Sunday, June 8, 2014

Media Lessons That BJP Needs

It is sometimes easier to learn from failures and defeats than from successes. After all, every one defines failure a bit uniformly but it will be hard to find people agreeing on what is success. Don’t look too far, look at the people with heart-burn who will tell you Narendra Modi was not elected by 69% of India. They had desired and campaigned for him to fail and tried their best in vain. They have reluctantly conceded he is the PM of India and now their job is to show you how he is failing from day one. That’s our hate-mongering media. Here’s one of them who has started ranting about Modi already:

Earlier, Kapil Sibal had blamed Modi for high onion prices. Now Barkha Dutt and clowns like her will keep telling you when Modi must speak and when Modi must remain silent. Not a problem! It just doesn’t occur to this scumbagini that Modi remained quiet for 12 years on all the abuse and lies hurled at him and about him. He knows how to speak, whom to speak to and when. Besides, the media may be ignorant of what communications have been exchanged between the Centre and the two concerned States. That is what bothers Barkha. She can no more exercise her clout in ministry formation or eat “gol gappas” at PM’s house that easily. So her anxiety is understandable. She has been outraging over the Pune murder of a “Muslim techie” as if that was Gujarat 2002 all over again. Not just she, but most of the media channels. Take a look at this and you will see why I call the media an “Anti-Hindu” gang of criminals:

That doesn’t need much explanation, does it? We have seen all that a million times. HeadlinesToday also ran a short documentary on that Muslim techie from Pune and by the music and songs they played and the narrative you would think the man was killed on the LOC defending our borders. Murders unfortunately happen but why the hype on “Muslim”? It is such imbalanced nonsense that creates more animosity among communities. The answer is simple: Hate-mongers like Barkha, Rajdeep, Sagarika, Arnab, Kanwal, Karan Thapar, Varadabhai and their entire Commie gang had ordained that Muslims will suffer under Modi. So they will do everything to prove their dream to see Modi a failure. Any Muslim suffering will be directly blamed on Modi; state govts won’t be responsible for law and order anymore it seems. That doesn’t surprise me at all. What alarms me is how the BJP, a winner of the elections, is behaving with the media. Like a sucker! Let’s look at a comic video first. The first part is of John Oliver (who was earlier with The Daily Show) and the second part is from Jon Stewart’s Daily Show itself (6.25 mins):

Most people on the net have seen those videos. Don’t take what Rajdeep said seriously, he was just being a sport and playing along with the spoof. But the other things in the videos are not spoofs. The shouting, the circus clown Arnab, the fake “billion votes” crap, paid news and all that. Much before these satirists lampooned our media I had tweeted about how stupid Rajdeep & Co are to be screaming “billion votes, billion votes”. I have said before that we have borrowed the worst from America when we should be borrowing the best from the West. The actual “real” news in any Indian channel cannot last for more than 30 minutes or at the most one hour if someone is rounding up the nation. So in absence of news the channels will run a soap-opera on AAP’s troubles. Half of the coverage being useless and unwarranted! This filthy discourse has to change. You cannot tell the news media what they should do or what nonsensical debates they should hold. That’s their business. But given that their entire campaign for years has been anti-Modi, especially anti-Hindu the BJP is foolishly playing a part in the same filth even after the elections.

It wasn’t even a week since he was appointed I&B Minister that Prakash Javdekar grandly announced he would seek discussions with the media on 100% FDI in media. Amazing! I wonder how much thought has gone into it. It was BJP who allowed FDI in media and now this guy instantly wants 100% FDI. It’s like the rape victim falling in love and wanting to marry her rapist. It’s not a big secret that most of our media houses (like many other business houses) operate on black money, indulge in money-laundering, fake investments and tax frauds. Everything you see in the underworld mafia, you will find in our MSM. The priority should be to clean up the operations of the media houses since they get substantial govt support. NDTV alone has multiple financial crimes to its credit and that needs to be set right. What is the urgency to suck up to the media? That apart, many of the regional channels and newspapers are owned by politicians. Is that one of the reasons for this love?

The minister or govt cannot tell the news media what to show or what to discuss but there is a desperate need for certain standards to be set. This shouting, slandering and mindless noise cannot be the merit for more investment. Now that the BJP is the ruling party their spokies are still buying into and participating in this. Some of their earlier spokies have become ministers. The ones still on show are Nalin Kohli, Sudhanshu Trivedi, Sidharnath Singh, Chandan Mitra, Vani Tripathi, Sambit Patra and a couple more. This weekend the media channels were debating the problems of AAP. Now the AAP is going through a miserable phase and is in a wreck. Is there any need for BJP spokies to sign attendance like school kids and appear on mindless discussions with Arnab or Bhupendra Chaube or anyone? That some of these spokies are inarticulate and sub-standard is another matter that I am not going to linger on. The leader sets the rules of the market. The leader guards the viewers. The channels may peddle the nonsense they want but the BJP should now say NO to participating in bogus debates.

By sucking up to the media is Javdekar or the BJP expecting the criminals will change their ways or stop their anti-Hindu, anti-BJP propaganda? Does it occur to those in charge for media in the BJP that the media’s anti-BJP rant is only going to grow shriller the more they realise their old luxuries have disappeared under the Modi govt? The priority should be to set up proper standards for media conduct. There is a desperate need for an independent autonomous body that will enforce fairness in news reporting and protect the viewers from lies and propaganda. Has Javdekar even thought of this? And this autonomous body, after formation, should be free from govt and the media. It should have respectable citizens with a record of honesty and sense of fair-play. How the body will continue after its initial formation independently of the govt and media is a matter of mechanism. The govt’s job should only be to fund it. The PCI, currently headed by M Katju, also needs a complete revamp. These should be top concerns of Javdekar and BJP and not sucking up and feeding money to the media.

For 12 years the media hounded Modi using fake news, lies and fraudulent operators. Is the BJP going to ask any questions or let things stay as they are? Most members of the BJP are as disconnected with people as the media is. If not for Modi they would have suffered another defeat. Modi has called most of the media propagandists “Newstraders”. I call most of them criminals who feed poison into our society. This is a significant tweet by Modi that the BJP members and spokies would do well to save and keep in mind:

He has been restrained and kind. What he excluded was “lies and propaganda of MSM” could not succeed because of social media. The BJP and their spokies would do well to strengthen the SM reach and network. Invest energy and money in ensuring more people are connected and opened to truth, correct history and understand the lies of the Commie media. The MSM will continue to do what it wants. Their job is to LIE and twist matters. BJP need not be defensive or be an active participant in their filth. Participation in their bogus debates is not obligatory for the party or the govt. The govt is answerable to people and if at all it has to interact through media then regular pressers should be used with a Q&A.

It is important that while media funding needs are attended to, the course and quality of discourse is given the highest priority. Earlier the news media was considered the protector of people against evils of govt. Now it’s the people that need to be protected from the evils of the MSM. BJP would do well to learn some lessons and not play a lapdog to media.


  1. There is absolutely no need for BJP to participate in phoney TV debates. BJP can hold regular press conferences at it's offices in Delhi and state capitals and express its views.

    1. True. But why none of our ministers from center has uttered a single word about incidents in UP or in Pune? Internal security is Government's responsibility. More importantly, its the job of Government to assure people of security. How can they remain silent?

    2. Law and order is a state subject. Until and unless state gov fails and central gov does ask state gov what are they doing about the situation which is not done through media

  2. I second the above comment
    Like Modi set the rules of behaviour for MPs and Ministers, the party needs to take the control as far as the debate.
    It could be in the form of Press conference once or twice a week.
    The spokies need strict direction about which "debates" they attend.

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    1. @ravinar, @truthseeker,
      you'll are spot on.
      i hope narendra modi reads this and does something specific on this. Urgently.
      otherwise for five more years we would have nonsensical public discourse in this country.
      i was very disappointed when he appointed the bumbling fumbling duo of Javadekar and Ravishankar Prasad as incharge for i & b and IT respectively. Both like to come on TV and get humiliated / made fun at repeatedly.
      a cabinet with competent , experienced ministers is a must. Or else naadan ki dosti , jaan ko khatra.

      Narendra Modi seems to be relying too much on some divinity. These media crooks are dangerous . They costed NDA ten years of being ousted out of office. NDA has got a good mandate, the opportunity is ripe to ensure that only competence, objectivity, maturity , integrity become the cornerstone of mainstream media and public discourse.
      regret, repentence at a later date is pointless.

      if possible do take an appointment with Mr Narendra Modi , if only to share this article and some good feedback being given. You are famous and have credibility.

    2. Good suggestion sir.Ravinarji pl speak to Sri Modi and request him to stop sending BJP spokespersons for this useless,anti national debates in future

  4. True Seeker

    I recommend that you write these points on the

    I keep writing to him. I dont know if they are even read, but i have the belief that some day some good might come of it.

    Warm Regards

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  5. A case well presented for ruling party to avoid the fake debates in the MSM. Always the panel will be loaded with those from the 69%to the 31% appear defensive or the culprit.Why one should help TRPs taking blows on self is something inexplicable!

  6. Look at the filth being peddled by TOIlet Paper of India. The headline of the article says it all.

    1. Yes. I have been disturbed on articles on this topic since past few days. The newspapers are trying to create communal disturbances. Is there a law to put stop to these publications because they are very provocative.

    2. There are enough and more laws to haul up these media houses , but not competent lawyers. Nor many competent nationalists as activists to pursue such cases to their logical end.

  7. Spot on. The BJP not only sends its spokespersons to debate the secular hatemongers, but it makes sure it only sends people who are stupid, inarticulate, and are always on the defensive. One mention of the word 'secular' or 'Muslims' is enough to send these BJP spokespersons scurrying for cover.

    When will these morons learn? They only have two choices.

    1. Avoid MSM completely. Let them stew in their own filth.


    2. Send bright, articulate people who can aggressively and intelligently defend the party's position on various issues.

    Unless either of these two things happens, we'll continue to see BJP morons playing right into the hands of the MSM and end up looking like complete idiots.

  8. I think BJP must appoint Mr. Subramanian swamy as the only spokesperson.The only one who is not apologetic about being a Hindu and does believe in calling a spade a spade.Most of the rhino skinned opponents including Sanjay Jha have paid the price many a times countering MR. Swamy.

    1. Why would dr swamy take on such a role?? Bjp will have to manage with its bumbling stupid jokers . Narendra Modi and NDA could end up paying a heavy price for ignoring dr swamy, arun shourie, m m joshi, suresh prabhu, bc khandury and many more.
      even now the situation can be redeemed by co opting these stalwarts and gaining from their experience before the present bunch of some jokers do irreparable wrong
      who can be a better i &b minister cum minister for IT and Telecom than Arun Shourie ???
      dr swamy should head ministry of commerce and industry ( with cabinet rank ) or deputy chairman planning commission
      suresh prabhu - power ministry.

      anyway, everyone live for themselves. And rightly so, after all if they are deemed as unwanted , irrelevant - why would they volunteer themselves shamelessly to support bjp/nda ???

    2. I feel that the current cabinet team is most likely going to fail in meeting the people expectations in a very short time. After tackling Congress Modi had the tougher task of handling the 160 club. The approach Modi has used is the most appropriate at this time. The cream of BJP will have to be patient and provide support to Modi to tackle the 160 club in a subtle manner. Within a short time Modi will gather enough ammunition to replace the good-for-nothing cabinet team with the cream and wouldn't even have to face internal revolt.

  9. Nicely written article,
    And this autonomous body should have social media representation too.
    BJP can make this corrupt MSM weaker by increasing Internet facilities everywhere in the country, so that more and more citizens can be linked with Social Media.
    I like these lines specifically,
    "By sucking up to the media is Javdekar or the BJP expecting the criminals will change their ways or stop their anti-Hindu, anti-BJP propaganda? Does it occur to those in charge for media in the BJP that the media’s anti-BJP rant is only going to grow shriller the more they realise their old luxuries have disappeared under the Modi govt? The priority should be to set up proper standards for media conduct. There is a desperate need for an independent autonomous body that will enforce fairness in news reporting and protect the viewers from lies and propaganda. Has Javdekar even thought of this? And this autonomous body, after formation, should be free from govt and the media. It should have respectable citizens with a record of honesty and sense of fair-play. How the body will continue after its initial formation independently of the govt and media is a matter of mechanism. The govt’s job should only be to fund it. The PCI, currently headed by M Katju, also needs a complete revamp. These should be top concerns of Javdekar and BJP and not sucking up and feeding money to the media.

    For 12 years the media hounded Modi using fake news, lies and fraudulent operators. Is the BJP going to ask any questions or let things stay as they are? Most members of the BJP are as disconnected with people as the media is. If not for Modi they would have suffered another defeat. Modi has called most of the media propagandists “Newstraders”. I call most of them criminals who feed poison into our society. This is a significant tweet by Modi that the BJP members and spokies would do well to save and keep in min.

  10. Prakash Javdekar, when he was not minister coupl of Months he was cornered by cheap third grade rants and he didn't realised then that Media is actually playing through their game plan. After becoming minister he still fails to realise.


  11. I have been tweeting repeatedly about these bjp morons participating in phoney debates.These substandard spokies are being repeatedly cornered with lies and flowery language. Unable to counter they meekly surrender. BJP has not learnt its lessons.This is happening even in regional language channels.If this continues 2019 is a distant dream and survival till then will be difficult.Jwadekar was not the right choice for I&B.More vocal should have been there. Dharmaraya syndrome will not work in this age against evil Kauravas of Media.

  12. @ravinar,
    mainstream media is evil and conniving. To share an example
    I had written the below comment on firstpost
    "For all those using such incidents ( pune riots, up rapes etc) to take pot shots at BJP and Modi .
    please do apply some burnol. I think you'll are burning excessively with jealousy. MODI has reached a different orbit . Law and order are state issues. If you spew venom at BJP or Modi , most likely it is going to land back on your Face. So stop wasting energies now and think positive and constructively . Even God helps those who help themselves . We have to progress as a nation and not remain stuck"
    It got many likes in a short time. But then it was soon REMOVED. The same has also been the case with many comments with many commenters in many mainstream media sites

    the moot point is Mainstream Media itself despises the truth and anything that exposes their hypocrisy. And indulges in stifling criticism/exposes So what is wrong in reigning them firmly ?? One will be damning oneself by being honest and objective with criminals .
    and prakash javadekar is the most incompetent for such a pivotal role.

    Modi needs to be aware that though he and his party have won a majority on his name and his herculean efforts , he should also give due credit to millions of non bjp based followers , volunteers like us who worked in parallel to mobilize votes for BJP/NDA. He has made some promises and personal commitments. He cannot deliver on those with such incompetent people as his cabinet colleagues. He will have to pay heed to sane voices such as yours and not too mired in self glory.

    in 2004 , i had told my friends in bjp that bjp/nda will loose ( despite india indeed doing well and 'shining' . At that time it ( the looming defeat ) was thanks mainly to jaswant singh, yashwant sinha , prakash javadekar ( he used to come on tv even then ) and l k advani. Time for some serious soul searching and course correction right away for bjp.!!!!

  13. While all your points are valid , iam not so sure if NAMO would want these news traders to go away because the people of this country consider the newstraders in cohorts with the Sickular political parties the more venom they spew, more the NAMO wave wud spread ..Also, its not like the BJP have no supporters in media. Rajat Sharma of India TV and Deepak Chaurasia of India news are pro BJP and pro RSS.
    The people are smart enough to recognize the media crooks and a lot many of them have already moved away from the TV news to social media . So sooner or later these crooks will have to stop their criminal activities to survive.

    1. What you are suggesting is fatalism - hoping that things will sort themselves out.

  14. TOI and NDTV are the two most pervert media houses. Others are either followers (ABP, IndiaToday group etc.) or nobody take them seriously (Hindustan Times,Hindu,Outlook etc.).

  15. Don't we know that NDTV stands for Nation Destruction TV? And Barkaha , a close friend of Nira Radia is so shattered to lose her clout in Delhi Power corridors that she spews venom against Modi at any given opportunity. All BJP spokespersons should be careful with the dangerous MSMs and should not jump at the bogey opportunities to show their faces in front of TV arc lamps.

  16. I am entirely in agreement with Ravi. Indeed I find it difficult to believe that almost all BJP leaders (with a few exceptions) are treating these media guys as if nothing was amiss in their conduct all these years past. Even a senior leader like ravishankar prasad also acts slavish in front of English media. Modi will have to direct the party not to allow anybody to appear in any studio. Instead, every day there should be a press conference in BJP office when all questions should be answered as best as possible by a team of spokespersons. BJP should now act as a party of the government and not be a willing victim of the treacherous conduct of the MSM. One more thing which is very important is that the government should not spend any money, whether in center of in BJP ruled states, on advertisements in the media. Instead full use of the DD and AIR should be made use of besides using the government websites for information on tenders etc.

    1. The reason some of these spokies are still walking into MSM studios, could be ambition. Since BJP rewarded the earlier spokies with ministerial berths, these waiting in the wings crowd is still jostling for the TV space. You are right, BJP should stop this daily circus and bring some level of dignity in the national discourse. They should black list some of these channels and should not allow any BJP spokesperson / party worker / supporter to talk on behalf of BJP. Like you said everyday press conference should be the solution

  17. BJP should think twice before walking in to these MSM traps.You are right.MSM are no friends of Hindus or BJP.Therefore BJP should be selective while participating in those phony shouting matches.
    Prakash Javdekar should focus instead on revamping DD channels to shift the viewership from MSM to DD.that will be the measure of his success.As pointed out in these comments, NDA should also investigate those scams against media and punish the guilty.Modi has won the handsomest of victory not because of MSM but in spite of them.So no need to worry.

  18. With verbal diarroheoa buffoons like Javedekar and Ravishankar Prasad as friends, who needs enemies? Also don't forget Vajpayee's and Advani's blue eyed boy Kulkarni. The scumbag and scumbaginis will not change. A lot of BJP walas too have a lot to hide. They will stab Modi in the back when possible. Be aware and careful.

  19. Victory was achieved by Modi, Amit, the ordinary supporters and voters. LKA, Javdekar, Prasad and such would not crossed 150. The media crooks have adapted some tactics but they are the same snakes underneath, They will not change.

  20. Hi Ravinar, your last 2 sentences sums it all. Doesn't Modi's gag order not apply to the IB minister as well. Looks like these loose cannons will undo what the PM will do! LOL would really wish PM controls them right at the very beginning.

  21. I completely agree with your analysis, Ravinar. It is well articulated and presented. However, surgical approach to the problem may not be the right approach. Let me explain:

    1. We must remember that MSM has set itself up brilliantly. It's a "Heads I win, tails you lose" situation combined with an "All good mine, all bad yours" attitude. Dealing with this kind of situation requires tact, delicacy and polite firmness. This is a classic case of getting your eggs out from thorny shrub without damaging them, and, at the same time not hurting yourself.

    2. The view from within the government and the complex nuances involving governance could pose challenges to such an approach.

    3. Strengthening the SM platform is a brilliant suggestion. However, it must be done without letting it fall the MSM way. Already there is enough headwind to suggest the takeover of SM by the same/similar elements. Remember, pvt. channels were a boon in their early days and their coverage was non-partisan. We did look forward to them.

    4. In final assessment, given that Modi himself is well aware of the issue at hand, I think we should be a little more patient and give them some time to act. However, what's more important is that we, citizens never forget what harm bad MSM can do to the society and nation as a whole.

  22. How very correct you are. Of course media needs to be thoroughly investigated. They are the ones dividing and fooling people soundly and subtlely.

  23. a well written..... Burka Dutt transformation from an ordinary news reader to kargil war reporter where held a child or a person (who is afraid of gun shot sounds) to her heart typical of a bollywood cinema and then suddenly started applying lipstick and new hair style with sponsored cloth, she became a media diva to a power broker.... with eggs and tomatoes landing on her face continuously and she had forebearance and stoic all these 12 years of baiting modi .... marvellous.... however, she did it with absolutely NO shame ...... no sign of any guilt......

  24. There are enough black legs in BJP. Jaitely, Venkaiah switched loyalties ate right time. Javadekar being part of Sushma camp would not hesitate to harm Modi's interests.
    I believe Modi is on right track w.r.t MSM. Just ignore it. It will die down after a few desperate attempts. Karan Thapar was desperate to poke BJP spokespersons to respond on Pune matter. Shaina almost fell in trap but quickly recovered.
    Only suggestion to BJP is avoid incoherent talkers like Pinky Ananad and Chandan Mitra.

  25. Guys, do not under estimate Namo. Let the likes of Javedkars talk anything, do they have any powers to bring anything on their own? Just wait for a year and see to yourselves the churning that will take place in the union cabinet composition. All non performers and known jokers will be thrown out one by one.

    1. Absolutely. I am on the same thinking that all these jokers of current cabinet will be replaced due to non-performance and poor feedback both from people and within the party cadres. Modi couldn't have avoided these jokers at this time at the risk of being called an autocrat.

  26. Its a loss to nation if Arun Shourie and S Swamy are not in cabinet.

    Wrt TV debates, I think BJP should take part in TV debates. But the topic of debate should be relevant. Note that 2014 general election is not the end of the road. BJP should participate in debates keeping in mind the assembly elections and other local elections in near future. I suggest BJP should train a dozen or so party people on how to tackle TV debates. Then they should be allotted states and ask to take part in local channel TV debates. For instance, WB, Odisa and TN should be actively targetted. Tathagata Roy (brother of TMC's saugata roy) and BarryO brien(brother of TMC's Derek o brien) can be asked to take part in bengali tv channel debate and help bjp in 2016 assembly election.

    Subramanian Swamy should now focus on TN politics. If he is not given cabinet rank, he should not loose heart and aim for Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Given his work during emergency, I think it is not a dificult task for him.

    1. @myghosthut,
      what have you been smoking lately ??? Dr swamy and chief minister of TN. !!!!
      if i understand dr swamy even a little - he would already be planning moves to add to discomfiture of narendra modi. And he would do so in his own way in his own time.
      p v narsimha rao had given him a position equivalent of a cabinet minister simply to ensure that he is kept busy and not allowed to get into rebellion mode.
      unless Narendra modi has a few aces up his own sleeve, there would be some conflict in the next 6-12 months time.

    2. Today swamy has tweeted that if Modi does not deliver on his promises, there can be Tahrir square revolution in India.Start of a cold war?

    3. @myghosthut, I second Vijayraghav, what are you smoking??? Not sure if you are from TN, I'm from TN and I can tell you Swamy cannot garner 1000 votes in TN. He is absolutely a non entity in TN.

      He can't even speak Tamil fluently, even in someone's wildest dream Swamy as CM of TN would be impossible. ROFL!!!!!!!!

      Watch out, if he doesn't get any position in Modi's govt, he will end up as the no 1 trouble maker for Modi.

  27. Ravinar, very good post as usual I wait for your posts. Most of these channels have yet to fully accept that Congress is not in power they cannot adjust to this so they go on and on in the same manner, Congress can not believe they are not in the Government and BJP is yet to fully coprehend that they are in power and set the aganda. What a pity.

  28. Ravi, you are right to the hilt. BJP should not feed milk to the snakes, we know who they are. They deserve to be professionally throttled and left to die, a well desrved death in a drain, full of filth of Congis.

  29. This man PJ is a complete let down. I am still perplexed at NaMo's choice of cabinet. There is no dearth of talent in BJP,its sympathisers and fellow travellers. Then why this sub standard talent has been selected. MSM is rubbing its hands in glee and everyday molesting the new govt with gay abandon. Bumbling spokies are walking right in their trap and making a fool of themselves. The major channels both English and Hindi with the same tired old panels shrieking at each other are now getting on nerves. The state owned channels like LSTV, RSTV and DD news are much restrained and dignified. These channels should be purged of old regime loyalists and commie brigade and revived. Some young promising talent should be hired and the govt should communicate only through these channels. The ownership of private channels is dubious and serving vested interests. Govt should shun them. With them loosing their credibility and without govt patronage they will shut down in no time. The govt should also look closely at their financing and come down hard on them for any wrongdoing. Disciplining the media should be high on the agenda of the new govt.

  30. Ravinar, more restrictions on media ? that's a bad idea, media houses will pick the "freedom of speech" to protest these restrictions. In USA the channels are clearly divided in to left, right and center (left off and right of). Fox is , and will be always right. MSNBC (NBC NEWS) is left. CNN does the delicate dance of staying center, but they are left leaning foreign scumbags / baginis. The point you missed is, where is a right wing media to counter this ?. Folks say media has to stay neutral. Have we seen that happen ? Nope. Never.Since the Goebbels time it was always taking sides. So, media will always takes sides and rakes the issues. The best counter strategy is not attending the shows of the NDTV / CNN but to start one. If starting is lot of work then pushing another channel to pick the right wing talk will help. Eventually the media industry is forced to give "somewhat balanced" news.

    1. @bpgd

      I dont know what you read. The post does not recommend any "restrictions" on the media whatsoever. On the contrary it clearly says the minister or govt cannot tell media what to show or discuss..

      Please read carefully before commenting.

    2. @Ravinar, sure, my bad, my point was that the standards turn into some sort of controlling tool. There is a danger of media creating a lie about this independent body and revolting against the government.

    3. to add, how about taking the NRA (National Riffle Association) approach ?

      "The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun"

      While what you wrote about the independent body setting standards would help, but a counter force will be more head-on approach.

  31. BJP must realize that news agencies which have foreign ownership will sing to the tune of their foreign masters. News agencies play a large role in giving spins, suppressing different voices and showcasing others in order to manipulate public opinion. FDI in media is a disaster. Develop own local news channels first based on high standards, do not create more news traders.

  32. Well written post on the Systemic rot in the Indian MSM now starving for the crumbs thrown by the powers that wanted to twist facts and truth. Be it Politicians settling scores or business houses managing the planted News for gains of whatever nature. Ultimately it is rightful existence with lean and mean resources that wins in bad times. Yes Modi may have some bad times for people in media but they will find an employer for their spinning skills and with no opposition in sight they have ample opportunity to bring crevices and cracks in BJP and NDA allies for a comfortable price. Politicians even out of power have enough potent money and muscle power to spring back at an opportune time. Even if a Tiger is half dead it is not a dog but a tiger when injected with good health. So never feel good for anyone even with absolute majority but this also is a test of modi Govt. Yes media needs to be cleansed of bad tax defaults or questionable funding but when tax matters are perused well they will be obliged to adopt right path like any business entity. However the power that media wields in making or breaking a life forever is the question. When judicial system will deliver judgments fast then even this can be corrected. Now everyone knows time will elapse and matters will die their death and let the present damage for short-term gains be done. What Modi faced from 2002 was only that. BJP cannot allow one man show of Modi. Everyone has to measureup as per Modi norms or standards. This will only create strong party and second rung leaders. yes the leftovers are running to studios for being observed but don't understand the damage they are doing to organization and govt for small gains. Hope there is better co-ordination there like the election campaign. It is also important to not defend the fake encounters of media debates because they are all designed for a honey trap for the benefits which media reaps from hidden deals.

  33. Very good article, you have exposed news traders as well as the so called BJP leaders.More often than not, BJP spoke persons appearing on TV debates are out of touch on the issues and the ankers such as Arnab,Bhupendra Chaube, BDutt etc will make them look like fools.You are absolutely right BJP with kind of uninspiring leaders would have faced another innings defeat if Narendrabhai is not in the picture.Also,look at 100% FDI comment by Javdekar,what kind of fool he is,MSM hounded Narendrabhai over a decade he seems to have forgotten, mark my words _ Most of these so called BJP leaders will prove to be disasters in days to come _ they just refuse to learn!!

  34. My strong feeling is Govt. should revive Doordarshan and its news channel. Appoint good News anchors. Promote the good actions/decisions of govt on this channel. All govt. advertisement should be only for Doordarshan. Have sensible debates with good /honest journilists and show more positive news. This will eventually push all Indian citizens to watch this news channel and push these news traders/hate mongers/liers out of the system.

  35. Barkha Dutt's double standards (or should I say multi standards) are evedent when she questioned about the tragic incidents of crime in states ruled by "SECULAR" parties (Maha by Congress, UP by SP) to Narendra Modi. Is Barkha Dutt so stupid that she doesn't even know law, order, crimes and security are state govt's responsibility? The only thing the centre can do is impose president rule in the failed states. If that is what Barkha wants she should demand president's rule in Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.

    See how cunning is this Secular Crookini is. There are unabated murders, rapes and crimes going on in West Bengal on BJP men, women, workers and supporters for voting BJP in recent elections, but "SECULAR" Barkha never questions Narendra Modi about them, because the victims belong to BJP and Hindus? The atrocities on BJP and Hindus by TMC cadre and illegal Bangaladeshis is shameful to not only Bengalis, but also whole India.

  36. “The most truthful part of a newspaper is the advertisements.” -- Thomas Jefferson

    I don;t think its good politics to meddle with the all powerful media. No sooner than a whiff of governance or setting of standard is heard that they will start shouting about freedom of speech, gagging of the media and the like. It would be better to set standards through competition, which the social media is giving them , in spades.
    However , one thing that the Modi Sarkar can do is to formulate policies by which editors cannot kill a story citing space/time constraints and the like. A media house should publish all stories at least on the internet portal. If for any reason a media house does not want to carry a story, a journalist should be free to sell it to a rival house without loss or threat of employment. A watered down wikileaks kind of thing.
    Although I am sure the media cartel will find a work around around this also, but its worth a try.

  37. Ravi, what you have stated in the above post is 100% true. Our second and third grade leaders of BJP (may be some 1st grade also) would like to project themselves in limelight resulting into ‘babes in the wood where cleaning of Augean stables’ are concerned.

    No one cares for quality of discussion. They are happy if they appear in the national TV Channel. It needs brains which mean an unending desire to read and excel in what they do. I am sick at heart that our Modi wave had catapulted ‘ unworthies ‘ also.

    In the context of what you have written, there does not seem to be a way out to do away with avarice. Forgive me, when I say that corruption and the like are innate with Indian Character. If Modi is different, he will have to pay a heavy price to see that his ideas or dreams looms large.

    The English Channels like CNN IBN, NDTV, Times Now, Headlines Now, and news X prove 100 % that they are the paid channels. We need an additional channel from BJP or like minded parties to show Indian as to how a news channel should function.

    No BJP leaders worth their name should ever participate in debates or discussions that are held in the above channels. If there is a need, let BJP nominate people who are worth talking about issues and who will have control over the jockey, I mean the presenter of news.

    I am still at a loss to understand as to why and how S Irani was appointed as Minister of HRD. I am no licker of S Swami.

  38. The Sickular Paid Media attacked Modi relentlessly and partisanly for last 12 years even when Supre Court SIT cleared him of all fake charges by Sonia Gandhi Congress govt (thru CBI etc) and foreign funded dubious NGOs. This unjust and biased propaganda has back fired and partially responsible for Modi's rise (people who never heard of him got aware of him and his achievements in Gujarat).

    Now, then same foreign funded paid media is repeating the same mistake with in days of Modi's govt took over from corrupt and inept reigime of UPA. This will result in next two terms of NDA at the centre. :)

  39. The only thing for I&B minister Prakash Javedkar need to do on how to cleanup Indian MSM paid media is to read ALL the columns on the beginning with the very first column "Time to rein in the Indian media" published on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2010. Then he will know everything he need to know or else be media ignorant.

  40. I think BJP supporters and nationalistic citizens (like us) need to make a change in their mental set up. A majority of BJP voters would wish good governance, economic revival, booming job market and eradicating corruption as their principal wish list from the new government, but would prefer BJP spokies to be quintessential goody-goody boys/girls when it comes to defending their principle/ideology in front of the MSM bullies.

    Thus, effectively, a majority of BJP voters has a mindset which says in brief: "We have voted you to bring back economy and job market on track and weed out corruption, but you must behave as the default sinner whenever any Muslim is killed or any stray incident of communal tension happens anywhere in the country. We have given you license to revive the economy and provide transparent governance, but you have no license to defend the dignity of Hindus and your core principles. If you become more assertive in upholding Hinduism or ancient ethos of this country, we too will consider you as extremist and vote for more secular options in next elections."

    We expect a lot of things from the BJP, but it is also our responsibility to acknowledge that the battle may have been won, but not the war. We are in the midst of a titanic war: a war waged by "sickular", pervert intelligentsia and greedy power mongers against the very essence of Hinduism. The BJP represents a group of soldiers who have gathered the courage to stand against this onslaught - they are the last line of defense for ordinary Hindus like us who wants to be proud of their faith and culture.

    We cannot expect the soldiers who defend us, to face the most vicious and remorseless enemy with kid's gloves; if the enemy is prepared with machine-guns, we cannot let our soldiers march to the war front with stone-age weapons.

  41. I&B should have been given to Meenakshi Lekhi. Lekhi, Smriti and NirmalaS were the best spokies of BJP, Modi rightly rewarded Smriti and Nirmala but left MeenakshiL. The way she fought MSM crooks and the so called intellectual morons like Aarthi, Kumar Ketkar etc etc in the debates related to snoopgate was highly commendable.

    Media morons are too happy to have the pathetic PrakashJ as I&B minister. MeenakshiL as I&B minister would have been the fitting reply to those morons. In the current lot, Nalin Kohli is the best. SidhardhNath Singh and Sudansu Trivedi are miserable, they have filled the shoes of Ravishanker Prasad and PrakashJ I guess

  42. "Murders unfortunately happen but why the hype on “Muslim”?"... He was murdered for being a muslim.. While I enjoy your articles, you are no different from them...if they are blinded by leftist ideology transformed to Modi-hatred, you are blinded by right wing ideology transformed to "Modi Bhakt".. As of today there is no difference between blogs/posts/news and MediaCrooks qualify as media owing to its readership..probably you should uncover yourself being the part of MSM. BTW did u tutor Jaggi..he is doing it overly obsessive to the point he is Rajdeep/Burkha ^ Rajdeep/Burkha

  43. Auction of “Padma Shri” (India’s most prestigious award):

    Following journos have been awarded “Padma Shri” award

    1. Rajdeep Sardesai - for coverage of Gujarat Riots
    2. Barkha Dutt - for being pro Sonia & Rahul Gandhi (I am sure by getting this award just by doing Chaploosi, she must be feeling so proud!)

    1. Rajdeep Sardesai:
    - Cash for Votes (hypocrisy about sting operation)
    - Spreading communal hatred during Gujarat Riots by hate-spitting propaganda through various discussions/interviews/news shaw
    - Patronising Dawood Ibrahim (India’s most wanted criminal)
    - Accumulating illegal wealth by being a News trader (52 Crore bungalow)
    - Tax evasion (by News Holding co., Bank loan and money laundering)

    2. Barkha Dutt:
    - Unethical Live reporting during Kargil war and 26/11 Attack
    - Being Dalal in big “Radia Gate” scandal (and selling/negotiating Cabinet birth)
    - “Dehati Aurat” controversy (hiding true story or insulting remarks made by Pakistani PM Mr Nawaz Sharif against our PM Mr Manmohan Singh)
    - Describing Gujaratis as "traditionally effete people"
    - Instigating communal hatred by all means
    - Reporting unethical, misleading and twisted news on a daily basis to incite violence
    Hopping, our new prime minster Mr Modi will do something about it. They should be charged under criminal law.

    (Note: To find out more about these criminals, please visit their Wikipedia page)

  44. @Ravi

    I agree with your comments and suggestions. However look at past 12 years same media is bashing, still NAMO stands firm.

    He is in govt have stated clearly that he will follow constitution. In democracy such MSM also exist. If NAMO shut their shop then they will show world that see he more like dictator. He knows how to tackle with such MSM . Thats why he have open Facebook account and have all latest PMO updates in it and also on twitter.

    Now question is regarding MSM. Let them die with their own destiny. He is concentrating on grassroot for education, basic amenities , jobs , agriculture. If people does not have time to sit free then they will not have time to watch this MSM.

    Better we should look now to make people more aware of their local/state situation. Let them encourage to participate in more development and resolving issues. Let spread more information to grassroot people about Govt works and efforts.

    I think people already show smartness , now they want to move further. SM will be more helpful as that reduce this MSM to nothing.

    1. @Sandeep

      I wonder what it takes for you to read an article clearly. Avoid seeing what isnt written or implied. Firstly, does anything in the post talk about Namo or anyone shutting shop of MSM? Then why the assumption?

      Secondly, what is this grand statement you make about "He is in govt have stated clearly that he will follow constitution". Is that some option for him? Does he have a choice not to follow the constitution?

      The crux of the post is changing the course of public discourse in the media by not indulging in the same silly debate formats, setting standards and having an autonomous body as watchdog. None of these seem to have gotten through to you. I consider it a real pity.

  45. Ravinar, Now this was quite incisive article.

    Before coming to the Modi's choice of Prakash Javadekar as I & B Ministry, I would point to some of the questions that commentators have put out.

    Firstly, with regards to Ignoring Arun Shourie and Subramaniam swamy as Ministers of his cabinet, attempting to reading the mind of Modi will gives us two reasons why did so.
    one, both are about to cross the age limit set by Modi himself to the cabinet, while Subramaniam swamy will hit 74 this year, Arun shourie will hit 73 this november.
    He had only given this exception to Najma heptullah with low priority ministry of minority affairs.
    two, Modi seems to realize that rewarding ideologues in ministry has its own problems. Both Murli manohar Joshi and other ideologues in NDA I created lot of trouble for Vajpayee and distracted his focus from governance. He would rather go to him to seek ideas (or at best form a committee to share their ideas in governance which is probably due) but not award them for their intellect. He would not like anybody override his narrative (yes narrative) of Governance and Hindutva and both the narratives will be set by him based on pragmatism and calculated by risk of political expediency.
    three, his priority right now seems to be only Governance and training the next generation for the job of ruling, that is the reason he picked young loyalists and gave huge independent charge as ministers but also kept them under senior ministers. Modi perhaps thinks that being away from power for 10 years has set lot of vaccum for experienced people in Govt and the old guard is slowly on the way out. With Congress in the doldrums, he want to convert this opportunity by making his party natural party of governance.

    2. Some commentators have rightly annoyed as to why Modi still allows those morons in the BJP (literally) to attend mindless debates on the MSM. While it is true and I myself was uncomfortable about this aspect, two important things point out why the change is not very visible.
    one, Modi has silently built a team of advisers from this bureaucrats, ministers and gave strong orders that any information from the Govt will now go to the press and media only through Govt's official spokespersons. This tells the seriousness of Modi to keep unsavory elements in the media under check. Now the media will not get those juicy stuff regarding ministerial births, palace intrigues and coup's etc. So yes, MSM will continue to bash his Govt, but he ensured that this bashing will be on irrelevant issues rather than serious ones. You see people will trust Modi only if they see real change on the Ground with respect to economy, infrastructure etc.
    two To counter leftist MSM agenda needs similar electronic (and Press) Media on the right. And Modi can hardly have any options here. You can have a media in the form of cultural right (Hindutva, culture etc ) but not a truly political (and economic) right in India which will ask for labour reforms, more power to entrepreneurs when the country has lurched so far to the left. These ideas won't digest too well among the masses and the only agenda of the right will be restricted to self-respect of culture and leftist bashing( and exposure of their lies). Only the well read will understand the rightist economics and political philosophies.
    So the burden falls completely on Modi's shoulders with regards to professing political and economic rightwing ideology through "minimum govt, maximum governance", skill development and infrastructure as key policies, and improving productivity as an agenda.

    As for Modi's choice of Prakash Javadekar, Perhaps modi is thinking of abolishing I &B ministry itself and rather have a regulator of information (just as you professed) and he was saying the same thing when he (javadekar) himself want this ministry abolished.

    1. You are right in your assessment that selling right-wing ideology to masses including educated fools, steeped in nonsensical Gandhian / left wing ideas for generations would be impossible. But Modi has chosen a wise path by practically showing that rightist economics is the right economics instead of theoretical discourses, which is anyway impossible.
      But regarding choice of javadekar and others, I do not think that it is intentional. I think BJP leaders are now complacent and magnanimous towards press, because THE MEDIA FAILED in spite of putting all their might to defeat Modi.
      Please see my comment below and give your opinion.

  46. I think BJP leaders are taking part in these debates and avoiding calling crooks as crooks based on a commonly held belief- that press is pillar of democracy, and blah, blah, blah. It is assumed that 'press freedom' must be held as sacrosanct. But what if press is used to manipulate people as it is doing now? The answer is that they must be treated as any other crooks and criminals and BJP leaders must state this without fear of being accused as 'anti-free press'.
    This is as important as eliminating corrupt politics- because only with help of crooked media, corrupt leaders were crowned all these years. If they think that by being magnanimous to Karan Thapar, Arnab and Prannay Roy etc, they will be able to win their and public's heart, BJP is actually betraying the trust of Indians who voted them, but the tragedy is that they believe that they are being moral because they are 'upholding press freedom'. As many commentators have noted, there must be a non-stop concerted effort by like minded persons- those of us who understand and appreciate- this blog, to ensure that this danger reaches the attention of our PM and avert the great danger of making the nation again fall into the trap set by crooked intellectuals and media crooks. It is a mission worth pursuing by Mr Ravinar and followers of this great blog.
    I request Mr Ravinar to state his opinion on this

    1. Strange as it may seem, Modi or for that matter any person in the BJP does not have the same kind of dictatorial powers that Gandhi family has on Congress. While I am not attempt to be an apologist for Modi or fawning his failures to Control members of BJP who hobnob with MSM, the fact that its good to appreciate the fact that not everything would be in his control.

      The only thing he can probably do is to cut down the speculatory talk regarding governance issues. The same thing happened in Gujarat where its social media that exposed the lies of MSM while Modi was busy in Governance while keeping a direct communication point with the people through social media.

    2. To add to my above point, While many of us know that the NDTV is in deep financial trouble, any attempt by the Govt to rescue it will seen indeed as a betrayal. But the Govt also would not want to be seen as forcibly pushing down the case for fear of liberal backlash.
      Just as I said earlier, these will come once modi consolidates power over the years (he needs Congress support in Rajya sabha, joint convening of houses cannot be done too frequently) as he wins more states and perhaps only then will cut the liberal clout on India (which he promised in his own words).

  47. Many people are saying Mohsin Shaikh was murdered by elements who got emboldened by Modi's win and blaming him for being silent on it. I want to ask those people why the Maharashtra Govt. (ruled by Congress and NCP) has termed Mohsin Shaikh's murder as mere law and order problem in it's official report. And Home Ministry (under Modi Govt.) has questioned the report and asked why the incident shouldn't be treated as a Communal Violence incident. Modi need not speak himself on all incidents, his Govt. actions should speak for him and his Govt. And we should judge him and his Govt. through those actions (or any lack of it).

  48. will yu write a post on the sad state of affairs in kerala.i will send you detailed first person info on the anti-india,anti-hindi,communal acticities and blatant minority appeasement happening in kerala as an e-mail attachment.pls do let the world knw abt the atrocities happening in the small state f kerala

    1. Nikhimenon,

      Pl, you must do it without further loss of time. Kerala is the only State (My state) where BJP is not able to establish a foothold. I would go to the extent of saying that BJP units in Kerala should advertise/market a better product than the Communists and Congress in doiling out freebees to the labourers of Kerala. I am sure BJP can find its roots est ablished in Kerala. BJP has to spend lot of money which will not be a waste.

    2. i have first hand knowledge about the terror activities and jihadi conspiracies happening in the popular front-jama-ath-muslim league pockets like perumbavoor,aluva,mattanchery,kuttipuram,ayathil(kollam) and in some taluks in kannur.
      (had to work in these areas and had to interact with them as was employed there for a short period of time)

  49. You are right. BJP has not learned any lessons from their attendance in Media debate, where debate has always moved in the direction of BJP against all including channel itself. Why BJP should participate where channel agenda is to improve and enhance their TRP at the cost of BJP. Instead of wasting their time with better to engage in some meaningful party activities. Partisan TV news channels are not the reflection of people’s aspiration or views as proven in last election, so what is the use of giving your views, opinion or clarification to them. The moment BJP stops participating in faltu debate and discussion on TV news channels they will come to term.
    From TV interview it seems Prakash Javdekar needs to mature. Talking of 100% FDI in media is sign of mindlessness. How many more likes of Bdutt, Karan Thapar, Rajdeep sardesai filth, fake secularists and anti-Hindu and to an extent anti-India scumbegs and scumbeginis BJP want to create with help of 100% FDI?. FDI should be on those areas where scope of large employment generation exist and take India on fast track of development. There is enough media houses and TV news channels.

  50. well said Ravinar ji. Its the BJP that should unsettle the media not the other way.

  51. The money laundering by ndtv and other frauds of congress should be immediately investigated.But after elections Modi seems to have needlessly mellowed down.What is the need for him to shake hands with pappu rahul.BJP should be ruthless in eliminating anti hindu elements.

  52. After all these years of supposed journalism and running a show claiming unrealistic TRP ratings, if Arnab thinks there is nothing scientific about Modi's influence on TRP, he should quit the circus. Modi has the ability to make even his Parliament addresses a compulsive watch. Some channels (especially, the Hindi ones) are smart enough to capitalise this but not our English MMS morons. No wonder most of them are running in loss.


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