Tuesday, October 8, 2013

AP: Broken Before The Bloom

Partitions across the world have come with or brought on blood shed throughout history. From Germany to Czechoslovakia to Koreas to Iraq-Kuwait, all these countries have had trouble separating. In contrast Germany reunited rather peacefully. Apart from Nepal and Sri Lanka there isn’t a neighbour that India doesn’t have border issues with that have continued since independence. The issue of LOC with Pakistan should have been settled in 1948 itself. Instead the GOI under Nehru had funny ideas of UN referendum and kept the LOC alive. The price is being paid even today. There have been four wars with Pakistan and now terrorism continues the bloodshed not just in J&K but extends to other parts of India. Indecision has a huge price to pay.

If Telangana was to be formed in the 1950s then it should have been dealt with and done with then itself. But it has been typical of our govts to prolong issues till they spiral out of control. The Congress-UPA govt too had nine years to peacefully resolve the Telangana issue. Some parties like the TRS started off a newer agitation and brought regions of Andhra Pradesh to frequent stand-still. In the rush to garner electoral advantage in 2014 the Congress quickly decided to resolve the issue by creating a Telangana state. For the record there wasn’t a single party that didn’t agree to the idea of Telangana save a few individual politicians. Observers in the media called it a master-stroke by Sonia Gandhi. Why wouldn’t they? Here’s a report that HindustanTimes (July 30, 2013) carried which is quite similar to other reports that appeared when the decision was finally made by the party:

As it ended the uncertainty on Tuesday with what could be a political masterstroke to check-mate its opponents ahead of the 2014 general elections, the developments went according to the script”. A masterstroke that went according to script? It shows how little the media pundits have their ear to the ground.

The decision remains to be endorsed by parliament though. Surprisingly, the decision to form Telangana comes from the Centre without a basic resolution or decision from the AP state assembly. Even if such resolutions aren’t binding they are reliable as public voices. This is asking for trouble. It is always the case that the ones kicking and screaming are heard the most while the silent ones are ignored. Neither the Congress nor any other political party imagined or estimated the backlash that would follow. The Congress members put up hoardings all across Delhi to “Thank Sonia Madamji for the Telangana dream”. Little did they know that the dream would soon turn into a nightmare. In their political quest to have a splinter political party like TRS merge with them the Congress didn’t really estimate the sentiments on the ground in reaching the decision. The decision to make Hyderabad to joint capital is even funnier. Take a look at the proposed new map:

Hyderabad city is almost bang in the centre of the Telangana state. It is not even contiguous with the two states to be shared as a capital. This arrangement too is supposed to be for 10 years. That’s like postponing another problem which is definite to crop up after 10 years. And if Hyderabad is made a Union Terroritory the revenues of the city will accrue to GOI and not to either state. The recent partitions of states like UP, MP and Bihar were based more administrative necessities rather than sentiments or history. Given our population and size of some states, carving out smaller states seems sensible but it is hardly advisable where emotions and sentiments run high. Politicians typically exploit these sentiments. For all you know the part of Rajasthan which is west of the Aravallis suffers from multiple problems of poor management. It may make sense to separate that part as a smaller state that can bring focus and better management of its problems.

For over 2 months now AP has been on the boil and has been frequently facing partial or full shut downs. The National Broadcaster’s Association (NBA), which is a union of snakes, had decided not air stories from the state to hide the disenchantment that has flourished. What could have been easier done some 50 years ago cannot be done now when multiple issues of resources and sentiments clash. Given the current circumstances it only makes sense to postpone the creation of Telangana itself. A new state govt is due in AP in 2014. The elections will be fought on pro and anti Telangana politics. This may enable the state Assembly to first decide on the partition rather than an imposed decision from the Centre. People like Chandrababu Naidu and Jagan Reddy are now on frivolous hunger strikes. Everyone wants to fry their political fish while the state burns and has come to a standstill. All of these politicians had supported the creation of Telangana too. The CM Kiran Reddy doesn’t know where he stands half the time. Sometimes he has a yes and sometimes he has a no.

We have heard strange stories from personal lives. Here’s one that appeared in a TOI supplement on October 7. A man who was wrongly demanded to pay an additional Rs.7500 for utilities which he claims he had already paid long back was deprived of his house by a builder for non-payment. He has been fighting the case in consumer courts for the last 8 years. As the report says, he has spent 7.50 lakhs so far in fighting the wrongful claim of 7500. According to him it’s the principle that counts. Ignoring burning issues for a long time has a heavy price to be paid. Maybe Telangana should have happened 50 years ago. As with other issues of LOC, borders with China and Bangladesh, issues with SriLanka all have a heavy price that the country pays. Andhra Pradesh is now paying a heavy price too while politicians fiddle. Telangana’s fate still hangs in balance. It’s like being broken even before starting to bloom.


  1. I strongly feel, as I have heard from my friends in Telangana region, Owaisi must be enjoying all this as his party is to gain a lot from Telangana state. Worry is that it should not become another Kashmir exactly in the middle of India. Telangana people need to be more careful. This is just another perspective.


  2. @ Anand Ellur

    Thats incorrect. Owaisi's folks are spread over Telangana & Rayala Seema. So, he wanted a Rayala + Telangana. BJP & Telangana politicians opposed that proposal. In a divided state, Owaisi will not have enough mass for any politicking.

  3. till now all the new states formed were carved out of the original united state and one portion retained its original name. This may be the first time when a state is sought to be split to create two separate states with original state's name wiped off from the map of India. If this happens, it will be a tragic moment in the history of India---a non-andhrite.

    1. Regarding the name of the state - during the merger in 1956, it was agreed that the name of the new state should be "Andhra - Telangana" and several other agreements known as gentlemen's agreement. but, when the state was created people in Telangana discovered that the name has been changed to Andhra Pradesh and later realized that all agreements have been breached.


  4. Ravina: the following items are hidden in the master stroke..

    1. the master stroke has the 'well known' hidden agenda of opportunistic politics of Congress. They wanted the pre-poll merger of TRS in Telangana & post-poll merger of JaganReddy in Seema-Andhra

    the first one bombed in their face, as the wily KCR (TRS) backtracked on his promise

    2. The master stroke has mr. Jagan Reddy getting bail all of a sudden, with the caged parrot making the cases weak..

    3. The master stroke had burkha dutt to give enough screen time for JaganReddy for the past few days, making him a hero

    4. the state's CM & the rest of the Seema-Andhra MP's are dumped, as they anyway will not stand any chance in 2014 elections

    1. Masterstroke .. eh ?

      There are some tangibles in politics like electoral gains. And there are some intangibles like 'ego'. Whoever thinks that someone incarcerated for 17 months will not seethe with fury has no understanding of anything, forget politics. Jagan's basic enquiry after YSR's demise was simple - if pappu can be congress's national leader just on the basis of being papa-pappu's son, why not Jagan be YSR's immediate inheritor in AP-congress ? Whether one considers dynasty right or wrong, if everybody in congress is a dynast, why single out Jagan ?

      Jagan will show his true colors in days to come. I am willing to bet that currently the only thing on the top of his mind is unconditional revenge. Even if he is not in politics, he will still be super-filthy rich, the rascal YSR had ensured this much. So now Jagan is willing to throw all that he has at his disposal to humble sonia+pappu.

      And this is why you see this worst communal family of Indian politics suddenly chanting mantras of secularism. Those who gave covert and overt state support to missionaries for so much time are now singing paeans of NaMo.

      Telangana issue has bombed so badly on congress that it will be lucky to cross into double figures in next lok sabha in entire AP.

      PS: I am based in Hyderabad and the only definite thing I see here is a support for Modi, Telangana or no Telangana. Though I may be guilty of biased sampling.

  5. Telangana Region Voters are only Considered as Vote Bank by Both Ruling Congress (Sonia Gandhi) and Main Opposition (Chandrababu Naidu).

    The foolish move of Chandrababu Naidu was to think that Sonia Gandhi will never dare to declare Telangana State (since its such a Complex issue). So, he started supporting Ruling Congress in Andhra Pradesh State Assembly on all important policy matters and also with the Numbers during Voting in Assembly. And also, he dared to write Number of Letters supporting to give Telangana State atleast 6 times, provoking Sonia Gandhi, thinking that Sonia Gandhi will never give Telangana.

    Poor, Chandrababu, never thought that Sonia Gandhi, will use the same Letters he gave for Telangana, to destroy his TDP party in all the three regions of Andhra Pradesh. Once, Sonia Gandhi, released the Telangana Missile on Chandrababu, he came rushing to Delhi to do a Indefinite Fast to gain Sympathy of National Media.

    Sonia Gandhi, being Italian, has no idea of the Complexity of Telangana issue and its consequences, and only thing Sonia Gandhi cares is to make her Son, Rahul Gandhi as PM, by declaring such a serious issue like Telangana State formation, on the eve of elections for Telangana Votes. Had, Sonia Gandhi, was really serious in Resolving Telangana Issue, she would have made a Serious Road Map to form Telangana during their 9 years of Rule in Andhra Pradesh. But the real opportunistic motive of Sonia Gandhi, to use Telangana issue on the eve of 2014 elections, as a Political Issue rather than a Human issue, will set a dangerous trend to the disintegration of Unity of India.

    Now, the situation in Andhra Pradesh, came to """Sonia Go Back"" as they used to call during British Rule, ""Simon Go Back""

    But Sonia Gandhi, doesn't want to back off from Telangana and wants to Go Ahead forming Telangana even by imposing Curfew in Andhra Pradesh.

    God Save India and its Democracy


  6. @Ashok: I dont agree with your comment that....

    Sonia Gandhi, being Italian, has no idea of the Complexity of Telangana issue

    she has enough dirty minds in her coterie who understands it well..
    but what they did was utter ignorant display of their arrogance..

    having said that, not many realize that the main culprit for today's tragedy is Naidu.

    long story short, YSR (JaganReddy's father) has thrown these guys off in 2004 & almost decimated TRS & Naidu through his operation "Akarsha"

    so, by 2009, Naidu got desparate and made his HISTORIC blunder of embracing Telangana slogan... he went on to tie up with KCR in 2009

    But YSR made sure that these guys are routed in election.

    Not many realize that, TRS got just 10 seats out of 119 seats in Telangana...that is about 7% vote share... so much to the sentiment!!!

    TDP, which has the strongest cadre in Telangana, could not pull any miracles..

    now, caught with the stigma of Statesman title, Naidu is unable to come back to united andhra slogan (which is what Telugu desam) is all about..

    the tragedy of Naidu's politics is that, everybody in the state think that he stands for united andhra.... but he cant say that in open!!!

  7. Sir, with due respect - I would like to point out few things.
    It is not partition - partition happens when there was unity at one point. the states have never been united
    It is De-merger - the merger was based on certain conditions called gentlemen agreement, none of the agreements have been respected - therefore as the conditions of merger were breached, demerger is necessary.

    the problem today - the seema+andhra folks are not happy - which is natural - they had enjoyed the riches of a guest house immorally and unethically and now being asked to vacate after prolonged discussions and agitations - they dont have a single moral principle on which they can claim their right to stayback.

    The agitation today - its like that road side romeo, who has an acid bottle in his hand - who threatens the girl sometimes saying - "live with me or else i will deface you with this acid" and some other times as "live with me or else i will commit suicide"
    Should this loafer behaviour be tolerated?


    1. @ Krishna: If they are not united (merged), why are you calling it as de-merger? how do you define "united"? where does KCR's daughter in-law comes from?

      the "not-united" statement is a convenient statement to stoke emotions..

      and the road side romeo?? similar analogies can be created on you folks being the thugs who stab & run away with riches..

    2. "the seema+andhra folks are not happy - which is natural - they had enjoyed the riches of a guest house immorally and unethically"....please don't generalise. Not everybody's a politician. There are genuine fears which haven't been addressed yet, which is why the seema+andhra folks are not happy.

    3. @Archana, agree - should not generalize.when there are fears and apprehensions - that should come out in open and be discussed - instead people are harping on samaykyaAndhra - my comment is directed towards those - shd have been specific.

      @Bullabai : did you get emotional about not-united stuff? I did not mean to stoke your emotions -
      regarding the difference between merger and unity - from your reply I get that you got the message
      what has KCR got to do with my comment?
      Analogies are great way of explaining things. your analogy looks silly - T folks are claiming they have been backstabbed - also, none of the T folks are running away...


    4. 1. KCR family is great example that telangana is well merged with kosta & rayalaseema. he himself comes from kosta, settled in T & has family relations with kosta ppl

      2. sitting in T, you can say you are not running away. But for some one in remote corner of chittore, you folks are running away along with the capital city. start seeing the world from others' perspective

    5. @bullabai - KCR's family is not equal to Telangana - KCR well merged does not mean Bullabai well merged and does not mean Telangana well merged.

      for somebody In chittoor, it should appear that capital city is coming closer - should celebrate :)

    6. I can't imagine how you can ever talk like this. We Telugu people have always been one in heart and soul. Particularly, stupid politicians like KCR have successfully instilled poison in people like you. Asking for a separate state -- maybe fair but not keeping in mind the problems of your fellow brothers and not wanting to solve them. This is INJUSTICE. Mainly, you have not retaliated against the TRS when it was accusing seemandhra people. Have you really not seen them or heard of them blackmailing people in Hyderabad and filling their own pockets? Expecting justice is not selfishness or foolishness.
      As for the acid, the Division of the state is Acid in the hands of the govt., in the hands of a KCR and family. The girl is the people of AP.

  8. If we see the agitation today in SA, its more like political fighting than fighting for a cause. Yes, SA is burning but you know why, not because people are unhappy with the division but TDP wants to score over YCP and YCP wants to score over CONG. How many times did the media focus on Jai Andhra movement that is on right now in SA ?


    1. @Shyamanjun: why dont you educate the SM on the Jai Andhra movement? how many crores/lakhs/thousands/hundreds/tens of ppl in that?

  9. Great article as always. Just wanted to point out that India does have a border issue with Sri Lanka, lest you do not consider Tamil Nadu's claim of Katchatheevu, which our magnanimous Indira Gandhi gave away for free to Sri Lanka in collusion with Karunanidhi against the will of the local population. And this is one of the main reasons why our fishermen venture close to the fish-rich Katchatheevu and get shot by SL Navy. Maybe the government at the Centre has no official discord with SL, but Katchatheevu is certainly a disputed area for many of us Tamils.

    1. Amazing! Never knew about this island. Not surprised that Congress gave it up. If needed, Congress will give half of India to make Pappu Prime Minister.

  10. Give Telangana or Don't Give Telangana, But do it in a Democratic Style following due Democratic Processes and Constitutional Process.
    But Sonia Gandhi's Style is Italian Dictatorship Style, thats what majority of Telugu People are up against.
    Majority of Telugu People are dead against the Sonia Gandhi Dictatorship Style of handling with Telangana Issue.
    If Sonia Gandhi wants to Bypass Andhra Pradesh State Assembly, then it is like insulting the Telugu People Voice and Democratic Institution of State Assembly. If Sonia Gandhi keeps demolishing and disrespecting Democratic Institutions in this manner, soon India will become another Banana Republic run by Puppets and Puppys.

    If Rest of India, doesn't come to the Rescue of Telugu People at this Hour of Crisis, soon Rest of India, will fall apart like a Pack of Cards.

    Every Patriotic Democratic Indian should protest against the Sonia Gandhi's Style of Dealing with Telangana Issue bulldozing the State Assembly and majority Telugu people opinions, just for Political Gains to make her Sona, Rahul Gandhi as PM in 2014.

    1. Madam will happily burn down anything to make her son Prime Minister. 66 years ago, Congress partitioned India to make Nehru the PM. Today, Madam is is burning Andhra to make Pappu the PM. The same fate awaits all other states; one by one.

  11. Every state based on linguistic identity has certain responsibilities towards promoting their language by :-
    1. granting aid to public schools which are not English medium but for example Telugu medium schools. [who will grant aid to telugu medium schools now?]
    2. Organizing Sahitya Sammelan to nurture literature of their language ex: Telugu Sahitya Sammelan [will there be Three different telugu Sahitya Sammelans?]
    3. Creating and implementing policies which are aimed specifically to maximize use of their language in day to day life's of ordinary citizens, ex: Conducting judicial process in their own language, all state and bureaucratic office work in their own language, Some states even want to enforce their language for shop names (Raj Thackrey)
    4. A regional state sponsored channel specifically for that particular language example: DD Saptagiri (Who will broadcast this channel now? Telangana? Rayal? Seema?) But saptagiri refers to seven mountains which are around Tirupathi and whole of Andhra Pradesh identified with it as their very own and felt very proud of it. Now those seven mountains will be part of Rayal, how will Telangana associate with it now? Their cultural heritage will be broken.

    The states which were divided earlier were states not based on linguistic identity, Bihar, UP, because Hindi itself is a mixture language consisting of Persian, Arabic, Sanskrit and Prakrit words and Devanagari Script. and every few hundred miles there is a different Hindi spoken, also there is no unanimity for a certain Pure Hindi, they are anyway labelled as Sanskritised versions of Hindi {Ex Premchand], So to say that Hindi language based states were divided is wrong. This is certainly not a case for Telugu, wherein we definitely know what pure Telugu is. There is separate script for Telugu, and there is a separate Identity of Telugu based on rich cultural history. This all cannot be divided for a certain political advantage.

    Our great Telugu Cinema which we all telugu people are proud of like Maya Bazaar, Shankarabharanam etc, Who will associate with it now?

    Tenali Ram will be hero for which region?

    the Great Saint Thyagraja will be the torch bearer of rich Telugu Heritage of which region of divided Andhra Pradesh?

    Who will take pride in SP Bala, Balamularikrishnan now?

    These all questions cannot be answered, certainly not by some Italian lady who is ignorant of these things.

    1. Irrelevant points. Telugu could well have three states rather than one. Even Tamils associate with Tirupathi, why not Telanganaites irrespective of the state being Rayala ?

      As long as we associate statehood based on emotional connections, we will be prone to parochial and bigoted politics. Consider states as purely administrative units. We must abolish all restrictions on movement of capital/goods/labor across indian states much like the US treats it's states. Then all state administrative units will compete for the highest quality capital/labor/goods/students/technology/investment thereby bringing out the best in all. If there is an easy way for India to climb on the path of development, this ranks very high.

      It is not a question of some Italian lady dictating things. She is immaterial. We shd concern ourselves with our nation. Recall the way three new states were carved out by NDA with zero fuss. Jharkhand specially was a case just like Telangana with bandhs/strikes/blockades being the order of the day and Bihar not being in favor of it. Yet NDA could do it so cleanly and without any rancour.

      Think of it this way - Telangana creation is a fait accompli. It cannot be held indefinitely. So think hard about it and choose a dispensation in the next election which has a proven track record of consensus. There is not much I can say further. I know (and see daily) that emotions run very high. Choose wisely. You wouldn't want a permanent enmity with your fellow Telugu speakers.

    2. "You wouldn't want a permanent enmity with your fellow Telugu speakers." This looks like a warning of sorts. Anyway I reserve my right to express, my ancestors are from Adilabad District [part of Telangana], we are rooted in that region, and we have many issues with those self serving Reddy community from out of Telangana, They behave as if they own the very soul of Telangana people and are destiny writers for them . But I still advocate for a United Andhra Pradesh. I would rather strive for a change of heart of the devil and try to convince them of the usefulness of living together.

      If someone is misgoverning or behaving badly with others, then division is not the solution, By the same logic across India all OBC's, SC, ST class people would want a region of their own, because the "upper" caste dominated them for a thousand years.

      Dont forget India already has a partition on communal lines, Muslims wanted to do nothing with Hindu India, but look what has happened now, Is there Hindu India? no, It is pseudo secular India now. I hope Rayal and seema andhra people dont become another pseudo secular India.

      I had just made a case for a Telugu language, U seem not to understand it, I had clearly said that Hindi is not a language but a mixtur- a Khichdi, so Hindi language states were divided is not true, The same is not the case of Telugu.

      I smell of a sinister design here of vested interest to weaken the Telugu language and eventually finish it. Don't forget Telugu and Marathi are the only languages whose kingdoms gave support to sanskrit and Hindu religion based on the glorious Hindu way of life. Vijaynagar Empire's official state language was Telugu and Sanskrit and Shivaji was famous to save the Hindu religion from the clutches of Islam. Right after independence it was the Telugu cinema and Marathi cinema [Prabhat Talkies] which made movies showing the might of Hindu way of life to the disenchanted masses and enlightened them and rejuvenated them. So by weakening Telugu language first and then Marathi [Vidharbha seperation] we are breaking the backbone of Hindu India. Which will be disaster for India. not many realize this. That is why I mentioned Italian Hand, remember pope has already declared that this millennium it will be focus South Asia.

    3. Division of states is extremely good if done the right way. Think about it.

      America has 300 million people and 50 states!
      India has 1200 million people and 28 states!

      Our large states like Maharashtra, Andhra, Uttar Pradesh are too big and ungovernable at this point. Smaller states will create new urban centers and many more opportunities for development.

      Previously, there was Hyderabad. Now, the Seemandhra region will build its own new Hyderabad. You get 2 cyber cities instead of one. This is how economic activity grows.

      The only way to defeat the Italian hand is to bring our country out of poverty. A prosperous India will never vote for Congress.

  12. Well written article.. just one comment.. Splitting of states doesn't require any resolution or decision from state assembly - it is only political stunt. It is Center's prerogative to split states appropriately.

  13. The case is a classic example of Congress and other parties where the focus is Votes only and not the welfare. As you sow so shall you reap.

    Nobody questions that in so many years since formation, why Telengana is not as well developed. Whose government was in power for majority period.

    Ravi - keep up the good work


    1. @Vineet: this is another false propaganda. development is not THE issue. Sri Krishna committee report has all the details.

  14. .In 2004 congress had Telangana in its manifesto and common minimum program, an they won with thumping majority. TDP lost the election who opposed Telangana. We can consider this election as pro Telangana mandate by all people.
    In 2009 all parties supported Telangana and contested elections.This election shows all major parties are pro Telangana .Center imposing its decision is wrong
    Telangana agitation is at its peak from last 4 years. GOI announced carving out of Telangana in Dec 2009 ,but Andhra region leaders blackmailed GOI by mass resignations. Govt succumbed to the Andhra leaders pressure and back tracked
    and post pone the decision. GOI took all parties on board and had consultation and felt right time take the decision.
    GOI didn't took the decision hastly.
    After formation of AP state, there was Telangana Movement in 1969 and separate Andhra movement in 1972 and in 2001 another Telanagan movement.There was never cordial relation between two regions.
    Today all Govt employees and parties and people are divided on regional lines.Any further postponement of decision is more harmful.BJP supported Telangana in 1999 but they back tracked becoz of CBN pressure tracks.
    50 years back these Seema Andhra leaders went on fast to separate from Madras.Seema Andhra was the first state to form linguistic concept. This linguistic concept destroyed the spirit of nationalism and encouraged regionalism.
    Today same seema Andhra leaders are fasting for united Andhra.This is the most absurd fasting.


  15. Vin Jan: This is again propaganda.

    1. Congress NEVER declared Telangana in its manifesto. It only said, 2nd SRC.
    2. over 60 years, you cited 3 occasions when agitations happened and then calling 60 yeards was not cordial.

    pl. don't create false stories.

    1. Congress never said 2nd SRC .This is blatant lie propagated by Media and Andhra Leaders
      http://pmindia.nic.in/cmp.pdf is the link for 2004 UPA common minimum programme, and it doesn't mention about 2nd SRC
      This is Video link of Sonia Gandhi promising Telangana in Karimnagar.

      Even though we are United from past 60 years ,but there is trust deficit between two regions.

    2. You people made the internet a toilet over last decade. Do not repeat same here too.
      Show congress manifesto with T promise not CMP.
      Sonia Gandhi did not tell the same to people in other regions. Also she was silent on YSR's controversial VISA statement.

      Your lies are worse than WMD campaign before Iraq invasion.
      You are thoroughly exposed at this site


    3. agree with PPR.

      @ Vin Jan: pl. don't do false propaganda. if you dont know, get to know. Congress never promised T in election manifesto. it always said SRC.

      on the other hand, BJP said T in 100 days of coming to power at the center. I am NOT sure whether they had it in manifesto.

  16. Good article Ravinar.

    I totally agree with you, we should not allow states to be divided on sentiment basis, as this will lead to 500 states in the next 50 years. Telangana people never wanted a sperate state. Only some selfish politicians created this differences. Telangana or Andhra all are Telugu people. Throughout the Telengana movement, TRS and its student wing from osmania tried to intimidate prople and politicians to support their violent agitation. People are always against a seperate state. You can talk to any autowallah in Telangana. The sentiment has been flared by TRS, for selfish political gains.

    India will loose if it supports creation of these kind of states.

    If a region of any state is undeveloped, then leaders should look for the actual reason, why it's lacking. But, should not hurry and fall into a trap of some selfish politicians (TRS). So my open questions for who will not agree with my comments...why do you need Telangana? And what will you do, if in future some other politician asks for seperate Nizamabad?

    1. >{Telangana people never wanted a sperate state. Only some selfish politicians created this differences.}

      This is totally false. Either you have never lived in Telangana or deliberately lying. I am not a native Telugu having moved into Hyderabad 6 years back. I am yet to find a single non-muslim Telanganaite who does not want a separate state.


    2. if so, can you explain why TRS got just 10 seats out of 119 in T?
      if so, can you explain why TRS did not open its account in & around Hyd
      if so, why TRS can not rule local bodies in and around Hyd?

  17. Read with great interest tales of Telengana and SA. Do not know much about local politics at State level, but for sure I must say Mrs. Gandhi, Mr. Poodle Singh and Congis have left no stone unturned to make India into a Bannan Republic. Not that it will become one day, as some one has commented, but is now for sure.

  18. BJP supports Telangana wholeheartedly and I remember somebody made a statement that if they come to power, they will create the Telangana state within 24 hours. I am a BJP sympathizer but I don't like BJP doing petty politics in states like congress. Eg:Karnataka & Tamil Nadu BJP over cauvery, Tamil Nadu & Kerala BJP over Mullai Periyar. This should stop, this is one of the reason I like Modi that he always says, Nation is first.


    1. Modi/BJP is the most opportunistic in this game.

      they have no prospects in Rayala Seema & Coastal Andhra
      so, they took a firm/opportunistic stand that they will support T.. just to make sure that they maximize prospects on T.

    2. Dear Friend - dont forget BJP got 3 states carved out without one stone being hurled at anyone and everyone was happy.

      It is about how you do and what you do and why you do?

      In congress case - the what was known to all; how was messy ; why was malicious intent


    3. see, the comment is NOT about their ability.
      the comment is about the way congress & bjp handled the issue.

      what congress did was just what BJP proposed.
      BJP said, they will split T in 100 days time. They didnt say a single word about what happens to the other piece. Congress just did that.

  19. To a neutral outsider, this tragedy was entirely avoidable. Also, why do it just before the elections? It is a monumental mess. Longer term, it is very likely that the coastal part (Andhra) will do much better economically but that doesn't excuse the horrid decision-making. The capital cockup is hard to understand. Sharing a capital that's smack in the center of Telengana? Unbelievable. The wise course would be to let the new government in 2014 take the process forward.

    1. 100% agree with you. Making avoidable tragedies into unavoidable is Congress's specialty, especially Sonia Gandhi's. In fact, this division of state just before the elections is highly intentional. Sonia Gandhi wanted to sweep Telangana and ally with YCP in Seemandhra. Now, she wants to keep this fire to reduce BJP's chances in south. Congress had plenty of time on Telangana from 2009, but it did not do anything until just before elections to get ALL political mileage (votes).

      Congress's 'Divide & Rule' policy has now transformed into 'Divide & Destroy' and we are witnessing its first implementation in AP. Which state is next?

  20. One thing I don't agree in this article is equating Naidu and Jagan. Naidu may be at times confused to retain his TDP party in both regions, but his stand is pretty consistent that a separate Telangana state should be formed after proper arrangements for Seemandhra (new capital, water, power sharing agreements, employees divison etc). He started his hunger strike to protest Cong's unilateral and arrogant announcement of Telangana state formation while Seemandhra people have been agitating for last 3 months. Centre or Congress never bothered to talk to or hear the grievances of Seemandhra people. Coastal Andhra may be developed well, but Seema is as bad as Telangana. For all people in AP, Hyderabad is the holiest place for jobs, daily wage, education, medical treatment etc.

    Disclaimer: I am a native of Seema (Rayalaseema). I subscribe to Naidu & Modi's stand that two separate states of Telangana & Seemandhra are best with justice to both. I don't subscribe to aggressive and divisive politics of Jagan or Sonia Gandhi.

  21. Ravinar,

    thanks for bringing up this matter in your blog.
    Today people in two regions and one and half districts in other region are feeling as though INDIA DID NOT WANT THEM. There is no one to listen to them. Majority of them are not against Telangana. But they are scared that they will left paupers.
    It is unfortunate that in a democracy all political parties came together to destroy a developing state. IT IS A POLITICAL GANG RAPE
    God forbid, their anguish may curse India towards same fate.

  22. As PPR has said above, it is a political gang rape.It seems Congress has lost its ability to lead or resolve issues.It is just meandering along in the fond hope that people are foolish enough to keep voting for it.On Telengana, when it became clear that AP will kick out Congress, it has announced this statehood, due since decades.At this rate, it will not get any seats even in Telengana.t is already wiped out from AP.

  23. What is saddening to note is that we have been again taken for a ride by a party known for creating divides. Congress is playing divide and rule at its worst, its a different thing that they will be wiped out though they have their back ups in TRS and Jagan in respective regions.
    First we were divided on the basis of religion in 47, if that wasn't enough then we were divided on linguistic basis when states were formed, and now the knife is being stabbed deeper with Telangana/Andhra. Honestly, I feel Telangana should have been formed in 69 when the movement was at its peak and soon post that there was a Jai Andhra movement. But as is the essence with this article, indecision or procrastination is the congress way. Today people are suffering, (I stay in Hyderabad fyi)and are seeing the brunt of this backlash. The power cuts have started, water supply will soon be impacted, and if this continues whole of AP may plunge into darkness, most of SA regions are already there. And appears that Delhi ki sultanat is least bothered . I myself was stranded on the Blr-Hyd National highway and it took me 18 hours to get back via various detours in what was usually a 7 hr drive. People were angry and weren't letting vehicles pass on the highway.

  24. not one of your best but given your focus on media you should have given examples of how national media completely blocked burning of andhra in last 2 months..vizinagaram had shoot at sight orders issued..right now many cities have no power in coastal andhra..even newspapers did not cover it..by same logic of preventing animosity among population they should not show news of communal tension in UP or Assam also

  25. Many of my friends visiting this bog has repeatedly emphasized in their comments that national print and electronic media are biased for so called sickular parties including SP, TMC, JMM, DMK, AIDMK and RJD. I feel either they are ignorant or have biased view against these parties. Hardly there goes a day when media bashing ( more particularly TOI, ABP, Zee News, NDTV) is not there against these parties. I am in full agreement of comments @ arohan that media deliberately blanked out the news from AP, however, the same courtesy was not extended for riots in UP. However, the biasness for Cong is apparent in their coverage and content. Is it that interest of media like corporate houses are more protected by so called national parties ?

  26. After 50 days since agitation started in Royala Seema and Andhra I rang up NDTV and CNN-IBN to find out why they are not covering this agitation. To my shock the lady at NDTV said NBA advised against covering AP agitation. She said it was communal agitation and NDTV did not want to flare up.
    CNN-IBN said they gave update on 25th day of agitation and there will be no further coverage.

  27. Dear Ravinar, thought provoking one!

    Chandrababu Naidu developed Hyderabad into Cyberabad, lest he had fore vision that this would be his nemesis. He should have had an alternate in Vizag, but alas, it is too late. YSR had raked in the moolah from all over Andhra and his son is now for SA. I feel for the people of Andhra, as a united state they would have done wonders but now no crying over the spoilt milk. I also wonder what these people from SA were doing all these days since 2009, they too would have protested vociferously but they didn't. One must think forward, to come out of this mess. No one is going to achieve anything by non-stop bandhs/strikes from both sides (SA / Telengana). Now look forward and build a region that boasts of growth/development. Take examples from war torn Japan/South Korea in their 1940s - 1970s. I pray for both the regions or give peace and developlment.

  28. sorry for typo in the last line, it is I PRAY FOR BOTH THE REGIONS FOR PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT!

  29. Sir, since you cover media and all the crooks in media, here is one example in this context where The Andhra-Congress govt. both State and Central had barred pro-Telangana media from a PM's address on Biodiversity in Telangana. http://www.topnews.in/law/pro-telangana-media-barred-pms-address-2121389

    and national media or for that mainstream media anywhere did not report this.


  30. The only way forward is consultation & consensus.

    The current situation presents a great opportunity to BJP, not just on political gains, but to reshape the destiny of the state... ap-practical-solution-for-crisis.html

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