Friday, November 8, 2013

Desperate Measures - Part 4

Lie like hell

We have seen in the previous part that India is more or less a “disguised dictatorship”. Democracy doesn’t course in the veins of the parties currently ruling it. If they don’t like democracy within their own party there is hardly any chance they are going to like it for you as the govt. You know, like the Twitter profiles that say “tweets are personal”. I guess they mean if “tweets were professional” they would be different. Liars will be liars, whether personal or professional. Sustaining a dictatorial regime requires frequent and large doses of LIES. It requires frequently creating distractions from real issues. It requires attracting the most corrupt and slavish people from the Establishment. This includes the bureaucrats, the law enforcers and also the propagandists. The propagandists who participate in such a dictatorial venture often call themselves journalists or editors. Collectively, they also help in the game of victimhood and fear-mongering.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Some Congress members in MP were stupid enough to demand that the EC cover Lotus flowers in ponds because the Lotus is the symbol of BJP. The Congress, of course, is the party of “educated” members like Shashi Tharoor, Jairam Ramesh, Salman Khurshid, Kapil Sibal, ManiShankar Aiyar and yes, Manmohan Singh too and most of all, Liar-in-Chief Digvijaya Singh. Who can deny that, eh? I don’t need to add that Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi too are impeccably educated. Not done with flowers the Congress in MP has officially complained to the EC against the use of ‘Diyas’ by the BJP in some posters or images. It seems ‘diyas’ are a communal symbol that appeals to religious sentiments. Except for one religious community, for all others a diya or a candle symbolises ‘light’ which means knowledge, enlightenment, remembrance, new beginnings or learning and truth. Those who live by lies hate truth. Naturally, they object to diyas. That’s how comic the canards are starting to become. Let’s lie!

Early in the day on October 27 (Hunkaar Rally of BJP in Patna) CNN-IBN was at its poisonous best. By now we know this is a hate-mongering ‘Mom & Pop’ store run by Numero Uno Rajdeep Sardesai and Category5Moron Sagarika Ghose. It’s interesting how they have co-opted Bhupendra Chaube, an otherwise decent anchor, into to their lying and hate-mongering. Chaubeji came up with a bizarre theory about the huge crowds at Modi’s Patna rally. He suggested that since the BJP team was the one beaming the images to TV channels the crowds were “simulated” to look large in numbers. He was suggesting Modi was using Hollywood FX techniques to show crowds of lakhs when it was just thousands. This is what the moron was implying:

This is not done during LIVE programmes. Modern movie techniques use a ‘GreenScreen’ which is later filled with images required in the sequence. These are hi-fi digital effects that aren’t easy to do during live shows. Considering he works in a studio and a channel which bungles and lies with “Look-Live” techniques it is appalling that Chaubeji doesn’t know of these simple facts. Because Modi’s rallies get huge crowds the TV channels invent these lies to provide ammunition to their favourite party, Congress. But it’s not in just one rally. Crowds have been pouring into Modi rallies in huge numbers at all rallies.

I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that this guy is getting the crowds that even movie stars and rockstars don’t get. In India the spiritual “Gurus” are the real rockstars if one were to go by crowds but even they don’t get the kind of crowds that Modi has been drawing. This is naturally bothering Congress, JDU, SP, NC and the rest. They are trying to dismiss this reality. Take Her Royal Bimboness Sagarika Ghose; for all her hate-filled rants against Modi when asked if she ever criticised something that’s wrong with Congress, this is what she pulled out:

To prove she is a fair C5M she digs up eight years to show she has criticised the Congress as much as the BJP. Then the Congress now wants to ban opinion polls. They offer the defence that the EC had proposed it and they simply express their agreement. Ever heard the word “engineering”? In what way is it the EC’s job to monitor propaganda or opinions? None! The EC’s job is to hold free and fair elections and ensure model codes are followed. In what way do opinion polls flout any codes? None! It is true that opinion polls are often fraudulent and mischievous but then most of the statements of politicians and political parties are equally fraudulent. This sabre rattling by the EC is engineered by none but the Congis who are receiving adverse feedback in such opinion polls. But is that the only reason for all the lie-mongering? Not really! It is Congress’s own internal survey that tells them they have hit rock bottom and that is what bothers them. The opinion polls just seem to magnify it. Read the dismal prospects that the party sees in its internal assessment (particularly a thrashing in UP and Andhra) in this Telegraph article.

Bibek Debroy provides a good answer to the stupidity of EC and Congress on opinion polls: “Do you remember a sting operation conducted in 2005? That showed some MPs accepting money for asking Parliamentary questions. Does that prove that the system of asking Parliamentary questions is bad and Parliamentary questions should be banned?” It is increasingly becoming comic. Let’s LIE about history.

When Modi announced a monument to Sardar Patel (proposed as the tallest statue in the world) the Congress was up in arms. ‘You are stealing Sardar from us’ they screamed. One can’t help laughing at these jokers. Modi further added insult by stating “If Sardar had been our first PM the nation would have been very different”. This is a debate that will always go on and nothing wrong with it. In my own assessment Nehru neither had the vision nor the foresight to run a company far less a nation. Events have proved that. But would Sardar have made a better PM? We will never know because Sardar died in just a few years after independence. But one thing is sure, it is quite possible that Congress and India may not have turned into a dynastic dictatorship had Sardar been the first PM. Of course, Nehru may have still become PM on his death. Predictably, the Congis started their emotional whining that they respected Sardar, things were fine between Nehru and Sardar blah blah. Awful truth is, neither Nehru had cordial relations with Sardar nor has the Congress ever given the man his due. The following report reveals a lot more:

The Pioneer reveals notes where Nehru called Sardar a “communalist”. By that token Sardar surely belongs to BJP rather than Congress. They claim Sardar banned the RSS but won’t like to mention that the same Sardar also removed the ban. In between, lies, lies and more lies about the history of Sardar. Truth: This Congress (I) meted out the same treatment to the memory of Sardar that Nehru did when he was alive. I’m not even going to discuss the stupidity of the late Bharat Ratna because in India such awards are political marketing and nothing else. I simply do not respect these awards. I do respect the recipients but consider these govt awards unnecessary.

There was that speech of Modi at the Patna rally where the serial blasts went off. It was an attempt to kill him. The media and the Congress washed away the incident as just another ‘chota-mata blasts’ as Sreenivasan Jain of NDTV would call it. We will deal with that in a later part. But all the Congis got together claiming Modi didn’t know history, that he mentioned Taxila was in Bihar wrongly, that he mentioned Alexander The Moron died near the Ganga or about Chandragupta Maurya dynasty. Shashi Tharoor, the happy-tongue hypocrite, commented “Modi is not a particularly well-educated man”. Oh well, we have seen what “educated” men like Tharoor, Jairam, Khurshid, MMS, MSAiyar and Sibal have done to this country. There are too many lies these Congis have peddled so I simply recommend you read this post at NitiCentral which explains all of it.

Jairam Ramesh even cries and whines with the old moth-eaten lines of “Modi is a Hitler”, it is the rise of the “Third Reich”. Even creative insults have gone for a toss; the Congis have hit rock bottom. But their comrades in the media continue to still be nostalgic about 2002 hoping desperately it will somehow reverse the trend. The Commie, N Ram, writes in an article titled, again,Narendra Modi and why 2002 cannot go away”: “He (Modi) has rhetorical skills, although nothing that approaches the heights of political oratory that Atal Bihari Vajpayee could attain at will, with practised effortlessness, over the decades”. This stupidity will pass as “educated” according to the likes of Tharoor and Khurshid for argument. Ram cleverly conceals the fact that Modi draws far bigger crowds than ABV.

Is there any relevance to N Ram’s nonsense? Are people going to Modi rallies to check if he’s a better orator than ABV? This is our media; brainless and stupid. This is an editor writing with nothing but contempt in his heart and not facts or logic. Sunetra Chaudhary relays the poor turnouts at Congress rallies. Why is that? Because RahulG is not handsome? Or because he doesn’t shave? N Ram would give you reasons like that. Why am I quoting Sunetra? She wrote long back “Why desi netas will never charm the English media”. So absolute nonsense from Tharoor, Khurshid, Jairam, MSAiyar, Sibal in “English” will be glorified by the MSM but sound logic and vision by a “desi” will be scorned. There is a reason why I call these guys “English Laloos”. Let’s LIE some more.

To the demand of additional security for Modi following the Patna blasts and attempted assassination, the Congress minister RPN Singh came up with a fantastic theory on why Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated for lack of security. As the Congress’ faithful parrot quotes him: “I want to tell the NDA (the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance) that Rajiv Gandhi wasn't given the security of even a sub-inspector when they were in power. Maybe that's why he lost his life" to which NDTV itself adds: The BJP-backed National Front government was in power when Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in 1991. Of course, the Congress liars NDTV would have altered the report by now because in 1991 the govt was headed by Chandra Shekhar with outside support from Congress itself. Now, it is not as if RPN Singh had made a faux pas as the MSM claimed. If it were so, he would have apologised. But these are deliberate lies let loose and let them have their run as far as it carries. The principle in the Congress as with media is LIE BIG, retract small. Anyone remember the Rambo lies?

That is only half the story. The foolish claim of RPN Singh of lack of security is FALSE. I have written before on this site that both IndiraG and RajivG did not follow security advices. IndiraG ignored advice on her personal guards and RajivG flouted security routines in as many as 40rallies. Who broke the security cordons and rules in Sriperumbudur where RajivG was killed? I tweeted the following from the page I have linked:
Far from being sober about the killings of former PMs who were Gandhis, the Congress has been using the deaths as emotional blackmail and mindless chest beating. RahulG went as far as claiming he is under threat and not afraid of dying. Such filmy dialogues and drama is what most of Congress electoral discourse is made up of. Given our history and current terror-threats there are many politicians who face threats. But only an idiot would deny that Modi is the biggest target in the country. He is a target not just for terrorists but as the Patna episode showed he does not enjoy any sympathy for having survived from his detractors or from hate-mongers in the media. 

The lying and smearing is not restricted to politics. Everyone who was every praised or associated with Modi has been smeared and tarred. Gen VK Singh, Anna Hazare, Ghulam Vastanvi and even Amitabh Bachchan. Next on the list is probably Lata Mangeshkar who endorsed Modi as PM. The I&B ministry has even issued an advisory in the manner in which the PM’s speech should be covered by media and not Modi’s speeches. Who does that? Only Fascists and Nazis do that! The emotional whining and “victimhood” doesn’t stop. The last we heard the Congress had decided to pull out of debates on opinion polls. A more honourable thing would be to pull out of politics if they cannot survive without lies and have to employ desperate measures.

To be continued


  1. Hi Ravinar,

    I think you need to carry on your blogs on Desperate measures as long as 2014 elections are declared, conducted and results announced. I would best put it as, till the Congress gets routed out of Indian Political Scenario.

    Thanks to Social media, which is still upholding free and fair speech and discussion. It is giving so much of ammunition and tools to Modi and his BJP party spokespersons to fight the incumbent rule of Congress and its allies. Congress and their spokespersons both are hiding, as they have lost the strength and courage to take on BJP.

    I think you should have a take on Aam Aadmi Party in your Desperate measures blog, as I find that they too are acting just like Mini Congress. I hope to read your thoughts on them too.

    1. @ venkat chal >>

      I think you should have a take on Aam Aadmi Party in your Desperate measures blog, as I find that they too are acting just like Mini Congress. I hope to read your thoughts on them too.

      To know more about Aam Aadmi Party, Kindly visit:

    2. @ramesh, well said. Aam Aadmi party is trying to cash on the desperation, anger of the people about the corrupt, anti national policies of congress. But it is also acting like a mini congress party. It seems congress might have created this party just to split the anti incumbency votes. There is film titled `Rangam' in Tamil and Telugu in which a young leader who pretends to be for clean and people oriented Govt tries to utilize the anger and sympathy of people to get into power. Aam Aadmi party is like that only.

  2. After Decembers Elections, the congress high command will move EC to ban Modi's face to be shown on TV and in Posters, as it reflects communal overtones. You may find it funny but let me ensure you that once SoniaG moves to EC, whether EC accepts it or not is a later part, Media Channels like NDTV will start blurring Modi's face in all its telecasts. Believe me.

  3. Another great article. I was absolutely stunned by N Ram's editorial in The Hindu. I don't get why he doesn't mention even once that the SC has given him a clean chit and has absolved him of any involvement. It just makes me cringe that such intellectuals want another term from UPA following which India will be successfully balkanised in the name of minority appeasement. Shame on such biased journalists

  4. >> Everyone who was every praised or associated with Modi has been smeared and tarred

    Now even Golman Sachs is not spared ! They became communal just today !

    1. Social Media and Internet turned communal sometime during Dec 2011, when Kapil Sibal decided to have Internet Censorship to protect religious sensitivities.

      He was in favor of bringing SONIA act - Social Network Investigation Act, in honor of Madame SG.

  5. All the four parts are excellent. Please post the links to the earlirler 3 articles at the beginning of this one. And post the link of all the earlier parts in all the subsequent articles that may follow.

  6. High time you got a SPG cover. Take care Ravinar

  7. Carry on Ravinar! Your missionary zeal is essential to keep these 'secular rogues' pinned. Your message needs to be echoed relentlessly to remind how fragile freedom is....

  8. Brillent Ravi, As you mention earlier in event of no actual achievement , congress will pull into silly discussion but I like Modi approach , he keeps MSM dogs and Congi dogs in busy and he is on his next move which Congi never able to predict. My only real concern is Sachin Tendulkar to go on camping with Papu, ST will be crowed puller

  9. nice one keep it up till CONgress is out of power

  10. There are three kinds of lies Quoted by Mark Twain. If he were alive, he would have quoted fourth and say - Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics and Congress/India MSM Speaks.. But then, he will be branded communal, internet Hindu, and other adjectives...

  11. Enjoy reading your posts, they keep my hopes alive. Unfortunately, the fact that you must remain incognito behind a curtain tells the state our country is in, with regards to free thought and uninhibited expression.

    Sadly in this country of ours the close to 4 and a half Million people that have visited and read your blogs are not the ones who decide it's destiny but the 100s of Millions of others outside your pages. You must think of having your writing translated into Hindi, either through automation or manually (better so there is no loss in translation), and ensure the rural folks also get access to your thoughts.

    All the best - Keep rocking!

    1. @Archer

      It is your assumption that I am incognito. This is the same mistake many media celebs make and hide behind such belief. I am known to hundreds of people who read this blog, including people in the media and closely connected to media. I also often address small groups by invitation who approach me through this blog. I do not trade gossip with them but I am also not a big secret to most people who know. I am as incognito to you as you are to me. We are all anonymous to people we dont know.

      As for your suggestion of translating... I have heard this many times and answered many times. I spare the time to write mostly on the English media. Im not sure most rural people watch these channels or read these newspapers. Mere translation and mass circulation does not serve any purpose.

    2. 1) 4 and half million visitors doesnot mean 4 and half milion people, may be 4 people each visited milion times and another one half a million times. [ Smile please].
      2) He presents the case forcefully and makes you believe in that, due to his command on English language. He may face constaint and the free flow of arguments will be hindered if forced to write in Hindi. The links are in English, the references are to English novels and English thinkers and he is exposing English MSM. Without those supports , the arguments in Hindi may fall flat and lose its punch. Let him continue
      3) The truth is that you have to fight your own battle and first step is to go out and vote out the hand "jo in English MSM ko paal raha hai" .. Nahi toh yeh sarra blogging bekaar

  12. Opinions are subject to change !

    Including opinions of political parties about " Opinion Polls "

    In the following cases , what were our opinions - before and after ?

    > Ordinance before Rahul Gandhi's Press Conference

    > Asaram Bapu before arrest

    > Rape Law after Nirbhaya

    > Kejriwal after Maulana meeting

    > Satyagraha before Gandhiji

    > RTI coverage of political parties before Supreme Court ruling

    > CBI before CAG audits

    > Lalu Yadav as Railway Minister and after Fodder Scam

    > Jan LokPal after Anna Hazare

    > Elections after T N Seshan / NOTA

    > Inflation after Onions

    > ASI after Unnao gold digging ....... etc

    We are all humans - not some computer algorithm.

    so , as we grow up and get influenced by people and events around us , we do change our opinions

    After each event , a new perspective emerges

    We learn to judge people in new perspective

    We also try to change other people and future outcome of events , by influencing them with our own opinions

    So what is wrong in both , Congress and BJP having changed their opinions about " Opinion Polls " over time ?

    Of Course , nothing !

    Only thing they won't admit ( at least , publicly ) , is :

    " At any point of time , the prevailing circumstances dictate our opinions .

    We reserve the right to modify our opinions from time to time , in order
    to suit the circumstances

    In politics , just as there are no permanent friends ( or enemies ), there
    are no permanent virtues ( or vices ) - nor permanent opinions !

    We are " Rational " people who must , for ever , consider what is in our
    best interest , at a point of time ( ala " Game Theory / Nash Equilibrium "
    of John Nash )

    End of the controversy !

    So be it !

    * hemen parekh ( 08 Nov 2013 )

  13. hi request to kindly change the font to more user friendly readable format - keep doing the good work

    1. I agree. It is indeed stressful to eyes. I usually scale the page over 100%

      May I suggest use of Verdana font. Or free fonts like Deja Vu fonts

  14. There are few things happened recently which i want to highlight
    1. Yesterday congress sent advisory to media houses for PM dignity but i believe it was more of threat for showing too much(as per congress) of Modi. Is this similar to going back to Emergency days?
    2. Affect of that advisory was that except for couple of channels no one did live telecast of yesterday's Modi rally and their was no discussion of Modi's speech. How low congress will fall?
    3. Could it be possible that Congress is working with IM or other terrorist to assassinate Modi? They are not increasing the security of Modi and giving all kind of excuses.
    I see that congress is very much afraid of Modi and would stoop to any level to stop Mr. Modi. May God bless him.

  15. Good one indeed, as usual! Just another point to kick on Congi's ass on how they neglected Sardar Patel. Google for Sardar Patel Centenary, and what do you see? "Centenary Upper Primary School near Sardar Patel Road ..."

    Why was there no centenary celebrations for Sardar Patel? IndiraG had imposed emergency... Do we have to say more? Forget Congress, how many rogues in the MSM even talk about this?

  16. I read N.Ram's article on the Hindu..he was trying to write an unbiased artilce but started with demonizing Modi using the riots.and in the end does not give any option on what is the alternative to a fence sitter..I know N.Ram is a known leftist..but ask them to announce the PM candidate and the whole idea of Third Front will vaporize in thin air..because every leader in the Third Front has a monster sized ego..
    On a side note if you search for "most corrupt party in the world" the first page in the wikipedia Congress is really insulting to an Indian to see that we are continuously electing such a government to run the country and then cribbing about lack of governance ..

  17. "most corrupt party in the world" the first page in the wikipedia Congress link... ha it a

  18. Lot of unresolved questions surround Rajiv Gandhi murder. List is endless. I am just quoting few.

    1. None of the TN congress leaders were even near him from the walk from car to the dais.
    2. Even third rung congress leader was not even hurt in the blast. Only police and public got killed.
    3. His family did not accompany him.
    4. TN congress committee members were in Chennai some 40 miles from the blast site attending a meeting, late night?
    5. Subramaniya Swamy of TN travelled from Chennai to Delhi when his boss was visiting Chennai from Delhi.
    6. Alliance party leader Jayalalitha and other party leaders did not accompany him for an election campaign meeting.
    7. Many calls were made by S Swamy, Quattrochi, Chandra Swami, TN Congress leaders and many foreign location on the very night. Before and after the blast. No follow ups were made on these calls by CBI.
    8. Priyanka Gandhi secretly meets those who were arrested for the murder in jail.
    9. The murderers were given safe location in Karnataka by Kar Congress leaders.

    Maybe LTTE killed him but who wanted him dead is a mystery.

    1. one more...sonia gandhi is financing nalini's daughter haritha education.

    2. I do remember having read in some regional newspapers, RG had decided to have a legal split with SG. He never wanted his personal decision to have a bearing on elections, so reserved it post 1991 elections. But nothing as such happened, as we all know that 1991 election rally at Sriperumbudur, TN was his last year.

  19. No one will waste a bullet for any one in the Congress today!! Only some congress idiot himself will do that hoping to get some sympathy wave. Sure, even that sympathy wave won't be there. It will only be a case of good riddance. Congress has become WORTHLESS.

  20. One thing that I cannot understand these days. Each time the opinion polls discussions take place, anchors keep saying that the 2 big parties cannot think that the fight is only between them. There are regional parties and Third Front, etc etc.

    How come they never question the so-called Third Front hopefuls like JDU, BJD, Trinamool, SP, BSP, etc as to how can they assure the country that if ever they form a government, it will be more stable and productive than the experiments of 1977, 1989 and 1996? With king/ queen sized egos all vying secretly for the top spot, isnt such a concept a failure from the word GO?

  21. Here is one solid example of ' disguised dictatorship ". Congress high command is considering to issue a ' pink slip ' to CM of AP. CMs of congress ruled states are never appointed by the party MLAs of the state. The high command dictates both appointment and removal. But they tom tom that they are a democratic party. Obnoxious.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. In the same way our media maroons behave, the day is not far off in hastening the process of Anti-USA since they have revised their stance about visa issue of Mr. Modi!!!


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