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NGO Funding & Agitation Technology - Part 4 #Political Nexus

There used to be a MacArthur Foundation operation in India but their website now seems to have disappeared. Between 1986 and 2004 this MacArthur is reported to have provided some $28 Mn in funding to various NGOs in India. The head of the Indian chapter was a lady named Poonam Muttreja. Below is the organisation she is currently heading and operating:

On the face of it there is nothing unusual about her or about this PFI. She is the wife of AK Shiva Kumar. Now who is Shiva Kumar? He was a member of Sonia Gandhi’s pet coterie called NAC. Some members of this NAC are connected to a world wide web of NGOs and how they operate is a maze and probably even involves money-laundering in some cases. We have to wonder how the NGOs of some of the NAC members get vast foreign and domestic funds. Obviously, the funds get directed to these NGOs probably because of directions given by political forces. Among the members of NAC were Aruna Roy, Teesta Setalvad, Harsh Mander and others like Shabnam Hashmi were involved in govt projects under the Congress. Not surprisingly, some of these members were anti-Narendra Modi, scavengers of the Gujarat 2002 riots and consistently trashed any progress that Gujarat claimed under Modi. So these tweets by Ram Guha when the IB report came out are on predictable lines:

I believe Ram Guha didn’t get a job at the RajivG Foundation maybe that is why he is against him and a perfect Nehru admirer. But that apart, he seems to think IB is in “sycophantic” praise of the Gujarat Model. This is the problem with “intellectual morons”. They will see one word or phrase and conclude what their imagination desires. Let’s read what the IB actually said:

The report doesn’t praise the Gujarat model but clearly alleges some NGOs are being funded to trash the progress in Gujarat under Modi. And that is hard to believe? We have seen hundreds of people (including Private M Katju) who have operated a factory to trash anything about Gujarat; most of it with fake data. But what about the funding? That makes interesting reading:

Who or what is MARAG? It is operated by one Neeta Pandya, wife of Lalji Desai. Laljibhai joins Congress and is overnight made a general secretary. Congress believes in talent so they promote newcomers quickly. Don’t they? For the benefit of cribbers like Ram Guha, long before IB’s report DeshGujarat had put up a complete report on the anti-Gujarat/anti-Modi NGOs. Here’s an excerpt:

In year 2009-10 foreign fund of Rs. 16440994.00 was transferred to MARAG from Canada and Italy. Some other fund was transferred through India based foreign agencies. MARAG received Rs 87,47,350 from Italy, Rs 70,68,105 from India branches of foreign organizations and Rs 6,02,100 from Canada. All fund was sourced for the purpose of “rural development”. In year 2010-11 Lalji Desai’s organization MARAG received Rs 1,12,66,365 in same bank account described above. While the sum of Rs 10,99,875 was received from Canada, the rest of the foreign fund of Rs 1,03,47,074 was sourced through Indian branches of foreign organizations such as Child Relief and You, Save the Children and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. We generally believe that Indian branches of ‘Save The Children’ and ‘Child Relief and You’ bring foreign funds to India for the benefits of children, however these organizations transferred funds worth millions to MARAG for the purpose of “rural development” according to official documents. Last year our one reader reported on twitter that he saw an international conference organized by MARAG in Ahmedabad’s five-star hotel Courtyard Marriott. Lalji earned fame after agitation against Maruti Suzuki’s proposed plant in Bechraji near Ahmedabad last year. The state government had to exclude some villages from proposed Special Investigation (Investment) Region(SIR) following that agitation”.

Ask yourself the question: what exactly does CRY or Save the Children have to do with MARAG or agitations? Nothing really! Why do their moneys flow to MARAG? Surely, it’s not love and affection but obviously under the directions of some political bosses. And there’s the usual suspect called OXFAM. That brings us back to the biggest web-operator in the NGO operation business: Harsh Mander. This Mander grandly claimed he resigned from IAS services after the 2002 riots on moral grounds of Muslims being killed. Okay! But he did not resign. He took VRS and ensured he was entitled to all the consequential benefits. But the media made a hero of this crook “resigning on moral grounds” to serve society. I don’t know about society but he did serve himself pretty well. He was among the first to write an article in TOI in March 2002 containing a load of rubbish and a bagful of lies about the riots. Having worked in Chattisgarh and MP in tribal areas Mander was quite familiar with God’s angels called OXFAM, ActionAid and other such “derail India” projects. Naturally, he joined Action Aid after he quit IAS. Mander was also a teacher to Arvind Kejriwal. All a nice family!

Read this article on NGO funding and activities about Mander’s connection to Jihad-sympathisers and that should tell you a lot of about this crook. They call it the Manderweb. The number of NGOs this guy has floated and has been associated with is phenomenal. After Action Aid there is Aman Biradari, there is ANHAD (with chronic liar Shabnam Hashmi), there is CES, there is…….. It’s a long one! In just about 2 years Mander’s crony outfits received 12 crores in funds. The donors’ names are quite sexy: Partnership Foundation, AMPI (Islamic), AMFI (Islamic), Action Aid, Oxfam, IMRC (Islamic), Bodo Huetten Foundation, AID, Danish Church Aid and so on. You think all these foundations have the interest of India at heart? But some of these crooks also peddle funds to the media so they will never report on their crimes. This is why charlatans like Mander, Shabnam, Teesta are all darlings of the media! Not one media house ever reports on their crimes or misdeeds with foreign funds. Suddenly, the media criminals who benefitted from NGOs are waking up to crimes they turned a blind eye to. Here’s the latest from Congress-slave Indian Express:

only two per cent of the country’s estimated 20 lakh NGOs report their donations from abroad, and that most of the money is used for purposes not specified by the NGOs. NGOs have been under the government scanner following an IB report to the PMO stating that they are “stalling development projects”. The home ministry report, released last December, states, “…It is necessary to note that the NGO sector in India is vulnerable to the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing” …  The home ministry also raises concern that a “large number of registered associations still don’t submit their statutory annual returns mandated by the law”…  In previous years, the highest foreign contribution by any district in 2011-12 was reported by Chennai (Rs 889.99 crore) followed by Mumbai (Rs 825.40 crore) and Bangalore (Rs 812.48 crore). Among NGOs, World Vision of India, Chennai, received the highest that year at Rs 233.38 crore, followed by the Believers Church India, Pathanamthitta, Kerala (Rs 190.05 crore), and Rural Development Trust, Anathapur, in Andhra Pradesh (Rs 144.39 crore)”.

There, all of God’s angels flooded with money. As for Shabnam Hashmi, the pathetic liar, she, along with Mander, as partners in ANHAD (I call it Act Now for Hatred & Disharmony) got 1.65 crores in a short period of time. You think all these lucky breaks are because of little Shabbo or little Mander? There shouldn’t be any doubt all the funds were channelled and laundered probably at the directions of political bosses. Why should some Christian Aid in some corner of the world invest in a Muslim outfit of Shabnam? For both Mander and Shabnam’s extraordinary fund-getting prowess read the full details of moneys received in DeshGujarat articles here and here. And I recommend do go through the articles and the statement of funds thoroughly.

Consequent to quitting IAS joining Action Aid and spawning a whole lot of NGOs, Mander also roamed the country and the world on speaking assignments. He was also grandly paid for teaching at IIM and LBS Institute. If political powers are kind to you then you can go very far. All it takes is “Horse Sense”. I have horse sense too, and so too many other observers, and if we had done what the Manders and Aakar Patels did, we would have been on TV and celebrity panellists. Some of us have a disease called conscience but these crooks are vaccinated from it.

None of these charlatans operate without political and media support. It has rightly been called the “NGO-Politico-Media” complex. As if on cue, there’s an article in Sunday Guardian – “Foreign NGOs used Rahul as protector”, which explores the role of Rahul Gandhi in blessing some of these crooks. Quote: “At least four of the nine foreign nationals active in Greenpeace operations in India, who have been identified by the IB as having been hyperactive in orchestrating protests against major projects in the country, "have close links to those in Rahul Gandhi's inner circle", according to a Congress functionary. The functionary claimed that "at least two of the nine are personally known to Rahul, who met them and others from such outfits when abroad". Those close to Rahul Gandhi deny this, saying that "the Congress vice-president is a patriot who would never do anything to hurt the interests of India".

I have said before and say it again; nothing that the IB report reveals is new or wasn’t already in the public domain. The media and others chose to ignore all of it because of the “friendly” govt they had in Delhi. Intellectual Morons like Ram Guha claiming IB has a new found love for Gujarat Model merely reflects his own culture of ass-licking which has helped him and his career. This is the guy who sees a single signboard and writes a whole schoolboy essay about it without thinking twice. I naturally call this liar an “eminent distortian” with sound reason. It is also laughable; all the self-righteous indignation with which some of these NGOs, Barkhas, Guhas and others have reacted. They even called it suppressing dissent as if they are the guardians of free speech. Some lame ones brought up RSS and claimed RSS is the biggest NGO which also receives foreign funding. File a PIL and have RSS investigated if you want. The NGOs file enough PILs even if one tree is felled, don’t they? It doesn’t occur to these morons that no matter what you want to taint RSS with, you certainly cannot call them “Anti-nationals”.

This post concludes this series on fraudulent, anti-national NGOs. It’s always nice to end on a humorous note. Life goes on! I am always amazed at the self-righteous rage with which members of fraudulent NGOs react. You know, during the AK49 days of agitation if you criticised the moronery of AK, his supporters would also scream “You are corrupt. What are you doing about corruption?” At least many AAP members have smartened up to the tricks of AK & Co. It’s the younger lot recruited by the likes of Greenpeace who in their militant approach lose sense. Many NGO bosses live a 5-star life and enjoy 5-star luxuries, all in the name of saving the poor and saving the earth. All of it with other people’s money! I posted a copy of an article on Twitter on such a luxurious hangout.

The article is from WallStreetJournal and you can see the response which comes from a young Greenpeace warrior (I've erased the ID). The self-righteous reaction makes one wonder how brain-washed they are. Is the choice between ostentatious, 5 star luxury or living in huts in cheap clothes? There seems to be nothing in between. That’s how dumb and militantly stupid the recruits of many NGOs are. Some of these NGOs warrant a special SIT to look into their misdeeds. But one thing is clear; most of them have prospered only due to political nexus and patronage.



  1. Now there is a news report, "Government Bans Direct Foreign funding of NGOs". If that is true, I wonder what will happen to these guys/gals.

    1. We appreciate the efforts to stem the rot but clearly, 'direct funding' is the least of the problems.

      Getting money in and out of the country through hawala operators is actually easier than depositing checks for local clearing at your ATM.

      There should be stricter and holistic (sic..Mr.Tiwari) approach to this NGO cancer.

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  2. Due to these immoral ngos it has brought a disrespect to the community at large. Even if some one starts a ngo with good intention he is being looked upon with suspicious eyes. If someone is running a ngo he is considered rich and affluent. Previously I used to wonder how come someone who is running a non profit organization leads a luxurious lifestyle. As rightly said by you most of us have a disease called CONSCIENCE. the problem is those who are engaged in nefarious acts are not dealt with firmly. Ngos who are actually doing great work for the community are not rewarded. Mostly we see and hear blabbering of the pioneerns of the immoral ngos the names of whom you have mentioned In this series of posts.

  3. usual great post. Your series on NGOs and their crook funding is more informative than the actual IB report discussed in MSM for hours in prime time. No anchor went in to details like you but relied on ranting and shouting.

  4. Some of us have a disease called conscience , but these crooks are vaccinated from it ! - This is superb!

  5. Also click on the deshgujarat link to read more

  6. Ram Guha is eminent distorian is best said about him. I always get erked when he comes on IBN as historian...

  7. the money collected by denying Visas is around 2500 crore yearly and is again pumped into India thru these NGO's for anti India activities....

    1. Yes. The devil is in the details , unfortunately nobody pursues such issues. The late Rajiv Dixit had raised this and nothing much happened. ( it will be now 4 years since his untimely death)
      i do pursue some such cases ( taking one at a time ) on an individual basis. I feel that each of us afflicted with Conscience - should take it upon ourselves to pursue and resolve whatever wrong one notices thru RTI, PIL, writing blogs, direct interaction etc. And yes, this is riddled with risks including threats to life - so one should act with caution and discretion. Moreover it is also extremely exhausting, thankless, frustrating - but then if we do not stop the wrong doings, we cannot expect others to do it for us.

      If one stops the funding( hit at the source - and what you have pointed is just one source and the money from this source too goes more towards missionaries for harvesting souls for Jesus!!!!) , it becomes a game changer. We have no other option but to keep trying till the equations change in the favour of righteousness and integrity.

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    2. Bjp in many ways is turning out to be a miniature version of Congress. It is just about a month and many of the decisions being taken are no different from congress.
      Some examples : doing away with visa for Bangladeshis (below 18 and over 65), hike of rail fares, possible hike in gas prices, setting up toothless SIT ( on black money) and so on.

      Even in this case there would be bjp members ( bungling jokers) as much in bed with some NGOs as Congress.

      Mr Modi had given personal commitment that ' he would protect nation / national interests' - so far not much difference and no dramatic change visible. He does not even seem to be going on right direction. Upa got destroyed one bad move at a time over five years despite having a mainstream media in its favour . is anyone from BJP govt or Mr Modi himself listening / paying heed ??

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    4. @ Shankar Iyer; You are too harsh. Give some time. It is hardly 37 days from oath. Namo asked for 60 months, give at least 6 before you can comment this way.

    5. @Nachiket,
      if one takes wrong turns ( wrong, sub optimal decisions ) almost everyday - one would be off course and reach a wrong destination or would reach delayed with sub optimal outcomes.
      even hardcore modi bhakts find it difficult to justify the u-turn on bangladeshis, inept choice of ministers, very superficial moves on black money.
      there is a second CAG report which indicts Reliance and yet no action is being taken.

      on the ngo issue itself, though they have stopped direct foreign funding/tightened the norms - what about breaches of FCRA, that have already happened ??? If there are none nor any prosecutable evidence - then how valid is the IB report ????
      what about existing cases / investigations against ndtv, national herald, hassan ali etc ?? People want to see results. Modi may have five year term , but manmohan had ten years . If modi government continues in the same vein - we continue to remain in hell and even another 60 months is not going to help as the entire direction ia wrong and no transparency / guidance too is being given on why these u turns / wrong turns and what is the roadmap , if any ???
      yes , ruling a nation has its challenges. But modi/bjp have come to power precisely because of general discontentment against previous government and people no more have patience. ( and Modi had promised quick remedies viz Bangladeshi illegal infiltrators. And now such a blatant, shameless u turn - not expected of Modi).

      On the ngo issue, the ib report now is nothing more than alerting the NGO's and making them close ranks . With a highly prejudiced media ( and nothing being apparent as to what is being done to penalize liars , fraudsters) , everyday one will continue to face some bad news or the other . Even the good things will be projected in bad light. Our entire preoccupation as a nation will change as the public discourse and focus will be different than what is desirable.

  9. After completing these series of article on NGO's please bring in it s book form and publish it. Give the name of publishing house si that we call buy a copy for reading and spreading the message. Thanks for your efforts.

  10. Thank you for just being there to enlighten people like me who are totally unaware of all these crooks..God Bless you Ravinar Sir..U are doing a greatest service to this country ..In this way..

  11. Also look in to State Funded NGOs its a big Scam Too.

  12. Ravinar, your four part post on Funding of NGOs and agitation technology is an excellent eye opener for even the die hard supporters of NGOs. Fountain head of all this is of course NAC. Hope some action is taken on all who have indulged in anti national activities You keep up the good work. May Saraswati always smile on you.

  13. Ravi, each of your article brings in terrific this: "Some of us have a disease called conscience but these crooks are vaccinated from it"...

  14. Jet Airways has been collecting money for "save the children" since its inception and as being the favoured airline of businessmen until recent times, several businessmen must have contributed to the funding of agitations against their businesses.

    Banks sell customer data to these "charitable" organisations and every year we get their guilt inducing letters begging for contributions to the young, the old, the feeble, the blind and others. Organisations like "CRY" are also favoured by corporations to fulfil their "responsible citizen" agendas and I have seen almost everyone in my organisation donate to them .

    Sadly, a lot of those same people don't trust their own domestic help, drivers and sundry other poor people, to lend/donate money to help tide over emergencies, ill health or whatever reasons. As you mentioned in your tweets, if people feel generous, they should donate to people they know...sponsor a poor girl's education and she can get out of the poverty cycle.

    The last mile workers of "charitable" organisations are invariably idealistic and honest folks, who believe they are making a positive contribution. What astounds me, is how can citizens of our country, even after knowing what the NGOs are really up to, further the cause of the NGOs! This is not just garden variety overcharging/cheating type of dishonesty...this is helping an enemy of the country to destroy the country like termites.

    Is this just brainwashing or have we as a country failed to instil love for the country amongst our people?

    Thanks for the whole NGO series! It's going to help us channel all our generosity to real causes/people and also help us influence our friends to do the same. Most importantly, it's made us alert.

    1. About two years back, I gathered courage to ask questions about how the fund is being utilized by the prominent NGO's and immediately the fund collectors were on the defensive. From then on I have stopped contributing to the "Goodness Experts".

      Here are some of the things that I follow.
      Pay tuition fees of poor people I know, directly to school.
      Purchase books and give it to poor people in need of specific books.
      Open a bank account for maid servants and deposit a part of their salary to that account. This is also useful in direct transfer schemes of government. Open a RD/FD account in their name to enhance savings.
      Loans without interest to fund exigencies with deductions from salaries.
      Provide consumables like Ghee, Flowers etc to the local temple directly.
      Provide food to homes for poor/destitute near your locality, where you can visit and verify the fund being utilized.

      It is no longer necessary to provide funds to the so called conscience keeper NGO's. We can get the satisfaction by positively influencing the lives of people that we know and who are in need.

    2. These guys do a good job of providing pictures of underprivileged children that people are said to have "adopted" it is hard to convince people of the actual nature of the NGOs. But I am going to get as many friends of mine, off contributing to CRY, as I can. I am sure all of us can do some of the things on your list.

  15. Some of us have a disease called conscience , but these crooks are vaccinated from it ! Uff.... Such a powerful and apt expression to unmask d self proclaimed guardians of society! U r fantastic as usual. Thank u so much for enlightening us which we would have been deprived of otherwise.

  16. Ok...that's NGO is going to get a rupee from me ever again...Also going to disclose all the information detailed here to my friends and colleagues to convince them to never give a rupee to these frauds again.

    I travel abroad extensively on work - always Economy class to save money - with the odd business class trip thrown in when my accumulated travel miles allow me an upgrade...a year ago I was flying into Chicago via Zurich - on the Swiss International Flight out of Mumbai to Zurich.

    I managed an upgrade to Business and next to me i find a Bengali ex Journalist who was the India correspondent for Time magazine now the South Asia Head for US based NGO...she was in business along with her 'Companion' - a JNU jhola wala type piling on the Champagne and canapés

    It turns out that while she was based in Mumbai - she had also rented an apartment in the poshest South Delhi colony for the 10 odd days she spends in Delhi every month (Monthly rental for apartments in that locality start at 1.5 L)

    All these purveyors of poverty need to be finished off and fast.

  17. Something held MediaCrooks back in last couple of months and years for obvious reason. With this post MC has started to loosen up. Keep up the good work and take care of yourself.

    Respect MediaCrooks.

  18. The humorous note was nice..

  19. Ravinar,

    You are not still finished with this topic of NGOs. These organizations are running a world-wide scandal. They are flush with funds & their agendas are destructive. They will not let their influence wane anytime soon.

    Some years ago in Sweden a news website asked questions about Save the Children. An ex-employee of Save the Children Sweden told of how funds were used by the organization in the Middle East to buy luxury cars, new laptops and to finance severance pay packets worth millions - and even worse things. Of course, spokespeople of the organization denied everything. So a few sporadic reports like this, and then nothing more.!17117/

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  21. This post reminds me of Dr BM Hegde-a famed cardiologist n ex-VC of manipal university,who also is known for intricate details in the subject he chooses to address.
    Take a bow...both of you, in your respective specialities.

  22. It is high time the present government set up one S.I.T. And bring out all the facts.

  23. NGO sprang up in last 10 years of Sonia rule with her blessing. I think Sonia and her company made lots of money from these NGO. NGO is smoke screen for anti India activities by foreign entities. I all along suspected that Gujarat base NGO are working with Congress to stop Modi plan for development. I hope Modi government take strong action against these NGO. Also I don't doubt that our MSM probably syphoned of lots of money from these NGO. NGO, Congress and MSM are all tangled in the same web.

  24. From now on let us rename the 2002 riots. Call it " Godhra Anti-Hindu Carnage ". If we say it over and over again may be it will take hold. Most foreign and local news media and intelletcual morons mention 2002 riots and not the event that sparked them. Time to make a stand.

  25. "Greenpeace is in disarray over the handling of its £58m budget and has been for years, according to leaked documents seen by the Guardian. The documents show that not only is its finance department in chaos, its income has also been substantially lower than projected and there has been a lack of transparency and accountability over its financial decisions"

  26. May I suggest you write a book (ebook) on this and have it available in other Indian languages. This is amazing stuff.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Ravinar, You are simply unmatched! These NGOs ad jholwalas have done more damage to India than the britishers and mughals. They have changed the social fabric ( read conversion) of NE and coastal india, they have distorted history ( read left JNU jholwala, ensure we dont progress (read NBA) etc The time now has come to (a) expose all these antinational elements Manders, Bhushans, Teestas, some in MSMs, (b) restore facts in to our historical textbooks (c) make mandatory disclosure of Shareholding of all MSM channels (d) stringent penalty for non reportig statutory disclosure. I personally used to have a soft corner for CRY, Greenpeace type but thanks to you and IB now have changed my mind and I fully focus in reference based charity particularly education. We now have a great opportunity to set things right and I have hope that all is not lost. We are now moving in the right direction - IB expose is just one example.

  29. "Some of us have a disease called conscience but these crooks are vaccinated from it. " -- One of the best sentences I have read on Media Crooks !!

  30. "Intellectual Morons like Ram Guha claiming IB has a new found love for Gujarat Model merely reflects his own culture of ass-licking which has helped him and his career". If he is an ass-licker I wonder what you are who does this Modi and RSS bhajan!!
    "lame ones brought up RSS and claimed RSS is the biggest NGO which also receives foreign funding. File a PIL and have RSS investigated if you want. The NGOs file enough PILs even if one tree is felled, don’t they? It doesn’t occur to these morons that no matter what you want to taint RSS with, you certainly cannot call them “Anti-nationals”. " RSS and BJP morons have got this self righteous and self named themselves as chavunistic champions of pro nationals and everyone else who oppose RSS is "anti national". I was watching the NDTV debate on language and that moron representative of RSS says ' "france people speak french, China people speak Chinese, Indians must speak Hindi" - This statement itself reveals how much pro national elements these are playing with federal structure and disturbing the Unity of India. Irony is eventually Hindi might have become pan India language, not because of this "pro-national" champions, but because of increase in movement across people, exposure to more Hindi due to movies, media and others.

    1. Bharat

      Is there an iota of sense in your comment. You seem to be working in an NGO that is directly affected by the IB reports or these posts by Ravinar. It is morons like you who require a lesson in reading and understanding. Instead of ranting mindlessly open your eyes. People like Ram Guha have survived only by asslicking. On the other hand, Ravinar himself says if he were a crook like these people he too would have made a lot of money and been a TV celebrity. You seem to lack the integrity required to respect a person. Come down from your stupid high horse and stop talking nonsense.
      You are talking the same language of an "injured NGO" which has been caught stealing money.

    2. I am neither part of any NGO. I am just trying to put a view which might sound offensive to RaviNar but its the same language he uses for others. If we speak of integrity requirement to respect a person, I wonder about RaviNar for whom many people are bimbos, morons, ass-lickers and several other name calling indulgence which he does, and which most readers enjoy. Only if the joke its onto you, you'll feel the pinch. I don't dis-respect RaviNar - I donno who he is or what his identity is. I can't judge what kind of "high position" or " any doles or money he would've received". I am just asking him if he doing the same thing to Modi what Ram Guha did to Nehru

    3. Bharat, today there is a growing sense of nationalism among the youth. No more can they be fooled by misinformation. They make choices out of love for the country and their culture. Many of the NGOs are against the interest of our country and naturally patriots will reject them. These feelings were there in many of our minds, but today we see someone like Ravinar giving words to our thoughts. You have all the rights to stick to your opinion. We don't intent to change people like you who still believe in Nehruvian communism.

    4. @Bharat

      If you follow Ravinar's blogs or his Twitter account you would know by now he has no political membership. He once tweeted in reply to someone that he has never met a politician in his life. Because you dont know about Ravinar thats the reason you should keep your shit to yourself. When he calls Ram Guha an asslicker its because Guha has provided evidence of that otherwise there would be no reason. As for bimbos and morons, you too fall in that category if you dont realise that all these terms are a response to the abuse by media celebs. You are dumb enough to read only the posts on NGO and make grand judgements. Ravinar has enough blogs posted on the abuses by media celebs. So your sympathy is not only misplaced but reveals your own stupidity.

    5. @Bharat Viswamitra

      Whatever your skepticism or anger your comment is certainly getting to be off topic. That is tolerable. But when you start making statements like "Ravinar hates Muslims" it is not only off topic, it is way beyond reason. So you might want to rephrase and repost your comment. Such crap will not pass here there are many other places for such unrelated rants.

    6. @Sonnet

      You are mistaken if you think I've read this only the NGO blogs. I've discovered this only recently and became obcessed. I don't use twitter and don't follow him. I may be stupid and dumb, but not binded to any ideology. Upholding our constitution is enough. I may be a bit more on life,liberty and freedom of expression and you may call me a "commie" if you think so

    7. @Bharat Viswamitra

      If all you wanted was some "Attention" like a baby, you should have just said that. I would rather have some sensible criticism instead of baby-like rants seeking attention. I understand that, thats why asked you to go rant somewhere else. There are plenty of places for that. And stop being jealous of 7.47 million views. It is an outcome, not a sales target like some NGO has.

    8. @Bharat Vishwamitra You seem to be one of those "secular' types that doesnt want to get in to the depth of the issues that we are highlighting. The way some NGOs have been allowed to operate in India - has created havoc in the social fabric to an extent worse that what the Mughals & Britishers did. You pl do some detailing and research before you come and rant here.

  31. USA, UK should declare itself a Christian country and not a secular one - to wipe out muslim ghettos as these "secularist preach" becomes a precedent for countries following democracy. So India should declare itself as a Hindu rastra but accommodating all beliefs within the law. As for NGO's all states shall enumerate them according to services provided and constitution shall be amended to name and shame all crooked NGO's. But Modi's first developmental agenda shall be population control as a first and most basic administrative reforms with a mighty hand otherwise no development can occur.

    1. US,UK and all European countries are Christian countries and secularism is just the smoke screen to apply pressure on Asian countries.

  32. Now the commies are making propaganda that RSS is also getting foreign funds. Read outlook These morons can not leave their habits. They are referring to the IDRF report as a base document. Ravinar please respond to this article in your style. BTW your bolg shows ad from worldvision help child.

  33. BTW, Anantapur (AP) has one of the best (or the best??) cricket stadiums in the country, built by Rural Development Trust (RDT).

    They even got Nadal visit them in 2010 to open a tennis school..

    This probably is the first time a top ranked ACTIVE tennis player landed in India. (we had seen people like Bjorn Borg visit, but many years after retirement).

  34. You are right.NDA govt should set up a SIT to investigate all these morons and their scams and scandals.

  35. another type of NGO which you need to uncover...Recently in Kerala, a shocking incident occurred, which may be just the tip
    of an iceberg. From Palakkad Railway Station, 586 trafficked children, all
    below the age of 12 ( 12 infants below 5) were rescued and two crime cases
    were registered. All the children had parents, but were brought in as
    orphans for two Muslim orphanages in the State. 229 of the children were
    girls. None of the children had any train tickets. 44 adults were traveling
    with them and when detained at the railway station for ticket-less
    traveling, one man paid up the fine of Rs 1.48 lakh promptly!

    The orphanages had been employing agents in Jharkhand, Bihar & West Bengal
    to canvass for children from poor economical background and pay commission
    to them per child recruited. Agents have offices in these States and have
    wide networks in remote/ rural areas. Parents get Rs 1000-1500 paid per
    child taken to Kerala. Destitution Certificates, proof of address
    certificates etc from various Panchayat & Village Offices from these States
    were forged by agents and all carried the same handwriting & signatures.
    Some of the parents gave consent letters to agents to take in their
    children at orphanages too! Two crime cases are registered for this under
    section 370 (5) IPC now under investigation by CBCID Organised Crime Wing
    and 12 agents are so far arrested.

    Why are such children brought as orphans to Kerala? It is a huge racket.
    Per orphan per month, Govt gives a grant of Rs 900 to orphanages. In
    addition, they get huge donations from Arab/Gulf countries too. Hence
    children are given ID cards and with photocopies of the same and crores of
    rupees are collected. These kids are not usually admitted to schools for
    education since they do not understand either Malayalam or English. Boys
    are given religious education at Madrassas, it seems. Most of the
    orphanages own aided schools and on record, the names of these children are
    shown, to retain the class divisions and teaching posts. The salary of
    teachers and staff and expenses of Uniform, books, noon meals are all given
    by Govt. School managements demand up to Rs 30 lakh as donation for a
    teacher's post in each school too. So, these kids are used (misused) as a
    tool for amassing wealth by these people. For proving offence under 370
    IPC, trafficking should be for physical/sexual abuse, labor, sex or organ
    trade. Whether they are used for organ transplant, sex trade or forced
    labor is to be found out in investigation. Migrant laborers abound in
    Kerala, so even if these kids get sold to factories, hotels or brothels
    after some time, no one will ask any questions.

    An officer from Jharkhand commented- "For parents, when agents come asking
    for their child to be sent to Kerala, it is like the child getting a
    scholarship to USA, they are so happy and send away the children willingly!
    So, this can not be stopped". I am sure that such trafficking is going on
    in large numbers in other States too. Statistics of missing children
    (trackmychild of NCRB) show that shocking numbers of children go missing
    every year. What can we do jointly to stop this from happening?

  36. Are bhaiya Ravi

    Yeh ‘Kala Dhan’ kab vapas aayega yaar…!? Agar ye dhan apne desh mein vapis aa jaye to mujhe jaroor itlah dijo.

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    Haan..Aur ek baat “Saale in sab Desh ke Gaddaro ko tum chhodna nahin…. haramiyone apni Bharatmaata ko bahut loota hai...bas tum usko chhodna nahin..

    Aapko apne new Education project ke liye Bahut Saari Subhkamnae in advance.


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