Sunday, October 27, 2013

Top 10 Groups That Fear NaMo The Most

There’s a golden rule in the Mafia: “Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut”. This is one reason why many mafia guys couldn’t be put away because no member would testify against each other. Still, when honest law officers started going after them they did manage to find some “rats” and offer them deals to testify against others. We have many mafias in India too; oil mafia, coal mafia, betting mafia, NGO mafia, political mafia, legal mafia and, of course, the media mafia. There might be some more. Thanks to all round corruption by govts and a mockery of law and judiciary. The last decade has seen a phenomenal growth of these mafias. Some of them have a reason to fear.

Rajdeep Sardesai screams his head off asking if Narendra Modi will be acceptable to Muslims. He continues to rage “Modi is hated and feared by Muslims”. All the titles Rajdeep has used for Modi or gladly allowed to be used on his channel; Maut ka saudagar, hero of hatred, Hitler, Butcher, Scorpion etc. are starting to haunt him. He’s not alone; there are others in other news outlets too. I am no pundit but the wind seems clearly blowing against their political masters; the Congress. Many of them fear NaMo being Prime Minister. It could end the life they knew so far. They could become an “average nobody” like you and me. It could be worse for some who may end up in prison.

So here are the Top 10 groups that I estimate fear the rise of NaMo to PM the most. This is not a prediction. This is an estimate based on an analysis of facts already in the public domain. In some of the groups it may be a few controlling individuals who may face the heat more than the group itself. There is no ranking, these are listed alphabetically.     

Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)

What does it say about the supposedly premier investigative organisation in the country when the highest court in the land calls it a “caged parrot”? There may be many officers in CBI who will feel happy if NaMo becomes PM. It’s the rogues and doormats who have the most to fear. Who will nail those rogues? It will probably be the good guys who will come forward to speak and testify. Along with them there will be “rats” who will testify against criminal officials who used fake testimonies and witnesses to witch-hunt their targets. The criminals among the officers are also those who let off other criminals either through political favours to their masters or monetary favours.

Congress Party:

No single political group has more to fear than this one. NaMo doesn’t appear to be stupid. I imagine he would have learned lessons from the Janata govt of 1977 who botched up the prosecution of IndiraG for the crimes of Emergency. He is also not going to be an appeaser like AB Vajpayee of the NDA and overlook crimes. However, it is unlikely he will hound any of the Congress “family” members and relatives and gently allow law to prevail. The disadvantage for Congress if NaMo becomes PM is that he never talks about fallen opponents. Thus, they may not generate any sympathy for themselves like IndiraG did. The fallen ones will have to do it for themselves. In particular, the life of the Gandhis which has been like “there is no law for us, we do what we want” may come to an end. I can’t predict what the extended family of Vadra will do but they have much to fear too. Sonia Gandhi will be spared but I don’t see any luck for RahulG. The added problem for Congress is that they don’t have any other leader worth the name. Not at the Centre, not at the State. Regional parties will score at their expense.


The term Establishment covers a very vast group of people who are usually the foot-soldiers of a govt. However, in this list we will limit our understanding of it to mean the ‘Babus’ and assorted ‘Top cops’. I have seen some of the men and women of this Establishment in action. Err... no, not at their offices but at other privileged places. Some of them sit around and gossip and constantly plot their next haul of the “loot” or “luxuries”. These are the criminals who delay files, manipulate files and even make files disappear. You know, like the ones in Coalgate or the CWG scam. The honest ones (who are rare) who are suffocating under the current Congress govt will be happy. The rest will find the life they knew is over.

Lobbyists/Power Brokers:

Niira Radia was probably the tip of the iceberg. Since lobbying is not legal in India these “pimps” parade as PR agents. Deals like Agusta Westland may not go the Bofors way. Deals like Jet-Etihad will come under renewed scrutiny. All the brokers may not face prosecution but their business will be dented in a big way. They will not go out of business either because no govt survives without these lobbyists. The visibly illegitimate deals will face a threat, including some brokers who are in the news media. The only difference between now and if NaMo becomes PM is that national interests will acquire priority and not private coffers.  


These criminals and their “useful idiots” face a grave threat if NaMo becomes PM. My estimate is most of the groups will be wiped out. It is essential. Under NaMo the govt may not pussy-foot on action against them. At best, there may be one last option for dialogue and that’s all. NaMo will perhaps not hesitate to use the full force of the Army all the might of the State to end this nuisance. Of course, the Maoist sympathisers will run all over crying “human rights” but it’s not going to deter NaMo. It has never been the case that the State doesn’t know who these groups are, where they operate, who their leaders are and how they get their weapons. The IB officers will certainly not be talking to some Pappu types in changed circumstances. The Maoists have survived only because of foreign funding, supply of weapons and exceptional sympathy of the Commies within India. Most of this menace will end.

News Media:

This group need not fear for survival and overall can expect prosperity. But there are definitely certain criminal elements that have been protected by the govt so far who will face the music. Collectively, the criminal elements in this group have hounded NaMo for over a decade but they can rest assured there will be no witch-hunt and no actions for “revenge”. The few things that will definitely happen are  new regulations on transparency in reporting, funding and such rules will come up. Ownership patterns of media outlets will have to be disclosed. Some media celebs who have so far lived the life of “power brokers” may have to find new avenues to earn their luxuries. Those involved in power-broking and lobbying will face prosecution as the SC has already taken up the case and CBI will not be allowed to issue “clean chits” without fair action. The life that some scumbags and scumbaginis lived in the last decade may be over. Some may even retire or leave the country. Expect some mergers and divorces too.


Without the slightest doubt a large number of spurious “businesses” under this category will wind up. Not just because of NaMo but changed govts usually dry up funding for many. It is quite possible that temples which were being looted by govts so far may benefit by a certain level of freedom to be managed by Apex bodies of Trusts rather than govt. The most worried of this lot would certainly be the missionaries funded by vested interests from abroad. They will be hit not only for stricter funding laws but some of the “religion-businesses” may suffer because NaMo may bring about an anti-conversion law that he has already enacted in Gujarat. There is a definite threat to operators like Teesta, Shabnam, Harsh Mandar and the like not only for sources and use of funds but also for certain other activities.  


Certain organisations in the public sector will have to shape up or get out to make way for new management. This is not only a fear that PSUs have but also an economic necessity. Air India may not continue to get the doles for non-performance. That Ratan Tata has already made statements showing willingness to take up Air India should be an indication. And people are aware what Ratan Tata thinks of Modi. Insurance and oil companies will be under greater scrutiny on their pricing and spending. The CEOs of PSUs who used their companies as “private yachts” will have to undergo some weight-reducing exercises. There are those who have funded “private parties” like the Hindustan Times Summit or the “Indian of the year” nonsense on some channels. These CEOs may be spending time in some rural areas doing some more constructive work. Reforms and disinvestment may return.

Scam-accused politicians:

This is a group that is not going to be “targeted” as such. Not one bit! Remember, after all NaMo too is a politician and no matter what, sharks don’t eat sharks (except Congress). However, those already in the dock and named in scams will be investigated and prosecuted faster. This is one group that should not only fear NaMo but this is a case where NaMo should fear people as well. If NaMo does not bring certain scam-accused politicians to justice it would be a major failure in the fight against corruption. The “go slow” agitation by CBI and other investigators will end and accused like Raja, Kanimozhi, Marans, Kalmadis and the whole gang will face justice faster. I guarantee, no matter what Manmohan Singh will not be prosecuted for Coalgate or any other scam although he may have fears. MMS will be allowed to lead a peaceful life as a former PM.

Terrorists & their sympathisers:

This is one group that has the most to fear NaMo. It is ironical to say that terrorists have “sympathisers” but it’s an unfortunate fact. The terrorists on the borders, especially J&K and some NE States, will have the most to fear because NaMo is almost certain to give the Army a completely free hand to deal with the menace. The other “verbal terrorists” who act as sympathisers may also fear NaMo because he may bring in new laws that will prevent the kind of speeches that Genocide Suzy and her types indulge in. The separatists in Kashmir will not be molly-coddled as they have been in the past. Men and women in the in the Anti-terror squads may find greater protection under new laws that safeguard them from wanton slandering and court cases. Cases already in the courts may see a faster closure one way or another.

That is that! I have always been fascinated by the Mafia and the Crooks since my school days. Their lifestyle, their codes, their oaths and their “ethics” have always impressed me. For instance, there is an ethical practice in the Mafia: They never kill their targets in front of wives or family members. They could never get Al Capone for murders; they got him for tax-evasion. Some of our Mafia members in the above groups may face a similar fate. While I remain fascinated, I do like and desire endings like these for the Wiseguys and the Crooks. And the narration of the Rat, Henry Hill, in the end scene of “Goodfellas” (a true story) says it all (2.30 mins):

For some members of the groups I’ve listed, the life they knew will be over. Some will disappear. Some will turn rats and receive mercy as State approvers. Many will become average nobodies like you and me. They will have to wait in lines like you and me. Some will end up in prison. But most of the crooks are guaranteed to live the life of a Schnook.

Disclaimer: This is a work of estimation and not to confused with “definite” prediction against any of the groups mentioned or individuals.


  1. Brilliant! And there are some insiders too who can be fit into one of these categories. Great. It is back to this place for pursue the agenda :-)

  2. Great !! This list ought to be forwarded to NaMo also. It will be easy for him to get to the crooks one by one (alphabetically, if he chooses to).

    1. He has already list with him..the only thing is ..he is waiting for time..& i dare to say these so called terrorist sympathisers would be finished soon..

  3. Superb analysis.
    Being shared in

  4. Brilliant analysis! Though I feel MMS should be prosecuted in coal scam so that no person in the future dares to be a pawn in Rahul's hand. But it may generate a "sympathy" which we gullible indians are prone to.

    1. I have a feeling, this is exactly what is #CorruptCongress gameplan. Atleast this may cause sympathy voting, a case of RaGa didn t know how MMS was corrupt etc kind of statements. In all cases, MMS is useless for Gandhs's. They will get to be the main opposition and get an entry into third front or keep BJP at bay during their tenure.

  5. Brilliant this is what we expect and hope he takes action the main reason why we are going to vote for him, also do not forget @bdutt she will already frightened

    1. SGD,
      @bdutt will purchase a Burqua and would be searching a place in "Jungle"...:)LOL!

  6. One good soothing article after so many frightening ones. Ah ah, I have started dreaming already.

  7. My only worry is WILL PRIYANKA RISE during his regime at all? what if she divorces Vadra?

    1. It seems she is all set to rise silently, specially, with pappu acting the way he is. Divorce drama could also be there to create the right atmosphere of sympathy etc.

    2. If she divorce Vadra, she will become Priyanka Gandhi and he will become Robber Vadra

    3. This was a possibility I thought would happen as there is history behind it. Indira Gandhi /practically lived separately and kept the dynasty going. that parallel is there to hold on to the dynasty title. I think it is not practical for Priyanka to be in public life under the current electoral laws and RTI rules etc as they have to be answerable to all sorts of public querries on Vadra,s assets. Indira Gandhi did not have to face those issues in those days. In practical sense as the family would be so much in need to keep its political future with in the family such a necessity would arise in course of time. Food for thought. But Vadra appears to be more smarter for the Gandhi family. He must have kept the family secrets in safe custody as an insurance policy. kg nayak

    4. I do not think priyanka will divorce vadra. That will be a public scandal. Vadra is more likely to get killed in an 'accident' so she can safely take on the surname of Gandhi again.

    5. When I look at all the comments above, I am like Damn!! People understand, know, and think in so many crooked ways. No wonder Congress has made us aware of all their crooked ways!

      Congress, you cannot continue hiding your negative side from people. 2014 elections are closing in.

    6. Amit sharma : itihas gawah hai :)

  8. It is such a joy to read your blog.Most of your predictions have come true and this latest one hits the nail on the head.We need you back.Whatever reasons you had to feel deeply hurt with NaMo has to be buried for the common cause of India.Without the powerful,thought provoking writings like yours,the cause will hurt..These crooks you have listed above had a cake and ate it too for a decade now.It must be stopped.YOU are the voice of the common ,voiceless people like me.Thank You Ravinar

  9. Awesome boss. i lot of the cosy understanding of 'I scratch your back you scratch mine will' will diminish. bottom line, all wrong doers are shit scared.

  10. Lets hope so.koi bhi bhookha nahi rahega,koi bhi banda gareeb nahi rahega :)

  11. Mediacrook reminded me of ONGC under NDA rule and UPA government. My dad is working in ONGC so naturally I use to track its performance with other oil companies like Reliance, IOC, HPCL etc.During NDA rule ONGC use to be at top among all Indian companies in fortunes 500 top companies in the world. At that time Subhir Raha use to be head of ONGC. But as soon as NDA lost the power UPA government let Reliance grow. I agree fault is also of ONGC employees also for being inefficient and opposing Raha. But I am sure as soon Modi will become PM of India honest person like Arun Shorie will bring back India's growth story.

    1. Very true. How systematically disinvestments have been done with Arun Shorie at the helm. Whatever disinvestments done with UPA govt in picture all went to rock bottom and especially last two years public just kept away and only LIC and SBI had to bail out the issues. It was only a transfer of funds from the Public financial institutes to to the Govt in the name of disinvestment of PSUs. Brilliant ideas of men like Chidambaram perhaps once again the darling FM of the MSMs kgnayak

  12. Namo will be doom for all insurgents and Maoists and foreign ideologies operating in India. NOW THATS CALLED BEING PATRIOTIC

  13. Congress is subsidiary of KGB - nehru said it all -- he said Soviet union is the future of civilisation and the world. Left parties align into congress for the same reason. Communism is foreign to soil. Hindutva is homegrown... hence more nationalistic and patriotic. Communism will give allegience to karlmarx germans, soviets, maoists ,,,,, hindutva will give allegeince to INDIA. PERIOD. Jairam should know this....
    What did congress do for last 50 years of rule..... and
    still crying malnutrition and still divisions within country and communities
    exist. what did congress do to wipe out differences between communities and
    religion within our borders. isnt it the patriotic duty to make sure that a sense
    of nationalism and patriotism rides on all citizens to make our country
    excellent and fore standing?? instead congress CHOSE to increase the divide by
    supplying quotas to certain sections of society and amplify the existing
    division within country. BJP says India should have only one religion - i.e
    INDIA FIRST absolutely necessary - given the fact that we were in forefront of
    creating so many religion of world. We dont need enlightment from outside
    sources for faith and belief. PERIOD. All sources of knowledge of politics and
    philosophy must originate invivo in our country. else there is every chance
    that some sections of society in our country will be used as pawn pieces by
    other nations that claim superiority of their faith having followers in our
    country. PERIOD. Classical examples: the Muslims of subcontinent treated as shit in Arabia
    Christians of india are second to European Christians. Commies of india are shitted by china
    like ideological bankruptcy of congress and left fronts..

  14. A small section of Sangh Parivar may be included. They may not exactly 'fear' as others. But their ego and pride will be hurt, if it is not already.

    1. Which sections are you talking about bro?

  15. In my own limited knowledge, I had thought of all the listed enemies, and have been feeling that NaMo can never make it and may even get killed. Because the listed groups are all deadly and poisonous, specially, the congress.

  16. Timely warning and very comprehensive list indeed.Compliments.May we can add following to the list of those "worriers"
    1."Aman Ki Asha " and other such peace enthusiasts with Pakistan.Since the youthful days of Mr Kuldip Nayyar, this profit making industry has spawned across continent.Its services may not be needed.
    2.Crony capitalists and government contractors enjoying regular patronage.
    3.Dalals for foreign arm suppliers
    4. Scholars indulging in phony research with government money- eg Ms Romila Thapar researching on Mehmood of Gazni and his "good intentions"
    5. Guys like William Dalrymple who have made India their home and established themselves as indispensable experts.
    6. All political leaders who are entrenched in Lutyen's Delhi and its bunglows - those who loose in elections will be asked to vacate ASAP
    7. Congress/UPA appointed governors .
    List can go on.As you said he will talk less and do more on these fronts.He is not the one to allow grass to grow under his feet.Congress will face the fate it has faced in Gujarat since 2002.It will have to forget about returning to power in 2019 and beyond.Reason why they don't want NaMo.Any one else will do.Not NaMo please!

    1. Aman Ki Asha is actually "Aman Ka Tamasha"...

  17. Very well put.
    all this looks like Modi's personal manifesto for 2014 election - do's and dont's

  18. The crony Lobbyists and Maoists need to be wiped out. Lobbying might be made legal though as there has to be someway t get your point across, to those in charge.
    I do hope boot lickers of the family read this.

  19. some of your articles you have mentioned the 1st amendment to US constitution which guarantees absolute free speech so while we wont get that I hope namo doesn't go with banning free speech. It would be rather better if all speech is allowed even scum like owasi and other terrorist lovers in the media . .let the dogs bark. . it just shows us who is what and gives is a chance expose them for what they are. . no banning of any speech is required.

    "The other “verbal terrorists” who act as sympathisers may also fear NaMo because he may bring in new laws that will prevent the kind of speeches that Genocide Suzy and her types indulge in."

  20. A wish list of commoners. Hope Namo wont let us down ! Above all the first thing the next elected govt should do is to do away with the NAC which has become a menace and is working like a think tank of Congress working committee and remotely as it is supposed to.

  21. I wish every word mentioned in this article becomes true for those identified organization... who have created a rot in the country.

  22. simply brilliant. MSM is all on the high pitch demanding what Modi plans are? Just this page is put as what Modi plans to do when he comes to power in may 2014 I bet who will not vote for him. The whole nation will rally behind him. If I understand correctly even the so called AAP in Delhi could be put in its place and BJP can get to power in Delhi state too. Yes on AP some political decisions to be taken. Telengana yes. But need not come into existence at the cost of so much bloodshed. Karnataka revival looks far away. The BJP does not appear to have any life here. The loss of credibility of BJP in last two two years is still having upperhand. So all for the good. I am already dreaming of may 2014 . Just imagine at the age of 73 if I feel so strong about the need for change why not the younger gen. After all the future is for them. people like ne will be there for a couple of years more. People like me are very perturbed to see the great fall the nation was pushed in to in last 9 years. and pray for the changes. kg nayak

  23. Great Respect for you Ravinar,
    You write "This is a group that is not going to be “targeted” as such. Not one bit! Remember, after all NaMo too is a politician and no matter what, sharks don’t eat sharks (except Congress). However, those already in the dock and named in scams will be investigated and prosecuted faster. This is one group that should not only fear NaMo but this is a case where NaMo should fear people as well. If NaMo does not bring certain scam-accused politicians to justice it would be a major failure in the fight against corruption".

    The above statement is a slap on people who have called you right wing BJP sympathizer and your unbiased assessment of NAMO is indeed laudable.
    It would be fulfillment of my dream if this happens but certain points from my side.
    Indeed, NAMO knows he cannot cut off the deceased part of his body since it is part of him. He will try to cure as much as possible, make the affected ones silently clean itself and the more stubborn ones eliminated like chemotherapy when they have no political heft left.
    He is more practical and not like Arvind Kejriwal whose rant makes good movies but not good politics.
    He will eliminate those groups where there is large consensus like the terrorists and maoists while going slow on the crony capitalists for the moment for they have the muscle to endanger his apple cart. He will rather provide better policies to let them comply constitutionally rather than off hand deals.
    Once the 2004 status-quo is reached, he will make every attempt to expand BJP to ensure smaller parties have no option but to support him and destroy the dreams of any third front.

    No matter what, muslims are not going to vote him (in large numbers) for the first time just as it happened after 2002, but I am sure he will cut through their vote too in large numbers, he will first target the non -sunni groups that is the shia ones (remember the shia clerics appreciative comments), although this group is not very influential, it will cut down the anti-muslim image and anti-modi rhetoric from the media and seculars. He will next target nationalist elements from muslims like Army men, Doctors,liberals and economically backward (Pasmandas) groups who didn't have representation as of now.

    He will ask the Indians (rest of them) to look upon muslims not as a seperate identity but an aspirational class. This will pressurize the muslim parties for better politics.
    The most important change would be cutting down evangelical NGO's for they remain the most potent threat to our country. Parallelly he will provide autonomy to Hindu temples which would reinvigorate not only Hindu traditions but turn into strong vote bank in itself thus containing the blatant venom spewed by the minority friendly liberals.
    The question though is are we that lucky as Indians, I really hope so. I have my doubts left lurking at the remote part of my mind as one cannot underestimate the stupidity of the Indian voters.

  24. After all NaMo too is a politician and no matter what, sharks don’t eat sharks (except Congress). Whethe people of state will allow politics of vindictiveness. Law order is state subject , whether state of Gujarat has such prescribed model . If he is talking of law of land , then why it is said in these election rhetoric that Of course, the Maoist sympathisers will run all over crying “human rights” but it’s not going to deter NaMo. Whether namo don't have in our constitution. Fundamental rights are human rights and if fundamental rights will be violated then apex court will interfere . After all Namo has not supported the appointment of anti-corruption ombudsman in the state of Gujarat since 10 years an anti-constitutional work.

    1. Here comes the misinformed (or agenda driven blogger),

      The Lokayukta bill was sat under by the Governor for four years and didn't seek consensus before appointing a lokayukta making gross violations of the constitutional processes.
      Namo once said "Acts are not the solution but Action is". If there is any better leader or a party which can compete congress across national level and win, then we all will support them. Alas we have to stick with a national party which is best suited to defeat the present establishment.
      If you conceive Congress and its rule is better than supposed "communal" rule of the BJP then God save you and don't crib tomorrow when prices start rising.

    2. Either you are misinformed or a blind Congress supporter. Read the following to kn ow the truth of Gujarat Lokayukta Issue. This does not include Supreme Court's strictures earlier this year against Gujarat Governor Kamla Beniwal for action against constitutional norms in appointing Justice Mehta as the Lokayukta.

  25. Very well written... I hope at least 50% of your predictions come true....

  26. I wait eagerly for your blogs and am an avid admirer of your writing and analysis. However, as much as I love to see NaMo in the PM's seat, the tone of this article assumes a Namo victory and is a bit premature. "Dilli abhi door hai". NaMo will be able to carry out his policies well only when he depends less on coalition parties. The lesser we take Namo's elevation for granted, the better. Complacency should be avoided at any cost, every Namo fan should work individually and as a team to ensure BJP's victory.

    1. Nowhere does the article make such an assumption. It says "IF" not "when". The theory is which groups fear the scenario the most and what they can expect. It is you reading what is not there.

  27. Dear Ravinar

    Splendid Article ......

    but tell me something What do u think

    Is he coming after the Railaaa that he did in Patna , What's your take.

    An Honest Answer Please.

  28. I believe the political winds of this country are slowly blowing towards NaMo. Congress and its chamchas have so polarized this country about NaMo that there is a real good chance hindus will unite under NaMo banner especially in hindi heartland if that happens then NaMo himself will cross 272 and based on what we saw in bihar yesterday still 7 months away from elections is encouraging.

    I agree with Ravinar that NaMo will not do anything directly to hound Gandhi family. Even if he lets law take its course, there is sufficient evidence produced by people like Subramanian Swamy against Sonia Gandhi for all the scams she has done like 2G, Coalgate and the black money she has abroad to the tune of 20 billion dollars looted over the last 10 years can be recovered. Vadra is also screwed for sure as the evidence against him is incriminating. If NaMo succeeds in recovering all the black money vested by congress party abroad their money power and spending power can be broken in the election after this one and with that congress party can be broken in to many pieces and make clown prince a nobody as Sonia might die of cancer soon. we can then make Gandhiji's dream of dissolving the congress party a reality

  29. Om. I do agree almost with ur views. It's true that Cong & it's allies (partners in mass loot/ corruption-so called political groups/gangs, media and many of mafia groups-MNCs, drug mafia, medi-mafia who r against the movement of Yog Rishi) have the fear of death penalty. They never want to see Baba ji & Modiji. They may go to any extent.

  30. "जय गुरु देव" पटना की ऐतिहासिक “हुंकार रैली” में ७ सीरियल ब्लास्ट्स मोदी जी को जान से मरने की साजिश ! चुल्लू भर पानी में डूब मरे केंद्र व् बिहार की देश द्रोहियों की कथित सरकारें! साजिशों में खान्ग्रेस व् खान्ग्रेसी एजेंट(दलाल) नितीश का हाथ/साथ.मोदी जी द्वारा भोंदू / पप्पू को अपने भाषणों में शहजादा कहे जाने पे देशद्रोहियों ने मोदी जी को २ दिन में चुप कराने की धमकी दी थी, तभी अहसास ही नहीं पूर्ण विश्वास हो गया था कि मोदी जी के खिलाफ कोई बड़ी साजिश (जान से मरने क़ी) रची जा रही . जैसा कि पटना में मानव बम मिलने क़ी पुष्टि हुई है. हम तो हमशा से कहते रहे हैं कि ये खान्ग्रेस कोई राजनितिक दल/ पार्टी नहीं है ये तो देशद्रोही, लुटेरे, अपराधियों, आतंकवादियों, बलात्कारियों का गिरोह है. इसीलिए बापू जी (गाँधी महात्मा), लोहिया व् जयप्रकाश जी ने खान्ग्रेस मुक्त भारत बनाने का अभियान चलाया था. अब तो आम खास सभी देशवासियों को भारत माता की सौगंध दिलाना चाहूँगा कि वे २०१४ के लोक सभा चुनावों में खान्ग्रेस मुक्त भारत बनाने हेतु मोदी जी को ऐसा वोट करें कि खान्ग्रेस व् उसके दलाल/ समर्थक /पार्टनर गिरोहों को एक भी सीट की बोहनी न हो. "वन्देमातरम" "वन्दे-गो-मातरम" ----- स्वदेशी क्रांतिवीर

  31. "जय गुरु देव" चोर, देशद्रोही, लुटेरे, पापी, बलात्कारी खान्ग्रेसी व् उनके सहयोगी /पार्टनर्स दुसरे छोटे -मोटे क्षेत्रीय गिरोह (सपा, बसपा, एनसीपी, NC , DMK , JDU आदि) मोदीजी से डरते हैं कि मोदीजी प्रधान मंत्री बनने पे लुटेरे पापिओं को माफ़ नहीं करेंगें उनके खिलाफ फ़ास्ट ट्रैक कोर्ट्स चलाकर उन्हें जेल भेज देंगें फिर उनके द्वारा लुटे धन की ब्याज सहित रिकवरी कराकर उन्हें सजाये मौत देकर ही दम लेंगें! इस भारत माता के शेर भाई मोदी जी में पापिओं को अपनी सीधे मौत दिखाई देती है इसलिए वे उनके खून के प्यास हो गए हैं और उनको मरने हेतु पटना की हुंकार रैली में मोदीजी को मारने हेतु मानव बम भेजे थे लेकिन प्रभु -परमेश्वर ने उनकी रक्षा की. खान्ग्रेस मुक्त भारत बनाने एवं अमन व् विकास के लिए मोदी जी को वोट दें ! "वन्देमातरम". "वन्दे-गो-मातरम". -----स्वदेशी क्रांतिवीर

  32. Shloka Yada Yadahi Dharmasya

    "Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya

    Glanirva Bhavathi Bharatha,

    Abhyuthanam Adharmaysya

    Tadatmanam Srijami Aham'.

    Bhagavad Gita (Chapter IV-7)

    "Whenever there is decay

    of righteousness O! Bharatha

    And a rise of unrighteousness

    then I manifest Myself!"

    Praritranaya Sadhunam

    Vinashaya Cha Dushkritam


    Sambhavami Yuge-Yuge."

    Bhagavat Gita (Chapter IV-8)

    "For the protection of the good,

    for the destruc­tion of the wicked and

    for the establishment of righteousness,

    I am born in every age."

  33. 'Average nobody' - worth identifying with! Fantastic dear crook, you rock in Ur analysis.

  34. Fantabulous..!!!

    You have shown us a glimpse of RaamRajya.. !! Thanks buddy. !!

  35. "We have many mafias in India too; oil mafia, coal mafia, betting mafia, NGO mafia, political mafia, legal mafia and, of course, the media mafia" - filthiest, ugliest, most cruel, most harmful of them all is 'legal mafia'. actually it is a trio('Tirki') - the law makers(criminal MPs and MLAs linked with unscrupulous businessmen and women), the interpreters (totally incompetent and biased judges, from district court to supreme court) and police. how dangerous this trio and how they have ruined our society and nation is just beyond imagination. i am eagerly waiting to see how, if NaMo comes, changes the course, which is flowing since late '40s

  36. As usual, very well written. But, I want to throw a question. Let me clarify initially itself that I want NaMo to become PM with as much intensity as many other readers here and other hard core supporters elsewhere. I firmly believe that darkness in various spheres engulfing our country [contributed by the enlisted groups in the article] can be dispelled at best by NaMo and NaMo only.

    The question is whether NaMo's model [India First and no religion based appeasement] is in line with the ideology of having HindurAshtra - which is dear to many Hindu Nationalists.Recent comment by NaMo repeating Jairam Ramesh's statement that building toilets is important than Temples for our nation [something of that sort] demonstrates clearly the NaMo model. It would have hurt all Hindu Nationalists and perhaps even our beloved Ravinar - just my personal guess - as according to them, it was absolutely unnecessary to bring in the issue of Temples in that context. Everybody will agree that sanitation etc is of very high priority for our country. But NaMo wanted to make a point about his model, by stating something as strong as this. I vaguely remember reading somewhere - NaMo first said that his image does not permit him to say so, but still would like to say - toilets ....

    I will add some of my observations. NaMo instantly became darling of many Hindu Nationalists and infact even generic Hindus in my locality [Chennai] and elsewhere after 2002 post godhra riots. All these people thought Muslims were rightly so taught a lesson by Modi by giving a free run to the enraged Hindus. This is not the fist instance that Muslim Mob made calculated assaults [like Godhra train massacre] etc. So they all thought that Enough is Enough with we mostly ending up in the receiving end - Good that Muslims were repaid in the same way - but we all are unable to do it or rather will not dare to do it though we will talk sky high about these things - atleast those capable were allowed to have free run by Modi.

    Even now, I guess many of these people feel that NaMo if becomes PM will ensure pride of Hindus be back in place and Muslims will be made to be in alignment with the majority [Hindus First Model, it is infact]- no special favours etc and will be made to realise that their ancestors were anyway Hindus who were forcibly converted - so that there is harmony and there won't be jihad against us. As per Dr.Subramanian Swamy, any Muslim feeling otherwise is an anti-national and should be thrown out of the country and they can live in some Islamic State - otherwise the communal harmony will always be under threat - Muslims wherever they are sizable in number would ensure that the land becomes an Islamic State - thats the history and thats what is jihad all about.

    [ end - part 1/3]

  37. Now, my point is that, in the contrary, NaMo did exactly the opposite in the post godhra riots episode. He made all out efforts to bring things under control in the shortest time span possible - He took on the furious Hindus and shoot at sight order was given - many Hindus were gunned down. Infact, NaMo was perhaps the only CM who had such guts to deal with communally hyper sensitive issues. SIT report etc clearly proves that NaMo infact should be credited for his best possible swift actions at that juncture to control the riots and can never be faulted. This can be fine - allright!
    Its not asthough all Hindu Nationalists want the Muslims be massacred in a tit for tat fashion. But, the point is - it is the NaMo model - India First (Gujarat First at that instance) - Even the Hindus (with perhaps justified anger ?) were not sparred. There is no special favour for Hindus. Muslims were also rioting simultaneously in the post godhra episode. Its not as though they were given a free run. It was just beyond control.

    Secondly, in Gujarat, Muslims are prospering not just by the development model in total - but also in NaMo taking up and implementing projects that will benefit primarily Muslims - one can refer Madhu Kishwar's Modi Nama series - ie. NaMo does not run down certain projects just because it will primarily benefit large section of Muslims. Thats his Model - India First [ ie.Gujarat First as CM]. Also, I read somewhere that Madrassas etc [breeding grounds propagating jihad ?] are being very well run in Gujarat. Infact, even Muslim Clerics are happy with the work of NaMo in Gujarat - not just for overall development - but perhaps on account of prosperity in their religious developmental activities. This is similar to how Hindus are allowed to carry on their religious activities.

    So, to summarise, Hindus are not going to be treated specially - they will be treated like any other citizen - say a Muslim. Muslims will also really prosper. Has NaMo taken any step in Gujarat to reduce or wipe out the hate sermons by Muslim Clerics etal in Mosques, Madrassas etc Or that nothing of that sort happens in Gujarat ? [Not that every mosque and every madrassa preaches jihad ! - Am I right or wrong here ?] [[informed readers can throw light on this] . Ofcourse, NaMo will take strong action on terrorist outfits - Islamic Jihadists - not because they are anti-hindus and hence to be cut down - but because India First - any sort of terrorism can't be tolerated - period. Will NaMo take steps to ensure that Muslims are made to align with the majority - as Hindu Nationalists desire ? Any step so far taken in Gujarat regarding this ?

    [end of part 2/3]

  38. Also, I am not branding all people of other religious communities as only hate mongers, anti hindus etc - Nobody has any issue with those who are for communal harmony and those who don't propagate hatred etc.

    Perhaps Hindu Nationalists feel that, getting rid of congress [which not only appeases muslims and christians - but also helps them in their divisive agendas] is by itself a great relief for Hindus even if NaMo will be neutral in his governance with respect to Hindus and Muslims. Will their hindu rAshtra remain only a dream ? Is NaMo's India First Model, the right model, or the model should then pave the way for Hindus First Model after some years ?

    Personally, I will support NaMo for PM, even if he had given free run to Hindus in the post godhra riots (thats distant past and it is not a repeating occurance - in the contrary, Gujarat has witnessed riot free decade for the first time in a considerable long history) - He is the Man of the Hour - He can only steady the sinking ship viz. India.

    I will be happy if Ravinar can share his thoughts on this, and ofcourse by others as well. I may not have articulated some points that well - But, I hope the crux is understandable.

    Also, I am fine with both India First Model and Hindus First Model - we hindus never see other religions with hatred and we don't desire to eradicate other religions. We have been secular and have accommodated all sorts of religious groups. So, I feel that there won't be anything to crib about for the minorities even if we have Hindus First Model - the needs of minorities anyway will be well taken care off. Is my understanding right ?

    But, with fast growing Islamic Jihadi operations and mass conversion programs etc of the christians [as evident from Breaking India etc], is Hindus First Model the need of the hour , in the interest of Hindus ? - so that it puts all checks in place quickly for communal harmony, Or even under India First Model, by special mechanisms, sinister designs of other religious groups who desire the downfall of Hindus be arrested ? But, what you can expect from NaMo is only India First Model - Is my understanding correct and Is that fine ?

    [end of part 3/3]

    1. Modi is aware and its only a matter of time that he will reign in the Foreign Funds flowing into India via Wahabi Funds and Joshua Projects.

      As of now, he is not biting more than he can chew. He is just waiting for elections in 2014 to get over to put him in right place for action.


  39. Yes, a great article. It is difficult to prioritise as to who should go first.
    All the rogues and mafia gangs must be simultaneously cleaned up and swept away.

    Modi should also, immediately on assuming power, disband all the committees, consultancies, advisers and their vested interests, so that hundreds of government flats, houses and bungalows will be cleared of their illegal occupants and parasites.

  40. he might bring in a no nonsense governance hopefully. but i have often seen many right wing commentators and ideologues ith the idea that, maoism and terrorism is in india only because the army is handicapped . such assymetrical warfare needs spec op groups, gaining confidence of the impoverished at the site, and high level of intelligence especially HUMINT. this nonsense of running the army there is some video game vision of fighting the crazies. also i dont think he can actually bring a law restricting arundhati types freedom of speech, though he might be able to garner public opinion against them. though i'm not a hindutva supporter , i sincerely hope he does that

  41. 'Good Fellas'! What a comparison! Very Apt,Very timely.Problem is there are too many 'assumed Schnooks' who may end up finally as 'real Schnooks' !!
    2014 'Good Bye Fellas' !!

  42. What are the choice in front of Varadhabhai?
    1. NDTV like Sekar Gupta?
    2. Join Sanjay Jha at Congress?
    3. Join CPM?
    What is your guess?

  43. I read somewhere that Chanakya used to give little poison to Chandragupta Maurya everyday, so that he can get immune to poison and fight his conspirator. and same as Modi, he made himself so strong and witty in last 10 years that he know well before the move of opposition. If someone feel that he he is weak, he is mistaken him. Only thing is people near you will make or break you like Rahul (Diggi, Sanjay and Company)

  44. Dear Ravinar

    Brilliant analysis and great forward thinking. I wish this prophesy comes true and I started living in Modi's era to witness all these. I want to see Mother India relieved out of the corrupt lot of the so called politicians sooner with Modu at the helm of affairs. Jai Hind.

  45. I wish their fear come true and Modi after becoming PM, a proper treatment to all of them. One of the main reason for me to vote Modi is that I expect Modi to act upon these groups.

  46. VIRUS element DMK should be wiped out by hastening the process of convicting A.Raja and Kanimozi !!!! If mani is convicted it is the end of DMK!!!!

  47. After becoming PM, Modi's 1st job will be to finish up the Narmada dam.

  48. Another master piece Ravinar sir. You are doing amazing job.

  49. As I am late to fall in this blog, my only comment is that, in election time this list should go public and translated in vernacular language so people know why all above groups are against Modi. So it exposes the purpose of opposition to Modi.

  50. Every Indians must read it.... Kudos to you ravi. Great analisys.

  51. After this election you can't claim your self as NOBODY dear Ravi sir .
    you taught us that there are not only two sides of any story like others claimed .
    actually there are three sides--
    your version , my version and THE TRUTH.
    you showed us THE TRUTH.
    thanks a lot and salute!!!!

  52. Amen !!! Waiting for the day when they'll become nobodies, will stand in lines & some will end up in prison. A 'to-do' list of tasks cut out for NaMo.Hope he doesn't show magnanimity.

  53. Scary List! The new government will need to have a full time team to deal with this.

  54. Dear Ravi,

    In the next few weeks we will see real action from NAMO to weed out the corrupts and keep up his commitments to the nation.

  55. Now I'm reading, nothing much has changed, may be its our destiny that we stay doomed


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