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Congress - A Profitable NGO

Gandhi Private Limited:

It was in the 1980s that Arun Shourie wrote a series on the scams by then Maharashtra CM AR Antulay. It was appropriately titled “Indira Gandhi as commerce”. Cut to 21st Century and we now have a company that can truly have the reputation of Gandhi Private Limited.  The long and short of the National Herald (NH) scam is as follows:

Congress gives a loan of 90 crores to owners of NH (Associated Journals Ltd) to pay off their debts worth that amount. The funds of Congress are from donations that are tax free and cannot be used for commercial funding as per law. The grateful NH then transfers shares worth that amount to Young India, a section-25 not-for-profit company, owned by the Gandhis and some others. Young India pays 50 lakhs to NH and buys off the company. In the process Young India and the Gandhi get realty worth 2000 crores. That is the Delhi property alone. If one adds up other properties of NH across the country the assets are reportedly around 5000 crores. So Young India got assets worth over 2000 crores for a paltry 50 lakhs (and the indirect transfer of 90 crores from Congress through NH in terms of shares).

Had these facts not come to light around November 2012 many of the real estate assets of NH would have already changed hands and sold to builders and property developers. It’s a lot like Robert Vadra buying land cheap with funds from a future buyer, getting it quickly regularised and then selling it off at a huge premium to that same buyer who funded him. Typically, when the scam did come to light our media was very scared as always to ask questions to the Gandhis and they still are. Instead they attacked Subramaniam Swamy who has been handling this case legally. The worst offender was none other than Sonia’s bootlicker Rajdeep Sardesai who held a sham debate (Read here) and asked the following question:

On June 26, 2014 a court in Delhi, after the first hearings, has found a prima-facie case of Criminal breach of trust and conspiracy to cheat and has summoned Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi an another four Congress members who are involved in executing the NH scam. The law will take its course, as they say but it’s what the spokies and other doormats of Congress responded with that is atrociously interesting. There was Kumar Ketkar and Congress spokie Randeep Surjewala. First on CNN-IBN and then on TimesNow. The most garbage naturally came from the moron called Kumar Ketkar (KK).

First KK claimed that he had not read the court order so he doesn’t know the facts. If you don’t even read the order and don’t know the facts why do you go on a TV panel? Then this moron carried on in TimesNow stating that takeover of NH is just another bigger organisation gobbling up a media house and all such takeovers should be debated. This is the childish nonsense that KK brings to the table. How this guy became an editor is a mystery. Mahesh Jethmalani had to explain to KK that it wasn’t a hostile takeover of a media house because the organisation had no plans to carry on any media business. The Congress party is also not a commercial organisation that should be in the business of takeovers. Obviously, stupid KK is hinting at the recent takeover of Network18 by Reliance. Is there any comparison between the two? Does Reliance need to takeover N18 to acquire some stupid assets of N18? This is as silly as our alleged editors in the media are. That moronery done, KK even made an alarming statement. Since he had not read the court order he screamed “how can we trust court orders”. Who should we trust then? Mahatma Sonia?

Then there was the “demented” Randeep Surjewala of Congress who went on a non-stop rant on Timesnow without allowing anyone else to talk or sticking to the case. Sujrewala claimed Swamy is nobody to interfere in the “private” matters of the Congress. Laughable! A political party scamming a commercial organisation fraudulently is the “private” matter of the Congress?  Worse, he went on to add that NH was founded by MK Gandhi and Nehru to further the ideals of “Secularism” among other things. Where the hell did secularism come into this scam? And I seriously doubt MKGandhi and Nehru were discussing secularism at all. And the third thing is the Congress cry of “vendetta” by BJP through Swamy. This case started during the Congress govt and naturally they wouldn’t want to act on it. Even so, why should the prosecution of an act of corruption and fraud be seen as vendetta? Not one media channel even demanded that Sonia or Rahul appear on their show and answer questions. But these same cowards have no problems hounding others, shoving mics into faces, way-laying people at their homes and vehicles like ordinary thugs. That’s our MSM for you. If this case had come up for hearing before the elections Congress would have got lesser than 44 seats.

The Congress and their members can scream all they want but they do know this is serious trouble for Sonia, Rahul and the other sidekicks involved in these transactions. Other corruption allegations involve ministers and alliance partners which enabled the Gandhis to present themselves as clean. Not so in this case. Besides, every aspect of this case is based on hard documents and not circumstantial evidence. Each transaction in the NH scam appears fraudulent and with an intent to scam. Young India was formed as a “not for profit” company but it hardly seems to be that. Appropriating assets worth 5000 crores of a company with no intention of carrying out its stated business and renting out the property is hardly a “not for profit” mission.

Feeding the NGO mafia:

We were just about getting a hang of some anti-national NGOs and we are surprised with yet another scam-like act of the previous Congress govt. It seems the Congress had realised they were going to lose power and were bent on leaving as much muck behind for the new govt as possible. Here’s a GOI press release from September 2013:

The Union Cabinet today approved the proposal for setting up of the Bharat Rural Livelihood Foundation (BRLF) as an independent charitable society under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 to facilitate and upscale civil society action in partnership with Government for transforming livelihoods and lives of rural households, with an emphasis on women, particularly in the Central Indian Tribal Region. It will provide financial grants to Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to meet their human resource and institutional costs for upscaling of proven interventions; invest in institutional strengthening of smaller CSOs and capacity building of professional resources working at the grassroots... Even though BRLF will have an India wide mandate, the initial focus of the organization will be on the Central Indian Tribal Region, centered on blocks having significant tribal population across 170 districts in the States of Odisha, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Gujarat. Rs 500 crore will be released for creating the corpus fund of the new Society, in two tranches. The society will be constituted as a partnership between Government on the one hand and private sector philanthropies, private and public sector undertakings (under Corporate Social Responsibility) on the other hand”.

What the hell is anyone to do if the govt itself goes around forming NGOs? Have they concluded all the State govts and Panchayats are useless bodies? Sonia Gandhi’s love for NGOs and activists seems unending. Most of the members of this Bharat Rural Livelihood Foundation (BRLF) are from her pet coterie called the NAC which is now dead. There’s some good advance planning it seems. To put it bluntly, the BRLF is nothing but a “broker” between NGOs and the GOI. It will “funnel” funds to NGOs of its choice (or Sonia’s choice?) across the country (I couldn’t find a website of theirs, if they have any). Who are these people accountable to? And what is the brokerage and other perks that members of this BRLF will enjoy? And under an MOU an amount of 500 crores has been pledged to this “Senior NGO”. Indian Express reports on it with additional information and about the founders of BRLF:

Thanks to Jairam Ramesh, the Modi government will have to shell out Rs 300 crore — over the next two years — and deal with a society registered in the UPA regime packed with “eminent persons” which include members of Sonia Gandhi’s National Advisory Council. Barely two months before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections were announced, the UPA’s Rural Development Ministry under Ramesh signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Bharat Rural Livelihoods Foundation making it a funding agency for NGOs across the country. And released to it a first tranche of Rs 200 crore in January 2014…  this society was registered in December that year by members of the then National Advisory Council Mihir Shah, Virginius Xaxa and Mirai Chatterjee among others. The other founding signatories include: Nicholas Barla, a social activist associated with the Catholic Church in Odisha; Bihar cadre IAS officer AS Mathew; S Parasuraman, Director of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, and activist Pramathesh Ambastha… The BRLF’s Memorandum of Association allows it to “raise financial resources” even from “international agencies/organizations” apart from other sources like Central or state governments and private sources with the purpose to “provide financial grants to civil society organisations”.

200 crores already paid with great urgency and 300 crores to be paid over the next 2 years. Sounds like the govt created a Greenpeace for itself. It is worse than that if you consider that all the salaries and other expenses of this body will be borne out of public funds. There is only one way to see it. This BRLF is an immoral baby of an outgoing govt with no purpose but to favour the “pet” NGO operators of the Congress and Sonia Gandhi. This immoral act was carried out by none other than Jairam Ramesh who had interesting things to say about NGOs himself:

You can read the whole story about Jairam Ramesh calling many NGOs a “mafia” here. And here is what he exactly said in according to IE’s report of September 25, 2013:

Our experience with NGOs in some states has not been good. In different states, we have seen that NGOs have become a racket. And this racket has been formed because politicians and NGOs have developed a close association," Ramesh said, adding that most NGOs are either in the name of one or the other politician's wife, son, daughter or some relative. "It has become a mafia," he said, adding that "there are some states like Maharashtra, Gujarat... where some NGOs are doing good work". Ramesh said that it was the strategy of the government to give less importance to NGOs than they used to get earlier. Elaborating further, he said that it was important to work with elected institutions like state governments and gram panchayats. He added that NGOs would be working in those places where the number of these (elected) institutions was less”.

Jairam Ramesh says the above after having formed the BRFL just a few days prior in the same month of September 2013. So it does appear that the BRFL was not created by Ramesh’s conviction but more out compulsion from other “clever” political superiors. If you look at the areas that BRLF has chosen to concentrate on, all of them have state govts and panchayats. So this farce was played out for the pleasure of someone it seems. There is only one way to reverse this. A govt cannot back out of an MOU but it must wind up the NGO (BRLF) itself or its partnership with it. Govt cannot become an NGO. The 200 crores already thrown away should best be accounted for properly and no further amounts should be paid to this “Broker NGO”. Whether it takes an ordinance or any other act there is no way the GOI should fund such NGOs of “fancy” of certain individuals.

Going by both, the National Herald scam and the formation of this NGO broker BRLF, there cannot be any doubt that the Congress party itself is a party of NGO for profits. The cases must be dealt with severely to set precedents so that other govts or parties do not indulge in such corrupt acts. There are many politicians in the ruling BJP also who are connected or involved with some spurious NGOs. They should declare it, withdraw from it or be investigated along with other fraudulent NGOs. 

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NGO Funding & Agitation Technology - Part 4 #Political Nexus

There used to be a MacArthur Foundation operation in India but their website now seems to have disappeared. Between 1986 and 2004 this MacArthur is reported to have provided some $28 Mn in funding to various NGOs in India. The head of the Indian chapter was a lady named Poonam Muttreja. Below is the organisation she is currently heading and operating:

On the face of it there is nothing unusual about her or about this PFI. She is the wife of AK Shiva Kumar. Now who is Shiva Kumar? He was a member of Sonia Gandhi’s pet coterie called NAC. Some members of this NAC are connected to a world wide web of NGOs and how they operate is a maze and probably even involves money-laundering in some cases. We have to wonder how the NGOs of some of the NAC members get vast foreign and domestic funds. Obviously, the funds get directed to these NGOs probably because of directions given by political forces. Among the members of NAC were Aruna Roy, Teesta Setalvad, Harsh Mander and others like Shabnam Hashmi were involved in govt projects under the Congress. Not surprisingly, some of these members were anti-Narendra Modi, scavengers of the Gujarat 2002 riots and consistently trashed any progress that Gujarat claimed under Modi. So these tweets by Ram Guha when the IB report came out are on predictable lines:

I believe Ram Guha didn’t get a job at the RajivG Foundation maybe that is why he is against him and a perfect Nehru admirer. But that apart, he seems to think IB is in “sycophantic” praise of the Gujarat Model. This is the problem with “intellectual morons”. They will see one word or phrase and conclude what their imagination desires. Let’s read what the IB actually said:

The report doesn’t praise the Gujarat model but clearly alleges some NGOs are being funded to trash the progress in Gujarat under Modi. And that is hard to believe? We have seen hundreds of people (including Private M Katju) who have operated a factory to trash anything about Gujarat; most of it with fake data. But what about the funding? That makes interesting reading:

Who or what is MARAG? It is operated by one Neeta Pandya, wife of Lalji Desai. Laljibhai joins Congress and is overnight made a general secretary. Congress believes in talent so they promote newcomers quickly. Don’t they? For the benefit of cribbers like Ram Guha, long before IB’s report DeshGujarat had put up a complete report on the anti-Gujarat/anti-Modi NGOs. Here’s an excerpt:

In year 2009-10 foreign fund of Rs. 16440994.00 was transferred to MARAG from Canada and Italy. Some other fund was transferred through India based foreign agencies. MARAG received Rs 87,47,350 from Italy, Rs 70,68,105 from India branches of foreign organizations and Rs 6,02,100 from Canada. All fund was sourced for the purpose of “rural development”. In year 2010-11 Lalji Desai’s organization MARAG received Rs 1,12,66,365 in same bank account described above. While the sum of Rs 10,99,875 was received from Canada, the rest of the foreign fund of Rs 1,03,47,074 was sourced through Indian branches of foreign organizations such as Child Relief and You, Save the Children and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. We generally believe that Indian branches of ‘Save The Children’ and ‘Child Relief and You’ bring foreign funds to India for the benefits of children, however these organizations transferred funds worth millions to MARAG for the purpose of “rural development” according to official documents. Last year our one reader reported on twitter that he saw an international conference organized by MARAG in Ahmedabad’s five-star hotel Courtyard Marriott. Lalji earned fame after agitation against Maruti Suzuki’s proposed plant in Bechraji near Ahmedabad last year. The state government had to exclude some villages from proposed Special Investigation (Investment) Region(SIR) following that agitation”.

Ask yourself the question: what exactly does CRY or Save the Children have to do with MARAG or agitations? Nothing really! Why do their moneys flow to MARAG? Surely, it’s not love and affection but obviously under the directions of some political bosses. And there’s the usual suspect called OXFAM. That brings us back to the biggest web-operator in the NGO operation business: Harsh Mander. This Mander grandly claimed he resigned from IAS services after the 2002 riots on moral grounds of Muslims being killed. Okay! But he did not resign. He took VRS and ensured he was entitled to all the consequential benefits. But the media made a hero of this crook “resigning on moral grounds” to serve society. I don’t know about society but he did serve himself pretty well. He was among the first to write an article in TOI in March 2002 containing a load of rubbish and a bagful of lies about the riots. Having worked in Chattisgarh and MP in tribal areas Mander was quite familiar with God’s angels called OXFAM, ActionAid and other such “derail India” projects. Naturally, he joined Action Aid after he quit IAS. Mander was also a teacher to Arvind Kejriwal. All a nice family!

Read this article on NGO funding and activities about Mander’s connection to Jihad-sympathisers and that should tell you a lot of about this crook. They call it the Manderweb. The number of NGOs this guy has floated and has been associated with is phenomenal. After Action Aid there is Aman Biradari, there is ANHAD (with chronic liar Shabnam Hashmi), there is CES, there is…….. It’s a long one! In just about 2 years Mander’s crony outfits received 12 crores in funds. The donors’ names are quite sexy: Partnership Foundation, AMPI (Islamic), AMFI (Islamic), Action Aid, Oxfam, IMRC (Islamic), Bodo Huetten Foundation, AID, Danish Church Aid and so on. You think all these foundations have the interest of India at heart? But some of these crooks also peddle funds to the media so they will never report on their crimes. This is why charlatans like Mander, Shabnam, Teesta are all darlings of the media! Not one media house ever reports on their crimes or misdeeds with foreign funds. Suddenly, the media criminals who benefitted from NGOs are waking up to crimes they turned a blind eye to. Here’s the latest from Congress-slave Indian Express:

only two per cent of the country’s estimated 20 lakh NGOs report their donations from abroad, and that most of the money is used for purposes not specified by the NGOs. NGOs have been under the government scanner following an IB report to the PMO stating that they are “stalling development projects”. The home ministry report, released last December, states, “…It is necessary to note that the NGO sector in India is vulnerable to the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing” …  The home ministry also raises concern that a “large number of registered associations still don’t submit their statutory annual returns mandated by the law”…  In previous years, the highest foreign contribution by any district in 2011-12 was reported by Chennai (Rs 889.99 crore) followed by Mumbai (Rs 825.40 crore) and Bangalore (Rs 812.48 crore). Among NGOs, World Vision of India, Chennai, received the highest that year at Rs 233.38 crore, followed by the Believers Church India, Pathanamthitta, Kerala (Rs 190.05 crore), and Rural Development Trust, Anathapur, in Andhra Pradesh (Rs 144.39 crore)”.

There, all of God’s angels flooded with money. As for Shabnam Hashmi, the pathetic liar, she, along with Mander, as partners in ANHAD (I call it Act Now for Hatred & Disharmony) got 1.65 crores in a short period of time. You think all these lucky breaks are because of little Shabbo or little Mander? There shouldn’t be any doubt all the funds were channelled and laundered probably at the directions of political bosses. Why should some Christian Aid in some corner of the world invest in a Muslim outfit of Shabnam? For both Mander and Shabnam’s extraordinary fund-getting prowess read the full details of moneys received in DeshGujarat articles here and here. And I recommend do go through the articles and the statement of funds thoroughly.

Consequent to quitting IAS joining Action Aid and spawning a whole lot of NGOs, Mander also roamed the country and the world on speaking assignments. He was also grandly paid for teaching at IIM and LBS Institute. If political powers are kind to you then you can go very far. All it takes is “Horse Sense”. I have horse sense too, and so too many other observers, and if we had done what the Manders and Aakar Patels did, we would have been on TV and celebrity panellists. Some of us have a disease called conscience but these crooks are vaccinated from it.

None of these charlatans operate without political and media support. It has rightly been called the “NGO-Politico-Media” complex. As if on cue, there’s an article in Sunday Guardian – “Foreign NGOs used Rahul as protector”, which explores the role of Rahul Gandhi in blessing some of these crooks. Quote: “At least four of the nine foreign nationals active in Greenpeace operations in India, who have been identified by the IB as having been hyperactive in orchestrating protests against major projects in the country, "have close links to those in Rahul Gandhi's inner circle", according to a Congress functionary. The functionary claimed that "at least two of the nine are personally known to Rahul, who met them and others from such outfits when abroad". Those close to Rahul Gandhi deny this, saying that "the Congress vice-president is a patriot who would never do anything to hurt the interests of India".

I have said before and say it again; nothing that the IB report reveals is new or wasn’t already in the public domain. The media and others chose to ignore all of it because of the “friendly” govt they had in Delhi. Intellectual Morons like Ram Guha claiming IB has a new found love for Gujarat Model merely reflects his own culture of ass-licking which has helped him and his career. This is the guy who sees a single signboard and writes a whole schoolboy essay about it without thinking twice. I naturally call this liar an “eminent distortian” with sound reason. It is also laughable; all the self-righteous indignation with which some of these NGOs, Barkhas, Guhas and others have reacted. They even called it suppressing dissent as if they are the guardians of free speech. Some lame ones brought up RSS and claimed RSS is the biggest NGO which also receives foreign funding. File a PIL and have RSS investigated if you want. The NGOs file enough PILs even if one tree is felled, don’t they? It doesn’t occur to these morons that no matter what you want to taint RSS with, you certainly cannot call them “Anti-nationals”.

This post concludes this series on fraudulent, anti-national NGOs. It’s always nice to end on a humorous note. Life goes on! I am always amazed at the self-righteous rage with which members of fraudulent NGOs react. You know, during the AK49 days of agitation if you criticised the moronery of AK, his supporters would also scream “You are corrupt. What are you doing about corruption?” At least many AAP members have smartened up to the tricks of AK & Co. It’s the younger lot recruited by the likes of Greenpeace who in their militant approach lose sense. Many NGO bosses live a 5-star life and enjoy 5-star luxuries, all in the name of saving the poor and saving the earth. All of it with other people’s money! I posted a copy of an article on Twitter on such a luxurious hangout.

The article is from WallStreetJournal and you can see the response which comes from a young Greenpeace warrior (I've erased the ID). The self-righteous reaction makes one wonder how brain-washed they are. Is the choice between ostentatious, 5 star luxury or living in huts in cheap clothes? There seems to be nothing in between. That’s how dumb and militantly stupid the recruits of many NGOs are. Some of these NGOs warrant a special SIT to look into their misdeeds. But one thing is clear; most of them have prospered only due to political nexus and patronage.


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NGO Funding & Agitation Technology - Part 3 #Climate

(Previous parts: Part-1, Part-2)

Some lies take longer to dismantle than others. November 14 is observed as “Children’s Day” in India after Chacha Nehru. Children are the biggest “emotional tools” that politicians, marketers and NGOs use. I had a reason to write “Children as leverage” in two parts. A long time Nehru-watcher wrote: ''Nehru certainly did some acting on public occasions and before TV cameras... The acting was never worse than the pose of Chacha Nehru with the children. This was at its worst on his birthday for a few years when sycophants organised groups of children, with flowers and copious photographing, to parade with him. It was out of character; his interest in children was slender”. Acting does run in the Nehru-Gandhi clan. Anyway, let’s watch this video (4.13 mins):

Please help the world. Please save the world” the kids cry out. That video was played at the Global Warming Conference in Denmark in December 2009. Scary enough? It not only rattles you but makes you feel guilty of destroying the earth and leaving a bad earth to future children. You are a bad person! Really bad! When NGOs, UN panels, politicians, govts, movie celebrities and media crooks orchestrate mass fear-mongering there is no escape. And that is how everyone started creating the scare of Global Warming and Climate Change. How much of it is true and how much of it is fiction is something we don’t know. Scientists too have differences about it. In the comments section in the previous part some have referred to Michael Crichton’s “State of fear”. It’s a fictional story about how eco-terrorists plan mass destruction and murder to emphasize global warming.

Former VP of the USA and climate change champion Al Gore also made a documentary about it called “An inconvenient truth”. He showed how devastating the effects of melting glaciers can be; like the Himalayan glaciers which were going to melt because of our recklessness. The film won Oscar awards and was used widely in schools in India to propagate the dangers of climate change to children. There are notebooks with information on global warming with messages on the covers to save the earth and schools held debates on how to save our world. Isn’t it all nice?

Let me mention upfront that there is no dispute that we can treat our environment better. We can pollute less; chop less trees and care for earth and our ecology. But it certainly doesn’t merit the extreme fear-mongering that some NGOs, politicians, religious leaders and media outlets are indulging in. India, in particular, still has a large population that struggles for basic needs. That should dictate the balance in our policies and not the idealistic desires of a few hot-heads.

The Climate mania itself was exposed to have many loop-holes and a lot of data being used that wasn’t sound. In 2009 it came to be known as the Climategate scandal. Thousands of emails were hacked from a University in East Anglia, England, which showed scientists used “tricks” to compile data to enhance the global warming theory. The other revelation was there wasn’t a definite pattern in global warming and there have been periods in history in the past when such warming has occurred and also changed. Most of the scientists accused of falsifying data were given a clean-chit by their govts so we need not criminalise them. Science is a tedious process and theories and data are often hard to prove instantly. Many of the scientists were associated with the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) a UN panel. And the guy heading this panel was none other than Dr Rajendra Pachauri of India. He also runs an NGO called TERI (The Energy & Resources Institute) which is a Tata product. TERI is now also partly a deemed university. He looks like a spiritual guru, doesn’t he?

One of the most stunning and extreme fear-mongering nonsense used by Pachauri’s IPCC in their 2007 report was that the Himalayan glaciers were melting so fast that they would disappear by 2035. This also came to be known as “Glaciergate”. The guy who made the original claim that the glaciers would disappear was one Dr Syed Hasnain of JNU. Why is this piece of crap so important? Because it was made the centre-piece of the fear-mongering in Al Gore’s movie and also the IPCC report and many other fear-mongers used this piece of information extensively. Let’s read a bit from the link I have quoted above:

To understand why the future of Himalayan glaciers should arouse such peculiar passion, one must recall why they have long been a central icon in global warming campaigners' propaganda. Everything that polar bears have been to the West, the ice of the Himalayas has been – and more – to the East. This is because, as Mr Gore emphasised in his Oscar-winning film An Inconvenient Truth, the vast Himalayan ice sheet feeds seven of the world's major river systems, thus helping to provide water to 40 per cent of the world's population. The IPCC's shock prediction in its 2007 report that the likelihood of the glaciers "disappearing by the year 2035 and perhaps sooner is very high" thus had huge impact in India and other Asian countries”.

That Dr Hasnain who casually mentioned about the glaciers melting turned out to be working at Pachauri’s TERI. Interesting, eh? India’s leading glaciologist Dr Vijay Raina dismissed the claims of Hasnain as bogus and was supported by then minister Jairam Ramesh. To this, the great Dr Pachauri had the most nonchalant response. He called Raina’s work “Voodoo science”. Well, Pachauri is not exactly a specialist on Himalayan glaciers or climate but such is the stupidity of men indulging in fear-mongering. Both Al Gore and Pachauri (on behalf of IPCC) collected Nobel prizes 2 years prior for their excellent fear-mongering. The Glaciergate was proved beyond any doubt and every scientist and those who attended the Denmark conference knew this was a serious mistake. Why the obsession with such bogus, unverified data? Well, let me reproduce a paragraph from the same linked article that I quoted above:

What has now come to light, however, is that the scientist from whom this claim originated, Dr Syed Hasnain, has for the past two years been working as a senior employee of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), the Delhi-based company of which Dr Pachauri is director-general. Furthermore, the claim – now disowned by Dr Pachauri as chairman of the IPCC – has helped TERI to win a substantial share of a $500,000 grant from one of America's leading charities, along with a share in a three million euro research study funded by the EU”.

Whoa! So you see, bogus, unverified data got Pachauri’s TERI millions of dollars from all around. Money! And the one who made an honest investigation into the issue (Dr Vijay Raina) was ridiculed as practicing “voodoo science” by this charlatan Pachauri. Let’s watch a report from NDTV after this charlatan was exposed and how this serious lapse by IPCC was brushed aside quite casually by Pachauri without as much as an apology to India or to Dr Raina or to anyone in the world (video 2.50 mins):

How cool! Now, you would think NDTV was reporting seriously and wanted to grill Pachauri. Wrong! NDTV is a stooge for all TERI-type organisations and charlatans like Pachauri. Immediately after Pachauri was regarded as a scamster across the world due to Glaciergate and the funds he received where did he run to? Oh yes, remember? Tainted? Run to NDTV! Prannoy Roy did a suck-up interview of Pachauri and gave him “character certificates”. It was the most servantile interview you would ever see and it was among my firsts posts on this site. Prannoy was certifying his character, his integrity and his greatness. What’s in it for NDTV? We wouldn’t know until a few years later that NDTV was part of the TERI campaign of Solar-lanterns for power-less villages. They collected money on behalf of TERI and I don’t know if “brokerage” was involved. The campaign was called “NDTV-Toyota Greenathon”. NDTV often runs such sponsored campaigns. I guess that’s their main business and not news. They still run the “Save Tigers” campaign. Oh and in case you forgot, even Bill Gates funded NDTV around $800K to campaign on maternity and health.

Do you really believe media houses are ever going to report on the deeds of those who fund them? Especially, on guys like Pachauri? Never mind! On the sidelines of all this fear-mongering about Climate Change Al Gore & Co devised the brilliant Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX). What was it about? Here: “The CCX was set up in 2000 in anticipation of the United States joining Europe and other countries around the world to create a market that would reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Under the system, factories, utilities and other businesses would be given an emissions target. Those that emitted less fewer regulated gases than their target could sell the "excess" to someone who was above target. Each year, the target figures would be reset lower”. That’s called sound “future planning” and being ahead of time. Of course, all these guys wanted to save the Earth; that’s a given. After Climategate and other scandals broke out the CCX naturally crumbled and shut down but some people weren’t losers. SCORE: Al Gore: $18 Mn - Earth: Zero.

I am all for a better future for our children and everyone and for mother Earth. But it also doesn’t mean that a large population live its present life in absolute misery. The media and some of the NGOs have been making the current debate on their activities an issue of freedom of expression and suppression of dissent. That is deception at its best. When was the last time the MSM ever scrutinised any NGO, their funding or activities? They would not because they are beneficiaries themselves. Why would Bill Gates take any special interest in NDTV unless there is direction from some political powers? Many such NGOs have received extraordinary funding from all over the world probably under “directions” given by political forces for “illegitimate political actions”. We shall see in the next part.

… To be continued.