Friday, December 26, 2014

"Will Chop PM Into Pieces & Attack Parliament"

A day ago the Sickos had a great roll in the garbage dump and whined. Why? Because, along with AB Vajpayee, the late Pandit Madanmohan Malviya was honoured with the Bharat Ratna. Most of them didn’t have a problem with ABV being honoured but had problems with Pt. Malviya. They groped for excuses – from posthumous honour being a bad idea to him being the founder of Hindu Mahasabha or the Benares Hindu University and so on. The one below had an even better excuse to offer:

I don’t know much about the quality of education at BHU but I dare say it can’t be half as bad as the Oxbridges that produce Congi-Commie-pimps, anti-Hindus like Rajdeep Sardesai and many of his garbage-league. In any case, quality improvement is a “constant endeavour”. Why should it have anything to do with the BR?  Simple answer is they cannot stand a Hindu icon being honoured. If Syed Ahmad Khan had been honoured with a BR, all these pigs would have gloated and praised the GOI and Modi skyhigh. Syed who? Well he’s the founder of Aligarh Muslim University. Am I wrong? Hold on, I am not wrong; there was a passionate demand for a posthumous BR to Syed AK by none other than the Congis who objected to the “posthumous award” for Pt. Malviya. And the "plain-clothes Mullahs" like Mahesh Bhatt are collecting 1 crore signatures to demand the BR for Syed AK. If that happens, Rajdeep & Co. will roll over in the same garbage heap but with great joy and delight.

You know, none of these morons ever questioned awards to Rajiv Gandhi or any of the Nehru-Gandhis. Remember Dada Idi Amin of Uganda? The guy who drove out all Indians from his country? He had bestowed upon himself the greatest titles you will hear of. And I am not joking. His full self-bestowed title: "His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular". Is there anything he missed? How are Nehru-Indira-Gandhis any different? They bestowed upon themselves the BR. Then daughter names 1000 monuments after dad. She dies and son and family name 1000 monuments after her. Son/s die and they name another 1000 monuments after him. And they gave RajivG, one of the worst PMs India ever produced, a “posthumous BR”. But Pt. Malviya? Oh no… that offends the Sickos! Laughable!

Now, all of the above was more of a prologue. The reason for bringing up Pt. Malviya is because a quote of his floating on the social media - "Congress is the prostitute of Muslim India." Does that explain why Congis and media morons are up against him but demand the same honour for Syed AK? In the previous post on Conversions I referred to an incident concerning Koenrad Elst, the Belgian Indologist. After the incident Elst wrote an explanatory note and some of his thoughts are worth reproducing:

At the India Ideas Conclave in Goa, I argued that the nature of Islam itself is a principal factor in the atrocities by Boko Haram, the Taliban and the Islamic State. They say so themselves, and I respect their right to express their own motivation. Secularists, by contrast, show their contempt for Muslims by overruling the latter’s own explicit self-justification with a different account. Thus, in a recent TV debate, a BJP spokesperson eager to prove his secularism called the Caliphate warriors “heretics”. Internationally, British PM David Cameron (whose plan to kill Muslims and others in Syria was foiled by a negative vote in Parliament but who at least contributed to the destruction of Libya, killing many Muslims) called these self-described Islamic militants “not Muslims but monsters”. Not one of the US, UK and French leaders who have invaded Muslim countries the last 20 years was a critic of Islam. Of each of them, pro-Islamic statements can be quoted. Yet between them, they have killed numerous Muslims. A Swiss do-gooder in my audience alleged that criticism of Islam amounts to spreading hatred against two billion Muslim fellow-men. Well, Hindus have had to live daily with indictments of their religion, even from state platforms. So, if the allegation were true, we wonder why it was never made against criticism of Hinduism. Anyway, it is untrue”.

Criticism of Islam amounts to spreading hatred against 2 billion Muslims? Then what is to be done with the Hindu-hating mob in our media, politics and Bollywood, Kollywood or Tollywood. They heap abuses and insults on Hindus every single day. But we are the ones supposed to be tolerant while the wild bunch will keep talking and behaving like barbarians? So, with the Agra “reconversion episode” a large number of scoundrels made enough noise to equal 100 serial bombs. Among the prominent scumbags inside and outside the parliament who made these noises are:

The Opposition blockaded the parliament for the entire Winter Session over a Sadhvi Minister’s language and the conversion issue. And they all screamed “forced conversions, bribes, inducements, threat to Constitution, BJP inciting communal riots” blah blah. All of this during the voting phases of JK and Jharkhand. Their intention was clear – to spread panic and scare the BJP voters. Unfortunately, their combined-conspiracy failed. Naturally, scoundrels who scream too much seldom have the truth. And when the truth does come out, they quietly retreat into their pigsty. In such cases even the LIE BIG, retract small is not applicable. They just slip back into their pigsty. Here’s what the Minority Commission ruled about the Agra conversions:

AGRA: A Minority Commission team that visited the Madhu Nagar slum for the first time after 57 Muslim families were "converted" to Hinduism by an RSS-linked group on December 8 said on Saturday that though the conversion was not forced, there was an element of cheating involved in it… "After talking to the Madhu Nagar slum people, it is clear that it was not forced conversion. It was actually cheating," Azmi said. "The poor slum people were lured with ration cards and BPL cards. We also found that the local people, who are mostly Hindus supported the slum dwellers a lot. It was just a few Hindus who betrayed them in the name of 'ghar wapasi'."

So there was no forced conversion as the mugs in the pic had screamed. But there was “cheating” says the Commission. Alright, what were the reconverted ones cheated with? They were promised ration cards and BPL cards? That’s all? The question is, why aren’t these poor people already having BPL and ration cards anyway? For all the programmes of the Sickulars with NREGA and stuff, why is it these people don’t have some basic cards even? And how does that form “cheating” if someone promises you what you are already entitled to and can be delivered tangibly? If that is “inducement” then the biggest cheats have to be the Christian conversion factories who convert with the nonsense that “Jesus will save you”. Is that tangible? Have these factories proved even one case of Jesus saving, other than wild imagination? What about the Mullahs? They promise Muslims will go to heaven and non-Muslims will go to hell! Any proof of delivery? Oh they also promise martyrs 72 virgins in heaven? Any proof of delivery so far?

It doesn’t take Einstein to tell you that an entire army of Christian Missionaries have been indulging in fraudulent conversions, bribery and inducements. As for Muslims, they are not so much into conversion but their uncontrolled population growth is adequate enough to keep their flock multiplying. And that is the bare truth. But the scoundrels in the parliament and in our media exploded enough bombs and fear-mongering to encourage this stunning speech. Watch (1.32 mins):

That’s the Mullah’s answer! That Muslims will pick up arms and attack every democratic institution over the Agra reconversions. He will break the country into thousand pieces and change the map and face of India. This rage is nothing but provoked by Arnab, Rajdeep, Barkha, Yechury, O’Brien, Owaisi and their tribe. Did you hear any of these morons outraging over what the Mullah threatened? And what is their sick obsession with chopping people into pieces? Is everyone a goat to them? Earlier there was a Congi moron called Imran Masood who wanted to make “Boti Boti” of Narendra Modi and now this guy. For readers who don’t follow Hindi closely, here’s a translation:

We (Muslims) are not scared of anyone; we will not hesitate in picking up arms for our safety. We will be forced to unite and form an army to attack the Vidhan Sabha and the Parliament House to teach these MLAs and MPs a lesson. We can arrange for all kinds of arms and ammunition; we have the guts to change the face of the country. Do not force us to take up arms; it will not be good for the chief minister or the prime minister as no one will remain in a single piece.”

This sick Mullah (Cleric Salim Ahmed was speaking at a programme organised by the Babri Masjid Action Committee in Moradabad on December 13) openly threatens the CM, Mulayam Singh, the PM and the country itself. Did you hear one single word out of our Sickos or our media morons? Anyone had any objection to this? But these very morons had a huge problem with “Haramzada”. I think the term “Haramzada” actually suits the Sickos and fraudulent media editorialists. Read some more – the UP police said they heard about this threatening speech from media:

Moradabad Senior Superintendent of Police Luv Kumar told the media on Saturday, “We have come to know through the media that someone delivered such objectionable speech. The Local Intelligence Unit has been ordered to probe the matter and action will be taken after we receive the report.” That’s how stupid our Police really are. The report clearly says this: “The cleric’s speech was made before a gathering of more than 1,500 people including senior police officers and officers of the district administration”. But the SP heard it only from the media and all his senior police officers at the venue (lately police even record potentially inciting speeches) were in their sleeping bags it seems.

Yesterday evening, Sushma Swaraj reiterated that conversions will continue until an anti-conversion bill is passed. The Sickos cannot whine, outrage and have it both ways. Hindus seek no converts, the Christian-Conversion Mafia needs to end and all their specially imported conversion specialists sent back home. An investigation into the “Missionary-funding” of corrupt media houses will also help. The GOI has turned off the funding-tap of some criminal NGOs. I consider the Christian-conversion Mafia a terrorist group which keeps India on a religious-conflict-boil and a serious threat to communal harmony.

The sick Mullah threatens to chop the PM and others into pieces, attack Parliament, Vidhan Sabha and change the face of the country. He will acquire weapons, kill the PM, attack Parliament, and attack the Vidhan Sabha. Well, cowards in our media who rant against stray utterances of Hindu activists which pose no physical threat start hiding under skirts when it comes to real threats and incitement by a Muslim guy. That apart, not one Muslim public figure condemns this. Bimbos like Saba Naqvi come on TV to condemn Hindus but hide behind their Burqa when it comes to Muslims. I have to say, if the likes of Arnab, Rajdeep, Barkha and others in the media cover-up such crimes then they probably would indeed like PM Modi chopped into pieces and our parliament attacked again. They probably wish for it and encourage such incitement with their fake, truth-less outrage. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Conversions - At Their Wits End

Let’s talk about tolerance. It’s a one-way street in India. The Hindus are expected to tolerate the nonsense from the speakers and acts of members of certain imported religions. While those guys, it appears, will be intolerant to everything about their own religion while feeling at liberty to lampoon Hindus and Hinduism. There is no heaven and hell. To conceive God as a traffic cop who is everyday standing at a junction in the sky sending people to heaven or hell is the dumbest idea ever heaped on mankind. And yes, the Christian God is a “Jealous God” while in Islam Allah automatically sends you to hell if you’re not a Muslim. So make the best of it while you’re still here on earth.

"The feeling begins. Very tender, very loving. Then the pain starts. Claws slip underneath the skin and tear their way up. Just before they reach my eyes, they dig in. And I remember. First I fasted for three months. I even whipped myself before I went to sleep. At first it worked. Then the pain came back. And the voices. They call me by the name: Jesus”.

That’s the opening narrative from “The last temptation of Christ”. Long before “The Da Vinci Code” caused rage among Christians across the world, “The last temptation”, a book and a movie, caused a similar outrage. It portrayed Jesus as a man of doubts, lust and so on. Of course, our media morons and Christian “Conversion factory” operators will tell you how tolerance is the hallmark of Christian Western nations. When “The last temptation” was released in 1955 by its Greek author Nikos Kazantzakis, the book was banned by the Catholic Church. The Greek Orthodox Church excommunicated Kazantzakis. Let’s not even get into “Satanic verses”. But yes, you should tolerate this from a Bollywood movie which shows Lord Shiva in a toilet and then being chased:

That doesn’t bother me too much. Poking fun at God is alright; He doesn’t get offended like some stupid humans. In Hindu folklore Shiva’s children too have poked gentle fun at him. What should concern us is that Christians would be outraging and Islamic warriors would have drawn swords and killed people if it were their religious figure instead of Shiva. I recall a movie called “Vishwaroopam” by Kamal Haasan had to go through 786 cuts and re-released with grovelling and apologies because Indian Muslims had problems with it. Then there is, of course, that American movie “Innocence of Muslims” on the life of Muhammad which caused world-violence and deaths.  The Christian agitators wanted “The Da Vinci code” to carry a special note stating it is not a true story when such movies already declare they are “fictional”. Tolerance! They teach us that; don’t they? It is fun how multiple issues collide all at once.

So, in Agra some Hindu group “Reconverted” some Muslims to Hinduism and the entire media and the political Sickos have been raging for most of December. The Opposition, particularly in Rajya Sabha, have stalled the proceedings completely. A total blockade of parliament! Mind you, nobody among the media criminals is calculating loss of money as they normally do in such blockades. Never mind! And the problem for the Sickos is interesting. The “Butcher of Bengal” Derek O’Brien has been the most vociferous. I guess this idiot thinks stalling the parliament will wash away Saradha scam and terrorism in Bengal. He is followed by another Commie, anti-national goon called Sitaram Yechury. Since when are Commies even supposed to be bothered about religion? Then there is Goonda Raj chief who proclaims “With such conversions BJP is set to incite communal riots across the country”. Time for that bimbo from NDTV to tout his nonsense too:

A conversion drive can be based on “genuine grievance”? What kind of moron even asks that question? So all those Christians with their Bibles or the Mughals with their swords had a “grievance”? And MD Pai asks him the right question. For hundreds of years and even in the last decade, these same pigs have ignored all the massive operations of the Christian conversion factory and they have a problem with some Muslims reconverting to Hinduism? Fact is, in Agra or in any other place, a forced or induced conversion is a legal offence and the State govt can act upon that. So why are these media morons blabbering and the Sickos outraging and blockading the parliament? It’s simply because their pants and skirts have stripped and they have no real issues to talk about. At the same time another pastor from the factory is bragging about harvesting souls:

There is something about a country and its culture. Indian culture has and will always be associated with Hindu culture. India will not be known for Islamic culture or Christian culture as Saudi Arabia or Italy is known. If you don’t like our ancient culture, our history, our idol-worshipping people or the way we revere cows you are welcome to stick to your country and preach about your jealous God. And since God’s agents like Pastor Keith consider it a “Win” I see nothing wrong if others play the game too. So why is the media not outraging at this illegal mafia of “Christian missionaries” whose only plan on earth is to harvest souls? After all, the Agra reconversions weren’t some covert operation like these foreign missionaries carry out. That reminds me, these marketing agents of Christianity do have a clear plan on how our media must play an important role in their inglorious mission. This is as recent as April 2014:

Well Archbishop, you have nothing to worry. Hindu-haters in the media at NDTV, Headlines Today, Times Group, The Hindu group… all of them are working for your Lord. Someone from your end gives them their daily bread… and crumbs too. As the stupid Pastor Keith says it’s a “win” and it’s a game that can only be played by them. If others “reconvert” then Christians and Muslims get a “Penalty kick” to score some more! Tolerance! So what happens when something like this is stated at some major forum?

"Belgian Indologist Dr Koenraad Elst’s anti-Islam remarks created a flutter at a Goa conclave Saturday, prompting at least one foreign delegate to walk out while another lodged a complaint with organiser India…. Addressing the session on ‘Religion — Tolerance and Terror’ at the India Ideas Conclave 2014, Elst said: “On the whole, you should make it uncool to be Muslims. That will help them. You do not forcefully need to convert them. Through this, they will themselves outgrow Islam.”…. Referring to the row over the ‘ghar wapsi’ campaign, Elst said: “The Vishwa Hindu Parishad is coming under criticism for the one thing that they are doing very well which is ghar wapsi. We need to liberate Muslims from Islam. Every Muslim is an abductee and must be brought back.”

Some people walked out. Some people complained to the organisers of that conclave. But our media and Sickos are fine with a bunch of Padres planning “Mission 2025” to turn India into “Cross” country with a plan on how to get the already servantile media to push their agenda. It’s not just that, they’ve also shown what they think of our media to be – purchaseable pimps! And what looks like a bunch of Christian Congress members in Bangalore are seeing demons suddenly:

I cannot help laugh at these jokers. But if that isn’t enough, our political Sickos got together in the afternoon of December 22 at Jantar Mantar in Delhi. Goonda Raj chief Mulayam reiterated BJP is inciting communal riots across the country. And the guy who uses Osama look-alike for his campaigns lectured on black money. Yes that would be convicted criminal Lalu Prasad Yadav – the darling of our media. Don’t complain, such comedy is free, especially with Lalu sermonising on corruption. Well, it’s like you’ve just been gifted a supposed or hopeful book by Sunny Leone titled “Why you shouldn’t watch porn”. Most in this pic are guys who are tainted with corruption, dynastic crap and absolute bad governance.

There is only one solution to this issue of religion. The Sickos and our media crooks must learn to accept that conversions work both ways and Christians and Muslims cannot claim a monopoly or partnership in it. Either that or ban all conversions. The conversion ban in Gujarat has worked well to keep the conversion factories from scams and frauds. India is a country of religious and spiritual people. A clash of religions has always been there and will remain as long as this evil of conversions continues. There is no reason why a national ban on “organised conversions” shouldn’t be banned across the country. The only ones who will reject this idea are the Sickos you just saw in the pic, the Congi-Commie partners and the Hindu-hating MSM. The conversion factories from the West will also complain.

But is it merely the problem of conversions? I don’t think so. It’s not a reason good enough to block parliament for weeks. More so because fraudulent conversions or reconversions can be dealt with by State police under existing laws. The reason for all this nonsense is to thwart the possible losses in elections. Remember, after bye-polls in UP and Bihar our media and Sickos went into a massive orgasm of how the BJP and Modi have lost the plot and tempo. Then came two major jolts in Maharashtra and Haryana. The BJP might win Jharkhand and may make major gains in J&K. The Sickos are simply at a loss on how to combat the party and Modi. In addition, some Congis and TMC goons are in serious scam-trouble. They are at their wits end. Today, as the results for Jharkhand and J&K are about to come in, there may be more bad news. And that is the real problem.  

Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Unethical Scoundrels At TimesNow

Linda Tripp would have made a great chief editor at TimesNow or any of the TOI outlets. Linda who? Linda Tripp is famous for her involvement in the Monica Lewinsky – Bill Clinton Oval office affair. Linda was a friend and co-worker of Lewinsky and had secretly recorded telephone conversations with the latter where she had confided in Tripp about her affair at the White House. Tripp claimed she was doing this because she is a patriot. She should have been prosecuted and would have spent time in jail under her State laws but she bought immunity with Clinton’s prosecutors in exchange for the tape and was thus spared. Wiretapping and recording without the knowledge of the other person is illegal and punishable in the US. The only escape could be self-defence under certain circumstances. For many years Linda Tripp has been among the most loathed and despised woman in her country. She is seen as an epitome of betrayal of trust and friendship. We all know what or who a scoundrel is but, still, for the record:

Almost every reporter in TimesNow qualifies for the title and the description. In their quest for silly soundbites there is nothing that their reporters haven’t done. They have stalked people, poked mics into their faces and bodies, poked mics and cameras into their cars, shouted and screamed at them, refuse to take “no comment” as an answer and keep pestering beyond tolerance. They have even stalked residences of people and harassed spouses of political targets accused of something or merely for soundbites. Remember how these same scoundrels made a grand theatre of the Rohtak “Belter sisters” right into their village, home and interviews with family? All for a kick! Here’s a pic from December 11 with one of their scoundrels badgering a guy:

I don’t know the stupid reporter’s name and it doesn’t matter. Because Arnab Goswami wants to rant and scream every night like his pants were on fire, his reporters have picked up the same habit and cult. They believe others are not humans and are perhaps pigs and deserve to be treated that way. 

The guy in the TimesNow pic is supposedly Rajeshwar Singh of some Dharam Jagran Manch. The TimesNow reporter kept barking at him repeatedly on the issue of conversions even when the guy kept saying he had nothing to say. She tells him “You gave soundbites in the morning, why can’t you give me soundbites now”? What is that supposed to mean? That she has a God-given or Constitutional entitlement to soundbites? No matter what you want to accuse someone of, when the person says “no comments” a respectable reporter can push a little bit but in the end should be able to take “no” for an answer. Looks like all the TimesNow reporters (and most from other channels too) have studied journalism from the School for Scoundrels. And like Linda Tripp one of their scoundrels named Samia tries to con a Delhi police officer (over the Uber rape case) in this video (3.04 mins):

Imagine the unscrupulous rogue’s brazen deception. That’s how Arnab would word it. She calls the officer on the phone, tells her its “off record” and shamelessly plays it on the speaker phone and the TimesNow editors gladly play it too. This is why the Editors Guild of India is a bunch of shameless morons that I call a “Union of snakes”. For this blatant betrayal and unethical practice, the reporter should have been sacked and so too the studio editor who let it play. But as we have all come to learn, for the scoundrels in the media, ethics are for others. They will moralise the whole country but will behave like third-rate unethical scoundrels themselves. Is this a one-off stray case that happened accidentally? Not at all, here’s a previous one which is clearly wilfully done with a guy called Naveen Tyagi of Hindu Mahasabha in the first week of December (1 min):

Now this Tyagi guy wants to brand and ban all “item girls” as prostitutes. I have shortened the video to the relevant part to demonstrate the point but you can watch the full 5-minute video on Youtube. It is interesting how this works. First, they tell you (and have obviously told Tyagi) that this is “off camera”. In which case, why were they still recording it? Any answers? And having video-recorded that “off camera” conversation they air it claiming it is in public interest. The perfect opportunity for Arnab’s little underwear, the scoundrel called Anand Narasimhan, to go on a self-righteous rant with a hashtag #MoralMonster, when it is Timesnow anchors and reporters who are the real #MoralMonsters. Who are these people? And do all Hindus really follow the “diktats” of any Sabha or individual as these morons rant?

The rant is that Timesnow wants to show their “mindset”. You and I may not agree with what Tyagi thinks about item-girls but that is irrelevant. The fact is the conversation was off-record. Supposing you and I were talking on the phone and you were to tell me “between you and me, Arnab is having an affair”. I promise to keep it to myself and not disclose the conversation but the very next day I tweet about it, what would you say to me? How would you feel and what would you think of me?

As soon as the Timesnow scoundrels aired the “off record” video, the anchors got hold of a few women activists who condemned Tyagi, the Hindu Mahasabha and everyone on Jupiter too. Not surprisingly, there were a few idiots who told Timesnow they will carry out protests against Tyagi and his Sabha for going to SC with such an appeal (to declare item girls as prostitutes). These are the morons that Timesnow encourages as virtuous people. Tyagi has not threatened to attack, kill or carry out mass agitation against item-girls nor has posed any physical threat to them. Going to court (no matter how stupid your demand) is the most reasonable thing to do in a democracy. Why would the moron-friends of Timesnow want to protest against that? But this foolish outrage is exactly what Arnab and his stupid bimbos want to provoke. It doesn’t stop there because the agenda of these scoundrels runs deeper as the related TOI report will establish:

Times View

The Hindu Mahasabha leader's comments on what kind of clothes women should wear and why item girls should be treated as prostitutes smacks of the medieval mindset that is exhibited by outfits like the Taliban or the Islamic State. What is alarming is that such statements are becoming increasingly frequent in India from right wing groups of all hues, some citing religion and others caste traditions as their justification for moral policing. The prime minister should be aware that at least some of these groups feel emboldened by the perception that there is now a government that is sympathetic to their viewpoint. Mr Modi has repeatedly emphasized that he wants to build a modern India that can hold its head high in the global community. Unless such groups are reined in, India's image can only take a beating, at home and abroad”.

There you go! That’s the agenda. First play a video that is meant to be off-record and shouldn’t have been played at all. Give a fake explanation that they play this in public interest when there was no public threat at all of any kind. All that Tyagi did was express an opinion and said he will approach the SC. Even if that is a “mindset” that is not agreeable Timesnow had no business to betray his confidence and fool people. But, obviously, the juice is that they want to connect it to PM Modi and claim it damages India’s image.

Surgical procedure: Play an off-record conversation where people often tend to blabber a lot. Claim it poses a serious threat to society when there is none. Concoct a political angle and agenda by somehow blaming Modi and the BJP for such instances and go on a rampage. And these are the scoundrels who moralise and sermonise the world about ethics.