Saturday, October 19, 2013

Commie Media's Anti-Hindu Poison - Part 3

(Read Part-1 and Part-2 if you haven’t already)

The Catch-22 of Salma and Sabrina!

What we say is the truth. What you’ve got is fiction. Period! You can bring all the proofs in the world. Trash! You can pile a mountain of evidence. Trash! Salma says it, Sabrina corroborates it. That’s what counts. If Salma doesn’t get you, Sabrina will.

Strategic Forecasting Inc. (Stratfor) is a global strategic intelligence forecast company. What do they do? Err… They’re somewhat like the weatherman; the IMD, who forecast cyclones, sunny weather, rains and gloom. Stratfor does the same in the domain of geo-politics, economics, emerging markets and so on. But they aren’t limited to that as this Wikileaks release tells us:

Stratfor also appears to share information with CIA and other similar bodies. That must be their revenue model. Who is their contact or points-man in India? The self-righteous Shekhar Gupta, reveals Wikileaks. If everything about Stratfor was above board why is it that no bio of ShekharG ever reveals his connection with them? The concern about Stratfor in this post is basically what they wrote recently in an article called “India’s tryst with destiny”. The article is about the upcoming general elections and how it might dramatically alter India’s future course. Nothing very unusual really, except this part:

Most readers would miss the trickery but nestled in the middle of a lot of words are LIES that have been discredited over and over again and an “intelligence” outfit like Stratfor is writing this in 2013. The concoction of 2000 Muslims killed and 400 rapes is the handiwork of many Commies like Teesta Setalvad, Arundhati Roy, Shabnam Hashmi, Javed Akhtar, CPM, Congress and, of course, champion liars like NDTV and CNN-IBN and other channels. I would call it a “collective community” effort. Sometimes there have been panellists who have quoted figures of anywhere between 2000 and 5000 and our news anchors have allowed such nonsense to pass in the garb of “balanced debate”. The number of people who have enriched themselves and amassed huge wealth over the dead bodies of Gujarat will be difficult to count.

Simple truth is, some Commie group starts off with the lie and all others play the jungle drums tom-toming and before you know it, it’s massive propaganda that takes a very long time to dispel. Sometimes almost impossible to dispel! It’s like “Nero fiddled…” when actually the fiddle wasn’t invented till 500 years after Nero’s death. It’s like Hindi is the only “national language” when it is not. It’s like Nehru was a “total democrat” when most of his actions prove to the contrary. It’s like Congress “respects courts” when it’s the only party that consistently negated Court decisions or completely disrespected it.

Imagine this: If I were to ask Stratfor where they got the 2000 and 400 number from I guess they’d tell me “from The Hindu”. Ask The Hindu they’d say from NDTV. Ask NDTV they’d say from Teesta. Ask Teesta she’ll say from Shabnam Hashmi. Ask Shabbo she’ll say from Genocide Suzy. Ask Suzy she’ll say from Barkha Dutt. Ask Barkha she’ll say from Rajdeep Sardesai. Ask Rajdeep he will say it was in The Hindu report. Ask The Hindu... Oops! There, your cycle is complete! There isn’t one single authentic valid source for the figures. It’s like Sagarika Ghose saying the Dilkush Nagar blasts in Hyderabad were in an area full of meat shops. Ask Sagarika’s friend where she got this piece of information; she’ll say “I read it in Sagarika’s tweet”. This is an incestuous club that quotes each other’s lies with no authentic figures from any source. There’s no escape. It wasn’t very different in the on-going Ram Janmabhoomi case.

Read this examination of the Allahabad HC judgement on RJB by Prof. R.Vaidyanathan. When confronted with the fact that none of the “eminent distortians” really had any evidence of the property having been a mosque from the start they all make you laugh with what they quote as evidence (excerpts): “Suvira Jaiswal says: “Whatever knowledge I gained with respect to the disputed site is based on newspaper reports or what others told.” She also confessed that she “prepared a report on the Babri dispute after reading newspaper reports and on the basis of discussion with my medieval history expert in my department”… Archaeologist Shereen Ratnagar admitted she did not have any “field” experience as far as Babri was concerned and had written an “introduction” to the book of another “expert” who deposed before the court, namely Prof D Mandal… Suraj Bhan was providing evidence based on medieval history but another expert of Muslim parties, namely Shireen Musavi, says that Bhan is an archeologists and not a historian”.

It gets hilarious as you go along. But it’s no laughing matter. This is how the Commies consistently spread lies without reliable, authentic data and conveniently distort the truth. If you challenge them they will resort to ad hominem attacks (like the moron who told Smriti Irani she was a TV show dancer) which have nothing to do with the topic of the debate. Do read the whole article of Prof. Vaidyanathan so you understand how Commies spread lies and claim evidence based on nothing but each other’s ass. So it goes on and on. The other aspect of the Commie media which I have repeatedly emphasised is ‘LIE BIG, retract small’. Most people will remember the Swami Nityananda case where he has been accused of raping, molestation and some more. Whatever the charges, someday a court will deliver the verdict. So let’s leave that part to the courts. But using soft-porn, channels Aaj Tak of the India Today group and Star Vijay grandly carried a fake video of an actress in compromising positions with Nityananda and aired it over and over again. A complaint to the Broadcasting Content Complaints Council got an investigation going and established the actress’s image was morphed. India Today issued an apology in September 2013.

The image of India Today’s apology is on the left (you may have to enlarge it to read the whole text). You can also read the directions given by the BCCC to StarVijay. The BCCC notes: “Firstly, it is clear that the channel did not exercise any caution whatsoever in telecasting the said episode without confirming the authenticity of the clippings… Further, even the contention of the channel that the said Programme was telecast for creating awareness amongst public is to be believed, then where was the need for constantly making references to the complainant and also repeatedly showing her completely unconnected videos from public life?" Well, I will tell you what the BCCC won’t tell you about the need to telecast the fake video and the need to tar the complainant. It is simply because the issue was connected to a man wearing “saffron”. If the video had actually been genuine but had it been connected to a Mullah or a Christian priest, nobody would have ever heard of the video. The length to which the Commie channels will go to tar someone in “saffron” is by now well established. Anything that moves in saffron is game for them.

The other thing is to air the fake video a million times at prime time and then merely apologise in scrolls at odd hours of off-peak viewership. LIE BIG, retract small. The character-assassination will be seen by a million people but the apology would be seen only by the observant ones. This is a regular feature of criminal Commie anti-Hindu poison. These aren’t stray instances either. I doubt anyone has forgotten the classic case of “Sack Sagarika” where she and her crooks in CNN-IBN tried to tar SriSri Ravishankar in a manipulated “fake live” programme and later claimed it was a “bug”. Not just that, she even had the audacity to claim later that people were slamming her on this account because she is a woman. Commit a crime, play victim.

Here’s another trick. When things start going badly for the Commies they will put out something from history, ancient or of 50 years ago, and throw it at you to confound you. The southern bastion of Commie writings “The Hindu” suddenly pulled up the issue of RSS being bailed out by the Nehru govt suggesting it was on certain pre-conditions. What exactly is the context or relevance? Nothing! Varadabhai’s objective is simple: Put “a Spaniard in the works” and create a distraction which has some people talking about it. Why suddenly RSS? Because parties opposed to BJP claim Modi’s choice as PM candidate was dictated by RSS. Oh let’s not forget RSS works to protect Hindu interests so it is obviously “EVIL”. Let’s agree; anything Hindu is evil! So, to the campaign that has already been tarring Modi for over a decade let’s add another one. Let’s tar and discredit RSS, again. So cobble together some nonsense from history and peddle it.

That’s what some Vidya Subrahmaniam of The Hindu did recently. The simple premise of what VidyaS is saying is that a ban on RSS was removed (ban was after MK Gandhi’s killing) because they undertook to remain out of politics and to write a Constitution for their organisation. And because they had given such an undertaking, according to VidyaS, they have broken that promise in 2013 by backing Modi as PM candidate or politicking to get him there. Whatever her mighty grievance is.  

Alright, so S. Gurumurthy is allowed to write a rebuttal in The Hindu where he asserts that the lifting on the ban was “unconditional”. (Links to both articles are available in Gurumurthy’s response). There was no reason for VidyaS to raise muck. For the simple fact is that as of now RSS is free to enter politics. RSS is also free to alter its Constitution the way it wants as long as it is within the law. That should have legally been the position always. That’s what matters. So Gurumurthy writes: “In a written statement to the Bombay Legislative Assembly on September 14, 1949 (Proceedings p2126) the Home Minister Morarji Desai admitted that the ban on RSS was no longer considered necessary; it was lifted unconditionally; and the RSS gave no undertaking. If no undertaking was indeed given in 1949, where is the question of reneging on it in 2013”? If indeed it is asserted by Morarji Desai, as Home Minister, and recorded in the proceedings then that would be an authentic record. But that’s where Salma and Sabrina come in again.

Annoyed that her mindless raking up of a currently inconsequential issue to tar RSS and Modi has met with a strong rebuttal, VidyaS then puts up evidence that back her claims. This evidence is to prove that the RSS ban was indeed lifted on certain pre-conditions set by Sardar Patel and the Nehru govt (readhere). For the benefit of all mankind here is the evidence she presents:

I believe if you read the evidence VidyaS has provided you’ll be convinced about her claims. There’s just one problem; this is Salma quoting Sabrina. You see, this is what the Commies practice as providing evidence. Even Tehelka has started a unique practice. Tehelka interviews their editor Shoma Chaudhury and reports her quotes as headlines. Shoma interviews her sidekick Rana Ayyub and Tehelka reports it as headlines. Rana Ayyub quotes her own article and Tehelka reports it as news. Voila! Salma and Sabrina do it all by themselves without any help. Stratfor did it. The RJB commies did it. So VidyaS too does a Salma by quoting clippings from her own Sabrina (The Hindu) as evidence for her claims. Much as this matter itself is absolutely irrelevant for the present times, even in such a case the Commie quotes itself as solid evidence. Basic journalistic propriety requires that you quote at least one third party or an official gazette or govt record as evidence. Nothing!

It’s like I call you a thief and you ask me for evidence. And what’s the evidence? I point you to my blog dated February 31, 2010 where I have called you a thief earlier. So you refer to my blog of February 31 and ask for evidence for that charge. I tell you it’s an old charge which hasn’t been disproved (even if I never provided evidence the first time around). There’s no escape. It’s the problem Capt. John Yossarian faces in “Catch-22”. He is sick and desperate to get out of the foreign airbase. The only way one can do it is by establishing he is mentally crazy and insane but there’s a catch. This is best demonstrated by this little conversation between Yossarian and Doc Dhaneeka from the famous story and movie:

Yossarian: Is Orr crazy?
Doc Daneeka: Of course he is. He has to be crazy to keep flying after all his close calls he's had.
Yossarian: Why can't you ground him?
Doc Daneeka: I can, but first he has to ask me.
Yossarian: That's all he's gotta do to be grounded?
Doc Daneeka: That's all.
Yossarian: Then you can ground him?
Doc Daneeka: No. Then I cannot ground him.
Yossarian: Aah!
Doc Daneeka: There's a CATCH!
Yossarian: A catch?
Doc Daneeka: Sure. Catch-22. Anyone who wants to get out of combat isn't really crazy, so I can't ground him.
Yossarian: Ok, let me see if I've got this straight. In order to be grounded, I've got to be crazy. And I must be crazy to keep flying. But if I ask to be grounded, that means I'm not crazy anymore, and I have to keep flying.
Doc Daneeka: You got it, that's Catch-22.
Yossarian: Whoo... That's some catch, that Catch-22.
Doc Daneeka: It's the best there is.

So you can present all the evidence in the world but it’s not acceptable. They present the words and quotes from each other and that constitutes evidence. If the right hook doesn’t get you the left one will. If Salma doesn’t get you, Sabrina will.

To be continued


  1. For a moment, even I thought the proof of VidyaS is genuine. Wow! WTF trickery! Bloody commies. Sometimes I wonder how is that we cannot counter them in their own game. May be thats the difference between us and them.

    1. They are organized and we are not, and that the difference

    2. I really believed Vidya did provide proof. My goodness I agree they are indeed too clever for us the simple people

    3. They are too clever to hide their stupidity...

      You appreciate some one's laziness, boost anyone's ego without reason, they will listen to you...continue doing the same for a while they will follow you...thats the natural trend of an avg thinking man and thats what commies have reaped.

    4. The sickularist, the commie, the 'rationalist' and all of such ilk are basically opportunistic cunning tricksters! They have their bias - that they wear on their sleeves - the ideological bias which fetches them their daily crumbs! Now, they will do anything to keep their distorted (and yet consistently evolving) lies from falling flat!

      On the other hand, most hindus, Indians and most readers of "The Hindu" are the naive ones - being just, not very passionate or emotional, goody goody and looking out the glossy norms of a simpler society. They have been so brain-washed into believing all these lies and given that they are a bit lazy in not reading up alternative views or seeking to really know the truth, they resist many such attempts like Ravinar's or Prof Vaidyanathan's to see through the trickery and lies!

      I have many of my family folks in chennai who swear by the Hindu - and yet would be leading a very quixotic conservative traditional life (of habits)! Point them to these fallacies (which I have been doing for decades) and they ask a very valid question - we want stuff like what HIndu does (science and technology or possibly business reporting but perhaps not those warped out ideologically) but give us the alternative media publications.... Ravinar, there is an urgent and dire need for a few pro-hindu and truly honest and objective main stream media channels in our country....

      can we gather our forces so that some such initiatives succeeds in a big way? Yes, your blog, ravinar, is an indication of indication of progress in that direction - but we need more such channels, 24x7 !!

    5. simple. commies talk of working class and capitalistic class. how do they respond when you confront them with communist ruling class and non ruling class

  2. Good one Ravinar, Thanks a lot for wonderful articulation! keep it up!! India needs people like you! Hats off!

  3. The ongoing excavation for gold is being lampooned by all the MSM debates. It is the idea of a dream that is bizzare for them. May I know from them if they know the genesis of the just concluded Eid ,where, millions of innocent animals are sacrificed for God.This idea too was announced by a godman after a similar dream.They would do well to condemn all forms of dreams and not just Hindu dreams.

    1. Dear anand, i am just expressing my view. As i have followed the news on different channels for the last three days, the plot is getting clearer. It is serving three or four purpose - 1) distract people as much from real issues which have arised due to total collapse of all the govt. establishments. 2) blackout NaMo campaigns. 3) a part of systematic campaign to malign 'Hindu' religion. 4) divide hindu vote as much as possible, which is recently consolidating against years of vote bank politics(appeasement) of congress and its allies.

      Why, suddenly, govt. Of India is giving so much importance to a dream(!!!) of a 'sadhu'(!)!
      Please let me know if you have made something different out of this issue.

    2. One more thing- the climax of the issue mysteriously(!!) coinciding with NaMo's begining of campaign in UP. May be, i am trying to make something out of nothing!

    3. and the place must be close to the venue Kanpur where the rally of Modi is supposed to take place. Too much of coincidence or are we all thinking too much .nayak

    4. I was not reffering to the apparent political angle to this incident but the the calumny of the leftists to brand all things Hindu as superstition. Rightly in one of the media debates on Times Now, a rep from a hindu organisation reffered to the part played by KhanChris in the elevation of an obscure christian Nun from kerala called Alphonsamma to a virtual God. Every KhanChris leader from kerala went to Vatican to pay their respects during the ceremony and the communal khanchris brought out a coin to commemorate that event.But I think as far as political games are concerned the secularism brand value of most parties are on the downward curve and there wont be many takers.Brand NaMo has the power to eclipse that plan.

    5. Dear Toofan Chatterjee [Please let me know if you have made something different out of this issue.]

      Yes there is a different angle to this madness of recent Gold rush.

      It all started with the letter written by newly appointed Governor of Reserve Bank of India Mr. Raghuram Rajan asking how much Gold is locked in vaults inside the temples of India. And he wanted that gold to be handed over to the government because India is facing severe economic collapse in near future.

      This recent episode in which the some Shoban Sarkar an "alleged" Sadhu in whose dream came one King named Raja RaoRam and told him that under the fort some 1000tons gold is buried and it shall be used to help India's financial crisis.

      Now let us assume for a moment that 1000 tons or some other amount of gold is indeed found there, then as per shoban sarkar's dream and the instruction of Raja RamRao this gold is to be utlitised for helping reviving the Financial crisis of India. Now after that there would be similar demands for the treasure found in Shri Padmnabhswamy Temple in Kerala to utliise that wealth for solving India's Financial crisis. Because some Raja RaoRam is so worried about the financial crisis of India [utterly a making of this current congress govt] then the king of Travancore should also be morally and ethically wrong to be holding that wealth, MSM would then start nation wide debate to "extract " that wealth from Travancore royal family and will exert maximum pressure. This will be followed by demands for wealth from Tirupati Temple. As it is all temples are under govt trust now, it will be easy to "extract" that wealth.

      This case is purely of lusting and going after Hindu temple wealth by anti-hindu congress govt.

      Why shouldnt the Church declare how many land it owns? What is the percentage of Christians in India and how many percent land Church owns? The church should be made to sell the land they own at current market price and the money used to help solve the financial crisis of India. In anycase those lands were gifted to the church by the British free of cost.

      If India is secular then wealth belonging to all religions must be used to solve financial crisis, Why burden the HIndu religious fund only?

      Otherwise first declare India as Hindu Rashtra and then utilise the temple funds. nobody will object to that then.

    6. Thanks zap dl. If they get one more chance, even God won't help us.

  4. Since there is no Credibility in most of the news which MSM Shows, why dont ppl who are maligned Sue them? so that they are more careful before they start flashing news.

    1. Courts and police is so partisan that no whistle blower is safe in this atmosphere. See the case of Sawmi Ramdev and Khemka.

    2. And the Recent one Mr.Parakh - Coal Block Allocation Whistleblower

  5. The same commies wanted amnesty for Kasab and death for Modi

  6. Ranvir Sir,
    My humble salutes to you for bringing light to the Rich History of our forefathers. You have been exposing Congis and Fiberals like no one has dared to do it. God bless you.

  7. February 31st, 2010.... Feb 31st.... :-) Quality content with such comedy masalaa.. thats what your blog attracts more and more... keep going dear friend... all the best

  8. hahaha. Superb! Your articles must be really getting on their nerves now. Btw, thanks for the Book recommendation. I have ordered it from

  9. Great, simply great! There is so much muck in the unholy nexus between the pseudo secular and half baked intellectuals you could write 4 times a day and still dont rub into them.

  10. How media go unpunished for these crimes, is there no law for preventing/prosecuting these liars ?

  11. I read 'The Hindu" articles by Gurumarty and reply by VidyaS, and was shocked to see their own news paper as evidence.
    You nailed her. I hope she wont she she is being hounded because she is a woman.
    Thank you.

  12. Excellent lucidity. I now understand how they work.!

  13. Thanks Ravinar! You are the best.

  14. Great work Ravinar. I have never been enlightened so much. The "letters to the editor" in the Hindu amply proves that they are written by the ghost writers, always acclaiming the articles they print.

  15. Your series of this 'commie-medias-anti-hindu-poison' is making my day, dear Ravinar!
    Excellent piece of article, each one. Many of the questions that were lurking in my mind for so many years have been brought out by you in an articulate manner that makes reading your blogs addictive. I pray and wish you a long life and healthier one! Keep writing and keep going! God bless you!

  16. Wonderful Ravi,
    I was just wondering how you didn't pick up that Vidya's moronic article on The Hindu about RSS's promise about not entering politics. Good you included in this part, by the way, If anyone had attempted to post his comment in The Hindu, he will not be sure that it will be posted simply because The Hindu has a way of balancing comments. so you see, on a fair weather day, it will display comments equally on both sides of the divide. In the article published by vidya, she gets such a spanking that The Hindu publishes slightly more comments of the politically right leaning. But guess what, it will completely put off any comments criticizing the author or The Hindu even if the points made are genuine. So if some commentator comments that The Hindu has not done proper research on the article, it is unlikely to be displayed.
    It also presents a "recommended" comment which is always left leaning.
    Even more funny is its sister publication BusinessLine talks more objectively about growth, failed UPA policies and its Corruption but somehow those reports are not taken into account while writing the biased articles.
    I prefer firstpost because it will atleast publish whatever comments (that are devoid of abuse) we write. By the way, I have been banned from firstpost for critically writing against their authors and its discourse. I had to use new ID's to publish my content.

  17. The Sadhu Shovan Sarkar has denied he ever had this dream as covered in a news channel. I generally agree with Ravinar on commies. Supporting Hindu cause doesn't get "funded" and being anti Hindu gets quick limelight. This is how commies are born! Also for politicians, Hindus don't work as vote bank given that Hindus are divided basis caste or language, so Hindu bashing yields some results for them. Now that Hindus are rallying behind Modi gives sleepless nights to many!

  18. The Sadhu Shovan Sarkar has denied he ever had this dream as covered in a news channel. I generally agree with Ravinar on commies. Supporting Hindu cause doesn't get "funded" and being anti Hindu gets quick limelight. This is how commies are born! Also for politicians, Hindus don't work as vote bank given that Hindus are divided basis caste or language, so Hindu bashing yields some results for them. Now that Hindus are rallying behind Modi gives sleepless nights to many!

  19. Ravinar,
    I also just wonder whether you encourage comments from the other side of political divide (since we all are relatively right of political divide) since I find so few, Although the leftist's excuses are so amateurish about India's discourse, have you been allowing it, since I found you remove comments even slightly off topic (generally commies comments are bound to be filtered for they digress too often).

    1. @Vamsi

      Comments here are not moderated. Anyone can post a comment. The only comments that get deleted are spammers and those that are totally off-topic or mindless slandering. I have deleted a few that have called media folks abusive names using expletives. I have deleted a few that post links in comments which have no relevance to the topic. That's the way it is.. The reason you may not find too many comments from the "other side" is because they might find it hard to challenge "facts" thats all..

    2. Confirmation-bias could be another reason why we find only 'supportive/like-minded comments' here at mediacrooks. One may refer to

  20. Thank you Ravinar for doing a clean surgery of the "Great Anti-Hindu Conglomerate", each and every part is being dissected, kept aside & explained for readers like us to understand. more power to you in this endeavor...... The best part for me is the " To be continued…" mention at the end....

  21. I agree with the overall message of your blog that RSS is free to do what it wants, including changing its constitution and enter politics, as long as its within the law. I also agree that Vidya S. is not most scrupulous when it comes to commenting on RSS. However, in the context of this blog, the evidence cited by Vidya are not the newspaper reports as you mention, but 'Excerpts from Government Communique dated 11 July, 1949' which is published in the last column on the same page. I don't know how well these 'excerpts' reflect on the original communique, but reading them as published does suggest that Vidya has some valid ground to stand on.

    Do correct me if I'm wrong.

  22. Folks..
    Big problem is, our Judicial System is very slow and also compromised (to some extent) with KHANCHRIS...other wise these BIG LIERS could have been searching JUNGLE CAVES to save their face...!!

  23. @Ravinar

    I've dug up the article carrying the report on lifting the ban on Rss from an old Telugu newspaper.

    Yes, there were some conditions for lifting the ban--respecting Indian flag and constitution, functioning openly with its own constitution, eschewing violence and sticking to cultural activities.
    There was no mention of abandoning politics in the conditions. Also the report in The Hindu carried that Rss should accept India being a secular state. I really doubt the authenticity of that.

    1. @Charvaka
      Now the link is giving "Server Error" ..


      Try now. Select Andhra prabha newspaper and the date as 14/07/1949

    3. "Secularism" became a part of our constitution only in 1976.

    4. Basic principles of secularism were there before 1976 too. Word "secularism" was inserted in preamble in 1976.

  24. Haha Collective 'Commie'Unity..

  25. I don't understand the reason for raking up of the issue of promises by RSS for lifting the ban and more so the defensive stand by your article.
    Yes, the making a constitution was a serious promise given and yes it was with a lot of reluctance. The whole thing is well documented in many books including the biography of Shri Golwalkar Guruji by Nana Palkar.
    RSS was founded as a cultural organisation and is so even now so there was never a problem to say that RSS will not enter politics even then. RSS never entered elective politics ever. Even earlier, Jansangh, Janata Party and Bharatiya Janata Party were formed by RSS Swayamsevaks and nobody had any problem with that so why the cry now?

  26. Good nailing Ravi, has Gurmurthy come back pointing Vidya's faults in showing the "The Hindu' article as proof?


  27. These is a typo. It's not Dilkushnagar it's "Dilsukhnagar"

  28. It is always said that Indian voting citizens have poor memory, but the real fact is that it is media which has poor memory and interested to publish only those news that are being paid. I strongly believe and seen people are aware and are able to recall every things, unfortunately, the citizen is to depend on the media to do and update them, which media does it by demanded money for every published news. Thanks to Mr.Ravinar for continuously updating and filling in the information gaps and exposing these media rogues.

  29. Relevant article in organizer, RSS news magazine,-no-Undertaking.aspx?NB=&lang=4&m1=&m2=&p1=&p2=&p3=&p4=&PageType=N

    Summary: RSS was committed to being non political from the beginning and it remained so after writing the constitution. Having a written constitution was a face saving requirement from the govt and RSS complied with it.

    My assertion:

    Even now, Vidya's emphasis that RSS exerted its influence on selection of MODI as PM candidate is superfluous as Gurumurthy rightly says, even in 1979 BJP split from the Janata party on Janata Party required its members to renounce their participation (RSS does not have membership form or fee as such) in RSS and few of them walked out and formed BJP. Several non-RSS people also walked out and became part of BJP and some of them occupy prominent positions even now

  30. Excellent article again.coming back to form sir.

  31. MediaCrooks> If proper stats are provided to Stratfor, they will update their site, problem here is leftist Indian Embassy and upsurge of leftist minded Indians have flocked the US. They are such fundamentalists that any discussion turns into a hostile name calling and labeling on their part. Especially the young indians on visas in Columbia University, NYU are the worst. Strangely they are rich and propogate leftist and commie ideas. How do NRIs do anything when our own embassy is projecting negative image.

  32. Hi Ravi

    A very good one again. I would like to point out in the matter of Swami Nithyananda case that it was Sun TV which ran the video at prime time evening repeatedly causing a lot of discomfort to the families watching the TV though it did not show the woman's face. on that day. In my view, showing a video of some person's bedroom activities at 8PM in a TV broadcast was in very bad taste and against all broadcasting decency and censorship guidelines. It is really surprising that no case has been filed against Sun TV ?

  33. I wanted to bring to your attention a cheap tactic played by The Hindu (and TOI too) off late.

    Yesterday, The Hindu had an article covering Modi's Kanpur rally. It was titled 'Modi: Bury vote bank politics forever' and was accessible at

    It received a good number of Facebook likes very quickly (200+). Observing this, they quickly inserted a new article pointing to the same page titled 'In UP, Modi skirts temple issue.'

    And since they changed the article, the Facebook likes for the previous article are gone and this appears as a new article, although on the same link. In The Hindu's Facebook page, the picture of the old article can be seen at:

    1. This proves that HINDU is shamelessly bias. They now even do not pretend to be impartial.

    2. Print media is heavily biased against NaMo. The type of story they create is utter disgust. They are unsuccessfully trying to poison the minds of young and media savvy against BJP. I myself heard his speech and he did not said anything that can be termed as communal which the spokesperson of so called secular parties keep on shouting during the routine debates, just trying to deviate the minds of people. AajTak/TOI etc. are flowers of the same garland. Now they are worried that when NaMo has entered UP campaigning, the first rally of which was a smash hit and will be hitting Patna on Oct 25th Hunkar Rally, their numbers in next General Elections might get a bigger hit than they were expecting. Madam's party may even go below the 3 digit mark. Amen!

  34. Mr.Ravinar, I started reading your blog for sometime now.The country needs Modi now to provide us good governance.We need people like you to counter IBN's, Barkha's and other characters.

    Please give your view on "Why Barkha is allowed to telecast LOC and its operations in NDTV?

    1. "Why Barkha is allowed to telecast LOC and its operations in NDTV?
      The answer should be obvious by now --
      She gets orders to do what she is doing directly from Dilli, who get their orders from Islamabad & Washington; and like good card-carrying Commie/Islamist she obeys !

  35. Ravi for nearly 15 years I have been watching the likes of NDTV, CNN etc. running orchestrated campaigns against anything connected with Hindu religion, tradition or any one trying to speak on their behalf. In the early years I always wondered, 'am I dreaming up their bias, or is everyone else seeing but ingnoring it'. Your blogs have given us a voice. We need Modi to counter the commies and people like you to counter the media. Next time you write please also try to cover how each and every Hindu festival is being associated with one or other evil 1) Diwali has lot of noise and smoke - as if there is no other form of pollution in country. So do not use any crackers 2) Holi colours are harmful, so do not use any colours 3) They are measuring the noise level throughout Ganeshotsav and Durga Puja. These sickularists fail to see the thousands of litres of blood which flows through slaughter in the Eids......keep writing

  36. Ravinar,

    this is very good series about commie media reporting.
    Unfortunately SM is no different.
    In last 10 years proponents of Telangana used same techniques to malign us the people of Rayalaseema and Kosta from AP as villains. Hundreds and thousands of lies were spread without any proof. There are million pages of on web demeaning us. We are called looters, raakhsaas etc etc. Today the division of AP is happening on this basis. All major political parties, including BJP, subscribed to this campaign.
    Believe me, history books of future Telanagana will equate us with Birtish. But no one will come to rescue of our character.
    Telangana creation is first proof in establishing success of this technique. And it will be emulated by anyone for selfish purpose, not necessarily for new states but just anything.

    1. Hi PPR,
      I Second you ....I am from telangana and i know what people think their ...actually Telangana has suffered a lot ..and the reason for this only goes to Political Leaders of both the regions ..i mean Seemandhra and Telangana...I agree to ur comment to some extent ..yes ..some parties/groups are taking advantage of the situation and projecting Seemandra people as Looters,Raakshas..etc & so on.....I always wonder why our state politicians behave like a$$oles and create a situation which could have been avoided long ago just by doing justice to all regions ....
      Please don't put BJP is the same gang ..its a party with difference ..they have realized that Telangana people have really suffered and they have understood that creating of a new state is the only viable solution considering the injustice done...
      Though i am telangana ...i dont support the idea of people from telangana enjoy the fruits of division and others(coastal andhra and rayalaseema) suffer ....

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I am from TN and have many acquaintance and friends at work places from AP. I have happened to travel a bit across AP as well. I will clearly vouch for that Telangana region people are definitely behind Rayal or Coastal in terms of education and wealth.

  37. I am unable to understand this obsession to deny riots deaths. Anti muslim riots took place. There is no doubt of that. However an individual cannot engineer a riot successfully if the demand is not there. The public supported the riots. Right or wrong is a different issue. Repeatedly denying this the riots and deaths is not going to change this.

    relying on court acquitals to say nothing happened is absurd. It is like the burning of the kar sevaks. Has the court held anyone guilty for the burning? so it means this was an accident, not intentional. Right?

    1. "Has the court held anyone guilty for the burning?"
      Yes and convictions happened where few to given the death punishment.

    2. @Ganesh Shetty

      Yes courts have given Death and Life Imprisonment to a few. Even in that Media did not highlight the Congressi imprint or background of the convicted but only kept on saying that out of 60 arrested only 30 convicted.

      This is how media doesnt tell you the facts

  38. Sir pls suggest a balanced history book so that we can understand what really happened in the past.

    1. Ravinar and other learned members can suggest and if required can comment on the resource I feel good enough to know some issues of the past - I am reading some of them in that list. Got good enough perspectives. Hope that it serves your purpose atleast partially.

    2. You can also go through the following. It will give you sleepless nights (esp. after reading them) :

      1. Islam and Religious Riots – A Case study – Riots and Wrong by Singh

      2. Savage history of jihad in India :




  39. Epic Efforts by Ravinar in this "Commie Media's Anti-Hindu Poison" series .... Food for Thought given to readers with Real taste of Spice ... :)

  40. As usual this article is enlightening. How do you manage to write articles with such clarity?
    Inspite of the power of social media, I am afraid that congress may scrape through next year with good number of seats, simply because their voter base is the downtrodden ones who aren't bothered about the N number of scams or their anti-hindu stand. But this should not be for long anyway. With a burgeoning middle class in our country, it shoudn't be longer than a decade before we have a sizeable number of people (enough to change governments) who are aware of the dirty tricks played by media.
    Or is this wishful thinking?

  41. Dear Ravinar,

    I seriously believe that UPA is planning to escalate a small scale war with Pakistan to divert public attention from their lack of Governance, Corruption & Modi challenge. They have selected Mr Omar Abdullah to proclaim the need to go on Offensive against Pakistan for continuous LOC firing. The Media Dalals would happily discuss the small war show for a few months till election time in 2014. The Congress might like to think that such a tough stand can reverse the Middle Class & Young votes for it that they have already lost to NAMO

  42. Media plays a crucial role in delivering the news to the people 24*7. Most of the students and some class of people watch NDTV and other news which always gives biased news by blaming Modi. I have been reading these articles and several other blogs which speaks the truth with evidence. I have made two observations from the interviews of Modi and Raj Thackery.
    1. There are some interviews of Modi by media where Modi clearly says he accepts criticism but not allegations from media. Also says media makes TRP by selling negeative news of Modi to people. So media is doing it purposefully.
    2. In an interview with Arnab Goswami, Raj Thackery says media shows all bad things about him by twisting his speech for hours as headlines but when it comes to apologizing, they either do it for a fraction of a second or just ignore the truth and continue blaming Raj.
    So people will not forget the negative things about a person so easily because media has made it sure that it roots firmly in the minds of audience which in turn good for Congress !

  43. Hi Ravinar,

    Vardabai,sacked,kudos to swamy,eagerly waiting for your comments!!

  44. Ravinar,
    Just went through the comments on the article in the Hindu which you referred in the post.
    1.The comments were so vicious to start with against RSS that one wonders where we live in and who we are. Here is an organization which works the the Hindus and seeing the Hindus admonish in the worst ways is strange in itself and that too without knowing the facts.
    2.The fact that the BAN on the RSS was removed unconditionally says that there was no evidence to boot for the congress to start with.
    3.Congress leaders (surprised by Patel's attitude here) are OK if it merges its organization with the congress instead. Does the RSS change its character (assuming its evil) merely because it merges with congress.
    4.Morarji Desai himself gave it in the legislature that there was no condition before uplifting the ban.
    5.primarily India was under a period where there was no constitution and it was under the whims and fancies of congress imgiantion to boot out and encourage any organization.
    6.what if a cultural organization talks about politics, is it a crime. Go to every mosque on friday which is supposed to be religious-cultural organization and listen the hate speeches against kafirs in a kafir dominated country. Are these speeches not political.
    7.Assuming an RSS had a written constitution which kept itself out of politics, but doesn't this rule get diluted the moment India had drafted a constitution.
    8.How come RSS needs to strictly follow its own consitution (of not entering politics) while congress can impose emergency unconsitutionally and other acts passed (shah bano act) fundementally voilating the consitutional edicts.
    9.How big is the crime of RSS compared to others, Christian organizations in India not only proselytize but also pass political stricutres to new converts. example in AP where every new convert is asked to vote for Jagan and the vow is taken from them.
    10.What stopped the congress from Banning RSS all these years and why?

  45. Yasin Bhatkal has confirmed that Ishrat Jahaan is indeed an acdtive member of IM. But MSM has ignored to report this news as usual. Here is a link from Kannadaprabha.

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. Ravinaar sir now U r gonna miss Vardabhai ha ha

  48. At the rate PAPPU going, great grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru appears to be just a few rallies away.....BOSSSS........PAPPU as visionary - Blind man searching for a black cat in a dark room on a lunar eclipse day. Rahul's next rally to be attended by a huge crowd of 8055

    Question - What is your opinion about Coalgate?
    Rahul - Its a nice toothpaste. Its used by secular forces especially. Mama also told me this. Papa also told the same. Grandma too was saying the same.
    Sanjay Jha/Poonawala in NEWSHOUR defending - See Rahulji said minorities can be provided lot of job opportunities by Congress in the area of tooth paste manufacturing. What about 2002 riots? Has Modi provided toothpaste for victims?

    Question - What is your opinion about 2G?
    Rahul - 2G is also a secular like Osamajii, this is what Digvijayjiii told me.Mama also told me this .Papa also told the same. Grandma too was saying the same.
    Sanjay Jha/Poonawala in NEWSHOUR defending - See Rahul said minorities should be addressed with respect, so jiiiii.There were more people like this who are sufferers in 2002 Godhra Riots

    Question - what is your take on Rail gate and Pavan Bansal?
    Rahul - There are still lot of unmanned Rail gates, especially in minorities area. We have to find a solution for this.Pavan Bansal was victimised by Communal forces.Mama also told me this.Papa also told the same. Grandma too was saying the same.
    Sanjay Jha/Poonawala in NEWSHOUR defending - See, Rahulji was talking about security for minorities to prevent accidents like Godhra.

    Question - what is your opinion on land deals by your BIL Robert Vadra?
    Rahul - His deals are under the ambit of land security bill we introduced. We ensure that secular people like him should be given more security in land deals.Mama also told me this.Papa also told the same. Grandma too was saying the same.
    Sanjay Jha/Poonawala in NEWSHOUR defending - See Rahul said minorities should be given some security amount say 1 lkh for an acre when secular land dealers like Vadra buys it and sell for ONE crore.What about Godhra victims? Has Modi bought any land of theirs and sold 100 times? what development he is talking about?

    Question - What is your opinion about Rupee ? Modi was raising this issue several times how to arrest sliding of rupee.
    Rahul - Sliding of rupee? How its possible. Rupee can only be folded or kept in bundles.Well we want to introduce 1 lkh note rupee,we found difficulty carrying 1.75 lkh crores etc that we gain via secular deals.So that no difficulty in carrying tons of rupee printed with GANDHI, thus giving Gandhi respect and showing secular image..Mama also told me this. Papa also told the same. Grandma too was saying the same
    Sanjay Jha/Poonawala in NEWSHOUR defending - See his vision of giving more Credit worthiness to minorities? What about 2002 riots?

    Question - If you were to choose between a donkey and Dog..which one you prefer
    Rahul - Both..Bcos I cant let go Sanjay jha,Poonawala on one side and Digvijay on other side.Mama also told me this. Papa also told the same. Grandma too was saying the same
    Sanjay Jha/Poonawala in NEWSHOUR defending - See how he respects seculars like us..

    Question - If you were to choose between Comedy Circus replacing Kapil and Big Boss what you prefer?
    Rahul - weeping...Good..both are secular shows..I have to ask mama.
    Sanjay Jha/Poonawala in NEWSHOUR defending - See how he is acceptable among secular channels. What about 2002 riots?

    Question - You being projected to lead 125 CR Indians, especially the youth. And in a Business Conclave you shuffle through papers, you address an august audience BOSS..what went wrong?
    Rahul - 20 days ago I got the speech in hand written by Digvijayjii..I was day and night bi hearting everything..There was a typing error. Instead of reading 8055 delegates, I read it as BOSS...thats all.I call Mama boss, I call Manmohanji Boss.
    Sanjay Jha/Poonawala - Dont get into all these small issues.Lets talk about 2002 riots.

    And the saga continue...Till we vote out Congress in 2014.

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