Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Political Marketing: Part - 2

All the Gandhis and Vadras have come out. One after the other they hurl lies and get more theatrical as they feel the heat of losing power. On April 26, at various rallies, Sonia Gandhi was screaming and wailing “Desh ko bachao, Desh ko bachao”. And if that wasn’t effective she added “Hey Bhagwan; is model se desh ko bachao” (referring to the Gujarat model). When marketing fails, who you’re gonna call? God? Take a look at this ad:

What do you think? Would you buy the i20 because of the ad? What would you say about Hyundai if they put out an ad like this? Would you think highly of their marketing folks? In all probability Toyota would sue them. But given that politics is, naturally, full of immeasurable lies, court cases don’t happen that easily. But surely, you’re not going to think very highly of Hyundai’s marketing tactics if they advertised in this fashion. It doesn’t say much about itself but asks you to buy the i20 because the Toyota models are killers. Just replace Hyundai with Congress and Toyota with Gujarat model; the story is simple.

MTV (MusicTV) launched their channel in 1981 with a video that expressed their arrogant intent. That popular song by Buggles is titled “Video killed the radio star” which was the first ever aired by MTV. They believed video music will kill radio. Over the next 20 years video music was king. India even had Channel V. Even lousy music put forth with sassy videos became big hits. They just forgot one principle: Music is meant for the ears and not for the eyes. The Gandhis were good for the eyes but not for performance. People peddling trash as music with sexy videos survived for a while but it had to end. You cannot sell lousy music with good videos forever. You cannot sell bad governance and corruption with “rights”. MTV is not MusicTV now. It’s just an entertainment channel where the “M” doesn’t stand for Music anymore. Radio still survived and flourishes. To add to their woes there was the internet revolution, mobile and other devices which have made listening to music a different game. MTV at least learned to rejuvenate and reposition themselves. The Gandhis still think they are the “Mai Baap” of this country.

The most powerful software company in the world led by the world’s richest man missed the internet bus. Bill Gates’ vision of a computer on every desk drove him and his business to great heights. But Gates ignored the power of internet. Microsoft has never been able to catch up. Their Internet Explorer is scoffed at even today and had to be bundled with Windows to sell. That’s the consequence of failure to read the signs in time. The Congress, under Sonia Gandhi, was too arrogant to read the signs. They thought they will never be challenged this way; not by a Desi Chaiwallah. This arrogance is part of the Congress DNA. Jawaharlal Nehru did not estimate the Chinese would attack India. Nehru had inflicted the greatest disease India ever suffered from: Communism. You see, Nehru never trusted Indians possessing any skill, creativity or enterprise. He believed in the “Mai Baap” culture where govt did everything and the wretched citizens were lucky to get some share of the bread for which they should be grateful. So no matter how bad their performance, no matter how many the scams, no matter how much they disrespect people’s intelligence, the Gandhis and Mrs Vadra believe they have a divine right to power. In SoniaG’s opinion power is POISON not for her but for others.

Some folks will fondly remember they had limited choices for vehicles. You register for a Bajaj scooter you had to wait in queue for 3 years for delivery. You apply for a phone you had to wait 2-3 years. People distributed sweets in the neighbourhood when they got a phone. People had limited options in everything. Same was true for politics. For long the Nehru-Gandhi clan monopolised the politics of this country. They replaced the British and treated people the way the British did.

The “Gareeb” fellows in the villages and rural areas had never heard any other name other than Gandhi. That trickery of “Gandhi” was the biggest fraud on the Indians. That’s one of the Congress models; the “Nehru-Gandhi model”. IndiraG continued that model in different forms, including nationalisation of many banks and companies. At least till her and then RajivG there was some ideology, however faulty, that drove the Congress policies. And since IndiraG the classic Congress model has been “Gareeb”. Gareeb in different formats while the entire Gandhi clan institutionalised corruption. At least the positive thing I can say for IndiraG and RajivG is that they were Indians. The latest brand of Gandhis can hardly be called fully Indian.

RahulG failed, so SoniaG steps in with a 3 minute whining appeal on TV. She doesn’t seem to cut much ice so in steps Mrs Priyanka Vadra, wife of India’s biggest land-scammer Robert Vadra. He is the “national Damaad”. Vadra has built his empire of land banks, hospitality and air services business with a mere capital of 1 lakh in a matter of a couple of years. Let’s first look at the collective hypocrisy of this Gandhi-Vadra family. Incidentally, Mrs Vadra grandly told the media once that she wants to be calledMrs Vadra” and not “Gandhi”. But I guess that was before she was required to campaign for her family and extend the “Gandhi” model because many innocent villagers still think these Chinese Gandhis are descendants of Mahatma Gandhi. Here are RahulG and Mrs Vadra who are different persons in different situations. RahulG does photo-ops with villagers and labourers. He eats at Dalit houses for lipstick while his real life is totally different:

Half the time RahulG runs abroad and nobody knows where he goes. When he heard of the Uttarakhand tragedy he ran off to Spain. Narendra Modi rightly points out that come elections, the Gandhis start chanting “Gareeb, gareeb, gareeb, gareeb…” The Gareeb have long held the Gandhis as gods. Sonia Gandhi and her dumb son and daughter have taken this stupid model to a new level. In addition, they have another member, Robert Vadra, who the BJP calls “Ghotale ka badshah” (King of scams). And this king of scams is also exempted from security checks at airports and other places. How can we trust such a person not to smuggle stuff? Here’s another model of hypocrisy; a “Barsati Mendak” model:

Mrs Vadra now campaigns in Rae Bareli and Amethi, considered the exclusive real estate of her family. She whines and claims the BJP and Narendra Modi are abusing her, her family, her husband and they are victims of such abuse. Oh! Pardon them; they DARED to raise questions about the corruption in the Gandhi-Vadra model. Does anyone really think Rahul or Mrs Vadra give a damn about the poor? Who are they fooling? Considering Amethi is their real estate for many years here’s what is circulating on the net on the grand improvements in 50 years in the town:

Someone joked the Amethi toilet model has sunlight throughout the day. Another one sarcastically said they should have at least put a door to these monuments. I think the Gandhi-Vadra folks have taken the term “shitting bricks” a little too seriously. This is their model; crumbs for the unwashed masses. That is not all. If Pappu runs to Dalit homes and eats with them, Mrs Vadra is not very far behind. She wants to show how she is one with the poor villagers and sits down on wild shrubs and eats food in China plates with them. I wonder if their idiotic advisers ever tell them that even farm workers mostly sit under a shade on clean ground to eat food. But hey, this is theatre so a rough spot makes for more drama as kids watch.

Mrs Vadra calls Amethi her “holy land”. This holy land which has been nurtured under the Gandhi-Vadra model doesn’t have proper roads or toilets. On the day RahulG went to file his nomination (April 12) the SP govt allowed 24 hour power in Amethi for the Gandhi-Vadra event. Imagine, even C5M Sagarika Ghose now asks if the “Gandhi brand is in decline”.

That she is a Congress member and campaigns is fine but in all her life Mrs Vadra is not known to have done a single thing for Amethi or India. She just finds some sarees during elections to campaign like an “Indian”. She struts around like a queen in her little Queendom and our slaves in the media at TimesNow, CNN-IBN and NDTV fawn and kiss the ground she walks on. They don’t dare to ask her questions. The video that the BJP produced (“Damaad Shri – Ghotale Ka Badshah”) on Vadra’s scams should have damn well been produced by a news channel and not a political party. But they don’t dare. And filthy cowards like Arnab Goswami talk about “courageous journalism”. How much courage does pimping take for Arnab, Vinod Mehta or Aarti Jerath? Even a regular Modi-hater like Nikhil Wagle cannot help admitting that the fake victimhood and whining by Mrs Vadra won’t sell anymore.

As for the senior queen, Sonia Gandhi, she has played the backseat PM for 10 years and supervised the most monumental scams this country has ever seen. The media doesn’t dare ask one single question to or about her. They keep throwing lies and muck at Modi. Remember, the one person most responsible for injecting poisonous muck in election campaigns is none other than SoniaG when she used the phrase “Maut ka Saudagar”. She again backed it up with “Zeher ki kheti”. Such a spiteful, hate-filled woman cannot be in charge of power. After that, any adjective hurled at the Gandhi-Vadra clan for all the scams and corruption cannot be complained about. For long, the Gandhis have believed they had the sole right to rule India. From Nehru to Sonia Gandhi to RahulG to Mrs Vadra. They seem to believe it is their divine right. Even within the Congress party the most performing PM in recent history has to be PV Narasimha Rao who has been consigned to the Congress dustbin in terms of honour. PVNR pursued a model of “Reforms” in his PMship. What model does SoniaG or Congress now have that they can market? Actually, NOTHING! The model they created and delivered is a “Crash, boom, bang” model of India:

The Gandhis tell you that their “Crash, boom, bang” model which is the shape they have reduced India to is a better model than any other. They keep trashing the “Gujarat model” as evil. They do it with a generous dose of LIES which the media parrots then sing over and over again. Even when Modi has stated clearly that the Gujarat model cannot be fully adapted to the whole country, the Gandhis lie about he making such a claim. It’s the first time in Indian history that governance and development have received priority in elections. Modi’s simple model is “Sabka saath, Sabka vikas”. And the truth is that the Gujarat model is being applauded by most people who recognise it. In absence of any performance that they can market to voters, the Gandhi-Vadra clan peddles endless LIES and now play VICTIMS. They cite fake land issues in Gujarat when the biggest land-scammer of India, Robert Vadra, is within the family. There is no Congress model. The only model they have is the RSVP model, as Modi calls it (a sarcastic use of the French “Respondez Sil Vous Plait” meaning reply, if you please). “Rahul-Sonia-Vadra-Priyanka”! You have your chance to RSVP at the ballot box. Say “No, Thank you”!   

PS: The Hyundai-Toyota example is used only to demonstrate a point and is not to be construed as a comment on the products of these companies.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Political Marketing: Part - 1

A wise man rightly said “Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department”.

Whether you’re a doctor, scientist, marketing student or in any other profession, I would recommend you read “The 22 immutable laws of marketing” by Al Ries and Jack Trout. It’s a quick, short read. As always there will be some rare exceptions to the rule but these 22 laws laid down by the two advertising gurus have generally stood the test of time. These laws apply not merely to business but also to individual endeavours if one wants to adapt them. You can run through a summary here. The reason for bringing up this old book to is to educate some of our media morons, like Bhupendra Chaube and Rajdeep Sardesai, who think marketing is some kind of evil practice. The reasons for their heartburn and escalated stupidity are these images of a mega road-show by Narendra Modi on April 24 on the way to filing his nomination papers at Varanasi.

Well, such massive crowds for Modi can upset and annoy any political opponent of Modi. Naturally, Chaubeji and Congress pimp Rajdeep were deeply upset. Chaubeji started blabbering the crowds were sourced from other towns which the Congress picked up and started screaming. It doesn’t occur to them that it’s even worse if some of those in the crowds were from other towns. It only means people are travelling to see Modi while even the locals are unwilling to turn up in big numbers for RahulG or SoniaG. It also means that if the BJP can source people from outside then they can very well source people from the town itself. Such nonsense is passed off for news debate by CNN-IBN.  

After Chaubeji’s heartburn-theory of outsiders in the crowds, Rajdeep came up with a dumb question only he can come up with. He asked “Is it necessary for Modi to do this (road-show)?” The other even more stupid question was “Should Modi be doing such a road-show on voting-day?” Is it necessary for Rajdeep to peddle filth on his channel? Is that what keeps his “Choola” burning? Obviously, these standards apply only to Modi because it seems to be fine for Rajdeep when RahulG or someone else does it. His hatred for Modi makes him lose all balance and even forget events of the recent past. As my tweet points out to corrupt Rajdeep, even RahulG held a road-show for his nomination on April 12, a voting-day. Rajdeep kept abusing Modi throughout the morning of April 24 while the road-show was on. He also went on to say he would love to have Modi as his marketing head for CNN-IBN. At least that’s an admission that his channel has miserably failed under him. His panellist (some Manini) lamented Modi’s case was one of great image and persona building. Well, it doesn’t occur to them that if that is possible for Modi then it is possible for RahulG too. After all, there are reports of RahulG having spent 500 crores with a foreign agency called Dentsu for his lipstick.

What’s bugging these hate-mongers? It’s the awful truth that there is nothing more they have to throw at Modi. They are exhausted. So they hold pathetic debates on his jackets, the colour of his Kurta and who he is waving at and so on. When an organised mafia like our media, along with Congress and its clones, keep hurling abuses at a man, the public starts to wonder about their motives. At some point they conclude if so many lies are peddled about a man, there must actually be something good about him. That’s the problem Rajdeep and Congress face. Now they claim it is all “marketing” as if marketing is some evil. I guarantee, most media morons cannot define marketing in a single sentence if they were asked to.

Marketing is a good thing; especially if your product is a good one. Smita Prakash who interviewed Modi asked him this question and he answered with a fact on products. Modi said water flows in Gujarat, people get power supply in Gujarat and these aren’t “fake” products that can be sold by mere marketing. That people see it, experience it and reap the benefits of these products. Modi wears simple Indian clothes but he wears them well. We should applaud this and expect all politicians be dressed well. And what are elections about if not marketing? The fools in the media would have you believe it’s not. Elections are about marketing your past performance, your services, your ideas, your promises and, most of all, yourself. This is what every party and candidate does or is supposed to do. Modi does it well, so the media mafia screams about marketing as if it is some evil. During the late 1990s a TV commercial show called Asian Sky Shop had huge sales advertising electric “Roti-makers”. They sold crores worth of the product but in a few weeks customers started returning the product to them and their franchisees because it didn’t make Rotis the way Indians traditionally want it. Do you see much of these Roti-maker ads or sales now? You cannot sell a non-performing or bad product by mere marketing over a longer period. Modi has been at his job over 12 years, people know what they are buying.  

In marketing, people may not observe the phenomenon but they know what a “fad” is and what a “trend” is. Men have worn their hair long, short, crew-cuts and now even fully-shaven heads but these are fads that keep coming and going. But hair-styling or hair-care is a permanent “trend”. Fashion changes! Men wore pants as drain-pipe slim, bell-bottoms and many other styles but the trouser itself has not disappeared. Unless trousers disappear and men adopt skirts as their normal and formal wear, trousers will remain a long-term “trend”. This election season, people have finally realised that the Congress “Roti-maker” does not make the Rotis they want. As simple as that! Worse, they are realising they paid an “exorbitant” price (massive loot and corruption) for the Congress Roti-maker and don’t trust their product anymore. They want to try a different product; a product that has proof of performance. Therefore, a majority are willing to buy Modi’s product. Modi’s political competitors abuse the product like Rajdeep and Chaubeji do along with their Congress partners. But people choose the product they want. They don’t see Modi as a fad. They see it as a trend and therefore the Modi-wave. Marketing cannot create sustained waves with a bogus product. One CII speech and one interview of RahulG was enough to expose him as a fleshy mass of ignorance.

The media packaged Arvind Kejriwal as a messiah sent by Jesus Christ or Allah to save the world. Rajdeep even claims credit for inspiring AK. What happened? When people bought that product they found it didn’t perform. In fact the product turned to be doing the opposite of everything it claimed it would do. They called it “Kejri-turn”. They want a refund. Who will give them a refund for their vote? Nobody! Will they invest their vote again in that failed product? They won’t, unless AK offers a “New Improved Surf Excel” type Kejriwal. Ask yourself a question. Modi has travelled since his early years, sold tea and lived as a nomad. Do you think Modi can make Rotis for himself and his room-mates if he had to? You know the answer. In the same breath, ask yourself the same question about others. Do you think RahulG or Mrs Vadra can make Rotis for themselves or for anyone else? I believe your heart will tell you the answer. So who is into marketing a fake product? What is it that the Gandhis are trying to market that the media and many cronies want you to buy?

Political marketing is as important as it is in any other domain. For most of 67 years poor Indians have been buying a fake product from the Congress in the hopes of a better life. Unless a majority of them try out a new product, they won’t know the difference. In the next part we will see the fake products the Gandhis and Congress have been selling all these years.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Do It For Your Country

I recommend you read “Burn down the mission” and “Crucifying India” before proceeding, if you haven’t already read those posts.

Almost every media house and pundit has been screaming these 2014 elections are different. There is no denying that. These elections are different, very very different. And what’s the big difference? The biggest difference is the phenomenal involvement of bigots parading as leaders of the Christian community in influencing the elections to stop Narendra Modi and ensure a continuance of the corrupt Congress in govt. This mafia is stretched from India to many parts across the world.

The latest bigot to issue a sort of “fatwa” to his students is none other than a guy called Frazer Mascarenhas, the principal of St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. He sent an email to his students trashing the Gujarat model (which naturally refers to Modi) and asks them to embrace the failed schemes of Congress. Fine! This happens around the same time Rajdeep Sardesai is at the college campaigning. Fine! As soon as the email is out in the public other bigots like John Dayal and Cedric Prakash are quickly assembled on TV by news channels to back the first bigot. Fine! This is in addition to a video of Shazia Ilmi appealing to a Muslim group to be communal, which she explained as “word-play”. Fine!

George Bush, a devout Christian, said ““God wants everybody to free… and that’s part of my foreign policy”. So with bogus evidence of WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) against Iraq he declared war against that country in 2003. Bush assembled what the US called a “coalition of the willing” to attack Iraq and kill hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis. After conquering Iraq the US set up a Green Zone as the HQs of those running Iraq. Based on the farce of the WMDs a journalist of Indian origin, Rajiv Chandrashekharan wrote a book which became the basis for the movie Green Zone. It’s a story about how a WMD Chief Officer, Roy Miller, realises the whole thing was a farce and takes his own course of actions.  

During the course of investigations and action, Miller comes across an Iraqi informer called Freddy, who helps him and his team with quite a bit of information. Finding limited use for Freddy the team dumps him, after getting some information, to move on. It is at this point a confrontation happens and Miller discovers a few things and also learns a lesson or two. Let’s watch the video (1.27 mins):

In this confrontation, Miller discovers Freddy had lost his leg in the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s. Freddy gives him a lecture worth remembering. Not everyone is in the game for money, rewards and awards. Even when Freddy is a victim of the illegal war by the US, he still wants the best for his country. Most of us are here because we love our country. The answer to the bigots who are pouring scorn on Narendra Modi mainly because he is a staunch Hindu nationalist deserve a similar answer.

That’s the biggest difference these elections. The Christian leaders who are bigots in the cloak of community leaders are pouring hate and scorn. This time it’s not just anti-nationals from within India but anti-India forces from across the world who are trying to desperately install their puppet govt. This time it’s an election to save India from these forces. This time make sure you vote and defeat these forces that have destroyed India in the last decade. This time do it for your country. That’s all I have to say in this one.   

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Crucifying India

(This is a MaxiPost)

The Closet Missionary:

In 2011 a US Homeland Security Committee started a series of hearings on radicalisation of American Muslims.  This committee was headed by US Congressman Peter King. I have no interest in commenting on the committee or its findings; that’s for the American people. But here’s a Congressman who testified with the committee in defence of American Muslims (video 2.11 mins):

Congressman Keith Ellison passionately and tearfully narrates the tale of a young American Muslim who died in the 9/11 disaster. He strains to explain how Mohammed Salman Hamdani, a 23-year old American-Muslim, died and was as much an American as anyone else. He tells us how Hamdani loved football and the Star Wars movies. There is nothing to dispute anything he said. Ellison bases most of his defence on the story of one youngster although I’m sure there are many such stories. What the video won’t tell you is that Ellison is the first Muslim Congressman in the US. I seldom use the term hypocritical and bigot together, but I would call Keith Ellison a hypocritical bigot. He’s a classic hypocritical Muslim. Let’s read some excerpts from a second article by David Cohen (the first one I referred in the post Saving Bhartayita):

With exquisite timing, Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota) is pushing a dishonest resolution that gratuitously insults the man who is the odds-on favorite to win that election. Ellison is teaming up with some Christian conservatives… who are, good intentions notwithstanding, picking the wrong battle against the wrong target… The focus of the congressmen’s ire is Narendra Modi, a free-market, anti-corruption reformer whom I have suggested might be India’s Ronald Reagan… House Resolution 417, co-sponsored and pushed by Ellison, is certainly a slur rather than a compliment—a slur against Modi and against India. It is a ham-fisted attempt to influence India’s election. While it will not succeed in doing that, it could certainly succeed in souring our relationship with what should be an important natural ally if passed. The resolution creates the impression that Christians are persecuted in India, but the primary example used to support that notion is fairly dated: a single outbreak of Christian-Hindu violence that occurred seven years ago (and had nothing to do with Modi)... However, a little perspective is in order: Of all the countries in the world where Christians are a minority, few are more hospitable to Christians than Hindu-majority India. That is why over 25 million Christians choose to live in India, almost 10 times the number in neighboring Pakistan. Given the large number of countries where besieged Christian minorities are in constant mortal danger, it shows a distinct lack of moral judgment to single out India for its supposed persecution of Christians”.

So, you see, Ellison’s heart bleeds for Muslims in America but he is willing to wrongfully accuse ONE individual in India of an imaginary threat of persecution of Christians. Because of a similar stupid question on what will happen to Christians I wrote the post “Burn down the mission” (borrowing the title from an Elton John song). This fake “persecution syndrome” is being peddled by American and Western Christian interests only because Modi has banned conversions in Gujarat. It threatens the illegitimate activities of Missionaries across India if he comes to power. That’s their fear. Ellison feeds those lobbyists in the US who have spent enormous time and money to revoke Modi’s visa to enter US. The entire exercise was based on falsehoods which the US Congressmen gladly bought and sold. Now that Modi may become PM these same vested interests want to spew hatred against him and India to try and influence Indian elections. So far, such activities in the US and Europe have received unofficial support from Sonia Gandhi’s Congress party. It seems evident to them that Modi will not brook the same level of foreign interference in Indian affairs.

What the Communist lobbies and the anti-Modi Muslims like Ellison do manage to do is that they will end up souring relations between India and the US. In any case, it is time India scaled down its relations with Western powers to cordial, need-based ones rather than support them in their selfish pursuits. It must also be recorded that on any given day American Presidents can be held responsible for crimes against humanity. Small states like Switzerland already have a warrant against George Bush. It won’t be hard to find a few hot-heads in a future Indian parliament to pass stupid resolutions like Ellison hopes to do. Hindus do not need lessons from the US or Europe on humanity, brotherhood or respect for religions. Also read: “Muslim Brotherhood Congressman Keith Ellison Introduces Bill BlamingHindus for Violence Which was Committed by Islamic Jihadists”.

The State Missionary:

Hillary Clinton is often referred to as “Shrillary” in the US; perhaps, for good reasons. Writing in the Sunday Guardian, M Nalapat (who is not known to blabber) writes a scathing report about how Hillary pursued a policy of “get Modi”. He reiterates that the US ban on Modi had little to do with the Gujarat 2002 riots. Most of us know that too. The US doesn’t give a damn about anyone being killed anywhere. The US has turned a blind eye to known genocides in Rwanda and other countries. Nalapat writes some shocking stuff:

"Hillary Clinton likes to operate through NGOs, which are given funding through indirect channels, and which target individuals and countries seen as less than respectful to her views on foreign and domestic policy in the target countries," a retired US official now based in Atlanta said. He claimed that "rather than US NGOs, (the former) Secretary of State Clinton favoured operating through organisations based in the Netherlands, Denmark and the Scandinavian countries, especially Norway" as these were outside the radar of big power politics. These NGOs were active in the agitation against the Russian nuclear power plant at Kudankulam in Tamil Nadu, with "funding coming mainly from a religious organisation based in Europe that has close links with France".

Considering what Nalapat writes, there are many other questions that need to be answered in the future. Are Christians in India under any threat or is it that the Christian missionaries and funders a threat to India? All evidence points to the latter. That apart, considering the funding of various activities are reportedly also from Netherlands and some other European countries India must investigate the funding of the anarchist and separatist-supporting AAP party. The funding of many anti-Modi NGOs (like those of Teesta and Harsh Mandar) will also come under scrutiny. There are already known frauds by these NGOs. Need more reasons why the crooks fear and are against Narendra Modi? The US govt is not going to come clean on any of its covert activities. If Clinton followed a “get-Modi” policy and hunted him along with criminals in India then this too needs to be taken up by the next Indian govt for appropriate retaliation. There is little doubt that the Sonia Gandhi govt supported all these activities. The US nancy-boys in the embassy at Delhi were prancing around high security zones at will with passes given by the Sonia govt. All these perks are probably rewards for hounding Modi. This can’t be allowed to pass.


The Caged Missionary:

The Supreme Court called his organisation a “Caged parrot” but Ranjit Sinha turns out be more than a parrot. He is allegedly the CBI head who also doubles up as a “caged missionary”. Sinha was in Rome recently it seems but he told the media he had met the Indian Ambassador to Italy and discussed issues pertaining to the Agusta Westland chopper scam. All the joyrides that our investigators have taken to Italy and other countries in Europe so far are a big sham. It always appears they make the trips to muddy the cases rather than solve any. But what was Sinha doing out there? Let’s read an interesting bit from this report by TheNewsMinute (TNM):

Unable to get any answers for the plea-bargaining deal, we conducted our own investigation and this is what we found. The conference on human trafficking was organized not by the London Police but by the Vatican. Titled “Church and Law Enforcement in Partnership, the conference held on 9-10 April 2014, had four aims: Prevention, Pastoral Care, Reintegration and Developing an International Network of Bishop’ Conferences and Law Enforcement agencies. TNM also found out that preparation for this meeting was underway or several weeks. On March 11, 2014, the head of London’s Metropolitan Police, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe was confirmed as participating in the meeting which was chaired by Cardinal Vincent Nichols”.  

The plea-bargain referred in that excerpt relates to one Mr Haschke who is alleged to have distributed all the bribes in the chopper scam. He was, of course, allowed to comfortably fly out of India sometime last year if I remember correctly. If you read the full report of TNM it would be clear that the London Police was just a go-between. The actual conference was organised by the Vatican. And the programme is titled “Church and Law enforcement”? Heady stuff! TNM states:

During his speech, India’s top sleuth said many NGO on the ground were not connected and starved of funds that needed to be better channelized. “The CBI can be a nodal agency with the help of known experts in India and this agency can be the facilitating body for channelization of funds, if required.” How can the CBI channelise funds? Did Ranjit Sinha get any clearance before saying this? Sinha said an important initiative in preventing trafficking in the source area and in containing demand is involvement of religious priests. An Inter Religion Priest Forum (IRPF) was set up in several States in India like Bihar, Jharkhand. “These forums had religion priests from different communities and religions in India …IRPF has made tremendous impact in preventing and combating human trafficking,” said Sinha adding that this good practice could be replicated elsewhere in the world.

Given the international nature of the problem, Sinha said IRPF and AHTU could be institutionalized more robustly. “Congregation of religious priests from different communities and religions can be organized across the globe…It could generate a “Global March of Religious Priests against Human Trafficking.” Pope Francis addressed the 20-odd participants. “Human trafficking is an open wound on the body of contemporary society, a scourge upon the body of Christ. It is a crime against humanity,” he said.

Fantastic, isn’t it? How in the world is the CBI director making offers of Church-related deals for combatting human-trafficking? And why was he hiding all this information from the public if there was no hanky-panky? On whose instructions was he attending this conference? It’s not that the CBI director can’t attend some conference but why is it such a great secret that he didn’t release the information to the media when he spoke to them on his return? In a related report this is what TNM states:

The Vatican had asked India to sign an undertaking that they could work with missionaries and other religious groups and NGOs in India to combat human trafficking. “We are a secular country and we turned down this request,” Ranjit Sinha, Director CBI told The News Minute (TNM) today. “This was also conveyed to the Vatican through appropriate channels including the MEA,” India’s top sleuth said… Vatican Radio and news sources accessed by TNM clearly state that the initiative was the brainchild of the Bishop’s Conference of England and Wales… Sinha was unclear about the exact roles and responsibilities of Vatican, London Met Police and Interpol, but this document dated March 11, 2014 clearly states the meeting was organized by the Vatican… If Vatican’s request had been acceded to, religious groups from Europe and UK would have access to over 220 districts do conduct what the documents say includes “vulnerability mapping.”

Vulnerability mapping? Ha! Let me explain that bit. In the post “Burn down the mission” (link provided earlier in this post) I had shown a map of Joshua Project where they had marked in red dots the territories that need to be connected to Jesus. This could be a similar map of 220 districts where the missionaries would connect people to Jesus and help them avoid the grave danger of human trafficking. Quite nice, wouldn’t you say? Would the US, UK or Europe allow a project that is titled “The Hindu project to combat human trafficking”? Mr Ellison? Mrs Clinton? This is the nonsense that Narendra Modi threatens.


It is worthwhile to remember that none of these so-called “moral brigades” who are bigots in disguise have ever stood by India in any international issue or conflict. In each war that India faced, the US, UK and their allies have supported our enemies. Rajeev Srinivasan on Rediff explains the grand plans of America to somehow prevent BJP/Modi from coming to power. If that fails, engineer mass conflicts in India using AAP and destroy the fabric of India. Sonia Gandhi had a puppet in MMS. America wants a puppet in Delhi. The West is quite aware Modi won’t be a puppet. The question, therefore, is why should Christians feel threatened? They’ve never been persecuted in India. A stray communal riot does not amount to persecution anyway. The goal is the other way around. Break and crucify India. People should know the West all too well by now. Human rights, peace and all that is BS to them!