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Dangerous Deceptions - Part 2: Password: "AntiHindu"

The late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi once said: “We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe – without swords, without guns, without conquests. The 50 million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.” That was in 2006 when many parts of Britain, France, Netherlands and Germany were increasingly becoming dominated by Muslim riots, agitation and ghettos started forming. Gaddafi trusted the fact that Muslims multiply faster in Europe than any other community (they probably do in other places too). All these countries have now accepted that the idea of “multiculturalism” as they had imagined had failed. What Gaddafi said is also happening in India in a different way but only few people recognise it. There is this amazing fact that despite so many murderous invaders Hindus and Hinduism survived. The invasions in the past were with swords and guns but now these invasions are non-violent. We will see how in a bit.

First, now that Ashutosh, the ex-editor of IBN7, has joined the AAP party it should leave no one in doubt about his criminal mal-reporting and campaigning for AAP with his entire IBN7 team. It wasn’t very different with his English colleagues Rajdeep and Sagarika. The best part is that Rahul Kanwal tweets about declaring “political leanings” and look who responds. It’s laughable that Barkha talks about what a “political leaning” journalist should do. This is the same person who is actually accused of lobbying and acting as go-between for two parties in cabinet formation. On the bright side, Ashutosh has at least finally done the right thing by quitting media (for which he wasn’t fit anyway) and joined the AAP party. His language suits politics better than it does journalism but the other scumbags of TV and print who are discussing this are no different from him and every media house is infested with political agents. For over a decade the spinmeisters have been involved in an agenda quite similar to Gaddafi’s dream; a non-violent one.  

In the normal course Commies are anti-religion. But in countries like Russia or China they didn’t have a problem of religious identities as India does. India is still known much for her Hindu history and identity. Most of these spin doctors in media, academics, politics and assorted activists have a problem with this. They want a complete destruction of the Hindu identity. Which is why they were deeply perturbed at the BJP coming to power in 1998 and 1999. It was the first time a party with Hindu identity was in power. Their campaign against Hindus and Hinduism didn’t start in 1999 but it escalated dramatically. How often have you heard the frequently touted nonsensical term “Idea of India” since then? This deception is meant to tell you that a Hindu India never existed which is why they regular redefine this “idea”. The Commies are therefore compelled in India to join hands with Christian, Islamic and other Marxist ideologists to ensure that this Hindu party does not raise its “ugly” head.

For a sample, no party other than the BJP and those allied to it celebrate Kargil Vijay Diwas. Rahul Gandhi even mentioned in a speech that “Congress had supported BJP in the Kargil war”. You know, according to Congress and media, Kargil wasn’t India’s war but BJP’s war. Our soldiers didn’t die for India, they died for BJP? This is what they would have you believe. The anti-Hindu poison didn’t start in 1999 but Gujarat 2002 gave these crooks an opportunity to escalate their anti-Hindu campaign. The pioneer of that campaign was none other than this man:

Interesting, isn’t it? You search for Harsh Mander on Google and you get all the associated scumbags of the anti-Modi industry or Commies (I have only edited out the images of books by Mander from the above pic). What Gaddafi said Muslim population will do in Europe without guns; we have foreigners doing in India through NGOs to destroy Hinduism and Hindu identity from the country. How the anti-Hindus gently and slowly invest their poison has been written before by me but in this case I recommend you read “Patriots & Psychopaths” and “Children as leverage”. I have earlier referred to a fantastic dossier on these NGOS edited by Radha Rajan and Siddharth Kak. A few excerpts on the scumbag called Harsh Mander would be important to know.

On March 20, 2002, the Times of India published “Hindustan Hamara” that at once propelled its author Mr Harsh Mander, IAS into the very front rank of our country’s conscience-keepers. Mr Mander is the head of the Indian operations of the British NGO ActionAid that is among the world leaders of the child sponsorship industry, and he is one of The Big People “who fabricate the stories”. As it happens, Mander’s own fabrications in the past one year have unravelled. For one, his anguished conscience at the Gujarat violence and his moral outrage that led him to proclaim his resignation from the IAS are exposed to have been a deliberate self-serving lie. For another, the politico-communal agenda of the British NGO he furthers in India has been revealed. Weeks after these discoveries were made public in the national press, not one has been publicly repudiated by anyone, leading to a greater discovery of significant connections amongst Mander, the British NGO, the British government, Indian governments, Indian NGOs, and the IAS, so that now Mander/ActionAid have found it necessary to retain one of the world’s largest “brand building” firms, the British PR giant Ogilvy & Mather, to cover up the emperor’s nakedness with a huge advertising campaign.

Having claimed he resigned from the IAS over moral outrage at Gujarat 2002 this guy was actually earning money from Action Aid but also wanted his IAS pension to continue. Following this heroic performance he became a champion lecturer and writer. What does this Action Aid do? A lot of things! Just take a look at the summary of what it funds at a detailed story at DeshGujarat. Jenny-come-lately Kavita Krishnan is now a frequent flyer on TimesNow and other channels. Her CPI (ML) had this as part of their manifesto:

Read all the little nuggets on the link I’ve provided. That CPI (ML) whose darling Kavita wails on TV is also backed by funding from a dubious organisation called AID. Following Harsh Mander the number of NGO activists also known as the “Anti-Modi cottage industry” mushroomed into a vast army. The American and European “Gaddafis” see Narendra Modi as the “ugly head” of the Hindu identity they are working hard to destroy. Thus you had Teesta, Shabnam Hashmi and many other Commie NGOs that included Aruna Roy, Medha Patkar, Gautam Navlakha and, of course, the most recent Saint of Media, Arvind Kejriwal. People will remember that the original fight against corruption and black money was started by Baba Ramdev. A man in saffron? That is once again the “ugly head” of Hindu identity. Not done! So all media channels condemned BRD and ridiculed him and that concluded with a midnight crackdown on his Ramlila agitation by the Congress Centre. Makes sense? So we need someone who would be willing to be a superman corruption-fighter without the Hindu identity. You have Arvind Kejriwal (Anna Hazare was a just pawn in this project).

If it is of any interest to you, AK was a student of Harsh Mander when the latter was a teacher at the Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy of Administration. Dig deeper and you will realise how AK’s Parivartan, Kabir and related NGOs found the “connection” for funds, including from the Ford Foundation. This networking among wonderful people for the Western “Gaddafis” is important to get money. You can read a full dossier on Kejriwal’s funding at this blog site. It’s a well document piece. How about a bit more from the NGO book I keep referring to? Here you go:

One perfectly crafted weapon of containment is NGO activism. Western nations have funded overtly and covertly and awarded and rewarded with ‘peace’ and human rights awards individuals and organizations taking up the cause of anti-nationalism, ‘peace,’ anti-nuclear programme, anti-war marches, human rights, religious freedom, environment and a host of issues which can paralyze a government or at least inhibit it from acting as it ought to in the national interest. The activities of some of these individuals and organizations, whose USP is a pathological hatred of Hindutva, have been subjected to critical scrutiny to see if they are contrary to the national interest and the Hindu interest. Those that deserve to be placed under the scanner include Teesta Setalvad, Praful Bidwai and Achin Vanaik, Martin Macwan, Ram Puniyani, Arundhati Roy, Aruna Roy, Nirmala Deshpande, Angana Chatterji, Akhila Raman, Sandeep Pandey, Harsh Mander and others. The NGOs under scrutiny include the Navsarjan Trust, FOIL, SAHMAT, AID, ActionAid and ASHA.

A common denominator with all these bleeding heart 'peaceniks' is that they domestically advocate 'communal harmony' even in the face of Islamic jihad's relentless war against Hindus; promote 'peace' with Pakistan despite the fact that Pakistan has stubbornly refused to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure it has set up with state patronage. They continue to insist on a ‘peace’ dialogue with Pakistan despite the fact that every act of jihadi terror around the world has a Pakistani connection and despite the fact that there is neither peace nor harmony between Hindu victims and local Muslims in Jammu & Kashmir. These bleeding heart activists also advocate ‘peace’ in utter disregard of Pakistan's stated objectives vis a vis 'Hindu' India.

Is there any major name or organisation missing in the paragraphs above? Message: I don’t care what happens to my country as long as I earn a lot of money, pretend to be a social worker and claim to be working for the poor, the Dalits and the Tribals. It also doesn’t matter where my funds come from and what their agenda is. And I don’t even feel the need to talk about Ghulam Nabi Fai here. Is Yogendra Yadav missing? Don’t worry; look up this page for those names that you missed. There are many who join a political party or other organisations without fully understanding their objectives. There is a reason why many of the Anna movement have moved away from AAP and new ones have joined.

The entire book on NGOs is available for a free download in PDF form. I recommend read the whole dossier and spread the word. Those foolishly talking about AAP party as the latest saviour of masses need to educate themselves. Those still believing Modi was barred by the US for Gujarat 2002 are bigger morons soaked in ignorance. Nothing is happening by accident. These 2 parts of dangerous deceptions have so far laid the basis on which we can now move forward to understand the current media obsession and AAP. That will be in the next parts. In the meantime I leave you with a passage from the closing chapter of the NGO book. Mind you, it does not appear to be written by a Hindu:

Guidelines for procuring lucrative international awards: Start your career by unleashing a tirade against the Hindus and Hindu civilisation. In order to become successful as a mercenary, start an NGO and visit the USA and tell the Christian fundamentalists there what they want to hear: how evil and backward the unconverted, pagan Hindus are. Compare them with Nazis and then on the way back home, make a stopover in Pakistan and talk ‘peace’ and mention the ‘atrocities’ committed by Indian soldiers in Kashmir. Punch the Hindu on the nose whenever you can, and if you have accrued enough points, you’ll start winning international awards. When the NGO accounts are in a mess, close shop and start another NGO. Nehruvian secularists with Hindu names are preferred for the NGO industry. The password is ‘Anti-Hindu’.

The apex body or the mother of all these organisations simply happens to be Sonia Gandhi's NAC. Isn't it great that this body works with private individuals from public funds? You will find most of these names on the NAC. The password remains the same.
To be continued

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  1. Modi should become PM only then such NGOs and Media heads can be put under control. I just cannot imagine one more term to such parties and it will be a total disaster for Hindus. Hope Hindus understand this. This is becoming too much, in fact.

    1. This is not a reply to you... but clarifying an error in the post to keep this comment on top.

      The name Krishen Kak has wrongly been mentioned as Siddharth Kak as author of the NGO book... regret the error..

    2. Hahaha.. Thanks @mediacrooks, you mentioned it here. I started looking at 'Siddharth Kak' in detail with lot of Google searching... Because all I remembered about this name is... He was the host and producer of one of my favorite Dorrdarshan show 'Surabhi' :-)

  2. If Congress+AAP comes to power in the coming Lok Sabha elections, then I would say its all over for Hindustan. It would take another 5 years for the educated fools to realise how AAP has cheated them.

  3. First Time ever somebody as high high PM candidate of BJP Narendra Modi has accused " “I have never been able to make a place in the hearts of the media for some reason. I have never won them over. But I never ever lost the battle to win over people’s hearts,” said Modi. The scumbags like RADHIKA RAMASESHAN of the TELEGRAPH says Arvind Kejriwal, who is increasingly giving sleepless nights to the BJP. This exactly the reaction I was expecting from MSM on NaMo's statement on Media the moment I heard him saying this. This is the bias MEDIACROOKS is discussing on this blog for last 4 years. I knew, MSM will ignore this statement by NaMo and will continue with their anti India and anti NaMo/BJP/Hindu work rather than introspect. पापी पेट का सवाल है | MSM has to sing a tune with whom their रोजी रोटी comes.

    We must spread this message at mediacrooks as far as possible.

    1. Vishnugupt: It is our misfortune that these Deshdrohi MSM's Roji-Roti comes from mostly well meaning but ignorant and/or uncaring Hindu families.

  4. If it is acceptable to Ravinarji, why not we the reader contribute Facebook advertisement for Ravinarji need not do this individually. We readers can open advertisement accounts with facebook and contribute advertisement as per your own budget.

    1. Vishnu-Gupt, I am also game for this cause. provided Ravinar is ok with this. @ my office and family gatherings I keep discussing about mediacrooks. but taking it further into larger medium is indeed good idea if its better for our motherland
      Cheers, Kartik

    2. Amen! Ravinar - Please open up a Donate with Paypal Option. Would love to donate to this noble cause. I feel this is money well-spent compared to donating to Anti-Corruption Movements since the worst corruption is in MSM.

  5. Needless to say, another masterpiece. The facts you put forth are spine chilling. I'm in my early 30s lfrom Tamilnadu but living in US, sadly there are some hindu friends of mine running behind AAP with MSM fed half baked knowledge.

    They don't realise that every vote to AAP is a vote for Congress, they are simply in awe of AAP and Kejiriwal. I'm fed up with BJP spokespersons, apart from Meenakshi Lekhi, Smriti Irani and Piyush Goyal rest of them fells flat on their face.

    One day Subramaniam Swamy told Arnab in Timesnow "If you talk about morality then I've to bring radia tapes into the picture" why he is not saying this to Bharka when she tries to ridicule BJP?

    Why the hell BJP is not starting their own channel? Each and every petty political parties in TN has their own channel.

    I'm putting forth the same question raised by several readers here, how about starting a channel in youtube? I'm following your blog for the last two years, I read every article of yours and also every comment. There are people who are lazy to read, to reach out such people video is better way. For some reason you are not responding to this appeal, you should be having a right reason for that. It would be good to reveal your thoughts on this.

    2014 election is an acid test, it is now or never, so lets join our hands together and do all measures to strengthen NaMo.

    1. I also have a friend in Germany who was parroting Arving Kejriwal's line that Congress and BJP are equally corrupt. I asked him how BJP was equally corrupt and he didn't know the answer. I suggested him to not only listen to Arvind Kejriwal statement in media but also follow someone who is neutral. I sent him few articles link and after reading them he has come back to his senses. Make sure if you meet such simpleton but who is misguided talk him through.

    2. Great Arvinth...I am also doing the same is a slow process but people in blind AAP hysteria will see the truth. You can count on that mediocre Kejriwal to expose himself soon through his immature governance....good he formed the govt...otherwise his quixotic policies would have remained unexposed.

  6. Talking about the growth of Muslims in India: In 1961 Muslims were 10.69 percent and in 2001 they are 13.43 percent which means a growth of close to 30 percent. But in the same period Hindus were 83.45 percent in 1961 and 80.46 percent in 2001 which means they declined.

    1. There are many areas, towns where there is more than 30 per cent Muslim population. Such as Godhra, Muzzafernagar, Kashmir, to name a few. What is happening in this areas is harbinger for entire India by next decade.

  7. Awesome article as always.... Just a technical suggestion though. I think it should have been Krishen Kak instead of Siddharth Kak.. I was big fan of Surabhi too :)

  8. WHY ALL THESE ANTI-INDIA FORCES HAVE BEEN SUCCEEDING ? THERE IS ONE MAJOR REASON: HINDUS HAVE NO POLITICAL AWARENESS OR SENSE OF HISTORY....WHY? BECAUSE THERE IS NO PLATFORM FOR SPREADING SUCH AWARENESS AMONG HINDUS. We don't have political discourse in our temples unlike other religions. Solution: EACH OF US WHO UNDERSTAND THE ANTI-NATIONAL GAMES SHOULD SPREAD AS MUCH INFORMATION AS POSSIBLE AMONG OUR ACQUAINTANCES.It can be discouraging at first because they will not listen and will label u fundamentalist...but as you show them more and more objective evidence, as Ravinar is doing, reality will start sinking in....that, my friends, is the laborious but only effective way to do it.

    1. Well said. Those who do not change according to time will fall behind. Hindu faith may have been a cottage of beleifs in the past but if you have to sustain the consildated assault of jihadi or evangelical groups there is no choice but to counter consolidate.

      Regarding the platform .......its even worse. As Ravinar has tweeted several times regarding even the RSS, their PR system belongs to 18th century. If parivar itself is not able to build a proper platform.......

  9. It is also possible that ashutosh joined AAP because his job at ibn7 was at risk anyway given their previous downsizing . Next I would expect a rajdeep or a sagarika or a bhuprn chaubey .politics does become the last resort for. ..................

  10. As usual you have hit & exposed the Commies with Evidence. Have seen you Tweet about whats opinion & whats truth. Also you emphasize Truth alone matters. And your article is only about Truth. Soon it would be a crime to say you are a Hindu in India. A must read for all who love their motherland Punya Bhoomi called INDIA
    Also salute your guts on taking on Sonia Gandhi whom very few in Politics have the guts to take her head on like -Dr Subramanian Swamy/Auditor Gurumurthy/ Ms Lekhi

  11. I took some time to go thru the link on funding. I would advise all to read it. You'll need a bit of spare time because it is extensive, but you'll find the pieces falling into place. I got serious doubts about Kejri when I heard that he'd been associated with "Mother" Teresa and admired her. A guy called Aroup Chatterjee associated with her for a short while and got so disgusted with the hypocrisy and rank greed for dollars and publicity that he wrote a book about it (Final Verdict). This should have raised a red flag then, not just doubts. Which brings us to the role of media in the whole sordid AK image building exercise. Things seem to be working to a plan.

    1. Bhai these chutheads wont understand they would term u as communal/corrupt/anti-aap/modi-bhakt/cong-bjp bhai bhai blah blah. they dont even know what exactly world is and believe in what they see and what they are made to see.Even educated idiots fall in trap what ya expect?

    2. Watch Christopher Hitchens you-tube videos for more revelations on 'Mother'.

    3. Now that the Teresa angle has cropped up, anyone notice something? This AK character seems to have picked a number of tricks from the Ghoul of Calcutta aka Teresa. The oh so simple dress, living quarters, and "humility". The same expertise in using the media. The same pious disdain when questioned about the funds. It is left to the admirers to act as self appointed spokies to give out the excuses - duly trumpeted by the media crooks. Oh yeah, Saint Kejri has leaned a lot at Teresa's.

    4. Now that the Teresa angle has cropped up, anyone notice something? This AK character seems to have picked a number of tricks from the Ghoul of Calcutta aka Teresa. The oh so simple dress, living quarters, and "humility". The same expertise in using the media. The same pious disdain when questioned about the funds. It is left to the admirers to act as self appointed spokies to give out the excuses - duly trumpeted by the media crooks. Oh yeah, Saint Kejri has leaned a lot at Teresa's.

  12. The other reason for AAP being an attractive proposition to both media as also the not so successful people is that 'they have nothing to loose , everything to gain.' this is a very powerful psychological boost.
    If Kumar vishwas defeats Rahul Gandhi , he immediately becomes 'giant slayer' and if he looses, he still managed to get his few moments on TV.
    Media too uses 'AAP' promotion as a bargaining tool. If other political parties want better coverage for themselves , they need to pay.
    So everyone ( who is struggling in some way ) wins or at least gets an opportunity to win

  13. frankly I dnt see much difference between islamic speakers and communist speakers both are alike both speak of equality most islamic speakers say islam is equality for all same goes with commies but both are disguised autocracies both when in power show their true identity look and saudi no other temple can stand there except islam and yet equal ! look at communist russia started off as equality ended into autocracy under stalin anybody who spk against both commies and islam are thrashed to death classic case of stalinist killings in Ussr or kerala killings which some guy called mani spok of proudly.Both have same meanings deep within except different covers with same content within deep.

  14. Hahaha Hindus are born to be slave and fooled. After 100's of years of slavery n 60 years of bootlicking of Gandhi family if they still refuses to accept the fact then they are destined to be slaves again. These fools don't understand majority in politics is necessary IN A DEMOCRACY but they still vote for parties like AAP if not congress n CURSE BJP for not standing for them n unable to build RAM TEMPLE by merely giving them 180 seats hahaha.IDIOTS WHAT WOULD BE THE USE SO CALLED DEVELOPMENT & UPRIGHTNESS IF THERE WOULD BE ANY WHEN YA WONT BE ABLE TO LIVE WITH YA OWN BELIEVES/RIGHTS/CULTURE/FAITH in your country(NOW DONT BE NAIVE TO BELIEVE THAT YOU WILL GET EQUAL RIGHTS AS IF ONE GETS ANY IN AN ISLAMIC COUNTRY, infact you Hindus can't live with dignity in your own country such as Kashmir or Hyderabad where u were refused to ring bells in the temple and threatened to be killed by 25 crore muzzies hehehe)
    P:S I will convert when such situation will come why would I bear for stupid HINDUS hehehe

  15. Ravinar!
    Man you might be revolutionary and eye opener to many. I hailed from village so my brain was scratch in terms of ideology before I come to city for education. And Fortunately first set of literature I read is of Veer Savarkar. hence that saved my brain being corrupted. But I found helpless to convince the same truth to those who are slowly brainwashed by Convent school to Communist community. even in my office today people said .. What Bhooshan said has logic. Why not People of Kashmir leave Kashmir. They simply forgot that .... They are giving Pakistan a license to have terrorist camps just near delhi. any ways great piece of work! Keep posting!

  16. On FB i keep on going after AAP presenting people with facts on them. It is astonishing to see the "devotion" of AAP bhakts. It is as strong as devotion of Muslims on Islam

    1. LOL@Second statement, but i think when all is said and done, BJP should win 272+ but aap will be denting votes of BJP......they dont even have a prime ministerial candidate till now ! The media hype is seriously very much , many of my friends who are actually in dark about politics are also talking about Kejriwal

  17. Is it possible to get these articles in Hindi. It will reach wider audience.

  18. Ravinar,
    I will provide you with an interesting observation. Thirty six years back, out of outrage to Emergency a new party which opposed to Congress was established, the Janata party. Some other small parties have also been established almost at the same time. Do you know which parties have continued to live even after janata experiment failed. The one which were able to hold some muscle in their ranks through goondas and violent cadre.
    Let me explain, starting from Trinamool Congress. TC existing in Bengal for decades before their victory in Bengal but it was only able to do so since it was able to attract rowdy elements which are able to kick anybody who will write or propogate bad about them. So you see, in this country, to keep the dissenters and media in check, you need strong and criminal elements too. That is a hard fact.
    Do you also know, that beyond certain news pieces against Shiv Sena, most of our media (especially in Mumbai) and most of the celebrities are in awe of Shiv Sena although it has a huge army of rowdies (recent clone in MNS,infact it is because of this muscle that media and celebrities are in awe!!). These Media and celebrities respect only violence and power and this is the reason they respect Islamists and Evangelical christian organizations due to its ability to either provoke violence or buy them big bucks.
    One more story you would probably not know is that TDP when it was established in AP was not taken seriously either by people or by congress, only when it acquired factionists in rayalseema region who are opposed to then congress factionists (District rowdies) , have the people and media started to take TDP seriously, for they realized that TDP is going to take blood with blood. The recent weakening of TDP in Telengana is also due to its loss among students who can be proveked to be violent. TRS the pro-telengana party once attacked a media house and it was exposed day in and day out. Do you know what happened? after an year, most of the media in Hyderabad either respects it ( and its views) or keeps silent of its activities. Very few sections (almost none) are really neutral. TRS only few years back was under strict control of Rajshekar Reddy (the Congress cM and the biggest rowdy seen in AP) and most of the Media again was in awe of this criminal.
    This is the reason the Media or celebrities do not take Hindus seriously, no amount to facts, exposing their deeds will set them right. For people who are corrupt and with no morals, they are no less than criminals themselves. The reason why these scoundrels respect Islamists or stalinism is not because of their ideology but thier ability to be violent.

    PS: The samajwadi party has been losing its stable or criminals too or they have become dormant drunk with power.
    What perhaps not many know as to why CPM is more stronger to CPI is because of its violent ways and its losing of hold in Westbengal is because of loss of these criminal elements to Trinamool Congress.
    Whether you find me decent to say this or not but only when Hindus show their "ugly face" (strange that we have an ugly face in media but not on the ground) will these scoundrels respect us. Don't bet on them to be nice just because you exposed them. This alas is the sad truth.
    In Hyderabad no mosque or even their graveyard was touched as they know what muslims can unleash, so the metro path was modified where Hare Ram Hare Krishna Temple was found it in. They had no compulsion in ordering the demolition since they knew we are mindlessly peaceful.

    1. +10000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    2. Very rightly said .ur observations are spot on,that is exactly happening.if the rowdy elements are somewhat iintellige they will control every activities,mainly real estate .and by so society , mal, mp minister

  19. Mind boggling.This penetration of foreign powers through money and fifth columnists.Reason why Sonia,rahul and the gang are ready to cede power to AAP [ day dreaming though] but stop Modi. More we learn about these crooks, more resolute we get to ensure that Modi becomes PM and takes care of these crooks.

  20. Superb post and loved the line.."the password remains the same - anti Hindu.."

  21. Petty Thieves or Party Thieves ?

    Arvind Kejriwal's helpline produced 23,000 complaints against corrupt officials , within first 2 days

    And managed to arrest 2 constables trying to accept Rs 3,000 by way of bribe

    Some 60 + sting operations are under way

    Similar help lines are being installed in Goa , MP , Rajasthan and Chhatisgarh

    ( BJP walking in the footsteps of AAP ? )

    Can such efforts to curb corruption, produce results ?

    Yes , if what China's Central and Provincial governments managed to achieve in just 11 months ( Jan - Nov 2013 ) , is any clue

    Here are some statistics released by Supreme People's Procutorate :

    > No of " corrupt " govt officials investigated .............. 36,907

    > Total number of cases ......................................... 27,236

    > Major / Important cases ...................................... 21,848

    > Cases involving " Losses " ..................................... 16,510

    > Amount of Losses ............................................ Rs 566 crores

    ( - peanuts compared to our scams totaling Rs 5 LAKH CRORES ! )

    Communist Party's Central Commission for Discipline Inspection reports :

    > Investigation and Punishment of party Officials ......... 182,000

    > High level officials facing legal prosecution ............. 8

    ( - including Zhou Yong Kang - a former member of Politburo Standing
    Committee - equal to an Indian Cabinet Minister )

    If our Democratic System is superior to China's Dictatorial System , we ought to do better !

    In China , a Politburo Member cannot be " Voted Out " by people

    But , in India , we can !

    I hope the 543 sitting MPs and 5,000+ sitting MLAs of India realize that they will get voted out in April 2014 , if they fail to act against the corrupt - and do it fast

    People calling Narendra Modi , a " Dictator " have no clue how angry Indian voters are !

    For them , a dictator who rids them of corruption is a better choice than the so-called democrats who couldn't care for 4,383 children ( under age of 5 ) dying EVERYDAY , due to starvation !

    Voters know that Rs 5 LAKH CRORES could have saved these children !

    They don't care for Freedom of Speech that cannot bring Freedom from Hunger !

    * hemen parekh ( 13 Jan 2014 / Mumbai )

  22. Australia and America had huge population of native tribes, spread across those vast lands. Today they have shrunken inside some small reserves and their population is not even 1% of total.
    What happened?
    How did they all got defeated and eliminated so fast and so completely?
    Didn't they fight back?

    Yes they fought; they fought bravely. But when the toll on invaders was mounting higher and higher, they devices one special tactics. That tactics was used by invaders in both of these places. They sent missionaries to live and work with local population. Once missionaries became part of those population, they started fighting and arguing against the invaders on behalf of the natives. At times they will pretend to fight more furiously than the natives themselves. But at the end they will always lose, yet presenting themselves as savior and martyrs.
    Innocent natives did not see that dirty game. The end result is today for all to see. Natives lost all their land, all their populations, and now they are reduced to some amusement piece in museums. (Courtesy Rajiv Malhotra)

    That same tactic is being used by commies and anti-India forces in India. They couldn't break India by openly supporting China in 1962 war. They couldn't break India by supporting Pakistan in every international forum. They couldn't break India by maoist. They couldn't break India by terrorists ....
    Now they send a missionary in Arvind Kejariwal, to fight on behalf of local population.
    To vent all their anger through him.
    Natives hail him, O you saviour!

    Is it hard to understand that AK is just a face, but all brains behind AAP are Naxalites/Maoists?
    Isn't this true the Yogendra Yadav was a political adviser of Rahul Gandhi for long-long time?
    Isn't it true the Arvid Kejriwal himself was heavily funded by Ford Foundation, a notorious institution for breaking countries in cohort of CIA?
    Isn't it true that the whole anti-corruption thing has gone in back-burner and now it is all-and-all about stopping Modi?
    Isn't that true that the same Paid-Media, which was loathed for all that anti-Indian rhetoric; is in full support of AAP. In fact some of their members have even joined the party.

    The young fellows who were on fire till yesterday on anything anti-India; be it Kashmir issue, or killing of soldiers or China infiltration, or Bangladesh illegal immigration, or ......; they have already been pacified by AAP. They teach us the virtue of giving up now.
    What else proof does anyone need of the harm AAP is doing and will do?

    There must have been some old wise man in those tribes, who might have warned his fellow tribesmen against that cunning missionary. Those young folks must have ridiculed him.
    You are welcome to ridicule.

  23. Great article Ravi.
    chilling post in winter.
    I would like to share one incident happened with me to give you ground reality atleast in Mumbai.
    My friend had an accident and boys who did this accident were muslims.
    We tried to file a case against it but they called up some man from Congress claiming to be Minority Congress worker.
    And he literally threatened to the policeman and that policeman could not do anything.
    We were threatened to not to file a case both by goons side and police side.
    This is what is happening in India.
    They are slowly spreading their hands everywhere and they are literally threatening who goes against their people..

    1. next time , just kill one of them, if possible kill more

    2. Last week, a friend from US had come home. After dropping him off, the driver drove out to have lunch, when a 2-wheeler came and hit the car and fell on an auto coming from behind, denting the auto ever so slightly. The dent in the auto was not our driver's mistake, but the auto driver, a Muslim, made a few calls and within 5 minutes, 3 other Muslims landed at the spot and demanded that my friend pay Rs. 2,000. Even though I tried to fight off their intimidation and insisted that we go to the Police Station to lodge a complaint, my friend was so rattled by their belligerence that he quietly paid up. The temerity of some of these elements that no law applies to them is scary, Why is it for most Muslims a fellow Muslim is always right? Appeasement has reached such proportions that many of them have little or no fear of the law.

    3. This will be whole India by next decade.

  24. HINDUISM is the natural force of Universe. You can try to damage it to a certain level, but when The Universe fights back, it produces leaders like Narendra Modi!


  26. Absolutely spot on, I think BJP should focus it's energies on exposing AAP's hollow claims and make people realize that corruption is just a tiny part of good governance. BJP should bring forth all it's achievements in the area of good governance and make Congress/AAP scared of talking on good governance. If AAP talks about water subsidy, talk how Narendra Modi provided drinking water through Narmada canal or how Modi reduced water tankers from 5000 to current 500 by giving piped water supply to villages. It's equally important to expose their rotten communist agenda & their links to foreign funding, which is wrecking havoc with our development projects.

    1. I think, well at least that's been the case so far, Modi is doing the right thing by not talking about AAP. And, is only focusing on congress. It's best to not give importance to AAP at this stage.

  27. Ravinar, isn't it better to delete the comments posted by 'Pedopopat'? These sort of comments will give room to undermine the value of this website.

    1. well what is offensive is aurangazeb and babur killing millions of 'hindus' and raping 'hindu' women and our bollywood gives us begum movies and movies titled aurangazeb...I find that more offensive !

    2. That is only someone's user name. Why rant about a harmless name and ascribe motives to it.? U may be a closeted pseudo secular.

  28. Mere talk of good governance and development will not bring BJP back to power at any cost if BJP state are really role model for other state then why people from other state don't vote for them like Orissa, Maharastra, Kerala and many others.

    What is more important is what BJP will give back to those who votes for them?...By this time is crystal clear BJP cant cash on Minority vote nor they are going to vote for BJP at any cost...

    BJP must ensure that Pro-Hindu policies will be implemented like abolishing HR&CE in TN, bringing out Hindu temples from the clutches of State Govt, scholarship scheme for poor Hindus in all states. Stopping all scheme of allowing people to visit different country for religious visit like Mecca, Jerusalem by passing legislation. Let first people visit such important place within country and then they can think of visit other country.

    If we really want to keep fight out internal enemies then it is more important to do what they don't like and hate the most and it is non other than "Hinduism" and openly talk on Hinduism by Pro-Hindu groups because it will frustrate them a lot, then in present situation BJP must adopt Pro-Hindu and Pro-Development policies. Even BJP spoke person/leaders are so afraid of openly admitting that they there core ideology is Hindutva on news channel and they even forgot that its same ideology which brought them to power in 1998-1999..

  29. Mediacrooks , On 13 Jan 14 Kamal Mitra chenoy Professor of JNU joined AAP ,
    will now AAP explain about his idealogy , If Bhushan was wrong then , this guy is also .

    Just look at his twitter account :

    Just see what he thinks about India ,Kashmir,Terrorism !

    Eyeopener,its just hiring thats going on in AAP , hire personalities without checking the background and win election . His tweets reflects everything about idealogy of AAP.

    Please look into his twitter account !

  30. India has become an asylum for commies to flourish unabated..Jai Hind

  31. Dear Ravinar Ji,

    Your recent posts/feeds are not being updated on Feedburner.
    Here is the link:
    The last post is of 23-08-12.
    Kindly look into the issue as this will help your readers to subscribe for your blog update

  32. Dear Ravinar,

    Recently, we had one Survey conducted by Times where they mention that in Delhi AAP shall win 5 out of 6 seats. Now my counter to them is simple : If BJP makes Ms Kiran Bedi, Mr V.K Singh, Mrs Sushama Swaraj, Mr Navjyot Singh Siddhu & most importantly Mr Narendra Modi as Candidates for these 5 seats in Delhi would BJP still loose all these seats from Delhi ? Its an open challange to AAP & the Congress Party.

  33. Why this deep seated hatred for Hinduism a religion or a way of life that has been the refuge of every persecuted religion or people, tolerant, teaching forbearance, consequences of our acts alia karma... why this ignorance and this bitterness? Hinduism has not tried to overtake any religion by proclaiming its supremacy, many religions have borrowed from Indians who have grown up with this multicultural diversity around them are not behaving like anti nationalists -all for power,money.... what else??? It is so sad to see so many Indians buying into the stories of the media and calling Namo a murderer when he was a new CM and every court has acquitted him of wrong doing!!
    So AAP calls the judicial judegement a conspiracy but if Namo has been cleared by the highest court in the land- they will still call him a murderer!
    Cong in its rule has instigated and overseen more riots than can be counted on your fingers but media will not raise a finger,ask a question or put those in the spotlight!
    Every one of them are fighting a war that is attacking the very foundation of Bharat of India and Indians and we have millions of idiots among us who falsely believe that Congress is Secular when every action of Cong/UPA has been non secular..... when will my countrymen wake up and smell the truth? hopefully before it is too late!!!!

    SAVE ourselves, SAVE India from UPA/AAP/Pseudosecularism!! lets VOTE for development, for India to shine again!!

  34. @Sashi Patil
    Not sure about Mumbai, but what you narrated, similar threatening climate prevailed in Ahmedabad during 80's and much early mid 90's till BJP took power in Gujarat. Even people felt very insecure to enter or pass by that area where Muslims population dominated and such areas where named as Pakistan of Ahmedabad or Mini Pakistan. Even teasing was on rampant especially area like Bapunagar, Kanwadi.,

    But young generation took alternate route by not fearing them, most of them even educated started joining Right Wing Groups like Bajrang Dal, VHP just for name sake even some associated with this group unofficially. More meetings of this group across city and moving in group having identity card of such groups helped to minimize Anti-Social elements activities. We guys didn't fought them physically but slowly generated fear within them. Even today I openly admit to all my colleagues in my work place that I literally inclined to Hindutva and I don't give damn to word secularism

    As I have seen rise of BJP in Gujarat and fall of Congress, one reason for BJP success could be attributed to young generation who showed inclination towards such group.

  35. If anyone has the time, pl open this link:
    It is obviously written by some lefty sickularwadi and dates back to 2011. Read this, add context of latest events and you will see how Kejri is a master manipulator of the media, has no compunction in using-and-throwing all manner of persons and organisations. These range from Anna, RSS, Ramdev, Sri Sri, IAC, BJP workers, corporates to NGOs. If there's anyone he trusts, it is only Sisodia. So far anyway, but wont be surprised if one day Sisodia also finds himself chucked out. The funding angle is highly dubious.

    It will require a lengthy explanation, but this totally unscrupulous self righteous guy somehow reminds me of Pol Pot.

  36. excellent article. by the way,the book "NGOs, activists and foreign funds: anti-nation industry" is edited by Radha Rajan and Krishen Kak (not siddharth kak) anyways good going and keep going.

  37. criticizing Baba RamDev Is NoW Automatically A Anti Hindu? Just Don't Get Why You Guys Support Him, Simply Because Hr Wears Saffron? He Actually Claims Can Cure Cancer. With Yoga And HomoSexuality Id A Disease

    1. @Varghese

      Each time I see a comment of yours on this site, I cant help laughing at your prejudice and nonsense. For a start, citing a case does not amount to supporting anyone. Secondly, BRD claiming this or that cure has nothing to do with this post. I wonder if you are suggesting that he and his protesters were lathi-charged and evicted at midnight because he claimed he had a cure for cancer? Thats the nonsense you are spewing.

      The Govt and media prejudice against BRD during his protest had nothing to do with his medicines or cures but the FACT that he is in "Saffron". You have a better reason for that atrocity? Share it or stop spewing weird rubbish. Next time you comment, try to reason it with relevance to what is being written in the post.

  38. The book NGOs, Activists and Foreign Funds: Anti-Nation Industry was released in Delhi by Narendra Modi. I requested Modiji to release the book because the book was triggered by two things - America refusing Modi their american dream visa and Sonia Gandhi packing NAC, NIC and CABE with anti-Hindu, anti-Modi NGOs and activists. I am delighted that Ravinar has quoted extensively from my chapter and that of Dr. Krishen Kak. As i mentioned in my latest column on AAP, while I exposed the CIA_FF partnership in the book in 2006, Dr. Kak placed his finger directly on Kejriwal.

  39. The AAP makes much of its integrity. Not paying taxes is one way of showing integrity. Since it has formed the government, no doubt we aam admi need not pay our taxes either, to show we too have its kind of integrity.
    Here is data about some AAP candidates sourced from about tax arrears and other curiosities -

    Manish Sisodia Rs 36,554 (Rs 5,854 as water dues and Rs 30,700 as electricity dues). This is curious since, of the Rs 30,700, Rs 13,700 is due from his wife though she has no income at all.
    Maninder Singh Dhir (and his wife) Rs 1,41,628 (for water).
    Hrishipal Pehelwan Rs 1,11,193 (electricity).
    Narinder Singh Sejwal Rs 1,06,346 (Rs 1,04,000 electricity, Rs 2,346 income tax).
    Shazia Ilmi Malik Rs 58,790 (electricity).
    Balbir Singh Rs 49,000 (Rs 25,000 electricity, Rs 24,000 under dispute with MTNL).
    Jarnail Singh Rs 41,200 (electricity).
    Raju Rs 40,747 (Rs 11,257 water, Rs 24,490 electricity, Rs 5,000 as property tax due). This is curious too, since neither he nor his wife have any income at all.
    Data Ram reports no income at all but owes Rs 34,500 (Rs 31,710 water, Rs 2,790 electricity).
    Shakeel Anjum Rs 28,230 (electricity).
    Sanjay Jha reports no income at all, but has a car loan.
    Akhilesh Pati Tripathi - reports no income at all, but has insurance for which he presumably pays a premium.
    Manoj - reports no income at all, but owns 3 vehicles (which run on free air?).
    Sanjeev Jha - reports no income at all, but has a car loan.
    Rajan Prakash reports no income at all but presumably manages to repay insurance policy loans.
    Masood Ali Khan reports no income at all but owns a motorcycle (which runs on free air?).
    Sandeep Kumar reports no income at all.
    Irfan Ullah Khan reports no income at all.
    Rakhi Birla reports no income at all.
    Naveen Mehta has taken almost Rs 4 crores in personal loans.
    Dharmender Singh Koli opted not to declare his income status.
    Ishrat Ali Ansari opted not to declare his income status.
    The Leader himself owes Rs 23,550 (electricity).
    For those interested in more information from Krishen Kak about the Kejriwalas, just scroll down


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