Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Real Mass Murderers

(This is a MaxiPost)

Injecting poison into the public vein:

On April 9 someone from the Congress party made a grand claim. A person allegedly called Shaktisinh Gohil of Gujarat Congress claimed Narendra Modi wasn’t an OBC but was an upper-caste man. Having done that the rest of the party of liars joined in to scream the same claim. Actually, it should hardly matter what caste Modi belongs to. But trust our media to scream about it as if some great calamity had befallen the nation. Within minutes the fact came out that Modi’s community was declared OBC in 1994 by none other than a Congress govt in Gujarat. You would think that documentary evidence would have settled it. But no! The media morons kept running the same Congress crap through the day. Karan ‘The Tool’ Thapar even held a debate over it on HeadlinesToday despite the facts being out. Do you still need a debate once the truth is out? You see, this is what pigs like. No matter what, they like to dabble in filth. The media screams about every little thing Modi says and does; most of it irrelevant to any major debate.

There was a major crime by Rahul Gandhi a few days ago. He said “22000” people will be killed if BJP wins the elections. Looks like the man is naturally gifted with moronery and he claimed the Japanese were afraid of BJP too. Given such a statement there was no outrage in the media. There were no heated debates over it. No one even seemed to want to talk about it. It took even the EC another nine days to issue a notice to RahulG for violation of MCC. In any case I think the MCC is a load of rubbish and the EC a toothless body. Even if they had teeth the EC seems spineless and partisan. However, it seems any poison that is hurled into the public domain against Modi and BJP is acceptable to the media. Anything! With a stray exception here and there, the media is guilty of being an accomplice in such mass-poisoning.


The mass murderers of journalism:

I call Barkha, Arnab and Rajdeep the lowest BAR in journalism. Degeneration of TV news owes them a great debt. Drama, sensationalism, fake news and even absolute lies characterise their TV channels. Despite their contempt for the man and their consistent loathing, all of them desire an interview with Narendra Modi. Like a jealous poodle Rajdeep even ridicules other journalists who manage an interview with Modi. So what happens when one of these “news traders” (as Modi calls them) does get an interview? He makes an absolute sham of it. That’s what Arnab Goswami did. He didn’t have any real questions for Modi except a couple of stray ones on illegal immigration and Indo-Pak relations.

A man who could be PM is with you and all that the gasbag Arnab could ask him was about frivolous “Neech” politics and mundane questions on 2002 that have been asked a zillion times already. They really don’t know what to ask the man. I think more than obliging Arnab with an interview it is Modi who wanted to badly slap the moron for his pathetic behaviour as a news editor. Arnab has been batting for Congress, particularly Mrs Vadra, as if his life depended on it for more than a month. Even an idiot can tell that such campaigning for Congress can’t come free and had to come with a great payoff. Modi was scoring free hits off a guy who otherwise screams a lot but became a rat once a giant was in front of him. Here’s how I had quickly summarised this show:

Modi reminded Arnab of the “filth” in the media heads and their vendetta journalism. He directly asked Arnab why the media was so bent on protecting the “Gandhi family”. That’s a question millions have been asking too. Throughout the last six months Arnab would hold debates and no matter what the crime, invariably point fingers at Modi or BJP as being the criminal. Even when the EC behaved in a partisan and biased manner the debate was twisted to show the BJP being the offender rather than a victim of the incompetent EC. It is out of sheer respect that I am stopping short of calling the bunch of jokers at EC a corrupt bunch. They gave a clean chit to RahulG for meddling with an EVM in a booth in Amethi and then cancelled rally permissions to Modi in Varanasi. 

In the RahulG case Arnab was questioning Smriti Irani on why she was complaining instead of hauling RahulG over the coals. When their crimes became evident the CEC put supervisors over the biased DM at Varanasi. Arnab’s unwillingness to speak the truth and call facts as they are and then protect the Gandhi-Vadra family as Modi pointed should classify him and his co-morons as murderers of journalism. They are the real mass-murderers of truth and guilty of injecting poison in the public vein with their lies.

If all that wasn’t enough, NDTV and CNN-IBN have a regular practice of peddling absolute nonsense about Modi. A few weeks back NDTV tweeted Modi’s mantra is to “eat and let others eat” (implying encouragement of corruption). They later apologised. Here’s the latest nonsense from Rajdeep Sardesai and his channel:

Modi’s assets are around 1.6 crores. There is no doubt the CNN-IBN lie is a blooper but the question people are asking is: “why are these bloopers happening with such unfailing regularity with only Modi and BJP and never with anyone else?” The motive is to simply peddle lies that can stick as long as they’re not caught. It’s a lot like the fake “billion votes” headline that CNN-IBN keeps blabbering about when voters are around 800 million.


S. Varadarajan – Stats-Nazi & Murderer of truth:

When Arnab asked about justice in the 2002 riots cases, Modi pointed out, as he has done many times before, that he and MSM should research the recent history of communal riots in India. That they will find most convictions have materialised in case of the 2002 riots. So Varadabhai (as I fondly call him) promptly and obediently does some research of his own. Very diligent, I would say and he sends out this tweet:

How timely, eh? Who would have thought Stanford, of all people, would tell us about convictions in India and that too release their report just at the time of elections. So Modi asked media guys to do some research on May 8 and Varadabhai writes his research report on May 9. He posts a blog with nothing much but this pic of figures quoted from the Stanford report:

Splendid! So Varadabhai, the Stats-Nazi, wants to quote a Stanford report and tell us Modi is not right in claiming convictions in Gujarat 2002 episode was higher than communal riots of recent history. John McEnroe would have said “Of the thousands of research papers; you had to get a moron like Stanford?” Because a closer look at the Stanford paper reveals a poor study of the cases:

First, the Stanford reports includes cases of Section 144 where some arrests and prosecutions were made. Anyone in India would know 144 is imposed at the drop of a hat and does not always qualify as a communal riot. What is Varadabhai blabbering about? Besides, the report does not include any reference to the major communal riots of recent history. It appears to use frivolous data of cases from general unlawful assembly and riots and not purely communal riots as we know it. The anti-Sikh riots of 1984 alone claimed 8000+ lives (3000 in Delhi alone) for which there were hardly any cases. There is no mention of frequent riots in Assam, Bengal or UP and the list is a very long one. So the Stanford report relies on police files and not the actual lack of justice for communal riots. Besides, all the cases used by Stanford don’t fall under the classification of communal riots. They have also not provided any information on what major cases they used for this study. This is what academic researchers do and not alleged journalists.

Varadabhai conveniently quotes this piece of junk without elaborating on the lapses of the report. Importantly, if Stanford had done a research ONLY on communal riots in India one would understand even if it had errors but that they had a special focus only on Gujarat 2002 Vs general riots and that betrays their motives and intentions. (There were many riots in the 1970s against IndiraG which led to Emergency. Those do not qualify as communal riots). That makes them just one among hundreds who have attempted to milk 2002. Had Varadabhai merely tweeted about the report it would have been fine but he wrote a blog post promoting these stats as gospel. Considering he is anti-Modi, anything he can lay his hands on would be Godsend. But this is what I call mass murder of truth. And I also tweeted that “Pigs will find garbage anywhere” to conveniently nibble on.


We have long held journalists and govt officials like the EC and many others in reverence. Indians should stop this unhealthy practice. Facts have proven over and over again that many of these persons and entities are corrupt to the core. It is good to have a healthy respect for high offices and public figures. But there is no need for Godification of any office or individual. Everyone must be tested and questioned. Most of all, facts have also shown that the real mass murderers in our society are in the media. They murder the truth and inject poison in the public domain every single day. Respect them when they perform honestly, trash them severely when they commit blue murder. 


  1. SPOT ON! Your views reflects what a common man on the street thinks and feels about the media.

    Wish the people who call themselves 'journalists' do half a research as you have done to arrive at the truth. But they won't! They don't want to. What they don't realize is that with the rise in social media they are slowly but surely becoming irrelevant.

    The morons do not realize that the more they lie and manipulate, the deeper they are digging their own graves.


    1. Not a reply to you... Just a clarification for all..

      In the first line of the post .. the date should read "May 9" (instead of April 9).. Its a minor typo .. hence not editing..

  2. This is what Francois Gautier told Madhu Trehan in he "Can you Take It" available on you tube. But presstitutes in India will never do that because of their commitment towards the filth.

    1. It is not their commitment but the perks they get or hope

  3. Let's hope these mass murderes find their hole and hide themselves there for at least 5 years once Modi becomes PM.
    Any thought on how they are gonna behave after 16 and Modi PM?

    1. The way EC is behaving, there is a big question mark on whether counting will be free and fair. congressis and varadhabai types can end up having the last laugh!

    2. Second the thought... given the way EC is behaving and the amount of rigging, wouldn't be surprised if our hopes for a better India are shattered.

  4. I had watched Modi intw with Arnab and Arnab as usual focussed on sensationalism...a ver few qns with substance nd national importance...Often I find reporters frm non-english channels to be asking much more relevant qns...And Modi rightly gave him many tight slaps thruout the intw...and Arnab wud have felt the heat...

  5. Good one Ravi. It is almost three years I have been reading Sandeep's and your each writing. You have done a great job in exposing these Presstitutes. I think they are worse than Kothewalis or Pimps.

    The Presstitutes have now BAR TOOL amongst them. They are allowed to celebrate victory of good over evil. But knowing them they will drown themselves in more alcohol and Beef Burgers on 16/5. Sincerely hope god looks after them from now onwards, as Mother and Son duo will be leaving for Italy or somewhere sooner than later.

  6. Well, I would say that if the conviction rate related to 2002 guj is less then it means, Police charge sheeted MANY guys which later could not stand judicial scrutiny and later many rightly exonerated by the courts.

    With the benefit of hindsight, if Gujarat police would have chargesheeted less people with stronger evidence, then the conviction rate would have been higher but then some actual culprits would have escaped prosecution. Now if Gujarat police would have done so (chargesheet less people), then Varadharajan & his ilk would have beaten chests that less people have been chargesheeted and culprits with Sangh connections have been let off by the Police. This is like Heads Vardhabhai wins, tails Guj police loses.

  7. Shukrgujar hu ,,, aap ka ,,, sahi sochne walo ki kami hae is desh me

  8. मुझे वाकई फर्क नहीं पड़ता कि मोदी अम्बानी के एजेंट हैं या अडानी के क्यूंकि मुझे विश्वास हैं वो पाकिस्तान के एजेंट नहीं हैं|
    मुझे नहीं मा.लूम कि मैं मोदी को वोट क्यूँ दूंगा लेकिन मुझे अच्छी तरह मा.लुम हैं कि मुझे congress व AAP को वोट क्यूँ नहीं देना हैं |
    मुझे नहीं मा.लूम कि मोदी गुजरात के तरह ही देश को चला पायेंगे या नहीं लेकिन ये यकीन हैं कि वो वादे करके 49 दिन में भागेंगे नहीं |
    मुझे ये भी नहीं मा.लूम कि मोदी हिंदुत्व को आगे ला पायेंगे या नहीं लेकिन इसका यकीन हैं वो इमाम बुखारी व तौकीर रजा जैसों से हाथ नहीं मिलायेंगे |
    मुझे वाकई नहीं मा.लूम कि congress ने क्या-क्या वादे किए हैं लेकिन ये अच्छी तरह मा.लूम हैं कि मोदी ने कितने वादे निभाए हैं |
    मुझे कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ता कि मोदी के पास 56 इंच का सीना हैं या नहीं लेकिन ये पता हैं कि उनके सीने में 'दम' हैं 'दमा' नहीं|
    मुझे वाकई नहीं मा.लूम की पीएम बनने के बाद मोदी भारत से छिनी गयी भूमि वापस ले पायेंगे या नहीं पर इतना यकीन हैं कश्मीर उन्हें नहीं दिया जाएगा |
    मुझे कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ता अगर मोदी के आने से सीनियर लीडर नाराज़ हो जाए क्यूंकि मुझे यकीन हैं उनके आने से युवा पीढ़ी खुश हो जायेगी |
    और अंत में...
    मुझे कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ता कि मोदी के पास इतिहास की जानकारी हैं या नहीं क्यूंकि मुझे पक्का यकीन हैं उनके पास भविष्य की तैयारी हैं |
    मुझे वाकई नहीं पता की मोदीजी की निजी जिंदगी क्या है लेकिन मुझे पता है की वो किसी इंसान की टीवी एंकर पत्नी से गुल नहीं खिलाएंगे.
    मुझे वाकई नहीं पता की मोदीजी कोई कन्या की जासूसी करते है लेकिन मुझे पूरा भरोसा है की वो कभी सुकन्या पे rape नहीं karenge
    अब की बार -- मोदी सरकार

    1. Mauza Ram! I am bit unhappy that you have not put this thoughts to the wider domain earlir. it speaks all.

    2. Dave Saheb .... I copied this from another blog and have tried to put it on may sites with writers permission

      In Mumbai/Pune .. I had written 2000+ emails to my acquaintances encouraging them to vote for India (NaMo) ... small little contribution

  9. Now time for Arnab to answer some questions - considering your conduct in the past -- can you define the term PRESSTITUTE? (it fits you so well) .............. how much did you sell your soul for to fake Gandhi family? ---- Why are so you fascinated with Priyanka Vadara? (TimesNow has covered this dumb housewife nonstop for 10+ days) ......... When will you begin to be objective and not be hyper opinionated?

    1. Arnab has no guts to reply as his soul is sold to sonia.

  10. In lighter vein -- You are a Liar...You call this a "Maxipost".... I did not know when I finished reading it...Seemed like THREE of your NUGGETS...

  11. I bet in Stanford study they must not have included conviction rate of many culprits who started the whole thing-burning down 59 Kar Sevaks. What has angered honest people of India the most is, all Modi haters deliberately ignore Godhra incident when they talk about 2002 riots.

    1. People also (indirectly) refer to dead as 100% muslim whereas dead were 70% muslim, 30% hindu. No one in the media cries for these innocent Hindu victims... All the media cries on is the muslim death. ( which is also wrong, sad, should not happen )

  12. Another great and analysed article. Recommended to all my friends.

  13. Why BJP is missing the opportunity to fix Vadra despite having their Govt in Rajasthan, congress party is nothing without Chinese Gandhis, and alienating them from this country should be no 1priority for the BJP. Now recent goof-ups by Pappu by peeping in to the voting machines is an another chance which may cool pappu's heel but seems BJP don't have guts or willingness!!

    1. RJ govt took charge in Jan and CM was busy with LS elections and hence the Vadra investigation delayed. The ground work on prosecuting Vadra has already started - you should expect action soon

    2. It would not have been wise to prosecute Vadara during elections .. would have created sympathy for Gandhi's .... it is good enough to target them during elections .... action will begin post 16/5 .......... Jai Ho

    3. Dev..Brother this 'fixing' anyone who says anything against us attitude from the BJP,Sangh Parivar and the traditional political parties is what keeps people like me wary. Hope Modi doesnt bow down to these wishes and plays the role of developing the natiob without doing the politics of vengeance

  14. Yesterday times now was showing a program on failures of nda govt. Ok if nda was rulling currently then it would have been relevant. Alo it contain usual paid morons. Jeyrath, vinod sharma. Etc. Now if that is not a hack job then what is. Since pinki didi has gone hiding after selling her sarees. I think times now is out of ideas.

    They dont learn thats the issue. Ironically they think they are still relevant in current situations. With sm around news media is pretty defunct now. Ppl fact check everything. Hope they learn soon before they go bust

  15. Yesterday times now was showing a program on failures of nda govt. Ok if nda was rulling currently then it would have been relevant. Alo it contain usual paid morons. Jeyrath, vinod sharma. Etc. Now if that is not a hack job then what is. Since pinki didi has gone hiding after selling her sarees. I think times now is out of ideas.

    They dont learn thats the issue. Ironically they think they are still relevant in current situations. With sm around news media is pretty defunct now. Ppl fact check everything. Hope they learn soon before they go bust

  16. A very good one indeed Ravinar. I also read this so called Harvard report in some paper yesterday and was wondering what the deal was. Many thanks to you for the quick "eye opener".

    Best wishes to you for continuing your good work.


    1. People assume institutions like Stanford,Harvard, Cambridge are impartial.
      Absolutely NOT. You can bet that that report was written with a fixed objective. We have to realise everything PHOREN is not kosher.

  17. One of the important lessons from the present situation is, that the right needs to create its own support base in media and academics.

    By it's very nature, the right has independent thinkers who seldom act like a group. A lot of their energy is spent, not only debating the left but also debating each other!

    I feel the same about Hinduism too. By it's very nature Hinduism encourages diverse and independent thinking and hence Hindus spend a lot of energy debating each other...and only some energy debating the Abrahamic religions. Of course the beauty of Hinduism is this independent thought, so that ought not to change. But a little shrewdness is in order.

    The left has infiltrated all our institutions and is well entrenched. There certainly needs a strong counter-balance to make sure they don't get away with murder...or they presently do.

    All of us, your readers, ought to thank you too for providing us clear talking points. Most of us are filled with rage when we see the media lies...but now we can debate more effectively, armed with facts and better analysis.

    1. The "left" is the antithesis of honest and independent thought. In many ways, they are opposed to everything we stand for. I do not consider them as some kind of part of the Hindu ethos, but a deviation from it. Consequently, in my view, the aim should be to destroy that kind of mindset, not merely balance it. The latter mentality is why our civilisation has been successfully enslaved over centuries. Changing that mentality will allow us to remove a large chunk of the shell of leftist oppression that currently encloses the public narrative and the free and honest exchange of thoughts.

    2. Nehru send Indian bureaucrats to Russia for training while Russian indoctrinate them about Communism ideology. Since than and thru NJU and DU India created leftish intellectual class which infiltrate in Government and media and Judiciary till to day. I think this main reason why MSM are against Modi.

    3. Agreed. I m a Brit Gujju . In UK on sky Tv there are TWENTY plus free channels dedicated to ISLAM and islamic doctrine. NOTHING ELSE. A few Christain channels. About five sikh chanells. The ONLY chanell dedicated to Sanatan Dharma is ASTHA. Even that is mostly about yog etc. Sometimes I wonder where the funding comes from for so many FREE chanells.

  18. I did not know Modiji's caste....Naresh Agarwal of SP told me.
    I did not know of his past....Mani Shankar Iyer told me that he was a CHAI WALLAH.

    For me #NaMo is a Shrimant Yogi...leading a Yogi's life in spite of being a CM for 14 yrs....truly involved yet detached...As the saying goes in Marathi --Never ask the caste of a RISHI..
    I can see his donation to Girl Child Education...19 cr + by auctioning the gifts he received as CM...His long range vision of creating a FRESH water lake in the SEA--Kalpasar Project....Even seemingly small things ,ideas of CANAL TOP solar panels...his responding to Wedding invitation from a village in UP...his Tweets/Phone to a Bengali family stranded in Kedarnath...
    I can go on and on ....

  19. Hi Ravinar,

    I thought Arnab would ask intelligent questions to Modi (eg: IITs, river interlinking, how modi succeeded in ending riots, what actual steps to trigger investment/growth, ending hunger, dealing with sanitation etc etc). Instead, the same old 2002, maya-mamata-jaya questions were posed and I am sure Modi was bored too with this nonsense.

    I have a suggestion:

    In the tech/geek circles is a popular website. Occassionally, slashdot gathers a list of questions from slashdotters, does QC on the questions and gets a techie-celebrity to answer them.

    You could do the same with NaMo. Gather a list of interesting questions from your readers and mail it to NaMo , & if he does reply, publish the Q&A on this blog.

    Hope the suggestion makes sense...

    1. Wonderful suggestion Anand... Ravinar, please please please give it a thought...

  20. 10 filthy questions Arnab should have asked Modi by Hartosh Bal, who has gone even below the BAR

  21. In my view the root cause for this Murder is the "sense of entitlement" that Angrez of India have. In their world view of things, Diction and Pronunciation matter more than facts. They are rattled that someone who is a real Aam Aadmi is challenging their fort. The "Chinese Aam Aadmi" they promoted is also falling by the wayside. When someone is extremely frustrated, they are extremely illogical.

    While Ravinar says what is said is important and not who says it. These Angrez think the other way around.

  22. Ravi,
    Excellent Article. Shouldn't it be May 9. Correct me if I am wrong

  23. Arnab et al. have been sold out to Maino Gandhi family. Those who dabble in and eat filth thrown at them will have their head filled with filth. Naturally their language and thought would be filthy too. After Italian Madam returns to her base I wonder what these morons from CNNIBN,NDTV and times now will do. Of course there is an option like that of Vardhabai had who was simply driven out by The (Anti) Hindu" paper from Chennai.

  24. I think you should stop criticizing news media and provide more information on the interesting stuff that's happening around and things people should have known from news.. You cannot expect one to bite the hand that feeds them... isn't that too much to ask?

  25. These should have been "some" of the questions to Modi
    1) Tell us how are you going to solve unemployment problem?
    2) You have talked about growing our manufacturing sector, please tell us the specifics
    3) What is your criteria on choosing your cabinet ministers?
    4) How will you solve the corruption issue
    5) Could you tell us about real estate nexus between politicians and builders. How will you solve the rising real estate price problem
    6) Should reservation be based on caste or economic status of a family
    7) Inflation is high? But income tax does not take into account. How will you solve inflation issue on supply side? What will be your tax approach on individual and corporates
    8) How are you going to solve the water/electricity/infrastructure problem
    9) How to achieve 100% literacy level?
    10) Have you thought of providing health security plans
    11) Apart from salaried class, very few pay tax? how will you try to make them pay tax
    12) Why aren't rich farmers being taxed?
    13) What is your thoughts on Bangladesi immigrants, Pakistan, China, US, Tamil people in Sri Lanka?
    14) How are you going to stop terrorist attacking our country
    15) How will you unite all sections of people including caste, religion etc? If you talk about India first and Religion next, will you ban the religion/caste column in all forms? Will you bring uniform civil code?

    1. Even though you have asked these questions to Mr Modi, I would like to answer from a visionary mindset. No offense meant to anyone though.

      A- By setting up more production houses, streamlining the agriculture and technology. Direct Investments other than retail can be a big boom for us.

      A- Specifics can not be just discussed on public forum. But we have ports and transactions visible in Gujarat. We need to work on similar lines to promote our strength and utilize it to the core.

      A- This will be done once counting is over and BJP gets majority to bring stability. I suppose there are enough worthy people who can manage the profiles. Even if they might not manage as efficiently as Congress, we can assure that they will not loot under Mr Modi's leadership.

      A- Not by asking people to do sting operations. Lokpaal is under formation and same would be strengthened. We need to solidify our base, and corruption has to weed out. Law will take it course and guilty, whoever from wherever would be punished.

      A- This nexus cannot exist unless they get political shelter and refuge. That link will be taken care of in complete professional and in business. Fairness and transparency will prevail and worthy will benefit. If we can bring down the nexus, reality prices will be burdened down too.

      A- This is my personal view that reservation should be for less-appeased castes and for economic status of all castes/religions. But gradually this should be abolished when we are in a situation to stand together on same platform. For e.g - A famous doctor, lawyer, politicians kins should not get this privilege. I might be rude, but there are more needy people out there and everyone should get a fair chance.

      A- This is a complete economical question which involves many parties, including the RBI. This can never be a sole decision.

      A- There has been a representation model for these issues in the form of Gujarat. There might be hundreds of accusations and denials, but the work has been appreciated by oppositions also in various occasions. The same development work would be taken on a larger model.

      A- Key to a leap from Developing Country to Developed country. It will need the help of world bodies as well as all state units to start some program to take this up gradually

      A- Even US is investing a lot in health sector and with changing time and globalization, we should also work over it. Rising prices of consultation and medicines are making tough for poor to go and visit docs. Health insurance should be floated and cashless medical help for one and all.

      A- Again economical issue. The simplest way is to enlighten the salaried class. They pay tax out of their hard earned money. In turn they just need to ensure all expenditure is done in white money in all sectors. There should not be any scope for black money and tax recovery will boom.

      A- Everyone is taxed, if they are not doing transactions in proper way the money is black and they avoid the axe.

      A- This has been answered so many times on so many platforms before.

      A- By being stiffer and tougher and stopping dialogues unless the ceasefire.

      A- Great if we can build our nation like that. We waste our most energy on such trivial issues. God bless India.

    2. Agree on some of the points. On tax, I believe all assessees upto Rs 20 Lacs should be exempt from tax and the bank transaction tax can be introduced in a gradual manner.
      Reservations should be gradually phased out in the next 10 years. Instead Cash assistance / subsidies to encourage education / improve competitiveness should be provided to economically weaker sections of SC/ST/OBC. No new reservations to be done.

  26. Injustice to Real Pigs:
    “Pigs will find garbage anywhere” to conveniently nibble on...
    PIGS, Presstitutes in Good Society(pseudo pigs)can be defined as those detested beings that are reared and trained by their masters to perform tricks and tasks so as to entertain themselves and mock others.
    *Pseudo PIGS are both omnivores and cannibals, unlike de real ones..
    *De real ones have an excellent sense of smell and so are used to hunt, de pseudo ones can only smell stink n Shit( trained to..)
    *De real ones are used for their meat, hairs and leather, de pseudo ones for their unflinching devotion towards their masters. In fact de pseudo ones mimic de sound of de real ones too(OINK- Only Indian National Khangress)
    *Real ones are frequently alluded to in proverbs, idioms and folk arts... Pseudo ones, mostly in social media( morons...)
    *Pig toilets, to help clear human feces... PIGS media, to clear His Masters feces...
    *Real ones if not monitored, can cause ecological imbalance and potential environmental hazards..Pseudo ones are already doing that ....
    *Real ones harbour parasites and cause diseases. De pseudo ones harbour malice and are potential threats to society.
    Final word: Though the real and pseudo pigs have many similar traits and behavioral characters, I still feel it is unjustifiable to compare Arnab, bharka, rajdeep et al who represent de pseudo variety to de REAL ones...

  27. With this kind of hostility from EC; subservience , Moro nary , corruption of media ; collusion of political parties - would Modi will yet get a majority ??? Especially when EC is so blatantly biased ---- booth capture /silent capture has been rampant and no concrete steps taken ?? voter rolls have been rigged and no repoll done ???
    EVM rigging and no concrete assurance being given on its neutrality ??

    Democracy is being rigged and yet the evils are being blacked out /downplayed . And indians are being conned and nothing happens. so not sure what awaits us all on May 16th.

    If it is a stable Modi Sarkaar - it would be one resounding slap on evil and beginning of a new phase of Hope and Optimism for India.

    if not - it is scary.

  28. All is coming to an end hope fully on 16th May.Arnab tied himself in to knots during that interview but our VARDABHAI thought that Modi tied him self in to knots - refer to his article in FIRST.POST.Com. MSM deliberately ignored Modi's very statesman like reply about difference between running a government and running the nation.[ सरकार चलाना और देश चलाना] Arnab tried his best to keep the interview at the level of was left to Modi to raise it to the level of a PM candidate.Now we know why he is not enamored of such interviews by ruffians like Arnab or RS or Thapar.They all want debate on the gutter.those days are over now.After 16th May, if at all they interview him, the issues will be much more serious than these frivolities about castes and creeds.

  29. I just wanted to add one thing to the observation made by MediaCrooks, I was regular watcher of Times Now debate since 5 years, but the level it stooped seems to be more pathetic, shameful, biased, Pseudo Journalism & Anti-Indian (I dare to say). The people are no longer fooled by the Pseudo Journalism as they are aware of their mala fide intentions.

    Please grow up Journalists, you need to be truthful to this Country & its people. You may have your own agenda, but your filth is destroying this Country as a whole. Many of us has already stopped watching the channels and adapted to SM, which is way ahead of them.

    Thanks Ravinar, for eye-opening articles.

  30. Hey crook, I think you are misleading here

    alleged that the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate was triggering anger by "telling lies".

    "Official figures show that 22,000 people died due to terrorism during the five year rule of NDA which was 800 during the five year period of Congress-led UPA," Gandhi told an election rally in Gopalganj in Bihar.

    Accusing Modi and BJP of 'triggering anger' by telling "lies", Gandhi said "They criticize us for failing to fight terrorism and protect the honor of soldiers and say they will show how to fight against terrorism."

    The Congress vice president claimed that ever since he 'exposed the myth' of the Gujarat model of development, Modi had stopped talking about it.

    While the Congress, he said, thought about all classes of people, for the BJP "the nation belongs to one religion, caste or two-three businessmen." Gandhi said that Modi's 'tall promises' of empowering women and laying the blueprint for economic development of the country was no better than the NDA government's 'Indian Shining' slogan.

    1. Rahul is the VP of congress party which is opposed to BJP in general and Modi in particular and you quote him to emphasize your point. Does it not sound illogical.

      How about this link that brings out the Lie of Rahul.

  31. Doing away with 67 years of misinformation campaign will be a difficult task for Modi.. But atleast beginning has to be made. Shastri had a short stint , so couldn't do much to alter. Vajpayee made some difference but was not visible much to people.So all our hopes ride on Modi. MSM is totally gutter for sure. TimesNow run a Series called Modi. There Anchor asks a question to someone, Whether Development in Gujarat is Minority appeasement of Modi? Now this needs real brain to ask such a Question and reminded me of 2008 Crisis , when it was Famously said for AIG, that to loose $100bn , u have to do some greatest dumb things. Media i suppose is going through their 2008 crisis.

  32. Hi Ravinar, Surprisingly Reverse Opinion about MSM and Intl Journos by Zahir Janmohamed at

  33. Isn't it curious but that we should resort to a report from Stanford to verify vouch for happenings in our country? Does anyone wonder why Stanford should research the Gujurat riots? Does anyone realise the nonsense that goes on in Western universities under the heading research? Does anyone know that American research has been discredited for corrupt practices in peer review? What do you think Rajeev Malhotra's grouse is about the publications coming out of such 'research'?
    And this is just one such instance. Think economics. And you realise how much manipulation there is in the American system. Only those who peddle the line of vested interests survive in their varsities. Americans have the ability to make sense of even shit!

    I for one would NEVER believe any pronouncements that come from the west on our internal affairs. PLEASE READ ARUN SHOURIE'S BOOK ON AMBEDKAR. You will realise how successful the British were in manipulating Indians. The whole policy of reservation sprang from the British. Look it up. The idea of separate electorates was a British invention to split India.


  34. I have been long time reader of this blog. You have done very good job of highlighting and exposing these media crooks.
    However what can be the permanent solution to stop these biased/Paid crooks peddling lies?
    It's too naive to believe that they will stop automatically once Modi govt. comes to power.
    They didn't stop while NDA govt. was in power.
    Instead there hatred for Modi will make them more hostile. If govt. takes any action these people will cry out laud about killing freedom of press, fascism etc.
    Modi will have to do something quickly otherwise these people will make it impossible for govt. to function.

  35. Your analysis is praiseworthy.
    Arnab, came into focus in Nov 2008 during Mumbai terrorist attack. Gained popularity due to his concern for victims. However, he grossly misused the faith we all put in him. I spotted watching times Now in Feb2014, for by then their intentions were clear as can be.
    Every effort from these PIGS is directed towards either gaining positives for. Gandhi traitors dynasty or for downgrading Modi n otherwise projecting that alms seeking kejriwal.
    In true sense, these channels have carried out mas murders. In turn, we should carry out mass boycott of these news traitors.

  36. very true ..every nationalist feeling same

  37. Please handover this article to zakia jafri widow of ehsan jafri , she will tell how a state has failed to protect its citizens who went there in the hope that they will get protection . Still she doesnt have complaints on anyone , not blaming individuals , she is fighting legally in courts , she is 75 .
    Instead of blaming all the media personalities , first let us know what you have contributed to media positively . Your articles look biased and you too belong to the same category .

    1. Yeh sahi hai Kailash...after leading a mob to kill innocent hindus Jafri should get protection!!! and any family member would obviously not be able to see things impartially but atleast this blog has the balls to call things as they are...Media has fooled several ppl like u and whatever personal motives, guys like u never improve!!

    2. @ Rocky : So a state can leave its citizens as it is . Please don't comment without knowing facts , I am not writing about ehsan jafri alone its abt the people who went to his colony-gulbarg society safety , even though police station was within a km and commissioners office was within 2 km they have not been protected . If ehsan jafri has led a mob he should have been arrested , this is also a failure of state govt , as per your argument why state govt has let him roam free ? For you people those who write against failure of a state govt are the ones fooled by media and you guys who support the govts failure are smart ones . Yes I don't want to improve myself among the group like you , let me stay at the same level . Lets have the guts to call spade a spade whether its cong or bjp or any regional party . Lets not fall into hero worship trap . If we believe in US presidential form of election then parties should have internal democracy and candidates need to be selected by the party members through primaries .

    3. @kailash: Here is a link which would tell you all what you hear about zakia jafri is not entirely true.
      Please note that Zafar Sareshwala and Rais Khan were natives and had suffered the riots. They are much more credible than the "Real Mass Murderers".

      Here is another link which you will not see in the MSM cartel.

      Read and continue your research and you will find that Modi is not as bad as is being demonized.

    4. @ sns

      your first link has contradictory information and second one is not a neutral website .

      First link Haren pandya was denied ticket due to his role in riots , every one knows that Modi wanted to contest from Ellis Bridge and sideline Haren Pandya since he opposed him . Dont drag me into another controversy through your links . Here iam not talking about the NGO's or kith and kin of jafri , i am talking about the states failure to protect people in gulbarg society . Do you still say people were not murdered ? Even if they have been murdered by their own community or other parties why state has failed to protect them even after multiple attempts ?

    5. Dear Kailash,
      Try to know these or better still verify these statements.
      1. Mr Ehsan Jafri have a history of active participation in leading murderous gangs in hindu-muslim riots in past ,[ This information just to empasise that I don't have any symapathy with a fallen criminal ].
      2.The prime accused in killing of Mr Jafri is a long time Congressman and a trusted aide of Delhi based Congress Leaders.
      3.The investigation by state is over in 2005 or 2006 and with evidences the probability of conviction of this Congressman his very high.
      4.Enter another CongressWoman , Ms Teesta , who files a case to stay the proceeding in court [ the aim is obviously to protect the killers, slave of Sonia Congress] with an outlandish demand to include State govt officials as co-accused. Even those officials who were not even posted in the this particular riot-hit area where Mr Jafri met his end have been sought to be made accused. The aim is obviously to delay the justice to Mrs Jafri to protect the killers eho are slave Sonia Congres.
      5. In view of the surcharged atmosphere created by Congreswoman like Ms Teesta , the Court went out of the way to demonstrate that the state bore no ills and orders to form SIT . The SIT does not agrees with the "perception" of Mrs Jafri and submit its findings.
      6. If Congresswoman like Ms Teesta , really wanted justice to Mrs Jafri , they could have agrred to vacate the stay on court proceedings so that justice to Mrs Jafri could have been delivered.[ Congis have put hurdles in the path of justice since 2005 or 2006 ].
      7. Hence , the aim is to " frame Modi by hook or crook" and not justice to "the riot victims".
      8. Hope you will verify the above statement at your end by refering to authorative sources like a SIT reports and court records out in public and not report by Vardarajan and his toli.

    6. @kailash

      Your comment displays your confusion. I have given you the links that give the facts. That is why you say that information is contradictory. Only when you want to defend someone would your provide information that suits your agenda. Both links say that riots happened, BJP and congress leaders were involved. BJP leaders were punished, but they were either co-opted by Congress or were defended by Congress.

      No one denies riots happened, but the truth is that MSM continually peddles lies and half truths. I was influenced by this till about two years back. Social media led me to get to reality. Shed your prejudice and research.

    7. You did not mention why the riots started. Does not burning of 56 children and women count for nothing? WARS have been started for less.

  38. That day is not too far when all these ppl will peddle every lie that the opposition will speak once Modi is in power and make it sound like the end of the world...this is one mistake BJP should not loose end...they should sue these channels and investigate their source of money...Subramaniam Swamy should be the ideal man for this...It's time to answer vendetta and venom with smart use of the law!!!

    1. The rule now is " you start it we will finish it" . Showing the other cheek is no longer an option.

  39. There is an old debate in 2001 with modi as pracharak and RS as mediator. Modi was not CM then. RS was a pimp then and now. But see Modi. He became CM , transformed Guj and is the PM candidate or future PM of India. If the journalists are doing what they are doing out of fear, I think it is the right time to take shelter in Modi. If they are doing out of greed then cong bless you.

    Donno what will happen if all the pillars of democracy are sold out. popular media is almost sold out, bureaucrats-neta corrupt/spineless and now EC. Most lawyers are also for sale but Supreme Court is still working reasonably well but it may too fail if something good does not happen.

    1. Modi in this video was very aggressive and this looks like was a debate soon after Nine/11.... And there is every reason for Modi / BJP / Hindus in general to show Mirror to Media... And Modi did it stupendously... But, thank God, it looks like he got to know the real face of Media and even more than that Vajapayee sent him to Gujarat after the earth quake and asked him to fight elections...

      The year was 2001, and already the anti-India / anti-Hindu Media was flourishing... See that ass Varadarajan teaming up with Rajdeep and already forming a nexus in 2001 itself... This rot looks like is even deeper than what I thought... Modi rightly points out, no Media in India had guts to take the name "Islamic Terrorism" prior to that unfortunate 9-11 event that happened... Till then barring India & Israel the west was not that much affected by Islamic Terrorism... Just because America got affected by it, and American press called a spade a spade, the Media shikhandis of India realized that even they are half male...

      I think Modi had already tasted the biased Media in India by then... And the rest what happened later, is history... Gujarat Earthquake, Modi becoming CM, unfortunate Godhra sar-sevak flaming and the follow-up riots, Modi getting re-elected, development works...

      And Media + Congress relentlessly working against NaMo in particular & Hindus in General...

      The more the muck Media / Congis throw at him, the Man (NaMo) has grown stronger & stronger... This just proves that if you are on the side of "TRUTH", then you have no reason to fear... You are directly protected by God, with a tad bit more personal attention, than what He gives for lesser mortals like us...

  40. Right now some of the media crooks have started hunting overseas speaking assignments,the first ones this season in Singapore are Shoma and Manu Joseph,and guess what is Shoma going to be speaking on?"THE ROLE OF THE MEDIA IN INDIA'S DEMOCRACY"
    These traders are peddling their lies overseas as well.

  41. These media moron has not yet mended their ways. Even today i.e11 th May in Varnasi they are playning the same game, debauching with journalism. Even if they appear fool they are shameless. This congress brigade of Gujarat is neck deep in Modi hate as Modi has decimated them into the pieces brings out any fake story and run to their masters in Delhi, they also being in the same stream run to media before giving second thought. And media ever ready to get f....k from their ploitical masters run the story for hours and days without bothering that this leaves stnking patches on their pant.

  42. Thanks to social media and the general awareness level, the peddlers can't get away.

  43. Last one month,s telecast has clearly exposed character of Arnab. His non stop telecast of Mrs. Vadra for ten days and consistent one sided coverage has demolished his reputation beyond repair. There is now truck loads of circumstantial evidence to suggest that this fake journalist is corrupt to the core. These type of people are more dangerous than corrupt netas and bahubalis. Mr. Arnab now it is recorded in history. At the crucial moment of Indian democracy, at the climax of war between truth and injustice, Arnab Goswami, let his viewers down and betrayed his profession.

    In last few weeks we have seen large hoardings of Tool Thapar in Delhi and NCR. Tens of crores of Rs. Have been spent in building brand, Karan Thapar.
    Mr. Tool, this will not help. Every question you raise in your shows, every issue you raise and every headline you display, exposes your true character and that can not be rectified even by lacs of hoardings. My only suggestion to you is : don,t under estimate power of social media. Your every movement is being watched very closely by people who are more intelligent and knowledgeable than you.

    1. Times Now has lost credibility and also viewership. Including TOI website. Arnab is sick so are his debates and website.

  44. I didn't see the entire Arnab interview , but some observations. Namo gave as good as he has got. Your ist is quite exhaustive. It was really entertaining, to see the media being roasted albeit with finesse. He also called him stupid( not in so many words tho ) -- On issue of keeping door open for post-poll alliance.

    Also , this new tactic of replying in Hindi is really cool.Arnab was really on the backfoot and I think he couldn't ask any follow up questions because he couldn't understand the answers ( ok this is mean ) . hehehe

    Plus , Namo and other have developed a tactic to overcome the badgering ( repetitive questions). He said very clearly , you can ask the question on snoopgate a hundred times, my reply will be the same. This was also evident in Raj Thackrey's interview.
    Obviously the politicians have evolved a defence mechanism, but these "celebrity" journalists refuse to evolve and we know what happens to people who don't evolve.

  45. Just imagine following the example of the moron if all the candidates were to visit all the polling booths then what would the EC do?

  46. bureaucracy in up is hugelpy partisan..prnajal yadav dm ofbenaras is blue eyed boy of maulana mulayam alongwith some other IAS. these people have no interest indevelopment despite large funds being available..sad would be all of such officeres will get plum postings under bjp dispensation as well..

  47. Modi's interview with Arnab should be made compulsory viewing for all students of journalism. The conviction and clarity with which Modi delivered his views, his demolition of Arnab's pro-Sonia-pro-Vadra agenda and his statesmanly replies to even trivial questions were truly inspiring. There is no one in Congress or AAP with this level of vision and determination. Let's hope and pray we see Modi as PM of Bharatmaata.
    (PS: After Modi's interview, I doubt if Arnab will be able to walk straight !!)

    1. Great........ India will walk straight after Modi's official PM.

  48. Dear Ravinar,

    I wish you & other hundred million NAMO supporters very best luck for 16th May. I would also thank Pappu & Vadra for making this election far easier for NAMO. Having said that, even after NAMO's awaited victory on16th May, the war would have only entered a critical phase. The war for Congress Mukta Bharat will wage on for atleast another 5 years ( 2019) till the scumbags in our cnn-ibn, ndtv, timesnow, & other hundred media outlets controlled by Congress etc would lay down their arms in final defeat. My in advance best wishes for all the "India First" followers for that victory too. From 2019 onwards we shall hopefully start to experience many foreign affair miracles of NAMO in regards with China & Pakistan where India gets stronger & stronger & West looses interest in Pakistan while China no longer see India as weak & with contempt. It would be NAMO legacy to leave India as a rising super power & BJP getting 2/3rd majority in 2024. God Bless !!!!

  49. The moron Arnab looked liked a bhigi billi against Modi. In the debates, this moron screams like anything, but when he faced the Lion of Gujrat, he had his pants wet. It was a slap on the face of paid media, but the real slap this paid media will get from the public, for sure.

  50. The author failed to read the lines between over the style of functioning of the EC which has included into the already existing three touts to the scamgress. By stretching the conduct of election with such long period, the EC assisted the scamgress to reduce around 20 seats to Modi. Moreover, by refusing permission to Modi alone the bias is amply substantiated like water in ones palm. But what I am unable to digest is even under the nose of Mr Brahma who while working in AP was known for man of rules and even refused to budge NTR to modify his Nacharam studio. Such an upright man did not object the way the EC's functioning and exonerated Raul Vinci to have inspected the EVM, Is he an engineer?

    1. When Khangress blackmail Mr. Brahma by sending a bar maid to do the nude dancing he must have fallen and then he is trapped. Look at entire history you will see how the institutions have been brought down by appointing Pappu babus.

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. Yesterday on CNN-IBN debate at one point Dipankar Gupta was saying Minority are armed and are ready to take on Majority and no longer going to be at receiving end.

    Fellows brain is full of garbage..He really needs Mental treatment.

  53. Does any one of the mainstream media rogues remember the death of over 20 kids in Bihar due to mid day meal food poisoning last year? Had that happened anywhere near Gujarat, by now these thugs would have hanged Modi for murder of these kids. So much for their objectivity. Now that Modi government is a certainty, these MSM rogues will run amok and start blaming Modi for anything and everything that goes wrong in the country. Let us beware.

  54. Well Written Ravinar,
    When I first read in The Hindu about the conviction rate of 2002 riots being lower than National average, I was stumpted. lickily you have put the facts quite lucidly and thanks for that.
    Although I never believed in the Hindu, I never thought they would stoop so low.

  55. Our dear Mr. Narendra Modi is going to become our PM..


  56. Good stanford expose.
    In addition, rebuts Stanford Report's 2002 Gujarat Riots Conviction Rate.
    In its main conclusion, Stanford report stated that Conviction rate in 2002 Gujarat riots is between 0.21% and 1.18% but Stanford erred in division. After correcting for error, The recalculated Conviction rate is estimated between 20% and 40%.

    Event Name Stanford's Estimated Conviction Rate Recalculated Estimated Conviction Rate
    Gujarat – 2002 riots 0.21% to 1.18% 20% to 40%
    Gujarat – 2012 9.6% 9.6%
    India -2012 18.5% 18.5%

    Note: Recalculation is based solely on Stanford's data found in report's Endnote 222.

  57. thank god I chanced upon to a comment and came to know of existence of such a critically needed web page -mediacrooks ! You people in Mediacrooks are doing a singularly yeoman's service to the nation by exposing wicked wolves in disguise of courageous and upright journalists dishing out lies, blasphemy, and biased reportage day in day out to poison the public mind. Hats off to you. I want you to publicise your existence . We indians must know the truth beyond the corrupt media.

  58. kudos to media crooks for exposing the real face of our topmost journalists/elite intelligencia!they transgress even the most irrational/illogical levels to peddle lies/promote their beliefs-they are all sold out&misguide their viewers with paid news cornering/questioning modi/BJP on every issue-their never ending research for BJP-RSS-MODI-VHP ANGLE to every issue-however important/manufactured bullshit diligently/determinedly financed with the cong scam money-shame on these asshole news-peddlers-as modi justly calls them-thanks for your dedicated battle against media hypocrisy RAVINAR-we are all with you-down with hyppocrats&news pimps!

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.


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