Thursday, October 17, 2013

Commie Media's Anti-Hindu Poison - Part 2

(Read Part-1 if you haven’t already)

In 1976, African-American Alex Haley published “Roots: The Saga of an American Family”, a novel based on his family's history, starting with the story of Kunta Kinte, who was kidnapped in the Gambia in 1767 and transported to Maryland to be sold as a slave. Haley claimed to be a seventh-generation descendant of Kunta Kinte. He went to the village of Juffure, where Kunta Kinte grew up and which is still in existence, and listened to a tribal historian tell the story of Kinte's capture. Haley also traced the records of the ship, The Lord Ligonier, which he said carried his ancestor to America. Haley has stated that the most emotional moment of his life occurred on September 29, 1967, when he stood at the site in Annapolis, Maryland where his ancestor had arrived from Africa in chains exactly 200 years before. A memorial depicting Haley reading a story to young children gathered at his feet has since been erected in the center of Annapolis. The official page of Haley’s book notes:

Alex Haley's Roots is the monumental two-century drama of Kunta Kinte and the six generations who came after him. By tracing back his own roots, Haley tells the story of 39 million Americans of African descent. He has rediscovered for an entire people a rich cultural heritage that ultimately speaks to all races everywhere, for the story it tells is one of the most eloquent testimonials ever written to the indomitability of the human spirit”.

Haley’s memorial has him reading a story to young children. What would he have told them about his history? What would he have told them that they could learn from his? History is written not because we would like to change it. We obviously cannot. History is written so that we discover and learn the truth about our past and who we were and why we are the way we are. And in learning those truths we hope to undertake a better journey than the one in the past and retain the best from what our ancestors left us. The “indomitability of the human spirit” equally applies to Hindus and the other natives of this land (Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists etc). It is probably the only race of people and culture that murderous invaders couldn’t wipe out. That’s half the story. But when you have crooks who constantly distort and lie about history and have been doing so unchecked then your future is likely to be just as distorted and painful. That is how India got here. That is what the Commies were and are doing, as is the MSM that is infested with them. Nothing would please the Commies and the Congis (and DMK types) for the Hindu identity to completely disappear. Their consistent actions have proved that they would rather have Yadavs, Brahmins, Rajputs, Ezhavas, Dalits, Jats, Gujjars, Harijans, OBCs, Tribals etc. as identities rather than anything that is remotely called “Hindu”. 

In the introduction to my book “Social Media as watchdog” I wrote: “One of the biggest challenges for students coming out of schools and colleges in India is not remembering what they learnt but unlearning what they did. This is particularly true of history courses. Much of our history taught in schools cannot exactly be described as accurate. Designed as they were by left-leaning historians, the courses use an abundant dose of imagination and distortion. Thus, students have to learn true history and facts only outside of schools. The same experience is true for the whole population when they encounter Mainstream Media”.

Till after the 2007 elections in Gujarat I had no idea what caste or tribe Narendra Modi was from. I didn’t know YSR Reddy, the late Andhra CM, was a Christian. Frankly, I couldn’t have cared less. Guess who educated me? It was NDTV, CNN-IBN and other similar channels that ran bios of Modi and educated me that he was an OBC, a Ghanchi (supposedly the Barber clan). Was there any purpose to it? His victory hurt Barkha Dutt so much that she tagged all Gujjus as “effete” people. Such tagging is one of the most important features of the Commies. Anyone that challenges their incestuous circle will be tagged with unthinkable names and adjectives even if that person is holding evidence of unshakeable truth. Lavrentiy Beria, Security Head under Stalin is credited with the line “You bring me the man, I’ll find you the crime”. To put it more bluntly, I love the James Hadley Chase title: “You find him, I’ll fix him”. They will negate everything about a person or an organisation. They will manufacture crimes. RSS runs “Bomb-making” factories! Ring a bell? Here’s something I’ve written before:

Negationism is defined as denial or distortion of historical facts, especially those relating to crimes against humanity. Dr. Koenrad Elst, a Belgian, is a Hinduism scholar who has written much about this negationism and concealing of Islamic record in India. Here’s what Elst has to say (Wiki): Historians of the Aligarh school (e.g. Irfan Habib) or Indian Marxists (e.g. Romila Thapar) have resorted to history-rewriting: "Therefore, in 1982 the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) issued a directive for the rewriting of schoolbooks. Among other things, it stipulated that: "Characterization of the medieval period as a time of conflict between Hindus and Muslims is forbidden." Under Marxist pressure, negationism has become India's official policy”. It actually recommends dumbing down of students. Effectively, it meant the horrors of Indian Islamic history must be hidden from our students. Students who cared were able to get to the real history but our MSM still follows that diktat. So is it a surprise that Muslim violence is covered up and mostly turned into ‘victimhood’ or an Anti-Hindu rant? Did such a “cleansing” really happen? Well, here are facts produced by Arun Shourie in Eminent Historians:

Under the CPM govt in Bengal a circular dated 28 April, 1989 is issued by the West Bengal Secondary Board. It is in Bengali, and carries the number "Syl/89/1" (For Class-9. Here “Aushuddho” supposedly means “impure” and “Shuddho” is “cleanse” by alteration or by deletion)

Book : Bharatvarsher Itihash, by Dr. Narendranath Bhattacharya, published by Chakravarty & Son:
Page 89 : Aushuddho - "Sultan Mahmud used force for widespread murder, loot, destruction and conversion."
Shuddho - "There was widespread loot and destruction by Mahmud." That is, no reference to killing, no reference to forcible conversions.
Page 89 : Aushuddho - "He looted valuables worth 2 crore dirham from the Somnath temple and used the Shivling as a step leading up to the masjid in Ghazni."

Shuddho - "Delete 'and used the Shivling as a step leading up to the masjid in Ghazni.'"
Page 112 : Aushuddho -- "Hindu-Muslim relations of the medieval ages is a very sensitive issue. The non- believers had to embrace Islam or death."
Shuddho -- All matter on pages 112-13 to be deleted.
Page 113 : Aushuddho - "According to Islamic law non-Muslims will have to choose between death and Islam. Only the Hanafis allow non-Muslims to pay jaziya in exchange for their lives."
Shuddho - Rewrite this as follows : "By paying jaziya to Allauddin Khilji, Hindus could lead normal lives." Moreover, all the subsequent sentences "Qazi...", "Taimur's arrival in India..." to be deleted.
Page 113 : Aushuddho - "Mahmud was a believer in the rule of Islam whose core was 'Either Islam or death'.
Shuddho -- Delete.

Mind you, what I provided above is just a sample. You can go through the whole set of “cleansing” that the CPM’s education board ordered at this page. What’s the logic behind such cleansing other than killing history? If at all there is some belief that kids may not be able to absorb such a violent history, which is not a stated objective, then it’s better to choose a higher age when they can be taught this rather than giving them half-truths. In reality, when kids discover the truth at a later age they hold in contempt the schools which taught them bogus history when it was neither the fault of the school nor the teachers. The danger is, someday some Indian kid might grow up to write a book like the one some American has written.

The root of any good or bad ideological practice is usually found in the precedents set by the founding fathers of a nation. India doesn’t really have founding fathers except her Hindu culture. But post-independence some like to give that honour to some people. MK Gandhi was called the Father of the nation. Jawaharlal Nehru is often referred to as the ‘Architect of modern India’. In his book on Negationism, Koenrad Elst recalls Nehru’s admiration for Mahmud Ghaznavi

The best-known propounder of negationism was certainly Jawarharlal Nehru… his writings contain some crude cases of glorification of Muslim tyrants and concealment or denial of their crimes. Witness his assessment of Mahmud Ghaznavi, who, according to his chronicler Utbi, sang the praise of the temple complex at Mathura and then immediately proceeded to destroy it. Nehru writes: "Building interested Mahmud, and he was much impressed by the city of Mathura near Delhi". About this he wrote: "There are here a thousand edifices as firm as the faith of the faithful; nor is it likely that this city has attained its present condition but at the expense of many millions of dinars, nor could such another be constructed under a period of 200 years." And that is all: Nehru described the destroyer of Mathura as an admirer of Mathura, apparently without noticing the gory sarcasm in Ghaznavi's eulogy. Moreover, Nehru denied that Mahmud had committed his acts of destruction out of any religious motive: "Mahmud was not a religious man. He was a Mohammedan, but that was just by the way. He was in the first place a soldier, and a brilliant soldier."  

You will hear the same nonsense that for much of the killings and brutality religion was not a motive. They would like us to believe that the crazy guys just wanted to demonstrate their martial skills. But MK Gandhi set the example of covering up and white-washing such crimes. The Moplah murderers of Kerala and the Khilafat movement ended up killing thousands of Hindus but what did MKG think about it? Here’s what:

The Moplah revolt is a test for Hindus and Mussulmans. Can Hindus friendship survive the strain put upon it? Can Mussulmans in the deepest recesses of their hearts approve of the conduct of the Moplahs?.... The Hindus must have the courage and the faith to feel that they can protect their religion in spite of such fanatical eruptions.... The Mussulmans must naturally feel the shame and humiliation of the Moplah conduct about forcible conversions and looting, and they must work away so silently and effectively that such things might become impossible even on the part of the most fanatical among them. My belief is that the Hindus as a body have received the Moplah madness with equanimity and that the cultured Mussulmans are sincerely sorry for the Moplah’s perversion of the teachings of the Prophet.”

The article I linked goes on to ask of Gandhi: He fails to state the extent of Hindu losses once again. He believes that ‘Hindus have received Moplah madness with equanimity’. How can you receive acts like ‘rape’, ‘murder’, ‘forcible conversions’ etc with ‘equanimity’? He states that cultured Mussulmans are sincerely sorry for the acts. But our question is this: Did he find out why this revolt was so inhuman and why it was committed in the name of religion? Did he try to understand the Moplah point of view? Did he find out why the anti-British agitation turned into ‘anti-Hindu’? The answer to all these questions is a resounding ‘NO’.

In Kerala we had a CPM politician openly declaring political murder was a natural practice of the party. MM Mani just gets suspended for six months when he should have been in jail. What about the killings under the CPM itself in Bengal? Here’s an interesting read that is fairly reliable given the violent and criminal nature of Commie politics:

55000? That’s like one “Gujarat 2002” for every year of CPM in Bengal, isn’t it? But which one gets the most noise in our media? To avoid interpreting selectively I recommend reading the full story which is even more damning. Did you ever see such an important story being discussed in any news channel or newspaper? Did you see a debate anywhere? Stupid channels spend hours discussing a stray comment of some Cleric called Madani but never in the last 20 years has any channel discussed the crimes of the Commies. Why? Because they ARE the Commies! In quite a similar fashion our media also “cleanses” the violence of Muslims whether it’s Deganga or over the 100 riots in UP. They report it only when it becomes absolutely inevitable. The Muzaffarnagar riots wouldn’t have been on air if not for a reporter being killed. And for every single incident everywhere else the “Big Bindis” of the Commies come out crying and wailing. If they can cleanse history from our schools they can also cleanse the truth from our news media. No matter what happens, stick the “Convict” badge on the Hindu. No matter what the terrorist act or killing, find the Hindu and they will find his crime. Are sympathies of NDTV, CNN-IBN to the murderous Commies a lot clearer? Is it also any surprise why NDTV loves separatists? Lord Macaulay had a dream of creating English speaking interpreters and intellects and most of them are the current day Commies.

Call Malini Parthasarthy a Commie and she will be very offended. Most liars in the media don’t like to be called Commies. They prefer the more stylish “fiberal” tag. Her silly tweet is factually wrong but it still helps to explain why you are a worthless piece of junk if you don’t speak English. The toiling villagers and many Indians who can just speak their own dialect is a nuisance in their lives. Educate yourselves on their expectations! If you think Lord Macaulay didn’t finish his job then I have good news for you. He wanted a nation so steeped in the English language and belief that Indians think very lowly of themselves. Macaulay may have been buried in history but his dreams are alive. At the very least Macaulay could admit that the backbone of India is her spiritual and cultural heritage. What Macaulay couldn’t finish off, the Commies, their historians and their counterparts in our MSM are desperately trying to finish off. Stick a post-it on your TV screens or papers when you watch or read them: “Shuddho: Poison”.

To be continued

PS: Notes of Koenrad Elst in this post were previously carried in my post “In denial


  1. Excellent post as always! A great start for the day.

  2. Macaulay may be dead and gone but his putras & putris carry on his unfinished job.

  3. Dear Ravinar,

    At the outset congratulations for yet another hard-hitting article.

    One point w.r.t. quote of Macaulay which we normally refer to. In his well researched article, Dr Koenraad Elst refutes both the quote and the motive of Lord Macaulay.

    You and other readers may wish to go through.

    Best wishes

    1. I have traveled and lived in almost all continents.

      I don't see anything wrong with western education. American or European society are much more fair and just compared to Indian society.

      Most of our youths especially from higher income and possessing degree certificates do not even know how to behave in public places.
      One example - I have been in bars in most places of world, its rough behaviour of Indian youths in Delhi, Bombay even Chennai are the worst, barring London. Bangalore is somewhat ok.

    2. @ AAR

      I agree with you. Education... Eastern, Western, Northern or Southern is not evil at all. Some parts of courses might have some "motives" but not education itself. The issue here is that the Western educated ones in India look down upon natives, their culture and heritage. That, is indeed the issue being sought to be cited as the problem. I also agree with what you quote about general behaviour of people at places you have mentioned. Surprisingly, these are also the educated ones.If you go to rural areas there are people who dont have a concept of queues at bus stands and railway stations. Some of these are issues of governance and organisation rather than culture itself.

    3. @AAR, what about the day light shoot outs in US? What about the robberies on highways in European countries? So do not try to generalize the incidents you came across and make inferences.
      About English education.. it is certainly harmful to this country. Because its basic aim is to destroy the self esteem and self confidence in this nation and make them slaves to British. So it is designed to show everything that is Indian in bad light. This education system is certainly meant for destroying the Indian culture.

  4. Wonderful piece as always! I would like to say on"Religion is not a motive" that:

    1) The world over, about 99% of the present day terror attacks are only for religious motives of Muslims.
    2) Pakistan demanding separation from India was purely for Religious Motives.
    3) Kashmiri separatists demanding accession to Pakistan is only for religious motives, otherwise if we compare Pakistan and India, India is well above in Happiness Index than Pakistan.
    4) What is the "Cultured Mussulmans?"..They never make a differentiation of these lines. For them there are only believers or non-believers. Otherwise, how Mumbai Muslims would have rioted in Mumbai for the cause of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar?

    According to Neharu's Discovery of India , Shivaji was a Bandit. For which he had receive flak from Maharashtra for quite some time. It is another story that the same Maharashtra that flaked Neharu is being ruled in the name of the same Dynasty by Maharashtra's congi sycophants, and the same NCP/Congress combine is happily rewriting the Maharashtra History, dividing Maharashtra in Marathas, Malis,Kunbis, Kolis,Adivasis, Vanjaras, Bramhin, Dalits, Muslims. NCP/Congress is the newer version of Commies AS MSM. They are ruling in Maharashtra for almost 60 years. So you can imagine, how much distortion they have done in psych of Maharashtra.

    1. Swatantryaveer Savarkar had written a book in Marathi on Moplah riots titled 'मला काय त्याचे? अर्थात मोपल्यांचे बंड'. People interested in reading the book can download it in the PDF format (free) at following link:

  5. Further to the Moplah riots episode described above, the successive CPM govts of kerala have succeeded in slowly converting this riot into a freedom struggle by muslims against British. Many of the 'hereos' of the riots have been recommended by CPM leaders for freedom pension.BTW the CPM mouth piece in Kerala called Deshabhimani which is one of the lowest forms of yellow journalism one can imagine, is today a must read for all those residing in the so called Marxist villages. The newspaper is simply delivered to every house and the the subscription cost is recovered at the end of the month.In terms of human rights, some Marxist areas of kerala are worse then Bihar.As a tail piece I would suggest all to see the Marxist channel Kairali in kerala.During Gujarat election coverage I enjoy viewing this channel for the comedy it presents.During the counting ,the lead position of BJP is freezed at some point where they are trailing or are, even with secular parties and the results are not updated for hours. Finally when the end results come, they announce it and close the shop much before all other channels.

  6. Ravinar, you deserve to be suitably rewarded for writing this blog and raising awareness, asusual its a fabulous post!. Unfortunately with the control of history comes power to influence subsequent generations, perhaps the greatest weakness of hindu society has been the ability to be ignorant and continue to tolerate such distortion, I wonder as to how ignorant a bunch we really are?.
    As a hindu myself it is deeply disturbing to read about all these distortions. Guess it isn't surprising if its scientifically proven that these distortions of history that influenced one generation who felt ashamed of hindu culture and the same generation passed on the genes to successive one's leading to further dilution..
    Rajiv Malhotra's book "Breaking India" is definitely ground breaking as it exposes such harsh facts, reading all the things mentioned
    in his book, i feel its just a miracle that our way of life has survived for so long, wonder if it will ever survive the tyranny and persecution?.
    I should thank you Ravinar for bringing this book to my notice and awakening me from my slumber, I am sure many more have read the book and have felt dissappointed, yet finally woke up to the truth. It's a shame that these commies get to top of the political sphere because they yell the louder and gain people's attention.. Like it always is one doesn't really need intelligence to involve in mindless mudslinging or distorting truth, while it is always difficult to counter those distortions with intelligence based on scientifically established methods.
    I am happy that I as a person who has lived in the west for so long and been ignorant like many others has awakened and a major credit goes to your blog,
    I thank you Ravinar! for raising awareness through your blog. Great work! Keep it up..

  7. My sentiments exactly! Am still unlearning the crap taught at school ! Also, reading the daily papers is such a strain , since one has to filter all the untruths from the truth! So have given up reading the papers and listening to TV news! Thank you Ravinar!

  8. I read the post again...and feel that there is one mistake.."Ghanchi" means Cooking Oil Maker. तेली. Of course this doesn't alter anything what the post broadly says.

  9. Amazing piece. Oh! blood boils when I hear abt these commies...

  10. Hi.Brilliant article but I am afraid the quote by Macaulay is a internet hoax from what I have known. Konraad Elst has written a detailed article about this quote not being authentic :
    If not I will be glad to know your source of this quote

    1. @Bharath @GuruKripa

      I am aware of the Koenrad Elst article since I quote quite extensively from his articles. The Macaulay quote may not be accurate but it is used extensively (not as an Internet hoax) but by also govt officials, even Presidents. I use it as a demonstration of his plans.The basic theory of the post doesnt rest on the quote.

      However, since this is becoming the focus, I will withdraw it and you will find it wont make much of a difference to the post.

    2. Thanks for listening to our feedback and I agree that it didn't make any difference to the post.

    3. Bharath,I cannot guarantee the authenticity of this photo,I don't remember from where I got it.Presume some historian.
      I am uploading clipping on twitter @yesbabunni

  11. Macaulay was right about first striking at the education system of India inorder to eventually break India on moral grounds. Its shocking how our eminent distorians are twisting history for the sake appeasement but in the process they are approving themselves as commies, Hindu haters. Our MSM (mostly stupid media?) is also the part of Macaulay bandwagon besides these eminent distorians. In my state, at graduation level history you will find some topics praising muslim invaders for what they introduced in the country for the people. You will not find, however, any harsh words or a criticism that is bound to incite one's nationalist pride. Such lies are spread by our distorians and our MSM is endorsing such lies, keep aside exposing them. So, Macaulay may be dead but our MSM and history rewriters are his dream come true.

  12. Brilliant Blog Ravi. One suggestion though. Several people have questioned veracity of Alex Hailey's claims and he has been accused of plagiarisation as well. Although this does not impact the essense of your blog, quoting a disputed writer can give people unnecessary handle against you. You are known to base your blogs entirely on facts hence the suggestion. Great work!!

  13. heartfelt post. you are doing a great job. thank you.

  14. Excellent post but its painful read that how our own so called third rated intellectuals have twisted and tweaked the history to their advantage. Dont we have to punish them? I don't know how? But I want each one of them to pay heavy price for their crime of tweaking the history as well as the present day by the MSM commies. Hope they will be punished one day. Jai Sri Ram

  15. Excellent post but its painful read that how our own so called third rated intellectuals have twisted and tweaked the history to their advantage. Dont we have to punish them? I don't know how? But I want each one of them to pay heavy price for their crime of tweaking the history as well as the present day by the MSM commies. Hope they will be punished one day. Jai Sri Ram

  16. Super post. I've always maintained that psephology in India, courtesy Prannoy became less and less of poll predictions and more about caste divisions and how they vote rather than how we Indians vote.Though it maybe a part of the science, I doubt it did any it only made people aware of their caste and religion. And the more and more you hear it it steeps into our consciousness - much like the falsehoods in history that slowly are fed into our minds. But, u are doing a terrific job of making us unlearn it all Kudos!

  17. Dear Ravinar, I got introduced to your blog three weeks before. Some how I feel its a blessing in disguise of bouncing upon mediacrooks. Your writings has become a must read for me. I share your articles with my family and my friends. Find that is the best way to share the bogus agenda of Mithai Swallowing Media. Thanks a ton for sharing such extensive content

  18. "find the Hindu and they will find his crime."
    It is quite evident from the kind of treatment Baba Ramdev, Balkrishnaji, Asaram Bapu et al are getting.
    These happen to be most prominent NAMES, we will never know the fate of lessor ones !

    You have offered to withdraw the Macualay's quote.- Please DONT. This might not be EXACTLY what he said about Indians; but it CAPTURES the essence of his & peoples' like him, thoughts. It is the crystallization of his thoughts, condensed in minimum words. If they can get away with Elephant sized OUTRIGHT LIES; you can definitely be allowed this "liberty".

  19. "find the Hindu and they will find his crime."
    Narendra Modi said in a lighter vein that whoso ever are seen welcoming, felicitating him better be careful coz every event is being recorded. Its "possible" that People will be RAIDED by IT officials.
    His words turned PROPHETIC when several Diamond merchants in Mumbai were ACTUALLY raided within days.

  20. Eye Opener - You split wide open a carefully packaged lie from Nehruvian era. May Divine Mother be with you.

  21. isnt that the elixir of Freedom & truth

  22. Great work Ravinar. I can only pity the "Fiberals". If you cannot be proud of who you are and where you have descended from, how can you expect to earn respect from others. The Hindus have the richest cultural heritage and with people like you making all efforts to remind us of our great heritage I am sure the "Fiberals" and "Maculay Putras / Putris" will stand exposed.

  23. Brilliant piece as always. Both Part 1 and Part 2. I am sure Part 3 is coming too exposing the "Stinktanks" supposedly on the Nationalists' side of the divide. Their narrative is no less damaging and more importantly a line that can just about pass the Quality Control of a CMM-Level 1 company. And swaying between extremes. I saw statement attributed to Macaulay being a hoax. Yes it is an internet hoax. But what it says is true, no? He may not have said it, but many within have done it and are still doing it.

    Please keep it coming and though I know it is not your policy to comment on other bloggers, I hope you would make an exception and write a piece exposing these conveniently "Sway Left - Sway Right" Middlemen

  24. Mujaffarnagar riot was reported not because of a journalist being killed. The incident of 'godhra' would not have been reported if it was limited to only 'godhra train' incident. Just like MKG started fasting during partition to stop riot when 'post godhra' incidents started in bengal.

  25. There is an open discussion(battle) going on between Koenrad Elst and Smt.Jayasree Saranathan(Though it restricted to e-mails and probably Elst and others stopped to discuss further with her).She defines him as new Max Mueller.This is her blog Though Elst is right on vis a vis Muslim Invaders in his articles many a times he undermines Hindus.Smt.Jayasree Saranathan is a must read to get a good picture.

  26. We should teach about MediaCrooks than the "tainted" history. It will be more interesting and useful for the kids.

  27. To support that Macaulay's speech was just a made up story recently I am giving the below link from Stackexchange (History section) where it has been clarified why there had been no such speech from him. Please find here:

  28. Dear Ravinar,
    I have been reading your blog since last 2 years and its now a habit for me to check for new post every morning. I just wanted to tell you that keep doing this great work. You are helping lot of Indians by removing many lies perpetrated by MSM. Thanks for your effort

  29. "Notice anything? You see, the victims are Hindus, Brahmins, Dalits apart from other religions".

    This shows that Ravinar intuits a lot about framing.

    "The question should be the following:If there was ever a Ram temple commemorating his birthplace at Ayodhya, based on what we know about the Mughals, what are the chances that they pulled it down ?"

    Reality Check shows that he is really good at detecting framing.

    Though regular readers here would consider it an insult to call some one a commie, the fiberals don't. This word is is like an honour to them, assosciated with being brave, radical, revolutionary, against "imperialism, colonialism, segregation, inequality, and social injustice". A better word is "Indian intellectual sepoys", as Rajiv Malhotra says. Even this would please the perverse brainwashed writers like Aakar Patel and Hartosh Singh Bal.

    Malini Parthasarathy would not be offended if called a commie. Her mentor N. Ram is a a card-carrying member of the CPI(M).

    The ideological contest is a matter of which framing wins more minds.

    Hindu nationalists, anti-fiberals and true "Dharma Nirapekshathis" should learn this word-game better! Arun Shourie ("eminent historians") and Koenraad Elst ("negationism") have helped!

    My request to Ravinar. Please do more expositions on framing by the "progressives". Help change the vocabulary of discourse.

  30. Just awe struck. If we the educated ones know so less what about the those who don't go beyond 10th std. I vow to tell all these as many people as I can. Thanks.

  31. What a brilliant post! And what a ride we have all been taken on by fiberals and our own education system!

  32. Our education is also similar to Pakis. Sample this
    Class: 6
    Subject: Social Studies
    Pages: 100
    “The foundation of Hindu set up was based on injustice and cruelty”
    Scripted & Translated by: Prof. Mian Muhammed Aslam, Prof. Muhammed
    Farooq Malik and Qazi Sajjad Ahmed.
    Class: 6
    Subject: Social Studies
    Pages: 99
    “Before the Arab conquest the people were fed up with the teachings of
    Buddhists and Hindus. The main cause was the benign treatment of Muslims
    with the Hindus. Due to this attitude Hindus began to love Muslims and they
    became nearer and nearer to the Muslims.”

    ubject: Social Studies
    Pages: 83
    “The Muslims of Pakistan provided all the facilities to the Hindus and Sikhs who
    left for India. But the Hindus and Sikhs looted the Muslims in India with both
    hands and they attacked their caravans, buses and railway trains. Therefore
    about 1 million Muslims were martyred on their way to Pakistan.”. More such gems are here

  33. Read about "The Blood Telegram: Nixon Kissinger and a Forgotten Genocide" by Gary J Bass from
    This is regarding the genocide of Hindus in the then East Pakistan.

  34. The report mentions about the way the then Indian govt tried to cover up as well.

    1. Do you feel that by mentioning the way the India Govt. tried to cover pas well, your duty ends? Who is to put the history straight? The time has come for every Hindu to UNITE or GET LOST instead of finding solace in words!!!!!

    2. Atfirst, I would like to clarify that I am following this outstanding blog for some months and feel that what Ravinar is doing is certainly a game changer. Also, I totally agree with your intent / spirit. But, I just shared what I read - augmenting what Ravinar has mentioned in his article regarding the history of our Indian Govts in covering up such issues. I never suggested anything otherwise to counter what you feel. Importantly, I am also not suggesting that OutlookIndia is always right or thats the right source to get info etc. Whether OutlookIndia is doing or not doing more than just mentioning this etc is unknown domain for me. Perhaps you didn't like me citing that :) ...sorry bro ! I am just a layman learning a lot from Social Media - great experience indeed - understood a lot about the dirty tricks of the MSM.

  35. Hindus needed a common enemy to unite themselves.

    Brahmins considered others as inferiors, Dalits hated everyone, OBCs split among themselves desperate to prove their majority in percentage.

    Now muslim "breed and kill" invasion in India, needs all castes to come together, else slowly India will turn into another islamic nation. Already lot of muslims ghettos in India is inaccessible to Hindus - Melapalayam, Melvisharam, Periyamedu are some areas in TN which are no entry for Hindus and even Police. In some parts of Kerala, during muslim prayer times, people should not even be walking on streets meaning they should be praying.

  36. Dear Ravi - Par for the course - Brilliant as usual !!

    For last few years we have seen how Mahishasur has now become a hero in JNU commie Adda and how these forces hell bent on breaking India idolize him. The logic given of the much discredited Aryan Invasion Theory.

    Kancha and his ilk are invited to speak about this nonsense. So much for tolerance. Even today there is a news item in TOI on mahishasur day. These India breakers will do everything to break Hindu society.

  37. One thing that we have to make sure is that when we learn history we learn it from as close as possible from the original, not from any third party understanding, this will enable use to have a better and unbiased view.

  38. Ghanchi is not barber, it is TELI. Oil pressers.

  39. meanwhile no outrage in sickular media over lalu's darbar in jail

  40. Now Yusuffali, a Saudi has already annexed 4.89 pc shares in Kerala private bank and already plans are afoot to invest another 750 cr to get full operational contro of Federal, Dhanalakshmi and catholic Syrian banks in addition to 550 cr already invested!!!!, no doubt a very diabolical plan has been hatched to invade India thro south west from Mid East !!!!!!, under the pretext of promoting business interests and also promote thro private banking hawala transactions and counterfiet currencies!!!!!,

  41. Dear Ravinarji, Very thought provoking articles on the condition of distortion of facts by our eminent commie distortians. Yes, I am a student who is unlearning the so called "facts" that I was taught in history books; and relearning the true history. Alvin Toffler quotes, "The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn." I can see how deeply the roots of the commies and the so called seculars have penetrated our mindset; its there right in front of my eyes. I find this deeply rooted, perverted mindset in the neo educated brahmin community (certainly not all). I can also see a lot of "brahmin communists" in my locality. They got cut off from the real truths by such distortions and they themselves bear the brunt that they are responsible for such things. Now, to protect themselves and to have a face saving among their peer groups (commies) they started to fall in line with the commies and resort to Hindu bashing. The likes of URA, NRam, MaliniP, Vidya Subramaniam, etc., are some among them. Since such an anti-Hindu coterie has been built over decades and the poison percolated in our veins, it is a task made very easy. Academics in no different too. And Yes, your articles have made me more observant and now they have made me perceive things from a different angle. Wishing to unlearn the distorted facts more and more in the future to come.

  42. An excellent post! Just a minor blooper; Modi belongs to the Ghanchi caste, they are not barbers. The members of which have been traditionally oil producers-expressing oil from oilseeds using oil press. The same caste is also known as Teli in maharashtra. Hats off to you sir! May Bharat i.e. India have more people like you!

  43. @ravinar, here is the exact speech of MacAulay - (Page - 422)

  44. history is alway have 3 interpretation,one is winner,other is deaters and third is neutral,whole indian history is being tought by muslim sikular prespective and controled by congress govt, indian are generally old generation were very sensitive and aggressive towards their past but modern youth dnot care,because they are more in modern gedgets of comfort than knowing, it is truth whole history is distorted by first by muslim conquorers,than britisher now commi,,whole india is enslaved by english speaking elite who think superior to native people, it is biggest humiliation to india,,

  45. Raviji please suggest all the books of PN Oak also...if u really want to learn real history of Bharat.


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