Monday, January 6, 2014

The Lost Honour

In a costly mix-up Times Now showed the pic of Justice PB Sawant as being involved in some scam. The consequence was a 100 crore defamation damage slapped on the channel. I am not aware of the status of that case but given the media’s tendency to sensationalise allegations and tar reputations such cases will multiply. In fact, I would go a step further and suggest more people should sue the media for defamation when they are victims of such malice. India Today has lately developed a sense of humour and is handing out “Foot-in-mouth” awards. This one is not out of place:  

Following Farooq Abdullah’s comment there was a huge outrage in the media. The nonsensical debates over a petty, sarcastic remark had the usual outrage-specialists from NCW, the Kavita Krishnans, the Big Bindis and assorted nuts from politics. I had heard Abdullah making that comment and though it maybe tasteless, it was nothing more than ill-timed sarcasm over the accusations against Justice AK Ganguly (AKG) and certainly didn’t warrant such a big outrage. A foot-in-mouth award was all it deserved. So some law intern named Stella James made some allegations of sexual harassment against AKG and predictably our media went into overdrive and started hounding him with demands of resignation from his post of Human Rights Commission Head in Bengal. Note the fine print in the above pic from India Today. It says “a panel of judges found Justice AKG guilty of sexual misconduct”. This is the manner in which our MSM lies and misleads people. The SC panel found a “prima facie” case to be taken further. It did not rule AKG “guilty” as our media morons have concluded.  

While Abdullah may have made his silly comment at a wrong moment one cannot discount the possibility that an aggrieved (and vindictive) woman in a work place or elsewhere can make these allegations for multiple reasons and the accused will go through a terrible ordeal. Following the accusations against AKG the one who has been most vociferously seeking action against him is Indira Jaising the additional solicitor general. Frankly, I haven’t seen so much of Jaising on TV as in this particular case which does create doubts about her motives. The SC did not intervene further in the issue as AKG was a “retired” judge, which is something Jaising omitted in her appeal to the court. She even got an affidavit from Stella James confirming the allegations which have reportedly been made after a year of the incident. What’s an affidavit worth? Why don’t they just file a police complaint and let the State prosecute AKG in accordance with law? Jaising has not been so much in the news in the past except for this one incident of her misbehaviour in court last year:

That’s from The Telegraph and the incident happened in July 2013 when the judge pulled up Jaising for contempt of court but chose to accept her apology. Do read up on the whole story. Jaising’s behaviour in the media in the AKG case has not been very different. Kicking and screaming, extreme outrage is how I would categorise her conduct. Naturally, it forces people to ask if there is any special motive behind it. I too do not feel convinced based on what I’ve seen that there is a strong case. As usual the media morons, particularly from Times Now, started hounding AKG wherever he went, including his morning walk around his Kolkata residence. The Centre, given its enthusiasm to hang others to keep covering up its crimes, made a presidential reference to the SC to sack AKG. And then a lady turned up from somewhere to file a PIL in SC claiming all allegations against AKG are malicious and motivated. Here’s the opening remark from a TOI report:

UK-educated doctor M Padma Narayan Singh, who said she was daughter of 'legendary' former judge P N Singh, in her PIL was critical of the manner in which the system - criminal law, police, media, judiciary and government - operates in India, in stark contrast to western world, resulting in abuse of process and maligning personalities, in this case justice Ganguly”.

Padma Narayan is probably referring to “justice systems” in the UK and other countries but when it comes to the news media they are as terrible in the UK as they are in India. They are scavengers hanging around to feast on anyone they can hang. Sometimes, they leave a person so scarred that return to a normal life for their target becomes impossible or at least very difficult. We’ll look up a few. There’s British politician Lord McAlpine who was wrongly accused and tarred by the media as a paedophile:

Fox News: The BBC’s flagship evening current affairs show, "Newsnight," earlier this month incorrectly linked Lord McAlpine, a former treasurer of the Conservative Party, with a sexual abuse scandal at a children’s home in Wrexham, north Wales, in the 1980s.While McAlpine was not named, the blanks were quickly filled in online and on social media, prompting the former adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to publicly deny the allegations. The program was forced to apologize for the report, after it emerged that McAlpine was wrongly identified and was not contacted prior to the report's airing. The BBC said in a statement late Thursday it would pay McAlpine $293,000 plus legal costs. "The settlement is comprehensive and reflects the gravity of the allegations that were wrongly made," the corporation said. (Also read the report at DailyMail). Padma Narayan who has filed a PIL in the SC to drop all the allegations against AKG has made some stunning claims:

The PIL petitioner threw in a new spin by alleging the controversy was conspiracy hatched by Mohun Bagan. In this well planned conspiracy against justice A K Ganguly, the Mohun Bagan has used the female intern who had prepared the case report on Mohun Bagan in the above said arbitration matter between Mohun Bagan and All India Football Federation, in New Delhi in December 2012. AIFF also corroborates the said conspiracy." "Mohun Bagan managing director Anjan Mitra has now sent a letter to AIFF president Praful Patel, asking him to review the judgment passed by justice A K Ganguly on the ground of his so-called 'questionable integrity' as he has been accused by the said female law intern of sexually harassing her," Singh said”.

There is already a belief that AKG is being targeted by certain vested interests because he cancelled 122 scam-ridden 2G licences along with another judge. The fresh theory claims the allegations were manufactured by the football club Mohun Bagan over a case which was arbitrated by AKG and went against them. There is a definite problem with the “she said, he said” kind of allegations. Only an impartial inquiry where both parties can testify should be the basis for prosecution or resignation of AKG. The suspicion that this is another witch-hunt by some quarters arises because the Congress govt at the Centre has earned this reputation. Regardless of what the political and other interests that operate behind such cases the media has no business to hound and target AKG the way it has done. It has no business declaring someone guilty. In particular, Arnab Goswami, whose channel has been slapped with the 100 crore defamation damages, is permanently in a “Kangaroo court” mode where he wantonly decides who is guilty and who is not. Should this continue I would be happy if another 1000 crores are slapped on the TOI group and maybe also the others. The biggest criminals who mindlessly tar reputations are in the media (Remember Shankaracharya? Remember Sadhvi Pragya?). Here’s another one:

Christopher Jefferies, the man wrongly arrested by police in the hunt for the murderer of Joanna Yeates, has given a graphic account of how he was vilified by the press. The retired teacher, who was Miss Yeates's landlord, was libelled by eight newspapers following his arrest on suspicion of her murder. Police later exonerated Mr Jefferies and he then successfully sued eight newspapers for libel. Two national newspapers, The Sun and The Mirror, were prosecuted for contempt of court for their reporting of the episode. The former Clifton College teacher described how some of the newspapers painted him as a "dark, macabre, sinister villain" having mistakenly believed that because he had been arrested on suspicion of murder he must be the killer. He also lambasted some of the reporting of the murder inquiry as "lazy and casually inaccurate"… "We're talking about the tabloid press here so just to be a sexual predator isn't quite spicy enough”. Read the whole horrible story at Huffington Post.

While Jefferies’ witch-hunt didn’t have anything to do with politics, most of the witch-hunt by the Indian media has everything to do with political stakes or political backing or with our media’s anti-Hindu campaign. If you read carefully, the Jefferies story is no different from the Shankaracharya story. The latter too was declared a murderer by our criminal media. AKG stood his ground so far but news is that he has finally decided to resign. It’s simple; now the media and his detractors will once again scream claiming it as a sign of his “guilt”. I guess for a retired judge he may have found it more prudent to resign instead of bearing anymore of the witch-hunt. Looks like we will never know if “His honour” was guilty or not. That's as good as being found guilty without even a trial. 

In the case of Christopher Jefferies his victimisation by media is now being made into a two-part TV film called “The lost honour”. In the West there is at least a price to pay for defamation. In India our media criminals mostly get away with slander without having to pay a price. We should hope that will change and we don’t have to make movies like “The lost honour”.


  1. Let me be the first to confess I did get fooled by the media reports (and gory details of concocted proof) against Shankracharya and justice Ganguli too. Unfortunately in such cases, we seldom have opportunity to hear about both the sides. May be in India defamation laws need to have some teeth added.

  2. Wonder what keeps you motivated to research and come up with such well articulated articles so regularly .

  3. Only a child will believe Sankaracharya is not guilty in Sankarraman case.
    1. Lot of videos was released were the two old and new Sankaracharyas were levelling allegations against each other.
    2. Sankarraman the manager of trust was having a dispute with Sankaracharya over his Sankaracharya immoral activities. Case was filled in court also.
    3. So how did Sankarraman died? Self murder?
    4. Audio tapes were released about Sankaracharya paying bribe to Judge.
    5. Several women openly levelled allegations against Sankaracharya.
    6. There was an approver who later changed track.

    Indian administration, judiciary, police acts differently for rich and powerful otherwise salman khan will not avoid jail for so long for his hit and murder cases.

    I am a Hindu doesnt mean I have to support a criminal. Then no difference from a muslim who supports terrorists in name of religion. That itself defeats the purpose of hindu dharma.

    AK Ganguly - no fire without smoke. More than one women came forward with complaint against Ganguly. Complaints will come only after the person is no more in powerful posts. Ganguly himself has not denied acting so. He only says it was misinterpreted actions.

    Though I do not agree with Media behaviour in both cases.

    1. @AAR

      Each of your claims can be dismissed as mere "Opinion" .. which anyone is free to hold. What you need is point to some strong "evidence" through which the "accused" can be called "guilty". You dont count, nor does anyone else.. The LAW counts...

    2. Could you please tell me when did women come with complaints and which police station they registered FIRs.If not why they are interested in Media Trail?what is stopping them to file FIR and make the case formal as AKG is retired judge.These are enough indications of malicious campaign running for self interests.

    3. Like Arnab Goswami, you seem to prejudge issues as reflected in your "no smoke without fire". Once you take that position, it is easy to view everything as compelling evidence. The likes of MMS and congis gorge on this gullibility of people to frame anyone and pronounce them guilty even before they are given a fair hearing.

    4. Now that the Mohan Bagan angle has emerged, it could be construed that the intern's action was a after thought at failing to get what she wanted to get otherwise by whatever means by her presence at a place at such an hour where the incident is alleged to have happened

    5. In the political circles of Tamil Nadu, Sankaracharya's arrest & cases against him were because of his not willing to sell a Medical college run by the trust...

    6. @AAR

      It is funny that you are falling prey to the whole propaganda that the article talks about. Let me extend your argument to merely point out that even "you" can be accused as a murderer of Sankararaman if the miscreants want to. I dare you now. Can you give me a single credible link to the video of the acharyas leveling allegations against each other or the "so-called" audio tapes. In fact the court has rubbished every single "evidence" you have mentioned here as not a credible source of evidence. Please read the judgement and weakness of the prosecution documents before coming to your own "stupid" conclusions. Your statement on "Indian judiciary" being different to rich qualifies a contempt of court proceeding against you. So be very very careful with your words. According to me, Jai Singhs like you are more dangerous than Congress goons.

    7. Northies do not know the full story.
      All these videos and audio tapes were shown multiple times in Tamil channels Jaya TV and Sun TV.
      Harassment interviews appeared in Tamil magazines - Vikatan, Kumudam.

      If corrupt Indian Court verdict is the only way to decide criminals then Sonia Gandhi is not corrupt, Salman Khan is not a killer, Karunanidhi is not corrupt, Chidambaram won his last MP election.

      Former CJI said "80% of Supreme Court judges are corrupt".

  4. @aar,
    Whilst I am no blind follower of these acharyas, but then were these prosecutable / reliable evidence ?? If yes , then one should file a PIL to pursue the case , if not then it is best to go by the judgment of the court. There can be no end to litigations if one questions every judgment . In the case of nithyananda , even the video tape was not accepted as evidence . So either one should accept the judgment of court or if one feels strongly about these then one should pursue the matter further .

    1. Sanjay Jha, the rhino skinned KhanChris joker on MSM says that they claim credit for the Lok pal, the RTI and even the Criminal parliamentarians law.One knows the compelling circumstances under which the KhanChris had to pass these bills.He says do not worry about the methods but concentrate only on the end result. So for all morons who have made it a profession to question court verdicts when it goes against their wishes, I request them to take a leaf out of their own jokers book.

  5. The western interested groups in india and abroad has attacked the basic foundations of our country by using these HR, NGOs & AAP type parties. We need NaMo to get rid of all these morons.

    1. it is funny you mention AAP in this context, as this is exactly what is going on with Prashant Bhushan and his referendum on AFSPA bullshit...

  6. Someone must file a case a sec377 on Arnab all we need is a photograph with arnab standing together and a video footage of speaking with him."prima facie" is done then we will run a kangroo court by the same logic and make this obnoxious arnab resign.

  7. there is a simple way to judge, who is guilty and who is not. just follow MSM. the person whom MSM is trying too hard to portray as villain is definitely innocent(success rate 95%) or not at all a case to be talked about and targeted for his/her sincerity and honesty which caused damage to their people. because as media has no right to judge who is guilty and who is not, our judicial system(includes police/investigating agency,judges,advocates, politicians) is equally incompetent and impotent too.

    (i don't live with exceptions)

  8. since day one i was sure that there is something hidden behinde Justice AKG case.
    As of in case of Tejpal I was 100% convinced that he is the culprit.
    Dont know how but this blog has surely increased my sixth sense power to read news :)

    1. If not AKG, some LKG or UKG must have committed similar crime. Needless to say, must be tried and punished. But the point is about co-incidences and media's over enthusiasm.

  9. Quite an eye opener.This also should be read along with the "anxiety" of MSM and UPA II to get at the truth in less than 3 months in so called snoopgate.As is the case with AKG, nothing can be found that can withstand scrutiny in the court of law in this case too.But like they have done for AKG,they will have enough material to sully the image of a likely PM.Crooks.

  10. Look at how Barkha takes away the mike from this questioner(51.40) when he asks about power reforms. The one questions which might make AAP uncomfortable.

  11. Consider the hidden hand behind the events, which seems to follow a pattern
    - Sanjay Gandhi's death
    - Indira Gandhi's death
    - Rajiv Gandhi's death
    - Rajesh Pilot death
    - Madhavarao Scindia death
    - Rajesekhar death
    - Robert Vadra parents - Mother, Father, Sisters...etc. all dying unnatural death

    Many more can be listed. All dies in unnatural circumstances, one may attribute some reason or logic to their death. Now read below
    - Sonia Gandhi surviving and shall continue to survive for the reasons only the killer survives ........................
    Rajiv Gandhi falling for this barmaid, when there are many other beautiful and eligible girls in western world at that time....
    All these reflect some sort of hidden organization planning and guiding the events. In past there were reports of CIA and KGB agents working.
    Similarly, one can see one of the other the hindu religious leaders being targeted - Sri Jayendra Saraswati or Asaram Bapu or....etc. Both opposed religious conversions to christianity and were in direct communication and thrown challenges to Vatican Pope for a open religious debate (healthy debate), which initially refused later went unreplied by Vatican Pope or its emissaries, for it had a pre-condition, once the debate is concluded the Christian missionaries to stop the conversion in India.

    A person who has given excellent judgment on serious policy like 2G & Coal Gate a person with certain strong convictions only can do that, how come suddenly one finds him to fall for a intern girl, when big corporate could have sent him to Switzerland for a cozy time with girls, to keep themselves off from the 2G or Coal scams judgments.

    Today the Khangress has destroyed the Supreme Court where the previous Chief Justice Balakrishna is caught red handed in unsavory monetary gains is allowed to go scott free for he is dalit.

    There is some big corporate whose interest are harmed by these judgments and must have planned character assassination.

  12. Unless one knows the background and contribution of Sri Jayendra Saraswati, one can blindly accuse and suspect him. The problem lies with people who trust the media inspite of its open venomous fangs. Get to know the person before you suspect. Today keeping aside Sri Jayendra saraswati, how many respected individuals are there with spiritual depth to talk about hindu scriptures ? and if we do not protect them now, you can expect hindus to forget their own rich heritage and the get converted to either Islam or Christianity.

  13. Ravinar,

    no doubt it is 2G vendetta. It is possible that AKG made some advancements at the lady. shameless government and crooked media used it to send a message to 'erring' judges.

    with every passing day the disgust of being Indian is growing....

  14. Excellent article everyday I read toilet paper of India to see how much garbage and shit they can talk about Modiji , Bangalore TOI edition carry 2 page on weekend and daily 1 page covarage about anti Modiji news, and same jerks don't see issues with 3rd rate Bangalore infrastructure and bad law and order, corruption

  15. After Meenakshi Lekhi, now Dr.Swamy gives the new punching bag-Arnab Goswami a severe drubbing. Extremely funny.

  16. Earlier Narayan Dutt Tiwari fathered a illegal child as Governor of a Indian State and denied till the fostered child demanded his rights. You have more than 50% politicians with criminal record in parliament and there is no campaign by the media. Poor self righteous people like Justice Ganguly are maligned day in and out. How about running IAS Officer Khemka being harassed by Haryana Govt yet the media keeps silence though the Khangress ignores and does NOT take any action.

  17. Indian criminal media is one of the most serious problems India faces today. These thugs are hellbent on destroying anyone who is against corruption. Akg is their latest victim.

  18. please do an investigative piece of Rahul gandhi secret flyings. this link migh be of help.

  19. Only way media witch-hunt can be restrained is by strong law similar to defamation and not mere press council's code of conduct. The gospel of 4th pillar of democracy has lost its validity, when the professional morality and responsibility in Journalism is taking back seat. Now it is enough so far as the media's quasi role of executive. Situation in which media has all the power to malign, hound, persecute and harass any one is democracy? Some kind of censorship is the need of hour

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