Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Devil In Disguise

Old principle at Tennis events: The ball-boys are most efficient when they aren’t seen at all.

Try explaining this as best as you can: “Where competition is possible govt must privatise, where only monopoly is possible we should avoid privatisation”. That’s a loose translation of what Arvind Kejriwal said in his speech in Hindi to CII on February 17, 2014. That statement went over the heads of the educated audience at CII. It also went over the heads of media morons. Rajdeep Sardesai quoted this statement with a clip on his show on the same night and asked his panellists to comment on it. None bothered to examine the stupidity of this statement. Seriously, is there any business or industry that can be inherently “monopolistic” by nature? Monopoly is imposed by the govt or illegitimate practices of a business house or a group. It speaks poorly of the business community at CII that they need a special event and a speech to discover any economic vision of AK. Blunt fact is he doesn’t have any. Let’s sample some mundane crap from AK in his speech:

"We are not against capitalism; we're against crony capitalism... It's a wrong perception that AAP is against business. Of course we need businesses," Mr Kejriwal attempted to explain what his political vision, popularly called "Aapnomics" is, and why corporate India should not be running scared of his party despite several decisions that his government took in its 49 days in power in Delhi… During his brief term as Chief Minister, Mr Kejriwal increased subsidies for power and water. His cabinet overturned the previous government's decision on FDI in retail... "The government has no business to be in business, it should be left with the private players. License and inspector raj has to end... A small section of industrialists who are not industrialists but are looting the country" he said.

NDTV grandly says AK’s “political vision” is popularly called “Aapnomics”. Really? First of all, nobody is commonly using a term like Aapnomics (except probably Barkha Dutt and her seven white dwarfs at NDTV). And why is a “political vision” associated with some term that should represent economics? Govt shouldn’t be in business? That sort of mundane statement uttered by many a politician is AK’s new economic vision for India? This is how not just AK but the media also fools people. It doesn’t matter that AK doesn’t know economics from an Eskimo Igloo but our media charlatans will tell you that they saw vision in his speech. At the end of it Adi Godrej is reported to have said “"It is very important that we fight corruption, reduce corruption. But it is also very important that we have a good economic policy that creates development and jobs in the country. And I think the Aam Aadmi Party should improve their views in that direction".

But Godrej is stating an optimistic view. It should now be evident to any observer that AK and AAP are neither interested in politics nor in eliminating corruption. The whole drama is scripted to perfection, including AK’s resignation on February 14. His street dharna as a CM is clearly the most disgusting conduct by a man in power. His desire for instant justice, with cronies like Somnath Bharti, doesn’t reflect any great belief in democracy or processes. In short, other than being a Congress puppet to garner votes to keep the BJP out there is nothing in his armoury that can be seen as vision. Add to all this his frequent U-turns and lies and you have a motley crew of people who just want power to satisfy their lust and nothing more. Remember, the CPM has rarely had any allegation of corruption against it; maybe even none. Yet, the CPM has not only committed political murders but also destroyed Bengal where economy is concerned. Fighting and reducing corruption can only be one part of an agenda. It can never be the only plank.

I have earlier compared Sonia Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal to Eva Peron of Argentina. That woman (and her husband who was president) screwed the good economy of Argentina with their freebies and doles. That country degenerated into a dictatorship and economic ruin. AK is nothing but Sonia Gandhi in pants and shirt. Sonia just maintains some decorum in public. He should have been on her NAC (probably wanted too as well). Someone has drawn another parallel between AK and the late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. The similarities are indeed striking. Let’s patiently watch Deepak Singh’s (@Smarket) analysis in his video (14.37 mins):

Commies are historically known to prey on the poor and their poverty. For the poor the illusions the Commies create is a straw to clutch on. They get fooled over and over again out of sheer lack of opportunities. We have seen the total failure of CPM in Bengal and we have seen the lies, deception, U-turns and murder of political opponents world over by Commies. We have seen that from AK and AAP too except the mass murder part. But our media would have you believe that AK is on TV again because he is “available” and answers questions as Rajdeep and Barkha foolishly believe and would have you believe:

It doesn’t occur to these two Congress propagandists that AK is available because he doesn’t want to work. He has never had any interest in sincere work throughout his career. Most other CMs are busy with serious work and cannot afford to be on stupid TV channels all the time. Worse, AK even found time in his short stint as CM to do a "loving-it" interview with Barkha at the Delhi Litterfest on February 9. For a new CM that’s the priority stupid media people applaud. As for Rajdeep, his lipstick for himself and AK never runs out of stock. Here’s what a Google search shows; it’s quite fascinating:

It’s almost like Rajdeep is running a permanent beauty salon for AK with a “before and after” show. There was one before becoming CM, one after he became CM with Malala scarf and all. Then again the “first” after resigning without the Malala look but with a better-managed haircut and appearance. Looks like Rajdeep has been like a “waiter” who has been waiting on AK for everything he does “first”. And RS explains his stupidity (as does Barkha) that it’s because AK “answers questions”. You know, birdfeed questions where AK gets to call everyone corrupt except himself and his gang. Hugo Chavez once called George Bush a “devil” in his UN speech. AK is not very far off in the language he uses for all his opponents. Here’s a summary of Chavez’s speech in 2006:
"Those who want to go directly to hell can follow capitalism... and those of us who want to build heaven here on earth will follow socialism… The Devil is right at home. The Devil, the Devil himself, is right in the house. And the Devil came here yesterday. Yesterday the Devil came here. Right here. And it smells of sulphur still today. Yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, from this rostrum, the president of the United States, the gentleman to whom I refer as the Devil, came here, talking as if he owned the world. Truly. As the owner of the world."

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know about people but Hugo Chavez did meet his maker in March this year; at a relatively young age of 58 (or maybe went to hell as he predicted some would do). I mentioned “Sponsored Revolutions” in an earlier post. There isn’t doubt anywhere that AK’s so-called revolution is sponsored by both external and internal forces. The Congress cronies in the media like it because they want AAP to win as many seats as possible in the LS since all those eggs would invariably end up in the Congress Omelette. Nothing in his 49-day stint as CM has shown AK has any political decorum or vision or any idea of economics. Cheap populism and street level “goonda” behaviour is what we have seen.  

And what questions did AK answer? Actually none! He just used the platform to make claims about how his govt had done more work in 4 days than any other since Independence. By what real measure? Any question on such a dubious claim? None! He also grandly claimed corruption in Delhi had come down in his 49 days as CM. This spurious claim also went unchallenged. Rajdeep is probably another gullible AAPSucker who buys this nonsense. Seems, the claim was also made by Shazia Ilmi quoting Transparency International reports. The other member of the Unholy Trinity Hindustan Times grandly published Shazia’s nonsense too without any verification. Turns out Transparency International issued a denial of any such report and AAP had to apologise for their lies. This is the interview of opportunity that both Rajdeep and Barkha peddle as “available”.

The ball-boys at a tennis match are trained and gifted. They run around with speed, collect and transfer balls with methodical grace. Often you don’t even notice them. That is when they are supposed to be most efficient; when they aren’t seen at all. Govts are meant to be like that: work and operate so efficiently that they aren’t seen at all. The only signs of govt that people should usually see are the traffic cops or the regular police on the beat. But propagandists Rajdeep and Barkha would have you believe that “netas” should be on TV as often as they can. There has to be someone to put lipstick on I guess.

I have written before that in his entire career so far AK has left everything unfinished. He takes up one task or campaign and moves on to another like people move on from on one song to the next popular one. “I doubt AK ever wanted to be a CM. He probably wanted to create a revolution and be a high authority like a Lokpal or a CJI (He can’t be CJI though) or the CIC by which he could dispense instant justice, haul anyone before his court and sentence anyone without proper hearing. He wants to play Dirty Harry. The Congress calculations forced him to settle for something less like a CM position. He has used people as “tools” in his public life but for once he has become a tool himself for the Congress. I’m sure his mirror will tell him that. He could have been an honourable public figure doing great service. He chose the evil path and evil always gets defeated in the end”.

Chavez called everyone he hated the “devil”. AK does the same; everyone but him is corrupt. In reality, a closer look at his silly actions and claims only tells us he’s a proxy for some external and internal political forces. People like Rajdeep and Barkha are used to be being propagandists for the devil and the corrupt; that is one measure of why the devil appears on their channel so often. It is just that they believe others can’t see the devil in disguise too and are as blind as they are. 


  1. Ravi, this Aaptards gang and AK has proven again and again that they are here to misguide peoples, wondering if AK got the message from eminent gusts after the CII speech...."thank you for resigning AK - the Tool".

    1. This is not a reply to your comment but posting it here to keep it on top for all readers.

      Someone started a thread over why Telengana is not being written about on this site which resulted in extended discussion on it. The original commenter seems to have posted a comment in sheer foolish spite and nothing else. First of all, Telengana is a pure political issue and doesn't have much to do with the media. Regardless of which political party did what on the issue it is not of interest to this site because people from the state want to nitpick on something or the other over their causes and their fight. Lastly, I repeat what I have stated over and over again that comments need to relate to the topic. If one wants to read about Telengana and argue over who did what I am sure there are many sites with articles on the topic where one can expend his/her energy.

      All comments relating to the thread of Telengana had to be deleted because it simply has no relevance to the topic of this post. Please keep it relevant.

    2. Dear Ravinar,

      please get one clipping of the interview of AK given to Prasson Bajpai few days back on Aaj tak...where he clearly stated that if system is not changed...people will hold the Guns....:(



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    5. @Kamlaleo

      I think I often make it pretty clear that comments need to relate to the topic. Where AK is concerned only an absolute blind man will refuse to see the media games around him. Now, if you still want to rant about Telengana, my advice to you is to find some other place. That you are able to comment here without any moderation is "Freedom of speech" but if you think that gives you the license to spam and rant mindlessly and indulge in personal abuse then you need to get a better understanding of this freedom. Now, I would suggest you stick to the topic or your comment will certainly be treated as SPAM. I dont think I need to remind you that this still happens to be a media-related site and not your "public toilet" for your graffiti.

  2. Is that Delhi CM or someone like -- Wesley Mouch --- Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand--

    " From then on, people helped Wesley Mouch to advance, for the same reason as that which had prompted Uncle Julius: they were people who believed that mediocrity was safe.... By the situation of the moment, they had concluded that Wesley Mouch was a man of superlative skill and cunning, since millions aspired to power, but he was the one who had achieved it."

  3. Brilliant. As you mentioned rightly, in US and other developed countries in Europe, we don't see the "government". Its only in developing countries where politicians seek high visibility. In one of the largest IT company in India, for employee's appraisal, there is a parameter which measures one's visibility across projects and departments. Its all there in our genes.

  4. One of the first guys who asked a question at CII, rather made a request to AK that shouldn't be changing your jobs so fast!

  5. Yesterday i came across in ggn.MAHAVEER CHOWK AAPTARDS distributing pamplets for their jhaadu yatra who otherwise seemed to b the educated class people.

    i asked them hadn't it been nice if FARZIWAL had stayed for a little bit longer and shown some governance to which they said that " bhai sahab congress aur bjp inko imaandaari se kam hi nahin karne de rahey thay isliye unhone resign kar diya. I then said Bhai toh aapney sarkar congress k saath milke banaya hi kyun jab aapko malum tha ki woh aapki sarkar nahi chalne dengey. To which he could nt find an answer and said bhai sahab yeh toh FARZIWAL sahab hi bata saktey hain woh hamare neta hain

    guys pls decide wether this great nation deserves these anarchists or peoples with proven governance.

  6. AK is just a pawn in the larger game of 'breaking india'. How in the hell such large section of ppl in Delhi are buying into AAP non - sense is beyond my imagination. Delhi has historically been an impediment to 'lets rebuild india' forces. The fact that AK is being projected as a hero and a revolutionary by the MSM should be sufficient enough reason to regard him a traitor. will people of this country ever wake up? No, alas, but they wont. History will repeat itself and india will remain a whore.

    1. You control the situations, you control the results, and you are in better control of the Situation , if you are the creator of one. Running down the Governance, i believe is a deliberate ploy by CONmen ably assisting their External sponsors, to create and instill despondency in society(CVB, land acquisition, Right to food as drafted achieve the opposite again meant to expand the despondency by crippling governance) which is what creates conditions for Charlatans/ and communists like KEJRI to succeed.

  7. @Ravinar, There exist natural monopolies. However, they are not for an infinite time period. Though power generation might have been one when India became independent, As it required high capital investment, which the Indian entrepreneurial class did not have access to, it is not so now.

    1. @Blade

      If you do a history check .. you will find there were private power companies before and after independence. Check out the history of Torrent power...


  8. Barkha: Please tell something about corruption.

    Kejri:"Hum to aam admi hain ji, iss desh ko badalne aaye hain", except me and my party all parties are corrupt, the whole world is corrupt and whole universe is corrupt..

    Barkha: So, in other words you are saying that the BJP is also corrupt.

    Kejri:Yes, Yediyurappa.....why is Modi silent....what about Babubhai....Modi is communal.........

    Barkha:(Smirks)....(mission accomplished).

  9. The analogy between Tennis ball boys and Govt functioning is the best take away apart from other instances in this post!

  10. In the kind of democracy we have, There will be parties like AAP and AKs. To me they are just somewhat similar to Muslim league and Jinnah, janta dal and VP Singh, bsp and mayawati / kanshiram ( once kanshiram and his hooligans had beaten ashutosh till he passed out completely on camera ).
    Same wine in similar bottles but with different labels.
    People get what they deserve.
    Coming specifically on the CII address,
    I will be surprised if even one white collorred voter votes for AAP or even a single corporate supports them ( unless they are losers and anarchists like AK who want to bring down others out of sheer jealousy ).
    how different is aap from communist parties in its methods ?
    how different is it from congress in,doling out subsidies??
    with the post facto ratification of bill non payment by defaulters , I would be surprised if any honest citizen would want to support aap, the party of hooligans and anarchists.

    And if he still gets their votes and upsets the equation at centre - then we as a nation would deserve for being clumsy, laidback, clueless, arm chair commenters/critics and having an inept , fumbling BJP - which seems to have put all eggs in Modi basket and does not seem to carry itself with competence and confidence.

    1. BJP sans Modi is just any other party, and it is due to inept handling of Vajpayee's NDA that we have to go through this mess

    2. @praful pbabu:Don't be unfair to Vajpayee, one can not clear 50 years' mess in 5 years that too with terrible coalitions. Nobody is perfect but he did well for the economy and jobs creation. He along with Advani gave a base to the present BJP by working hard for 50 years.

  11. When Barkha and Rajdeep claim that Kejriwal takes all the questions then I have to say they never ask Kejriwal any tough questions. He always overrules them. Why he boycotted timesnow because Arnab asks tough questions. Media will be responsible for destroying India at the behest of Sonia Gandhi, who has nothing to do with the plight of this country. But when these chamchas will learn? Desh-bhakti also now is becoming the language of the vendorwalas only. Who knows what Barkha and Rajdeep have negotiated with AK? They are not doing any charity; they definitely will take the favor back at some point of time.

    Interestingly, I noticed that for a while muffler disappeared from AK’s and party’s neck but as soon as he resigned , he came back and wrapped himself with the muffler and the topis and gave his resignation speech. I am just waiting to see how he wraps himself in summer and with what? Btw his resignation speech was a blatant lie.

  12. Would like to thank you again for the way you have systematically exposed the corrupt media.Honestly if it were not for your unique way of showing us the truth,we would not have been able to see the designs of these media personalities.#Respects...

  13. Hi MC, GM. Your constant raising the bar with every new post has now crossed all danger levels of Genius ness. Not sure how you do it but you have brilliantly managed to convey the collective dismay and disgust felt by many like me against this devil in disguise. And you have done that in your unique language style with simple metaphors that makes each word come alive to hit the target where it hurts most.
    I would like to add further to your point about ArvindK being available for media 24x7 without any work. My guess is effective media management to grab eye balls is one of his USP which he demonstrated during his IAC days with Anna. Congress must have strategised that instead of being at the receiving end of his media skills, if the same can be utilised to target Modi. Of course, MSM being the ever available 'useful idiot' who operate under the motto 'anything goes' in their long running theme of'Blow to Modi' is the other important player of this Project Derail Modi. It will be interesting to see the lengths media would go to glorify this one-trick pony ArvindK in this last leg of battle.

  14. Trying to sum up the work AK has done, by his own admission..
    SIT for 1984 riots: 2 days.
    Water and Electricity subsidies: 2 days.
    Audit of power companies: 5 days
    FIR against Ambani: Lets presume 7 days; I did not find him quoting anywhere on how much time he spent on that...

    That still amounts to 16 days of accountable work. And he was the CM for 49 days? Oh may be the rest of the time was spent applying lipstick?

  15. There is a lot of honesty in this article as with the other MC articles. Tennis Ball Boys and government functioning analogy; AAP's claim that all but them is corrupt analogy to HC's "Devil" analogy and exposing the duplicity and dubiousness of the dumb MSM are the key takeaways . Thanks to Ravinar for putting up the article so well as always.

  16. There is inherent contradiction executive decisions he has taken as the CM of Delhi and the speech delivered by him at CII. The FIR against Mukesh Ambani is classical example to show that the has overstepped his jurisdiction, only to gain cheap publicity. Can we like judicial activism term it is executive activism / executive adventurism.Whatever it may it is slap on federal structure.Filing the FIR may be viewed as a bold step by AAP romanticists like Burkha Dutt. It is high time to discuss it seriously other than mere rhetoric. You said AK is Sonia Gandhi in pants and shirt. I will say AK as an "ArdhaNareesaran" Of Sonia and Binayak Sen. On a lighter note immediately after the CII meet of AK, i tweeted as which has been RT by many "Breaking news:All CII members after hearing #ArvindAtCII went to take anticipatory Bail.Fearing FIR by him tomorrow.

  17. He is a rolling stone who rolls faster than the fastest rolling stone - IIT- IRS - PARIVARTAN NGO- RTI- IAC -ANNA -AAP - CM ship and now PM ship ! he can't fool all the people all the time.AAP won 28 seats in Delhi because middle classes joined lower middle classes to defeat Congress - He has already betrayed middle classes - he wants to occupy the space vacated by commies and Congress - wants to win 50 LS seats and become king maker - MSM also want the same - reason why both will sink by next monsoons -

  18. Excellent article. best part was eggs n Omelette of congress. so fit .

    After resignation AK gives his first interview with Sahara Samay and one B V Rao took that. I was wondering why AK choosed him , B V Rao doesnt look like a journo from any angle. Rao was smiling like a kid whenever camera used to focus on him. AK was justifying his views and Rao was just moving to next question. Journos are not even expert in lipstick job.

    Check it here.

  19. Janlokpal : AAP :: reservations : congress :: mandir : BJP. it'll drag on forevermore.

  20. Darkness at Noon !

    Some 70 years ago , when Italian scientist Enrico Fermi succeeded in exploding the first atom bomb ( Project Manhattan ) , the secret message sent to the President of America read ,

    " The Italian Navigator has landed "

    American government did not want its citizens to know that it has mastered the deadliest weapon ever invented

    Yesterday , closer home , on the shores of India , another Italian Mariner landed

    She did not want the people of India to know , how Telengana Bill got passed

    So , the live telecast of Lok Sabha was " blacked out "

    According to eye-witness , Dinesh Trivedi ( MP - TMC ) ,

    > Army was deployed all around Lok Sabha building

    > MPs had to park their cars outside and walk down

    > Everyone started shouting when bill got tabled

    > No MP could argue for or against the bill

    > 18 Congress MPs ( from Andhra ) were suspended and prevented from

    > 3 Congress Ministers ( from Andhra ) rushed into the well , shouting

    > Doors of Lok Sabha were closed shut ( - to prevent walk-out ? )

    > Live telecast was stopped

    To top it all ,

    > Division did not take place using Voting Buttons on MP's seats

    > Speaker Meira Kumar suddenly turned a Maths-Wizard , and within a
    matter of seconds , counted how many of the 542 MPs stood up in favor
    of the bill - obviously many more than 272 , according to her maths !

    All thru the pandemonium , Mauni Man Mohan Singhji and Madam Mariner ,
    sat in stoic silence !

    Now , people of India know why , over the last 3 years , Kapil Sibal , Salman Khurshid etc kept telling Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal ,

    " Laws cannot be enacted on the streets . Lok Sabha is the proper forum "

    Of course !

    If you enact the laws on the streets , how can you stop ,

    > People from watching the " Riot of the Rotten Rats " ?

    > People from asking you to resign ?

    Now we know why Arvind Kejriwal wanted to pass the Jan LokPal Bill in the Ram Lila Grounds - out in the open - in front of the people

    Poor chap !

    He resigned because he could not pass the bill , even inside Vidhaan Sabha

    No such compulsion for Man Mohan Singhji

    For him , it was as easy as switching off the telecast to create ,


    No need to resign , Man Mohanji,

    Lok Sabha elections are just around the corner

    And , even if people cannot " See " , they are " Listening " !

    One suggestion,

    As a last straw ( on Democracy's back ? ) , in the next 6 days ( before Model Code of Conduct kicks in ) , get the President to sign Ordinances , covering those six , pet anti-corruption bills of Rahulji

    Although , I suspect , Pranabda will refuse to sign these !

    * hemen parekh ( 19 Feb 2014 / Mumbai )

    1. me hemen you will not be heard on internet/SM too. ruling party controls crooks on MSM, while BJP controls their counter parts on SM. Now that Madam Sushma wants to be Madam Sonia of NDA, no one will debate the darkest hour of parliament.

  21. I am surprised no one yet has drawn a parallel (or differences) between anti-corruption drive in 70s called "Total Revolution" (by Jaiprakash Narayan) and this Janlokpal/AAP. Example the party formation is also the same Aam Admi vs Janta Party.

    1. poke face did you even see the Janlokpal bill that was suppose to be tabled in assembly? is it available on the AAP website??

  22. Hi Ravinar,
    Do you have the youtube link of Deepak Singh's video. I want to share it on FB but clicking on the embedded player does not take me to the video on YouTube.



    3. Hi Ravinar,

      Just a suggestion, whenever you embed youtube videos in the blog, if you can give the link nearby, it will be easy to view it from mobile and tablet.


  23. Whatever mentioned against AK can be easily answered.

    * question about using 'govt has no business in business" - If there is something you want to tell... and since that word is used by someone else, you should can't use it ??

    u may contest that its copying.. - Why not copy if its good ??? EVERY COUNTRY OTHER THAN INDIA TRY TO COPY THE BEST PRACTICE FROM EVERY OTHER COUNTRY. WHY NOT AK start take the good practice and implement in India? Even if its from opposition or whatever?

    Crony capitalism - If you try to take the word out of each sentence without knowing the contest - It can be interpreted in any ways you want to. So start to see the entire picture.. And the description that, "none of the industrialist understood" - If none of the industrialist understood, then who understood it better? The critics ?

    * Its not necessary to know economics or everything - who knows everything, dear BJP fan, Do you really think that Modi knows everything about Economics ? - Its his undersecretaries or advising staff who prepares and educate him for the purpose of Vote. - The important fact again is - Whether you are ready to do the best thing for India. To do that, first thing to concentrate is removing corruption.

    * comments about Capitalism and comparing with Chavez to prove your point just make you one sided in your assessment. I would suggest to read or learn more before commenting or comparing. Cheap comments make you loose your respect.

    * Being available for Media - Maybe you must check out facts here again - While he was CM - He didn't waste any minute to fight against corruption, There is a long list of things he achieved in first 21 days and remaining 27 days. You can get a report from any news channel of your choice if you request. - When Modi and others roaming around India with Rally, are they working hard on governance ?

    * About his unfinished business- > He started movement with Anna, He realized Dharna is not getting any impact and Lokpalbill cannot be passed by sitting hungry and without power he can't achieve, He did started party. (Now even Anna realized this and joining with TMC), Then once he got not enough majority, he vowed not to take support from Congress, then with the vote of Delhi public, decided to take forced support from congress (though never talked to Congress over phone or meetings about support) and try to do as long as he can govern with the power he have. Did a numerous amount of changes.. and filed FIR against AMBANI and other.... When tried for Janlokpal bill as promised, he faced with opposition and as promised, he resigned when he do not want to bow his head for Congress or Bjp. Requested for Re-elections so that he can come back to power with majority and make Janlokpal bill a reality.

    Now, I know its difficult for you to accept these facts, but you can't ignore too.

    Do you know everything about the party you support ? Where money comes and goes ? who is benefiting ?

    If you know all above facts and still against AAP, there is just two possibility

    1. You are benefiting from the corrupt politicians directly or indirectly
    2. You are worried of your investment in corrupt politicians and worried of the return if your party is not in charge.

    For eg, if you got a job because of a politician help, you will worry about what will happen if rule changes.

    If you are corrupt, you are afraid that you may loose job if found
    If you are business man and benefiting with corruption, - you are worried your business will doom.

    THAT FEAR, I AM SORRY TO TELL YOU, is the fruit of what the wickedness you planted.

    1. @Ullas

      Nobody says AK has to be an "expert" in economics. He can use all his assistants to draw the plans. But its what nonsense he utters which has no meaning and no vision whatsoever that cannot be escaped.

      Much like AK you too are implying everybody else is corrupt but you. FYI not everyone in this country depends on a politician for a job; a majority of people dont. There are people who can manage their lives. If you are beholden to AAP for your freedom or your life then you're a victim, not others...

    2. Ready to do best thing for India is remove corruption. Agree, but how?? Carry spy-cameras -> offer bribe to officials -> catch them.
      Call press -> make allegations -> No conclusion. I appreciate Subramanya Swamy for the way he unearthed 2G scam. That's the way to do it.

      Being available to media doesn't only mean giving Live interviews. We have seen how he and his topi gang hijacked other issues by making false claims just
      to get media attention. AK said his MLA's were approached for horse-trading...who are those? why don't he give names ? One Topiwala claimed Jaitley and Modi
      offered him 20 crores even before Delhi elections results are out. His 2 days of Drama as CM in the streets of Delhi is also "being available" to media.

      You questioning Ravinar for taking benefit from corrupt politician - Not a surprise from the supporters of Raja Harishchandra of this century.

      Finally - 2 minutes of silence for supporters of AAP who still thinks AK and AAP was there to govern Delhi.

    3. @Ullas

      1. You are benefiting from the corrupt politicians directly or indirectly

      Do you mean to say that you are supporting AAP because they agreed to waive off the electricity bill, just because you did not pay it when the corrupt politicians of AAP asked you not to pay. Is not AAP penalizing non-corrupt aam aadmis?

    4. if you copy something then u got to give credit to the guy who did it first and not say its yours..

    5. so for coming to power ask people but resigning not ask people?? sms khatam ho gaya kya?? His IAC is against him now they are calling him corrupt .. lol

    6. Ak is implying to b a martyr ,just clarify one thing wen he is saying that he resigned only bcoz Lt govnr asked him to first take permission frm centre to teble the bill. Tell me whts wrong in tht. If he had askd for the permission central govt wudnt have the guts to deny it. So y he is makin so much hue nd cry nd portraying himself as a victim. Wen in fact it is he who is playing the game. Just drama nothing else. Nd this is precisely this nautanki nd political games for which he abuses other politicians. But atleast they dont run away frm the job. I am also a member of AAP also donated to their fund. But i am disillusioned with him now. The way he announced his list of loksabha candidates just two days aftr resigning tells his true intentions. Power,bigger nd bigger power. If only he had continued with governing delhi nd ran an efficient nd clean govt with a new governance model,he wud have been an automatic choice for the pm post 3-4 years down the line. But he is also a short sighted man like most of the politicians. No long term vision. वैसे 'अंधे के हाथ जब बटेर लग जाये' तो यही सब कुछ होता है ।

  24. At the outset, let me say that I wasnot, am not or shall not be AAP supporter/voter. But following are my views about them.
    I stopped watching TV since May 2013 and relying solely on web and print media for news. What I had observed in last 8-9 months is almost all media outlets have reconciled to the fact that Congress is losing the elections badly unless some unforeseen event as in 1991 happens. Hence to save them and their privy purses from govt., they have to come up with a new platform which will keep BJP down. AAP was a perfect tool for them.
    But have you all observed AAP's method in madness ? They have waived power bills for their defaulting supporters so next time more people will default in more utilities such as gas, water, etc. In the process more votes for AAP, mission accomplished.
    What the street protests have achieved, you may ask. But it had made AK a hero in lower strata of society, one they can identify as one of them.
    Auto drivers have been promised with hike in fares so their and their families votes are secured, mission accomplished.
    It is we the voters who are responsible for such people and parties, dont you think? We are not thinking rationally at all. Our votes are for SALE, 24×7×365. There will be buyers all the time. Hence we should not complain.
    Lastly, I can say is this. You can love AAP/AK, hate it/ him but ignore them at your own peril. You will be sitting at home cursing them and they will walk away with moolah. BJP had faced it during assembly elections. So "Dont ever be complacent till our mission is accomplished. Media will not be supportive to us is taken for granted hence we have to fight our battle ourselves", should be the mantra for BJP/Modi.
    It has been a long comment but bear with it, Please.

  25. Agree with Ullas. Ravinar seems to be Blind BJP fan. You can't draw a parallel between India and Argentina and their Political revolutions, simply because Argentina isn't India. For a CM, whose been in office 49 days, you seem to have a lot on your plate, than for a corrupt political framework, created by the Congress and strengthened by the BJP and other similar regional parties who have sucked this country dry. "You don't depend on a politician for a job, but you do depend upon him for your salary"

    1. @Yek

      Ravinar is blind BJP supporter? And what are you? An enlightened AAPtard? You are among the blind slaves of Kejriwal who dont use their brains even while writing a comment. Who asked AK the coward to resign or become CM. You? Dont cry for his nonperformance

    2. @ Sonnet

      Slaves??? Also can YOU enlighten me on AK's non-performance??

    3. @ yek panj - AAP was full of performance...on streets. We enjoyed it.

    4. @yek

      Though addressed to Sonnet, thought of writing down some points that come to my mind regarding non-performance.

      1. Not fulfilling demand for DP under Delhi government control by badly organizing a Dharna and meekly surrendering. Better option would have been to pass a resolution in the assembly and send it to central government and force them to take action. TN Government has done it on SriLanka issue which is an external affairs issue. PM had to cancel attending Commonwealth meet.

      2. Fooling people that Janlokpal would be enacted. Even during the campaign time it was clear that state cannot enact Janlokpal. Again a resolution in assembly could have been passed forcing central government to take note, rather than pushing Janlokpal directly.

      3. Failing to prosecute corrupt people. Having said that there is a 200+ page proof against SD and then asking the leader of the opposition to give the proof reeks of abetting corruption. If I understand correctly SD's name was not in the FIR.

      Performance is about getting things done, not just talking about things.

    5. Based on observation over the last few months, I feel that in the majority of cases AAP supporters employ disingenuousness to construct a obfuscatory veneer of sincere debate behind which lies a clear credo they feel is addressed by that party.

    6. @ Krispy K
      Based on observations over the last few decades, I feel that in the majority of cases all supporters of different political parties employ this technique.
      In case of AAP, I think people are not willing to believe most of their statements due to suspicions on account of their pre-existing political prejudices.

    7. @yek

      I'm not sure from which part of the country you are. But we have seen enough of do gooders and what they turned out to be, in the rest of the country. So it is not prejudice, but the painful reality of "seen it". Want examples. DMK came into existence in TN exploiting the perception that Congress was corrupt coupled with "anti Hindi" agitation. The erstwhile Cong CM Bhaktavatsalam was given the tag "10 Crore Bhaktavatsalam" by DMK. Now you know where DMK is. Lalu Yadav was part of JP Agitation. Now you know where RJD/Lalu stand. The common trait with these parties is making too much noise and constantly shifting moralities to be in power.

      Had AAP taken governance seriously and concentrated on showing a model government in Delhi, without squandering the opportunity, I would have been supportive.

      So AAP is not the first anti-corruption party and it will not be the last. At present it looks like it is following all the bad things that the original anti-corruption parties did.

    8. @sns
      Yes, We have seen the realities of DMK and RJD annd many such regional parties. But DMK's anti-Hindi movement and Lalu's polarization of OBCs, these were populist agendas based on cast and creed, which were a big flaw in their ideology. AAP hasn't yet shown any such characteristic. All I can say is we should give AAP a chance. Their coalition with 'unconditionally' supportive INC and 'constructive' opposition of BJP was bound to be a failure.

    9. Based on observation over the past decade or so, I feel we should give Modi a chance since he has a proven track record of governance rather than a proven track record of empty, self-serving drama. Even sans Modi, there's no doubt in my mind that AAP would be an utter disaster for this country, and anyone who isn't a closet Commie is likely to concur.

    10. @yek

      All these so called regional parties started as an anti-corruption unit but took up populist measures to win power. Then they dumped the anti-corruption agenda and merged with congress whom they fought. AAP is shaping up to be in the same mold by aligning with congress. The problem here is the attraction for power and diluting the ideals for the sake of power. They have done this by abdicating the power given in Delhi to solve the problems and show model government instead focusing on LS aligning with dubious people and movements. It is because of these dubious people and movements that AAP's credibility is sinking.

      In TN already there are two AAP's. The kind of fight that they put up would shame an established party. Added to that Udayakumar of Koodankulam fame (with dubious funding) is being wooed by Bhushan. This is what I mean by lust for power over ideals (dubious funding is corruption isn't it?).

  26. Did Nilkhani start with a disclaimer that he is about to fight election on a Congress ticket from Bangalore!

  27. By filing FIRs against V. Moily, Ambani ,AK in no remotely possible way has overstepped his jurisdiction. Technically, any case of corruption, from a small bribe to a traffic cop to allocation of coal blocks in PMO, that has taken place inside Delhi, falls in jurisdiction of ACB Delhi, which comes under Delhi government. If it is a cheap publicity stunt, in a land full of a billion cheap people, I didn't find any major politician filing a FIR against Ambani.

    1. It aint gonna make an iota of difference to your brainwashed opinion about holy powers of Saint Kejriwal but still I recommend you to read the following:

      Might open your eyes to how Kejriwals drama of "taking on" Ambani was nothing but a political gimmick to keep his fans fooled by his "Anti-Corruption Man" super"zero" imagery

    2. Why do you AAPRetards expect other politicians to act on issues where AK has interest ? AK did this, why didn't Modi do it...AAP did this, why didn't BJP/Cong did this? AAPLogic ???
      No wonder Indian people who are so obsessed with bollywood Dramas are behind Drama master AK.

    3. @Ravi Gowda
      why do you expect everyone talks only freedom of speech and Modi? Is Modi not playing dramas that are completely opposite to party's stand? He attacks congress over AP while his leaders fall at feet of Sonia.

    4. @ What_is_not_said - I have answered your question on Modi's stand on Telangana in my above post. BTW, I give a damn to BJP if there was no Modi. If there were few more great leaders in BJP, I don't think Modi had to sweat his ass off touring across nation like a single tusker

    5. @What_is_not_said is best left unheard...

    6. @ Ravi Gowda
      If AAP highlights any decision taken by AAP govt/ AK, and asks UPA/NDA for their stand on any such pending issue, how is it wrong?
      INC/BJP employ the very same pattern of taking up issues. INC ads have flooded TV these days-saying the very same thing-"We Did This and We Did That".

    7. thats because AAP keeps telling that other parties are corrupt . so why do you want to know what the corrupt party did. why not do it yourself and give results?? any results so far??

    8. Did you know about the Coal Scam before it was brought to light? Or 2G? or for that matter any of the wide array of scams exhibited by UPA/NDA? Do you know the extent of those scams? Won't you, if you could, try to undo the repercussions of those malpractices? They tried to get a few things done, though no problem as basic as electricity or water was addressed by Sheila Dikshit in her 15 years. Slapping subsidies is in no way a solution, but these things are tough to sort out in a month or two. If anyone should be disappointed in AK, it should be people who thought 50 days are more than enough to solve the problems of 9.8 million people.

    9. I think no sane person will believe that many things are possible in 49 days. In fact it is AK who had been foolishly promising things to people which were never possible at first place. Had AK prepared such a plan in any of the projects that we Aam Aadmi's engage in our normal course of work (say a project within the company), nobody would have hired him. For a person who has written a book (it is alleged that it was plagiarized) analyzing the problems , he has no clue as to how to solve them. Added to that, he has his bunch of pseudo-intellectuals, who keep pulling in different directions. Aam Aadmi has no say, it is the politburo that decides. The result is for all of us to see.

      People who have done real work in their life understand what is possible and not possible and would have given the benefit of doubt to AK. But AK was not honest about it, hence he has lost the respect.

  28. By the way I love the title: "Devil in disguise" I must say Nandan declared himself upfront :)

  29. Media too soft on AK?? Really, have you been watching News lately?? By far, AK is the only Politician who is fired at with technicalities (technical questions in a land where half the MPs/MLAs cannot spell TECHNICALITIES on a sunny day) for his decisions. Hugo Chavez was in military and involved in coups and his thirst for power and a firm hand at administration/ruling (by dictatorship) are simply fueled by his military background and personal agendas. AK is an IRS officer, more experienced in public administration in India than most of the numb skulls in NDA/UPA whose sole meaning for "administration" is securing their political benefits all year round.

    1. Yes not only media even Congress and BJP are treating AK with velvet gloves. Why AAP members didnot submitted their resignation from Vidhansabha immediately / simulataneously with their recommendation for dissolution of VidhanSabha ? Being a party of honests is it ok in drawing salary , even if sanctioned in past by corrupt politicians of last 60 years, without doing any job? Isn't it true that AAP is often quoting that An unjust/ dishonest rule/ law is not a rule at all . Or they want to continue to draw their salary without any work to express solidarity with AAM aadmi like me .

      BJP and Congress are happy with AAP dishonest no-resignation because they have a pool of dishonest-politicians for buying .So they are not raising this question. Why AAP is keeping these " members for sale" on the shelf. To encourage donkey-trading under the guise of exposing Cong-BJP bhai bhai ? .
      Let AAP member resign from VS , ask or petition LG to call for by-election for these 27 seats which can be conducted in MAY alongwith LS polls. Otherwise , you are just bluffing

      Regarding public administartion skill exclusive to IRS officer , I can only say you visit an IT office personally to know about administration. Please note that "poltician adminsitered " corrupt organsisation like BMC and MCD are far more efficient in delivering goods than IAS administered different muncipalities /NAC of small towns.

    2. Campaign against corruption which media has propagated that Arvind Kejriwal has pioneered is in itself a big fraud that media is trying to impose on viewers. Real crusader are people like Subramanian Swamy who took corrupt to the jail doors . And none of the corruption issues are brought out by Kejri he has simply picked up with the help of his foreign masters for their own evil design. Because his foreign masters know that there is no dearth of Jaichand, Mir Zafars in India
      At the age of 48 years out of which 20 years in government, at Tata also and was activist should have known what is governance,administration and problems, instead to escape from any awkward situation he raised his hand and confessed that we are new, we don't have experience , we may have made mistakes etc, this the method of 'cunning lomadi' to run away.

    3. Yeah real heroes like S. Swamy who tweet that "being GAY is a mental disorder", the communal Mr. Swamy who wishes to destroy Mosques and build temples in their place as a tit for tat, enacting a law prohibiting Hindus converting to other religions, who was stopped from giving further lectures in Harvard Summer school due to his extremist and conservative mindset. Unfortunately he was a well read bureaucrat, not a bloody politician, and that is why his politically imperfect moves can't satisfy people much.

    4. Dear Mr Yek Panj,

      Yes, I believe every word said by Subramaniyam Swamy. Atleast he is saying the naked truth without fear of being tagged by people like you. And he is a classy politician as much as a bureaucrat who don't care about politically correct. He is what Mr Arvind Kejriwal can copy but I know he won't because Kejriwal is no better than Sonia Gandhi in shirt & pant with Malela yousufzhai muffler & trademark cough.

    5. @Abhijeet
      So you think that all the bunch of things S. Swamy says is the naked truth?
      Destroying mosques is right and that's the 'naked truth'??
      Sorry to have hurt your sentiments for our param pujyaniya Mr S. Swamy.

    6. @ Abhijeet
      Mr S. Swamy was responsible for ensuring fall of NDA in 1999 (by using his influence over Jayalalitha and AIADMK withdrew support from NDA. He co-plotted this with Sonia Gandhi and all because of a feud between him and AB Vajpayeeji as he was not being appointed FM) , the very same beloved NDA with who he is now 'brothers in arms'. He's a cunning fox who's got files over everyone and uses them to achieve his hollow ambitions. That's a classy trait, isn't it?

    7. @Abhijeet
      A man who talks unsparingly of the muslims- asking the muslims of India to admit that they are actually of hindu lineage or snatch the right of voting from them, or the radicalization of muslims in India has led to them becoming terrorists- an Ultra nationalist and ultra hindu such as Swamy married a Parsi, and one of her daughter is married to a Muslim. Muslims, whom he detests so much in his speeches.

    8. @yek, I hope you realise that kind of tired old rhetoric is no longer effective. The future promises that Indians will finally learn to demand more substance in proper debate rather than being swayed by strawmen or one-sided emotive humbug.

  30. The catch-22 in AK's situation is that if says that he willingly led to the fall of government in Delhi, then people will think of AAP as solely motivated by greed, and if declares that instability was created by BJP/INC he'll be potrayed as "ineffecient" in holding a government.

    1. Jim Morrison on the AAP's rescue :-). i dont know what is kejriwal upto but he gives too much lecture on TV, i feel he should have been a professor or something like that. May be he reads a lot of books, but you dont have to know too much to realize his inexperience, Well actions says it all,Jim Morrison or not.

    2. As Manohar PArikkar said strong administrator do not fled from the challenges, he fights with it and deliver. Look at Modi no leader in the world is as hounded as him, yet he did not withered, he fought and delivered.Please don't reply with sickular song!

    3. @ Mohan Dave
      Modi is a good administrator and so is Manohar Parikkar, and believe me I'm myself sick of people picking on Modi with the same old Communal factor, which has much played a role in dividing this country in the rule of INC.
      AK didn't flee from the challenge. You do realize that he wishes to get re-elected as CM in Delhi with single majority, and he won't have any excuse then. As for LS Elections, I don't think AAP is any B-Team for INC trying to thwart Modi's Rath, or will be capable to do so. And I admire Modi for standing his ground all this time.

    4. Yek panj: The reason Kejriwal resigned is, he could not pass Lok Pal Bill. Reason he could not pass the bill is, he did not want to get it wet by the central government which is required by the law. If he gets a super majority in Delhi, and passes that bill, would it become constitutional? With that unconstitutional bill would he be able to convict even a single corrupt person?

    5. @ Phanibhushan Joshipura
      The law (Transaction of business Law) according to central govt prohibits Delhi govt to pass any bill without consideration from the center. This law stands for "Financial Bills" only.
      AAP logic- There is no need for consideration from Central govt for any other type of bill, so in a way it'll be unconstitutional to present it to center. Soli Sorabjee also backed AAP's decision. Although I agree the better way could have been presenting it as an amendment to the Lokpal passed by center.

      BJP, by the way, failed to ensure the same formalities whilst Sheila Dikshit passed 13 bills in the Delhi Assembly without sending any to the central govt.

  31. About the report from Transparency International, the survey was done by some lady(can't recall the name), who worked with TI for 7-8 years, and resigned from TI. She had conducted the survey for corruption independently.

    1. "She had conducted the survey for corruption independently" - Did you find this truth from AAP's internal survey ? Fine, can she or AAP tell us the parameters used to come to this conclusion?

    2. so where is that survey report.. ??

    3. Hope it'll be out soon.

  32. Your analogy of Govt with Ball boys is fascinating but more appropriate for the bureaucracy. MLAs/MPs should participate actively in democracy, if that means showing up for interviews to clarify their intentions on a decision by their govt/party. Them being totally absent from our eyes is what will boost Crony Capitalism and Anarchy. When AK went on a dharna against Delhi Police, the BJP, the INC and the media dubbed it as "anarchy", however, what could have AK done? The unruly behavior of DP officials in the alleged raid by Law Min. S. Bharti needed to be strongly condemned.
    "Lex iniusta non est lex" Latin for "An unjust law is no law at all". What you see as a street level Goonda behavior, I perceive it as standing against unjustice. I may be slightly wrong at times, but i'm sure 49 days is too early to admit/dismiss AK. Also AK labels ministers CORRUPT without concrete proof (although i think we hardly need any), but he also appreciates people who are honest, like the CAG Vinod Rai, Mani Shankar Aiyyar, Jaypal Reddy, and even Dr Harshvardhan of BJP.

    Don't be worried BJP supporters, INC should be routed out of our nation, and it will be so one day. AAP is in no position to win the rural seats in India (they lost rural seats in Delhi, hardly any chance in the nation), due to lack of awareness, low literacy, casteism/communalism perpetuated by the corrupt system into a vicious circle of misery for the poor. But you should check your own frat, who emerged out of JP movement with such vigor (which I admire) and ended up just like INC.

  33. I am amused that AK continuing to hold the official accommodation has not been questioned at all by the media. Even buying into the argument that his child's exam will be affected, let us look at the lies that are hidden.

    1. AK knows fully well that he has been bluffing about running the Delhi government. He was talking more about resignation than governance. Knowing this he should have opted for an accommodation for himself without disturbing the family. Which 12 std kid would like to shift accommodation? Many Aam Aadmi's sacrifice their comfort for the sake of family and move to a single accommodation or guest house during such times. How can you trust governance to a person who does not even know how to plan his personal life?

    2. He claims that he has sacrificed a high paying job, by virtue of being an IIT'an or an IT'an, for the sake of the country. There are many freedom fighter's who had sacrificed their families welfare for the sake of the country. To him his 12 std Kid's exam is an excuse for not vacating official accommodation. Very Nice.

    3. This guy has been in Delhi for virtually all his life and probably has one or two properties in his name. Can he not get an apartment for rent?

    The argument that would be put forward by the Aaam Army would be that BJP/ Congress are also like that. Were you not the epitome of public morality? Why then do you compare yourself with others. If this is your argument, then it means you are no different than them. So why AAP?

    Has any one in the MSM reported that Anil's Reliance was benefited by an order signed by AK as Delhi CM? Can actual Aam Aadmi's like us ask him to suo-moto discuss this in one of his many interviews during the day.

    This AAP story looks very similar to the Ad driven "Dandi Salt" vs "Tata Salt".

    1. well written . and the spineless scoundrels masqeurading as journalists in mainstream media never question these nor use these to corner / humiliate AK/AAP.

    2. @sns

      Very nicely summarised on the housing bit. None has questioned him on the no-transfer of "the so honest Kejru" during 14 years in Delhi. So much so even his wife was spared. Tell this to the honest Khemka what is the luxury of staying in same place all your life...

  34. Ravinar, indian politics full of devils few in disguise and few bare faced. citizen as such has no choice but live with what comes with fate. These debates are nothing but intellectual masturbating.

  35. Ravinar,
    Check out the firstbiz site (which is subsidiary of firstpost) where yogendra yadav (yes our very own psephologist) claims subsidies are inefficient and expensive and must go.
    Have you observed how these AAP's are talking the language of Centre-right economists. The idea is the weaken the Modi hence talking their language, day before yesterday it was Arvind claiming Govt has no business to be in business and now this statement. Somebody who is tutoring these rascals is highly aware of people's pulse at this time but also desperate.

    1. @Vamsi Krishna
      The adviser is non other than Yogi Yadav himself, who is making these shifting ideological stands according to the audience they are addressing. He is the man who has understood that Leftists ideas are not practical and failed. That is why he claims on AAP's website they are neither left nor right. In that case ideally he should have gone with BJP as a naturally centre right party. But for Yogi Yadav, BJP is communal so he can not go with them. Another problem with these Economic and Political weekly writers is they have tremendous superiority complex as per Leftist tradition. You can see that superiority complex with AAPtards also. So these leftists do not consider BJP as ideologically match to them. Therefore these communists have adopted a new strategy, for Firstbiz they are business friendly will talk Centre Right. Same with CII. When it will come to zugis they will talk communism. The same old ideological game Congress played with the Indian Population with added humongous corruption.

  36. have you ever followed any hero or heroine at the age of 50, desperately trying to look younger but slowly but steadily losing his/her battle against time. USA is exactly in that juncture and after steadily losing grip over almost all major nations of the continents, now desperate to keep India(under earth resources and 120 crore market) in grip through its 'chamcha' politicians and business houses.and best way to do it now is to create chaos and distract people from real issues and failures of present government . recent incidents of delhi and AP(whether telengana was necessary or not is a different point of argument) are examples of that. even release of RajivG's killers - not a stray incident at all.well planned and executed.

  37. Nasty article and equally nasty comments. Enjoyed a lot, both comments and article. So an article on blind promotion of AK by media turned into a nasty discussion on AAP vs Modi.

    Anyway I too have a grudge against MSM as well as MC ,the first question which came to my mind which no body asked Mr Honest , the tyagi, the reasons for clinging-on to their VidhanSabha seats . Why no immediate / simultaneous resignation from VidhanSabha ? After all they have already recommended dissolution of assembly or they want to continue to draw their salary without any work to express solidarity with AAM aadmi like me . Even MC did not raised this point.
    Let AAP member resign from VS , ask or petition LG to call for by-election for these 27 seats which can be conducted in MAY alongwith LS polls. Otherwise , BJP must call their bluff , instead of engaging them .

    1. @ Prem Rou
      AAP have sought legal and constitutional advice to consider what you've mentioned and that is a valid concern. However on the part of LG of Delhi, it is his constitutional duty to try to constitute a coalition govt to avoid burden of elections, until he feels that there is no other option rather than conducting by elections. Also, if all 27 AAP MLAs resign, by-elections may only be held for 27 seats, and that'll be playing in the hands of INC/BJP.

  38. "Remember, the CPM has rarely had any allegation of corruption against it; maybe even none. Yet, the CPM has not only committed political murders but also destroyed Bengal where economy is concerned. Fighting and reducing corruption can only be one part of an agenda. It can never be the only plank."

    Violently agree with the comment above. A party with honest top level leaders destroyed West Bengal. Existing chief minister is possibly 'honest' in personal-lifestyle but harming the state nevertheless.
    Corruption cannot be only plank. They say Taliban is very honest (frugal lifestyle et al). See what they have done to a nation.

  39. @Ravi Gowda
    I definitely agree with you on Modi's role of lone tusker.
    Pls recollect his speech in Davangere "rajneeti itna nishtoor nahin honaa...... seemandhrawalonki choti choti maange..."
    whereas his party did not move a single amendment in LS and allowed the bill to pass.
    Is there any explanation?
    It definitely shows difference of thinking, leave alone opinion.
    What can we expect from Modi with such detractors even before he became PM.

  40. Kejriwal is "available"?? Well Burkha Dutt & Rajdeep Saredesai should recall Arnab & TimesNow. Heard AAP has been boycotting Arnab & TimesNow as they ask question on KHAAP-Support :)

  41. A great article. Very perceptive. BARKha Dutt's interview of AK was a sham, she had "rehearsed" the questions and answers beforehand and inadvertantly they said as much!

  42. @Dhwani
    you are right. It will do some good for your shrawan.

  43. The only thing missing on Kejriwal at CII was muffler and his infectious 'khansi', other wise speech was almost the same which he gives in front of crowd consist of insane supporters. Content-wise it was mixture of plagiarized thoughts, ideas and even stolen slogan 'less government and more governance'. But, bande ki guts ko dad deni padegi! that among CII stalwarts he can utilize name of Transparency India to support his bluff that his government reduced 30% corruption in Delhi.
    Of course country like India which is so diverse will not make him Hugo Chavez.
    If only two or three persons against whom he has leveled charges take him to court on defamation all his nautanki may get deflate.
    And, in the media there is race among NDTV and AajTak, who licks him best.

  44. @vijayaraghava rao
    I agree it is waste to debate with people having petty goals.
    And ready to back undemocratic acts meet them.
    only thing makes disgusting is pot calling kettle black.

  45. Thanks to Ravinar and others, it is very clear that the Ultra Leftists like "Aggressive Serial Liar" Arvind Kejriwal, " Smooth / Soft Liar or Deceptor" Yogendra Yadav et al are bunch of "Useful Idiots" [Rf : Yuri Bezmenov]. Chetan Bhagat has well stated that the politics of AAP is extremely dangerous since it is desperately trying to create a class war.

    Madhu Bhaduri, who is one of the founder members of AAP and has left it recently after the Somnath Bharti issue [but before HT's Pornath the Top Spammer Episodes] elaborates on AAP as the Aam Aadmi Prejudice Enhancer Party ie. AAP is vigorously enhancing the normally held prejudices in the minds of people to gain popular support [not to primarily address them and take corrective actions by proper governance] and that AAP is gearing up to implement the same strategy for Haryana and beyond - Reason as to why she has quit.

    The comparison between Hugo Chavez and "virus" Arvind Kejriwal is very well brought out. Though many Media Houses are involved in promoting AAP, it is the Congress Misrule which has laid the foundation for all these propaganda. Many are fed up and cynical and hence the propaganda to make them believe that AAP will turn around the things though they have no track record of governance etc.

    But not for NaMo, the incorruptible decisive strong leader with vision and outstanding track record of good governance, India would have moved more closer to the likes of Egypt or Venezuela etc, and viruses like Arvind Kejriwal would have gained astonishing currency for their movement, with many waiting to Break India. Hope better sense prevails !!

    1. @ KK Anand
      'AAP is trying to create a class war' I think that is better than creating a caste/community/communal war which INC/BJP have been waging for years. Class war has always been there, but no one has given it a national voice as AK is perhaps/allegedly trying to.
      In my opinion what this country lacks most is a true opposition in Parliament/assemblies. UPA has been in power for 10 years now and given that there is enough evidence to incriminate top BJP leaders such as Kalyan Singh and Advani in Babri Masjid Demolition, UPA has not seriously pushed the matter through Supreme Court with enough vigor to have those leaders sentenced. When Rahul Gandhi was detained at Boston Airport (2001), the incumbent BJP govt led by Vajpayeeji did all it could to dismiss the matter with a hush. There are numerous instances of political defection and repeated horse trade regarding BJP and INC, and still these parties have failed to rule against any such candidates. There is no strict political alignment in terms of ideologies left among the existing parties, both regional and national. To top these, we have a crooked biased media who are funded by offshore or dummy companies looking out for vested interests of different groups.

      I'm also curious about all this fuss about AAP's governance. Even you know we ponder upon problems way too much than we try to find answers, and if we land upon an eligible solution (out of a range of many possible ones), it is not easy to have it implemented in a very brief span. Thousands of govt plans that have been 'enacted/sanctioned' are stuck in pipeline and not yet delivered although they have been cleared all the way down from cabinet to panchayat. It is much more difficult get things going when you're being scrutinized for every minute detail 24X7 like AK. If a few days pass without any news on actions from AAP govt, it becomes an impulsive need for critics target his 'inexperience' and inactivity and dub it as a deliberate action to stall the 'rightful heir to the throne'-BJP.

      "Going always against the 'mainstream'" has become the new mainstream.

    2. Is AAP doing anything new? Congress and BJP created enough wars in the country. Religion, caste, region, etc etc
      At end of the day AAP is another political party. Why should it practice that it preaches?

    3. @ What_is_not_said
      Has there been any other political party that doesn't depend on funds to win elections? Any other party whose members have uni formally surrendered their extravaganza? At least they are not pseudo-secular like INC and pseudo-tolerant like BJP. I can't tell you what'll happen, but putting AAP in the same category as INC/ BJP, for now, that's a bit too early.

  46. @KK Anand
    I sincerely hope that AK turns out to be the 'better sense that prevails over India', because his failure will paralyze the wishful voters for a long time and they'll be forever stuck between current situation with no choice.

  47. There is one comment that I saw on the facebook. The last decision by Kejri before remitting office was not about making subsidy payment to Power companies but to withdraw an affadavit from Delhi HC to give relief to Sheila Dikshit in corruption case. Haath ke bina Jhaadu nahin chalta

  48. On one particular happening I wrote to Soli Sorabji, ombudsman at ndtv. Why NDTV is not covering so and so issue. He reverted back with "channel's discretion".
    For media, of any kind, what matters is discretion, bias and above all vested interests a.k.a. . paapi pet kaa savaal hai...
    The abominating aspect is "preaching" while flouting the same brazenly.

  49. Small correction, Ravinar Saar. "AK is available because he doesn’t want to work". "AK is available because he has no work" would have sounded better, considering his current position as ex-CM. This "Lights-Camera-Action" stint was nice while it lasted. There is this old joke about a miser on his death-bed. He calls out all his family members by name to see if they are by his bedside, and after ascertaining that they are all present, screams, "Then, who is minding the shop?". If you are spending all your time in giving TV interviews, who is doing the governing?

  50. @yek panj
    you did not get me right. I am saying that nothing wrong about AAP acts when the two big parties touched the low of the democracy.

    @vijayaraghava rao
    all that I can say is ha ha ha ha ha.... for fekus followers in Bg Jokers Party

  51. @AAP supporters

    Your arguments lack substance and also hardly answers what Ravinar and others have written for some months. It is a futile exercise to keep repeating all of what is available for you to read and think. I don't agree with the wild accusations you have on BJP. You also have some misconcieved notions on BJP. Anyway, it is also not that everyone in BJP is perfect. It is convenient to take potshots on some loose links in BJP to justify that of AAP's.

    Also, the main issue is in the ideological level. The concept of "Swaraj" is core to Arvind Kejriwal, which has been analysed as another form of Naxal Manifesto - Refer Shekar Gupta's article :

    For more on Swaraj, look into Sanjay Kaul's article :

    The commies in their new avatar as AAP will be understood by many in the times to come. If AAP supporters still wish to keep firing randomly here with empty rhetoric, you are free to do so.

  52. Although it doesn’t require a book to know the real intentions of Kejriwal & Co., Aapists who have fallen for his dialogues can still regroup their intelligence and view things in right perspective. And my recommendation for that is ‘Swaraj’ (English version). It’s a 67-pages holocaust yearned for with very scary ideals.

  53. Everyone, it is easy to pick holes in every thought. Even easier to brand the followers of the ideology as fanatics.
    You must understand why anyone supports fanatical ideologies. It is sheer disappointment with existing system.
    While drowning in river one clutches anything that comes in the way. That thing actually turn out to be a snake or crocodile. But there is no option.
    After major disappointment with majority of parties people are bound to turn to AAP like outfits.
    Attempts by self-styled intellectuals' to demean one ideology and imposing other ideologies is highly improper.

  54. Hi Ravinar,
    I got a good info here on media by P. Sainath @

  55. @kamalaleo
    well captured the congis in BJP garb.
    I still believe Modi is an exception and does not belong to the group of house maids, butlers, peons of Sonia.
    At the same time Moid followers give a sense of fekus. Thet have visions like BJP getting 15000 crores for AP etc.
    They should know, personal servants of Sonia in BJP will do everything possible to stop Modi.

  56. Not sure why the right Questions always go amiss ...

    Folks, The political parties spend 500 and 400 crores just to get their advertisements displayed in Media - ads that run for 20 or 30 seconds.

    But for almost 3 months - 45 days before and 45 days after polls in Delhi - all 4 of NDTV, CNN-IBN, Times, Headlines Today were serving "Hot A Kejriwal Dramas" for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Supper. Was so irritated that i stopped watching news channels for a while.

    If that be the case, how much money would have funded all 4 major Media houses of NDTV, IBN, Times of India and Headlines Today ran continuous programs for them, day in day out for 3 full months ?

    And if i am not wrong, i am expecting at least a 60 - 75 day PRE-POLL PEPSI-COKE MARKETING for AK before and during elections.

    If the rates for 20 / 30 second ads is 500 crores for 3 months, How much did it cost to market AK 24*7 for the same duration ???
    And How Much will it cost them for their future 75 day marketing expense ?

  57. "AK is nothing but Sonia Gandhi in pants and shirt." Well ! you forgot important things like a muffler and a cap with "Mein AAM Adami hun" script.

  58. The one question which no TV channel or interviewer seems to be asking AAP is what will happen to the free water, free power, mohalla sabhas, action against corrupt officials , uplift of the poor etc., etc., now that AK has quit. Was the Lokpal so important that all the above could be consigned to the dustbin just for the sake of Lokpal ? In a democracy when one is in power, one does not call it quits at the first hint of an obstacle. One has to exhaust all the possible avenues through legal, administrative, procedural, peaceful democratic means before calling it quits. How will an aam aadmi who has been promised so many things and then betrayed at the drop of a hat so to say ever vote again for this party ? A party that cannot stay on and deliver on its promises even in such a small state like Delhi is unfit to be even considered worthy of a vote in any future elections by any honest aam aadmi.


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