understand the difference between a TV channel and a blog. When you understand that maybe then we can have sensible comments from you. And you are saving me from becoming a Barkha or Rajdeep? Where do you get such moronery from? Are you some Jesus Christ? For you and some others who rant here - you get to read what I write and that option is with you. You can request but you dont have a right to demand I write about this or that because I get to choose the topic and not you. And if that is unacceptable to you, I suggest you find another place to rant. And dont bother saving me from becoming anyone. I'm sure after nearly 600 posts I can save myself without your silly help. So move on.

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. @PPR

      I have advised you to take your rants elsewhere... Take that advice..

  38. Modi govt terribly confused "Human Rights" with "Hamas Rights". Now, Pakistan and ISI are emboldened to carry out monthly Terr0r attacks. God save India.

    The least the Indian govt could have done is abstain from voting on the HAMAS (read all Terr0r groups) supporting UN, if we can't support our true friend Israel directly. Modi's actions are totally different from his words during election campaign. :(

  39. sorry but I am confused about your criticism. News reads that "India didn't criticize Israel's action but only showed concern about the causalities".

  40. As usual...awesome post Ravinar...calling a spade a spade. Something that is missing from most discussions.

    I usually read most of the comments after the post too...and it's shocking to see the passion with which people defend Hamas and Palestine. There are at least 3 bloody conflicts going on in the world right now. North Waziristan, ISIS and Gaza. In both the other conflicts, its a case of Muslims killing, maiming and displacing other innocent Muslims who are almost all civilians.

    In case of Israel, she is at least attacking another country and after some provocation. One may argue about the proportionality of Israel's response, its accuracy at killing military personnel as against civilians etc. But there is absolutely no denying that the ISIS is killing without any provocation and Pakistan Army is killing the results of its own policy of creating and encouraging terror groups.

    Yet the sheer hypocricy of Indian groups supporting Hamas shocks me! If it is not purely a religious support, what is it? The same passion is never seen for Tibetans who have been made homeless and their land and culture taken away from them, and their leader exiled. Of course the Tibetans don't send suicide bombers into China either....but that is a different topic. Gaza and Tibet are both not problems of our country...yet we see passion for one, enough to disrupt parliament!

    Finally, most of the posts on this blog are related to important things that affect the life of Indians. When I see more passion about a foreign cause and more people identifying with a terrorist organisation like Hamas, than for causes that affect India, there is indeed something wrong with our priorities.

  41. Sonnet becoming a prose and, therefore, the delivery being hard. Facts cannot be opposed. The fact as I understand is that the Zionist movement called for the establishment of a nation state for the Jewish people in Palestine, which would serve as a haven for the Jews of the world and in which they would have the right for self-determination. (1897) Rest is history.

    The Jews want to expand and spread. Why and who should stop it? That is the problem. We are concerned with Kashmir. Why should we get embroiled with Israel? Let us confines ourselves to Kashmir. Let us talk about the atrocities heaped upon the Kashmiri Pandits and etc etc.

    Yechuris should learn from Kumaramangalam. You can change colours and can be bought at a price. Others including the NDTV and PPR etc can talk non-sense. Who bothers?

  42. Slightly unrelated to this post but since this is your latest, I wanted to use this as a platform to draw your attention to another such venom-spewer - Seema Mustafa. Just came across her articles -


    Back in 2002-2004 when I was working in Hyderabad, I used to read her articles in the editorial of a popular Hyderabad daily newspaper. In those days, she would equate Narendra Modi, Godhra riots and NDA government with the United States of America whose president at the time had declared war in Iraq with the excuse of Weapons Of Mass Destruction. She used to be incensed at the NDA government's efforts at the time to cultivate friendship between India and USA.
    I must say, I almost got carried away at that time... Her articles had definitely served to dent Sri Narendra Modi's image in my eyes!

    1. Ah how could I miss this article

      which has direct relevance to this post!

  43. Interesting to see many folks comment their version of history.
    @ravinar, you might want to add a note telling folks to get smart by reading the history of jews before criticizing. After all they have the same internet that everyone else has.

  44. There was also the 1994 anti-Jewish bombing that flattened a Jewish community center and killed 85 people in Argentina... as far away a place as one can be from West Asia.


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