Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Arnab's Fatwa: No Hindus In Muslim Areas

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The Congress is not the only one still struggling to come to terms with the election loss. Some media houses and their editors are in a quandary. This is because unlike the past 25 years this is the first time there is a single party with a full majority. For “self-styled morality anchors” like Barkha Dutt and Arnab Goswami this is a problem because they are unable to manipulate a party or its alliance partners to concoct news. And since that “communal” party has come to power they have been consistently concocting some fake story or the other to claim extremists are raising their ugly heads. Of course, by “extremists” they obviously mean Hindus in some way or the other. But the blatant and extreme abuse of Hindus and Hinduism that happened on Timesnow on July 25 through Arnab Goswami has established a new threshold for barbaric behaviour by a TV anchor. This scumbag who shouts all the time and accuses others of shouting has embarked on a new mission of inciting communal hatred through his channel.

On July 25 in his debate Arnab raged against the Hindus for 4 issues: One Goa MLA Deepak Dhavalikar said with Modi as PM India could be a “Hindu Nation”, two the Goa Deputy CM Francis D’Souza defended Dhavalikar’s right to his opinion and said it is Hindustan and all are Hindus and that he was a Christian Hindu. Third, was Dinanath Batra who has written some texts seeking “Akhand Bharat” and fourth and most important a dispute relating to loudspeakers at a Hindu temple in Moradabad which is a predominantly Muslim area. The anti-Hindu venom-menu was complete. What Arnab unleashed was phenomenal hatred and attempts to somehow imply that it’s Modi and BJP was the culprit behind all these events. Let’s watch the first debate (9.28 mins – Note: The videos in this post are edited to keep only the relevant portions. Full videos of the debate are on Timesnow site and also Youtube):

So much ruckus over the “Hindu nation” comment. First, the MLA, Dhavalikar, made that statement in the Goa Assembly and he is well within his rights to speak his mind. The law allows him that benefit as much as it allowed Asad Owaisi to make his “3rd wav radicalisation” threat in the parliament. MLAs and MPs have complete freedom of speech as long as they are speaking within the legislatures. So Arnab is wrong to make a big issue out of it. Secondly, Francis D’Souza didn’t make the “Hindu nation” comment on his own. He was asked by a reporter on Dhavalikar’s comment to which he responded saying “everyone has his opinion, you have yours, I have mine and Dhavalikar has his” and there is no need to make a controversy out of everything. When pestered, D’Souza said that we call it “Hindustan” and in that sense everyone is a Hindu and that he is a Christian Hindu. This was blown up deliberately to create a controversy.

To all this, Arnab rages asking if India is a “Hindu nation” in the religious sense of the term when D’Souza was stating that only in the sense of what is being referred to as Hindustan and not as a religion. He himself is a Christian and that is pretty obvious to any moron so why would he refer to that in religious terms. But then like the Maharashtra Sadan waiter or Sania Mirza Arnab wants some Hindu-bashing or BJP-bashing for fun. When told that Hinduism is a way of life and there is nothing wrong with that he disputes the 1995 SC observation in a case relating to Bal Thackeray. Where Arnab’s moronery reaches a peak is that he says the SC said “Hinduism is a way of life” in upholding an HC judgement over Bal Thackeray using religion for politics. Whether a judgement is favourable or unfavourable to a party, the SC’s observation still remains valid. Since when do morons like Arnab start deciding that the SC observation on a specific issue is valid only when a judgement goes one way? The SC’s observation on Hinduism stands no matter the silly interpretation of Arnab or media crooks like him. The SC’s observation does not become invalid because it criticises BalT as Arnab points out. This is how stupid the man is.

As the BJP spokie Sudhanshu Trivedi points out, it will be hard to define Hinduism in a manner that one can clearly define Christianity or Islam. And what has Ashok Singhal’s demands or statements got to do with this? So, when your arguments are stupid you bring in other elements to show Hindus or BJP in a poor light. What exactly is wrong with Singhal making his statements or demands? He can make as many demands as he wants as long as he is not threatening or invoking violence to seek his demands. If he seeks Muslims to respect Hindu sentiments and surrender Ayodhya what crime does he commit? Does he threaten to attack them if they didn’t? He may even seek India to conquer Pakistan and annexe it. Which law prohibits him from saying that? Such stupid issues are tagged on to BJP for mere political agenda of Arnab. Behind all this what is Arnab really hiding? The fact that the most communal and religion-based agenda crooks are Congress and its clones.

At 4.32 in the video Trivedi rightly asks that if religion has no place in secular nature of our govt why should MMS say “Muslims have the first right over resources?” Next he points out that the same Congress declared in Mizoram that if they won they will rule by Catholic principles. What is all that crap? That’s not fantasy that is the truth. BJP didn’t say if they came to power they will rule according to Hindutva.

Arnab then pounces on Dinanath Batra who wants “Akhand Bharat”. Now he too may want an “Akhand Bharat” from Afghanistan to Cambodia or whatever. But does anyone really want that? I certainly do not want Pakistan or Afghanistan or Bangladesh back as part of India. It would be the biggest nuisance to this country. So one man’s whimsical dreams are an issue? Arnab’s argument is that the Gujarat Board endorses that book. There are many book that State Boards endorse half of which belong in the dustbin. Instead of cherry picking on one single book, the media morons would do well to look up all the books that state boards endorse, especially Commie states, and you would realise most of them are terrible and some even anti-national. In addition, the same media morons would do well to pick on the fake history books that our Commies have written and filled with lies.

Arnab rants as if the Akhand Bharat is a mountain that is going to fall on people’s heads. There are text books that have biographies of Pappus like Rahul Gandhi and passages about Barkha Dutt. Are we to believe our kids should be taught about these rogues? It is clearly a matter of sheer opinion of those who run the boards and only a good national policy on this can eliminate such stupidity. This is a bogus topic to be clubbed with any BJP agenda of the Centre. This is just to pick on something to use as a stick to beat up Modi. For every case of some Hindu’s whimsical statements or writings there are hundreds of Mullahs issuing Fatwas which are unconstitutional. Ever see Hindu-hating media pull them up? No, they pee in their pants and skirts fearing for their life. Recently, another Mullah wanted to send a militia of 5Lakh Muslim Sunnis. Can Arnab dare to pull him up? No! Because, if Arnab dared, his neck would be under threat and so would be his studio. But Hindus don’t pose that threat so hate them and bash them as frequently as you can and tag them as “Communal” because the BJP is largely supported by Hindus. That’s coward Arnab for you.

When Rahul Easwar brings up Shah Bano case, Arnab asks why that should come in here. Well, why should Ashok Singhal come in here? Only those diversions that suit your agenda are acceptable? The Shah Bano case is the most shameful chapter of this country nullifying an SC judgement to please the Muslims. That is an act of religion-based law making and not based on the prevailing Constitution. But yeah, that is a “separate” issue which shouldn’t be brought up because it hurts the cause of Arnab’s mindless Hindu-bashing exercise.

At around 7.55 in the video Trivedi correctly summarises the “sickular” media mafia’s approach to Hindus and BJP as a party. Riots in Gujarat, blame BJP! Riots in Kishtwar, blame BJP! Riots in UP, blame BJP! Riots in Bihar, blame BJP! Riots in Hyderabad, blame BJP! Riots in Jupiter, blame BJP! Oops! Reminds me of the Mafia bosses; they want their cut no matter how your business is doing. No matter what the riots and who ignites them, blame the BJP and the Hindus. Like I said in my previous post our media doesn’t give a damn if Hindus die. They rejoice it and so does Arnab. During the course of the show it was pretty clear that Arnab was wrong and on the backfoot. I am discounting all the bogus rants of that Commie bimbo called Atul Anjan because Commies never make any sense. They still harp on RSS killed MKGandhi and such nonsense. The mischief Arnab played will be evident from the fact that in the video that Timesnow uploaded on their site of this particular debate, the following portion was deleted:

All these bogus questions and the outrageous demand by Arnab for a “guarantee” from Trivedi to prevent violence at Moradabad was deleted. Why? Why should a guy from BJP guarantee there will be no violence in Moradabad when they are neither in govt nor the main Opposition in that state? Tomorrow this moron Arnab will demand BJP to guarantee there will be no violence in Tamil Nadu or Kerala? Such is the sickness of Arnab that he wants to accuse the Hindus of fomenting violence when the opposite has always been the case. In any “group” clashes as our stupid media calls them, one party is always a known entity.

Truth, as pointed out by Trivedi, is that the courts did not hold Modi responsible for Gujarat 2002 and the SC held UP govt responsible for Muzaffarnagar. But Hindus are the criminals who kill others, is it? The people of the “peaceful” religion were on another trip elsewhere in Saharanpur. The political parties and media first started point fingers at BJP but found their lies can’t travel far so started blaming the SP. That’s how criminals like Arnab work in the media. There is another trick that Arnab employed to concoct this entire anti-Hindu fake debate. He thought Shahid Siddiqui will be handy for some Hindu-bashing but it turns out Shahid had views that weren’t sympathetic to the Muslim stand so he dropped him with a lie saying debate was cancelled when it was not. It is okay for TV channels to pick and choose panellists with opposing views to create an artificial balance in the debate but to tell a person with views opposed to Arnab’s that the topic was “cancelled” is blatant mischief which exposes the motive of anti-Hindu hate-mongering. Let’s watch the second video of this extended debate (4.49 mins):

Okay! So Arnab starts out saying it will be difficult for the BJP to do this “surreptitiously’. What is surreptitious about what is going in Moradabad? In this day and age when stray acts of stupidity are captured on mobiles is this guy still thinking that open acts in the public domain are undertaken covertly? There is nothing covert about all this. But the worse was yet to come. Arnab rants that the loudspeaker at a temple is a “new phenomenon” and there is no tradition of Hindu temples having loudspeakers. That’s a LIE! And which world does this hate-monger live in? At Tirupati the morning “Suprabhatam” plays on loudspeakers in the entire temple town complex. Many important holy shrines in the south, north and west have loudspeakers. I wonder if Arnab has ever been to any of the major Hindu temples. And then he wants to expose the “ignorance” of Sambit Patra, the BJP spokie, when in reality it is Arnab who is the bimbo here. Ignorance!

Mind you, there is no riot in Moradabad and Sambit Patra asks the right question “by repeated discussion on this are you forcing a riot on this country?” That nailed it! That is exactly what our media morons have been striving for all these last 2 months. When cornered, Arnab quickly shifts the topic to “people are dying on the streets, they want food”. So then discuss that instead of loudspeakers. Others are diverting the topic he accuses but what is Arnab doing when cornered? Why then do you discuss snoopgate or Gaza or any topic? Discuss food and people on the streets all the time. Such is the tomfoolery of our anchors. They want to see a spate of communal riots and then claim “we told you so about Modi”. These headlines will than travel across the world to paint the Modi-govt as communal riot-mongers even BJP has nothing to do with it. Trust me; it is indeed happening as this clip shows:

Clearly, the ones instigating the riots in Saharanpur appear to be Congis and the targets of the Muslim rioters were Sikhs. BJP had nothing to do with it but that’s the objective of Arnab and hate-mongers like him. They will quietly whisper to themselves “Mission Accomplished”. That’s the agenda. It doesn’t end there. Arnab goes on to make one of the most audacious and hate-filled statement yet. He says “You create a temple, you create a conflict, and you put up a loudspeaker”. What was that crap all about? BJP is in the business of creating or putting up temples in Muslim areas? And what the hell does Arnab mean by implying you can’t have temples in Muslim areas where Hindus are a minority? Is it unlawful or unconstitutional and Hindus should vacate Muslim-majority areas or should be killed or thrown out like KPs? This is what the mindless nonsense of Arnab implies and in his rage and agenda of bashing BJP he forgets what nonsense he talks. It doesn’t occur to hate-mongers like Arnab that Islamists are building an “Islamic University” at Tirupati which is one of the holiest sites for Hindus. Will Muslims tolerate such an act? And Arnab wants to destroy a temple just because it is in a Muslim dominated area? That’s as good as saying Hindus should not live in or practice their religion in Muslim-majority areas. Who the hell is this guy to make these laws?

By Arnab’s stupid logic Muslims should not live in a Hindu-majority country at all. More power to separatists, ISIS, IM… Kill Hindus living in Muslim areas. Arnab supports it. As Sambit rightly points out Arnab wants to inflame communal passions and if he can provoke a riot that would be a bonus for whoever his masters are and their money. This is the media agenda when they make the Maharashtra Sadan a “communal” issue or get Sania Mirza to go on a “tear-jerking” trip on TV channels. Yeah, the iRudali Barkha Dutt is always there to exploit Muslims to incite more hatred against Hindus and BJP. Now Arnab has become Sagarika Ghose who did the same earlier on CNN-IBN. Yesterday was Eid. As usual, Muslims occupied public places for their morning prayers. Mosques are not enough, private society grounds are not enough for them. Where do they go? Here, take a look:

That is Bandra station in Mumbai. The ANI tweet conveniently blacks out the exact location. MSM for you! Not only have the Muslims blocked out the entire station front yard, they have extended themselves to the main road just outside the station. This is “Sickularism” for Arnab and similar hate-mongers. How do govts allow permission to people for such blockade of railway stations? And in previous years Muslims have occupied even highways and expressways in mass gatherings. And the MSM morons have a problem with Hindus and a loudspeaker in Moradabad. Day after day, week after week the MSM and certain political parties encourage the minorities to do the most outrageous things and then protect them as victims. They ask Hindus to be tolerant. And when some stray guy makes some comment, hatemongers like Arnab turn it into a great calamity that has fallen on the nation which threatens the very survival of India. That’s the game. By the way, as they rant about Hindu atrocities with “words” that torture and threaten the nation; on the ground physically the reverse is happening as Arnab’s own reporter (Aditya Kaul) ironically slams his stupidity and irony:

The perverted MSM crooks like Arnab will tolerate destruction of Hindu temples. They will tolerate Mullahs issuing fatwas. They will tolerate a Mullah wanting to raise a militia (who will eventually be at your door as bill collectors or blood collectors). None of that is a threat to them. But a loudspeaker at a temple in Moradabad is a problem and for that Arnab is willing to unleash extraordinary hate against Hindus and their practices. He claims he too is a proud Hindu. No moron, you’re not a Hindu, you’re a media crook. And you do no favour to Hindus or anyone by claiming to be a Hindu.

Forget what the SC said about Hinduism. The most important observation to come from the SC in recent years is the way it lambasted the media for exposing innocents to death by their stupid coverage of the 26/11 attacks (read the full SC report). There are criminals in the media who relish a tragedy, including communal riots. Many of them have made a fortune scavenging on the Gujarat riots. It is time the Modi govt framed adequate laws to make the media liable if they provoke communal hatred through their concocted debates. People like Arnab Goswami don’t have the right to tell Hindus where to live and what to practice. Arnab is inadvertently and foolishly provoking Muslim hatred for Hindus. We can do without such anchors.


  1. Spot on. It was always going to be the case that once the elections were over the media would switch to focusing full-time on seeking out any event they can spin to push the narrative of increased "communalisation" as a direct result of BJP and Modi's government. It's all so obvious. What these morons don't realise is that this behaviour contributed strongly to BJP's majority, and continuing this behaviour will simply expedite the demise of the Congi/Commie/JNU/MSM axis ecosystem. Whatever greater impression of "objectivity" Arnab has ever given the impression of in the past, he is from the same toilet as the likes of Burkha and the dumb married couple. They all need to lose their careers.

    As you say, Modi must make every effort to put the balls of these criminals in a vice and make the corrupt media accountable for their dishonesty. He has a big job ahead of him but I feel confident he will get it all done. The aforementioned axis is fast approaching its demise.

    1. Every Indian consumer of news should watch this documentary:

      The only difference between pre-election vs. post election coverage is that the funding to these channels from the political parties & well-wishers seems to have come down dramatically.

      BTW. if Modi is going to put "every effort", he can start by taking immediate action on "paid media" based on several well-documented and researched reports including the one by the Press Council of India itself:

    2. He'll get round to it. It's a damn sight more than that foreign-funded fraud Kejriwal would ever do.

    3. Assumption: Kejriwal is a foreign funded fraud.
      Fact: Modi is a true patriot who also happens to be PM.

      Question: How much time should we give the patriot PM to prioritize the investigation and prosecution of foreign-funded frauds?

    4. Don't you worry yourself about it. The majority of Indians are happy to give him the time he needs. You should focus on your next propaganda campaign for Kejriwal.

  2. The only group can teach lesson to these Barkhas, Arnabs, Rajdeeps and Sogarikas is Mossad. High time for Mossad to act, as we know that Modi will not teach them any lessons, but tolerate them.

  3. Litigate against Arnab. Make him pay a legal fortune for communal incitement. Monetary penalties of the order of 100 crores will automatically shut up idiot Arnab.

    1. I would, - anyone join me? legal advice solicited

    2. @papaba
      I think Dr Subramanian Swamy (@swamy39 on Twitter) will be more than happy to provide legal advice.

  4. Dear Sir , A journalist has only one currency that is credibility . If it would be me in place of BAR ; I would have left journalism if someone has proved me anti to any specific religion beyond doubt. You are the voice of millions of readers like me who can't express well their thoughts but who have thoughts nonetheless on each of the topic that is touched by your mighty sword ( After all they say " A pen is mightier than a sword " not without reason ) . This is my first comment on this magnificent blog of yours . Stay healthy and take care Sir . Vibhav Tewari

  5. Based on above facts please take this moron on remand by filing FIR and enquire about who are behind him. Based on them facts the courts should ban the channel. Also the country is facing more problems than the problems of one community like, roza-roti, loudspeaker, Hindustan etc.

    1. Someone has already filed an FIR against Arnab for his views on temple loudspeaker.

    2. Who? Is there an article on it? Please share

  6. "People like Arnab Goswami don’t have the right to tell Hindus where to live and what to practice. Arnab is inadvertently and foolishly provoking Muslim hatred for Hindus. We can do without such anchors."
    many many thanks for giving words to my thoughts

  7. there is nothing inadvertent or foolish about scumbag goswami's actions. clearly there is skullduggery and treachery afoot.

    1. @shek. You are absolutely right. One of the methods of discrediting Modi is by inciting religious hatred and riots. These so called journalists are worse than traitors. Distortions and lies are ready on the tip of their tongues. These scum need to be confronted and paid in the same coin. BJP spokespeople must be smart and articulate. Lekhi was good. Javdekar and Ravi Shankar are buffoons. These biased crooks have been ranting against Hindus since decades and have been demonising Modi relentlessly since 2002. Their agenda will never change. Modi should ignore those in his cabinet who play both sides of the coin and are pals of these rascals. Must go determinedly after illicit money abroad in India and abroad. Get a karm yogi like Swamy or Shourie on the job, not the Lutyenite drawing room party goers. Modi owes it to the electorate, the country and to himself.

  8. During TV debates one can note the shameless silence & diversions by the secular anchors and secular party reps whenever uncomfortable questions are asked. One can pity them bcz it is a question of life threats for them. And unfortunately without Hindu bashing they cannot remain relevant.. So they choose the safer option. So finally they end up being partisan.Being paid for it is the icing on the cake. When ever a secular uses the following phrases in his statements, one can be sure that a secular balancing act is coming.
    1.At the end of the day………….
    2.Having said that………….
    3At the same time………..

    And so on. I have seen so many debaters spend their full time in Arnab’s debate without being able to open their mouth.It is a often a one way pontification. Clever ones like Surjewala have found a way around it by going on non stop once a chance is given. The BJP wallas must take a leaf out of his book.Nirmala Sitaraman too had her own way.BTW one of the BJP leader must drag him to court for denying secular rights to Hindus in the loud speaker issue. If he claime to be a 'proud' Hindu, the other hindus have reason to feel ashamed of him.I wonder where this country would have been had it not been for the SM. Future of these MSM morons are threatened more and more by SM.

    1. I agree Anand. Surjewala, Abhisex Singhvi and Tiwari speak well, though they are Congi mouthpieces. In the BJP, Lekhi, Sitharaman and Kohli are good. Javdekar and Ravi Shankar (who calls everybody my very good friend) are jokers and buffoons.

    2. I second it, apart from Nalin Kohli rest of BJP spokies are bunch of jokers, missing Meenakshi Lekhi, Nirmala Sitaraman and Smriti Irani badly. Congress has Surjewala, Singivi and Tiwari to get into opponents nerves, these Sambit Patras, Sidharthnaths, Triwedis are no match for Lekhis, Iranis and Sitaramans.

      Moron Javedkar as I&B minister? Most stupidest decision by Modi, I can remember the glee in faces of Shaba Naqvi, Drunken Metha and other TimesNow panelist when they spoke to this moron Javedakar after he was announced as I&B minister.

      Where is Meenakshi Lekhi? Either make her as I&B minister or send her as govt spokie, Modi is too inactive in teaching these MSM crooks a lesson or two.

      Remember the 100 crore notice to Arnab by UPA and how he tucked his tail b/w his legs, common BJP take some cure from Congress and ACT!!!!!!

      We didn't give you absolute majority to make us watch the same hindu bashing in TV debates. Either stop sending spokies to these debates or send some vociferous spokies. Barring Nalin Kohli other BJP spokies are like headless chickens. Appalling to see them getting thrashed by Arnab, Nidhi Razdan and co.

    3. If Hindus join and boycott Times hour programme of Arnab, automatically TRP rating will fall and the TV management will sit straight. This is simple, straight, immediate result oriented way. Shall we?

  9. Excellent and to the point as always!

  10. few points..
    1. no sob stories with names, interview with individuals in saharanpur case in Hindu, indian express or timesnow etc as all shops burnt belonged to Hindus and sikhs
    2. Today's Hindu had a convenient article spinning whole issue into a controversy while there is clear high court judgement
    3. I have been working in moradabad..our SC activists or kanchan ellaiah who otherwise shout at top of their voice ignore that all hindus in moradabad village are jatav. National SC commission team came and did nothing. there are 20% jatavs in area who voted for peace party mla aneesur rahman in assembly election ( he resides in same village) and are very angry at him and he just disapperaed on day of police action
    4. in same village four mosques without permission have come up in last four years
    5. no media house shows that while removing loudspeaker police borke lock of temple ( will never do so in mosque), went inside with shoes & beat old ladies blue and black ( imagine if they were muslim ladies)
    6. all this was done on instiagation of Azam khan is completely ignored by media. while they are ready to blam amit shah for everything, real culprit for communal strife in UP Azam khan is not even mentioned

    1. Actually, Azam Khan is the de-facto CM of UP. Like Cong. S.P also will pay for these acts, in next assembly election. But Modi silence is worrying.

  11. Spot on Ravinar...! Thank you for comprehending several peices together and presenting the larger picture...! Isn't there any existing law where such media crooks can be sued and brought into justice? The press freedom has gone too far into unimaginable levels...

    1. What is the role of PCI in cases like this? But Katju will also act as Arnab!

  12. Brilliant.
    However, you have written
    "It is time the Modi govt framed adequate laws to make the media liable if they provoke communal hatred through their concocted debates."
    i think even you mean " IT IS LONG OVERDUE".
    i again blame such audacity of sickular idiotic media to the clueless jokers of BJP - Ravishankar Prasad and Prakash Javadekar. These hold important ministries but are thouroughly incompetent.

    on a separate note , here is a spoof article from the unrealtimes ,which is on sickular and their contrivedness.

    1. shankar, from my long experience I can very well say that the real brain behind any successful enterprise are the so called jokers.They may be bad in articulation but they are silent performers. I agree that they must be divested of their spokesperson jobs but they are valuable assets to the govt programs.Those that articulate well are the ones who spend their lifetime learning a language to impress and nothing more. Take any Tech companies. Those that appear on media and speak queens english are just parrots who are trained to do so. They dont matter as far as the company's success is concerned.In our ISRO how many people speak queens english( including the director). But if they recruit any MBA graduates as their spokes persons then you can see sweet but hollow talking just to impress.But the core competence of any organisation are its silent performers who spend their time in logical thinking. But i still agree that these jokers are unfit to be spokespersons since it is always a war of words@.

    2. @ Anand


    3. @anand, when referring to Prakash Javadekar and Ravishankar Prasad , I was not referring to their role as bjp spokespersons but actually to their role as I & B minister and Minister for law, telecom and IT.
      These are complete misfits. Not sure where you got info that these are silent performers .
      visit the Mygov.nic,in site ( I hope they have remedied by now ) .. such an important initiative and completely botched due to lack of even basic testing before rollout !!! The buck stops at the Minister incharge . But with Ravishankar Prasad, it will be eons before he even realizes what he did wrong !!!
      Prakash Javadekar - I hold him directly responsible for the BJP loss in 2004 ( along with Advani, Brajesh Mishra, Jaswant Singh , sudheendra kulkarni and Yashwant sinha ) . seems to be completely out of touch with reality. even now he is talking of FDI in media rather than putting some sense in them and disciplining them.
      we need smart people not vain idealists !!!

      This has nothing to do with proficiency in English. one would expect them to have the courage and conviction to speak in Hindi ( just as Modi does )

      This article of Ravinar is a very good reference point to understand what exactly is wrong with the sickular Media . Many of the crooks of media need to be permanently retired and prohibited from speaking out. These are provocative and responsible for inciting riots !!!

      India is the only country with this level of media freedom ; and it is so shamelessly abused that they need to be reigned in and made responsible , accountable. Urgently. and smartly.

      To start with even properly enforcing the indian laws around media freedom and responsibility is good enough . He can then use Katju to bring about some guidelines and enforce them. Govt can continue to appear to be a neutral party.

  13. Ravi, excellent analysis as usual. Arnab and others are hurting badly because no foreign junkets, no cocktail parties, no big Govt ads and top of it Modi is promoting Doordarshan!!! Your thesis is spot on----discredit this Govt so that they are back to their priviledged ways Only thing to do is stop watching 'Times Now' as I have done. Let us unite and bring his TRP down.

    1. You are right. Modi has carefully kept these compromised journalists at a fair distance, and thus these morons have no other way to put pressure but to rant out their frustration by launching this provocative attack backed by concoctions and lies.
      But, I sincerely feel that more of people like you and me, who are now enlightened to this MSM mischief should make it a point to switch on to these hate chambers (TimesNow ofcoz leads the charts nowadays), and discuss at length and enlighten others on their hidden motives. Just imagine many of us would have stayed in dark but for Ravinar's expose, and such a masterly analysis! What if Ravinar had also, at some point of time, given up on the Media / stopped watching these MediaCrooks?? Making people aware of these LIES need a close scrutiny of the what these traitors are upto !!!

  14. To our chagrin we find that BJP having majority and Modi being PM has not deterred Media from continuing their vicious attacks on Hindus and BJP,this needs introspection,it is harsh truth that the world respects power and those who know how to use it.Sadly Hindus seem to use it only for their personal wealth accumulation and career advancement.Hindus will have to become more than a keyboard warrior.

    1. This was ALWAYS going to happen. There's no surprise here. But like before their tactics will fail. They will merely finish them off. Just watch and wait.

  15. Dear Ravinar,

    Their is no doubt that congress is utilizing its clout in Media to incite riots & name it on BJP. I have a different question though : If CNN-IBN has been purchased by Reliance & NDTV is on purchase list of Adani, then Timesnow is the last resort for Congi-Media-NGO nexus for unleashing their anti-BJP hatred nationally. So, is Arnab showing his anger against BJP as a tactic to somehow find a pro-Congress buyer ??? Is this MSM's last fight before eventual drowning ??

    1. I don't think the Jains will sell timesnow

  16. There is little ambiguity - While freedom of the press is a necessity, a clear demarcation is needed to what can be termed as news reporting, opinion and what amounts to abusive hate mongering which results in egging on lunatics to riot and cause damage.
    Abuse by the presstitues against a community or a sustained hate campaign on behalf of their anti-national pay masters or their ideological Alma-maters,should have zero tolerance and should be strongly litigated against by the govt by showing no favor by changing existing laws.
    They should further set up a media watchdog with teeth to monitor these deviant crooks in their fancy suits and half blouses, who spew venom night in night out on TV.
    I suggest the panel to include independent media watchers, Bi-lingual media representatives of unimpeachable repute, CBFC reps, IB and RAW reps and a Law Ministry rep.
    It should certainly not include some old has-been washed up jurist who's only post retirement motive is to occupy a chair for his monthly post retirement cheque.

    This media watch dog should report incidents such as Arnab's to the courts directly on recieving complaints (to ensure all checks and balances are in place) and should be ruthless in muzzling these loose cannons who are out to destroy the peace. Repeat offenders either loose their jobs from their "News" studios or tabloids ( I say tabloids as there are very few "News" papers left in India today).

    Failure to act on these deviant anchors or editors should result in the channel or newspaper to loose its license to broadcast and distribute. That should set them right in their heads and teach them to 'report' and not 'concoct' news.
    If they want to opine their twisted fairy tales, there is a news paper editorial or they write a book, and leave it the public if they want their souls to get sullied and polluted by reading hate mongering tripe. This should not be force fed or allowed on Television.
    Would you tolerate slasher flicks glorifying mindless violence, perverted sexual aggression and degenerate titilation on prime time television when the entire family sits on the sofa and turns on the TV? Same logic - Mindless hatemongering, News concoction and allowing loonies to vent hateful and vengeful garbage cannot and should not be tolerated.


  17. "All these bogus questions and the outrageous demand by Arnab for a “guarantee” from Trivedi to prevent violence at Moradabad was deleted. Why? "

    Well, folks, if youtube links to the above censored parts are posted /shared that will be nice - helps reinforce how fascist the sickular mainstream media is....

  18. Excellent and hard hitting as usual!! It is high time that these paid journos need to be taught lesson. I think current I&B Ministry is not doing enough to knuckle them. Prakash Javdekar is totally unimpressive as I&B minister. Imagine, these paid journos dare to do all this against the fully majority ruling government. Arnab should be booked and tried for his efforts to flare communal hatred and tension.

  19. Friends, donno if anyone here have noticed or not. Apart from control of media and history books by Communists, Mslim appeaser and Church; Bollywood too is controlled by them. Mind you reach of bollywood is far more than Arnab's shit in Times Now. Most bollywood highest grosser movies have subtle appeasement of minorities. Not to forget the likes of Nandita Das, Mahesh Bhatt. Always hindu girl falls for guy from other community. If its the other way the directors house is stoned (read Mani Ratnam of Bombay fame). BTW whom Arnab is trying to impress? Majority of the Mslims don't watch Arnab's Times Now.

  20. Mediacrooks again at his hitting best. Perfect analysis of the behavior of an absolute moron. Arnab speaks of honesty, patriotism etc. but many a times it appeared he sold/compromised his soul for some reason or the other. His Hindu-hate (like many other MSM journos) is obvious and he does no effort to cover it ever. Yesterday whne the discussion was going to be about GM Crops I tweeted this: 'morons at @thenewshour !discuss whether d decision is good or bad 4 d country,not who influenced it.Leave it 2 ppl @mediacrooks #RSS #GMCROP" But answer I got in Arnab's show. He barks: "I AM not discussing the merit of the decision but why MODI is listening to RSS", as if it itself qualifies MODI following "communal" agenda. I had an answer to myself, then. Changed the channel and watched Common wealth games where Indian athletes were winning medals. Period.

  21. This write up does NOT qualify to be an unbiased journalistic attempt by any standards. By the same logic with which you denounce Arnab & Times Now, this content should be banned too. Content of this entire website is dripping with rabid Hindutva – a political movement advocating Hindu nationalism and the establishment of an illusory Hindu state which includes half the world in this part. This goes against the grain of our constitution. What’s worse is all this regressive propaganda is being lapped up by the educated in the 21st century or are they zealots stuck in the 1st century still – something definitely wrong with our education system.
    This entity called Media Crooks panders to a class of fanatic Hindus, who are no different from the ISIS in the Middle East – who are intolerant to all other religions and faiths. There is no reason for BJP to react like an intolerant Muslim; why do we need a loud speaker on top of a temple like a mosque in the first place. Do we then start calling our gods 5 times a day through loudspeakers like them? To what extent will we go? There has to be an end to aping them.
    I too watched Times TV and Arnab Goswami was clearly bad. But both Sudhanshu Trivedi & Sambit Patra were worse. And Media Crooks is just terrible. In fact BJP wouldn’t have come to power had they not evoked religion among the electorate through various subtle & blatant ways. Democracy in you guys is dead. Has any of you stood up in a public forum and questioned the many U Turns that BJP has taken since getting elected? No you won't as you neither have a spine nor the eyes to see rationally.
    Religion should be kept inside one’s heart and within the four walls of one's home and not worn on the sleeve; or mixed with politics. You must realize that the first brick of BJP’s foundation was steeped in a communal ethos that led to the demolition of Babri Masjid or teaching Muslims a lesson by reversing a 16th century historical event. And any party that is formed from such a thought, which is not noble but destructive in nature, cannot be a great democratic institution or can lead a nation to greatness.

    1. @ashok majumdar,
      you are seeking attention. Probably feel very irrelevant in this world. Your ourburst is cranky and lopsided.
      the author would not have written this article had the arnab show not happened. This website too probably would not have existed had the media been honest, sensible, unbiased, professional , objective, fair, consistent.
      even the rise of hindutwa nationalism has to do with pseudo intellectuals, pseudo sickulars , sick people like you pushing the hindu tolerance to the extreme. Had shah bano judgement reversal not happened , probably hindu revival would not have happened in this country.
      same way as 2002 would not have happened had godhra not happened.,
      so not sure the basis of your ranting. Having an upset stomach ?? Or irritating bowel ?? Or plain problem child attention seeking syndrome ???
      where is your decency and basic human courtesy ?? If you do not like what is written , then ignore and go elsewhere . How can you bad mouth someone at his own website ?? Please start your own website to give vent to your rantings. Do not be a squatter on the website of others.
      this is my opinion as a right wing hindu nationalist. And yes, you have a hindu name so you too are probably a hindu ( unless a covert convert ) . Be proud to be born a hindu in this great nation of bharat. And strive to be of some positive contribution to the right faith. To compare any other religion ( and especially the so called religion of peace ) with sanatana dharma is a crime against decency and humanity.

    2. Mr. Majumdar, nice long comment on the post but we don't understand either you are fooling yourself or fooling us. You are still waiting for some terrorist to blow up some one you know in some temple one day to under stand the gravity of the issue being highlighted in this blog. I am personally feeling sorry for you. But would share an incidence with you around 2001-2002, I have heard Praveen Togadia on TV saying "if we can't hold these terrorist in Kashmir or PoK with all our efforts we will bw fighting with them in every corners of our locality" and have same impression you posted this day. What the reality we all know but ignore.....

    3. Pakistan was created for India's Muslims. Then they grabbed half of Kashmir. Kashmir was ethnically cleansed and the Hindus driven away to languish in refugee camps. In West Bengal and Assam, large parts have been cleared of Hindu inhabitants. In Kerala, a reign of terror let loose on Hindus. In UP many areas are no go zones for the police. Mullahs and madrassas are being given money. The former declared Muslims are priviliged citizens with first right to the nation's resources. A separate personal law for one community. A special article disallowing citizens of India to settle in the only Muslim majority state under the Constitution. SC convicted terrorists like Afzal Guru and sworn enemies like Bin Laden
      being eugolized. I could go on and on. Prove one point I have made to be incorrect and I will eat my hat. You call Ravinar a bigot. I say he is a self respecting Indian. He is a follower of Sardar Patel and Netaji Subhas, not Gandhi and Nehru. Remember 1962 when Nehru sent jawans to face the Chinese army in Bata plimsolls with British discarded 303 rifles. You claim to be a Hindu then stand up for it like Guru Gobind, Shivaji and Partap. If you don't want to then get aside and stop whining. We will defend our country and our way of life. We did not go out to attack any country or religion, others invaded us and raped our civilisation. If you don't learn from history, you will repeat it. Being a self respecting Hindu doesn't mean anti any other. Regarding temple loud speakers, Ravinar just pointed the double standards of wretched hypycrites like Arnab and his ilk. They are beneath contempt. From the days of Jaichand we have had to suffer for the actions of self servers.

    4. Rubbish! Absolute rot! There is not the slightest equivalence between the ISIS butchers who execute and decapitate prisoners, and blow up ancient tombs and places of worship with the MediaCrooks site or its supporters. The fact that you would make this outlandish and exaggerated comparison is an indication to the extent that secular distortion passes for balance today. As for loudspeakers in places of worship, I would be the first to support a ban in ALL places of worship. But to insinuate that only Muslims have a right to use loudspeakers and not Hindus cuts to the heart of the secular rot that poses as informed thought or commentary these days. Ravinar admirably punctures the bubble of secular hypocrisy and sanctimony that the media elite blow around themselves on a daily basis. Since there is little recourse for rebuttal on these manufactured news shows by the public, social media and blogs such as MediaCrooks are a great leveler and they promote true democracy for the masses, unlike the top-down elitist talking heads who presume to be the custodians of democracy and religious tolerance while promoting just the opposite.

    5. Hey Ashok, What I hear is rant ... rant ... rant ... and .... rant.
      You claim this post is full of rabid hindutva but make no points to substantiate the claim. All I read is typical secularism and idea of India type rhetoric but nothing substantial. Why so?
      From your comment, I can comprehend that you are a educated person, from a very good place. Don't you find inherent contradiction in your own utterings?

      So let's see here:
      1. "In fact BJP wouldn’t have come to power had they not evoked religion among the electorate through various subtle & blatant ways."
      2. "You must realize that the first brick of BJP’s foundation was steeped in a communal ethos that led to the demolition of Babri Masjid"

      Any rational person would see the contradiction here, BJP won what -- 120 seats in 1991 when communal polarisation was at its peak, what did they win now -- 282. This is when Indian people are more aware and educated than 1991. So, the collective conscience of people of India is lower than what your views on BJP are?

      3. "Democracy in you guys is dead"
      Using the preceding argument, I can clearly say its dead in you, because you want people to toe your line.

      4." This goes against the grain of our constitution"
      Wow, this is laughable, given that people like you are happy with regressive ideology of Islam, which treats non-Muslims as slaves. Not to forget, it even treats its own women as slaves, as it manifested in Shah Bano case which combined with the KP massacre lead to birth of so-called "communal forces".

      5. "There is no reason for BJP to react like an intolerant Muslim; why do we need a loud speaker on top of a temple like a mosque in the first place."
      Probably you missed whole point of the article, it is not something new. The temple and Gurudwara in my locality have loud speakers. Temple use loudspeakers during aartis. So, you want to say other religions have no right to practice their faith?

      6. " Do we then start calling our gods 5 times a day through loudspeakers like them? To what extent will we go? There has to be an end to aping them."
      I would personally want no loudspeakers whether mosque or temple. From your comment -- I can infer you believe that muslims are lesser beings(which seculars do think in their hearts). So much for secularism.

      7. "Religion should be kept inside one’s heart and within the four walls of one's home and not worn on the sleeve; or mixed with politics"

      That is the whole point of all this. Unfortunately , you failed to understand that. Why is it so that we need to compromise, when every time there is an issue with secular community? Are we not citizens of this country? Are we lesser beings?
      See my next comment as well .....

    6. hough I don't subscribe to hard line ideology, but the truth is only BJP/RSS stand for Hindus in such cases. Secular MSM/politicians ignore. So, its natural to be biased for them. Where were your rants when the riots were happening in Kanyakumari? Where were you when shops were destroyed in Saharanpur?
      The truth is: Islam is a fascist ideology, and preaches complete domination over its subjects. To break this, you have to break the victim hood farce created by Indian media/seculars. The truth as Ravinar said is they are the perpetrators for the riots and tension. When it gets into full blown confrontation, they suffer and claim victim hood as carried by seculars.
      This is what they tried to do in Moradabad, imposing their writ on Hindus. Why would it really make place unclean for them if Hindu temple would use loudspeakers?
      If so, then would you also support a ban on eating of non-vegetarian food during Navratras or Hindu festivals for every Indian? If yes, then I have no issues with you.
      See this is the hypocrisy!
      Hindus have to compromise because of inherent assumption of them being peaceful/tolerant but Muslims can't why?? because you do think that it is intolerant sect?
      You need to realize this hypocrisy, for their are no moderate Muslims. They are silenced by radicals, who quote verses from Quran.(read something, please!)
      As for Ravinar, haven't you seen his condemnation for Shiv sena, VHP type rowdy elements, have you? For your comment on RSS and ISIS, it is downright stupid!
      Mind you this Islamic fascist ideology needs to be exposed, if you don't want 25000 Muslims knocking at your door someday, calling for jihad!

    7. @Majumdar

      From your rant and your name you appear to be a brain-washed, brain-dead Commie from Bengal. Most of your type are half-Islamists who cannot think. I want to point out only 1 thing to you: Go ask any Muslim. For any Muslim our Constitution is secondary to their Quran and they will not obey the Constitution or law but their book. Only dumb fools like you are blind to reality. As for MC this is not the first time he is writing, it is you who is reading some blunt truths for the first time.

    8. Dear Ashok, So happy to see you here, because this blog/ platform, I'm sure, would have been created to enlighten educated people like you, who have been fed lies and whose views have been influenced through compromised reporting by MediaCrooks. And you should respect the followers of this blog, who have spared time to address your GENERIC SICKULAR RANT (what this blog is constantly trying to make people aware of) by giving you very specific replies (although your comment lacked any specifics). I would invite you to go through the other blogs by Ravinar as well. Perhaps would give you a better idea of why this blog was created in the first place. It is good to play good samaritans with your fellow minorities (or not so Minorities afterall), but should at the same time be careful and acknowledge if the other guys are "USING" your goodwill to achieve their ill motives. Happy reading, and hope you get rid of the "BLINKERS" gifted by the leftist MSM. All the Best n Get Well Soon !! Regards,

  22. Thanks for publishing my comment. I thought u won't.

    1. @AshokMajumdar

      Haha! That indeed is your problem. Your entire comment was made under the "ASSUMPTION" that it wont be published. FYI comments are freely published here without moderation. Comments are deleted only in case of extreme rants or abuses. Although, your comment too falls in the mindless rant category it is something you need to understand that you too are being "TOLERATED". This is something no Muslim,no ISIS, no MSM crook will afford you. Count a blessing. As for your comment itself, I think others have provided you some answers.

  23. Mullah Arnab Goswami should better change his name to ARBAAZ GHOUSE!!

  24. Can somebody tell us, how many people in India watch english news channels and read english media. I am trying to gauge the damage done by crooks in the media. We can put some guesses here. 40% are illiterate, among 60% half are semiliterate. I am afraid the number may be 1-2%. We also need a media watch for hindi papers and channels. I think regional newspapers don't mimic MSM style. In fact, during electioneering it was quite opposite. They were toeing to the BJP line of thinking mostly.

    One curious thought, why the MSMs have not switched loyalties. BJP has huge majority not Congress and like. Any clues why. I think media creates urgency, sensationalism etc for TRP. Coverage of 26/11, Anna etc are classic examples. Unfortunately every where in the world its becoming like that. We badly need public funded media. I like NPR here in the USA, although many of their coverages are also one sided but it is the least worst. There is nothing comparable to NPR back home.

    Is it also true that: Arnab Goswami's father is colonel Manoranjan is a BJP member and contested the 1998 Lok Sabha Polls.

    By the way is it a coincidence, Madhu Trehan and Ravinar both have been hounding Ornob like crazy. Have they got any "Supari"?. I abhor cacophonous people anyways.

    1. Don't know and don't care about Madhu Trahan, but Ravinar has been hounding not just Arnab, but ALL MEDIA CROOKS with no discrimination. Yes, Ravinar got "Supari" from all nationalist Indians to expose paid MSM MEDIA CROOKS and dig out the truth.

      If you want more infor on Ravinar's take on MEDIA CROOKS, refer to his India's worst "journalists" survey conducted now and then.

    2. Hmmm. Arnab is plain obnoxious. And does get on nerves. So he is asking for it just like rajdeep, barkha, sagarika, the ashutosh etc etc.
      ashutosh was once thrashed by bsp workers and led by kanshi ram ( he slapped asutosh). So this is pretty natural in this part of the world. There is even a hate site dedicated to barkha. More of a spontaneous reaction for their very despicable duplicity and lies.

  25. @Ashok Majumdar, would like to know ur opinion about the following.This is done with a lot of research.

    Commie /Muzzie Bhai Bhai
    1.The respective holy book is the final word for them than the constitution of the country they live in.They believe there is a solution to all the world’s problems in their book.Followers not allowed to read any other book.
    2.The necessity to change with time is not acceptable to both cults.
    3.Apostates/deserters are punishable with death.This is the rule in both cults.
    4.Their counterparts in other countries are dearer to them than a non believer in their own neighbourhood.Any anti national is a hero as long as he believes in the cult.
    5.Do not believe in patriotism for their own nation. Believes in global brotherhood but only among their own cult followers.
    6.Take sides in any dispute, not based on justice but on the basis of who is involved. If there is a cult follower on one side, they support him even if in the wrong.
    7.Even family members or siblings are enemies to them if they are non believers in the cult . May exterminate them also.
    8.Fundamentalists in both cults dress shabbily and often grow a dirty beard which is seldom maintained.
    9.Dictatorship is the most apt form of govt preffered for both cults.They just love it.
    10.For crimes committed by its followers,they don’t like the judiciary of the land to investigate. They preffer their own internal investigation and coverup.(personal law board or Central committee respectively).
    11.Both cults talk highly about charity but only for their own cult.May resort to extortion if short of funds.Leaders are generally unemployed and have first right to extortion booty.
    12. Both are ready to wait eternally for the good times promised in their holy books.
    13.Both cults believe that only human beings have the right to life in this world.

  26. This article is a tight slap on Arnab's bloated arrogant face :-)

  27. In a few years , it will be a taboo to name a kid "Arnab". Just like Raavan, Duryodhan, Shakuni, Gabbar, Mogambo etc. The amount of heat this guy has brought on himself is unparallelled. His reputation (whatever remaining) lies in tatters and has now become a by-word for incompetence. Give this guy a fig leaf to cover himself.

  28. India is a Hindu nation also bcz the sickular govts control and loot only Hindu temples.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Right Wingers and Ashok Majumdars are a plenty. They can have their freedom of expression. But, as an individual, I do have a right to term their expression as mere vomit.
    In my view, Arnab is an idiot and a self centered journalist which a country like India can only withstand. We need an equally idiot person to counter him in his shows. Not that Meenakshi Lekhi was an idiot, but her pointed question took away Arnab’s balance of mind. He became a stupid drunkard not knowing how to respond. He became a fresh headless chicken, if I may say so borrowing an expression of an Ex-Official from MEA.
    Late Nayanar of Kerala CM (belonged to CPM) in an open meeting denounced an aggressive and over ambitious journalist when he countered him with an uncomfortable question. Nayanar’s reply was
    “I myself was a journalist. And I know to what unfathomable depths that journalists can sink. He added, that “Neeyum nakkum nende appanum nakkum” : meaning if adequate monetary compensation is given not only that you will lick the feet of the Masters but also your father”.

    It is this kind of journalism that thrives on in our country. I feel sick at heart that we have scumbags like Arnabs. I like to quote some lines from “Maulana Syed Salman Hussaini Nadvi” that appeared in the first post of 30 Jul 2014. The caption says that Influential Muslim Cleric Offers to Raise 500,000 Jihadi Youths in India referring to him.

    I do not know how many of you have heard NADVI?

    Who is this Nadvi anyway?

    “An influential theologian and author of numerous scholarly tomes in Urdu and Arabic, Nadvi is Dean of the Faculty of Shariah at Darul Uloom Nadwa, Lucknow, whose reputation as a premier institution of Islamic teaching ranks in the same class as Darul Uloom, Deoband. He is also a member of the All-India Muslim Personal Law Board and Aligarh Muslim University’s court, its highest decision-making body”.

    I quote: “So, what he says matters and carries weight. It is important to stress this because what he has done has shocked even conservative Muslims. Nadvi has written a long and passionate letter (in Arabic!) to the Saudi government offering to raise a militia of 500,000 Sunni Muslim Indian youth as his contribution to a “powerful global Islamic army” he has proposed in order to fight Shia militants in Iraq and “help Muslims in need” elsewhere. The army would become part of a Caliphate that he wants that Saudis to set up for the Muslim ummah, the international Muslim community”.Unqoute. There is much to read there in the said article.

    I want the Muslims to realize as to who opened the floodgates to the destruction of Babri Masjid”. It was Congress. Rajiv Gandhi’s indiscreet and inciting political utterances and wisdom were responsible for such a thing. It was during 1989. He committed it again when he said that if a big tree falls down, the earth around it shakes a bit to justify those horrible incidents during Sikh riots in 1984.
    A good majority of Hindus voted for BJP do not belong to a category of ‘Hate Muslims”. It is wrong. I am good enough to give a counter to Arnab and knock him out. But then my present circumstances do not allow me to do such a thing. Is there anyone out there?

  31. Indian Media can be scientifically studied and shown to be Selectively Communal in its take and reportage.What Hindus who feel aggrieved by this abuse of Media must do is sponsor a Scholarly PHD paper documenting all this. A Media Audit is well justified by Press council for this decades long stoking of Communal Passions under the guise of Secular Conscience keeping. Indian Media is instigating Islamist violence by shielding it from view of public, supplying justifications where it cant-such as justifying assault on a shrine where they are majority, and constantly supplying Outrage News against majority community and its organisations. So while Babur's imposed structure was aired as a wrong when pulled down for decades- Indian viewers were not shown the sacking of Shia shrines by ISIS in Syria and Iraq, razing of Saudi wahabis of historic mosques for prosaic reasons like car parks. This means feelings of Outrage are stoked Selectively and Islamist radicalism is shielded. Indian media has no care that such Selective Reporting and Outrage stoking results in more Radicalization among Muslims and supplies them with grievances. A Media audit and study paper are required to stop this Instigation and Abuse of Media by a handful of opinionated biased and prejudiced activists posing as Pressmen.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Dear Ravi,
    I've a complain that because of you I had to watch this this 'Self imaged/Thought (suggest better word/phrase)God's gift to Indian Secular Democracy' ARNUB. My choice of word for these type are
    1. SACIDS [Self Annointed (Crony) Intectuals of Delhi's Studios]
    2. GAIRI [Goad's Abhishaap on india's real intelects]
    3. SAGIS [Self Appointed Guardians of Indian Souls]
    4. or simple CIIs[Crony Inelectuals of India]

  34. Too much of secular garbage is allowed and going on in the news channel under the garb of freedom of press and freedom of expression. If anyone who has greatly damage the communal harmony it is media channel and its secular imposter like Arnab,Rajdeep, Bdutt and alike. Behind such blatant one sided stand in favour of minority community is their long standing faithfulness and loyalty to dynasty and its party, which all these years has fooled Muslims and garnered their votes as it is the community history to vote en bloc. There is no difference between panderer and these hired lot of journalists like Arnab, Rajdeep etc... At one time sane and secular Hindus had aversion to utterances, policy and philosophy of people like Pravin Togdiya but now no more and all thanks to shameless pimp-ing of mediacrooks of the news channels. In fact Ravinar is rightly calling these brand as media-moron, because of these media moron Hindu consolidation is taking place. More they debauch secularism more consolidation will take place. The day when Hindu will learn to put aside caste, language and petty fissiparous issues and vote en bloc all these lot which in fact are humbug-seculars will themselves dump secularism in the ditch.


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