Monday, November 18, 2013

Desperate Measures - Part 8 (Fears Of The Kleptomaniacs)

Fear of the Kleptomaniacs:

“Cut a man’s flesh and it heals… Whip a man and the memory of it passes, frighten him, fill him with a sense of foreboding and apprehension and let him believe that something dreadful is going to happen either to himself or to someone he loves – better the latter – and you will hurt him beyond forgetfulness. Fear is a tyrant and a despot, more terrible than the rack, more potent than the snake. Fear is many-eyed and sees horrors where normal vision only sees the ridiculous” – Edgar Wallace, British crime writer of early 20th century and creator of King Kong.

Fear is the key that dictatorial regimes turn when they want to frighten the public in every which way they can. The public will be scared, people will be “managed” to fit into the system rather than the system being fitted for people. For such dictators democracy is a dangerous idea. They don’t love it in their own party. They won’t love it for you either. Everyone opposed to them is evil. Everyone who challenges them will be vilified. Dictators usually are the fountains of Kleptocracy. It involves co-opting the bureaucracy and the media in the loot of the nation. No one explained why democracy is a dangerous idea to such politicians better than Tony Benn, former MP of Britain. This is a clip I had carried some time back too (video 1.58 mins):

After the recent moronery of Naresh Agarwal of Samajwadi Party when he said “a Chaiwalla cannot become PM of India” I was stunned to find that the TOI (Ahmedabad main edition) didn’t have a single mention of the incident in its edition of November 15, not one single line. Agarwal only spoke aloud what Congress and its cronies like Barkha, Sagarika, Rajdeep, Nikhil Wagle, Ashutosh etc. have been slyly airing all along. How can an ordinary Chaiwalla become a PM? For the self-styled Kings and Queens of the country these Chaiwallas and Boot-polishwallas should stay where they are and not aspire to become anything (imagine if Agarwal had directed ‘Deewar’). That they even think they can participate in democracy is an audacious aspiration that must be nipped in the bud. Such Chaiwallas and Polishwallas are a threat to the carefully nurtured Kleptocracy that Congress is so famous for. Therefore, they must be subdued with threats and fears. How can these street people dream of political power? After all, power is poison, isn’t it? A few days back I posted this response to a comment on this site:
For all the screaming of “divisive, polarising, divisive, polarising, divisive, polarising” by cronies and hate-mongers like Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose, Barkha Dutt and their clan of Macaulay family, someone from their own family finally nailed them. TheJaggi writes in FirstPost: “Her aggressive language against the BJP and Narendra Modi in a state (Chattisgarh) which has actually implemented her pet food security project competently is part of a well-thought-out plan to hide who the really divisive leader in India is: Sonia herself. She attacked the BJP for its “greed for power” – as though political parties are somehow supposed to abjure power – but the last 10 years show who has shown real greed for power”. You see, power is poison! Not for her, not for her son who has no accomplishments to show but for “others”. IndiraG ushered in Kleptocracy when she destroyed our democratic veins with the Emergency. TheJaggi writes further:

Independent India’s first divisive ruler was Indira Gandhi, to dislodge whom the entire range of opposition parties banded together in the late 1960s and 1970s. The Congress party’s success depends on dividing the so-called majority and then using scare-mongering techniques to give the minorities a stake in using their votes as vetoes in elections. This is what kept the Congress in power for so long. This divisiveness did not matter when Nehru was around, because he was a towering leader, and had natural stature and popularity after the freedom struggle. But once he was gone, Indira Gandhi found that in order to consolidate power, it was even more important to divide to conquer”.

TheJaggi reprises what I had mentioned in my comment. What he writes is not a great secret that others in the media do not know. He also bluntly states that SoniaG’s foreign origin is disturbing to many in politics and outside it. She and her Congress party are most greedy for power and will do anything to stay afloat. How an EVM turned a loss for P Chidambaram to victory is still out there. How YSR Reddy looted the state of Andhra to fill his private coffers as also that of the party hasn’t unfolded fully because the media cronies never reported his corruption till Jagan Reddy was targeted for his rebellion. There is a tweet that I had put out a few days back that both ABV and LK Advani have to share some blame for excessive sympathy for the Gandhi family. After publishing a report on black money, when SoniaG complained, LKA even sent her a letter “regretting” her name being mentioned in the BJP report. I have never seen anything more stupid from the leader of an Opposition party. But below is what the SC had to say about black money.

Former Army and IAS officer MG Devasayam writes: “The SC talks of the unholy nexus between lawmakers, lawkeepers and lawbreakers, clearly indicating a State-sponsored Kleptocracy runs the country”. Do read the whole article that I’ve linked. In an article at the PulitzerCenter India narrates a comic but equally tragic incident from Bihar: “There's a joke popular among local relief groups in which the state's chief minister visits a U.S. senator stateside at his palacial residence. The minister asks, "My home is so small. How do you live so well?" To which the senator responds, "See that bridge over there. Ten percent." A year later, the senator pays a visit to the Bihar minister's home, now more opulent than his. "How did you get a place like this?" he asks. "See the bridge over there..." "Which one," interrupts the senator. "One hundred percent," says the minister. This could easily be referring to Gautam Goswami, ex-district magistrate of Patna, the state capital, who along with 10 other officials was charged in 2005 with embezzling nearly $2.5 million in flood relief funds. Adding to the disgrace, Goswami was featured in Time magazine the year before as a "Young Asian Hero" for his commitment to the poor”. Err… SoniaG has been recommended by a group for the Nobel 9 times for her commitment to the poor; she was likened to Mother Teresa.

Not surprised, are you? Yeah well, look up all the people who received govt awards in the last decade and you will find many scumbags who got it because they were afraid to speak the truth. Some of them are prominent media slaves married to what I would call “The mob”. But it’s not just TheJaggi, there are others speaking up too. Writing on the theme of how BJP leadership was excessively kind to the Gandhis is Tavleen Singh in the Indian Express. Some are finally finding their voices. Tavleen notes that the BJP and the media were cowards not to take on the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. Unfortunately, the Chaiwalla is not cut from the same cloth and he is taking them on. Therefore, it is important for Congress and its crony alliance partners to tar him in every which way possible: Communal, divisive, polarising, Hitler, fascist, Yamraj, Bhasmasur and the cry like wimps because he calls the ineffective Pappu a “Shehzada”. Let’s take up the Shehzada and the Queen. Are they accountable to anyone? Nope! Are they answerable to even the most servantile media? Nope! Do they respect the poor? Nope! They believe they have descended as saviours who grandly throw crumbs to the poor who should bow and be grateful. They fear the ascent of a Chaiwalla so they have to create fear in people’s minds. The DailyMail Needler carried this pic:

Now the Kleptomanics fear a Chaiwalla because he is daring to take them on. Look at the grand alliance of the Congress: SP, JDU, BSP, SP, RJD, DMK, NCP and some more. One DMK guy was even running a private telephone exchange at his home courtesy BSNL. There is hardly any party in the alliance which doesn’t run a private kingdom. Almost each alliance partner has cases of disproportionate assets against their dictators. Extraordinary national wealth has been swindled and handed over to private hands with the Congress being the “Congotri” of the massive corruption and loot. And SoniaG has the audacity to say “power is poison” which her son comically recites and media cronies repeat like a parrot and applaud. Not one scumbag or scumbagini from the media had the courage to talk about this nonsensical statement from both the Gandhis. So unlike 1977 when many parties united against the misrule and corruption of IndiraG, this time around the entire gang of corrupt parties have united with the corrupt Congress. What is their fear? They fear losing their Kleptocracy and the country returning to some form of democracy. It threatens their “disguised dictatorship”. These guys want to run the Country or a State? No! They just want to run the “wealth” of the nation into ground by looting.

Naturally, Modi responded to the cheap statement of Naresh Agarwal by stating “A Chaiwalla as PM is better than a PM who sells the country”. The sick Manish Tiwari was upset that Modi is getting too much airtime from the Congress’s crony channels. They can’t help it because it means TRP and money for them. So what does MT do? He shoots off an advisory (read threat) to the TV channels. The ministry found it to be "indecent" and "bad in taste" that news channels compared PM Manmohan Singh and BJP's PM candidate Modi over their I-Day speeches. The advisory threatened to cancel the licences of those who made such comparisons or telecast speeches. This is 2 months after the event. Why shouldn’t media and people compare? A PM who gave an I-day speech like it was a Congress event and not a national day is hardly giving a PM’s speech. Besides, the PM eulogised only Congress PMs of the past and that too only of the Nehru-Gandhi clan. In any case why should people want to listen to the most boring speaker in the history of India and that too in an age where people have moved on from these uninspiring speeches? If the PM has a right to speak, people also have the right not to hear him if they don’t want to. But hey, Kleptomaniacs don’t have such maturity because they don’t know how democracy works. (These Kleptomaniacs have the stealing disorder for both personal and party gains).
Then out of the blue the EC comes up with a proposal to ban opinion polls. The EC must seriously introspect if they have over-stepped in reacting to entertainment shows in such a silly manner. But the Congress and all of their cronies support the move for obvious reasons. Poll after opinion poll is throwing eggs at their faces. It is intolerable cruelty for them. For SoniaG these acts to muzzle the media is not an “attack on democracy”. Pappu won’t come out screaming it’s “complete nonsense”. After all, these bans are to protect and preserve their Kleptocracy. I consider the MSM possessing a lot of morons, including one at the highest level of Category5, but I would never want these morons to be gagged no matter what. Our Constitution provides them the complete freedom for their moronery. But perhaps SoniaG may be “unhappy” so the threats of bans. As if she hasn’t already turned this into a “Ban-anee” republic. Ask the “legalised” son!

Here’s a tweet by Sucheta Dalal of Moneylife. She mentions how AirIndia was being looted by the Kleptomaniacs. Giving out free tickets to media houses for their annual summit? What is so surprising about the media mafia? Let me refresh your memory. It’s not just AirIndia but many PSUs that have been misused to dole out funds to private parties of media houses (read this about HT Summit). One of the biggest building contractors of the GOI, GMR Group, doles out sponsorship for CNN-IBN’s spurious IOTY awards. The less said about Tehelka’s THINK the better. Oh and if all that is not enough there’s Nandan Nilekani. The Aadhar champion is a classic case of nepotism, which is the twin sister of Kleptocracy (and you thought Vadra was the only one?). Nilekani is a member of seventeen GOI groups, govt bodies, committees and boards that made Aadhar mandatory for govt benefits. I start a joke and I also hold the power to make it mandatory for you to laugh. Power!

This Kleptocracy is fun, isn’t it? The populist pursuits of the Congis and “sickulars” is now getting to be very predictable. There isn’t even any innovation or creativity in their skulduggery. I predicted  RahulG will land up at Wankhede to watch Sachin Tendulkar’s last Test Match. He would have hoped the popularity and emotions behind Sachin’s event will garner him some more sympathy. You know, we could learn to hate the truth like the Congis and many of our MSM crooks do. Yesterday in Delhi Sheila Dikshit had to plead with women not to leave as RahulG was about to speak. From Chaiwallas to Polishwallas to villagers, Indians don’t have patience with hollow nonsense anymore. They are not willing to be pushed to fear anymore. It’s the Kleptomaniacs who are cowering in fear. Truth has this nasty habit of showing up at the wrong time and exposing everything in a very non-subtle fashion. People aren’t fooled anymore as RahulG realised when the crowds greeted him (Video 0.28 secs). Not a good sign for Kleptomaniacs. 

To be continued



  1. I saw the photo above of that little Chaiwala boy.
    While himself deep into the trouble, trying his best to keep his responsibilities away from it.
    Eyes focused on the the destination; and his body language oozing the confidence of reaching his goal.

    I imagined, one day he will rise; and rise to change the fate of that vast land of billion plus people, for good; where he is a nobody today.
    And I felt good!

  2. My reference is to the last para about the crowd at Pappu's rallies dispersing while he took to the mike.It is quite clear that these crowds are not passionate followers of the dynasty but paid, to be at the venue for a certain number of hours. It is reported that Paapu arrived 3 hrs behind schedule.So they were just dispersing after their office hours.As NaMo says so often ,one must turn tragedies into opportunities. Why not BJP cadres accept khanChris black money and join in large numbers at pappu's rallies and then vacate the site when he arrives. This would be a double edged weapon.It is another matter that as of now KhanChris is on the way down on its own weight.

    1. @Anand,
      I have already sait that... Crowd in Pappu's rallies is comprised of #Daruchchas .. 1 KHAMBA and 500 Ka note and Transportation fascility plus Bidi/ Cigarette etc..

    2. I don't know which Cadre you referring to but i don't think anybody got time to attend pappu's rally. People attended NaMo rally coz they really wanted to hear him. Atleast this is what I've seen and known about his rallies..!!

  3. Another wonderful article from your pen...crisp, upright, brave analysis.....cannot believe there are still journalists like you, Tavleen & Minhaz. Why dint you join the BD,RS,SG club and enjoy life? NaMo is another guy spending himself for the stupid, selfish people who vote congress to power election after election. NaMo too could have been like Mayawati & Mulayam...would have been rich and there would have been no witch-hunt. Some guys just have this death-wish for the sake of motherland...they don't realize that the 'liberal, secular' brigade made patriotism old-fashioned long way back.

  4. "A PM who gave an I-day speech like it was a Congress event and not a national day is hardly giving a PM’s speech. Besides, the PM eulogized only Congress PMs of the past and that too only of the Nehru-Gandhi clan. "

    I remember reading the following in a Novel (forgot which), where the protogonoist is elaborating on the nature "dissent" --
    "If the President of the USA were to read the Declaration of Independence at the Lincoln Memorial on a 4th of July; there would be 'someone' to protest against it"

    India needs the "CHAIWALA " desperately & ASAP.

  5. Ravinar Excellent article again.

    1. In my last post, I have mentioned as to why scared minority vote (whether muslim or sc etc ) matters so much and why this en bloc voting has become such a roadblock for healthy democracy. The solution is complex and manifold and unless we do not take the issue holistically (apology for manish Tiwari for using his favoured jargon), we simply cannot counter it. The solutions are not fantastic, I have always wondered how journalists expect innovative or big ideas from Modi or Rahul! what a bull crap, we as a nation failed because we failed to undertake simple steps which should have been taken like getting our act right on primary education etc.

    Primarily, the solution can be from aggressive to subliminal to progressive.
    First the aggressive, the only way to counter bloc voting is well "bloc voting", which means counter-polarization. Will this be successful? partly yes. I will give two instances of it.
    a)When Rahul Gandhi spoke about minorities in contact with ISI after muzzafarnagar riots, most Muslims objected to it and most Muslims in UP are disillusioned about their favored political leaders of secular parties, since Muslims realize that with a strong BJP leader, counter polarization will happen and deepen with his (Modi's) impact, the only reason it didn't work during Advani was because he was seen as a weak leader both ideologically (after jinnah comment) and governance wise (with his lackluster performance as HM of India). Similarly, Muslims objected to Nagpal's suspension on the alleged act of mosque wall demolition, they knew that their (Muslim's) cover of being perpetual victims is being blown away with too much of appeasement. The narrative that Muslims are victims is increasingly under strain with the appeasement policies and they know counter polarization is bound to taken place with effective leader.
    b)In karnataka when the CM brought in shaadi bhagya to give muslim bridges the special privelege of monitory benefits, it was first the Muslims who objected to it. This means counter polarization is not a crime and Hindus must come out of their self created guilt in voting in counter to minority polarization where it happens, and the BJP must not shy away from doing it. When BJP tried to go soft or become a congress B team, they only failed badly (interestingly congress tried with soft hindutva too and it too failed!!)

    1. Every person who has enough awareness about what is going on in this country must express himself fully, my brother usually publishes mediacrooks headlines prompting other to read in Facebook, G plus etc, but somehow I was always weary of doing things lest I was blamed by my friends as too political. You see being political among non-political middle class is a big no-no. But now I have started to change.
    Secondly, talk to everybody you know whether he is congress sympathizer or a neutral guy, I may not have been successful to compel my congress-voting relatives to vote for BJP (Modi) but have certainly ended their moral dominance among our group. Congress governance (worst of it) has also helped. There were many among us who are silent supporters of Modi but our support must become more pronounced. How do you think modi was able to connect with masses without media's support? simply by having personal discussions with people of influence who themselves had discussion with other influenced groups!

    2.No politician can be successful unless the silent majority in support of him asserts its authority. Only by voting and voting alone can the middle class show its strength that it cannot be taken for granted. The middle class in itself is not a huge vote bank but has enough fire power to force a shift in voting percentages and since most of the seats are lost by less than 5-10%, OUR VOTE MATTERS.
    The campaign for BJP must be YOUR VOTE MATTERS. It has been observed that the more voting percentage goes up, the better leaders are elected.

  6. 3.Beware of the Complacency-rascals, Do you know, there are genuine section of middle class Indians who believe voting doesn't matter but you know what, Congress supporters (Govt employees, since they dont have to work under their regime, old socialists, old faithfuls) never support congress in public but will attempt to kill the enthusiasm in the middle class voter by saying words like "Nothing is going to change, all are same, all are looters or theives".
    There is also a section of upper middle class people whose offspring work in advanced countries and have neither interest nor hope for India, equally so, they hate the idea of others reaching them. Please ignore them as they are new age racists.

    4.Vote even when BJP or any right wing party is losing, when you vote, you are not just voting for an expected candidate to win but also voting to express your idea of India, Idea of Governance or even Idea of how not the political leaders should be. .Your vote basically establishes an ideology. This is called committed vote bank, for instance, in Old city of Hyderabad, where Muslims are in majority, Hindus continue to vote for BJP, even if it loses, pronouncing the unacceptable politics of MIM(the guys who want to exterminate Hindus if police stay away).

    5.Weary of Media, Most of the media, as Ravinar rightly proved, is compromised. Keep updating your information from internet both from left and right wing sites to get the right idea and continue to blog. Do you know many of the ideas that BJP or AAP has got from bloggers. Do you know most of the information that Americans now get is from internet and social media.

    The above points are some activities that as a patriotic voter can do. But to complete the curve, only a centre-right Governement can achieve which I will publish things in my next post.
    Ravinar: I do not wish to chock the comments place, but bare with me.

    1. I am referring to your point 4..I am now about 55 and have been voting BJP ever since I got the voting right. Irrespective of many a times differing on some issues. With my vote only NDA government came to power, only once. But you can understand the frustration a person gets when his vote does't matter at all. I am of the opinion that after the Ayodhya movement, there was a golden opportunity to further your ideological debate and gain popular imagination which was lost due to the projection of Vajpayee as a statesman and inclusive leader. I also feel in those days BJP was not ready with it's economical ideology and debate which NaMo has brought in focus. Even though I appreciate Vajpaeyee's tenure of NDA , I see that BJP lost on a larger debate of Congress's policies of minority appeasement and economic policies was lost. It was further lost because middle class in 2004 thought that Maun Mohan Singh is a true reformer. Actually the credit for his reform polices should go to Narsimha Rao. He is just a puppet bureaucrat and a spineless person whose mouth opens only to criticize BJP on the orders of the dynasty.

      I also feel that in the days of NDA even though their handling of economy was good, they could not project it as an ideological achievement and debate on the left leaning economic policies of distributing poverty rather than creating wealth in last 60 years. Today, all the criticism on NaMo's Economic Policies or his secularism is from this lobby of leftists/seculars/Congress ruling us from independence. I am happy that NaMo has courage and wisdom to take on them head on. Now it is our responsibility to back him to the hilt.

      Thanks to NaMo all these things have come on Agenda again. He bluntly asks Congress that you people are ruling 60 years of Independent India how much more time do you need to offer us prosperity. That exactly is the question to be asked, which BJP failed to ask last 10 years under LK Advani (stupid Jinnha episode written by Sudheendra Kulkarni a known leftist in BJP), Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley.

    2. "This is called committed vote bank, for instance, in Old city of Hyderabad, where Muslims are in majority, Hindus continue to vote for BJP, even if it loses, pronouncing the unacceptable politics of MIM(the guys who want to exterminate Hindus if police stay away)."

      I have myself done the above while I was staying in the Old city of Hyderabad.

  7. 6. Don't be apologetic as a Hindu before people of abrahmic faiths and be critical in counter their subtle contempt against our faith. Every Hindu (or sanatan dharmi) must have experienced a subtle degradation about Hinduism by people of the book at some point or the other. I have seen my Hindu friends being overtly apologetic about BABAS in Hinduism, forgetting even worse cult-personalities among people of abrahmic faiths. By only resigning us and them to our respective fates/Karma, we have not made the problem go away. For Instance, I have started to speak openly with my office colleagues (outside of course!) about appeasement policies of Congress even when non-Hindus(muslims) are around and even when Hindus are in minority in our group. The more logical your points are the more acceptance you will get. I was able to first convince a my Muslim colleague that Indeed congress policies doesn't help, instead, it will alienate muslims from the mainstream. Once convinced, I have started more right-wing ideas, liberal policits, and away from congress fabian socialism, Congress history, at the end of few months, I have almost converted the guy from Congress supporter to Modi supporter. I am not sure whether he will vote ever for BJP, but I am sure, I have discounted one more pronounced supporter of Congress and made him at least think.
    So, I have not only was assertive about our faith but also more also subtly warned that counter-polarization is no longer a dirty word among Hindus now. Strangely counter-polarization is no dirty word, as ravinar pointed out, in America where several racial groups vote according to their political preferences.

    1. Actually this the greatest strength of Ravinar... He has taught us (atleast me) argue only on facts and he has poured facts by buckets over the years... With the facts on your side you'll just see the other party struggling for arguements.. let me state an example.. I was chatting with one of my colleague and discussing Modi...he started of saying that he is anti minority and the best example is that he refuses to wear the skull cap. I tried him to convince him with vote bank politics logic but that didn't work. Then I applied Ravi's formula.. show facts .... I told him yes he is anti minority because even the state roads in Gujarat (I am from Baroda...) is better than national highways.. the underground water levels have come up in many places, animals are insured , farmers have soil health cards, solar electricity is growing by day, 24X7 electricity...and many more and none of this is being used by minorities as he does not wear the skull cap... After this the discourse changed and all he had was modi has left his wife... I could not convince him to admit he was wrong but when his arguments boiled down to Modi's wife then you know you won!! That's the power of statinf facts. Thanks Ravi for arming many people like me with this tool/weapon.

  8. What BJP needs to do once it comes to power (assuming it wins 2014 of course).
    1.Vajpayee had been too apologetic as a Hindu, his Delhi cabal didn't help him in countering the leftist-socialist ideology. He also had little time to counter it as he wanted to improve the country strategically and economically which he subsequently did. But Modi is not Vajpayee and is more aggressive. So People who are in support of him must do so in a more assertive manner.
    2.BJP must go for COMPULSORY VOTING, this is the only option left. When our forefathers thought of liberal values and banned communal awards (where only minorities vote minorities and majorities the majorities), they thought this communal appeasing will never raise its ugly head again. They were wrong. This is the only way to counter en bloc voting and will ensure that majority Hindu opinion is mandatory before you make any bill. So the only way to perforce ensure majority opinion is, well, by compulsory voting. BJP knows that a law passed for compulsory voting may not have support either in legislature or goes well with the people. The idea is rather INCENTIVE FOR VOTE. This is not a bribe to vote certain individual and certainly not a corrupt practice. Countries like australia has compulsory voting but is also implemented strictly by imposing small fines.
    So how can you ensure voting from non-voting public. Simple, India still has some socialist leftovers which can be used for public good. Every middle class person in this country fears about GAS connection, MORE THAN 90%, of the middle classes use subsidized connection. Modi must promise that 10% of the subsidy given in the first year will be based on their vote, incrementing it to 10% every year. At the end of 5 years, half of the subsidy will be based on his voting. So this can be implemented with IT, Aadhar cards are already available, election cards must be connected to Gas ID's of middle class families and convince them that voting will be incetivized with Gas Subsidy. Rural voters do not need this as they do not need any motivation. In a matter of ten years all the subsidy will only be given to people who voted!! By that time, hopefully, middle classes have been enough empowered to realize the power of their vote.

  9. 3. Do you know why Minorities vote more in proportion than Hindus. Other than scare mongering, one of the biggest reasons is economic. Modi's idea of non-appeasement should ensure that every member of the minority will get his due in the development process. Do you know, Congress memebers ( and its assorted leftist liberals) willingly ignore minority areas of good schools, good medical facilities. You can argue that not paying taxes will not give you good roads for colonies by education must be good irrespective of your status or particiaption with Govt. Modi must bring development (he will by Gujarat example) to every muslim be providing Good schools and other better facilities to them. This may not make them vote Modi, but the more muslims move into empowering classes (some already do), the less they are willing to vote!! This will in effect bring parity with Hindu middle classes. The more empowering the muslims become, the more they demand of the leaders. The more they demand of the leaders, they will either have to change, or people change their leaders!! This in fact is the major worry for the congress.
    4. Complete clampdown on conversion activities, Clampdown evangelical NGO's who are here for conversion rather than anti-conversion bill at national level, since its not possible. Secondly there is stinking corruption with these NGO's who pocket most of the money coming into India. Completely exposing this racket, will help cut down evangelical money from Christian countries. Being in centre is easy to clamp down NGO's than in states since money laundry provisions can be used.
    5.There is no better strategy than developement, SC's convert because of lack of development. They are given only peanuts in the form of reservations or few special previleges, the more the country gets back to its development path, the lesser the compulsion for seeking economic benefits.
    6.More Parliamentary consituencies, Modi can keep the same proportion of state's count in parliamentary seat count by increasing it by a third. So 33% more parliamentary seats can be increased by invoking the emotional women's reservation bill, promising the added seats to compensate for the lost seats for the general category. No one will object since women are getting reserved and male members do not lose their seats. But the counter effect is even greater. For example in parliamentary seats where minorities influence with 20-30%, their vote will be marginalized as they get their own parliamentary seats!! For example again in Hyderabad constituence, only 30% vote is hindu, by dividing it, Hindu vote can be saved. Similary in consituencies where minorities influence three contiguous seats can be given one additional seat from which now they could only influence only 1 among four, instead of three among three.
    7.Finally draw away Shias, bohras and other liberal muslims from the sunny muslim cabal and its leaders. One political parties know that BJP has committed vote among certain sections of muslims, it will no longer be communal! Just like mulayam or mayawati is no longer communal though they pander to certain communities, the committed vote ensures they are treated as communal. This can be done in constituencies where BJP is already the winning candidate and pronouncing more support for Shia AIMPLB exclusively for Shias, Women AIMPLB etc. BJP must say that its not against muslims but is in favor of more liberal muslim laws like Turkey and not with demonic laws from countries like Saudi.
    8.Complete clampdown on illegal migration from Bangladesh and warn congress that it will attempt complete open borders with Nepal to allow illegal hindu nepalese to counter it. It will also bring special brings to safeguard Assamese native tribals to the extent of passing bills favoring innocence even when tribals take voilence against bangladeshis openly.

    1. @Vamsi

      You do need to keep your observations in a single comment and as crisp as possible. I'm saying this because people generally tend not to read long, lengthy comments... Nothing against multiple comments but a request to keep it crisp..


  10. For the 6th point, I mentioned about increase in parliamentary constituencies. once most of the minority voters have their own parliamentary seat where they form majoirty, they no longer require secular parties like congress which makes Congress vie for Hindu vote as muslim vote now openly goes to their own religious parties. Do you know this happens in kerala, where marxists subtly polarize Hindu vote!!! BJP does not exist in kerals so most of the Hindu vote goes to communists. The onlly difference is communists get the Hindu vote but still abuse them, thats the difference.
    8.Industrialization and Urbanization: Perhaps no single act can unite Hindus as much as urbanization and industrialization which is helpful in diluting the identity of caste which they have at rural level. Since cities enable people to compete based on skills and not with legacy or profession(caste), Govt which comes in 2014 must quicken industrialization and urbanization.
    9.Abolishing endowment department, if there is any act which destroyed the influence of Hinduism in India, it is the endowment deparment which is not only a cesspool of corruption but its mismanagement has ensured many to be away from temples. Autonomous department like EC must be created and let it run and be given administrative powers like appointing and giving salaries. Best people must be appointed based on their past record.
    10.Reform in Hinduism: Yes, Reformation in Hinduism is not complete, since brahmins (or kshtriyas) no longer hold any power in India now. Temple priests can now be trained from all the castes, where children of different castes can be taken and trained up. In shiva temples where little need exists for learning Vedas and the puja rituals are nominal, retired and interested people may be nominated as priests. Even in rural areas of Karnataka and AP, Brahmins no longer conduct marraiges because of non-availability.
    b)Temple reformation can give huge amount of funds and Hinduism if it has to survive needs to take prosletization techniques of Christianity, where it needs to create a template to returning converts back to Hinduism.
    11.Tackling reservations: The single biggest stumbling block to uniting Hindus is reservation where no group wants to leave out their previleged status, rather than banning include forward castes too with nominal representation. Just provide 0.5 percentage to Brahmins, vaishyas and kshatriyas (who are from economically weaker backgrounds). This will weaken the narrative of forward caste dominance. Govts can encourage intercaste marriages (like Tamilnadu in 60's), initial resistance from khaps will not only be won but any pressure from khaps will only be counter effective in making BJP a more Hindu reformist party. Khaps are slowly losing their preeminence anyway.

    1. Ravinar, You can delete all my posts in few days. I have been only trying to find solution to my last question about "why fooling Muslims is necessary and important for Secular parties?"- Thanks in Advance.

  11. Vamsi, your observations are correct and all should read them.....more and more people are now revolting against 'political-correctness' and developing courage for their convictions.

  12. Excellent article Ravinar. You take good care of your safety and keep exposing the MSM. Have agents of the Cong(I) not yet approached you to buy you out? Just a thought.

  13. Indian journalism is going backward and not forward, they dont show news they just give opinions, i dont know how long it is going to take the Indian MSM to make documentaries like the ones from BBC and AL Jazeera. I think media crooks should take over the job and make some nice documentaries as well.
    Also i would have never known about tonny benn, if not from here, Thanks.

    1. Please do keep writing even if UPA comes to power again, you never know, with this kind of democracy. Would be obliged if u could share the list of movies to watch and books to read in your blog as well.

    2. Buy his "Social Media as Watchdog". All books and movies, u are looking for, are listed there :)

    3. he he.. ok!! Have u read it ? Is it different from what it is written here? let me know, if it is different i will order it.

    4. I ordered it on day one when it came out for order. It was mainly to support such a nice writings.
      Regarding book: This book has very good categorisation of his (selected) blogs and introduction to each category. With list of recommended books/blogs/movies in the end.
      Worth buying :)

  14. Another befitting reply to dynasty and paid media. thanks MC and also i request you to pease unblock me from your twitter account as i am a big fan of yours please

  15. Unfortunately the person who is reading this blog, is already aware of the #CorruptCongress misrule, he knows the difference between appeasement and development.
    If this blog can reach to the Aam Aadmi via SMS, MMS, pamphlets, mp3, or any possible way, thats when the junta start realising the truth.
    Most reached to this blog either via Facebook or Twitter, isn't it? We had access to FB/Twitter. How to make this content reachable to people who don t know whats Facebook or Twitter; the common man or internet unfriendly or uneducated or a person who doesn't have time to read through the post.

  16. Hello people I have some comments and questions to make about latest sting tapes released by Ashish Khaitan, I thought this is perfect forum to post about where people exposes MediaCrooks.

    1. Latest tapes were about Pradeep Sharma and Kuldeep Sharma, where Guj govt was trying to track their corruption then why congress and media is trying to portray it against only that girl.

    1. Who is Kuldeep, which is there in tape around 10:30 ?? For your information Pradeep Sharma's brother name is Kuldeep Sharma who is IPS officer. Both of these Sharma brothers known to be Modi baiter. By the way Kuldeep Sharma was suspended from guj police as well, now works for center congress govt agency.

    2. Who are people mentioned in tapes other than Pradeep Sharma, Kuldeep Sharma, Madhuri ( Alleged to be Mansi Soni who is architect and worked on many projects for Guj Govt with Pradeep Sharma when he was collector in Kutchh), Vidhyarthi (DDO of Amreli), Shanti (Narmada Collector), Tyagi (Airport officer) mentioned at around 48:00

    3. According to many media people, Congress and CBI since last 10 yrs, Vanzara was killing all in fake encounters on behest of Amit shah and Modi......if so then why would Amit Shah get Vanzara in the jail, according to tapes at around 11:00??

    This sting was just about maligning all Guj IPS officers, Amit Shah and Modi, nothng else. ..All tapes were about spying on Kuldeep Sharma, Pradeep sharma. but Ashish Khaitan and Congress is trying to portray whole sting about that girl which is not.....Why Congress and media is not asking that questions.... because they don't want to malign them, because they are known Modi baiters and sitting with Congress central govt now.....

  17. UPA regime is mulling a new scheme “Rajiv Gandhi Rahul Gandhi Bhashan Suno Yojana”, under which anyone who can sit through five minutes of Rahul Gandhi’s speech will be given Rs. 500 rupees and a voucher to have biryani at any restaurant of their choice. “It is a brilliant scheme that admirably combines the twin goals of poverty alleviation with Gandhi family marketing.

    1. I will not be surprised if they bring one such law.

    2. Hope they give free ear plugs too with the money and biryani!

  18. One more killer. Great going Ravi. One of the best things about reading your blog is like someone standing in the front and delivering the speech. Can't Thank You enough for all the hard work.

  19. Somehow i hv not grown up reading such plain talking on popular forums mostly print media .You are doing a great job even though some vested interests wd love to pass u as biased or desperate in expressions.But honestly sir i am impressed wd the clarity of ur expressions and bit of brevity as one comment suggested above wd make ur efforts more effective.Having retd last year from a senior govt post i am too timid in my thinking againt the establishment though ur couple of articles hv stirred me form the core .Personally i want mr Modi to take the reigns of this chaotic land called India Thanks --dr sharma

  20. ' both ABV and LK Advani have to share some blame for excessive sympathy for the Gandhi family' - this is cent percent correct. Actually ABV and LKA were representing the first generation people of independence who would blindly follow and adore Nehru. They could not think beyond Nehru. But time has changed. Now new generation is not afraid of thinking beyond Nehru family. In fact they realised until and unless get rid of the burden of Nehru `legacy' this country will not develop. That is why they are backing Modi who is representing their thoughts.

  21. Ravi - words fail to praise you and you make us fail everytime - pls accept my humble "great job".

    When NDA was in power, ABV should have taken Khanchris to task, starting with independence of temples from government control. Apart from focusing on Economy and nation building, BJP should have played it smart and taken First Family to cleaners because without them this Khanchris loses the mascot.

    Yesterday was talking to my friend, I am in my mid 30s and feel that it is quite possible that if Khanchris has its way for long, the country will see another partition in my lifetime (assuming it to be 65-70). We Hindus have to wake and counter all monotheists everytime and always

  22. Aadhaar can be a great idea if implemented properly. I am curious to know about the negatives of aadhaar that cannot be overcome with time.

    1. Aadhar can never be a great idea...!!! You cannot give your privacy to state. Tomorrow, banks implement retina and finger print scanner for your lockers and state would be authorized to open your account without your consent. No country collects finger prints data..!! Everything would be tracked.

  23. Although i agree that ABV & LKA could have acted against Nehru clan but that simply gives them chance to play victim aClassic example is Indira Gandhi's after after emergency. These fools must be ignored at best. Like namo did in case of media.
    They will self explode if kept out of power.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Congies are now in full destruction mode for entire country:

    1. Well, I read that article in HT. If at all such a bill or ordinance is passed would be quite detrimental to the Private sector. However, I have this suggestion to make to Pvt. sector HR / Management. In the event of such laws passed by Congis, the best way to circumvent it is - DON'T ADVERTISE your vacancies. Fill the vacancies through in house contacts or your own network. I guess, that would beat them in their own game - as there is no evidence of job vacancies in the first place.


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