Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Hurt Mafia

Some years back Rajdeep Sardesai used to have a show or a segment on his TV debates called Crossfire. He probably borrowed the idea from CNN-IBN’s American sister CNN. Back in 2004, during the US election campaign, American comic and satirist Jon Stewart was on CNN’s Crossfire. He delivered a severe battering to the two hosts for their sham debates and deceptions (One of them, Carlson Tucker, was even ridiculed for his silly bow-tie, which LOC Ambassador Karan Thapar now copies). Stewart described where these guys went to after presidential and other debates. Here’s a hilarious exchange:

STEWART: But let me ask you guys, again, a question, because we talked a little bit about, you're actually doing honest debate and all that. But, after the debates, where do you guys head to right afterwards?
CARLSON: The men's room.
STEWART: Right after that?
STEWART: Spin alley.
STEWART: No, spin alley.
BEGALA: What are you talking about? You mean at these debates?
STEWART: Yes. You go to spin alley, the place called spin alley. Now, don't you think that, for people watching at home, that's kind of a drag, that you're literally walking to a place called deception lane?

After the thrashing that the hosts got, CNN pulled the show. It was brought in again some months later in 2005 in a totally different format. Fortunately, for our media crooks they carry on their sham despite many a slap.

That’s right! After a political rally or exchange our Editorialists gather in the “spin alley” and decide how to spin the statements by politicians or other public figures. Even after debates or interviews (Like RahulG with Arnab) along with politicians their media slaves also run to “spin alley” to spin both positive and negative bloopers. People are now smart enough to recognise these deceptive liars for what they are. I call them ‘India’s biggest mafia’. Every crime – rape, murder, financial frauds, cheque-book journalism – you will find it in our media. But on February 24, 2014 our mafia was hurt; very hurt. Seems Gen VKSingh called them “Presstitutes” and Home Minister Sushil Shinde threatened to “crush the electronic media”. The Union of Snakes, aka Editors’ Guild, also condemned VKS for using the term Presstitutes.

First, let’s deal with Shinde’s stupid statement. He said he will crush electronic media if there is any propaganda against the Congress. We are used to this man making stupid statements. When cornered he made it worse by saying he didn’t mean TV or journalists but social media. So he wants to crush social media for propaganda against Congress. That should have pacified our media crooks to some extent. Of course, his party also wanted to ban opinion polls. I wrote a long time ago ‘why the MSM would like see social media dead’ and folks on the SM had a good laugh as the real journalists at the Unreal Times showed us:

That done, let’s now deal with the Presstitutes. Johny-returned-lately, Akash Banerjee (ex-Timesnow, ex-HeadlinesToday, ex-Hibernation) started kicking and screaming at VKS on the phone over the Presstitutes remark demanding an apology on the evening of February 24. It wasn’t as if he felt insulted, it sounded as if he was raped or molested. After a few minutes of rage his own colleagues must have told him to calm down. 

One can understand Arnab inspires everyone in his channel to behave like him. Take a look at the daily morning show of Timesnow. Each morning there are 2, 3 or 4 ladies who line up to deliver the morning entertainment. I call them “Arnie’s Angels”. Each one of them is trained like a parrot and maybe helped with a teleprompter to prefix the term “poster boy” each time Narendra Modi is mentioned. It’s not just these angels but other ladies on Timesnow, like Navika Kumar, Arnab, Rhythm and Rhyme, also use this term to describe Modi. So I wonder why these folks get so agitated over the term Presstitutes. At other times we have heard terms like mass-murderer, hero of hatred and so on being used recklessly by all the editorialists. 

They also call communal riots “genocide” and “pogrom” knowing well they are lying. But these scumbags and scumbaginis expect they should be treated honourably, respected for all their nonsense and be spared the agony of insults that they heap on others.

Arnab doesn’t have a good memory unless it is fed by pieces of paper from his assistants. He forgot how he witch-hunted Nitin Gadkari over 19 episodes based on flimsy accusations by an AAP member. He forgot how he and the entire media witch-hunted N. Sreenivasan of BCCI over the IPL betting issue for three weeks and blacked out all other issues. Sure, you cover these allegations and scams but don’t claim to be ignorant of deliberate and well-planned witch-hunts. The TOI group carried some 107 odd negative articles on the CWG. Are we to believe these guys were really interested in the truth or justice? Was the TOI reporting without motives? Surely not! The excessive coverage was because TOI didn’t get the contracts that went to the Unholy Trinity of HT-NDTV-CNN-IBN through practices that weren’t entirely fair. What do you call this? Journalism or Presstitution? I bet if Times group had got the media contracts you may never have seen the 107 negative headlines. That’s the work of Presstitutes. We know how the media has reacted against Shinde and VKS; let’s sample what the people have to say on SM:

During the discussions on the adventures of Tarun Tejpal on TimesNow, Arnab himself admitted the media had wronged by not taking up and following up on the Radiagate episode. How conveniently the Presstitutes blacked out and buried the story is a major crime. Most of these Presstitutes were also aware of Tejpal’s misdeeds. It is undeniable that these Hammamis do not report on corruption in their own ranks and therefore earn the contempt of people and names that describe them pretty well. Before the 2013 state elections in November-December quite a few channels were openly campaigning for the AAP party. Even if the Presstitutes deny it they can’t deny the overwhelming evidence that points to this malicious conduct of fake debates and discussions. The ultimate proof of the political pimping came in the form of Ashutosh who was sacked from IBN7 and had to join his masters in AAP. Pics of him being bedmates with the AAP party also came into public domain. There are other scumbags like Punyaprasoon Bajpai and Anjana Om Kashyap of AajTak not being very different. The political pimping wasn’t different with Rajdeep, Barkha or Sagarika who have been long-time political doormats. One of the most read articles on this site still happens to be “The AAPSucker Proxies”. Here’s another image that is popular with people and I don’t think anyone is under any illusion (and it comes from an MSM cartoonist, not SM):

Recently, Deepak Chaurasia of India News (formerly with every Hindi channel on earth) was voted India’s Worst Journalist – 2014. He was indeed a surprise winner and the reason being he is alleged to have doctored a video of child-abuse using children and persons who were unaware of the scam. There also appears to be an FIR against him. Heard any news channel reporting on such pathetic activities in the media mafia? There are other journos who wantonly abuse politicians and people in general. And that is the reason the MSM is facing flak from every quarter. This is apart from financial frauds, tax frauds and sexual transgressions at work places. There is a history of how the MSM has obliged and colluded to cover up many crimes of the govt. Why be offended with the title of Presstitutes? I wrote in “Rajdeep On Deception Lane” that very long ago someone from the media gave the most stinging description of journalists and their character. Here is John Swinton of NYT from 1880:

"There is no such thing, at this date of the world's history, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. The business of the journalist is to destroy the truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell the country for his daily bread. You know it and I know it and what folly is this toasting an independent press. We are the tools and vassals of the rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes”.

Between VKS and Swinton there isn’t much difference in the description of the crooks. Till a while ago the PCI chairman, Markandeya Katju, himself was behaving like a political tool. He was not only running a political campaign but also ridiculing Indians at large. His nonsense had to be ended by a stinging post from Arun Jaitley in which AJ delivered a severe slap: “Retired judges must remember that the rental for occupying a Lutyen's bunglow post retirement has to be political neutrality not political participation”. There are many media Presstitutes occupying Lutyen’s bungalows and govt flats and as long as they do so they will remain political doormats. The media mafia really has no business to feel hurt. They should cleanse their Hammam instead.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Surrogate Interview

For many reasons I cannot disclose many intricate details in this post but I will offer enough for readers to ponder. Surviving online with some kind of news outlet or media-watch site is a tough job. Some like Firstpost may be well-funded and have the access of Network18 to rely upon for content and distribution. Don’t know how Rediff does but it has online shopping business too. Sites like NitiCentral have to rely on limited access to news networks. Last year a satire site had to bite the dust and merge with an MSM branch to survive. Many have to make compromises that are forced entirely by their grim financial situation. You know, like the old boxing mafia in the US used to do. They fixed matches, up and comers were forced to take a dive and promising careers were killed. Here’s half a true story:

My night. I could've taken Wilson apart that night. So what happens? He gets a title shot outdoors in the ballpark, and what do I get? A one-way ticket to Palookaville. I was never no good after that night, Charley. It was like a peak you reach, and then it's downhill. It was you, Charley. You was my brother. You should've looked out for me a little bit… You should've taken care of me just a little bit instead of making me take them dives for the short-end money. You don't understand. I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody instead of a bum, which is what I am. Let's face it”.

"The medium is the message" said Marshall McLuhan meaning that the form of a medium embeds itself in the message, creating a symbiotic relationship by which the medium influences how the message is perceived. If you tune into TimesNow or CNN-IBN or NDTV or an online site like Newslaundry you know pretty much what you’ll get. You know NDTV is alleged to have indulged in financial frauds and indirectly “facilitated” their IT assessment officer for “speedy disposal” (as the DLF chairman calls it). We have also seen the propaganda, plagiarism with fake videos and fake reports, fake tweets to support lobbying on some issue and even outright lies by some of them. Take a look at this:
So the crooks at NDTV believe “guilty by association” is legitimate news reporting. Of course, this is couched in clever trickery of not being inaccurate but the tweet by India TV exposes what the scumbags and scumbaginis at NDTV really are. They don’t miss even a remote chance to tar and malign Narendra Modi. So that’s what brings us to the question: why would Narendra Modi appear on a show in which this corrupt channel is a media partner? The answer isn’t simple. The other two associates of this event are Facebook (FB) and Newslaundry (NL). Who initiated this event is not clear to the public but based on evidence we have to assume since this is a social media event it is a Facebook event. But chances also are that the event was “concocted” in association by one or more of the partners or their PR brokers. The event is called “Candidates 2014” and is supposedly …. Well take a look at what NL said:

NL first put up a page that said (as in the first para of text) “Madhu Trehan interviews prime-ministerial front-runners”. Ha! What a scam! It included the convict Lalu Prasad who can’t even contest elections and others were Modi, Mamata Banerjee, Arvind Kejriwal and Akhilesh Yadav. So people pointed out this blooper and a few hours later this was changed to “… top contenders”. Top contenders for what? The speaker’s position in the next LS? The silliness of the new title seems lost on NL. Notice that under the text it says “You can be the first to comment” and that is in the revised page. For some reason NL deleted around 90 comments that I had seen when the page was first up on February 20. They even put up a notice saying comments for the thread are closed as the pic on the left shows. If everything is clean and transparent why all this skulduggery?

Kanchan Gupta, who heads NitiCentral, put out this a tweet and stated it’s an open event and anybody can broadcast and Niti too will broadcast. That was enough to start a scramble between the advertised partners of the event and that’s where the fun part starts. Here is an exchange between KanchanG and Barkha Dutt (who else could it have been?):

So the group editor of NDTV says “from what I understand” they are exclusive broadcast partners. The last tweet above from KanchanG says he heard differently (in another tweet he mentioned from Modi’s office) that it was a FB event and that he will be broadcasting it anyway. Elsewhere, Vikram Chandra, the usually amiable guy from NDTV, had a clear indication of what anyone else broadcasting the event would tantamount to:

Okay, so VikramC says it would be piracy. FB’s also said NDTV and NL are partners in this grand event. However, press releases weren't all that clear. So let’s now get a bit more into this puzzle.

On being asked about this deal and why others can’t broadcast, Abhinandan Sekhri, a founder and investor in NL, has this answer as shown in the tweet. Oh yeah! “Not sponsored by anyone… tu nahi samjhega”. So according to AS it’s an NL-FB event and NDTV is the “partner”. Err… “Tu nahi samjhega”! I agree with that part. Nobody understands. AS is an AAP member and the same arrogance that runs through AAP statements runs through this guy’s dialogue too. AS is the one who actually runs NL. Everything in NL is managed by him. Madhu Trehan just does her ‘Clothesline’ once a week or so. AS is also a vendor for NDTV. He runs a firm called ‘SmallScreen’ which produces videos, animations and scripts for many clients. So, without a doubt, AS is a talented guy and the animations and sketches you see on NL mostly come from him and, evidently, his team from SmallScreen.

Like I said in the beginning, it is hard to sustain an online news or satire site in India. Madhu Trehan has often asked the question on whether they should seek sponsors or subscriptions from viewers. I don’t think the subscriptions route worked all that well. So it is likely that NL didn’t have a sustainable revenue model. Remember, this was supposed to be a media-critic and analyst. NL did that job pretty well; bringing out the hypocrisies, ironies and idiosyncrasies frequently. It also did a fine job on putting some of the media celebs on the mat in its interviews. All this was under the heady tagline “Sab ki Dhulai” (Washing everyone or thrashing everyone – depending on how you read it). But looks like they finally ran out of detergent. NL has now gone the MSM way partnering a channel with allegations of corruption and financial fraud.

The change at NL was visible about 10-15 days ago I think. Their site was down for maintenance they said and then it came up in a new avatar and design. What struck me most was a stingingly spiteful article against Tarun Tejpal’s “rape victim” on Valentine’s Day. The writer poured scorn on the victim and made out Tejpal to be the victim of her malicious campaign sort of. Cleverly, as with other MSM morons, the writer of this spiteful and hate-filled article calls Tejpal’s prey “MsTehelka-Assault-Victim”. Astonishing! Why is she Tehelka’s victim and not Tejpal’s victim? Is this the honest discourse Madhu Trehan had promised NL readers? But then Madhu was always an MSM member. Some things don’t change. The name of the author of that article? Nirupama Sekhri! Nice! So that should tell you how NL is now following the “Tejpalisation” of media. Tejpalisation essentially involves reckless writing, writing propaganda for one particular party and their friends and slowly turning a rape victim, in the case of a media celebrity, into the offender. NL as you knew it is over. As a reader points out “Get used to it”! How did this turnaround or compromise happen? It’s not very hard to guess or should I say “Tu nahi samjhega”? I estimate the ownership pattern of NL itself might have changed.

Let’s look at the line up for the event. There’s Modi, Lalu, Akhilesh, Kejriwal and MamataB. Would Modi have agreed to an event initiated by NL? I don’t think so. Would Modi have agreed to an event initiated by NDTV? Fly a kite! Therefore, the only possibility is Facebook would have initiated it and roped in Modi. Besides, who would really want to listen to Lalu or Akhilesh? I don’t know, maybe an “organised” mob. What about Kejriwal? What exactly would be special about AK in another event? He is on TV almost 24X7 there is nothing that anyone can learn anew from his tape-recorded “Ambani is corrupt, Modi is corrupt and you are corrupt” dialogues. MamataB? Maybe a few but she is no way a major attraction beyond Bengal. In short, without Modi this event would have been still-born. And the only entity that could have roped in Modi is FB. KanchanG suggests Modi’s office wasn’t aware of the other partners of the event.

Leave aside FB. One of the other two partners probably created the event and one of them got FB to sell it to Modi (and the others) because it’s clearly unlikely Modi would have agreed to. And is it all for free? No sponsors? I sincerely doubt it. In fact Modi supporters aren’t very happy that he would be appearing on NDTV, a channel that abused him for a decade and still continues to abuse him in very “clever” ways as the first tweet in this post shows. So what happened? NDTV got a surrogate interview to telecast that they otherwise wouldn’t have got. Modi has appeared in interviews with Timesnow and CNN-IBN over the years but not in a major exclusive with NDTV. This is their kill in response to exclusive interviews on another channel. In the following lines that I quoted in the beginning lie an answer:

You should've taken care of me just a little bit instead of making me take them dives for the short-end money…” Who took the dives for the short-end money? That’s for you to figure out. All I can say for sure is that NL as a media-critic brand is over. In its new avatar you will find it more directly aligned with one of the MSM outlets. As for NDTV, its pathetic slide down the drain will continue and with the prospect of a political change at the centre their future doesn’t look too bright. NL may temporarily glow under the lights of this event but I would have to once again quote but rephrase the lines in the 2nd para:

You don't understand. You coulda had class. You coulda been a contender. You coulda been somebody instead of a…”

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Devil In Disguise

Old principle at Tennis events: The ball-boys are most efficient when they aren’t seen at all.

Try explaining this as best as you can: “Where competition is possible govt must privatise, where only monopoly is possible we should avoid privatisation”. That’s a loose translation of what Arvind Kejriwal said in his speech in Hindi to CII on February 17, 2014. That statement went over the heads of the educated audience at CII. It also went over the heads of media morons. Rajdeep Sardesai quoted this statement with a clip on his show on the same night and asked his panellists to comment on it. None bothered to examine the stupidity of this statement. Seriously, is there any business or industry that can be inherently “monopolistic” by nature? Monopoly is imposed by the govt or illegitimate practices of a business house or a group. It speaks poorly of the business community at CII that they need a special event and a speech to discover any economic vision of AK. Blunt fact is he doesn’t have any. Let’s sample some mundane crap from AK in his speech:

"We are not against capitalism; we're against crony capitalism... It's a wrong perception that AAP is against business. Of course we need businesses," Mr Kejriwal attempted to explain what his political vision, popularly called "Aapnomics" is, and why corporate India should not be running scared of his party despite several decisions that his government took in its 49 days in power in Delhi… During his brief term as Chief Minister, Mr Kejriwal increased subsidies for power and water. His cabinet overturned the previous government's decision on FDI in retail... "The government has no business to be in business, it should be left with the private players. License and inspector raj has to end... A small section of industrialists who are not industrialists but are looting the country" he said.

NDTV grandly says AK’s “political vision” is popularly called “Aapnomics”. Really? First of all, nobody is commonly using a term like Aapnomics (except probably Barkha Dutt and her seven white dwarfs at NDTV). And why is a “political vision” associated with some term that should represent economics? Govt shouldn’t be in business? That sort of mundane statement uttered by many a politician is AK’s new economic vision for India? This is how not just AK but the media also fools people. It doesn’t matter that AK doesn’t know economics from an Eskimo Igloo but our media charlatans will tell you that they saw vision in his speech. At the end of it Adi Godrej is reported to have said “"It is very important that we fight corruption, reduce corruption. But it is also very important that we have a good economic policy that creates development and jobs in the country. And I think the Aam Aadmi Party should improve their views in that direction".

But Godrej is stating an optimistic view. It should now be evident to any observer that AK and AAP are neither interested in politics nor in eliminating corruption. The whole drama is scripted to perfection, including AK’s resignation on February 14. His street dharna as a CM is clearly the most disgusting conduct by a man in power. His desire for instant justice, with cronies like Somnath Bharti, doesn’t reflect any great belief in democracy or processes. In short, other than being a Congress puppet to garner votes to keep the BJP out there is nothing in his armoury that can be seen as vision. Add to all this his frequent U-turns and lies and you have a motley crew of people who just want power to satisfy their lust and nothing more. Remember, the CPM has rarely had any allegation of corruption against it; maybe even none. Yet, the CPM has not only committed political murders but also destroyed Bengal where economy is concerned. Fighting and reducing corruption can only be one part of an agenda. It can never be the only plank.

I have earlier compared Sonia Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal to Eva Peron of Argentina. That woman (and her husband who was president) screwed the good economy of Argentina with their freebies and doles. That country degenerated into a dictatorship and economic ruin. AK is nothing but Sonia Gandhi in pants and shirt. Sonia just maintains some decorum in public. He should have been on her NAC (probably wanted too as well). Someone has drawn another parallel between AK and the late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. The similarities are indeed striking. Let’s patiently watch Deepak Singh’s (@Smarket) analysis in his video (14.37 mins):

Commies are historically known to prey on the poor and their poverty. For the poor the illusions the Commies create is a straw to clutch on. They get fooled over and over again out of sheer lack of opportunities. We have seen the total failure of CPM in Bengal and we have seen the lies, deception, U-turns and murder of political opponents world over by Commies. We have seen that from AK and AAP too except the mass murder part. But our media would have you believe that AK is on TV again because he is “available” and answers questions as Rajdeep and Barkha foolishly believe and would have you believe:

It doesn’t occur to these two Congress propagandists that AK is available because he doesn’t want to work. He has never had any interest in sincere work throughout his career. Most other CMs are busy with serious work and cannot afford to be on stupid TV channels all the time. Worse, AK even found time in his short stint as CM to do a "loving-it" interview with Barkha at the Delhi Litterfest on February 9. For a new CM that’s the priority stupid media people applaud. As for Rajdeep, his lipstick for himself and AK never runs out of stock. Here’s what a Google search shows; it’s quite fascinating:

It’s almost like Rajdeep is running a permanent beauty salon for AK with a “before and after” show. There was one before becoming CM, one after he became CM with Malala scarf and all. Then again the “first” after resigning without the Malala look but with a better-managed haircut and appearance. Looks like Rajdeep has been like a “waiter” who has been waiting on AK for everything he does “first”. And RS explains his stupidity (as does Barkha) that it’s because AK “answers questions”. You know, birdfeed questions where AK gets to call everyone corrupt except himself and his gang. Hugo Chavez once called George Bush a “devil” in his UN speech. AK is not very far off in the language he uses for all his opponents. Here’s a summary of Chavez’s speech in 2006:
"Those who want to go directly to hell can follow capitalism... and those of us who want to build heaven here on earth will follow socialism… The Devil is right at home. The Devil, the Devil himself, is right in the house. And the Devil came here yesterday. Yesterday the Devil came here. Right here. And it smells of sulphur still today. Yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, from this rostrum, the president of the United States, the gentleman to whom I refer as the Devil, came here, talking as if he owned the world. Truly. As the owner of the world."

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know about people but Hugo Chavez did meet his maker in March this year; at a relatively young age of 58 (or maybe went to hell as he predicted some would do). I mentioned “Sponsored Revolutions” in an earlier post. There isn’t doubt anywhere that AK’s so-called revolution is sponsored by both external and internal forces. The Congress cronies in the media like it because they want AAP to win as many seats as possible in the LS since all those eggs would invariably end up in the Congress Omelette. Nothing in his 49-day stint as CM has shown AK has any political decorum or vision or any idea of economics. Cheap populism and street level “goonda” behaviour is what we have seen.  

And what questions did AK answer? Actually none! He just used the platform to make claims about how his govt had done more work in 4 days than any other since Independence. By what real measure? Any question on such a dubious claim? None! He also grandly claimed corruption in Delhi had come down in his 49 days as CM. This spurious claim also went unchallenged. Rajdeep is probably another gullible AAPSucker who buys this nonsense. Seems, the claim was also made by Shazia Ilmi quoting Transparency International reports. The other member of the Unholy Trinity Hindustan Times grandly published Shazia’s nonsense too without any verification. Turns out Transparency International issued a denial of any such report and AAP had to apologise for their lies. This is the interview of opportunity that both Rajdeep and Barkha peddle as “available”.

The ball-boys at a tennis match are trained and gifted. They run around with speed, collect and transfer balls with methodical grace. Often you don’t even notice them. That is when they are supposed to be most efficient; when they aren’t seen at all. Govts are meant to be like that: work and operate so efficiently that they aren’t seen at all. The only signs of govt that people should usually see are the traffic cops or the regular police on the beat. But propagandists Rajdeep and Barkha would have you believe that “netas” should be on TV as often as they can. There has to be someone to put lipstick on I guess.

I have written before that in his entire career so far AK has left everything unfinished. He takes up one task or campaign and moves on to another like people move on from on one song to the next popular one. “I doubt AK ever wanted to be a CM. He probably wanted to create a revolution and be a high authority like a Lokpal or a CJI (He can’t be CJI though) or the CIC by which he could dispense instant justice, haul anyone before his court and sentence anyone without proper hearing. He wants to play Dirty Harry. The Congress calculations forced him to settle for something less like a CM position. He has used people as “tools” in his public life but for once he has become a tool himself for the Congress. I’m sure his mirror will tell him that. He could have been an honourable public figure doing great service. He chose the evil path and evil always gets defeated in the end”.

Chavez called everyone he hated the “devil”. AK does the same; everyone but him is corrupt. In reality, a closer look at his silly actions and claims only tells us he’s a proxy for some external and internal political forces. People like Rajdeep and Barkha are used to be being propagandists for the devil and the corrupt; that is one measure of why the devil appears on their channel so often. It is just that they believe others can’t see the devil in disguise too and are as blind as they are.